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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: it is day break in afghanistan. any information they get is shared with others and what they're starting to hear has many worried. every community needs a town hall. and little kabul market is where immigrants are turning to get the details. they get tidbits from short calls and learned mountain villages have been devastated. they worry how long it will take for relief to reach them. >> my mountain, hard to get there. a hard train up there. very hard. and they say two mountains slided down. >> reporter: it's clear survivors and injured will need help. >> we need help. they need help. assistance. food, water. you know, medicine.
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there are a lot of injuries. there is no hospital. >> reporter: around the corner, farida is trying to focus on his job but his mind is on his wife and their 4-year-old daughter in afghanistan near the epicenter. >> they're there, if you don't know somebody, you can't get to them. you have to know somebody to get to that. >> reporter: many people may be suffering? >> of course. >> reporter: makers worried their relatives will be going hungry with no place to live and no fresh water to drink so fund raising is in the works to help loved ones survive. seismologists say the quake could have been more devastating if it hadn't been located on fault lines 130 miles underground. >> if this had occurred at
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shallow depthed, the results in a place like kabul could have been devastating. so this was fortunately a deep event and limited the casualties. >> he says most homes are built thi by their owners and are not earthquake safe. >> a good reminder for us, you'll find guidelines for stocking a kit and voeling a plan for the family at under prepare nor cal. livermore police are searching for a man they say is armed and dangerous in connection with a deadly double shooting over the weekend. police say an 18-year-old jason brown and another man used an assault rifle to shoot two people saturday night. officers have not identified the second suspect. authorities believe the pair shot into a car in the cvs
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parking lot, killing a person. the second person is in critical condition. the victims and suspected shooters are not from livermore. >> they're from the central valley. and they're not from livermore or we don't believe they have ties to livermore. the suspects, we believe are also from outside of livermore from oakland. >> brown is wanted for murder in fresno and being investigate by the sacramento police for a homicide there. another delay in the arraignment of three drifters accused in two deadly shootings. counsel for lampley and angold say they need more time to review the evidence. the three are accused of killing a yoga instructor, steve carter and canadian tourist in golden gate park. the president of ireland is at uc berkeley talking about his vision to end global profrt.
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president higgins visit will include a poignant moment when he visits a site where six irish students were killed. >> behind me is that apartment and what is left of the balcony has been taken down. it's expected to be an emotional moment. >> this was an unspeakable tragedy. people were looking forward to long, happy lives. >> the president of ireland plans to visit the site of the june collapse to plant two trees in a living tribute and will meet with first responders. >> we were so struck by this. >> president michael higgins will spend two days in the bay
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area, tomorrow, he's going to stop by tesla and then go to google and speak with google staff, then, wednesday, he's going to attend a reception for first responders and volunteers that helped during the balcony collapse. he and berkeley's mayor is going to plant a tee in memory of those that lost their lives. there is a blame game in san francisco over who is responsible for a series of gas leaks and sink holes over the last six months in a construction project. abc7 news joins us with the story. >> . >> reporter: it's a $13.7 million project here along haight street. but after a series of ruptures, city officials and business owners say enough. crews have hit underground gas
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lines since april on a single block of haight street. they worked on a infrastructure project. the owner of mom's body shop says he, and others have suffered. >> my business is down and others are down, too, because they keep hitting the lines. >> the breaks caused two sink holes. pg and e says it's not to blame. >> we remarked marked our line. in this case, our lines were properly marked. the city has given the contractor until the end of the month to come up with a remedy and is pushing to fire the subcontractor. district supervisor is calling
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for an investigation. >> it's our responsibility to get to the bottom of it and to find someone to do the job correctly. >> not everyone on the block is worried. >> come on. it's an old line. >> reporter: contractors did not return our calls and e-mails. a new treatment center with people with severe mental illness opens monday in san francisco. abc7 news was at the program at 6th and mission streets as mayor ed lee got a door. it's laura's law, providing out patient care for those deemed to be a danger to those and others. san francisco is the fifth county to put it into action. >> as mayor, of course i want more individuals to be off the streets. i want them to be taken care of.
