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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 29, 2015 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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now at 11:00, parents dropping off tear kids at school targeted by criminals tonight. a bay area police department says violent robbers are following people back to their homes. good evening. i'm natasha in for ama daetz. >> they say three masked men followed a parent home and tried to rob his home. now we have learned this is connected to a similar robbery less tan a mile away on hebron court. that happened on october 8th. >> alan wang is live tonight at san leandro police headquarters with the story. >> reporter: dan and natasha, these robberies are taking place in the morning after parents drop their kids off at school. they are not just targeting any parent. police here believe they are racially profiling their victims. >> a guy with a mask and a gun had the gun to his head and said don't do anything foolish. >> this san leandro woman said they were robbed in their backyard.
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it happened after they dropped her sister off. >> my dad tried to grab the gun out of his hand. and then he saw two and three others guys run up with masks as well. >> they took off after stealing his wallet. it happened in the same neighborhood earlier this month. >> the victims we are seeing being targeted are asian men. they are in their late 50s who just dropped their children off at school and returned home from that. >> in both instances three to four armed men followed the victims home after dropping their children off at arroyo high school. police are concerned the robbers are profiling their victims. >> unfortunately that is one maybe miss con -- misconception people have of asians that they keep large amounts of cash in their home. >> we have the same as everybody. >> where do they put their money? >> in the bank. >> police say the suspect
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vehicle is a dark blue 2015 nissan rogue, similar to this one. they advise people who think they are being followed not to stop. instead call 9-1-1 so the police can get there to help you. in sanly cran droa,al -- san leandro, abc7 news. >> san jose's former police chief is moving to the central valley. he will be the chief of police in tracy. he announced his retirement in july. he had been with that department for 31 years. he served two years as chief. san jose is his hometown. santa clara county jail staff are again under investigation. this time after a man turning himself in for murder told police that the jail turned hip hip -- turned him away. katie is live at the jail tonight with new details. >> natasha, the correctional deputy involved has been reassigned during the internal investigation here at the jail. and you may recall the incident in august with the
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alleged beating death of an inmate at the hands of several correctional deputies. well that and other incidents are being investigated by a blue ribbon commission. i spoke with the leader of the commission who is concerned there may be a lack of training at the jail. >> the man arrested in connection with this san jose murder scene turned himself in. not once, but twice. >> the advice for investigators is that's what in fact had happened. >> on monday hugo castro took san jose police to a condo on third street where the 27-year-old was discovered strangled and stabbed to death. before that he tried to turn himself in at the jail. castro showed a note saying he knew the location of the body, but he never claimed responsibility for it. >> hugo told our investigators he went to the sheriff's department and spoke to i don't know who, but personnel at the sheriff's department. and he was referred here to the san jose police
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department. >> the sheriff released the following statement. if the initial findings are are true, then the custody deputies failed to meet the expectations of the department and will take appropriate action to deal with the deputy. a blue ribbon commission lead by the retired judge is auditing the jail. >> all the more important we look into the training given to the correctional officers at the jail. >> correctional deputies are only required to have a high school do plow paw or ged. the commission will meet in november and present findings to the county board of supervisors. in san jose, abc7 news. >> a 9-year-old san jose boy is recovering from a gunshot wound after he was injured this morning while sleeping in his own bed. the rifle was being handled by the 40-year-old eric smith when it went off. the bullet went through smith's foot and hit the boy identified as alex in the leg. >> we were shocked -- well i
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was shocked when i heard what happened. i'm sure his mom is going through some terrible -- going through some terrible things. >> they were taken to the hospital and they hillary cover. smith will face multiple felonies including being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition and negligent discharge of a firearm. a judge sentenced a former danville teacher to 65 months in prison for possession of child pornography. mitchell wolf pleaded guilty. he admitted to possessing 50,000 digital files of minors. he was a etch tooer at diablo vista middle school. he will begin serving his term in january. sphie no charges will be filed against a brentwood man accused of trying to kidnap an 11-year-old girl. the story made national headlines two weeks ago after an employee at sutter elementary school was called a hero. prosecutors say there is insufficient evidence in the
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case and a misunderstanding of what occurred. santiago salazar has been released from custody. and a man who lead police on a wild chase through san francisco on saturday will be charged with nine felonies and three misdemeanors. officers arrested randal macoped on the bay bridge in this video. he hit several vehicles in the chase. he faces charges that include carjacking and assault on a police officer. he is scheduled to be in court tomorrow afternoon. >> the small exclusive east bay community has earned the distinction of being east bay mud's top water using community. each of the 358 households on average used more than within,000 gallons a day rase your. that's according to our media partners at the bay area news group. east bay mud has imposed steep fines for excessive water use for the on going drought we are dealing with. alamo came in second on east bay mud's ranking. the repair crews were
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working on a damaged sewer pipe that caused this gigantic sinkhole in the middle of a union city intersection and they say there is a lot more work that needs to be done. the crews will dig wells to pump out the ground water making it impossible. it has since been filled, but some lanes of alvarado boulevard are still crossed. the city says they do not know when the repairs will actually be finished. >> plenty of fireworks in colorado tonight. still ahead on abc news at 11:00, the barbs, jabs and attacks as the gop candidate takes the stage for their third debate. >> and the winners and the losers from the showdown. local republicans reveal who they think came out on top. >> and ironman in the state capitol. the special honor that had robert downey, junior in sacramento tonight. >> i am abc7 news' sandhya patel. we have more in store for the weekend. we'll look at your forecast.
