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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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[ cheers and applause ] the nba champs are back, they hit the hardwood at horkle arena for the season opener. >> it kicks off with the celebration of last year's huge win. >> and i'm larry peele live at oracle arena, where in a few hours this place going to be packed with 19,000 fans as the warriors celebrate what was their first championship in 40 years. let me bring in abc7 news's mike shuman. so much anticipation in the building, we got in here very early, before security arrived. so much anticipation over the unfurling of the championship banner, as well as the ring
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ceremony. >> well we haven't ever done this. we were talking about this with the warriors. where we have a defending champ coming back for the following year. you could feel the anticipation building. they got their championship shirts, the team's ready. we did get a sneak peek of the ring. >> well let's talk about the rings, there's some mystery about these rings. and it's been a fantastic actually as they went through the design process. and the rings were designed and manufactured by jason of beverly hills. this video of the rings here being secretly transported -- [ mission impossible music ] >> it was a mystery courier handcuffing a briefcase to his wrist and flying in a private jet to oakland, everything was top-secret. we don't know exactly how many diamonds are in each ring. we don't know the cost of the rings. it's the same designer who made the lakers championship rings in 2009 and 2010. a lot of celebrities shop at
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jason of beverly hills. which i believe is the way you should properly say the name of the designer. but everybody is pumped up about these rings. >> it's going to be a great night. >> obviously the fans deserve it we deserve it the franchise itself. it's been 40-odd years. one of the best up-and-coming teams in the league, it will be a night of mixed emotions. we hope to finish it on a good note. >> big net night and important and a night they'll remember the best of the their lives. we'll get our rings and be happy. >> it's going to be a challenge, because there's going to be obviously a celebration here and the warriors are going to be pumped up. you got to get ready to play against the pelicans. as far as the rings, some of us might have futures with the c.i.a. or fbi because some of us
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may have seen championship ring that might have a distinctive bay area feature like a bridge or something. and a number and --nd a whole lot of bling. we can't show you the warriors ring. >> did you remember to bring your super bowl ring? sbl what ring. >> sometimes we can't remember these things, this is from when? >> 1982. our ceremony was, they called us at the front office and said, your rings are here, come pick them up. and eddie didn't even know back then there was a bit of a protocol. after that he took the team to hawaii. took them to aspen and everybody had a lot of fun. this is going to be exciting tonight. like you said, a distraction before the game. but i don't think the players are going to mind. >> as you can hear, the warriors dancers are getting ready. we may jump in line here and take a twirl or two. we'll be here all afternoon. going to talk about steve kerr, at this point we're not sure whether he's going to be here
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tonight because of the symptoms he's experiencing following two back surgeries, we'll get into it later on. for now, mike shuman, larry peele, live at oracle arena. back to you. >> we want to see your warriors fan photos and your video when you post them to social media just use the #dubson7. get ready for some rain. it is gray outside as you can see and the rain is going to move in soon. >> spencer christian is here with the accuweather update. nice change, spencer. >> and dan and sheryl, we're getting weather to match the season in which we find ourselves. we have cloudy skies all across the bay area and a wide area of moisture being picked up on live doppler 7 hd. up in the north bay we don't have reports of measurable rain, but we reports of sprinkles around ukiah and mendocino county. pockets of moisture developing offshore and moving our way. so the rain is coming. we have a beach hazard statement
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in effect through thursday evening. from the north coast, the north bay coast all the way to monterey bay, swell heights could reach 9-12 feet and large breakers are possible, and they could be hazardous or dangerous, high tides will be higher than average at the golden gate during the mid day hours. keep it in mind, when this happens, we often get a little tidal overflow that produces pooling and overrunning the low-lying areas. flooded again, high tide submerged the richardson bay marine county. the lot sits beneath u.s. highway 101 near the mill valley exit. the flooding covered part of shoreline highway. it often floods. san francisco residents and business owners are angry about proposed changes to muni bus lines. >> the changes oosk lombard from franklin to richardson.
