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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i am eric thomas. >> and in sonoma, look at the valley right there, 12 rolling to santa rosa where the rain moved through headed over to napa the next 25 minutes. more scattered light showers developing to the northwest of bodega bay and point reyes on the cold front. we had light rain moving through the last six hours in the south bay. residual moisture is possible at 101 and 880 in san jose. we call for showers in the authority bay through 7:00. they will move through the rest of our neighbors until 12:00 and dissipate headed to 4:00 and the sky will open up at 7:00 and it will be cool quickly. 66 at the coast and 72 is as warm as it will be in the 12-hour day planner. >> not because of wet condition on the roads we have had a couple of accidents and as we
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try to pull something up we are look at a green screen, we have an accident southbound 680 away from highway 4 driving into concord could be slow and as we take a look further to the south of concord, that is a look at 680, traffic is snarling right now as you round your way from main street up to highway 24. as you head away from highway 4 to the 24 junction the drive take you ten minutes. >> a wanting about big waves as the storm moves through the bay area. we have what you need to know before you head to the beach. >> good morning, the waves do fought look threatening right now and they are not that big. that is expected to change through the morning. beachgoers are urged to stay out of the water if possible. the breakers are expected to be anywhere from 9-12' as san francisco's ocean beach theen
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conditions are the same. surfers were look for the larger 12'. with bigger waves they are the purse to hit the water looking for the extra thrill and excitement. >> you could tell the waves are getting bigger with crazy energy out in the water. it can feel something is brewing. something is coming. >> beach hazard statement issued this statement in affect right now until tomorrow evening. it is warning people to stay out of the water. because of the larger swells that can take place from snow small to monterey county south of where we are. track the rain from this system or any other system with the abc7 budget app and see what is showing up on live doppler hd right on the smartphone the it is free on apple's app store or google play.
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we have more information at >> the oakland mayor will give the first state of the city address saying it is promising. as long as the leaders focus on attracting new wealth and distributing the went equally. she said the unemployment rate in oakland is under 6 percent. the average rent increased $700 the past 12 months. she admitted she needs to tackle the surge in crime up 15 percent from this time last year. >> mayor schaaf welcomed uber into the downtown corridor and urged the contain to fire locally. now uber plans to do more. according to the business times they announced it will donate $1 million to the city to create new affordable housing in the area. uber is the largest tech company to move to oakland. >> the report card on testimony -- testimony performance comes out. the state courts in california
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for 4th and 8th are five to eight points lower than the national average the same in 2013 and no change in achievement gaps between black and hispanic and low income students after renewed debate what students spend too much time taking exams. president obama called for were capping testing at 2 percent of class time. >> oracle will break ground on a state-of-the-art public high school housing the design tech high school moving from the current site in burlingame and the new 66,000 square foot build ing. the founder and executive director spoke to us. >> people say, will this train people to work at oracle, like a pipeline for oracle? >> no, that is not what it is about. >> they will pay for the expire project that will open in 2017. >> a student faces charges of
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distributing the prescription drug xanax on campus. seven students became il almost after taking the drugs. all are now okay. the 17-year-old suspect is booked in juvenile hall forgiving away a controlled substance at school. >> the head of the san francisco arson task force has been demoted for speaking out about understaffing in the department. the captain voiced complaints repeatedly and said he was overwhelmed by hundreds of incomplete investigations. the fire department confirms he was reassigned but debehinded -- declined to comment. >> alameda county sheriff is facing a second civil rights lawsuit from the family of an unarmed man shot can killed last area. 23-year-old hall loan -- calhoun was shot and kid by the deputy.