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♪la-la-la-la-la. altos, antioch and the bay area, this is abc7 news. a real knockdown drag out at the gop debate. the candidates went after oche other and washington politicians and even the moderate ares of the debate themselves. >> brandy is if boulder, colorado with more on tonight's showdown. >> does he want answers or do you want answers. >> round three and the presidential candidates didn't hold back in a debate focused on the economy. >> this stuff is fantasy. >> john kasich going after ben carson and donald trump's budget proposal. >> you can't do it with empty promises. i went into ohio whr we had an $8 billion hole and now we have a $2 billion surplus. >> that's why he is on the end
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and he got nasty. so you can have him. >> carson proposed imposing a flat tax, the cnbc moderators said his numbers don't add up. >> the rate will be closer to 15%. >> 15% still leaves you with a million dollar hole. >> you also have to get rid of the deductions and the loopholes. >> marco rubio answered calls from his hometown newspaper to resign from the senate for missing too many votes. >> it is actually evidence of the bias that exists in the american media today. >> when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term. and you should show up for your term. >> somebody convinced you that attacking me will help you. >> carly fiorina was attacked for hewlett-packard. >> yes i was fired for a disagreement in the boardroom. >> after the questioning ted cruz had enough. >> this is not a cage match. you look at the question and are you a comic book villain and can you do math and will
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you insult two people over here? it should be what are your sub substantive -- >> they were fighting for time and often talking over each other and arguing with the mod it rayer. in less than two weeks they will face-off again. abc news, woulder, -- boulder, colorado. >> sergio has more. >> he has local reaction from republicans. >> we spent the nightwatching the debate with several republican groups at a pizza party. the reaction was mixed saying no candidate was the clear leader tonight. >> there are three main take aways in the debate. first trump is no longer dominating the gop field, but he is generating interest in the debate. >> never before have i seen such interest and such enthusiasm in turning out to a presidential debate. for example tonight you saw 20 some odd people and that
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didn't happen four years ago. >> second no one left ahead of the pack. san mateo debate watchers are picking their favorites. >> i am still formulating, but i do tend to favor fiorina and ben carson. >> i was on ted cruz's side and ben carson's before. now i am on marco rubio's side. >> and the biggest applause is for senator ted cruz who didn't go after a fellow panelist, but instead went after the moderators charging media bias. >> i feel like they definitely made it moderator versus candidate. >> they will meet again on november 10th. abc7 news. >> the abc7 news i team is looking into why there are so many unsolved murders and what may be the solution. some police departments in fact are falling well below the national average for clearing homicides. >> it is like a war. in fact, if you count homicide
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as a conflict the murders committed since 1980 are one of the worst wars america has ever experienced. >> dan noyes visits a bay area department that appears to have the answer to this important problem. that's tomorrow night here on abc7 news at 11:00. >> some accomplished and recognizable californians were inducted into the state's halve fame tonight. hall of fame tonight. the east bay that i tiff and the the -- native and olympic ice skater yaw ma giew chee brew lease were some of those inducted. there is a continue because -- contribution to art and science and sport. >> they have the corner market on impressing people. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. sandhya patel look at the wayneing gibbouth.
