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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 24, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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d live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> developing news, a manhunt under way for two men police say are dangerous after a shooting in the parking lot of a livermore shopping center, one person is dead. another injured. hello, i'm reggie an key. >> the shooting happened just after 6:00 at the livermore arcade shopping center on first street. that's where melanie woodrow is tonight. what can you tell us? >> well, natasha, i want to show you what's going on right now. that is the victim's vehicle is just about to be towed here. we have brand-new information regarding these victims that has just been released. they are two adult males in their 20s. the driver was shot dead. the passenger is in surgery. the sergeant on the scene tells me these men are from california
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but not livermore. the suspects, two men are from california but not from livermore. according to the sergeant on the scene, they're armed with an assault rifle. the suspect's get away vehicle was last spotted in oakland. >> these types of incidents don't happen in livermore. >> reporter: police sergeant says multiple 911 callers reported the shooting. it happened around 6:00 p.m. at the cvs parking lot on first street. the suspect shot two the individuals in a car. one died on the scene. the other taken to a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. >> it sounds like these two are the intended target. >> tom was inside a store when he says he heard gunfire unlike laek any he's heard had a shooting rain. the shooter used an assault rifle. >> maybe that's why i didn't recognize the noise. have i never shot one of those. >> swartz said the shooting was unnerving because livermore is traditionally safe. >> the fact that it happened here and that there was just so
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many people around. >> police have a vague suspect description for one of the men and none for the other. >> a black male adult tall, thin, with dark clothing wearing a gray beanie. >> but detailed vehicle description, a 2006 bmw 325 i, black or charcoal gray with two red racing stripes over the hood and tinted windows. license plate 5 plr 682. chp spotted the vehicle on 580 near san leandro and lost it in oakland. >> i would consider both of them armed an dangerous individuals. >> melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank you. in to you would me county the chp on the scene of a two-vehicle dent that killed five people on highway 120 near smith station in the groveland area. one vehicle was registered in san jose. two others were airlifted to the hospital. no word on a cause.
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abc7 news tonight talked exclusively to the man injured in a bizarre chase and crash ha started with a stolen police vehicle. >> now he's going towards the main gate. get out of the way. shots fired. shots fired. >> those are the radio calls between officers leading up to the arrest of this man on the bay bridge. abc 67 news has the story. this is a wild chase. >> it's one that zig zagd through the city and ended on treasure island where muhammad tai janny lives and was headed into work today pep says he wishes he would have left his home a few minutes earlier so he would have avoided getting rear ended by a police suv, a cruiser stolen by a knife-wielding man. this is video of the suspect you'll see only on abc7 news who led police on a chase through the city in a stolen police suv. it's a pursuit that ended right
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behind muhammad tai janny. >> it hit me and my car accelerated into the car ahead of me. >> you can stee where the police suv slammed into his maroon cadillac. he was surprised to see someone who was not an officer jump out of that police cruiser. >> coming towards me and jumped over my vehicle and jumped over the bridge. it was all very frightening not knowing what was going on. >> he says the policeman also jumped over the ledge to the lower level of the bay bridge. that's where officers were able to make an arrest. this chase started miles away in the marina district. police were called there to deal with a man waving a knife but he got away. >> he was able to make entry into the officer's marked patrol vehicle and steal the vehicle from the officers which still had the keys in the ignition. >> that's when he led police on a chase through the city. >> a lot of cop cars going up and down valencia street.
