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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 26, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a massive deadly earthquake rocks northern afghanistan near the pakistan border sending people running for their lives. afghan schoolgirls are among the hundreds injured. tremors from the 7.5 earthquake were felt as far away as the capitol of pakistan. >> we have new details at this hour of the number of deaths, injuries and damage. this was a massive earthquake felt by people over afghanistan, pakistan and india. right now, the death toll is estimated at topping 200. that is just in afghanistan. authorities are starting to survey the damage. according to the u.s. geological survey the magnitude earthquake
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7.5 earthquake struck in northern afghanistan in the middle of the afternoon. afghan television was on air the moment the earthquake quit. >> you can see a news anchor diving for cover as the shaking intensifies in one of the worst incidents with 12 afghan children killed in the stampede as they tried to escape the school. at this hour, at least 200 people were injured in afghanistan and 600 injured in pakistan. >> in pakistan, a building was ripped from top-to-bottom by the tremor that last add minute according to the witnesses. >> scientists have early indication the depth of the earthquake made it less deadly. 10 years ago a similarly strong 7.6 earthquake caused 87,000
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deaths from pakistan to india to afghanistan. matt? >> yes, kristen, i interviewed research seismologist walter moody and he said this earthquake was devastating it could have been significantly worse. that is because this earthquake was deep underground 130 miles underground. the devastating pakistani earthquake you spoke of in 2005 that kills tens of thousands came from a shallow fault similar to the san andreas fault. most homes in the area are not earthquake resistant and residents are vulnerable to the large earthquakes. >> this earthquake as bad as it is a wake-up call that afghanistan is really, country. >> in 2006 and 2008 dr. walter moody went with a team in u.s. geological survey to train evening nears and seismologists the science of earthquake engineers. he believes the training and
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funding from the government led to replacement of vulnerable schools and hospitals. unlike earthquakes in california today's deep earthquake should have a minimal after shock sequence but there is the possibility this earthquake could trigger a larger earthquake on the shallow fault. it could be devastating to the region. >> matt, thank you. the san ramon and danville area is shaking. here is a look at the u.s. geological survey survey website: there have been seven earthquakes in the past 24 hours. you can see a little dot of just near the crow canyon country club, the largest earthquake in the past 24 hours was 2.9 that hit after 10:00. and that area has been hit by hundreds of smallics in recent weeks. this show how big the jolts were. the seismologist say the
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calaveras fault is not showing more earthquakes are to come. >> you need to develop an emergency plan for the family with guidelines on our website. we will have complete coverage of the afghanistan earthquake on air and online with reports through the day on abc7 and on . get breaking updates by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> three murder suspects appeared in court to answer charges in connection with the shooting deaths of a beloved yoga teacher and a can made 18 tourist in golden gate park. our reporter joins us from san rafael. janet? >> all three defendants were in court this morning but the proceedings were brief. lila scott allgood is awaiting representation and counsel for the two others said they needed more time to go over the discovery. lila scott allgood and sean michael angold and morrison haze lampley are the three drifters are accused of killing marin
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county yoga instructor and a canadian tourist, audrey audrey carey. a gun was discovered in their car and it was discovered the crimes are linked. regarding the case but the judge opens to allow cameras in the courtroom in time for the preliminary hearing. public defender also telling us this morning that he doesn't know if the arraignment will happen on thursday morning because he said they needed more time to go over the case. >> developing news in liverror livermore police are notifying family before they release the name of the person killed in a double shooting on saturday. the 18-year-old jason brown is one of the two men wanted in the shooting. police say he and another person shot into a vehicle killing one
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person and leaving a second person hurt. brown is wanted for murder in fresno and is being investigated by sacramento police for a homicide there. last night oakland police locked down the area around center street near 7th to serve a warrant on brown's home. they did not find him. the livermore shooting happened at the c.v.s. parking lot on 1st street. officers have not identified the second suspect. we will continue to follow the story and bring you updates at abc7 bay area on twitter. our san jose police are investigating a shooting that took the life of a san francisco man outside a nightclub over the weekend. the 34-year-old was shot saturday original in san jose outside a restaurant. he was a real estate agent in san carlos. >> new this morning, the highway patrol is investigating a crash that claimed the life of a motorcyclist in petaluma. this crash happened just after 7:00 this morning near the
