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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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yesterday. this championship ring, made in beverly hills flown on a private jet a secretive operation. they did not show them. they will be given to employers tomorrow in a pre-game ceremony but the coaching staff hopes that will not distract from the real task at hand. >> it takes away from the focus being 100 percent on the game because it is a big night and important that they will remember the rest of their lives. that being aid, we are hopeful we will get our rings, be happy, and we will transition our mind set being the pelicans. >> here is video of them practicing, saying it is important get off to a good start like they did last year. they do not want to dig themselves out of a hole. they will play new orleans pelicans. look at the t-shirts. last year we showed you gold
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shirts. new season, new color. we have blue. tone's game is sold out. the team is very excited to kickoff the new season. >> go warriors the developing news from marin county. crews will resume a search at day break for a missing poeter. he was seen yesterday morning in the waters of tom macy tomales bay. several agencies seven asked record the body of a man and rescued another taken to the hospital. the third man has not been found. crews spent the day coming the rocky coastline. >> that area is technical terrain with a lot of cliffs and difficult shore. we lack for any clues or evidence of someone remaining missing from the boat. >> the man's names have not been released. crews are out this morning. >> more than half a dozen small earthquakes have struck the san
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ramon and danville area. seven earthquakes hit the area this morning including some on the u.s. geological survey site map here. the red represent an earthquake in the past hour. 9 strongest was 3.1 earthquake at 1:46 this morning. at least 18, have rat willed the area in the last 24 hours centered a mile from the city of san ramon near san ramon creek. this is a daily occurrence, hundreds of small earthquakes have struck in and around the area in the past weeks. >> the debt toll following the major earthquake in afghanistan has risen to 387 and is expected to grow to more because crews are counting casualties are having a difficult time reaching remote areas. yesterday, the 7.5 magnitude earthquake was below the mountains near china and pakistan. thousands are injured. 2,500 homes are damaged. the army is using helicopters to get supplies to the victims in
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the remote areas. >> the tragedy in afghanistan is hitting home for some residents in the bay area. hill -- lilian kim spoke to those with ties. >> they finally got through to his wife. a stressful day on the job having to work while wondering if his wife and four-year-old daughter survived. they did. the trauma is clearly taking a toll. >> she cannot talk. >> the epicenter was in the mountainous northeast region of afghanistan where many people live in mud brick building. last count, 4,000 homes were severely damaged or destroyed. his wife and daughter's home was among those that collapsed. >> our house has fallen down. my daughter fell down a few times and that is it. >> it was shaking so hard they were moving this way and going
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to the side. >> she is recounting what her cousin told her in a large apartment complex in kabul when those who could rap and the street. those who could not hoped for the best. >> they were moving and going sideways and it was difficult because she had crying kids and they just stayed inside and prayed. prayers are focused on the rescue and recovery with the region having to rebuild. yet again. >> you will find what you need to know about creating anarch survival kit and developing an emergency plan for family under "prepare nor california." >> a san jose man is accused of stabbing a woman to get near a downtown san jose condo complex in an apartment on third street a politic away from city hall. officers found the 28-year-old hugo castro in the apartment and
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arrested him for murder. police say he and the victim dated but neither lived in the apartment. this is san jose's 25th homicide of the year. >> look at this, new video showing the big fire that break out inside a home in san francisco's mission neighborhood, a bystander shared the video of the blaze. it broke out on the second floor after 6:00 p.m. firefighters headed out quickly. no one was hurt. the mission local blogs said neighbors heard an completion before the fire. >> when you see news where you live, take a photo or video using # abc7now. we will show it on air or on >> san jose tackle as growing problem: a fine on those who dump crash on public or private property. the amount of illegally dumped material has risen 75 percent offer the past three years. officials want the city council to goes $1 thousand in fines for the first offense.