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undercover cars. >> doug spec saw the commotion in the mission district and later caught in traffic coming back into the city on the bay bridge. it took him two hours to get back. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> that is quite a story. you look at the man who faces accusations of having a stolen handgun that belongs to a highway patrol officer. police arrested him after stopping him for a suspected traffic violation last night. he is on probation. the gun varnished after someone broke into the officer's personal car sunday night on howard street. it had been inside a backpack. what caused a four acre grass fire that threatened homes in the milpitas area near the summit point golf course. it burned dangerously close to some homes. a helicopter, two air tankers
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and air attack plane from cal fire dropped retardant on that fire. abc7 news was at calaveras ridge and country club after firefighters got it under control. with the dry conditions, neighbors feared it could have been a lot worse. >> i was very scared. last thing we did was put all the valuables in the car and we're ready to take off because it was only a few hundred feet away. >> fortunately, no one hurt in this fire. and now to the aftermath from hurricane patricia. mexico's government says the storm damaged as many as 3500 homes. downed trees are covering the main road between man za nil io and power tovah yar ta. patricia weakened today after being called the biggest storm on record in the western hemisphere. no reports of deaths are serious injuries. 15,000 tourists had to be
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evacuate there had. the airport has reopened and many are coming back home. abc7 was at sfo tonight and we witnessed some of the emotional reunions. >> i feel little again waiting for my parents. >> watching the hurricane move through, knowing her parents were there, now watching port tote va yar ta on the screen. there has gun no sleep. >> horrible. we thought nothing was going to survive. the mexico government said it was the biggest thing they ever saw. that really scared us. we've been all night. >> patricia had winds up to 200 miles per hour before coming ashore. despite that, there are no reports of deaths or injuries in mexico. at long last, to the reunion into we're happy to come home. i'm just so happy to see my parents.
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we got so scared. so scared. >> also coming home, brad powell who rode out the hurricane documenting every moment of his vacation gone wrong on twitter. moving out of t relief just to e back and home -- i can't wait to pick up our dog and sit in our kitchen and feel i've again. only 24 hours ago, andrew looked at me, are we going to die here? it was a serious concern. >> and back safe tonight, his last tweet the four-legged reunion he was looking forward to, brad writes someone is happy to see his parents made it home from patricia. >> so good to see and so many homecomings tonight. the hurricane made landfall along a sparsely pop located area of coastline. there is still much work to be done in those regions. now the concern switches to texas which is getting drenched by what's left of patricia. let's go to san antonio. a man out walking his dog got swept into a flooded drainage
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ditch. just south of dallas, a freight train derailed. the tracks were washed away by a creek that overflowed. much of the state under a flash flood watch through at least tomorrow afternoon. let's go to meteorologist drew too many ma looking at the conditions left behind from patricia. what are you seeing on live doppler 7 hd? >> we're talking about images coming from mexico where patricia made landfall. a couple i want to show you. this from the mexican state where patricia made landfall. roofs taken off houses. roads have been flooded those rem nans are moving into texas. live doppler showing you those soaking rains are moving into the gulf, into louisiana houston, as well. look at these impressive rain totals from texas south of dallas. corsicana, over 20 inches of
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rain. and more rain will fall. future tracker rain total the next 24 hours locally, additional 8 to 12 inches of rain is possible in the area. back here at home tomorrow, a chance of wet weather. we'll detail that in a few minutes. >> still to come on abc7 news at 11, a driver plows into a college homecoming parade killing four people including a toddler. what the suspect's family is now saying. >> plus, traffic stand still. dozens of people out of their cars in the richmond and anra yell bridge. fishermen say the baby floating in the sea. the emotional re
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driving into and killing four people at a homecoming parade. we found out tonight a 2-year-old is among the dead. and now we're hearing from the accused driver's father. >> the game goes on. >> oklahoma state university players take a knee before their homecoming game, not praying for a win but hoping for the best for victims of a terrible crash just three blocks away from the stadium. >> i need a bunch of help. we got a car into a crowd up here. going to need extra help. >> as people lined the home coming parade route saturday morning, a driver first hit an unmanned police motorcycle then drove right into the stillwater, oklahoma crowd. >> by the grace of god, it could have been my grandchildren. they could have been taken like that. >> police says 25-year-old adacia chambers was behind the wheel. >> the driver of the car was arrested for driving under the influence. >> the father of the accused
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driver told the oklahoma newspaper, i can't figure this out. this is not the person that's my daughter. i can't imagine alcohol being involved. she's not an alcoholic that i'm aware of. >> a somber mood indeed but fans have made their way into boone pickens stadium. >> this is a school that lost players and coaches to two separate plane crashes in the past 15 years. this time oklahoma state takes a moment of silence for the loss of their fans. school officials decided to go ahead with the game. >> we are heart broken at this tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with family. >> in addition to the four people who died, seven are still in critical condition tonight in oklahoma hospitals. >> sky 7 hd was overhead the richmond san arraf yell bridge. eastbound lanes were closed for more than an hour. no one was hurt. some people got out and found creative ways to pass the time. ian gilley gan, a 12-year-old in
