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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 29, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tonight, the passenger plane bursting into flames. the fire after a warning from a pilot in another plane that you're leaking fuel. >> engine's on fire! engine's on fire! >> passengers racing down the emergency slide. also breaking news. the manhunt right now. authorities warn he's armed and dangerous. the rapist now accused of shooting at police in two states. word coming in at this hour, he's now been spotted. the fiery debate. this evening, the moment between jeb bush and marco rubio, many say it backfired. and taking on the moderators. you will hear ted cruz, chris christie and donald trump lashing out at them. the verdict is in in the case of the high school boy accused of assaulting a freshman. his family begging for mercy. tonight, the judge's decision. and breaking free from the church.
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actress leah remini from "king of queens" on scientology and tonight, one-on-one with dan harris, breaking her silence on tom cruise. good evening. and we begin tonight with the frightening moments for more than 100 passengers and crew on board a plane moving toward takeoff when part of the plane bursts into flames. it happened in ft. lauderdale. a boeing 767, the plane right there engulfed in smoke and flames. it was getting ready for takeoff when another pilot notices something is wrong. that fuel is leaking. moments later, the fire ball erupts. the crew acting swiftly. the emergency chute deployed. at least 15 injured. tonight, we're now hearing from the passengers who were on board, with fire right outside their windows. abc's linzie janis is in ft. lauderdale, leading us off. >> reporter: passengers frantically fleeing the burning jet liner, sliding down emergency evacuation chutes. >> i heard a loud bang, turned around, saw the lights, saw flames.
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ran to the front of the aircraft. >> reporter: at that point, the jet was still moving toward takeoff. flight attendants springing into action. >> he calmly, as soon as the plane stopped, he opened the door, let the chute out, the chute opened to the side where the flames were. >> reporter: the call coming just after 12:30. within two minutes, broward sheriff fire and rescue are there. a minute later, all 101 on board are off the jet. within another 60 seconds, foam has knocked down the largest flames. >> all passengers are off the aircraft and the engine fire is out. >> reporter: "i was scared," says this passenger, who hurt her ankle running. at least 21 injured in all, including at least one serious injury. the dynamic airways jet was taxiing to takeoff to venezuela. what the pilot of the 767 didn't realize is that the jet was leaking fuel all over the taxiways.
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another pilot seeing the leak. >> dynamic is, out of the left engine, it looks like it's leaking a lot of -- i don't know if it's fuel. it's fluid leaking out of the left engine. >> okay, dynamic 4058, do you copy? >> yes, sir, we copy. we'll probably need to go back to the ramp. >> reporter: about ten seconds later, that fuel ignites. >> engine's on fire! engine's on fire! >> reporter: those few moments of panic gave way to a mystery -- why was it leaking fuel? >> it sounds very much to me like the culprit may be a fuel line in the engine, because fuel was seen spilling out of the engine, and then very rapidly, it ignited. >> reporter: and david, that plane with the red tail still on the tarmac behind me. the emergency evacuation being called textbook. it could have been so much worse. david? >> linzie janis on the scene tonight for us. linzie, thank you. we move on now to another story breaking at this hour. a manhunt under way across kentucky and tennessee. and there is late word coming in of a possible sighting.
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the urgent hunt for a felon, a convicted rapist considered armed and, quote, extremely dangerous. allegedly taking aim at police in two states, shooting one officer in the chest. a bulletproof vest saved the officer. some schools had been closed because of this, as the hunt continues tonight. abc's alex perez is there. >> reporter: tonight, the manhunt for a desperate career criminal intensifying. authorities saying he was spotted in rural kentucky just this afternoon and they're zeroing in. >> he is still considered to be extremely armed -- extremely dangerous and armed. >> reporter: 62-year-old floyd ray cook on the run since saturday, when he was pulled over by an officer in all good, tennessee, and opened fire. >> shots fired! shots fired! officer down. officer down. >> reporter: cook striking that officer in the chest. >> he hit me. i'm okay. >> i have help coming. i need you to breathe. talk to me, brother. okay, i know you're hit. they're coming. >> reporter: luckily, the officer was wearing a bulletproof vest. cook then fled to the nearby kentucky border and opened fire on officers who tried to stop him there.
