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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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abc 7 starts right now with live breaking news. the breaking news is in marin county. just a short time ago. there's a such under way right now for a missing boater after fatal accident. >> it all started when a 20-foot whaler overturned 10:30 this morning. a short time later search teams found the body of one man in the water and the second on shore nearby. he was alive and airlifted to safety. a third man is still missing. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> people have been killed after a massive earthquake rattled south asia. it was in a remote area of afghanistan. >> the majority of those killed
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were in pakistan. officials there say they will not ask for help from the international community. david louie reporting. >> reporter: you can imagine how hungry people here in fremont for information about their relatives from villages back in afghanistan. some reports indicated as many as 4,000 homes have been destroyed in afghanistan and one person here talking to a relative there said the shaking in kabul lasted, they thought, close to three minutes. the anxiety is mounting for fareed as he works in little kabul shopping district. he hasn't heard from his family since he heard about the earthquake. >> i'm very nervous. my wife and my daughter there. i'm kind of worried so much about them. so i can't wait to get hold of them, to make sure they're okay.
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>> reporter: many immigrant families are in the same situation. little kabul market is an information clearinghouse as some do connect with loved ones in afghanistan. >> it happened, one's all falled down. some were killed right away. a lot of thousands they say destroy. everything is almost gone. >> reporter: and that means the survivors will need help. but the hard-hit areas are in the mountains. the houses made of mud and unable to withstand a powerful earthquake. as they bake afghanistan bread in the back of the market, they worry what their relatives will do for food and water. there's talk of local fund raising, but it's unclear what is needed and how much since communications have been spotty. >> we tried but the phone doesn't answer right now. he says he tried to contact them and he couldn't get hold of nobody. he's worried about his family, about, you know, everybody up
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there. >> reporter: because of the time difference, they're hoping to hear from their families tonight. in fremont, david louie, abc 7 news. seismologists say while today's quake was so destructive, it could have been worse. the earthquake was 130 miles underground. the devastating kazakhstan quake in 2005 which killed tens of thousands came from a shallow fault line that's similar to the san andreis a fault here in the bay area. >> this earthquake, as bad as it is, is a wake-up call that afghanistan is really earthquake country. >> in 2006 and 2008 dr. walter moody went with a team from the u.s. geological survey to train afghan seismologists. the training led to the replacement of vulnerable schools and hospitals and other buildings possibly saving lives. >> nothing compared what they're dealing with in afghanistan, but
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the danville area is still shaking here. seven quakes in the last 24 hours. that area has been hit by hundreds of small quakes in recent weeks. seismologists say the calaveras fault is releasing tension but it's not a sign of a more powerful quake to come. >> you can find guidelines for stocking an earthquake survival kit and developing an emergency plan for your family at and look under prepare nocal. lila allgood is still waiting for a lawyer while they say they need more time to look at the evidence. the judge has placed a gag order on this case. the three are accused of killing a marin yoga instructor atxd golden gate park. police arexd searching for this man. he's wanted in connection withxa deadly doublelp shooting outsida they say brown and another
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person used an assault rifle to shoot into a car at the cvs parking lot on first street saturday night killing one person. the second person is in critical condition. >> livermore is the halfway point between oakland and stockton. right off of i-580. so there are times that people do meet in our city to commit criminal offenses. >> brown is also wanted for murder in fresno and is being investigated by sacramento police for a homicide there. officers have not identified the second suspect. new details on that wild chase through san francisco that ended on the bay bridge. >> police released the mugshot, 26-year-old randall lee who is accused of stealing a car, carjacking and more. >> live on treasure island with the latest. >> reporter: he led the police on a chase throughout the city that ended here on the bay bridge. we're learning more about him and the man who was rear-ended by him in that stolen police suv.