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our community tweeted us this video. he was on his way to a golf tournament this morning and got stuck in the backup. he used the time to practice his golf skills on the freeway. when you see news where you live, take a photo and share it with us using the #abc7 now. we'll use it on air or post it online at abc7 >> tonight 3,000 people came together to walk thousands of miles in the fight against cancer. abc7 news was at san jose's discovery meadow as a young leukemia survivor led the cheers. meteorologist sandhya patel emceed the fund-raiser. the next walk takes place in walnut creek in two weeks. every participant carries a bright lantern hop honor family who have battled blood cancer. good for them and the little guy who got all the cheers into love
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that. that was lovely. drew, you're tracking chances for rain tomorrow. >> we're talking about a little are area of drizzle. the cold front slides to the north tomorrow morning. live doppler 7 hd is quiet although partly cloudy skies above. we opened up the almanac, the 24th day of october, most locations got into the 70s. oakland above normal got to 75. that's 8 better than their normal of 67. a live look from our camera showing you partly cloudy skies bob the skyline of san francisco. the forecast does call for the morning drizzle. the best chance for wet weather would be in the north bay tomorrow morning. the afternoon, we're drier and much sunnier. another system arrives wednesday and brings another chance of moisture. out there right now at 63 in concord. 59 in san francisco. 58 in oakland and antioch sitting on a temperature of 62 degrees. live doppler 7 hd, here's the
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area of low pressure you see as it swirls close to the west coast. just isolated showers in your seattle and portland. we're not talking about soaking showers but wet weather is there tomorrow morning. isolated pockets of drizzle around 6:00 in the morning in the north day off the coast of santa rosa. some of this may go as far as south as san francisco. by the afternoon, we are drier and sunnier for the second half of our sunday. talk about hurricane olaf still a category 2 storm. winds 100 miles per hour. the hope was that olaf would transport some of this moisture on to a cold front early next week. unfortunately, it looks like high pressure builds in and keeps olaf to the south. for us, we're not going to see soaking showers like we hoped on wednesday. future weather on wednesday morning shows you showers moving into the region. some could be steady on the
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morning side. by midday, we could see showers as far as south as the south bay. it's a quick-moving system. by the afternoon and evening it's out of here. it looks like it could be a good shot to see a quarter inch of rain in some locations midweek this week. overnight tonight, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures falling into the 50s in most spots. highs for your sunday, a bit cooler than we were today with the morning cloud cover and ice located drizzle. up to 71 for santa rosa. the seven-day forecast we'll tract chance of drizzle tomorrow morning. temperatures rebound for monday into tuesday. by wednesday, we'll track that chance of rain midweek. by friday and sat add, nice fall afternoon. saturday, by the way, halloween for all the trick-or-treaters looking nice out there. >> what's so important. that forecast. >> you need to be dry for the trick-or-treaters. >> coming up next, unexpected mail. >> a marijuana delivery ends u
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abc7 news was at heather farm park in with you naught creek for today's walk to defeat als raising more than $150,000 to fight lou gehrig's disease. alan wong emceed the event for the second year in a row. millions of dollars have gone to research through walks like this and, of course, the ice bucket challenge. a woman in new jersey was expecting a box of hair products she ordered online and got a surprising delivery to her home instead. inside the box, 50 pounds of marijuana. it wasn't addressed to the homeown homeowner. she called police. turns out that, pott has a street value of up to $100,000. the has let township police
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department posted photos of the pott on its facebook page. they're inviting the person expecting the package to come on down to police head quarters and make a claim for it. so far, unbelievable, no takers yet. >> wow. >> she's still wondering where her hair products are. >> there you go. how about a little college football. >> all right, guys. how about the spartans? not michigan state but san jose state hooked their sled to tyler ervin, ran for 263 yards surpassing 2,000 yards on the
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this abc7 sports report is brought to you by x event. >> san jose state has had an up
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and down season. sparty needed to win to get back to .500 and enhance their chances of a bowl game. tyler ervin second play of the game, finds the hole. and he's gone. 71 of his 153 first half yards come here. he had 36 carries, 263 yardsen a touch down. remember, he ran for a school record 300 yards earlier this season. kenny potter, two passing touch downs. he and billy free man connect 25 yards. up 21-14 at the break. potter is more mobile. third quarter. i'd call this mobile. goes left. stops. turns, finds a seam. goes right up the middle for 12 yards and a touch down. 2-14 san jose state. they improve with a 31-21 win. here's tyler ervin on reaching the 1,000 yard mark. >> it's another step forward. i plan to run hard each game. i'm trying to help our team get a win.
