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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 29, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, feisty debate. gop candidates in another face-off lashing out at each other in a free-for-all verbal assault. >> his poll numbers tanked and that's why he's on the end and he got nasty. and he got nasty. >> we're live in washington with the winners, losers and complete analysis. runaway blimp. a high-tech military aircraft going awol floating away with fighter jets on its trail causing damage in two states. body slam. the school's principal thrown to the ground by a student. the ruckus inside a cafeteria caught on camera. and game two, the royals grabbing a commanding lead in the world series. the key moments and highlights.
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well, good morning. the political dust settling after last night's third republican presidential debate. the mood, much more confrontational than in previous debates. maybe it was because the first primary and caucus is less than four months away. >> not that far away anymore. one of the sharpest face-offs was between florida rivals marco rubio and jeb bush, and there was no love lost between front-runners donald trump and ben carson. abc's bazi kanani joining us now with "your voice, your vote" from washington. bazi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis. good morning, reena. the establishment candidates who are trailing in the polls hoped this debate would help them pick up steam against the outsiders dominating the race. >> folks, we got to wake up. >> reporter: right from the start the front-runners donald trump and ben carson come under attack. >> we are on the verge perhaps of picking someone who cannot do this job. >> reporter: then a classic trump counterpunch against ohio
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governor john kasich. >> but then his poll numbers tanked. he's got -- that's why he's on the end, and he got nasty, and he got nasty, so you know what, you can have him. >> reporter: the real estate mogul further blasting kasich for his ties to failed wall street firm lehman brothers and another sparring match as jeb bush goes after first year senator marco rubio for missing senate votes to campaigns. >> marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term, and you should be showing up to work. >> someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> reporter: rubio defended his voting record with a comparison to john mccain and others who missed votes during presidential campaigns. new jersey governor chris christie drew applause for his slam on a question about regulating betting for fantasy football. >> we have -- wait a second. we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us, and we're talking about fantasy football. can we stop? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: as the candidates battled over their records and
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tax plans, they found agreement on one thing, ted cruz vents their shared frustration with the moderators. >> this is not a cage match. how about talking about the substantive issues people care about? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and republican party leaders are also bashing the moderators and their network for questions they claim were aimed at stirring up those stage fights and not focused on policy. the candidates will face off again in less than two weeks. reena, kendis. >> bazi, do we know if cnbc has responded to the criticism from the rnc? >> yeah, the network has issued a terse reply, a statement that simply says, "people who want to be president should be able to answer tough questions." >> and they certainly were some really tough questions there last night. abc's bazi kanani joining us from washington. bazi, thank you. well, among the candidates there were some breakouts and some bruises during the debate. >> yeah, here's abc's political analyst matthew dowd's take. >> reporter: i think marco rubio was the number one winner. i also thought ted cruz won
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especially among other republican base, and i thought john kasich did well. big loser was jeb. big winner was probably marco rubio. ben carson and donald trump seemed to disappear from the stage, especially donald trump. he seemed to not really be much involved in the debate and his answers were sort of the same things everybody has heard before, so i think it's interesting where the folks that hold 50% of the vote basically disappeared from the stage. >> interesting. >> and it seems marco rubio spurred curiosity among voters as well. >> according to google trends rubio was the most searched candidate on the internet during the debate followed by carson, trump, cruz and kasich. and democratic front-runner hillary clinton sending this text message to supporters after the debate, "so much talk, so little substance, makes me want to go out and do something. see you on the trail." and stay with abc news live team coverage later this
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morning on "good morning america." all right, back to washington because wisconsin republican paul ryan is expected to be elected as speaker of the house today. he takes over from john boehner who is retiring from congress. ryan says his election represents a new day in the house of representatives. and one by one house members will have a voice vote as they formally elect ryan today, and boehner is leaving capitol hill with one last victory, a budget deal. the house overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan budget agreement that he helped create. the senate is also expected to approve the bill, which will prevent a 52% increase in medicare premiums. it also raises the debt ceiling until after the next presidential election. former house speaker dennis hastert will be sentenced in february after his guilty plea for breaking banking laws. the 73-year-old's plea avoids a trial. hastert could have faced testimony about alleged sexual misconduct with teenage boys while he was an illinois high school wrestling coach in the '70s. under his deal prosecutors will recommend hastert be sentenced to six months at most.
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he will likely serve his time in a halfway house, not a federal prison. well, it's going to be another wet day in the northeast. the tropical heavy rain will be ending this morning, though, after dumping about an inch and a half of rain. but pennsylvania's pocono mountains resort area will get almost 4 inches. all right, britain's prince harry got some high-profile help kicking off the countdown to an event that is close to his heart. first lady michelle obama and the vice president's wife, dr. jill biden, joined harry yesterday to begin promotion for next spring's invictus games. >> they are an olympic-style event for wounded military veteran. the kickoff event includes a wheelchair basketball game. more than 500 athletes from 15 countries are expected to attend the games, which will be in orlando. okay, breaking overnight, a shooting inside the mall. the new details just in. plus, runaway blimp, the military aircraft breaking loose traveling across state lines. the damage left behind and what exactly is it. plus, dominating
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performance. game two of the world series, nothing like the game one marathon. we have the highlights coming up.