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by the third violation the fine will jump to $3,000. san jose is the only major bay area city with no fines for illegal dumping. our reporter will have much more next half hour. >> the berkeley city council will vote tonight to consider revisions to the housing codes and inspections. supporters of the bill cite the deadly balcony collapse in june as why reforms are needed. the exporters say they learned after that incident that the property owner had not kept up with inspections. part of the proposed provisions include confidential housing code complaints and a city-wide mandatory inspection program. >> the daughter of a calaveras county man who died in his home in the butte fire are suing pg&e. the children of 82-year-old owen goldsmith say the lax infection of power lines and surrounding vegetation caused the fire. a pg&e official admit as tree may is come in contact with a power line sparking a fire and the company said they will
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respond to the claim in court. >> in washington, the house of representatives could vote on a last minute budget deal by tomorrow. before midnight, g.o.p. leaders struck an agreement with the white house averting a government shut down the deloress federal spending by $80 billion. that increase is paid in part by cuts to medicare and social security disability benefits. negotiators agreed to lift the debt ceiling until man of 2017. speaker boehner is asking g.o.p. members to pass the deal before representative paul ryan is expected to take the torch on thursday. >> happening today the national transportation safety board plans to release tire safety recommendation after two deadly problems one showing problems with tires and the ntsb will release information on tire able, construction, and crash data. you can watch the full report on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. right here. >>:37. getting closer to the chance of
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rain. mike? >> did you notice the air? more dry when you step outside this morning. i felt it in my fingers and throat. that will be what undercuts our best chance of sock -- soaking rain today and tomorrow. the clouds have kept us up, upper 50 to forly 60 like in downtown, ocean beach and crissy field and 61, and heading to the financial district it is 60 and these are the warmest temperatures until 33burg at 62 and tracy at 60 and pleasanton, san leandro at 57, belmont, walnut creek at 58, richmond at 59, santa clara is 53 and petaluma and american con beyond 52. check out the difference 24 ours makes not a drop of fog to be found on the san rafael camera as we led into the afternoon, a few sprinkles are possible across the north bay and inland temperatures are 73 to 78 and the cost and san francisco is gray at 64 to 70 and average around the bay at 70 to 76 and no fog to speak of in walnut
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creek. tomorrow is the cool of the day, upper 60s to mid-70s and the 80s returning by friday and i will have the halloween weekend forecast coming up. we will look at mass transit we will look at mass transit with 225 trains on downtown san jose an easy ride sound, as will, and no problems with construction in the south bay and a lot green on the map at top speed along 101 headed up from 280 and 680 to the nimitz and san jose airport, and 280 we have construction that will last until 5:00 and that is in the south direction. watch out for the cone zone. watch out for the cone zone. always slow for the cone zone.
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job over a beef with management. >> choose room confrontation caught on camera and growing backlash as this video goes backlash as this video goes viral
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>> a south carolina sheriff deputy is on leave this morning after thissen counter with a student. he is seen yanking a female student from the desk and throwing her across the room. it happened in a choose room yesterday after the student refused to leave class for being disruptive. the deputy is a resource officer. the local aclu caused it "outrageous." on marin john hospital nurses will hold a one-day strike next week unless there is action on contract negotiations scheduled for november 5 a week from thursday. nurses want what they call face staffing adding more of them to take adequate breaks and workplace safety to help with moving patients and the retention of full time experienced thursdaying rather than bridge others in from out of town. nurses have a bargaining session on friday. >> man is outraged after the t.s.a. strip searched his 90-year-old mother after she did what a last other traveler do,
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hiding away some cash. the woman was head back to the east coast from portland, oregon, and had a small pocket in her bra to hold a few extra dollars in case she needed it. the scanner alerted screeners and the son said his mom was taken into a room and told to pull off her hurt. >> they wanted her to take, i guess, take all of her clothes off from her took off her bra. >> the son said the search was handled badly and left his mom shaken. the t.s.a. is still looking into brand during the search. >> police are looking for the owner of a drop that hit a power line yesterday in west hollywood. more than 600 customers lost power because of it. the witness said that the drone dropped to the ground in the middle of sunset boulevard and cars were driving an it. the incident caused a major traffic jam with two lanes shut down while crews made repairs.
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>> the world series kickoff today in kansas city with the royal hosting the new york mets. >> they are what they could not last year when they lost in the world series to the giants in seven games. the mets are making their first world series appearance in 16 years, the longest absence in their history. they should not talk about that with the cubs. the real futility of making it to the world series. >> they put their not on them and want right past them. >> too bad. >> i would love to tell you the weather. i have not looked because i have been focusing on our chance of rain. it is looking like it might happen. >> said like a true meteorologist. >> i will explain it in the next minute. here is a look at live doppler hd. you can see radar returns but the clouds are at 19,000' up to
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40,000 feet. whatever they are dropping it will hit the dry air and evaporate. that is going to keep our temperatures down, the lack of sunshine and a lot of virga will hold us in the mid-to-upper 60s loan the cost and san francisco and low-to-mid 70s around the bay into to south bay, san jose at 76 and north by, napa at 74 and may get to a few upper 70s inland east bay, antioch at 77 and livermore at 78. tonight, it will be another mild night like this morning and maybe milder, mid-50 to around 60 degrees and look at the cloud cover, also look where the radar return is off to the north. i will set the table for you and show you what is going open. two areas of high pressure putting up a senior dominant walking in the lower levels of the atmosphere. it is bone dry when you step outside this morning. we have been talking about this cold front and the almost fans of olaf which has been the key because that was doing to transport the tropical moisture
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we needed for soaking rain. the moisture is here but it is up in the upper part of the atmosphere. look what happened over the next 24-36 hours, olaf is chose to the front and disconducts and moves away. the moisture never gets dope enough for us to have a soaking rain. let me put a timeframe on it. 7:00 this morning, you can see the ever increasing low clouds during the afternoon hours in could be a few sprinkles in the north bay and it looks dry. 7:00 tomorrow morning, in the north bay, through noon, 1:00 o'clock, for the rest of us the cold front moves through with a chance of rain and spotty showers influence 6:00. what does it lead to? .1" of rain. maybe .2" rain in the north bay and less than .1" in 9 south bay. temperatures are coolest tomorrow mid-60s at coast and mid-70s inland and back and the 60 and 70s on thursday and
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the wreck is here, 60s at coast, 70 at the bay and 80s inland. set back your clock an extra hour of sheep after trick-or-treating. >> in the candy coma with an extra hour of sleep. >> we will head into the east bay where we have construction. of course, anyone who has been heading into the city or needing to make it out of oakland to berkeley but if you make the drive anywhere along 580 up to the macarthur maze we have had a lot construction and the construction leads to detours and we have had full closures and right now, westbound 580, 35th avenue to the maze is where we have construction until 530 and closer to emeryville, westbound 580 to westbound 980 connection that is closed completely until 5:30, we also had some closures along highway 24 and they are picked up as we speak. that can cause delays right new and it looks like all 9 construction is wrapping up. >> thank you, 4:48.