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>> he's a special player. he can catch the ball and run it. credit to the offensive line man. our tight ends are fullbacks, the multiple formations. coach called a great game again. tyler's a special player. >> stanford hosting the pac-12. kevin hogan breaks andrew luck's school record for rushing yards by a quarterback. luck 957 this 15-yard run gets hogan to 965. hogan through the air. austin hooper going to make the catch. 21-yard score. led 17-0 at the break. washington got on the board in the third. a wide open 50-yard touch down. mccaffrey close to 300-all-purpose yards again. third ranked utah and usc, chargers up seven. travis wilson puts one on the money. kobe by gets in for the score. in the second, utah going for it
11:31 pm
on fourth and two. travis wilson throws the interception. usc freshman cameron pick runs this one in for a touch down. 28-14. smith would end up with three picks on the day. usc ready to put this thing to bed. cody kesler, schuster makes an incredible catch. 25-yard touch down grab. utah their first loss of the year, 42-24 that final. wildest finish of the day, florida state. a game-winning 56-yard field goal is blocked. lance austin scoops, down the sideline. he's got a convoy. 78 yards. the seminoles first lawsuit to an acc opponent in 29 games ya tech wins 22-16. this sports report brought to you by infinity. a lot more college football coming up. stick around.
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a good day for you guys. northwestern, usc. penn state, florida state. >> couldn't have made me happier. >> thanks. still ahead on abc 67 news at 11:00, a baby drifts out to sea. the dramatic rescue. an emotional reunion coming up next. >> plus shark sightings. a lot of them. where experts have discovered a cluster of great white sharks in the bay area, plus. >> passengers flying out of mineta learn their flight is on time but departing
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we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. live from the kgotv broadcast
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center, this is abc7 news. good evening. tonight's headlines one person died, another went to the hospital after being shot in liver more tonight. witnesses say a man with a rifle opened fire on the victim's car outside the cvs pharmacy on first street. the shooter sped off in a black bmw. highway patrol officers chased that car but lost it in oakland on i-580. >> you're looking at video you will only see here. san francisco police captured this man on the bay bridge. officers say he stole a police suv. the trouble began when police answer aids car about a man waving a knife in the marina district. >> the first wave of bay area residents arrived at sfo after they were in the path of hurricane patricia. that storm forced a lot of tourists to evacuate from beachfront resorts. patricia has since weakened into
11:37 pm
a tropical depression. >> what's left is soaking much of texas tonight. we have dramatic video showing a water rescue in the city of corsicana south of dallas. a city firefighter shot in vid vo kicking in the window of this submerged truck and pulling out a dog and his owner. both had been stuck inside for four hours last night. record amounts of rain have left much of the state under a flash flood watch tonight. abc news reporter elizabeth hur has the latest from the houston. >> heavy rain sent floodwaters flowing across much of texas saturday homes and farps were swamped by the rising tide which took out roads and highways leaving waterlogged cars barely visible bob the flood line. >> all the roads is washed out. >> this funnel cloud was spotted in harris county. and strong winds took a heavy toll on buildings taking down fences, tearing up roofs and showering the streets with debris. >> like the whole house started
11:38 pm
to shake. i look out the window and all you saw was a whirlwind of trash. >> this was the view on galveston beach. this train carrying cement derailed when it hit partially submerged tracks out of dallas. in corsicana more than 16 inches of rain shut down interstate highways for miles. though hurricane patricia hit mexico as a massive category 5 storm, it apparently left little damage. now a much tamer tropical depression patricia is moving toward the u.s. border. as precipitation from the storm moves into texas, more rain is on the way. prompting houston's mayor to plead for caution. >> all of our first responders on notice that they may have to deploy. >> southeastern texas is bracing for more heavy rain with voluntary evacuation orders in some areas.