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mohammed just got his smashed-up car back today. >> they mentioned if i were to get in the vehicle to attempt to drive it, i may get pulled over by a state trooper and they would tow the vehicle again. >> reporter: he had it towed from an impound lot in daly city. it was hauled there after being rear-ended by a stolen police suv. he led officers on a chase acrossxd the city saturday morning. in this video you'll see only on abc 7 news, he was seen waving a knife. then he hopped into the police cruiser that still had its keys in the ignition. the chase ended on the ramp to the bay bridge to treasure island. mohammed was heading into work when he was hit. >> it would have saved me a lot of headache. >> reporter: so far he's had to pay more than $600 to get his
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car out of impound and towed back home. a police spoke spokesman said t department wasn't releasing more information because it's still under investigation. he says the police haven't told him much about who is going to pay for his damages either. during an event on mental health services in city, mayor ed lee said it's lucky no one was killed including the suspect. >> all the things he did, what was it, crashing into seven different vex vehicles at the time. >> makapit is facing carjacking and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the shigella outbreak linked to a famous mexican restaurant is expanding. the number of suspected cases has climbed to 182 across six counties. santa clara, alameda, san mateo and santa cruz.
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officials say all the victims reported eating at the same restaurant. that restaurant is still closed. >> we have a new warning about some very popular food. the world health organization says processed meat such as ham and sausage can lead to colon cancers and other cancers. it comes from an evaluation of 800 studies from several continents about meat and cancer. based on that evaluation, they classified processed meat as carcinogenic to humans in the same category as humans. and red meat is probably carcinogenic to humans. why bay area meat sellers say they are not worried. san francisco police arrested a woman in connection with a deadly assault after a fight on a muni bus. family members decide to take the victim, 55-year-old nancy tynan, off life support on saturday. police say she was attacked in the mission district october
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15th. investigators used muni security cameras to identify and arrest a woman they believe attacked tynan. >> it's unfortunate.ñi however, we are glad that there is an arrest made in this case and you can only imagine how traumatic it is for the family. >> the suspect's name has not been released. she's going to be charged with manslaughter in tynan's death. another man who was with the suspect during the argument and assault was not involved with the crime. authorities are still working to identify three of four people killed in saturday's deadly crash on highway 120 near groveland in the sierra foothills. 53-year-old jong su yang survived the crash and is now at the hospital. three others with her were killed. authorities say it's not cheer who was at fault. it was a head-on collision. the driver of the other car died a the scene. he's identified as marcos
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martinez from merced. a crash killed a motorcyclist. the suv and motorcycle wereok involved in the crash. not clear yet which driver was atñi fault here. it was quite foggy in that area this morning. >> that fog can be so dangerous. what can we expect tonight? is it going to continue? spencer christian has an update. >> we have lovely conditions right now. little hints of wisps of fog from the coast but nothing dense at the moment. here's live doppler hd. you can see what a beautiful afternoon it is along the bay area with mostly blue skies. just scattered thin high clouds. let's move along and take a look at mt. tam. you can see some of the high clouds and probably can even see a hint of low clouds at this point of view. currently in san francisco, it's 73 degrees. san jose 78, 81 in morgan hill.
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this is the view from the tower overlooking san francisco on a mainly clear sky. napa 76, conconsidered 7. 82 at livermore and this is a lovely view of mixed sky conditions from our east bay hills camera and this is our first forecast. partly cloudy skies this morning. clouds will increase with a mix of clouds and sun in the morning and by tomorrow mostly cloudy sky, highs ranging from mid-60s at the coast to mid-80 inland. and a little rain on the way. i'll tell you about that later. sky 7 hd is live over 880 in oakland. we'll take a look in just a moment. there we go. a crash that involves several cars in that neighborhood. >> you can see it's pretty bad there. the traffic northbound on 880 is just slowed to a crawl. they've blocked several lanes so
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the rest are trying to inch around there. a lot of big rigs as well. we'll try to get more information on this for you. but if you have pictures or video from where you live, you can follow this on social media. new demands for an apology from donald trump. what he said and why he isn't saying he's sorry. plus, the new tool thieves are using to steal your packages. new at 4:30, a multimillion dollar public works project on hold. the problem that has one san francisco neighborhood pretty furious. michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook.