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he was a robbery suspect. oakland police and the alameda county sheriff have released few details of why the deputy shot him. the familiar said he was mauled by the dog before being shot to death. the federal suit was filed friday on behalf of his son. >> a step forward for those would use the ground breaking program known as bank on francisco. the group is launching a set of national standards for programs like bank on with 25 standards helping to organize the movement. it opened in 2006. >> these are low cost and have no overdraft and you are not going to get in trouble with the accounts. they can do the things you need to be able to do, deposit paycheck. for free. access your money. for free. you can pay your bills. that is the point. >> it was the first comprehensive program in the united states dedicated to help those without access to mainstream financial institutions and is a model for
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similar operations nationwide. >> the warriors have opened the first season in 40 years as defending champions in style. >> it is time for the ring regulation and unveiling for the nba champion golden state warriors. >> the festivities were a time to celebrate. they got the championship rings and steph curries what the remain see for unveiling of the banner and the warriors got down to business and steph curry scored 24 points in the first quarter. he finished with 40 points and the warriors cruised to 111-95 victory over new orleans. >> easy to forget the warriors when everyone is talking about the spurs, the clippers and cavaliers, the warriors will be as good or better this year. >> how can you forget the defending champions?
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>> they can have a ship on their shoulder which is motivation. pepper say they were lucky in the playoffs. we will check in with meteorologist mike nicco for the forecast. >> you make your own luck. >> good morning, everyone. a fun ride for all of us. the ride for the north is getting better but toward napa and sonoma that is where the best radar is. this is going to slide to marin county and san francisco and could be here the next couple of hours. the best chance of any widespread showers are in the north bay through the morning commute. mild this morning upper 50s to nearly 60 throughout inland east bay neighborhood and you can see the cold air is coming in today. we are looking at temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s and by the afternoon hours, 67 in san francisco and the rest of us around 72 to 74 degrees and
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the best chance of scattered shower is san francisco and the peninsula, and east bay and the north bay. moving forward you can see in san rafael, walnut creek, it looks dry with a warming trend thursday and friday and saturday and november starts on sunday. >> our drive time traffic shows highway 4 westbound antioch to hercules at 47 minutes and what is not helping is the accident southbound on 680 south of highway 4. for all the folks transitioning into concord that is where you find the biggest delays. into hercules at i-80 from highway 4 to the maze it is 23 minutes. south bay is clear. and light. roads are drying out. back to the red, it is slowly dissipating because the crash is getting moved to the shoulder and on the peninsula, northbound
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280, the off-ramp shows an overturned pickup. be careful. so far, light traffic. matt and eric. >> a former military site at angel island will be analyzed for old ammunition. according to our media partner the united states army corps of evening nears is seeking information about world war ii ammunition and ordinance that could be on angel island. they published a notice to help determine if there is a threat left by the military remnants from east fair of 10,000 properties identified for clean up and restoring. >> still ahead a new effort to cut down on traffic problems in a bay area community. >> three student were arrested after a violent brawl and the
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message for the suspects from a school employee. >> the action california can take after a serious health warning on the link between certain meats and cancer.
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. california could add red and processed meat to a cancer alert process after the world health organization announced process meat can cause colon cancer in houston with the risk small but increases with the amount meat consumed. the meat industry maintains their products are safe to the state is requires to keep a list of all substances known to increase the risk. >> three sacramento high school students face charges after a violent brawl on campus. >> the fight was captured on cell phone video on monday
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inside the lunch room. the principal was lend to -- thn to the ground. he restrained one student involved in the fight and got back up. the basketball coach wasn't there but last night he had a message for the students involved. >> what you trying to prove? not proving anything. now you are getting kicked out, can't play. >> three students were arrested for their involvement. the principal and two school staff members were injured in the brawl but will be okay. >> petaluma police received a $1930,000 grant to improve traffic safety with the number of people killed or injured in traffic collisions is growing. they are alarmed by a rise in pedestrian and bicycle fatalities. funding is used to support education and presentation and checkpoints and distracted drive enforcement. >> one of the two recycled water fill stayings in dublin will
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close on friday after giving away free recycled water over the summer to help residents deal with the drought and water restrictions but officials say demand is down because of the cooler temperatures. the main fill station is in pleasanton and will remain open. >> too bad we do not get more water from the storm today but at least it will water the grass. you will not have to worry about town on the sprinklers. >> everyone can dial back the use of their irrigation system. >> at sfo we do not have delays with the lower cloud deck. no rain there. so far. from east bay hills you can see the different layers of clouds illuminated by our lights. scattered light showers today. above average highs on thursday and friday and saturday. november starts sunday and our next chance for rain.