11:39 pm
elizabeth hur, abc news, houston. >> a draw theic rescue caught on video as two fishermen save the life of an infant in the waters off turkey. this is the moment the fishermen found the boy floating in a life jacket and plucked him out of the ocean. the child drifted away from a group of syrian refugees after the boat he was in capsized as it was traveling from turkey to greece. at first the fishermen thought he was dead. then they started to hear him making sounds. once back on shore, the fishermen visited with muhammad hassan and his mom after of the boy was then released from a hospital. those don't end well very often. this time it did. it was a clean sweep for a man who stole $2,000 worth of merchandise from a coals in petaluma. he walked into the store yesterday and loaded three dyson vacuums into his cart. video captured him walking out the fire exit where a get away driver was waited.
11:40 pm
he load the vacuums into a pickup with the license plate you see on your screen. >> the san francisco zoo just paid a fine following the diego of a baby gorilla inside their home. died after being crushed by a hydraulic car. investigators cited the zoo for an accidental animal death. the zoo did not object to the fine. officials pledge to update trainers or keepers after being advised by a gorilla expert. the coast guard spot aid cluster of 20 great white sharks last week offshore near pacifica. the report in the "san francisco chronicle" comes after cell phone video earlier this month captured a great whiteting a seal near alcatraz. the sharks spotted were between ten and 1 feet long. sharks return from the deep ocean to feed at the farallon
11:41 pm
islands about 27 miles west of san francisco. >> one of the raiders biggest rivals the san diego charger plans to file an official request to move to los angeles. the chargers and raiders proposed sharing a yet to be built stadium in the l.a. area. a chargers official said they're going to ask the nfl to approve that move in january. this comes cas a third team, the st. louis rams also considered the move to l.a. all three franchises have played in l.a. in the past. >> so much movement. today is the last day the dmv will be open on a saturday. 60 offices opened on saturdays in january toing the passage of a measure that allows undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's license. 487,000 licenses have been issued since then. dmv says it no longer needs extended hours because demand is finally down for the applications. it expects to process nearly 1.5myon applications by january, 2018. from 7 on your side, the
11:42 pm
airline that didn't know the way to san jose. >> a booking snafu that left several passengers with reservations but no plane. michael finney steps in to help. >> he i'm meet yolgs drew too many ma. a cold front overnight could bring the chaps of spotty drizzle. we'll detail that and what the
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i'm thinking you're going to
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go to paris. and then you end up not in france but in paris, arkansas. >> there's a difference, isn't there? >> there's no eiffel tower in paris, arkansas. >> maybe it's like this big though. that's the kind of mix-up that plagued an international airline launching a new service. >> 7 on your side's michael finney with the story of the passengers all packed but no plane to catch. >> patricia moran accompanied her mamaria to mina ta international airport. she helped her mother book a flight from san jose to guadalajara. when the two showed up at the counter, passengers were standing around looking confused and frustrated. the check-in counter was deserted. >> not only was there no one there but no one was there to find a solution because they found nobody. >> she learned by phone the flight she thought was leaving from san jose, california, was actually leaving from san jose, costa rica. it's easy to assume this was
11:46 pm
patricia's error until you see this. this is a picture taken by another stranded passenger of some of the others expecting to fly to guadalajara that day from mineta. va layer ras confirms there were many others. >> you have eight bookings. eight bookings that we were given in advance. that affected 11 customers. >> they also confirmed five more passengers showed up attempt too long book the same flight. the airline says it understands the confusion. >> we're flying to three san joses now, california, san jose de los cabos in baja and costa rica. >> in all 7 on your side received complaints from five out of the eight. maria's confirmation shade she was flying out of california. other passengers received confirmation reading san jose to
11:47 pm
guadalajara without being specific which san jose. adding to the confusion, the day ca they wanted to fly to guadalajara was the first day va layer ris saufred service from san jose costa rica. they said most of the errant bookings occurred during the first few days of the sale. >> the first few days it wasn't 100% clear. >> the missteps called undue stress on all the passengers. >> others were on the verge of tears because they had to be somewhere. i was frustrated myself till i find abc. >> we contacted va layer ris. it agreed to refund all the passengers. >> we'll take care of them. there's nothing to worry about. we'll give either a full refund or have them fly to guadalajara at any later date. >> the airline says it will continue to look for ways 0 make its website more clear. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> unbelievable story.
