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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, and thanks for waking up with us. it's saturday, october 24th. i'm tiffany wilson, in for chris nguyen. let's start off with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, tiffany. a quiet start with high clouds and fog around the bay. a mile and a quarter visibility from no votto. half-mile santa rosa and fog around mountain view. five miles in oakland. it should be a nice fall afternoon with a little bit of a high cloud core. but this system here unfortunately headed up to the pacific northwest. by tomorrow we get a piece of it, bringing a few scattered showers mainly to the north 54 in san mateo right now. 50 napa, novato and san ramon. a cool start as you head out. but by the afternoon temperatures rebounding into the low to mid-80s in our inhand east bay. 60s by the coast. upper 70s in san jose.
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big story this morning is the torrential rain in texas. so this is causing some flooding with massive amounts of rain. in fact, we are look at nearly 7 inches around austin, texas since midnight. and more on the way. the potential for four inches an hour. so look at some big-time flooding problems here. this is not even the source of rain from patricia yesterday. patricia was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. went from 200 miles per hour winds to 80 miles per hour winds in 24 hours. now it's at 50 miles an hour. it will continue to move up through mexico and bring more rain into texas. so they are just getting slammed in the lone star state. and more rain headed into louisiana, up to the ohio river valley. and fall-like rain head today the northeast, as well. we will talk about our local weather coming up. tiffany. >> lisa, thank you.
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>> houses of people were evacuated along the southwestern coast of mexico. residents and tourists alike. those who couldn't get out tried to take cover. some california residents vacationing said they went from being hotel guests to being refugees. >> the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere made landfall at 4:15 p.m. pacific time, bringing with it 165 miles per hour winds. >> oh, my god, we have to get out of here. >> san francisco resident brad powell is vacationing in puerto vallarta.
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he said the hotel where he is staying put a note under his door. >> it said, please in two hours pack all your things and put your bags in the bathtub or in the bathroom and close the door. then bring a backpack with you packed with your things downstairs to the ballroom, which we turned into a shelter. >> suddenly their vacation plans changed. >> effective at this time we no longer consider you a guest, you are a refugee that freaked us out to no end. >> brad tweeted pictures of the hotel's shelter. he said, sounds like we are under a waterfall, but the thatch roof in the lobby is holding up. another california resident, cindy, was determined to get home. >> i wasn't chancing it. we are getting the last plane from out of here. , she made is back to socal. >> what happens tomorrow? are we here a week or tomorrow? what is the rest of the area going to look like, even if we are safe in and we don't have answers to that question right now. >> abc news. [wind and rain sounds]
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>> you can hear the strength of the storm in this video. now this video was shot yesterday morning in the mexican state of jalisco. >> this is a hook at the storm from n.a.s.a. you can see how much territory patricia covers. it was taken yesterday after it was upgraded to a powerful category 5 hurricane. this is a tweet from the space station. from astronaut kelly. he wrote patricia's force isn't lost on me. a special mass in san jose was dedicated to members who have family in the path of hurricane patricia. abc seven news reporter sergio quintana said the service was being held as the storm made landfall. ♪ >> children led the procession lady of guadalupe.
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many have family in the heart of the storm. one has been exchanging messages with his sister near puerto vallarta. he sent this photo of their evacuation by boat to shelters. >> it's not important, the house. more important is life. >> he's worried their home, which is just a few yards from the beach, may be gone. the chance to come together and pray is their beautyic because some people don't have much information about their loved ones. this woman said prayer is very important because she has faith that the virgin of guadalupe will protect her family from this storm. this special mass is the first step in what parish leaders say will continue after the storm. >> our community will be communicating directly with their family members. we will work directly with the diocese in mobilizing people and asking for donation and for
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relief through catholic services. the sanctuary will remain open for people to come and pray for their loved ones. they can donate money through the church or online. the money will be funneled to those hit by the storm. abc7 news. the american red cross is ready with volunteers and resources if called on for help by the mexican red cross. the agency said it's ready to provide first aid, logistics, relief distribution and shelter. back in the bay area alaska airlines cancelled their one daily flight from sfo to puerto vallarta. travelers faced bad weather across america yesterday. but it had nothing to do with hurricane patricia. rain in texas grounded hundreds of flights, mostly in dallas. and the lone star state could see more scenes like this when remnants of hurricane patricia move northward into the u.s. flooded roads delayed drivers in the dallas-fort worth metroplex. much of the heart the is under a flash need watch to the. the national weather service warned residents to expect the worst. >> take normal precautions.