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you can see in napa, that is where we are finding the best chance of wet weather at south jefferson street and as i broaden it out it extended to the north to yountville and shy of american canyon near the napa airport. over the next three hours i am watching the north bay. along the coast, a chance of scattered showers. it is after the 9:00 hour the rest of us have dwindling chance of light shower. the cold front did not get hookup with olaf and at 19,000 feet and now dropping to 4,000. we are getting the tail end of the cold front so there is no energy to pull out the moisture so we have spotty showers from 7:00 to 9:00 all the way through noon when it falls apart. it is weakening and breaking
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apart. by 5:00, other than a stray shower, especially near the central valley, we are going to see probably more sunshine later today. then during the evening hours and overnight dry air rolls in and temperatures tomorrow are ten degrees cooler than this morning when we are stuck in the mid-50s. up to .1" in the north bay and valley and .2" in the and low-to-mid 70s for most of us but san francisco is upper 60. a cool one tonight if you leave the witnesses on. 60s and even 80s for the bay and inland for friday and saturday and it is cool again with the chance of rain on sunday and monday and set your clock back an hour we get an extra hour of sleep. change the batteries, too. >> good morning, everyone. at the bay bridge toll plaza between the macarthur maze into san francisco we have a
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28-minute commute. that is honker than usual by ten minutes. there is a lot congestion. we have not had a lost accidents and nothing happening in san francisco. i have not seen any flashing lights or any activity with the c.h.p. but it is mostly congestion as you pull away from the macarthur maze from the east bay into san francisco. in concord the accident is cleared. the traffic is dissipating southbound 680 south of highway 4 but you apply the brakes continuing southbound along 232 along 680 it is not pleasant at 15 minutes between highway 4 and highway 24. if you continue the drive most of the traffic is migrating out of antioch and we are at pittsburg and bay point with slow speeds at 16 minute. the altamont pass is a drag over the pass into livermore and
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tracy to dublin is going to take an hour. it is now 6:20. we are a few days away from halloween but the corgi is showing her costumes. >> can you post them on # #spookyon7. check out our photo gallery. fault scary but really cute. >> a new promising treatment for autism from a surprising source. >> the reason facebook is slow down internet connection at down internet connection at headquarters. therbottle of tropicana pure oranges squepremium.o each and absolutely no space for added sugar, water, or preservatives. tropicana.
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give it a pop. the abc7 news app open go, on your schedule, news that lives where you live. good morning, a look at the san mateo bridge heading into the hayward side into san mateo and you can see the traffic is backed up if that direction. people will be dealing with showers on the morning commute. >> terrifying moments for a train passenger outside philadelphia, pennsylvania. police say a man was robbed on the train on sunday morning and he chased the problem others they attacked him and threw him on to the train tracks.
6:24 am
surveillance video of the attack was released and the victim will be okay and the suspects got away. >> a love hormone can help kids with autism improve their social skills. those who used a nasal spray showed improvement in behavioral and social and emotional problems. think kids ages 3-8 were involved. the natural occurring hormone was oxytocin that helped with romantic connection. now a check with what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good wednesday morning. next the deadly police shooting of an unarmed south carolina teen with footage of shocking encounter after the prosecutor decides not to charge the officer. we weigh in on "good morning america" next. >> facebook employees feel what it is like to access the
6:25 am
internet in developing countries with the new tuesday program that allows employees so slow internet speed on tuesday so they can see what it is like to access facebook in areas where slow internet speed. the employees can opt out but they hope it will help them understand how users access the site so they can improve the way it works.. >> zuckerberg facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is in india and posted this during a visit to the taj. he will speak to 900 students and is looking to india as a place for growth. >> morning news continues at 6:30 with top stories. >> san francisco residents are ready to pay up with the rope more people are willing to raise their taxes. >> double whammy for fire victims in california with a new threat of wet winter for
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 6:29 on wednesday. a look at santa rosa where you can see rain gear and rain...we may not get it. for a while. >> we can hope. >> we can hope. >> i am matthew matt keller. >> i am eric thomas. what do you have? >> scattered slight showers heading over to in yountville they will have a light dusting of wet weather. there are other scattered light showers heading our way the next couple of hours. a stray shower is possible. notice san rafael, nothing. as we look northbound on 101. most streets will be dry even in the south bay.