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the san francisco muni transportation agency says it's going to improve traffic and pedestrian safety. residents say the plan is bad for local businesses. >> abc7 news news reporter melanie woodrow is live with the story tonight. to explain why people are upset. >> this is one of the intersections that would see big changes and you can see behind me, lombard street is busy. this is one of the main thoroughfares and business owners say what's good for sfmta is not good for them. sfmta says busy lombard street is one of the city's hooij high-injury corridors. >> part of the safety project proposal includes adding transit bulbs at four intersections so that buss could pick up passengers without having to pull in and out of traffic. for pedestrian bulbs like this one at market and 14th would also be added along lombard.
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the project would eliminate 47 park spots. bus stops would be moved at three locations in including in front of body rock, this man's business, he says that's the least of his concerns. >> my three major concerns are traffic flow, parking and then the lack of communication by the sfmta. >> sfmta spokesperson says the agency sent out emails, went door to door and posted flyers. >> no. and no and no. >> jake says a body rock client told him about the project. he is now one of the several people involved in a grassroots campaign opposed to it. >> i look at this plan as being a solution for the sfmta. but not a global solution. >> we know there are concerns with this project. and that's why we're having so many meetings. >> a town hall meet something november 17th. public hearing december 4th and the sfmta board will vote on the proposal in january. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news news.
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san jose wants to clean up its act. the city council was expected to vote today to stop people from littering city streets with big items like furniture, mattresses and tires. fines ranged from $1,000 to $3,000 per violation. each incident. residents say piles of junk in the downtown area is not uncommon. >> especially here at the end of the street and across the railroad tracks we see a few things that come and go, sometimes they sit for a while. >> the city is working on a full service app that will allow residents to report illegal dumping and other issues in their neighborhood. san francisco's board of supervisors just approved a new law aimed at making it harder to buy a gun in the city. the owner of san francisco's last remaining gun shop blames lawsuit in part on forcing the business to close. new rules will require video recordings of all gun and ammunition sales in san francisco. backers say that footage could be used to investigate crimes later on. tide bridge arms will close on
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saturday. in fairfield, police say a 10-year-old boy stabbed his step-father to death to protect his mother. 45-year-old tim aldridge was found sunday in a home on overture lane. investigators say the boy's mother and step-father had been in an argument that turned physical. the boy got a knife and defended his mother by stabbing his step-dad. police say the officers arrested the step-father at least once for domestic violence. no arrests have been made. the snoena county sheriffs office is asking for help in identifying four men suspected in a home invasion robbery. the crime was on stoney point road outside santa rosa, the victims were bound with zip ties, deputies say these men made purchases related to that crime on the night of the robbery. crew recent assume search for one of three missing boaters last seen in the water at
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tomales bay. national park officials say three men were in that boat yesterday morning when a distress call went out that all three were in the water and in trouble. one man died. he's been identified as ani aninanini anini malanovinski of roseville. the earthquakes are not stopping in the san ramon danville area. the usgs says no fewer than 14 earthquakes have rattle the area since midnight. the strongest was a 3.1 at 1:46. followed by two, 2.9 quakes. the latest in a swarm of 435 quakes in that area in just the last two weeks. size mol gieismologists say it' indication that the big one is on the way. areas of afghanistan and pakistan hit hard by yesterday's 7.5 magnitude earthquake. the death toll is at least 339.