11:48 pm
make it clearly putting what country it's in or what state. >> new technology, those bugs. >> drew tuma. >> clouds coming in, drew. >> we're hoping they bring a little bit of wet weather tomorrow. it's a mainly cloudy sky up above. the wider picture across the lower 48, you will notice as you take a look, that cold front is bringing the soaking showers to texas and parts of louisiana where flash flood watches are up. tomorrow, we are tracking that cold front moving through likely some showers around chick co, even sacramento. may make it as far as south as san francisco tomorrow. otherwise, 69 monterey. 90 palm springs. yosemite a high of 72. bay area tomorrow, a nice fall day. early morning clouds. perhaps drizzle primarily in the north bay. 70 san francisco, 74 fremont. 72 oakland, 72 san rafael.
11:49 pm
up to 77 for antioch. we've got a nice afternoon on the way after morning driz. temperatures rebound monday into tuesday. wednesday, another chance of rain. all indications looking good for halloween. >> thank you so much. >> i hear they have good news for all of our teams. >> all three of your alma maters winners today. >> college football day. uw their latest victim. kristin mccaffrey. highlights, reaction and a tour of the rest of the top ten next in sports.
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don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. this sports report is brought to you by x event. >> tenth ranked stanford cardinals facing their toughest pac-12 test tonight. stanford dominated. getting their 26th straight win home they season.
11:53 pm
luck had 957 yards. hogan a 965. hogan through the air. austin hoover the tight end takes his defender in. 21 yards score. cardinals led 17-0 at the break. washington got a touch down to get on the board in the third. then kevin hogan to a wide open kristin mccaffrey. mccaffrey over 200 yards. stanford wins 31-14. >> au starts with the guys up front. you got a quarterback in kevin hogan who can demand the field. you know, his physical play is definitely noticed when he's throwing the ball, he's getting yards with his feet. he's always getting us the right play. >> we're getting into a rhythm offensively. we're hard to predict whether we're going to run or pass out of our different formations. it's nice to have. >> it was a tragic day at the oklahoma state campus after a fatal car wreck during the homecoming parade. school officials considered
11:54 pm
canceling the game but played on. flags flying it half-staff. oklahoma state players and mike gundy had i an moment of silence before the game. first play of the second quarter, bad snap to ben grogan. jones recovers the blocked punt. returns it 13 yards for the touch down. 21-0 ok state. mason ru do have on james washington, 43-yard over shoulder grab. that's an nfl catch. washington finishes off the drive with an eight-yard one-handed td to make 235-3. oklahoma state wins big, 58-10 your final. national championship trophy visiting waco for number two baylor and iowa state. seth russell on the keeper. doesn't get the grass there. 37-yard score. baylor up 14-0. 21-0 after one. in the third, russell the cub keeper on third down, a hit.
11:55 pm
breaks a bone in his neck. he did not return. baylor is off next week. bears win 45-27. might have the lost big time with their quarterback. michigan state fans taking on indiana. hoosiers keep it close with a minute to go in the first half. airs it out 37 yards. third quarter, connor cook. price 13 yards gives michigan state the lead. indiana kept it within five. cook to r.j. shelton. spartans undefeated with with a 52-26 victory. peyton manning in cuss ta loo sa to cheer on the volunteers. derek henry shredding tackles. the big back takes it. alabama up 7-0. tennessee answers. josh dobbs finds josh smith. 11 yards. tied at seven. jalen herr gets into the end zone. tennessee takes the lead.
11:56 pm
about two minutes remaining. henry again 14 yards out. alabama back on top. peyton. alabama wins 19-14. sharks a three-game skid against the carolina hurricanes. hurtle, what a move. eddie lack makes the save. joe ward is there to poke it in. seven minutes later ward finds himself in a two-on-one. 2-0 sharks. completes the hat trick with the empty netter in the third. second of his career. sharks win 5-2. world series begins october 27th. the anniversary of the day the royals won it in '885 and the mets in 1986. a long break for the mets may help jonas cespedes. he's nursing a sore shoulder. the break might not be good for daniel murphy. he's hit a home run in six straight games. he says no problem. >> we'll continue to do the same
11:57 pm
things we've been doing. we had pretty significant layoff at the end of the season. after we played the nationals here and then opened up in l.a. i think as a ball club we responded well to that. hopefully we can lean on that experience. now as we have a few days off to rest and get ready for the royals. >> and as abc7 sports report brought to you by x event. congratulations to all three of your alma maters. >> i'll take it. thank you so much. >> it's okay. you'll get them. that's it for tonight. >> have a great night.
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