6:30 am
after .04" in sunnyvale. most of us will have a lingering chance through noon and it tapers by 4:00 with sunshine. we are warmer this morning at mid-50s to mid 60s and hang out in the mid-60 at the coast and upper 60 to low 70s an the bay and low 70s inland by 4:00 >> we are starting off with walnut creek southbound 680 is a grind and we like to say that for our coffee but traffic is a grained if you travel between highway 4 and highway 24 we had an early accident southbound on 680 south of highway 4 and that caused heavy delays and right now as you make the drive away from highway 4 to the 24 junction it will take you 24 minutes and the commute time is growing. on 280 we have a stalled vehicle blocking a couple of lanes with slowing pushing in the northbound direction along 280 and drive time traffic 80, albany to the maze, from the hoffman split is a nice commute
6:31 am
and 280 northbound from 101 to cupertino is 13 minutes. now to amy hollyfield and the north bay checking out damp conditions. >> we are getting a break right now. we did experience rain in the hour. here is video we shot of the rain if you forgot what it looks like. we have not had any in so long. we have been waiting and wanting it. here it is. it was late. nothing super measurable. it will not cause too many has els. what you will find the rain means something different to everyone. >> we say we need it. it is coming. thank god. people are now going to be more happy. more fruits. more vegetables.
6:32 am
happiness everywhere. >> i am in the moisture business. rain means no motorcycle on the road. i am not a fan of it. however, we probably need it. i have a well. it is probably going dry. the rain is good. we do need it. a few sprinkles in the north bay and we are teaching our cry out for it, for you, so we will keep you posted. it was just a little bit of rain no need for the big umbrellas or rain jackets. just a light jacket. just in case. our reporter is in pacifica this morning with a warning for beachgoers. tell us more, janet. >> good morning, that is right, a beach hazard warning. stay out of the water even if it looks calm. the conditions can rapidly change. the waves in pacifica do not
6:33 am
look threat being but the protecters are expected to be 9-12' along the coast this morning. surfers are the first to hit the beach when they hear of the larger swells and that was the case yesterday at ocean beach. many are looking to catch big waves today. should be looking good and it will only be better. conditions stay like this, it should be great. a warning to play it safe, stay near a lifeguard if you are out in the water, better yet, stay out if possible. the warning is in effect today until tomorrow evening and that is from sonoma county to monterey county. >> victims of the valley and butte fires are dealing with rebuilding their homes and lives but face the threat of put slides and flooding as the the
6:34 am
rainy season approaches. many trees that held the soil together are destroyed and burned trees can fall any time. people are bracing for the worst. >> if you get rain today or any day take a photo or video using #abc7anduseitontheairoron abc7new agoago. >> highhightidesfloodingthe park--- high tides at the turn off with several inches of water covering spark the spot yesterday and the next high tide is at lunch time yesterday where the light often flooding during heavy rain and high tides. >> another night of small earthquakes, the san ramon danville area was hit with a bunch of edges -- earthquakes part of a swarm of small earthquakes that hit in the last
6:35 am
few weeks with no reports of injury or damage. >> the president of ireland is in berkeley meeting with first responders and residents would helped victims of the deadly behalf cone collapse. president obama higgins and berkeley mayor will each plant strawberry trees at the civic center park in downtown berkeley honoring the victims of the june collapse including five irish students and an irish american woman from rohnert park. the strawberry tree was chose were bait is native to ireland and america. >> the santa clara sheriff returned to the scene where a skull was found with dogs. volunteers joined the search. police have not determined if the skull belongs to a man or woman. >> is san francisco ready to fork out more money for taxes? they are according to the "san francisco chronicle" better public transportation is the reason riders do not mine
6:36 am