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this is abc 7 news. no apology from donald trump and vice president joe biden talks about why he did not get in the race for president. and rumors his son urged him to run. we're in washington with more. >> reporter: don't expect an apology. that's the message from donald trump after calling into question the legitimacy of ben carson's seventh day adventist faith. >> i just don't know about. >> he's been on the attack after several polls show carson pulling ahead in iowa. but trump said he'd done nothing wrong. >> i said exactly, i don't know about it. so you know. that's not an insult. >> while carson on the trail is getting questioned after
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comparing abortion to slavery. meanwhile, jeb bush is trying to connect directly with voters through his new e-book "reply all." offered through amazon, it's a collection of his e-mails while governor of florida. while on the left, bernie sanders confessing to the women of "the view." >> are you larry david? >> it's true, i am. >> taking on republicans and democrats. >> we don't have a super pac. >> and hillary clinton celebrates her 68th birthday today. her biggest gift came from vice president biden who decided to stay out of the rest. on "60 minutes" he confessed he was at first ready to run this summer. >> well, i think we can do this. i don't forget my little granddaughter puts her arms around me and starts sobbing. pop, you smell like daddy. you won't leave me, will you, pop? >> while the death of his son beau weighed heavily on his mind, he said that death bed moment never happened.
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donald trump's assertion that he will win the hispanic vote if he becomes the party's nominee. the associated press poll finds donald trump is viewed unfavorably by 72% of hispanics with 6 in 10 having a very unfavorable opinion of him. hillary clinton is going to be back in the bay area next week. the former secretary of state is going to be here for two fund-raisers, one in los altos, the other in st. helena. this will be hillary clinton's fifth bay area fund-raising visit just since may. burlingame police are looking to identify two men suspected of stealing packages from an apartment building. the suspects got inside the building on grove avenue yesterday morning, then they went from floor to floor taking up to four packages lying outside residences. anyone with information, call the police in burlingame, please. it looks like thieves may have figured out a better way to swipe packages right off your
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doorstep. los angeles police say this suspected thief can tracked u.p.s. trucks using a smartphone app then found the packages without a tracking number. in this case he picked the wrong house because the owner has 20 surveillance cameras. >> one of the stupidest criminal. i have signs posted, smile, you're being videotaped. >> u.p.s. denies its technology was compromised. experts say you can take steps to prevent theft of packages. schedule them for when you're home or require a signature or have them delivered to your house. >> 20 surveillance cameras. >> that's just getting crazy. >> spencer christian is up on the roof with a look up there. >> i can get away with a lot up here because there's only one camera on me at the moment. i'll show you how lovely a day it is. we have mainly sunny skies although scattered thin high clouds and some little areas of patchy fog developing near the coast. in fact, you can see fog is
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pushing through the golden gate right now. here's a look at our forecast. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. rain is likely on wednesday. sunny and mild for halloween, which is probably good news for trick or treaters or maybe not. who knows? the whole tropical storm olaf just does not want to go away. it's spinning down in the southwestern or in the eastern pacific, our southwest out ahead of the weak cold front that's approaching us. see what this means. olaf is kicking some of this moisture up ahead of that frontal system. you notice in the forecast animations the front approaches. olaf will weaken and turn to the south. but it will have kicked up enough moisture in front of that that we may get some rainfall out of this. we pick up the animation. just after midnight, light rain or showers pushing into the bay area. then at the beginning of the morning rush we'll see more widespread areas developing off shore. there probably will be some wet spots in the morning ko mute but
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doesn't appear that we'll have widespread rainfall at this hour of the morning. later about 8:00 or so, we'll see more widespread rain pushing into the bay area. midday to afternoon, we'll see the rain and showers tapering off and ending probably in the mid to late afternoon. so our projected rainfall totals are generally between tenth of an inch and quarter of an inch by late wednesday evening. and maybe a little bit more in places like concord and a little bit less in parts of the south bay and san jose probably under a tenth of an inch. overnight look for some fog near the coates and some scattered high clouds low temperatures will be generally in the mid-50s. we'll see upper 40s at santa rosa and napa. tomorrow high temperatures reaching mid-60s at the coast to upper 70s to near 80 inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunnier and milder after the rain. temperatures will peak on friday
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and saturday. saturday, halloween, will be hauntingly mild with high temperatures in the low 80s inland, upper 70s around the bay. it will be cooled down as nightfall falls and it will be rather ghostly outside. >> from now on, i want spencer christian to read all scary stories. >> that's just boo-tiful. >> ten years after the iconic "toy story" and how superfans are celebrating. >> to a different kind o
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the castro theater will host a 20th celebration of pixar's "toy story." >> my name is woody. this is my spot. >> no! >> i'm buzz lightyear. i come in peace. >> "toy story" wasn't just pixar's first feature film, it was the first fully computer animated film, period. it debuted in november '85,
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which means we are all old. >> hey! >> including john lassiter and pete doctor will be there for this. tonight's showing begins at 7:00. emeryville based pixar is owned by disney, which is the apparent of abc 7. last year pixar enthusiasts decided to make a live action version of "toy story 3." first, they had to create a full-scale version of andy's room. it took them two years capturing every detail. it was a lot of work but he and his friends enjoyed every minute of it and can't get over how good the live action tribute looks on film. you've got a friend in me. >> are you going to start singing that? a bay area woman has just taken the crown miss petite.