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the revamped apple tv is on sale. >> here are the tech bytes. >> the new apple tv now available for pre-order. it supporting specifically designed apps including net flicks and allows siri voice command starting at $149. >> wal-mart has joined amazon exploring drones for delivery and may use the drones to my orders to customs' doorsteps or pickup orders to the pack lot at their store. >> the aircraft could provide aerial surveillance at distribution there ises. car technology of the future will be unveiled at tokyo auto show, showing off new concept car. the vehicle is ultra maul and entirely encased in air bags on the outside. the outside. they deploy when they
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>> 4:49 of the when nature calls what forced a napa pilot to make a pit stop. >> the check's almost in the mail, anthem blue shields will get a slice of $million. >> when you see news take a photo and share them with us at photo and share them with us at #abc7now.
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photo and share them with us at #abc7now. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> when you have to go you have to go. a couple from napa took that to
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heart. the pilot landed his float plane right on the sacramento river so his wife could take a bathroom break. the plane is called "no "little stinker," it was legal and came just in time. >> a new crime fighting tool at a northern california police department is raising a few eyebrows anderson miss have the eyebrows anderson miss have the option of using down suspects but they must pass a 16 hour training program. >> are you a paint of anthem blue cross? you could have money. under a class action, anthem blue cross of california refunds $8 million to customs after two lawsuits charged illegal out
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pocket expenses were not reimbursed. the company will agree to stop the practice with checks going out in december to affected customer. >> if your iphone need serious repairs apple gives you a loaner until it is fixed understanding that customers are unable to cope without smartphones and will provide one to use while yours is being fixed. reports say loaner phones are reserve for people whose devices have serious issues including not powering on or not conducting to itunes. the iphone 6, 6 plus, 6s, and 6s plus are all eligible for the program. >> let's talk about today. what did we have? >> a lot of cloud cover and mild temperatures and the possible of rough surf up and down our staffer starting this evening through thursday afternoon and large breaker waves. be careful. plus, we have the beginning of the king tide today the golden gate bridge at 11:45 this morning and up in san rafael
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where we could see minor flooding at 12:35 this afternoon. we will look at what will happen around the state and our best chance of wet weather and up near crescent city and eureka and possibly chico. leyla? >> great job if you are heading across the san mateo bridge only nine minutes to the high-rise and 101. drive time traffic 580 tracy to dublin is 37 minutes and building over the a a pass. highway 4, to the north, antioch to concord is still light but we are starting to see slowing building through antioch up to a street and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes. >> 4:55. crews pull off a daring rescue in pasadena 25 feet off ground. a tree trimmer could not get down. firefighters were called in and peeled away the
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taken to the hospital by ambulance where he is doing well. >> had was a frightening moment during a whale rescue in southern california. here is the video. a humpback whale off the coast was caught in ropes connected to a will be step trap and was distressed to rescuers juneed interest action, passing a bouy to the whale and in aist of bad hung, maybe she should call it unfortunate, a motor on the bus cut the rope freeing the whale society was fortunate although we also called it bad luck, in the end it was good luck. >> crown state beach in alameda is about to expand because of lobbying from a citizens group. the east bay regional park district will spend $2.1 billion to buy four acres of land and add it to crown beach. originally, a developer was going to build 46 home on the land and homeowners wanted the
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period to remain green and started a petition to force the government to drop the development plan. the park district will sign off on the purchase on november 3rd. >> a bay area city is telling the residents to use water in palo alto and to continue to water trees on private property because some of them are damaged and distressed from the drought. untreated water is used to take care of trees on city owned property, not a license to wastewater but it is permit to save water and to save trees. >> this is the sight neighbors in san jose say they are sick and tired of seeing, and next at 5:00 a.m. we are with the war the city is wage against illegal dumping. >> wanting the fbi gives to the older generation. older generation. >> stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning to you, everyone, it is tuesday, october 27. we will get right to to a quick choke on weather and traffic. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. meteorologist mike nicco, it is warm? >> milder because of the high clouds. i will show you what is on live doppler hd, our first signs of the next weather maker could go bust with a lot of virga, the air is don't dry with no fog in san jose like this time yesterday. i will keep it mainly gray todays start in the mid-50s to around 60 and by unanimous we are in the mid-to-upper 60s with the dry air


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