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258 in pakistan and another 78 in afghanistan. three others in kashmir. and an afghan health official says the number of dead and injured could be much higher because some of the dead have not been brought to hospitals and there's some areas that cannot be reached. some guidelines for stocking an earthquake sub vifl survival kit. >> still ahead, a classroom confrontation, viral video and the investigation into what happened. >> also, a controversial ballot measure in south san francisco. and the effort to defeat it. >> and no one is cheering over this one, the nba team under fire. i'm larry biehl live at oracle arena as we count down to opening night and the championship celebration for the golden state warriors. in you can't make it here, we do have a pretty good plan b option for you. in san francisco. we'll have that coming
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this is abc7 news. >> oracle founder larry ellison gave today's keynote address at oracle open world at snow's moscone center. oracle provided this video of ellison talking about cloud security. warriors watch tonight for tonight's season opener and tomorrow night, a concert on treasure island, featuring beck and elton john. apple announced quarterly profits rose 31%. backed by booming iphone sales in china. the company sold more than 48 million iphones in the fourth
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quarter. but that's still falling short of analysts estimates. shares of apple rose 2% in after-hours trading. south san francisco is one of two pennsylvania la cities asking voters next tuesday to raise the sales tax. the revenue is going to be used for city improvements, abc7 news reporter david lui joins us from downtown san francisco with more. david? >> south san francisco suffers from wear and tear. streets need fixing. the long-time home of its police and parks and recreation departments may not be seismically safe. new build sag possibility. so taxpayers are being asked to raise the sales tax by a half-cent from 9 to 9.5%. >> we asked them what was important to them. not surprisingly pot holes are an issue. the condition of our streets, currently we spend $2 million a year in rehabbing our streets and imagine the impact if we could double that. >> the blue yes on measure w
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signs are being countered by some red no signs by a grassroots movement that claims to have spent less than $1,000. this person opposes w. >> to ask for this tax when the city is doing economic boom according to the chamber of commerce, this is an inopportune and unwise tax for our south san francisco residents. >> the tax would last for $30 years, generate $7 million a year. >> maybe in another year, we're going to need something else, have another bond what we do is, my little kids are going to have to pay for it. and this bond for that, and bond for this and bond for that. if you don't have it, don't do it. >> a citizens oversight committee will review spending. >> if it was clearly appropriated to the right whatever they're going to use it for and there was accountability for that, i think i could trust them.
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>> in south san francisco, david louie, abc7 news. started with the raiderettes, now a former milwaukee bucks cheerleader is suing over the fair pay issue. she said dancing with the bucks was a full-time job with part-time pay. $65 per home game. an average of $3 to $5 an hour. that's not much money for prep, practice and performance. >> they hold you to such a high standard, that's what they pay you. so it is disheartening and they expect you to put in so much time and so much effort. >> the bucks deny the claims in the suit. it's the first also filed against the nba. now in the nfl, the raiders recently settled similar suit filed last year by members of the raiderettes cheerleaders. ♪ ♪ >> tip-off for tonight's warriors season opener is a little more than two hours. >> but the warriors want fans to arrive early. doors open at 5:30. >> larry beil is there and ready
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to go. >> yeah, we've been here for a while. sheryl, as you mentioned the warriors beginning of their nba championship tonight. critical comments, small jump-shooting teams don't win championships. i is a one of the fans printing up a t-shirt that says warriors nba championships won, more than than that, but won, charles barkley, nba championships, zero, snap, charles. speaking of charles barkley. show you video from earlier. because if you can't come out here tonight and be part of the 19,000-plus in attendance at oracle, you may want to go to pier 43 in san francisco's fisherman's wharf. a free fan event is taking place, people can shoot hoops and meet the stars, charles barkley, as well as shaquille o'neal, will be there during the tnt broadcast of the warriors pelicans game. tourists are stopping by, they
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like what they see. >> a lot of cool stuff going on. >> a lot of energy. >> are you excited for basketball season? >> yes. but like i said we're from denver and we're nuggets fans, it will be a rough ride for us, it will be great for you guys. i see a repeat. >> if you're a nuggets fan, it's going to be a long time before you have any championship celebration to enjoy. fans can stop by pier 43 until 10:00 p.m. tonight. the shots today, the warriors dance team was there, they are right behind me as i speak now, they cover a lot of ground, that's for sure. we're going to have the 135th straight sellout tonight for the warriors at oracle arena. the looming question for the team is, will the head coach, steve kerr, be here? we'll discuss that later on in the hour as we continue, for now, live at oracle arena, larry beil, abc7 news sports. >> he's struggling with back problems. let's go back and talk about the weather forecast.