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a healthy baby is worth the wait. well, shoppers are describing the frightening moments after three people were shot at an indianapolis mall. one woman said she heard screaming and then deafening quiet after the gunfire last night. police say the shooter opened fire after an argument with one of the victims. two bystanders were also shot. the suspect is on the loose. the victims are recovering. to south carolina and the deputy fired after a video of him throwing a student went viral says he did nothing wrong. his attorney says ben fields
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believes his actions were justified and lawful given the circumstances. and while the incident is under federal investigation, the attorney says fields will be making no statements. the federal reserve is keeping interest rates low, but that could change in december. the central bank sees improvement in the global economy. a key short-term interest rate has been near zero since the financial crisis. investors seemed to welcome that news. the dow jones industrial average rose 198 points and the nasdaq was up 65 1/2. s&p gained 24 points. a merger could be in the works for the hotel industry. hyatt is said to be in talks to buy starwood hotel resorts. the combined company would be one of the largest lodging chains worldwide. starwood's hotel brands include the st. regis, w, sheraton and westin. okay, so it's not just the candy and costumes people spend big bucks on this halloween. the national retail federation says pet owners will shell out about $350 million for those guys, their furry friends.
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the top five best-selling costumes on ebay for pets are superman, lion, panda, batman and necktie and a bride there. >> surprised no "star wars" themes. >> i believe we had one right there, though, that was kind of cute, but not in the top five on ebay. surprise. when we come back, new this morning, a student playing in an elementary school playground pricked with a meth-laced needle hidden inside a teddy bear. plus, caught on camera, a principal slammed to the ground during a brawl. what caused the melee? when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung,h. it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem.
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don't look more beautiful, we'll give you your money back. i did it... and i feel beautiful. visit for details. astronaut scott kelly has now been in space longer than any other american ever. just a few hours ago kelly set the record for the longest single space mission, 216 days and counting. >> well, he already has the most total time in space, accumulated over four missions and yesterday kelly made his first ever space walk. back here on terra firma drivers can expect wet roads in. of the west, but not california, as well as the northeast. there may be some snow on the roads in the upper midwest but not. flying, airport delays likeiest in new york, boston, chicago, detroit and miami. there's a lot of work to be done to recover a valuable military surveillance blimp that floated away from its base. the rain overnight at the rural
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pennsylvania site where it went down didn't make things easier for workers. >> it broke loose at the military's aberdeen proving ground in maryland and wound up hours later in moreland township, pennsylvania. abc's linsey davis is there. >> reporter: for hours a mystery, just where was the $175 million military blimp? >> it knocked down our power at school and knocked down all of columbia's power. >> 12:20 p.m. it becomes unhinged detaching from its station in aberdeen proving ground in maryland traveling north 16,000 feet in the air floating into pennsylvania. >> it's going to land right in the cornfield. >> reporter: the blimp floating over a high school in bloomsburg, pennsylvania. >> oh, my god, it's going down. >> reporter: dragging a long metal tether, a cable several thousand feet long wiping out power lines along the way. the top secret balloon cost $175 million. the program more than 2 billion. the balloon did equipped with high-tech radar and early warning system that can search
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an area the size of texas for incoming cruise missiles, unfriendly aircraft, even tanks on the ground. its filled with helium. 242 feet long, three-quarters of a football field. retired colonel stephen ganyard saying make no mistake, it was a lot of taxpayer money floating for. of the afternoon. >> this protects the region but is a sophisticated military technology. very classified. it's the best capability in the world. >> reporter: shortly before touching down the tail fell off a quarter mile away from the massive balloon's final resting place in moreland township, pennsylvania, just after 4 p.m. a 1 into-plus mile journey sending f-16s in the air and officials on the ground scrambling. linsey davis, abc news, columbia county, pennsylvania. in california a wild fight in a school cafeteria led to the arrest of three students. the scene at a sacramento high school was recorded and posted online. the principal body slammed while trying to break up a fight.