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and, for the most part, once that rain starts, we decide to stay home. >> emergency managers say they have helicopters and rescue swimmers ready to help people who get stranded by flooding across texas. lots of scary video from mexico is being shared on social media this morning. this one shows a truck losing control and slipping on to its side. if you have any family or friends in mexico and they send you pictures from hurricane patricia, please share it with us on social media using #abc7now. >> turning to other news. if you live in the danville area, or the san ramon area you will still feeling the jolt of the earthquake. this shows the swarm of small quakes that has hit the area in the past 24 hours. just before 1:00 this morning a magnitude 3.1 and 3.2 hit within one minute of each other. nearly 300 minor quakes in the past week have shaken the east
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bay. two men are safe after spending more than two hours trapped on the side of a cliff in the headlands. last night a helicopter was used to rescue the men between bird island and the lighthouse just after 7:00. they were out hiking with three others when one man wandered off and ended up 150 feet down the side of the cliff. his friend tried to rescue him but both ended up stuck. the men were cold and thirsty, but not hurt. >> students at san jose state university honored a water polo player who died during practice. the university provided this video of friends and classmates holding a candlelight vigil last night for ryan harrimann. he collapsed last tuesday and never regained consciousness. they shared stories and told
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stories of his unique sense of humor and love of life. there's a warning about a fake prescription drug sold on san francisco streets. it is sold as xanax. it has already caused one death. the fake drug was found to be a potent opiate called fentanyl. it can cause a buildup of fluid in the lungs. >> a live look outside from the roof camera. it's 56 degrees in san francisco with more 50s in our east bay, but certainly a it up of fall in the air. with he could see a little bit of precip headed our way for the weekend. i'll have that for you next. >> lisa, thank you. also neck, an all-out manhunt finally over. how police caught up with a man accused of stabbing three supermarket employees over razors. and the earliest this year's mavericks surf competition start is a week away. why all the competit
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alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. >> pitsburgh police captured a man they believe stabbed three people inside a grocery store. officers used helicopters and k9's to track down the man. we have the story. >> police arrested 34-year-old anthony just after 4:00 p.m. they were preparing to search
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his mother's house in old downtown pittsburgh when he walked out, not realizing the police were there. they immediately arrested him without incident. neighbors say he lived about six miles away in this home until he was evicted about three months ago. >> he was just real quiet. actually we didn't even realize he was living there. he wasn't there for that long. >> thursday night around 8:30 police said he tried to steal some shaving razors at this food store. that's what he was confronted by five employees at the entrance. >> and every time they see someone is going to steal, it's never one person that goes out there, it's a group of people just for safety reasons. >> the store cashier said he pulled out a knife. >> i saw blood on the floor. somebody was laying down on the floor with a stab wound on his back. somebody else got stabbed in the shoulder. >> and a third employee was stabbed in the arm. he was released from the hospital. the one stabbed in the back is in critical condition and the other is stable.
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in pittsburgh, alan wang. abc7 news. a teenage girl is safe this morning after fighting a you off a man who tried to kidnap her. you are about to hear or screams for help. [screaming] >> this happened while she walked to school in stockton before sunrise yesterday morning. the girl told detectives the man got out of a car, grabbed her and tried to pull her into his vehicle. she thought back. then the suspect sped away from the scene. happening today, you are invited to the opening ceremony for the mavericks season in half moon bay. the ceremony brings the surfing community together to celebrate the beginning of the mavericks season. earlier this week rescue crews went through training exercise to prepare if el nino causes problems during the competition. the window for the world famous mavericks surfing contest opens november 1st and goes through march 31st. spiderman, batman and captain america want to encourage kids battling illness
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to be strong and to be their own heroes. volunteers from "heroes for hope" and some santa clara county sheriff's office staff met with young patients at the medical center yesterday to help lift their spirits, empower them and promote their annual heroes run. the run-walk event takes place two weeks from today to help raise money for bmc. >> one thing we are trying to do, the goal is to support the bmc pediatric center however we can. bringing hope to the kids for one day is something great we can do. >> go to for a link on how you may get involved in heroes runs taking place in cupertino november 7th. halloween is still a week away but kids at one san francisco school already got a special treat. >> pillows. what was i thinking? pillows are full of feathers. some of them are. >> that is weather anchor
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spencer christian reading to children. he visits schools often as part of a group called book pal, which encourages people gifted at storytelling to promote literacy in kids. and youngsters of all ages got a jump start on halloween in san francisco's sigmund stern grove. last night the friendly family carnival was called scare grove. several enjoy in year-round even when it's not halloween. >> like many of our parks in san francisco, it is a gem. stern grove is one where everybody has so many reasons to come here to relax, to listen to music. kids having great fun. >> about 150 volunteers helped make last night's event happen. looks like fun. and happening today, another light the night walk benefiting the leukemia and lymphoma society will take place in san jose. participants form teams to raise money for research and patient services. this is video from last week's fundraiser in palo alto.