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a change coming. >> hey, spencer. >> changes are here, we've got cloudy skies and there are reports of sprinkles in parts of the north bay and probably some more substantial rainfall to follow. here's live doppler 7 hd. we don't expect it to be a big rain storm. but it could produce some measurable rain. can you see how much moisture is being picked up by our radar right now. so there's a lot of moisture in the air, much of it evaporating before hitting the ground. but it's going to hit the ground tonight for sure in some spots. a live view from our east bay hills camera 69 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 68, 67 in morgan hill. 72 at half moon bay. here's a view the clouds thickening over the bay from our mount tam camera 71 at napa. 72 at fairfield and. looking out over san francisco, these are the forecast features, we'll see a few sprinkles tonight. spotty showers are likely.
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it will be sunny and mild for halloween. satellite radar composite image shows moisture still moving up ahead of the advancing weak frontal system. high clouds and virga are the rule now. we will have some measurable rainfall. maybe not a lot. weak front swings through tomorrow morning. so let's put all of this together and start our forecast animation at 7:00. notice into the late evening, overnight hours we see the front approaching, by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, there will be spotty showers in the north bay. it's entirely possible that some renegade showers could move out ahead of the front and produce some wet spots for the early morning commute. by 10:00 a.m. mid morning we'll see a more widespread area of light showers and sprinkles moving toward the golden gate. peninsula and san francisco. and the front falls apart, springs through and by tomorrow afternoon, it should be over. our forecast animation or computer animation calls for rainfall totals of maybe .005 of an inch in san francisco. .007 in novato and santa rosa.
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many cloekss in the east bay and south bay may receive no measurable rain at all. overnight, low temperatures in the upper 50s, tomorrow's high temperatures will range from the mid 60s to mid 70s and the seven-day forecast, sunny and mild weather through the weekend. really mild in fact. mid 80s inland on friday and saturday. saturday is heeng. and we should set our clocks back, fall back saturday night into sunday morning. as we go back to standard time. and saturday is halloween. dan and sheryl? >> thanks, spencer. backlash against black friday. >> the store that says it will not open for
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the team nobody wants to play was honored in san francisco today. abc7 news was at lefty o'dowel's
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as the san francisco seals were recognized. the team is made up of softball players who are all 75 years or older. for the past three years they've won the regional, the national and the world softball championships. they're on their way to a fourth grand slam this year. the seals are so good that their age some younger teams don't want to play them. now for today's "good morning america" hot list, the biggest and best moments and information from our friends at "gma." >> here's your 60-second hot list from gma today, hit it. the brand new tire warning. >> the first of its kind investigation. >> very difficult for drivers to know how old their tires are and they should. >> 4105. >> what does that mean? >> it means it was made in the 41st week of 2005. >> why don't they put the date? >> good question. >> i told you you have an old car, it's got its original tires. >> 20 years old? >> yes. >> get new tires. >> for the on-the-go mom. >> i never skip breakfast, every mom needs a great breakfast.