digging deeper into the pockets. 70 percent of voters would be okay with half cent sales tax increase. more than 40 percent gave thumb's up to hiking vehicle license fees to 2 percent. the propped plans will bring in $100 million and $70 million respectively. >> relief for neighbors tired of seeing trash dumped on streets of san jose with fines up to $3,000 if you are caught dumping on the property. the amount of garbage on the streets has increased 75 percent if three years. >> it is now 6:3. why you may need to save more money before your kids head off to college, alarming new numbers of how much debt our kids have to take on when they head into workforce. >> the warriors celebrate a win at their home opener after celebrating last year's championship. how fans are racketing -- reacting. >> a look at eastern span of the
6:37 am
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6:40 am
your neck or back at the beaches now through thursday evening from monterey peninsula up to the north bay coast. separately, we have higher tides. today it is peaking at 12:126 at golden gate bridge but we could see gliding like yesterday and fed at 1:15 is where the gauge is where we take the high tide. that is san rafael. that area of the parking lot. showers you can see are going to be a mainstay this afternoon in the high country. while we start to dry out in the south bay stays dry upper 70s to low 80s san diego and los angeles. >> we will start off with a look at our exclusive waze app and we are hearing this is tremendous traffic heading into pays on 580 stopped at 24. i looks like we are in the single digits if you make the merge from westbound 80 up to the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no accidents reported and our wazers are good at
6:41 am
reporting anything do not see anything but congestion so possibly that is all it is at this time. when you are beyond the metering lights it will be very slow and that is a lack at san mateo bridge and the drive also sluggish heading across the water at 101. this morning the warriors have a couple of days off to rest up for the first road trip of the new season the. >> the defending nap champions received their rings during a championship celebration and they reveal the championship banner joining three previous banners and some fans it took the entire off season to feel like champions. >> still singing sinking in. steph curry led the warriors with 40 points on the way to the victory. 24 points were in the first quarter. >> starting out hot. we want to see your fan pride post photos #dubson7.
6:42 am
when they can feature them on air and on-line. >> california's favorite candy. the surprising treat our kids want on halloween. stay with abe now to get an update on traffic and weather when it is available. here is the macarthur maze. there is a traffic backup moving slowly toward the bay bridge slowly toward the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:43 am
slowly toward the bay bridge toll plaza. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> benicia, san ramon, san mateo by abc7. >> a third lawsuit is file again the owners of a san jose mexican restaurant linked to an intestinal disease. shigella outbreak began at mariscos restaurant and today so far 188 cases have been reported in several counties and 85 have been confirmed through laboratory tests. she have been shut down since october 18 a day or two after the first case surfaced. people can catch shigella by coming in contact or digesting food prepared by an infected person. >> ibm is under investigation by
6:46 am
the securities and exchange commission. they are looking into the company's accounting of certain transactions in the united states and united kingdom and ireland. ibm said it learns of the investigation in august and is complying. the securities and exchange commission is not commenting. >> facebook is making it easier to contact people who are not your friends. the social network is launching a new feature for messenger called "message request," previously those messages sent by those not your friends went into a separate "other," inbox and now they will appear in the regular inbox as requests. you can read the message and choose whether to respond without the other person knowing. the new feature is rolling out the next few days. >> california students are struggling with high loads of debt and wall street is on fed watch. jane? >> good morning to you, the student debt is still rising at a record high for 2014 graduates
6:47 am
the average debt load in the united states is over $28,000. california was better thank that at $21,000, 54 percent of california students have debt. san francisco state and san jose state students had around $23,000 and berkeley and stanford lower between $17,000 and $19,000 in doubt. as far as paying for stuff there are a few other systems including selfie and mastercard has a new program to bring the payments to a variety of products including cars and colleagues and other wearables. chinese companies are looking at chinese companies are looking at buying a starwood hotel to that. >> what is the favorite halloween candy in california? >> lifer safers who doesn't love them?
