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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  October 24, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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any kidney, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto®... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. joining us. it's saturday, october 24th, i'm tiffany wilson in for chris w n nguyen. >> live doppler 7 hd shows the cloud cover around the bay. visibility has been a problem from mountain view to the san carlos airport, anywhere from a mile and a half to a mile and three-quarte three-quarters. a quarter mile visibility in napa. there will lift after about 9:00 and we will get into more
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sunshine and temperatures above average. we are looking at a storm system that is slated for the pacific northwest, the tail end of it will give us a little bit of precip perhaps tomorrow and that will cool us off. we will have cloudier skies for your sunday and isolated sprinkles in the north bay. you can see most of the energy heading up too extreme northern california and we are back to more dry weather, but they have nothing but rain and in fact historical flooding here in eastern and central texas. this is just been unbelievable with 7 and 8 inches of rain since midnight. more than 10 to 12 inches of rain is expected and now this, the surge of moisture from tropical depression patricia will continue to add into the problems in texas. so the mountains have weakened this considerably from a hurricane early this morning, a minimal hurricane to a tropical depression and this area of low pressure then pushing into the houston galveston area tomorrow. today it's rainy all the way
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through louisiana, texas, up through the ohio river valley and we will talk about a better chance of rain for the middle of the week when we come back in a couple minutes. >> joo we have new video this morning hurricane patricia, the storm weakened from a category 5 hurricane to a tropical depression this morning. the rain threat today is heavy rain and flash flooding across mexico. luckily there is no word of fatalities or major damage this morning. mexico's president says the damage is less than expected, but we will know more later on today. thousands of people were evacuated along the southwestern coast of mexico, residents and tourists alike moved inland and those who could not get out just tried to take cover. some california residents vacationing in mexico say they went from being hotel guests to being refugees. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow explains. >> reporter: the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere made landfall at 4:15 pacific time bringing
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with it 165 mile per hour winds. >> oh, my god, i have a got to get out of here. >> reporter: san francisco resident brad powell is vacationing in puerto vallarta. he said the hotel put a note under his door. >> it said in two hours pack all of your things and put your bag in the bathroom and close the door, bring a backpack with you down to the ballroom which turned into a shelt. >> reporter: suddenly their vacation plans changed. >> they said we no longer consider you a guest, you are now a refugee. that freaked us out. >> reporter: he wrote sounds like we are under a waterfall. while brad took shelter so call resident cindy cowan was determined to get home. >> we are getting the last private plane from what we hear out of guadalajara. >> reporter: she made it back home. despite a slight weakening damage could be der stating.
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>> what happens tomorrow? are we going to be here a week or longer? what is the rest of this area going to look like and we don't know the answer that question right now. >> reporter: melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. you can hear the strength of the storm in this video posted by enrique, this video was shot yesterday evening. and this is a look at the storm from nasa. you can see how much territory patricia covers. the video was taken yesterday shortly after the storm was upgraded to a powerful category 5 hurricane. this is an emergency tweeted out by astronaut scott kelly who is on the international space station. he wrote, pa is that's force isn't lost on me. a special mass in san jose was dedicated to members who have family in the path of hurricane patricia. as abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana tells us the service was being held as the storm made
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landfall. >> reporter: children led the procession of parishioners into our lady of guadeloupe pay covering heart shaped mexican flags, many in the sanctuary have family in the path of the storm. this man has been exchanging messages with his sister near port vier at that. he sent this photo of their evaluation by boat to shelters. >> they're safe. it's not important the house. more important is the life. >> reporter: he's worried their home which is just a few yards from the beach may be gone. the chance to come together is pray is therapeutic because some people don't have much information about their loved ones. joe land da says prayer is very important because she has faith that the virgin of guadeloupe pay will protect her family from the storm. it is the first step in what will be a relief effort that will continue after the storm. >> our community is going÷@ to communicating directly with their family members and working