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almond milk, this gives you amazing energy. >> the taste test. >> yes. >> setting us up for success. >> mmm. >> this morning's top five in baseball, at number five, dynamic duo, miss kismet. >> number four, kansas city royals. >> number three, from the cincinnati reds. >> number two, bernie the brewer. and number one mascot -- skilly banana. >> that's today's "gma" hot list. you can catch robin, george and the rest of the "good morning america" crew weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. on abc7 news. we continue next the shop shocking video going viral. student gets slammed to the ground. an investigation is now under way. plus donald trump loses ground in iowa.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> and taking a look at your headlines at 4:30, rescue efforts in afghanistan and pakistan have expanded after yesterday's 7.5 earthquake in that region. more than 360 people died, most in pakistan. officials do expect that number to continue to rise. back at home, san francisco's board of supervisors will take
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up a controversial law today to record video of anyone who buy as gun within city limits, as abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler tweets, that's coinciding with the planned closure of the city's last gun store. she's going to have more on the story coming up at 5:00. abc7 news reporter matt keller tweeted about a big problem san jose city officials are seeing. that is a dramatic increase in illegal public dumping. sofas, mattresses, that sort of thing. as matt says, 75% over the last three years. that's the increase. and now to this very troubling video. touching off outrage all across the country. the high school police officer violently throwing a female student out of her chair in a south carolina classroom. abc7 news reporter karen traverse has the story. >> one spring valley high school student who witnessed the police takedown tells abc news it started with the teacher asked the female student to turn over her phone. and she refused. >> she said, i'm not doing
4:31 pm
anything. you know, please, you don't have to take my phone. >> the teacher asked a school administrator to help. he also asked the student to leave. and again, she refused. that's when ben fields, the school resource officer got called in and things escalated. >> cell phone video shows fields grabbing student by the neck and throwing her across the floor. >> on your back. >> several frightened classmates grabbed their phones and recorded the encounter. >> you see the sheer painfulness of watching it and as it went on, it's really upsetting. and incredibly upsetting. maybe like you, it hit you. it hit me in the gut. >> officer fields is now on unpaid administrative leave and banned from school properties, pending the outcome of the investigation. >> everyone knew he could be bad-tempered. >> it was not the right way to respond. >> but the sheriff says deputy fields received a culture of excellence award for proving to be an exceptional role mod until
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2014. the disturbing video has sparked an outrage across the internet. hillary clinton tweeted today about the incident, saying that any violence at school is unacceptable. and actress kerry washington tweeting heartbreaking, ridiculous. karen traverse, abc news, washington. coming up on "world news tonight," police say you did not see in that video. that's at 5:30 here on abc7 news. china is voicing strong objections after a u.s. navy warship sailed past one of its artificial islands in the south china sea today. beijing says the sail-past has damaged u.s./china relations and threatened regional peace. navy officials say the move was needed to assert the u.s. position that china's man-made islands cannot be considered sovereign territory, with a right to the surrounding waters. the house will vote on a proposal budget deal tomorrow in washington. outgoing speaker john boehner announced the deal today. that he claims would avoid a debt crisis and a government
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shutdown. the deal includes $80 billion in new spending over two years and takes budget showdowns off the table until after the 2016 election. the raise for president, have the tides shifted against donald trump. the polls in iowa and a new national poll show ben carson in the top spot. abc news has the latest. >> it is a major upset for republican donald trump. after months of trump holding a sizeable lead in all polls, ben carson has taken over the top position. according to a new "new york times"/kbz national poll. carson has a four-point lead at 26%, to trump's 22%. >> i would rather be on top than below. but you know, i do realize that you know, it's a marathon. we're still more than a year away from the election. >> this echoes the shift seen in iowa. where carson has already taken
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the lead, which the donald disputes. >> i'm number two in iowa? i said i don't believe it. >> critics have been saying trump is out of touch after a monday town hall in which he describes starting off his career with quote a small loan of $1 million from his father. expect the issue to be raised tomorrow during the republican debate, where contenders like marco rubio, jeb bush and rand paul and ted cruz say they're demeanor is more befitting with the oval office. >> kasich hitting back with one word -- nope. and the bush campaign trying to pull republicans back into the fold. releasing this photo of jeb with his father and mother, reminding voters of another president and first lady. and speaking of john kasich, he had been mild-mannered on the campaign trail. but today fiery. hitting his republican rivals, saying quote, i've had it with