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it has the swimwear, evening gown and easy questions but designed for women who are 5'6" or shorter. denise is 5'4". she plans to use her title to talk about the importance of arts education in schools around the country. the gma hot list, the best information from our friends at good morning america. >> here's robin roberts. >> here's your 60-second hot list from gma today. >> the growing trend among parents. checking out what's really going on when someone else is taking care of your kids. >> why did you hire someone to follow your baby-sitter. >> after the background checks, the nanny cam, parents are still living in fear that something will happen to one of their kids. >> every mom knows that feeling. >> but a new study shows men might like the idea of women being smatter than men, in reality, they're less likely to date them. >> let the camera prove i'm not intimidat intimidated. >> my advice to women is no advice to women.
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keep being awesome. >> captain and tenille. >> i'll say it again. >> alicia keys, jay-z. >> olivia newton john. a classic. number two. >> "islands in the stream." ♪ we rely on each other >> you're all i need to get by. you're all i need right here. >> and that's the gma hot list from today. we'll see you in the morning on gma. >> you can catch robin, george and the rest of the gang weekdays from 7:00 to 9:00 right here on abc 7. hurricane patricia. plus the search for more victims as a whale watching boat overturns in canada. john boehner's final effort to secure his
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doeight pieces ofily original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good.
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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. taking a look at the headlines at 4:30, the death toll in afghanistan has climbed to 260 following an earthquake. at least 12 of the dead were afghan school children who were killed as they tried to get out of their building. the death toll is expected to
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rise even higher. communication has been cut off to some of the most severely affected areas. david louie talked to those in the afghan community who are devastated. the shaking was felt miles from the epicenter. mel beeny woodruff is looking at the stud they ties processed meat to cancer. melanie has that story coming up at 5:00. to the south bay where parts of the u.s. are feeling the remnants of hurricane patricia. heavy rain has triggered flash flooding in several states including a large part of louisiana. elizabeth hur has the story from new orleans. >> reporter: torrential rain across louisiana overnight. more than 8 inches falling with winds reaching 80 miles per hour. a tornado touching down and
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injuring an elderly woman. in texas, two reported tornadoes near houston also left a path of destruction. >> i look out the window and all i saw was a whirlwind of trash. >> reporter: the lone star state is still reeling from record shattering rainfall. there were 75 rescues south of dallas alone including this elderly man and his dog trapped in his flooded truck and in houston this man stuck in neck-high water swimming to find a submerged vehicle. >> i just stood there and watched my car slowly disappear. >> reporter: in san antonio, rescuers rushed to save a man swept more than a mile through a storm drain. >> you can imagine crashing along the walls in there. it's an amazing story. so it was a wild ride for him. >> reporter: forceful flood waters knocked this freight train on to its side over the weekend. all of this from the remnants of patricia, the strongest hurricane on record in the eastern pacific with winds
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peaking at 245 miles per hour, powerful enough to flip this truck over. and we are now learning there was one weather-related fatality here in louisiana. according to local officials, a man was killed when he lost control of his car during the storm. elizabeth hur, abc news, new orleans. dramatic video of a daring raid to flee hostages held by ice in iraq. it also produced a significant intelligence cachet according to the u.s. defense secretary. this is from what is supposed to be a helmet cam. delta force team leader joshua wheeler was killed during the raid. he's first american to die in combat in iraq since 2011. that raid saved 69 iraqi hostages. new details on that deadly air strike at the doctors without borders trauma center in afghanistan. the associated press has learned
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that army green berets were aware it was a functioning hospital but believed it was under taliban control. 30 people were killed. that incident still under investigation. the boat carrying dozens of people capsized. five people were killed off op vancouver island. brand brandi hitt has the latest. >> reporter: this is the final moments before it sank. >> first was just finding people all over the place in the water. >> reporter: 27 people were on board the tour boat sunday afternoon when it went under. five british nationals are now confirmed dead. another 21 people rescued from the 55-degree water and one remains missing. >> there's shock and the heartbreak that everybody feels. >> reporter: witnesses describe a mad dash of local boats rushing to the scene including several operated by native american tribes pulling survivors out one by one.