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petaluma boulevard off-ramp from southbound highway 101. the c.h.p. said the motorcycle and s.u.v. crashed but it is not clear which driver was at fault. they did say traffic was heavy in the area and as you can clearly see in the video, there was a thick blanket of fog. >> and thick fall across the north bay creating a challenge for a lost commuters this morning with video from san rafael camera showing drivers taking things very slowly on lucas valley road. you can seat headlights heading north in marin county. >> when you get unusual weather like fog or rain, take a photo or video and share it with # #abc7now. the post could be on air or online at >> we have new details of the shigella outbreak links to mariscos restaurant in san jose. the number of suspected cases climbed to 182 this morning up from 40 on friday. the majority of in santa clara
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county but now cases are turning you will in san mateo, santa cruz, marin, with 72 of the cases are confirmed shigella. some patients never ate at the restaurant but they contracted the contagious intestinal disease from people who did. >> officials in san mateo are warning people to be alert after a mountain lion sighting near the san mateo county youth services center in the highland area after 9:00 last night. authorities are warning neighbors to be looking out and protect pets. if you see a mountain lion do not run. face the animal, make noise, and try to look bigger. >> san jose firefighters are investigating a cause of a grass fire that break out this morning. flames sparked up before 3:30 near santa teresa boulevard and bailey avenue. the closest homes are a quarter-mile away. the pictures of dramatic. firefighters were able to knock out the fire quickly but it did burn through five or six acres. >> school districts an the bay
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area are ramping up efforts to attract school workers to help fill a shortage blamed on high housing costs and low unemployment. we reported last week on a shortage in san francisco. now our media partner reports that there are short amendments on the peninsula and south bay open everything from teachers to bus drivers and cafeteria workers and more. districts are trying to get the word out about perks. the san mateo union district is offering year round job with three weeks of vacation, 15 holidays, 12 days of sick leave, and medical, and dental and vision coverage and a public pension. >> an out-of-control driver gets ready to face the driver and what her attorney is mounting as a defense after deadly crash in middle of a college homecoming parade. >> valley fire victims cry "foul," after the red cross attempts to get their lives back on track and some say the help is coming with a catch. stay tuned.
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when adacia chambers drove her car right into a crowd on saturday. her lawyer claims she suffers from a mental illness and alcohol was not a factor in the crash. results of the tests have not been released. >> developing news in canada, rescuers are looking for one person after a whale watching poet sank killing five british nationals. the vessel capsized off vancouver island yesterday where the water can be rough. yesterday was "perfectly fine," for this time of year. we have video of the boat. you can see from the image that it is upside down in the water. officials were able to rescue 21 people. police are trying to find out how the boat was able to capsize . >> some people impacted by the valley fire are not happy with the red cross this morning. according to the press democrat, people who received red cross debit cards have been getting messages the money they received could disappear in 60 days. residents say they received calls from the red cross from
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employees and they say the cars are designed to expire because they are supposed to be used for emergency cash in the weeks immediately forking a disaster. >> happening today, uc berkeley welcomes irish president michael higgins coming to campus to talk about global issues including ending world poverty and hunger. on wednesday higgins elite with the first responders at the scene of the berkeley balcony collapse and will plant two trees at the martin luther king civic center in downtown berkeley in memory of the five irish student whose died in the accident. >> good morning, from the broadcast center. fog has been the big story and i will show you how quickly sit clearing and where we will clear where you are if it has not yet. we have been talking about rain for at least a week and an update on the chances tomorrow and on wednesday. coming up. >> health news, could eating processed meat make you more likely to get cancer? the disturbing findings of a new report. >> we will tell you of the scary
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moments for dozens of airline passengers after the plane tipped over while land alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins.
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a new health report may have you thinking twice about what you are planning to serve for dinner. the world health organization published a study that said that bacon, sausage and other processed meats now be labeled "cancer-causing substances." the study finds that this is most likely a link between eat processed meat and the risk of intestinal cancer.