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these people. and questioning what has happened to our party. abc news, washington. larry beil hanging out at oracle arena. >> getting ready for tonight's season opener. hi, larry. >> how you doing dan and sheryl. all 19,000 fans in attendance tonight will get a free t-shirt and i want to show you the design. we have a model. we have a model on hand. yes -- that is the model look for mike shumann, it's probably would have gone better if we would have asked leyla to come out. but she's business sis on the morning show. vana white could not do much better than this. i think we've seen enough. >> that is his "zoolander" look. >> he doesn't speak. he's doing "zoolander." i don't know that there's a lot
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more to add. we'll talk about steve kerr later on when we come back from oracle arena. coming up -- the simple change in diet that can help your kids drop weight fairly quickly. spencer christian, the sutro tower over san francisco, thickening clouds and rain on the way. i'll have the forecast coming up in
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we're back with mike shumann and larry beil at oracle arena. >> we have some players starting to warm up here. phil if you can pan to the side, james michael mcado is going through some stretching, he says what's up, baby. a direct quote. what we don't know is the status of head coach steve kerr, who may or may not be here. because he is continuing to recover following two back surgeries over the summer. it really has been a miserable summer for steve kerr. you see him talking with the general manager, bob myers, luke walton has been coaching the team on the interim basis, he'll be the head coach tonight. we're told the problem with steve is even though his back is healing up, he is still experiencing headaches. so you have a situation because the spinal fluid leak following the first surgery. may feel fine at noon and two or three hours later is in agony
4:40 pm
with a migraine-type headache. so it would be hard for him to travel or to go through an extended stretch with the team where he's got to coach. so he's up in the air and they don't know when he's going to be back at this point. steph curry talked about the absence. >> we have to build our mojo and allow coach walton and the rest of the staff to make adjustments and come out and compete and have fun. play loose, we should be 100% confident in ourselves and ready to go. >> i don't expect him to be gone for any spended period of time. steve did a fantastic job, a fantastic job and but this team is good, man, they got a lot of grit and terrific players. >> so what's odd is that not only is steve not here, but alvin gentry, his lead assistant last year is going to be on the other bench. coaching the new orleans pelicans. i know you talked to some assistants about the situation.
4:41 pm
gli talked to jared collins sitting in luke's chair and he feels confident with luke at the hem and the rod adams a defensive-minded coach and he said steve has created an unusual stew that only he knows how to stir. he feels like they should be okay until steve returns. what's amazing is everybody we talked to has no idea when steve will be back so this could go on for weeks, a month, you know who knows. so it's going to be interesting to see how this team and having luke here, having everybody together, think they feel comfortable going in. >> i hope steve kerr can be here tonight. to get the ring. it will be awkward if he gets the ring and leaves, because he's not feeling well. we'll see how it shakes out. that's a wrap for now, for mike shumann, the model, larry beil, live at oracle arena. back to you. >> keeps changing clothes. well tonight will be the first time ever that a live professional sporting event is being broadcast in high-definition virtual reality. being made possible by nextvr, a
4:42 pm
company that captures and delivers live, on-demand virtual reality experiences, we've profiled this company before here on abc7 news, a special viewing area will be available tonight at oracle arena and those with an oculus head set can watch a live stream of the game. >> we want to see your warriors pride. regular season tips off it's so easy to show your fan pictures and video with us, tag them with #dubson7. back one last time to update the weather forecast for you. >> step outside with spencer. >> i was hoping to feature more with mike the shuper model. can you see a wider area of moisture now lurking offshore. some of it moving out over the north bay. rain is on the way. we've had reports of sprinkles around ukiah already. so light rain or showers may push into the north bay later
4:43 pm
this evening. our season to date rainfall percentages look at this, san diego, los angeles, fresno, doing okay. they're close do their average levels of rainfall for the season. look at san francisco, zero percent of average. only 1% in ukiah. 16% of average at santa maria. you can see most of the state of california is still really dry. tomorrow's nationwide. showers and thundershowers scattered over the eastern third of the nation, mainly dry elsewhere. but shower activity will be pushing through central and northern parts of california tomorrow. here in the bay area we expect some sprinkles overnight. light rare or showers in the early morning hours, tapering off and giving way to partial clearing in the afternoon. by afternoon tomorrow we expect highs to range from mid 60s at the coast to mid 70s inland. maybe we'll get more rain on sunday. dan and sheryl? >> thanks, spencer. still ahead, could facebook be ruining your romance? >> the pitfalls of social media and love.