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join abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel as she mc's today's event. it starts at 5:00 p.m. at discovery meadow in san jose. and there will be two more light the night walk events in the bay area this year. turning to weather. it will be a little warmer than afternoon, you say, today? >> that's right. the second half not only more cloud cover but maybe some rain. and this morning feel fall-like around the bay due to the cold temperatures up in the north bay and some cloud cover. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. some high clouds and visibility reduced from oakland to mountain view, and up in the north bay, like usual. three quarters of a mile from mountain view. looking at five miles in oakland. more fog around the central coast, around monterey. a mile and a quarter from novato to half-mile in santa rosa. this area of low pressure and the associated cold front headed up into the pacific northwest. the tail end of it should bring us some light shower activity in the north bay tomorrow. this is not even the moisture from what was hurricane
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patricia. look at all the moisture in texas hear. we are hooking at historic rainfall with flooding and much more to come. not only is it a problem back home here but we are talking about isolated amounts in waco, texas of near 12 inches of rain. also austin, texas getting hit very, very hard and more is to come. in fact really we aren't looking at an end in sight throughout the weekend. but eventually it will end up toward the ohio river valley and we will get some rain out of this through new orleans and louisiana. so wig-time -- big-time problems in the south central plains this morning. low to mid-50s morgan hill and half moon bay. oakland 54. 56 san francisco. and the cloud cover here, a partly cloudy cloudy average. 51 right now in santa rosa, 50 napa, novato and 49 out by the delta. sutro right now showing visibility is pretty good in san francisco.
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so a little bit of fog and some high clouds this morning. a mailed afternoon today. a good deal of sunshine mixed in with some clouds. some sprinkles possible tomorrow as we head toward this system that is really going to wash out over northern california. the ridge holds on today. then low pressure heads up to the north of us. and there's the tail end of the cold front that could bring us a few sprinkles. what is more promising is the remnants of this system. right now it's still a hurricane. olaf with winds of 120 miles an hour. you can see it east of hawaii. this will continue to weaken as with goes into the cooler waters and then some of the moisture getting pulled up into this system by next, say, monday or tuesday. then by the time it heads into the bay area, it should be tuesday night into wednesday with a little bit of moisture, maybe a quarter inch in parts of san francisco and the east bay. a little bit more than that in the north bay. so we will see how this pans out. but at last it's a little bit of
6:20 am
cooler temperatures that will result as well. in terms of high temperatures today, we are above average with 80 in san jose, 789 milpitas. look for peninsula numbers from the upper 70s redwood city. and 71 downtown. north bay upper 70s sonoma. near east bay more mid-70s for you in oakland. you head inland, low to mid-80s from pittsburgh to livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler tomorrow. a slight chance of a shower. then we will warm it back up ahead of the next system monday and tuesday. wednesday a slight chance of showers. more fall-like numbers thursday and friday. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app store. more information on >> thank you, he'sa. up next, a high school teen is celebrating their star kicker this morning. what makes this
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6:24 am