6:48 am
40,000 people were interviewed. >> stocks are higher but quiet with the fed meeting so we will find out this afternoon what they say about interest rates and the economy. we do not expect change in policy. back to you. >> favorite candy is life savers? do you know how many have told me that? zero. nobody. nobody has fold me that life savers are their favorite. >> with chock last it has to be 100 or 150? >> it could happen. >> sorry, jane, thank you for letting us know. stranger things have happened. >> that feels like a kid going up to the home that has to be this between floss and pencils. >> sorry, if you give out life
6:49 am
savers but... >> just give them a rock. >> with chocolate... >> okay. now you know what gets me fired up. >> talking candy. >> how about the weather? now, good morning, everyone, we have a look at san jose 101 and 880 where you clouds are breaking up and the streets are dry after a few light showers overnight at half moon bay .01" and los gatos at .02". this could be the higher totals as you can see from the exploritorium the winds are light and the bay is calm and the clouds are opening now back to san jose 101 and 880 as a backdrop from my highlights we have scattered light showers today and above average highs tomorrow through saturday and november starts on sunday and we have a better chance of rain then and some monday. a second round of lighter showers starting to move in to
6:50 am
the north bay along the front and guerneville looks like you have the best chance of seeing anything reaching the ground and our recording station is the only one that said any of us hit the bucket at .01" by 8:00, san francisco could be dealing with drizzle or a light shower. after 9:00, we. get the chance. the cold front and moisture from 19,000 foot yesterday to 5,000 foot now lowering to 4,000 in the next hour. however, the property is not sharp enough to do much with the moisture. spotty showers at 7:00. through 9:00. and 9:00 to noon, the rest of us get a chance. you can notice it evaporateed quickly and by action the transition with the higher elevation could be a stray shower and into the evening and overnight dry air is going to come in and we are going for a
6:51 am
clear and cooler night with rainfall amounts pathetic, pretty much nothing in the last model and before that, .1" in the not bay and the prosecute of us .01" or .02". low-to-mid 70s in san francisco and in the mid-50s to mid-60s and in the mid-40s for mid-50s tomorrow so a heavier coat is needed and grab the glasses and hold on to the steering while. it will be breezy. calmer and warmer on friday and high clouds take an our warm the on saturday for halloween and society back the clocks, enjoy the sleep and change your batteries of sunday. >> i would have done anything for a life saver i went to house s that gave away notes. and pennies. a penny for your thoughts. >> at the skyway we have an accident involving three or four cars at highway 101 and we have
6:52 am
one lane blocked. we do not see delays here but we are seeing the delays at the macarthur maze and a ton of traffic as 580 and 24 and 80 all message together. moving over to highway 4, westbound highway 4 at bailey road, a lane is blocked and there is heavy traffic. >> breaking news in san jose, sky 7 is over the expressway west of highway 87 we hear reports of a possible shooting that may have last one injured and may have been hit by a stray bullet. we are working to get the details confirmed. police are on the scene. stay with us and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> it is very, very dark. >> back with 15 things to know before you go. >> if you see showers, take a photo or video and share it with photo or video and share it with # here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon
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whether you are just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know. >> we have scattered light shower on live doppler hd and that is our number one headline tracking the light showers leaving .02" if you lucky. upper 60s to mid-70s. >> two, a snarled commute across the roadways. as we look at macarthur maze the drive is slow. 33 minutes to get between the
6:55 am
hoffman split and san francisco. then skyway 101 a multi-vehicle crash. >> three, san jose police are looking for three men suspected of carrying out a home invasion robbery that helped with a homeowner shot. it happened on thursday. the homeowner survived and the suspects are believed sponsor for other robberies in the area. >> students face charges of distributing xanax on campus after several got sick. the 17-year-old is booked. >> the president of ireland is meeting with first responders and residents would helped the victims of the deadly balcony collapse and will plant trees if honor of the six victims of the june collapse. >> the nation's report card on test people an comes out today and it does not lack good for california students. scores in math and reading are
6:56 am
five to eight points lower than the average. >> warriors have the new championship rings after a celebration at oracle arena and the ceremony including unveiling of the nba championship banner the first in 40 years. they beat the pelicans 111-95 led by stick step's 40 minutes. >> it will be fun this career. we will see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" and see you later.
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good morning, america. baseball blackout. a wild start to the world series. a power outage knocking out the broadcast across the country. the game coming to a complete halt. >> fox broadcasting has taken some kind of a technical glitch. >> and the power surge on the field. the royals rallying to win the longest game won in world series history. breaking overnight, an american airlines jet hit by a laser while landing. >> a green laser just pointed at american 563. >> the pilot blinded. paramedics called to the scene. the investigation right now. deadly decision. newly released dash cam video showing a police officer shooting an unarmed teen. >> stop, stop, stop. >> the split-second decision and


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