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cook, again evading capture. this time, escaping into the woods. he was paroled in 2009. his offenses including rape of a minor, assault and armed robbery. and david, tonight, parents in some nearby school districts were asked to pick up their kids, rather than let them take the bus. authorities and residents here on high alert. david? >> alex perez reporting in for us. thank you, alex. and now to the race for 2016 tonight, and to the fallout from the fiery debate last night, the rivals taking swipes at one another. but also at the moderators. and you will hear what they said to them. and then the war of words between two men who say they're friends, jeb bush and marco rubio. but did the moment backfire on jeb bush? abc's tom llamas on the campaign trail tonight. >> reporter: tonight, many calling this a game-changing moment in the republican race. an attack that backfired. jeb bush challenging the man he mentored, marco rubio, for missing more votes than any other senator this year.
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>> but marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term. and you should be showing up to work. i mean, literally, the senate, what is it, like a french work week? you get like three days where you have to show up? you can campaign. or just resign and let somebody else take the job. >> reporter: but rubio ready for the attack. >> the only reason why you're doing it now is because we're running for the same position and someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> reporter: tonight, rubio telling us he's not running against bush, he's running for president. last night, when he was on that stage and he called on you to resign, personally, what did that feel like? >> you know, these things happen in campaigns, unfortunately, and i'm not going to let a campaign change me. >> reporter: bush now facing tough questions about his campaign's future. >> it's not on life support. end is not near, memo to file. life is good. >> reporter: and also onstage, donald trump, fending off an attack from ohio governor john kasich. >> folks, we got to wake up. we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. >> he was such a nice guy. and he said, oh, i'm never going to attack. but then his poll numbers tanked.
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he's got -- that's why he's on the end. and he got nasty. and he got nasty. so, you know what? you can have him. >> reporter: and carly fiorina, the breakout star of the last debate, saying this when asked to name her biggest weakness. >> well, gee, after the last debate, i was told that i didn't smile enough. >> fixed it. >> but i also think that these are very serious times. >> reporter: perhaps the debate's biggest targets -- the moderators. >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. this is not a cage match. how about talking about the substantive issues people care about? >> it's not a very nicely asked question, the way you say that. >> fantasy football? we have -- wait a second. we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football?
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can we stop? >> reporter: and david, going back to that moment between bush and rubio, several sources within the bush campaign tell us they will survive this, and they have the resources to compete, but it was a mistake going after rubio last night. and hillary clinton also weighing in on the debate, saying voters would have been better off watching the world series. david? >> tom llamas, who was in that debate hall last night. tom, thank you. and to washington, the changing of the guard on capitol hill. john boehner tearfully stepping down as house speaker today. famous for showing his emotions, clutching a box of tissues as he said good-bye. new speaker paul ryan elected today, smiling as he accepted the gavel declaring, quote, the house is broken, add, we are not settling scores. promising to restore order to congress. paul ryan there putting the finishing touches on his speech, tweeting, "let's do this." we turn now to the runaway blimp. tonight, the military taking drastic action, firing at it to deflate it where it came down in pennsylvania.
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[ gunfire. ] amid the gunfire, there are also many questions tonight. the balloon cost 175 million in taxpayer money. it comes after that wild ride, floating over schools, neighborhoods, crashing through power lines. f-16s scrambled for a time. traveling across state lines from maryland all the way up to pennsylvania. what was the balloon for and how often was it even used? abc's linsey davis is in pennsylvania. >> reporter: an active investigation and recovery mission tonight of what remains of this $175 million balloon, now deflated, and as of this morning, pierced with 100 bullet holes. >> you may have heard shotgun shots. that is how we are deflating it. >> reporter: after yesterday's wild ride. >> somebody might ought to call 911. >> reporter: now, the herculean recovery effort begins, as they attempt to return this 10,000-plus pound balloon back to maryland. this 240-foot blimp detaching from a maryland military base, reaching altitudes as high as 16,000 feet.