last night with many american tourists in the crosshairs. we will hear from many of them. now it's on to texas. a state already dealing with massive floods. our teams are on the ground this morning in both mexico and in texas. we will have live breaking coverage this morning. and it happened again. a seventh high school football play are died after injuries sustained on the field. renewing the debate about the safety of one of america's favorite sports. what it means for the future of football and what should parents know. and donald trump lashing out overnight over dr. ben carson. he's beating him in some policy. and hillary clinton come off a great ten days. about to celebrate tonight with indicate pair. and a burning question, have you are wanted to know which wine to pair with your favorite halloween candy? now there's an app for that. this is a major development in american cultural history and sarah haynes will tell us all about it. she will have a lot more
6:25 am
prehalloween fun coming up on gma. back now to you in the bay area. >> all right. thank you so much, dan. we wait with baited breath for the candy and wine pairing. >> wait until you hear what goes with skittles. it will blow your mind. >> all right, i will. thank you, dan. time now 6:25. ka en get an idea what it is like to be in hurricane without ever leaving the bay area. the exploratorium has an exhibit right now on tornadoes, and just like a hurricane, a tornado also has an eye. the exhibit simulates the windshear that creates rotational motion. >> when the air moves closer and closer to the center, it spins faster and faster and faster, like when an ice skater brings her arms in. the same kind of conservation of angular momentum, we call it, and creates the core of the hurricane. >> he said it gets harder to track the hurricane's path after it makes landfall because it's so wide. >> a high school senior earned the place in the lore of one of
6:26 am
the bay area's most storied high school rivalry last night. she's the first girl to play for the football team on st. francis high school. she kicked 30-yard field goal against their arch rival. they lost 28-26. >> we can do one thing. it's something to fight for. >> if you have seen this preview of "the force awakens" you probably around alone. disney announced the trailer has been viewed online 112 million times in just the 24 hours of its debut. by comparison the trailer for "fisty shades of gray" which was one of the most watched in 2014 had just 93 million views that entire year. disney produced star wars and it's the parent company of abc7. i imagine it's going to be quite the factor once it hits the theaters. 6:26. much more ahead on the saturday
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morning news. new details on the warriors plan for a new arena in san francisco. how officials hope to ♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on
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>> good morning, and thanks for joining us. we are starting off this half-hour with a quick hook at the weather. good morning, lisa. >> we have some fog and clouds around the bay. half-mile visibility in santa rosa with five miles. a little better in oakland but only three quarters mile in mob taken view. we widen the perspective and this is what we are looking forward to for the second half of the weekend. we wish it was a stronger system but the energy heads up into the pacific northwest. the tail end of the cold front would rush parts of the north bay, perhaps the east bay for light sprinkles in the morning. right now we are dry and we are at 53 in concord. 50 san ramon. 55 on the coast. upper 40s in the north bay. certainly feeling hike full this morning. we will look for temperatures to be above arrange. low to mid-80s in our east bay valleys with upper 70s from santa rosa to san jose. certainly some severe weather in central and eastern texas. in galveston we are looking at
6:31 am
flooding rains right now. we are looking at rainfall amounts anywhere from two to four inches an hour. so this is just getting going with historic rainfall for not only today but into the second half of the weekend. and it hasn't even tapped into what was hurricane patricia yet. so we are looking at that system downgraded into 24 hours. it was around 160 to 200 miles per hour winds yesterday and right now it's a tropical storm at 50 miles an hour. this will add to the moisture problems. this is sunday when moisture is still over eastern texas. moving up through louisiana. we talk about our own weather. the potential for wet weather coming our way this a few minutes. tiffany. >> lisa, thank you. and continuing on with the latest on what was hurricane patricia. the monster storm has weakened to a tropical storm after making landfall in areas of southwest mexico. the mexican officials said the damage is smaller than expected.