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directly with the diocese and mobilizing people for information and for donations through catholic relief services. >> reporter: the sanctuary will remain open for people to come and pray for their loved ones, they can also donate money at the church or online, those funds will be funneled to communities hit by the storm, in san jose, sergio quintana. >> the american red cross is readying volunteers and resource fs called on for help by the mexican red cross. the agency is ready to provide first aid, logistics, relief and shelter. alaskan airlines canceled it's one daily flight from sfo to puerto vallarta. rain in texas grounded hundreds of flights, mostly in dallas. lots of scary video from mexico is being shared on social media this morning. this one here shows a truck losing control and flipping on to its side. if you have any family or friends in mexico and they send
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you pictures or video from hurricane patricia, please share it with us on social media using the #abc7now. in developing news, heavy rain and floods from remnants of hurricane patricia caused a train to derail in texas this morning. flooded roads had delayed drivers in the dallas/fort worth metroplex. much of the texas heartland is under a flash flood watch today and the national weather service warned residents to expect the worst. >> take normal precautions and that for the most part once that rain starts that we decide to stay home. >> emergency managers say they have helicopters and rescue swimmers ready to help people who get stranded by flooding all across texas. turning now to some other news, if you live in the san ramone and danville area you are still feeling the warm of earthquakes. the jolts continue in that part of the east bay this morning. this is a map from the usgs and
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it shows the swarm of small quakes that have hit the area in the past 24 hours. just before 1:00 this morning a magnitude 3.2 and 3.1 hit within one minute of each other. nearly 300 minor quakes in the past week have shaken the east bay. two men are safe after spending two hours trapped on the cliff in the ma rent headlands. a heel rescued the men from bird island and the point bow neat at that lighthouse after 7:00. they were out hiking with three others when one of the men wandered off and ended up 150 feet down the side of the cliff. his friend tried to rescue him but both ended up getting stuck. the men were cold and thirsty, but not hurt. students at san jose state university honored a water polo player who died during practice. the university provided this video of friends and classmates holding a candlelight vigil last night for ryan harryman, he
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collapsed last tuesday and never regained consciousness. they shared stories and showed videos showcasing the 24-year-old's love of life and unique sense of humor. there is a warning out this morning about a fake prescription drug being sold on san francisco streets. a counterfeit version of the anti-anxiety pill xanax has already caused one death. the fake drug seen on the right was found to be a potent owed i can't tell called fentanyl. the city health department says taking it can cause nerve and kidney damage, muscle breakdown and fluid in the lungs. time is 8:09 taking quick check of the weather. >> we have plenty of clouds out there, some of them low clouds creating visibility issues on the peninsula and cloudy skies here. you can see a few peeks of sun from our roof camera. 56 in san francisco, 57 over in hayward and livermore we still have 80s in the forecast. i know that's probably not what you want to hear, but we will talk about a little chance of rain coming your way in just a few minutes. also next, an all out manhunt finally over.
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how police caught up with a man accused of stabbing three supermarket employees over razors. and the earliest this year's maverick surf competition can start still more than a week away. in all the competitors
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breaking news in san jose this morning. police are look for a suspect after a man was found shot and killed outside of a nightclub early this morning. authorities say it happened just before 2:00 a.m. on monterey highway near the luvere club and restaurant. that room from alma avenue will be closed until 8:30 this morning. this is the 24th homicide in san jose this year and police have not made any arrests yet. stay with us on twitt twitter @abc7newsbayarea for updates. pittsburg police have captured a man they believe stabbed three people. officers used helicopters and k-9s to track down anthony jar mill low yesterday afternoon. alan wong has the story. >> reporter: police arrested 34-year-old anthony jaramillo, they were prepared to search his mother's house when he walked out not realizing the police were there, they immediately arrested him without incident. neighbors say jaramillo lived
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six miles away in this home until he was evicted three months ago. >> he was real quiet, actually we didn't even realize he was living there. he wasn't there for that long. >> thursday night aroundel 30 police say he tried to steal shaving razors at this winco food store. he was confronted by five employees at the entrance. >> every time that they see somebody going to steal it's never one person that goes out there, it's a group of people just for safety reasons. >> reporter: the store cashier said jaramillo pulled out a knife. >> i saw blood on the floor, somebody was laying down on the floor with a stab wound on his back, somebody else got stabbed in the shoulder. >> reporter: and a third employee was stabbed in the arm. he was released from the hospital, the one who was stabbed in the back is in critical condition, the other is stable. in pittsburg, alan wong, abc 7 news. a teenage girl is safe this morning after fighting off a man who tried to kidnap here. you are about to hear her