5:40 pm
dragging a 6,600-foot metal cable behind it, knocking out power to nearly 30,000 customers. floating unmanned at about 50 miles per hour for a 160-mile journey to these pennsylvania woods. >> look at the size of that thing. >> reporter: this blimp, paid for with taxpayer dollars, now tattered, torn and twisted. it's part of a nearly $3 billion test system now being used to defend the nation's capital against airborne attacks, with technology designed to find low-flying, fast-moving, small threats. but some argue it's too expensive and ineffective. >> something this expensive, this sophisticated, should never have been able to just drift away. but this is a program that the congress has kept alive even though the pentagon wants to get rid of it. >> reporter: the army says the most sensitive equipment has already been removed from the woods right behind me. the rest is expected to come out within the next day or so, likely by helicopter. and investigators are still trying to determine just how this blimp became detached. david? >> linsey davis in pennsylvania
5:41 pm
for us again tonight. now, to the new images obtained after that deadly shootout in waco, texas, we reported on here earlier this spring. families, waitresses caught in the cross fire. rival motorcycle gangs opening fire inside a popular restaurant. this man right there armed with a handgun. the waitress sprinting to safety. and you will see tonight the surveillance video for yourself. as officials now want to know, how did the video get out? abc's ryan owens in texas. >> reporter: as the cases against more than 100 bikers involved in a motorcycle gang shootout at this waco, texas, restaurant move forward, tonight, a stunning new look at the action in a series of videos apparently leaked from the case file. in one video, the gun fire erupts just offcamera, but watch the reaction of the bikers. some grab guns, others hit the floor and crawl to safety. one surveillance came are one surveillance camera catches a biker firing a shot toward the parking lot as he runs inside. >> i just got a call from a passerby, thought they heard a
5:42 pm
gunshot, looked over and saw a lot of people running. >> reporter: the videos, obtained by cnn, appear to be part of the evidence, after the shootout left nine dead and 18 injured. waco police say they did not release the surveillance videos and whoever did may be in legal trouble. the videos also show terrified twin peaks employees running for cover. minutes later, a parade of bikers surrendering with their hands up. these videos are being made public just as the grand jury down in waco is hearing all of those cases against all of those bikers. and that's why police and the prosecutor are so mad tonight. they're worried this leak could affect the outcome. david? >> ryan owens in texas for us. thanks, ryan. there were late developments today in the high school case making national headlines. the young man convicted of sexually assaulting a freshman girl at st. paul's in new hampshire. today, he was silent, motionless as he learned his fate. his parents had begged for mercy. abc's gio benitez with what the judge decided. >> reporter: 20-year-old owen
5:43 pm
labrie saying a quiet prayer at his sentencing today, convicted in august for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old freshman girl in the dark science building of their elite prep school. the victim breaking down on the stand. we are distorting her voice. >> i was raped. i was violated in so many ways. >> reporter: prosecutors argued it was part of a so-called school tradition, the senior salute. graduating seniors spending time with younger students. sometimes intimately. they claimed labrie was trying to wrack up sexual conquests as part of a game. the jury acquitted him of the most serious charge, felony rape, but found him guilty of misdemeanor sexual assault and of using e-mail and facebook to lure the underage girl. his victim, in a video statement, today saying she has been harassed for coming forward. >> what he did to me made me feel like i didn't belong on this planet and that i would be better off dead. >> reporter: labrie says he
5:44 pm
never forced himself on the girl. his mother begging for mercy. the defense submitting pictures of him as a young boy and visiting harvard, where, they say, he planned to study divinity. the judge calling labrie a very good liar, saying his 15-year-old victim was not able to consent. >> that's the crime you were convicted of. engaging in sexual penetration with someone who is not old enough to know how to handle it. >> reporter: labrie faced 11 years behind bars, but was sentenced to one. afterwards, embracing his family with a smile. and tonight, david, owen labrie is actually out on bail as he pursues an appeal. but after court today, he did have to officially register as a sex offender. he could be on that list for the rest of his life. david? >> gio benitez tonight. gio, thank you. overseas this evening, a close encounter between the u.s. and russia in the pacific. the uss ronald reagan taking part in a training exercise off the korean peninsula. four american fighter jets
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scrambled, intercepting two russian military planes that flew a mile from the air craft carrier. the russian pilots flying away without incident. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. and the holiday deals available already this weekend. the shopping wars heating up tonight. the big announcement now from walmart and the other major retailer tonight, as well. we have breaking news this evening in the well-known case of a missing boy, disappearing years ago. one of the most famous cases in america. and you know her from "king of queens." sitcom star leah remini on leaving the church. tonight, right here, the dan harris interview. breaking her silence on scientology and on tom cruise for the first time.