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and particularly by loved ones and family. that is the best situation they have. >> it's named for a 19-year-old shot to death by a psychiatric patient who resisted family efforts to get him car. the coast guard and first responders are searching for a missing boater in marin county. they're looking for the man and two other men were on board, sadly one died and the other found safe on the shore. the search began after a call about 10:30. >> and a notorious former crack cocaine king pin is accusing the sheriff's office of racial profiling after arrested on carrying money made from a drug sale. he was pulled over for an erratic lane change. he says deputies took him into
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custody after finding $100,000 in cash. the deputy suspected it was drug money. he's been released from custody. he spent 16 years in prison for dealing crack cocaine in the 1990s. he says he's reformed and an antidrug motivational speaker. >> san francisco police are looking for a burglar caught breaking into a south of market electronics store. the burglar used a wind yes punch device to shatter the front door of an lg electronics store. the crime happened october 6th. the merchandise and damage amounted to $2400. police in santa cruz are looking for a couple attempted home robbers. abc7 news is live where it happened as the victim explained two men wearing masks pepper sprayed him. he hurt his hand fighting him off. police took in the victim for questioning because they wanted
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to ask him about marijuana plants inside of his home. a group of pastors and church members got together for training. they were there to learn about guns. >> reporter: this class is caught in calgary chapel. the owner happens to be a lay minister he says it will teach staff how to put together teams and handle guns. >> so we'll train now to safely handle handguns and operate them. and as well as being able to disable them if someone comes in to start with a gun, members will be able to stop the
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machinery from operating. >> reporter: the instructor says as many as 500 ministers have taken the class. afterward, 200 people have gotten their concealed weapon permit. peabody says he's offering the class free. >> it's a good wake up >> the different pastors acknowledged the need for security and some say it may be necessary to reheville wait if security is adequate. >> there is growing criticism against the red cross from victims of the valley fire. people receiving red cross debit cards started receiving messages the money could disappear in 60 days.
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that is according to a report in the "press democrat". the red cross says they're designed to expire because they're supposed to be used for emergency cash in weeks following a disaster. still ahead, changing the meaning of failure. a controversial way one school district hopes to encourage student success. >> how celebrities in southern california are coming together to help save their shore lines. >> beginning of the week, clouds may lead to rain. i'll have accu-weather forecast coming up. >> it was though an alien had bitten a chunk out of this set. we solved the case of the missing picture
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breaking news in san jose. police say they have a suspect in custody. police will only say it was an adult female and will not give anymore details. some parents of a school district are getting a new grading system an "f" saying they're doing a disservice by changing what it means to fail. the district says it's supposed to motivate the kids. >> an f is an f is an f. >> reporter: that may be true, the superintendent of the school district says most teachers are now treating failing grades differently. using the new modified scale that f has a four out of 50
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meaning a student never gets anything below that. >> they know that if they work hard, if they demonstrate competence, and that the teacher taught them and they're learning they have a better opportunity to pass the class. >> reporter: the school district believes students will be more motivated to work harder. some believe the district is lowering the bar. >> kids show up, get 50 and they're done. >> it's still an f, some say students should get what they earn. the district is experimenting with a point scale but teachers stopped using it after much confusion. on this test, the student received a c minus after getting 85 points out of 200. >> we're on a learning curve.