6:32 am
so far no reports of mainly damage, injuries or beth. we will know more later on today. and now to the race for 2016. there has been a shift in the polls in iowa. dr. ben carson has now taken a significant lead over over donald trump in iowa. today's carson's campaign is rolling out two new television ads in the states of iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. abc news reporter tom has more. >> donald trump is never shy, especially about his poll numbers >> i'm number one in every poll. trumm many on top! >> your numbers are unbelievable. >> boom, boom, boom! really amazing seeing those numbers. somebody said you love polls, and i said that's only because i've been winning every single one of them. right? >> not anymore. >> now trump losing to dr. ben carson, who is drawing attention with his provocative statements. >> i would not advocate that we
6:33 am
put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> his comments seem to help him, particularly with key voters he's trying to win. >> i'm a good christian. remember that. >> today we pray for donald trump. >> yes. >> and you won't hear happy holidays from trump. >> if i become president, we are christmas at every store. i'm saying merry christmas to whoever the hell wants to hear it. >> i asked carson how he is doing so well. >> because i don't change my message from one group to another. i think people observe that. >> he said his success comes straight from god. new signs for an early favorite that's been struggling. abc news learned that the jeb bush is slashing payroll by 40%. the campaign said they never predicted the national republican frontrunner would be a reality television star. abc news, topeka, kansas. >> 6:33 right now. the country's commander in
6:34 am
chief imitated a famous feline face. it happened yesterday in washington as president obama questioned why republican politicians are so down on america. >> they are gloomy. [laughter] >> they are like grumpy cat. [laughter] >> that laughter proved the president did a pretty good impersonation of america's beloved cat with a constant frown. but big question here. is it considered impersonation when it's a pet? consider that over your morning coffee. obama was speaking at the women's leadership forum and highlighting the progress his party has made during his administration. >> climate has been an important consideration during president obama's time in office. he explained how we must protect our planet for future generations. the president reminded us we all
6:35 am
are to do our part to promote clean energy. since taking office he said he set aside more than 260 million acres of public the and waters, more than any commander in chief in history. he reverences the pope's recent visit to the united states and what he said about the issue. >> as he said so eloquently, this planet is a gift from god and our home. we should leave it to our kids in better shape than we found it. >> president obama is pushing republicans in congress to reauthorize a cons station fund to protect millions of acres of land without costing taxpayers money. >> today is the last day of office hours for the dmv for undocumented immigrants. under the bill the dmv said 487,000 licenses have been issued since january. that bill allows undocumented immigrants to apply for licenses
6:36 am
with proof of residency. they said they no longer need extra hours because the applications have dwindled. they expect to process nearly 1.5 million applications by january of 2018. there are 161 cases of >> there is more news on the planned stadium in san francisco. it adds four new lightrail vehicles and calls for special street access for residents and ucf patients and staff. >> they separated the paths of travel so if you are coming for an arena event you are staying on the arterial larger streets and we are preserving the local streets for staff to get in and out of their garages. >> a special fund will be created from arena revenue to pay for improvements. many criticize the time of the release of the report just days before they are asked to approve the project. a piece of history had be on dismay today at the sf fire
6:37 am
department museum. the broderick is the first fire engine to be build in san francisco 160 years ago. it's named after david broderick, san francisco's first fire fore many. after spending time in novato, the owners decided it was time to be returned to the original owners. it will be on display at the sf fire department resee i am thursday through sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 in the around until the end of march next year. add inition is free. 66:37 right now. still ahead, the hive-saving study at stanford and the hope for others with the same rare disease. and a look from the tower cam. part of the bay all lit up. we expect a nice sunrise and a warmer that average temperature across the bay area today. meteorologist lisa argen will have your full forecast in just a few minutes.
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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>> this is abc7 news. >> lovely today. happening today, if you have wondered what zoo animals eat during the month of october to celebrate halloween, the answer probably won't surprise you. boo at the zoo is this weekend at the san francisco zoo. zookeepers will feed them
6:41 am
pumpkins to feast on in the pumpkin stomp and chomp. kids can hunt for candy stations throughout the zoo and there will be a nature trail all day long. activities start at 11:00 a.m. good reason to get the kids dressed up and outside. >> yeah. and a better day would be to get some ring in here. it's a little foggy out there. 50s in the city with upper 40s in the north bay. with he do have a chance for rain headed our way for parts of the bay tomorrow. we had talk about that and a better chance in the seven-day outlook coming up. he'sa, thank you. also neck, the fall classic is back. the royals outlast the blue jays in the rain to punch their ticket back to the world series. liri beil has the highlights coming up in
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> new work is being done on a rare disease. ac7 anchor met with a pair of ten-year-old twins and gives their parents new hope this morning. >> the twins arrived at stanford university school of medicine with laughter and jokes. >> why are cooks mean? because they beat eggs and whip the cream. >> you wouldn't know they are battling a rare and incurable disease, but their parents strong and hopeful, know the reality. the average life-span for people
6:45 am
with cystinosis is 27 years. kevin wonders if he will ever walk jenna down the aisle. >> think about it every day. sorry. well, you just want them to live a normal life and they don't really know what that is, but we do. >> the twins say their parents make sure they are not missing out. >> they are awesome. >> what is awesome about that? >> everything. >> cycsinosis is genetic. a buildup of amino assets causes damage in kidneys and other organs. builds up and the cells die and it causes tissue damage throughout the body. >> a huge part is the deterioration of bone and muscle. that's what the study today is all about. cutting edge scanners capture data on the bone and composition in great detail.