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the guest was on "good morning america" this morning. >> it is not to have no meat but reduce the amount of processed meat. you want to switch from red meat to fish and poultry and lean meat. aif you are going to eat meat the cancer society has guidelines, recommending it providing or baking rather than using a grill which release lower amounts of chemicals linked for cancer. >> in south africa a british airways flight tipped over when it landed operated by a franchise of british airways in south africa. after landing at the international airport six hours ago, the left landing gear of the boeing 737 collapsed and the jet tipped over. the 100 passengers and crew are all fine and the runway is close the during the investigation. >> and today, the role fans of
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huricane patricia pounded the gulf coast with rain. this is video in lafayette, louisiana, with heavy rain completely flooding a lot of the streets. the torrential rains dumped more than 8" of water in someplaces and local officials say a man died when he lost control of his car during the storm. >> we have our own chance of rain, of course, nothing severe and outside, we will look at all of that. mike? >> good morning, from the top of the broadcast center, one rush hour down, one obstacle and we had to go through in the form of fog and the next one could be rain. here is a look this morning, can you tell where that is? now you can. our director puts this up quickly and thought he would hold off that was san jose and 280 and 17. guess where i have our weather window open to? it is looking different, hopefully you heeded the call to grab the sunglasses because the fog is not lingering. look at that, it is beautiful.
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birds flying away on our walnut creek cameras and we hook south at the areas of thick fog and san rafael had thick fog but looking bright. where we still see fog is over the water, other bodies of water because it takes the water to. juan and the ground to warm up to start overturning the atmosphere and get the fog to evaporate. you can see clearly own the visible satellite that is not happening over san francisco and san pablo bay. that is why we are sometime foggy in those areas and why we still have flight arrival delays an hour and 17 minutes. it is going to be mostly sunny and hazy and warmer in most areas and wet weather is possible on tuesday and wednesday and a warm october unders and a warm november begins. here is a look at what to worry about as we are deeper into the fall and winter, higher-than-normal tides at 11:05 at golden gate bridge and the possibility of the areas flooding at king tide at san rafael.
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1:16 in the afternoon as we head through thursday. we will keep you updated open that each day as we move through that. the fog is most stubborn at the coast. 70 in san francisco. mid-to-upper 70s in the bay and south bay and north bay, upper 70s, and inland east bay is the warmest, the purse to see sunshine and low-to-mid 80s and i don't think the fog is so thick but it will be around the bay and our coast and north bay valley with most temperatures in the low-to-mid morning, and heading into tuesday good morning we have sprinkles and showers and look at the wet weather that could create quite a challenge for the wednesday morning commute and not the afternoon commute. now, look how the model has flip-flopped. nearly .15" to a quarter inch of rain. we talked how hard it is for the model to handle the remnants of a hurricane and a cold front
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coming from the north and still having issues so wednesday is the cool of the day and we will have rain and it is how much is going to be determined as we get closer. when we are beyond that, we have 70s at the coast and an the bay and even 80s inland as we say goodbye to october and, also, daylight savings on saturday night. it will be a warm one this weekend. hope you enjoy it. >> we are day away from the tip-off of the warriors run to defend their nba championship. >> can't wait. the dibs are holding practice today to gear up for tomorrow's season opener against the pelicans while steve kerr is rehabbing from back surgery. they receive their championship rings in a ceremony before the game. if you want to see that the fans are encouraged to show up very early. >> and pixar favorite is celebrating a big anniversary and it is quite a treat. you can catch a special viewing of "toy
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american foods, hot dogs and processed meat. at 5:00, the bay area company uncovers some startling findings on people are really eating when they bite into a hotdog. >> can you believe "toy story," is 20 years old? to celebrate, san francisco film society is hosting an anniversary viewing party tonight. . the castro theater will show the movie tonight at 7:00 and a behind the scenes look of the early days at pixar which changed animation as we know it. >> "toy story," was the first computer animated feature film in 1985. tickets start at $35. disney is the parent company of pixar and abc7.
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>> they were so far ahead of the curve. >> and it has only gotten better >> for all of us, thanks for joining us. would wants to be a millionaire is next.
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>> welcome to bucket list week. today our show is all about helping folks make their biggest dreams come true no matter what those dreams are. i would imagine $1 million would come in pretty handy, so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire". [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good! 'cause that's on my bucket list. today's first contestant has been dying to be a part of u.s. history since she was a little girl. from washington d.c., please welcome gretchen day. [cheers and applause] >> [laughs] >> hi, gretchen. >> hey, chris. >> how are you doing? >> i'm fine. >> come on over. >> okay. >> i like the shirt. >> thank you. >> go, usa. >> go, usa. >> a little patriotism. >> all right!


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