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screams for help. >> oh, my god. >> this happened while she walked to school in stockton before sunrise yesterday morning. the girl told detectives the man got out of a car, grabbed her and tried to pull her into his vehicle. but she fought back and the suspect sped away from the scene. happening today, you are invited to the opening ceremony for the maverick season in half-moon bay, the ceremony brings the surfing community together to celebrate the beginning of the maverick season. rescue crews went through the training exercises necessary to prepare if el nino causes problems during the competition. the window for the world famous maverick surfing contest opening november 1st and goes through march 31st. spider man, batman and captain america want to encourage kids battling i. illness to be strong and be their own heroes. volunteers from heroes for hope and santa clara county sheriff's office staff met with young patients at santa clara valley medical center yesterday to help
8:16 am
lift their spirits, empower them and promote their annual heroes run. the run/walk events takes place two weeks from today to raise money for vmc. >> one of the things we're trying to do with the heroes run, it is to support the bmc pediatric center however we can. bringing hope to the kids for one day is something great that we can do. >> go to for laing on how you can get involved in heroes run taking place in cupertino november 7th. as you know halloween still a week away but kids at one san francisco school already got a special treat. >> pillows, what was i thinking? pillows are full of feathers, some of them are -- >> that's abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian reading to students at gordon lysle elementary school. the book was the halloween party from the black lagoon. he visits schoolser often, which is to promote literacy in kids.
8:17 am
youngsters got a jump start in halloween in san francisco's sig monday stone grove. it was called scare grove. thousands of people enjoyed stern grove year-round, even when it's not halloween. >> like many of our parks in san francisco it is a gem and stern grove is one of those where everybody has so many reasons to come here, to relax, to listen to music, kids having great fun. >> looks like fun. how about 150 volunteers helped make last night's event happen. and happening today, another light the night walk benefitting the lukemia and lymphoma society will take place in san jose. participants formed teams to raise money for patient services. this is video from last week's fundraiser in palo alto. join sandhya patel as she mc's today's event. it starts at 5:00 p.m. at discovery meadow in san jose and there will be two more light the night walks in the bay area this year.
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time is 8:18. we want to turn to the bay area weather. you are saying maybe a little warmer than normal today. >> that's right. we still have some 80s, tomorrow will be the cooler day of the weekend with a slight chance of showers around the bay. everybody wants to hear that, but it's not going to be much. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd, we're looking at the cloud cover, also with poor visibility in spots. still another hour or so before things really begin to clear up. inland it's not a problem, but we are improving around the san carlos airport, mountain view improving at 2 mile visibility and looking at fog up in the north bay and also at the coast, half-moon bay. we widen the perspective, we have an area of low pressure and associated cold front all heading up into the pacific northwest and the tail end of a cold front will drag through here tomorrow, the source of our precipitation. so another vantage point shows just the historical rain that continues to pound texas. they've seen upwards of almost 10 inches in some spots near austin, also waco, texas getting
8:19 am
hit really hard. here is austin. there's houston. and it continues to rain and now the moisture from what was patricia will continue to move into texas just adding more problems to that area. they could see upwards of 20 inches of rain in some spots. a live look outside from our tower camera, we have fog, also high clouds, 56 in san jose, 52 morgan hill, 55 half-moon bay and our exploratorium camera with the sunshine right here on the bay should be a nice day to head to the pumpkin patch, those nights are getting longer so it's feeling cooler out there and next weekend we fall back, saturday night. so it's really going to feel like fall, now we need some rain. 55 by the delta, 50 novato, still chilly up in the north bay and finally from mt. tam you can see some of the sunlight obscured from the clouds. we will see fog and high clouds for much of the morning and then the fog dissipates and just the high clouds today making for a mild fall afternoon. sprinkles are possible, maybe a
8:20 am
light shower tomorrow morning, then back into the sunshine. here is why, high pressure is holding on for another day, then the front is going to push up to the north of us and that will allow for the high pressure ridge to weaken and the tail end of this system pushes into parts of the bay area. so the moisture from it is coming partly from this system here, which is still a category 3 hurricane olaf sorks that continues to weaken into monday and tuesday, then it gets entrained and pulled up into a frontal band that will push into the bay area, really northern california, some tuesday, tuesday night into wednesday. so we are looking at anywhere from maybe a quarter of an inch of rain, it was looking more promising before, we will still have to wait and see how it plays out. 79 today for san carlos, upper 70s for palo alto, look for 65 in pacifica, san francisco above average, even with the cloud cover, 75 in petaluma, look for more mid 70s from oakland to berkeley and richmond today, 82 pittsburg and fairfield.