6:46 am
one more piece of information and research that makes it hopeful for the future. >> they are still naive to a lot of it. we will keep it that way as long as we can. >> they are great kids. >> 30 people with the disease are traveling here from all over the country, as far away from alaska. the results will likely be published in a few years n in palo alto, abc7 news. >> happening today, walkers will take to the streets of walnut creek for the 15th annual east bay walk to defeat als. abc7 news reporter alan wang will mc today's event. you may remember he participated in the als ice bucket challenge to raise fund for the disease. funds raised will go toward research for the golden west chapter. opening ceremonies are this morning. that's in walnut creek. what kind of weather can they expect in walnut creek this morning?
6:47 am
>> temperatures are in the 50s and back to the 80s today. it will be another warm one there. that is above average, in case you are wondering. we are hooking at all sorts of halloween events around the bay. today hooks to be the warmer day of the weekend. if you are making plans and you want to head to the pumpkin patch, we will have lent of sunshine today. partly to mostly sunny. more cloud cover tomorrow with an added chance of showers. live doppler 7hd high lighting the cloud core. some of this is fog. if i move out of the way you notice we've got just three quarters mile visibility from mountain view. better visibility up in novato right now at four miles. hooking at five miles on the coast and more fog from montry this morning throughout the central coast. so it's this area of low pressure that's heading up into the pacific northwest. piece of that energy could get us wet tomorrow. the big news this morning across the united states is the flooding rinse in texas. central and east texas looking at historical rain with anywhere from about 7 inches since
6:48 am
midnight around austin and waco, texas. some isolated counties have picked up 15 to 17 inches and more is expected. in fact, with so much juice in the atmosphere, anywhere from 2 to 4 inches an hour is possible. and this is not even tapped into what was hurricane patricia yet. that's still to come. it's weakening very, very quickly over the mountains of mexico. it went from nearly 200 miles an hour to 50 miles an hour in just 24 hours. so right now a live look outside. our roof camera. so dark out there. the sunlight come up in another 35 or 40 minutes. and next weekend we fall back. 51 in morgan hill. 57 in half moon bay. and from our roof camera right now we have clouds with low 50s santa rosa. still upper 40s by the delta and novato. and sutro hooking pretty dark but good visibility. fog and high clouds this morning with a mild fall day on tap. a few sprinkles possible in the
6:49 am
morning. then we get back into partly cloudy skies. high pressure hanging out for another day. a few clouds around and the ridge weakens tomorrow as we tap into some of this moisture that was from a hurricane. as you wake up tomorrow, a few isolated sprinkles and then we get into more sunshine by your sunday afternoon. there's another chance of rain come midweek. this is what is headed our way for the middle of the week. this is hurricane ohaf and it continues to weaken as it heads into the cooler waters. but it's going to getten trained in some of the moisture that's dropping off from a system to the north and west of us. that could paint a wet picture come tuesday into wednesday with anywhere from perhaps a quarter up. to maybe a half-inch of rain. the models really not too sure with this system. we will watch it for you. cloudy in the sierra. warm in southern california, 90 there. if you look at the week ahead in san jose, we are cooler tomorrow and cooler by wednesday. high temperatures in the upper 70s.