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but we're seeing benefits with the students. >> only time will tell how successful the systems will be. >> in an oakland unified school district teacher has been named teacher of the year at greenleaf elementary. she says she always wanted to be a teacher and her place is in the classroom. she's been teaching now 25 years. >> childrens hospital broke ground on the first phase of a ten year expansion project. abc7 news was on martin luther king way and 52 street. the mayor says childrens hospital carries a special significance to her. >> it's personally important to
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me because i grew up in this hospital. my mom ran the volunteer program for 17 years. i spent every christmas morning handing out gifts, holding premature babies for a photo with santa. >> it will increase the number of beds to 400 and add six story building that work is expected to be done by 2025. >> residents of one beach community are going to fork over millions of dollars to improve it's sand. $31 million at malibu's broad beach will truck in the sand from quarries in simi valley. actors dustin hoffman and pierce brosnan are going to foot the bill and he have a few bucks. weather watchers say a rainy
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winter is such a sure thing but it's too big to fail but tonight, the department of transportation says it's not going to take extra measures. a surprise down that it could keep causing major problems. caltrans says it will hire the usual number of seasonal workers. you may have noticed a foggy day today. this video from fort mason of fog around the golden gate bridge. another tweeted a picture of fog at cal state this morning. and if you have pictures share and #it. and we'll show them on the air.
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>> with us to talk more about the weather is our spencer christian. >> there is just a hint of rain and so we said yes, it's a little bit. some light patches of coastal fog forming. here is a post sunset half moon bay, 61 degrees. looking over the bay, skies are bright. the sunset and it's 68 degrees. napa 69 and this view of the western sky. these forecast features, mostly cloudy skies tomorrow.
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rain likely wednesday. here is remnants of what was hurricane olaf. it's now a tropical storm. and is kicking up moisture. let's see what we can expect. this is going into tomorrow night. some moisture will ride up ahead of that frontal system. so we'll see increase in clouds and a little bit of rain will push inland so wednesday morning as the morning rush begins we have wet spots. we don't expect the rain to be very wide spread. mid morning and into afternoon,
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most bay area locations will receive less than a tenth of an area of rain but we'll keep hoping and see what happens. overnight, partly cloudy skies. low temperatures into mid-50s and tomorrow, most of the cloudy skies with highs in mid to upper 70s, low to mid-70s on the peninsula. 69 degrees in downtown san francisco, and up in the north bay, mid-70s, near east bay, low to mid-70s and inland, mild with highs in mid to upper 70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. so breezy, sunny day with halloween. >> are you dressing as a weatherman? >> i'm wearing the costume now. >> spencer, thank you.
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landed. he says united didn't have the special wheelchair for him to get off of the plane so he crawled down the aisle. united offered him $300 for his trouble. >> take a look at this, you're seeing a star being born. nasa released a stunning image snapped by the hubble space telescore. this is the nessier about 16 million light years from earth. european space agency says new stars are forming inside of that one as gravity pulls gas and dust, creating the stars. >> the break out star of the new james bond film "spector" is so exclusive, only one is up for sale, it's the car. it's pretty.
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britain and ireland as it premiers today. ten cars were created for the film. one is being auctioned off. it's expected to bring in more than $15 million. >> yeah. i'll take one. could having a hot tub be as bad as smoking a cigarette? and a link of processed meats and your risk of getting cancer. a search for victims after a whale watching boat cap tieses in canada. a point and shoot virtual reality camera with a point and shoot price. local developers explain what sets it apart from others.
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a new report could have some yelling "hold the bacon" a report says processed meats
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could cause cancer. >> reporter: sausage and bacon lovers may be feeling blue today. the world health organization is lengthing processed meats to cancer. the group says the processed meats are carcinogenic and red meat carries a slightly lower risk but is probably still as well. >> it's pretty aggressive and scary for me. >> reporter: chris and others didn't let that stop them from eating bacon. >> it's versatile. breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> reporter: which is why jim opened a bacon food truck and restaurant. >> i was surprised how many people are bacon crazy. >> reporter: there is good news, according to dr. beser. >> it's not that you can't have
6:32 pm
any, but reduce the amount of processed meats you're taking in. go with broiling with baking. those things will not release some of chemicals. >> maybe i'll have to cut back. >> reporter: a balanced approach. >> everything in moderation. >> reporter: somehow, lettuce lettuce doesn't have the same ring to it. new details on the shigella outbreak, the number of cases climbed to 182 in six counties now. santa clara, alameda, and santa cruz. officials say nearly all victims reported eating at the restaurant on saturday, october 17th. that restaurant is now closed. breaking news in san francisco. a fire burning near the market
6:33 pm
in the mission district. the twitter user shared this picture, you can see how dramatic this is and how frightening. no injuries reported at this point. the fire just started before 6:00. firefighters are at the scene and hope to have the flames out quickly. canadian authorities called off a search for a missing passenger on board that tour boat that cap sized off the coast of british columbia. the vessel flipped over and sank yesterday. another 21 people were rescued. all passengers identified today as british nationals. the operator of the company says today there is no indication of trouble before that ship left port. >> there is no indications yesterday that would say that it was any different than any other tour that happens in the spring or fall.