4:44 pm
and problems with nationwide system to recall potentially dangerous tires. why today federal officials say
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doeight pieces ofily original recipe chicken? yes. [ding] two large mashed potatoes and gravy? yes. [ding] and are you the real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing] it's finger lickin' good. your facebook notifications are about to get a whole lot
4:47 pm
more useful. facebook announced it will change the notifications tab, in its mobile app to show more information. you'll be able to get events happening neerks movie times, sports scores and weather updates. currently you only see when friends interact with you. >> can facebook help or hurt your relationship? "good morning america's" amy robach takes a look. >> social media makes it hard to remain anonymous. >> after a quick scan of testimony btumblr and facebook. >> our romantic lives getting the hash tag treatment and what effect is social media having on our love life. >> if i tag you and saying i love you. you're tagging yourself in front of your friends and family. >> some negative factors, stalking, distrust and jealousy. social media is such a new
4:48 pm
phenomenon that only a handful of studies have been done. the results are mixed. >> take all of the studies on social media with a grain of salt. >> one recent study looked at 205 facebook users between the ages of 18-8. finding in general, that relationships soured for people who had been together for less than three years, and had high levels of facebook use. however, another recent study finds that pairs who share, everything from their status to pictures on facebook, could be in it for the long haul. >> forror a totally different take on this, some other study found 81% of people were just fine if their partner never posted anything about them on facebook. >> well this is interesting. a new study claims to show how a simple change in child's diet can help them lose weight quickly. university of san francisco researchers studied kids 8-18, all with health problems due to being overweight. they found that substituting
4:49 pm
nonfructose drinks for just over a week, kids showed signs of becoming healthier, including weight loss and lower blood pressure. federal transportation officials put out a warning today about thousands of defective tires that are still in the marketplace. >> 7 on your side's michael phinney has been investigating defective tires for year. we're one of the first looking into it. we reported about this problem for years. recalled tires are hard to track. remain in use by millions of motorists. now the government is responding saying the recall system itself is defective. after our investigation, the federal transportation officials looked into accidents like this one, a recalled tire was to blame and two motorists died. officials say faulty tires caused an estimated 500 deaths every year. and most tires sold in the united states are never registered. when there is a recall, there's no way to contact the owners. last year 7 on your side bought three recalled tires which has
4:50 pm
manufacture michelin feared could have perforations on the side and suffer a sudden loss of air pressure. the national transportation safety board wants all tires to be registered and to put out additional warning, don't drive on old tires. halloween is coming up, with it a new warning about costume contact lenses. this teacher in michigan is now partially blind from wearing decorative contact lenses. the contacts were supposed to be part of a fun halloween costume. however, when she removed them, one lens tore part of her cornea. she lost partial vision in one eye and a lot of school time. >> i missed out on homecoming, my schoolwork is really behind. my vision is still not going to be 100% ever again. it's going to be a long time before i'm going to be not in any pain. >> she may need surgery, only fda-approved lenses are legal. you may want to avoid even
4:51 pm
those. the fbi warned today scam artists are increasingly targeting senior citizens in the bay area. agents met with seniors in walnut creek's rossmore community to warn they could be hit by the so-called granny scam. typically the scammers call elderly victims, claiming to be a grandson or a nephew in trouble in a far-away place. often around here we hear canada. callers usually say they are too ashamed to contact their parents. and they persuade the victim to wire money to get them out of trouble. often out of a fake jail. the fbi hopes seniors will recognize the plot and hang up the phone. this is common, it's been going on for a very long time. what happens is, they call up and they go -- hey, i'm in deep trouble and they go, is that you, michael? and then they say, yes, it is. >> that's a shame. >> good advice, thank you. abc7 news at 4:00 continues. are our retailers taking a second look at black friday? after the surprising way rei
4:52 pm
says it will celebrate the day after thanksgiving. coming up next, the reunion, one man comes face to face with a crew that saved his life. plus flyer beware, 7 on your side reveals that how not all carry-on bags measure up. and the president's candid comments about ♪ ♪ ♪