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>> the paramedics were working with people in the boats. those who were critically injured. >> we had a helicopter on scene within 30 minutes. it could have been a lot worse were it not for the efforts of everybody valved. >> reporter: the leviathan 2 departed on a calm, clear day out scouting for killer whales. because of its large size, passengers were not require to wear their life jackets on board. >> the cause of the capsizing is presently under investigation. >> reporter: the owner of the tour company said in a statement, our hearts go out to the families, friends and loved ones of everyone involved. we are cooperating with investigators to determine exactly what happened. an underwater recovery team is helping with search and rescue efforts while investigators interview the crew, passengers and look at the maintenance history of the boat. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. bond is now set at a million dollars for the woman accused of running down and killing four people at an oklahoma state university homecoming parade on saturday.
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a 25-year-old named adacia chambers appeared in court via video this afternoon. she's being held on four preliminary counts of second degree murder. today the judge ordered her to undergo a psychological evaluation. her attorney claims chambers might be suffering from mental illness. 17 people are still in the hospital including 5 in critical condition. outgoing speaker of the house john boehner wants to finalize a budget deal before he leaves congress at the end of the week. boehner wants to leave and let paul ryan enter with a clean slate. has to raise the federal borrowing limit by november 3rd or risk a first ever default. >> still to come, celebrities are shelling out big bucks to save a popular california beach. i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just search for michael finney.
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i'll be here answering your questions live in just a little bit. i'm spencer christian. check out this view from mt. tam. you can see skies are getting a little bit cloudier ahead of an advancing front that might bring us midweek rainfall. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up in just
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the u.s. forest service has closed a popular hiking trail because they say that trees
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there are in danger of falling. it's not the sequoias along the trails of 100 giants. no, they're talking about the pine trees that are at risk. those trees are being attacked by western bank beetles and could collapse at a moment's notice. residents of one of california's most prestigious beach communities are going to fork over millions in the next decade to improve its sand. the $31 million project at malibu's broad beach is going to improve its diminished shoreline by trucking in sand from quarries in simi valley. actors dustin hoffman, ray romano and pierce brosnan some of the big names that will foot the bill. we're one day away from the tipoff of the warriors run to defend their nba championship. we're in oakland as they practice ahead of tomorrow's season opener at home against the new orleans pelicans. now, they will receive their
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championship rings in a ceremony before the game. the warriors shared some video practice today on twitter. abc 7 wants to see your warriors pride. share with the # abc 7 now and you might see them on air. >> they might let you wear that ring. or maybe spencer christian. id love it. >> conditions are lovely, blue skies, thin clouds. here's live doppler 7 hd. we'll give you a look at our projected high tides at the golden gate. tide will be a little higher than normal. when this occurs, sometimes there can be a little tidal overflow that could cause flooding or pooling of water in low lying areas like a parking area off of 101 and mill valley. just to give you an idea, the highest tides will be tuesday, wednesday and thursday at the golden gate right around midday.
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on we go to the national weather map for tomorrow, lots of shower and thundershower activity in the eastern half of the country tomorrow. mainly sunny and dry in the west, that includes the state of california that will be mainly dry and mild. although clouds will be increasing. in the bay area we'll see a mild day with highs ranging from mid-60s at the coast, to upper 70s to near 80 in the mildest inland locations and as those clouds thicken, they bring with them the chance for a little light rainfall on wednesday. we'll keep watching that for you and give you more details at 5:00 and 6:00. still ahead, a model patient, a woman goes with her gut. how it helps her to discover that she had cancer. >> i'm michael finney. why it is only good for one year? i'll have the answer to that and more coming up i
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all right. a weight loss strategy you may never have even considered. >> new recommendations for tobacco sale. jane king has those stories and more in today's wellness lort.