8:21 am
the ak weather seven-day forecast, slight chance of showers tomorrow will cool us off. ahead of the next system we are warming up again monday, tuesday, another chance of rain or wednesday and cooler thursday and friday. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 hd anytime and we have more information at we want the rain but also want to enjoy the fall weather. nice day today. up next, a high school team is celebrating it's star kicker this morning. what makes this player
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>> reporter: before you sign up for solar here is a reality check. >> solar panels are a big commitment. you want to make sure they will work on your roof. not every house with a good candidate. >> reporter: make sure your roof will get enough direct sun. they are usually on the south side of your roof and shouldn't be shaded by chimneys or trees or anything else above the roofline. next know your roof's age. >> solar panels could last 25 years. if you need a new roof during that time make sure the price of reinstalling them is specified in the contract. >> reporter: also whether you should buy or lease your solar panels. while it may be cheaper to lease you will likely pay more over the 20-year contract. >> if you can afford to pay for the panels outside it will likely be $15,000 or $20,000. >> reporter: some other things to consider. >> some sclar installations may void the warranty on your roof and in some towns it may
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increase your property taxes. >> reporter: also check your homeowners insurance policy to see if you will be covered in the event the panels are damaged by a storm. always have your panels installed by a licensed installer >> it's a very big decision and big investment, it's going to be on your house for a long time. >> reporter: you can compare leasing versus buying at energy i'm michael finney,.on your side. high school senior seen right here, courty owe gren earned a place in the lure of one of the bay area's storied football riflees last night. the soccer star is the first girl to play football for mountain view st. francis high school. last night she kicked a 30 yard field goal against arch rival beller man. they held on to street st. francis 28-26, but great kick. you go, girl. we have much more ahead on the abc 7 saturday morning news. the shake up for republicans as dr. ben carson surges past
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donald trump in a new poll. why the neurosurgeon says he now leads trump in a key state. and new details on the warriors plan for a new arena in san francisco. how officials hope to alleviate traffic concerns. it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. live doppler 7 hd shows the cloud cover over the bay area and the visibility once again reduced in napa at a quarter of a mile, we are at two miles around mountain view, four miles on the coast, seven miles san carlos and 40s were common earlier this morning in the north bay, now we are in the 50s. we are anticipating this weak storm system tomorrow to not only cloud us up, cool us off and bring the possibility of a few isolated sprinkles. that's all we can muster out of this and then we are back into sunshine for sunday afternoon. we are looking at some drenching rains in texas, they will continue throughout the day today. historic flooding here with upwards of 20 inches and flash flood warnings, mudslides a concern here and we are also going to add the moisture of what was the strongest hurricane ever recorded, which is now quickly weakening, it's a tropical depression, that's going to combine into some of the remnants of what was another
8:31 am
hurricane in texas, but this now is looking much, much better for mexico because it dodged not only puerto vallarta, but guadalajara which is the second largest city of mexico. good news for mexico, it's getting entrained in the mountains. but it's going to add to this moisture around houston and galveston for the next several days, probably right on through monday. continuing on with the latest of hurricane patricia, the monster storm as you heard lisa mention has weakened down to a tropical depression after making land fall in a lightly populated area of southwest mexico. mexico's president says the damage is smaller than expected. 15,000 tourists who evacuated ahead of the storm spent the night in shelters. while the storm remains dangerous so far there have been no reports of major damage, injuries or deaths. turning to the race for the white house and donald trump. trump lashed out at ben carson
8:32 am
who for the first time is leading trump in the polls in the key state of iowa. meanwhile, hillary clinton is preparing to celebrate tonight at a tri-valley with katy perry. sbs news reporter david wright is covering all the new developments. >> reporter: now that the benghazi haerpgs are over, hillary clinton is all smiles. >> i'm not running for president obama's third term, i'm not running for bill clinton's third term, i'm running for my first term. >> reporter: not only did she manage to turn the congressional grilling to her advantage, this week three potential rivals cleared out of her path, joe biden stepped aside, jim webb dropped out of the democratic race and lincoln chafee pulled out all together. the biggest question now, what does katy perry open with tonight? roar or this is how we do.