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tonight, at 8:00, it's "the mup et cetera." and at 10:00, the preer mere of "wicked city." . not everyone is headed to stores on black friday. >> a popular retailer said it will not open for shoppe erperse day after thanksgiving. >> abc7 news reporter chris wynn is live with more. >> r.e.i. surprised a lot of people by making that announcement yesterday. right now it doesn't look like
4:56 pm
many other retailers will be following suit. simply because they rely so heavily on black friday. rei is well known for recreation, hitting the slopes or pitching a tent, this customer had nothing but praise for the retailer's decision to close all stores on black friday. >> i'm proud of what they're doing. i like the idea that they put families first and in front of the bottom line. >> but many other retailers won't be able to give up black friday as easily. industry watchers say big retailers that sell toys, clothes and electronics depend on sales generated during that day. some rei shoppers are a little bummed they'll be missing out. >> people get used to. it's traditional. why they going to shut their doors, i don't think that is fair. >> one of rei's biggest competitors is is a sports basement. manager eric says they'll be ready. >> we're on the cusp of el nino winter. we've got tons of skis and
4:57 pm
snowboards and gear for the outdoors. >> while rei will lose out on sales for the day, marketing experts believe they'll gain more goodwill from employees and customers. >> i think it's great they're telling their employees to stay home and they're not going to be part of the black friday craziness. >> the national retail federation says fewer people shopped over thanksgiving weekend last year due to early discounts and more online shopping. chris nguyen, abc7 news. walmart wants to make deliveries to your home with a drone. the company has filed paperwork with the federal aviation administration to conduct drone test flights near some of its distribution centers. if approved walmart would be able to send drones up to 400 feet in the air. at oracle arena. lafry beil here as we wrap things up for this hour. one bit of news, harrison barnes and the warriors have broken off contract negotiation force an extension. he's turning down $64 million. we'll talk about it more on abc7
4:58 pm
news at 5:00. aim sheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> if the last remaining gun store in san francisco wants to shut down because of my legislation, i'm all for it. >> san francisco's new crackdown on guns, a vote just taken that puts buyers in the camera crosshairs. and the life-changing moment for a young boy trying to protect his mother. the latest on the search for a missing boater. a northern california police department about to use martial arts weapons on its suspects. and the warrior larry just told you who turned down $64 million. i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandy patel, live doppler 7 hd, tracking sprinkles now, showers soon, timeline is coming up. good evening, i'm sheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley.
4:59 pm
san francisco's board of supervisors has passed a new gun control measure and it's one reason the city's only gun store is closing. >> we're joined from city hall with more on the legislation. carolyn? >> hi, sheryl. the sponsor of the ordinance says congress has failed to act, so the city needs to step up. it is tighter and tighter regulations like his, that have convinced the last gun store to hang it up. a few accessories and even fewer firearms are all that's left at high bridge arms. the one and only gun store in san francisco is closing. after more than six decades. >> bad guys can still get theirs, that makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to protect their families. >> the store's general manager says there are a variety of reasons for closing. including the owner's decision to retire. but in his words, the straw that broke the camel's back was when they got word of the legislation
5:00 pm
proposed by san francisco's supervisor mark farrell. >> first mandates the videotaping of all gun sales here in san francisco and second of all, mandates the electronic transmission of ammunition sales data directly to our police department. >> his legislation passed unanimously at city hall. >> think they need to address more along the lines of the illegal activity being done in the street. and to address violence in general. not just with guns. >> supervisor farrell says other cities already have laws with similar requirements for firearms and ammunition sales. and even though this is san francisco's only store and its now going out of business, farrell says the new law will be in place should anyone else try to set up shop. >> i do believe the city of san francisco is going to be safer because of it and better off for it. >> hundreds of these t-shirts have been sold at high bridge arms, noting the end of an era. the last gun store closes at the end of the week. in san francisco,


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