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>> could mindfulness be a key to weight loss. a study from brown university says people who live in the moment tend to have less body fat. the study's authors say they're looking to see if mindfulness could help lower heart risks as well. things like lowering blood pressure and helping with poor diet. walgreens has halted expansion of blood testing until more is known. at issue the relationship with the upstart heart health company isn't using its headline blood testing technology for most of us customers. it uses a simple finger prick to collect a sample of blood from which it says it can detect a number of diseases, but that method mass come under scrutiny lately. new recommendations concerning teens and smoking. now academy suggests banning sales of all tobacco products to people under 21. the growing popularity of e-cigarettes is causing a new generation to become addicted to
4:46 pm
smoking. i'm jane king. here's to your health. children's hospital in oakland broke ground on the first phase of a ten-year expansion product. as young patients, look how cute they are, participated in the groundbreaking ceremony. governor brown, oakland mayor libby shaf and ceo marc benioff were also there. the project will increase the number of patient beds to more than 400. >> where we stand today will soon be a six-story 89,000-square-foot building with space for cardiology, rehabilitation, neurology and many other sub specialties. it will be beautiful. >> the plan includes rebuilding the main hospital and all of that work is expected to be completed by 2025. >> we're talking to a young model who said she wouldn't be alive today if she didn't trust her gut. her problems were caused by her
4:47 pm
weight, but she knew it was something more. she kept going back and was eventually diagnosed with cancer. here's our news reporter. >> she's a model, runway diva and now a cancer survivor. >> really hard to describe what it feels like to have cancer, but you just don't feel right. you don't feel like yourself. >> for two years plus-sized model ellie suffered back in her back and abdomen. after multiple trips to the emergency room, doctors sent her away with no diagnosis and pain killers telling her there was nothing to worry about. but the 27-year-old's determination to find answers ultimately saved her life. >> i kind of complained about my stomach hurting a lot more as well as with the back. i was able to go into a ct scan and then after i got the results from that, they couldn't see my left ovary. >> that ct scan revealing an ovarian cyst. a biopsy showing she is suffering from a rare fom of stage three ovarian cancer.
4:48 pm
>> when you're stripped down to absolutely nothing with no hair or scars, it diplomat matter if i had a modeling career after this. >> she underwent a his terectomy and losing 60 pounds in the process. modeling throughout treatment even while losing her hair. >> at some point i didn't feel like myself. >> the model now using her platform to inspire women to recognize their inner beauty and realize you can beat cancer. >> it's extremely important to trust your gut. when you have confidence, you can take on the world and you can take on cancer. >> reporting for abc news, new york. time for ask finney. michael finney here answering questions sent to him by facebook, twitter and e-mail. when you cancel a flight with southwest and get a refund, why is it only valid for a year? >> because that's their rule.
4:49 pm
as a matter of fact -- i mean, that's what it is. most airlines -- look, it's the best deal in airlines right now. if you miss a flight -- well, now you have to tell them at least two minutes before your flight in order for them to put the ticket aside. most airlines will charge you for that and often more than the worth of the ticket. it is a great deal. and keep track of it. i inevitably have one or two of these hanging out there every year. don't forget about it. but it's really a great deal. >> the holidays are coming. i assume that's why carol asked this on facebook, is there a way to send a package to someone where the recipient pays shipping on arrival so i don't have to. carol, don't send my presents to me, if that's the case. >> your mom, really? it's called cash on deliver. c.o.d. used to be very popular back in the day. the guy delivering the package collects the money right then and hands over the package. u.p.s. still does it, fedex does
4:50 pm
it. but they'll go to the house, i think u.p.s. will go three times. after that they just send the package back to you. kind of an iffy way to send, quite honestly, but you can do it if you want them to pay. >> and you can make mom mad. >> holly asks i want to shop at farmer's markets with my cow fresh card. >> that's a great idea. a food supplement program where you take your card and they give it to you kind of on añr gift card. almost every farmer's market in the state takes these things. not all of them. there's always going to be a few that don't. but there's a great map -- and i'll put it up on our website, where you just click on it and they're very easy to use. most do take it. that's what the state wants you to do, they want you to eat healthy. that's the whole idea. >> the news continues. gas leaks, a big delay, and now an investigation under way. a multimillion dollar public works project now in jeopardy. and 20 is the new 50.