8:33 am
one thing is for sure, it ain't going to be dark horse. ♪ >> reporter: meanwhile, the new republican front runner in iowa is spending his time signing books at barns and noble in missouri, kansas and texas. ben carson is out on his book tour letting a new campaign ad speak for him. >> i'm learning from crowds that they are hungry for some honesty and for some real solutions to the problems that ail us. >> reporter: donald trump had this to say. >> but i said but ben carson is super low energy, right? super. he's super low. super low energy. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. now to news about our current president. the country's commander in chief imitated a famous feline's face. it happened yesterday in washington as president obama questioned why republican politicians are so down on america. >> they are gloomy.
8:34 am
they are like grumpy cat. >> that laughter proved the president did a pretty good impersonation of america's beloved cat with the constant frown, but ponder this, is it considered an impersonation when it's a pet? obama was speaking at the democratic women's leadership forum reiterating the progress that the party has made during his administration. climate change has been an important issue during president obama's time in office and he explains how the country must protect our planet for future generations. in his weekly address the president reminds us that we all have to do our part to promote clean energy. since taking office he says that he set aside more than 260 million acres of public lands and waters, more than any commander in chief in history. he references pope francis'
8:35 am
recent visit to the united states and what he said about the issue. >> pope francis reminds us to eloquently this planet is a gift from god and our common home. we should leave it to our kids in better shape than we found it. >> president obama is pushing republicans in congress to reauthorize a conservation fund to protect millions of acres of land without costing taxpayers money. today is the last day of office hours for the dmv for undocumented immigrants driver's license applicants under ab-606789 the dmv said 487,000 licenses have been issued under ab-60 since january. that bill allows undocumented immigrants to apply for a license with proof of identity and california residency. the dmv says it no longer needs extended hours because the applications have dwindled. it expects to process near 1.5 million applications by january of 2018. these thick books represent the final piece of the
8:36 am
environmental impact report on the golden state warriors planned arena in san francisco. the eir puts more parking control officers on the street than currently work for giants games. it adds four new light rail vehicles and calls for special street access for mission bay residents and ucsf patients and staff. >> we've stated the paths of travel. if you are coming for an arena event you are staying on the larger streets and we are preserving those local streets for the staffs to get in and out of their parking garages. >> a special fund will be created from expected arena revenue to pay for traffic improvements. opponents criticize the timing of the report's release just days before voters are asked to approve the project. a priceless piece of san francisco history will be on display starting today at the sf fire department museum. the broderick was the first fire engine ever built in california 160 years ago. it's named after david broderick, san francisco's first fire department foreman. after spending the last few
8:37 am
years in novato owners decided that it was time for the engine to return to its original owners. the engine served san francisco during the gold rush era. you can check it out, it will be on display at sf fire department museum thursday through sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon until the end of march next year. admission is free. 8:37. still ahead on the abc 7 saturday morning news, the lifesaving study at stanford and the ten-year-old twins bringing home for others with a rare disease. and this is a live look from our lake tahoe cam, you can see a little mist over the lake this morning. meteorologist lisa argen is going to have the full bay area forecast in just a few minutes.
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8:41 am
nature trail all day long. i think there is a ton of halloween activities across the bay area. what can people expect for the weather? >> today will be the sunnier warmer day out of the weekend and this morning we could squeeze out a few drops out here. a live look outside, yes, of course, the golden gate bridge with mid 50s, the fog is lifting, visibility improving and temperatures unfortunately above normal again today. but not tomorrow. we will talk about that silver lining and two opportunities of rain coming up.