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>> take a look at this time lapse as you look from the kgo roof camera. it is a beautiful shot of the moon tonight. the skies are pretty clear except for a patch of fog around half moon bay. the season fell this afternoon and this evening. it was at the highest elevations . take a look at these pictures. it was above 8,000 feet that we saw a little snow. there will be more coming this upcoming weekend. rainfall totals .07 in santa rosa and petaluma. san francisco, livermore and fairfield and .02 in san jose and ben low man and half moon bay. how does san francisco fair the month of october? no measurable rain this month. typically you get 1.12. you'll notice lots of occurrences was in 2013 just two years ago. and really we are taking you
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back which has been a dry october for san francisco. the numbers are in the 50s and secretaries and the coolest spot when sheltered napa 51 degrees. so from the east bay hills camera, the visibility is terrific. we are look at sunny and bright conditions. dry and mild and there is another chance of rain on sunday. if you didn't get your fill today we have another system coming. that one will be colder. watch out along the coastline. swell heights are 9 to 12 feet. and that means the large breakers along the coast. also the low-lying flooding is still not out of the question. the higher than normal tides will continue just over six feet the next couple afternoons. here is that cold front that really fell apart and brought us the showers this morning. the high pressure is coming in behind it and that means return of warm fall days. saturday is dry for trick-or-treaters. really don't have to worry about it if you are taking
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your kids trick-or-treating or if you are heading to a halloween party. we will have rain developing to the north. it is for the afternoon and the evening hours. the snow level is 5,000 to 6,000 feet. this system is out of dwufl of alaska and the snow could impact the passes especially if you are heading up to the high country. cool in the morning and midto upper 40s for our coolest spots. that means you will need to bundle up. most other areas are in the low to upper 50s. the afternoon highs, make sure you have your short sleeves. it will be a mild, fall day. 80 this concord and 80 in fairfield and 75 san jose and oakland. 80 santa rosa and 72 san francisco and 66 half moon bay. it will be breezy at the coast. as you look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast warmer friday upper 60s to mid80s. we hold you there for a wickedly warm halloween and cooler sunday and showers come in on sunday going into monday morning. much cooler weather you will notice and don't forget sunday
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2:00 a.m. you will fall back one hour. >> it is good they give us the buffer day. thank you so much, sandhya. >> steph curry is known for his cool play on the hardwood. >> oh yeah. well still ahead, the one person that had the basketball mvp shaking. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso.
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championship is a big deal, but it is no match to playing golf with the president. they said facing lebron james in the finals was a piece of cake compared to teeing up with the chander if chief -- commander-in-chief this summer. curry says his hands were shaking he was so nervous. he did not say who won and he did not say what the president shot, but said he played well. >> he shot it from behind the trees. they didn't want to see that. >> national security is at stake. >> well, that may make steph nervous. i know this certainly will. the big man is hurt again. andrew boggit is hurt agai
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have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. brought to you by xfinity. >> this is precisely why the kansas city royals acquired cuedo from the reds. kansas city takes a 2-0 lead
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thanks to a two-hitter from cuedo. the mets head home now, but they have a big hole to dig out of is what he tried to say. there was a glimmer of hope through four innings. a bloop to left and mets up 1-0. the royals are masters of the come back and they erupt in the fifth. with two outs up the middle and rios scores and the royals are up 3-1. next up is mustakis. another ground ball and finds a hole. four runs in the inning they add three more and flies out to end it. it is a complete game two hitter and the royals win it 7-1 and they take a commanding series lead as they head back to new york. the warriors' center cannot catch a break. he broke his nose in the pre-season so he is wearing a mask. now he has a n could cussing. hing nod heads with dante
1:36 am
cunningham in the opener. he was bleeding and needed stitches. it was confirmed that he did indeed have a concussion and he has to go through the prot -- protocols before they can let him back. we have a swaggy-p sighting to end the first quarter. and he beats the clock. lake -- lakers up nine. lakers are up 11 in the third. ricky rubio is unstoppable. went for 28. minnesota is up one and four seconds left. you thought it was kobe, right? no! it is lou williams taking the last shot. kobe is under the basket with his head hanging. dude, i take the last shot around here. not tonight. t-wolves win 112-111. how much longer will colin kaepernick be the 49ers quarterback and is there a
1:37 am
campaign to usher him out the door? the 9ers are 2-5 and there are rumors that kap is isolated in the locker room and there is division among teammates. a recent closed door meeting. there is a lot of chatter. does he feel he is being labeled a scapegoat here? >> i really hope not. >> i give everything i can to the teammates. >> it is not dividing the team. it is not separating kap. kap is not on the island. we are here together and we try to win together. >> he gets physical. he knocks it away and chucks him into the board. little joe with the rebound and it is a 1-1 game. it is two on one for nashville.


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