4:17 am
three school administrators including that principal had minor injuries. two 15-year-olds and a 13-year-old face serious charges. and another frightening scene this one at a nevada elementary school playground. a first grader rushed to the hospital after sticking himself with a hypodermic needle stuffed inside a teddy bear. police say they found at least five needles inside the toy. one of the needles testing positive for meth and say the teddy bear was left by people partying from the night before. >> wow. a young boy in hawaii was taken to the hospital in serious condition after being attacked by a shark. others who were on the beach came to his aid before paramedics arrived there. the child no older than 11 had been body boarding when he was bitten on the right leg. it's the seventh shark attack in hawaii so far this year. it's the third on the island of oahu just this month. turning to sports, eighth week of the nfl kicks off tonight with the patriots hosting the dolphins. >> as for last night's world
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series action we get the highlights from the fellas at espn. >> good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. this is neil everett. we got game two of the world series and more nba action so baseball is first. >> i'm not the only one with great hair. cueto and degrom had great hair too. tied at one. two on eric hosmer. the degrominator taken to the cleaners in the fifth. gave up four in the fifth. he had given up four in 20 innings over his first three postseason game, that was all cueto needed. i mean this is why they got him from cincinnati. loves pitching at home. he says, hey, it's no different, but his last start at toronto he wasn't very good. he he goes -- he goes the full nine, stan. >> yeah. >> royals up 2-0. spurs and thunder from oklahoma city. kevin durante is back played just 27 games last year due to that foot injury. had 22 point, shot 6 for 19 but russell westbrook was fantastic
4:19 am
in this game. knocked that one down from the three-point range. ten assists for him. thunder up by five. kawhi leonard, career high 32 points for leonard. that foul there hit the free throw and cut it to a two-point lead. the pull-up. way short. aldridge, 11 points and 4 for 12 shooting in his spurs debut, oklahoma city wins it 11 hie workplace of the future, the new desk for the lazy worker. and going viral, the dance-off between a teenager and a police officer. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes...
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. the decision to leave is your giving up everything you have worked for your whole life. >> if you knew that tom cruise was watching this, what would you say to him? >> the first look is on "gma." then the "20/20" exclusive friday on abc. ♪ time now to check "the pulse" starting with the internet having a lot of fun with the awol military blimp. >> the military lost control of the giant unmanned surveillance blimp in maryland. well, the memes started even before it landed in pennsylvania. here's one of the blimp with lionel richie's face and the caption, is it me you're looking for? >> hello. >> hello. >> this one, showing the blimp in that famous "free willy" scene and the caption be free. >> and tom brady's face with the
4:23 am
text, let that blimp make it to new england, i'll deflate it. >> it was a funny moment but they've captured it. >> the memes are great for those. an ohio artist combining the spirit of halloween with the presidential election season. take a look. this is -- that's her with her great creation, the trumpkin. a giant pumpkin transformed into a replica of trump's head, hair and all. >> she painted the face on then she used a 30-inch wig to complete the look. kind of realistic, yes, no. >> some would say the only thing to match something that big, his ego. >> oh. whoa, whoa, whoa. >> some would say. well, next what do you think your boss might have to say about a desk when you can actually lay down and do your work. no, we're really not kidding. there actually is one. >> it's called the altwork station and, yes, it lets you recline on the job. >> it's all electronically controlled. there's a keyboard. there's a mouse.
4:24 am
they stay in place thanks to magnets and you can see it tilting up there. you recline. >> yeah, it can remember the exact positions that you prefer, all those features are going to be costly, though. nearly 4 grand if you preorder it now. >> nobody comes to clean your teeth. >> you said it kind of looks like a dental chair in it looks exactly like a dental chair. >> and some novocain. all right. so you might call this dancing with the cop. it started when a washington, d.c. police officer broke up a teen brawl. one of the teens walked up to the cop and starteded nae nae dance and a female officer laughed and said she had better moves than that and then showed them off. >> but that officer looks like she can get down. i would be careful challenging that officer. the dance-off is now going viral. the teen said she never thought the cops would be that call. the police chief, the may your all applauding it but the officer says she's so embarrassed it became so big but this is a great case of
4:25 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. and now a check on the weather forecast. mike? >> did you notice a difference this morning? it is dryer and cooler and clear. you will not need the umbrellas. this is how it looks from sutro tower temperatures are ten degrees cooler. in the 12-hour day planner, 45 to 58 through 7:00. at noon, 64 to 74 and total sunshine. we are breezy this afternoon, 66 at the coast and 82 inland, and most of us are back to the 60 by 7:00. i have good news for the commute. leyla? >> we have a bart delay. we are starting off with ten minutes delay in daly city and dublin and pleasanton because of an equipment problem.
4:29 am
they are working to get that back on line. ace train is on time. a.c. transit, no delays. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see we have a few cars starting to trickle in from the east bay and not too bad. the san jose bridge is close across the bridge between 880 and the peninsula. >> we will follow the bart delays. a huge warn for bay area parents dropping kids off. police are seeing a new type of robbery, targeting them during the vulnerable morning hours. amy hollyfield is in san leandro >> kristen this is where it starts a routine act of dropping your kid off at school. san leandro police thing the bad guys are watching parents at school choosing their victims and they are following them home. it has happen twice. they follow them hope to rob them and it has happened to asian families.
4:30 am
police think they are racially profiling. victims say in each case there were three to four men and they were armed. >> my dad tried to grab the gun and he saw two or three other guys run up with masks and guns >> no one has been hurt in the crimes. police say look at this car, a picture of the car they believe the suspects are in, a dark blue 2015 nissan similar to this vehicle. they are telling people if you think you are being followed, be aware of your surroundings, and if someone is following you, keep going, do not stop, call police. >> 4:0. developing news in london this morning, abc7 has learned the family of a missing trader from san francisco has friend to the u.k. hopping to find him. authorities say that 24-year-old josh


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