8:42 am
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8:44. new work is being done on a rare and incurable disease. families from all over the country are traveling to stanford for a new busy. natasha zu ves met with a pair of ten year olds and has their parents new home this moran. >> reporter: the partingtons arrived at the school of medicine with laughter and jokes. looking at the twins jenna and patrick you wouldn't know they are battling a rare incurable disease, but their parents strong and hopeful know the
8:45 am
reality. the average life span for people with cystinosis is 37 years. kevin part tinning ton wonders fell ever walk jenna down the aisle. >> only every day. i'm sorry. well, you just want them to live a normal life and they don't really know what that is, but we do. >> reporter: the twins say their parents make sure they are not missing out. >> they're awesome. >> reporter: what's awesome about them? >> everything. >> reporter: cystinosis is genetic, a build up of the amino acid cyst even in the body causes widespread damage, first the kidneys they are other organs. >> builds up and then the cells guy and that causes tissue damage. >> reporter: also a huge part of aging is the deterioration of bone and muscle. that's what the study today is
8:46 am
all about. cutting edge scanners capture data on the twins' bone and muscle composition in great detail, junipero serra one more piece of information and research that makes the parents hopeful for the future. >> they are still naive to a lot of it. >> and they're great kids. >> reporter: 30 people with cystinosis are traveling here from all over the country, as far away as squa. the results will likely be published in a few years. in palo alto i'm natasha zufs, nbc 7 news. walkers will take to the streets for the east bay walk to defeat als. alan wong will mc today's event. he participated in the als ice bucket challenge to raise awareness of the disease. here it is right there. funds raised from the two mile walk will go toward research for the als association golden west chapter. opening ceremonies start at 10:30 this morning at heather farm park in walnut creek.
8:47 am
lisa, a little warmer than norm normal, 80 degrees in walnut creek. >> don't you hate it? we still have probably in the seven day outlook half of temperatures above average, half below. i will throw this t. all ought in just a moment. we have a couple of weather systems that will cool us off, give it a chance of rain beginning with one tomorrow. the second half of your week lend will be ending cloudier and cooler with maybe a few rain drops. right now we have the low clouds and a little fog, but things are improving, except for up in novato with quarter mile visibility. elsewhere it's better than what it was, on the peninsula and south bay and peeks of sun. as that lifts we will get into more sun and mild and warm afternoon. tomorrow we will keeping our eye on that area of low pressure but the cold front. today it's all about texas where they are just getting slammed with mist or cal flooding here and it does not want to quit. this is not even the moisture from patricia yet and you can see from houston through austin,
8:48 am
really just coming down and continues to as it pushes towards the coast. corpus christi, galveston, this has been going on since midnight. rainfall amounts in the triple digits here and the moisture is so prolific, 3 to 4 inches an hour in some spots. quick update. right in between puerto vallarta and manzanillo is where the hurricane pushed into the mountains, rapidly weakening at 35 miles an hour, missed guadalajara. they dodged a bullet here. less of a concern for next co here with the heavy rain as the moisture is moving into the mountains. we will finally be looking at this area of low pressure that will also be adding to the unbelievable staggering amounts of rain into texas and each louisiana in the days to come. here is a look at the peninsula where we've got some sunshine for you, temperatures are in the mid and upper 50s. slowly coming up in mountain view, 59 right now, 57 half-moon bay and a look from our east bay
8:49 am
host camera, ball mer peak, not much color to this picture, low clouds, low 50s santa rosa. fairfield 55, and 57 in livermore. emeryville a little hazy in morning, this afternoon it will be mild with more 70s for you and sprinkles are possible tomorrow. as we take a look at our radar and satellite picture high pressure means dry, fair weather. this will hold on for another day, low pressure heading to the north. that's where the energy is and the heavy rain, but we're going to add not only to the weak front with some of that moisture from this system here, so there is hope that we will get a little bit of rain as this continues to weaken, it's taking the path of another hurricane took a couple weeks ago that spread moisture up into the pacific northwest. up into the upcoming workweek, tuesday night to wednesday, the rainfall to be a quarter inch to a half inch in the north bay, lesser amounts in the south bay.