6:34 pm
>> they're still working to determine why the boat sank. the oklahoma driver accused of plowing through an oklahoma state university home coming parade over the weekend and killing four spectators along the way made her first court appearance today. a judge set bail for adacia chambers for $1 million. she's charged with four counts of second degree murder. her attorney says her client was not under the influence. that attorney says she's had a history of suicide attempts and has been treated for mental health issues. now, the race for president in 2016. hillary clinton is secelebratin her 68th birthday. her biggest gift, pundits say was joe biden staying out of the race. >> i felt well, i think we can do this. my little granddaughter puts her
6:35 pm
arms around me and sobbing pop, you smell like daddy. you're not going to leave me, are you pop? >> ben carson is poring ahead of donald trump in iowa. today, carson defended his comments comparing abortion to slavery. >> tonight's money matters, the dow dropped nearly 24 points, and the nasdaq picked up almost three and s & p lost about four points. apple stocks not doing so well, dropping 3% after one key iphone chip supplier posted a weaker outlook. some think that could mean apple's 4th quarter earnings could not be as strong as expected. sales of new homes plunged to the slowest pace in ten months as higher prices and slower economic growth is weighing on the housing market.
6:36 pm
a nissan recall for possible fuel leaks in crashes that includes nearly 59,000 sedans world wide. that now covers certain 2013 to 2016 mid sized cars and 2016 maxima cars. the company says the problem is discovered in crash tests with no reports of injuries. a bay area city is telling residents to use water. palo alto asking people to continue watering trees on private properties because some of them are damaged and stressed from the drought. untreated water will be used to take care of trees on city-owned property. this isn't a license to waste water. imagine buying a brand new big screen tv and it's broken out of the box. >> that is what happened to a san francisco woman. she got the run around when trying to get it fixed.
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doctors are asking to raise the smoking age to 21.
6:40 pm
urging leaders to raise the age including e cigarettes and calls for the fda to regulate e cigarettes the same way. currently, hawaii is the only state with lay requiring a minimum age of 21 to buy tobacco products. a san francisco woman who brought a brand new tv ran into static over the quality of her picture. >> reporter: sandra enjoys her new tv in her home. this is the way television is sup possessed to be enjoyed. for three weeks, she can only see 45 inches of the 48 inch tv. >> the bottom of the tv was solid gray. there was no pick tour there whatsoever. >> then, it shot up to the top of the screen. vertical lines. >> i thought maybe it just needs time to warm up.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: it didn't take time to figure out she had a broken television right out of the box. the store delivered it but left it to her to set up. best buy told her to call samsung. samsung told her it wasn't it's responsibility. she felt both were blaming her. >> you're telling me this set was physically damaged in some way and i don't see how in blazes ever could have done that? >> reporter: she kookted 7 on your side. we reached out to samsung. >> within 24 hours, samsung called me and said we're going to make this right. >> reporter: samsung told us customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. we value the trust consumers place in us and the matter has been resolved. >> had it not been for 7 on your side there is no way i would have this set. i'm grateful. >> reporter: if you have a consumer issue, e-mail me.
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i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. there is a new camera that will change the way you look at pictures. ahead, it's like a set of digital eyes. meet the local team that has
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who needs reality when you can have virtual reality? >> abc7 news met some graduates building a tienly bit of camera with a button. >> reporter: if it looks like it's staring, because it is. >> are you taking a video? >> yes. i am. >> reporter: it's a three dimensional reality video. you can put on a head set and look around. it's called the lucid cam. when finished will look like this. >> it's going to take a picture now. holding it. >> reporter: it has two beady eyes because it's built to see the world like you do. >> the distance is exactly the average eye distance.