6:50 am
fremont, palo alto and san rafael in the seven-day accuweather forecast. warm today, cooler tomorrow, possible sprinkles and warm again monday and and the best rain tuesday night and wednesday, more fall-like temperatures thursday and friday. >> our rain pales in comparison to what they get in texas in. >> nothing and in sports, lots of college football in the bay area today. at 4:00 p.m. san jose state hosts new mexico at spartan stadium and tonight tenth-ranked stanford battles washington down on the farm. kickoff at 7:30. meanwhile the world series match-up is set. the royals closed out the blue jays last night in kansas city, clinching their second straight american league championship. larry beil has all the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. a year ago the kansas city royals thought they should have beaten the giants in the world series. they have a chance at redemption after finishing off the blue jays in game six of the american hearing championship series.
6:51 am
the royals hoped to close it out last night at home and not deal with a game seven. price didn't get off to a good start. bottom of the first. zobrist drilled it off price for his second postseason homer. and this is crushed. check out the fan with the black glove. did the fan reach over to grab it? they will review it. if he did, it should have been a fair ball. the call stands. 2-1 k.c. and joey bats. jose bautista, that's his fourth postseason homer. tied at 3. bottom of 8. rain delay 41 minutes. play resumes and they get the load off man aboard. then the bloop to right. lorenzo cain, he can fly. he isn't stopping. rounding third base. play at the plate and he's easily safe. 4-3 k.c. top of 9, blue jays. two on. second and third, two out. josh donaldson. wade davis gets him on the ground ball.
6:52 am
good night, game over, drive home safely >> 4-3, final. they will host the mets in game one of the world series on tuesday. >> last year at this time we were so excited to be here. this year from the first day of spring training we expected to be here. >> really the right guy, right time. it's tough to get two-out hits but he's come through so many times. he battled him. and he made the blades. -- the plays. >> welcome to what is quickly turning into a rebuilding season for the 49ers. now 2-5 after being embarrassed at home on thursday night by their arch rival the seahawks. problems everywhere on this team. the offensive line. and colin kaepernick is air mailing all over the place. when he throws the ball away you better have your head on a swivel on the sidelines. the equipment guy got drilled. a good ten yards out-of-bounds. when you have more punts than first downs, you know you are in deep trouble. they know it. the question he is whether he has any solutions and it sure doesn't sound like it. >> we just continually, our record is what it is. we have to do something to get better.
6:53 am
that's unacceptable. that's not what we are going to do. that's not who we are. it's not what we are about. so we are going to fix it. >> and the bad news just keeps on coming. pro bowl safety antawn tore his pectoral muscle and is out the remainder of the season. a rookie will replace him. wide receiver jerome simpson was suspended for the first six games of the season and he will take the spot on the 53 man roster. we have complete highlights from the stanford game. stanford is playing washington and we will have that on after the game around 8:30 p.m.. following number one ohio state and rutgers here on abc7. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. some early halloween fun in the east bay this weekend where kids are encouraged to wear their costumes for a jack-o'-lantern jamboree.
6:54 am
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are you feeling lucky? here are the winning numbers from last night's $100 million mega-millions draw. tuesday night's jackpot increases to $117 million. and happening today, put your halloween costumes on for some fun in the east bay this weekend. the children's ferry land is hosting a jack lantern jamboree. join the costume parade along with live performance.
6:57 am
and get your creativity on. there will be arts and draft sessions all day to get ideas to deck straight your home for the spooky holiday. lots of halloween activities throughout the bay area. many people want to know what is the weather going to be? >> sunnier and a little warmer with temperatures mainly in the 70s in the east bay. upper 70s in the peninsula. looking nice from the sutro tower camera. mild all day today and tomorrow is when we are looking at perhaps a few sprinkles from this system here. about 80 today in san jose. looking at about 71 san francisco. and maybe a few sprinkles tomorrow. and another chance of rain come our way on wednesday. that's a better chance of rain. so good news >> but nothing like the rain they are seeing in texas. we will have more on that throughout the morning news. thank you, lisa. and thank you for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and on all your mobile devices.
6:58 am
thanks for joining us. we will be back at 8:00.
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rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. good morning, america. breaking news, monster hurricane. patricia makes landfall. the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere smashing into mexico as a category 5. 165-mile-an-hour winds battering the coast. fancy hotels, american tourists taking cover. witnesses to the fury, now hunkering down, caught by surprise by this fast moving storm. first responders struggling in the dangerous conditions. we are live this morning. and the new concerns in texas. the brutal one-two punch. over 20 million in the flash flood zone as the storm sets its sights on water-logged texas.


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