8:50 am
75 today in yosemite, 88 los angeles, 65 and cloudy in the northern sierra. 73 tomorrow, then bump it back up before that stronger system comes in on wednesday, of the so nice fall day. maybe a sprinkle, but 76 today for new oakland, 78 fremont, palo alto. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cleaning up, getting ready for what could be a little bit of rain and then we will warm it up before we cool it off midweek and we are staying in the 70s it looks like through thursday, friday a little warmer. so it's not unusual to have a try spell before we get into hopefully higher than average rainfall season. we will keep our fingers crossed. thank you, lisa. in sports lots of college football in the bay area today. 4:00 p.m. san jose state hosts new mexico at spartan stadium. tenth rank stanford battles washington down on the farm, kickoff at 7:30. the world series match up is
8:51 am
set, the royals closed out the blue jays in kansas city clinching their second straight american league championship. larry biel has all the highlights in this morning's sports. >> a year ago the kansas city royals thought they should have beaten the giants in the world series, they have a chance at redmpgs after finishing offer the blue jays in game six. they were hoping to close this thing off at home and not have to deal with a game seven. david price did not get off a good start. a's all over these playoffs, 1-0 kc. in the second mike muse stack can i say, that is crushed. check out the fan with the black glove. did he reach over the wall to grab it? the call stands and it's 2-0 kc. joey bats josé bau tease is that that is his fourth post season homer, we are stied at 3. rain delay 41 minutes, play resumes, the royals get air
8:52 am
house mer a blood pressure to right, lorenzo cane, he can three and isn't stopping, rounding third base, play at the place and he is easily safe. top nine, blue jays, two men on, second and third, two outs, josh donaldson, wade davis gets him on the ground ball. royals win the american league pennant for the second straight year. they will host the mets in game one of the world series on two. >> last year at this time we were so excited to be here. this year from the first day of spring training we expected to be here. >> really the right guy, right time. donaldson is tough to get two out hits, but he has come through so many times this year and he battled him. he has made the plays. >> welcome to what is quickly turning into a rebuilding season for the 49ers. 2-5 after being embarrassed at home on thursday night by their arch vie ralls the seahawks. you have problems everywhere on this team, the offensive line is
8:53 am
wrechd. when he throws the ball away you better have your head on a offensively on the sidelines, the equipment guy got drilled. ten yards out of bounds. when you have more punts than first downs you know you are in deep trouble. jim tom sue la knows it, the question is whether he has any solutions and it sure doesn't sound like it. >> we are just continually -- our record is what it is. we have to do something to get better. that's unacceptable, that's not what we're going to do, that's not who we are, it's not what we are about so we are going to fix it. >> and the bad news just keeps on coming. pro bowl safety san tron buff faye for his pectoral muscle, he is out for the remainder of the season. the rookie will replays buff faye. wide receiver jerome simpson will take buff faye's spot on the 53-man roster. we have complete highlights from the stanford game, stanford playing washington and we will have that on after the game with yours truly and shooik shumann following ohio state and wut
8:54 am
gers on abc 7. have a great weekend everybody, look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
8:55 am
milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. break out the costumes this weekend the children's fairy land theme park in oakland is hosting a jack owe lantern jamboree, you can go trick or treating throughout the park and join a costume parade along are w. live performances. the festivities start at 10:00 today and tomorrow. going to be nice weather today. >> should be very nice. in the east bay we will see numbers again in the 70s around
8:57 am
oakland, that's above average, 78 palo alto, 80 san jose, 82 concord,.1 san francisco, overall we will talk. >> caller: it partly cloudy, tomorrow more clouds, cooler and maybe sprinkles in the morning, warmer monday, tuesday, best chance of rain comes in on wednesday. >> thank you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. college football is next. number 6 clemson battles the miami hurricanes at sun life stadium at 9:00 a.m. at 12:30 indiana takes on seventh ranked michigan state at spartan stadium, followed by abc 7 news at 4:00 p.m. then at 5:00 top ranked ohio state tries to stay undefeated in new jersey facing rutgers. that's followed by after the game with larry biel and mike shumann at around 8:30. the news continues now online, on twitter, on facebook and on all your mobile device was our abc 7 news app. have a great day and enjoy the weekend and some candy.
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