6:46 pm
>> it's a big departure for others that are designed for professionals. >> i need 15 or 20 minutes of set up. or they're extremely expensive. >> reporter: he wanted a simpler way to share experiences. >> i feel like i'm there with my parents or grandma with that event. >> reporter: the lucid cam is something you'd use just for fun. people won't only view on a big head set. hikely something like this. >> they slide it into here. >> reporter: google introduced the viewer meant for trips into the virtual world. >> the "new york times" is giving these away. and you can use them with the free app. >> that is a special part about it. >> reporter: you can get a stack of these if you order on
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indiegogo. they say fund raising is going well. they plan to ship next year. abc7 news. >> happening tonight, a big celebration of an animated classic. the 20th anniversary celebration of "toy if you go back, remember, toy story was the first ever fully computer-animated feature film, debuting in november, 95. pixar animators are going to be there in the theater. i love that film.
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>> i love it. >> spencer? >> thank you. and higher than normal golden gate. there is a overflow that can produce pooling and minor flooding so that is the reason we're pointing that out. weather wise tomorrow, across california look for increasing clouds. it's a mild day, highs from mid-60s and maybe a little rain wednesday, showers or light rain wednesday, clearing out again, drying off thursday. and mild weather friday and saturday. it's a down day. i love halloween.
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>> oh. >> mild halloween. >> i say. >> thank you. >> now, the excitement our dude in the ring? >> yes. they're going to get that championship ring as they face off against the pelicans. we'll have a preview and how raiders will play their best game of the season. the
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defending champion golden state warriors began to host the new orleans pelicans. they'll have a championship ring ceremony pregame. head coach steve kerr still rehabbing from back surgery. today, the team had a final practice and dryvon green said they want to get off to a good start. >> we got off to a phenomenal start last year. so you know, it's important
6:53 pm
it's tough to start off, but hey we've got to do what we can do. >> nba is making a big deal of opening night. and charles barkley famously said, nonshooting teams can't win championships and he's sticking to it. . >> i don't like jump shooting teams. but their supporting cast is better than people give them credit for. so it's more difficult, luck. fans. the schedule. >> raiders playing the best game yesterday in san diego. and it was a total team effort with defense setting the tone.
6:54 pm
raiders picked rivers off twice, led to 12 points and bullied chargers for three quarters. it was garage time and too much to overtime in the victory. on offense, amari cooper show. five passes with 133 yards, look at the touchdown in the second quarter that gave the raiders a lead. today, coach gave praise. >> receivers, those guys were blocking and exciting for each other. you know? one of the things we're starting to see more of is examples of a guy having a good play, then, here come teammates to celebrate. and they're excited for each other. good stuff. be. >> college football bad news for baylor that may help stanford in a push for the playoff spot. seth russell ruled out for the season today after breaking a bone in the neck saturday afternoon against iowa state. only four playoff spots, one of
6:55 pm
the major conferences isn't going to get in. unfortunate for baylor this is good news for stanford. cardinals at washington state saturday night. well, world series begins tomorrow with the royals hosting the new york metropolitans. this is a great match up of pitching and power local favorite is capable at any to add that of going deep. both managers think kansas city's experience last year will make a difference. >> you know this time last year they were excited to be here. i don't think they expected to, but excited we're here. this year, we expected to be here. >> we've been through this before. jumping through hoops before the game starts. so there are more lucid than we
6:56 pm
are. >> and the warriors are putting out the steph curry mvp basketball. you can find out where to purchase and how under privileged kids are in the bay area so make sure you go online and get it. >> in that case? okay. >> good cause. >> very good. >> i want to remind you to zoin us tonight, what goes up must comes down. the space junk set to make a return at 9:00, then, at 11:00, the search right now for a missing bay area boater off the coast of marin county. there is trouble tonight for the crews combing the water. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. have a great night.
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