4:51 pm
well, points, that is. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, getting rid of a failing gray. the bay area school district's controversial strategy. and one of the most american foods there is. but now a south bay food company has found startling things inside your hot dog.
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here's tonight's primetime lineup. "dancing with the stars"
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followed by "castle." a shelter in place alert is now lifted in lafayette after a gas leak this afternoon. authorities closed streets and ordered people living in the area of hidden valley road to stay inside after a worker hit a half-inch gas line around 1:30. a pg&e crew was called in and got that leak capped an hour and a half later and no one hurt there. a multimillion dollar public works project in haight-ashbury on hold tonight because of gas leaks. we're joined live with the story. >> reporter: this was supposed to be an 18 month to 21-month project to improve haight street. but six months in, hates been shut down. the city is investigating because of safety concerns. the first gas leak happened in april as crews worked on a $13 million project to install water
4:56 pm
mains, replace sewer lines and repave haight street. by last week they had breached five ruptures all on one block. >> my business is down. everybody else's business is way down, too. and it's because they keep hitting the lines, causing the street to get shut down. >> reporter: add in two sink holes. >> we've never had this number of disruptions due to either gas leaks or safety concerns. >> reporter: pg&e says it's not to blame for construction crews repeatedly striking gas lines. >> we went out and marked and located and marked our lines. in this case, our lines were properly marked. >> reporter: merchants showed us pictures of the work that's now been stopped indefinitely. the contractor gelati brothers and southern management did not return our calls or e-mails.
4:57 pm
the citylp has given gel atty brothers until the end of the month to come up with a remedy and is pushing to fire the sub concert. district supervisor is calling for an investigation. >> it's our responsibility as city officials to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: not everyone on the block is worried. >> come on, it's happened. it's an old line. >> reporter: but others say public safety is at risk and they want answers. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. so much to think about. >> a lot of frustrated people in the neighborhood. >> that's true. that's going to do it for us at 4:00. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings, i'm reggie aqui. >> it's breakfast, lunch, dinner. >> but is it safe? a stunning report suggests that processed meats such as bacon can cause cancer. also ahead, we've just learned the man that you see there being arrested.
4:58 pm
his identity.xd exclusive pictures after police say he stole one of their cars and went on a dramatic chase. the president of ireland is in the bay area. how he plans to honor the victims of the berkeley collapse. i'm meteorologist sandhya pat patel. rain's coming to the bay area. how much and when, coming up. live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. the sizzle of bacon may not seem so appetizing for a lot of you after health experts say it causes cancer. doesn't seem like that warning is stopping people here in the bay area, at least not yet. >> i'm not sure if i'm ready to give up bacon sandwiches. >> i'm reggie aqui in for dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. this report could have some yelling hold the bacon.
4:59 pm
bacon and other processed meats are cancer causing. melanie? >> reporter: san francisco is definitely a foodie city. and there's no shortage of processed meats here in north beach. earlier we were in haight-ashbury where we found bacon and quite a few bacon lovers. good news for them. it does not mean you have to ban your favorite food completely. from its sizzle, to its smell. >> we love bacon. >> it seems many relationships have unfolded over bacon. >> it's a versatile ingredient. it's breakfast, lunch, dinner. >> reporter: at bacon bacon the star ingredient in is just about every dish including the almost veggie sandwich. >> it's not quite vegetarian. >> reporter: now the world health organization is linking bacon and other processed meats like sausage to cancer.
5:00 pm
it says they're carcinogenic on evidence of colorectal cancer and higher instances of stomach cancer. this man quit smoking but says he's not quite ready to quitçó processed meats. >> i'm not sure if i'm ready to give up bacon sandwiches. >> reporter: he may not have to. >> it's not that you can't have any. but you want to reduce the amount of processed meat you're taking in. go with broiling, with baking. those things will not release some of the chemicals. >> reporter: the world health organization has come out and said red meat carries a slightly lower risk but is probably still carcinogenic. >> there's always going to be a report that finds something in our lifestyles that aren't healthy and then we just make our own decisions. and there's more news about processed foods like hot dogs. a menlo park company says that 2% of hot dogs and sausages they tested


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