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5:48 pm
>> reporter: long before she starred on the hit cbs sitcom "the king of queens" -- >> do you have to build yourself up by tearing me down? >> yes. >> reporter: -- leah remini was an 8-year-old who joined scientology at the behest of her mom. for a kid that was always comparing herself to other people, to be part of a faith where you had a mission to save -- >> the planet. save the planet. >> reporter: that must have been a big deal. >> yes. and because scientologists view children as spiritual beings, you're not treated as a kid. >> reporter: leah would go on to be an active member of the church for more than three decades. coming into the orbit of tom cruise. >> being critical of tom cruise is being critical of scientology itself. you are evil. >> reporter: as she describes in her new book, "troublemaker," she would ultimately leave the faith, a move that would change her life. >> the decision to leave is you are giving up everything you have ever known and everything you have worked for your whole life. i feel that people need to
5:49 pm
understand, this has been my whole life. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. >> it is a gripping hour. dan harris reporting, a special edition of "20/20" tomorrow night here at 10:00 eastern. in the meantime tonight, when we come back, new developments in a missing persons case that made national headlines. what we've just learned. the health warning tonight about the flu vaccine and how it might not be effective if you're taking drugs for cholesterol. we'll explain. and the holiday shopping deals hitting this weekend. walmart's big announcement. and the other major retailer out with news tonight, as well. we'll be right back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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and about all your medical conditions. insulins, including toujeo, in combination with tzds (thiazolidinediones) may cause serious side effects like heart failure that can lead to death, even if you've never had heart failure before. don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. pay no more than $15 per prescription for 12 months. eligibility restrictions apply. learn more at or call 800-580-3421. also, 9 out of 10 medicare part d patients can get toujeo® at the lowest branded copay. ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo®. to the index tonight. new developments in one of america's most well-known missing persons cases. 11-year-old jacob wetterling disappeared riding his bike near his home in st. joseph,
5:53 pm
minnesota. that was in 1989. authorities today arresting a man for a separate crime, calling him a person of interest in the case. the family tonight thanking all involved in their 26-year search. call it thanksgiving creep. macy's announcing hours after the last balloon in the thanksgiving parade, they'll open for business, 6:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. but get this. this weekend, walmart launching its first holiday sales online. 24 hours after halloween. and with flu season just about here, a warning for anyone on statins. two new studies tonight showing the cholesterol-lowering drugs may make the flu vaccine less effective in older adults. more than 40% of americans, of course, over 65, taking statins. so, check with your doctor. when we come back tonight, if you're watching the world series, a story, really anyone can root for. >> hi, david. >> this family with a message, and even though they're wearing royals jerseys there, i guarantee you won't believe what they had to tell you. we couldn't believe it. right after the break.
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vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one. finally tonight here, america strong. the new royal baby, or, should we say, royals? >> hi, david. we're just getting home from the hospital, mariah and i are doing well. >> reporter: mariah is the newest member of the spicer family. and look closely. the pink knit crown on her head, that crown is for the kansas city royals. born at st. luke's east in kansas city, few even noticed mariah had arrived, because the entire city was watching this. >> 1-0, kansas city! >> reporter: born on the same day the royals were playing game one of the world series. >> ten days early. she just decided that she wanted to come during the world series.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: but here's where it gets interesting. her mom, elizabeth, well, she was born during the world series, too. 1985, 30 years ago. the royals won the world series. in fact, here she is with her father, and now elizabeth with her own newborn, just as the royals try to do it again. >> we're excited to watch the rest of the world series and hoping that we win it in four. >> hoping to get the brooms out for the sweep. go royals! >> we wish them well and we want to hear about some mets babies out there, too, if you have them. send me a tweet. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. i'm david muir. equal opportunity. see you tomorrow. good night. there is a list outing some
5:59 pm
of the bay area's worst water wasters. and looking live from drone view 7 above a par. ed lake north of stockton. we'll take a look at how dire the situation has become. raider nation lines up in hopes of keeping their team in oakland. and the visit from law enforcement today that was all smiles. what brought these three back together? they're athletes, doctors and lawyers but tonight, they're being outed for using water as if the state isn't a drought. i'm dan ashley. sky 7 hd flew above some of the
6:00 pm
homes so what do they are to say for themselves? >> laura anthony is live in orinda with the story. laura? >> reporter: the average daily usage per household is just over 200 gallons per day. many of these folks are using thousand s per day, but some told us they've cut back dramatically. >> this place was built, and designed when water was plentiful. >> reporter: dan manages a property. according to east day mud, they used 7,000 gallons per day. holmes says that is a drop from a high of 23,0002 years ago. >> we let the grass die. we don't run the water fall anymore. just the swimming pool. our average today is about 6,000.


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