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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 30, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> traffic is routed around a busy southbound interchange because a pedestrian was hit and kill by a car i am eric thomas. the accident took place on north milpitas north the dixon landing road where we find janet o with the latest. >> police opened up the road a short while ago. the investigation is still in its early statements. officers believe the man was a pedestrian in this case and may have been jay walking when he was hit by an s.u.v.
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businesses say milpitas boulevard is a busy road certainly not a place you would want to jaywalk. >> more traffic due to the fact we have high density homes, the freeway is here. traffic has gotten very bad. >> track was that much worse this morning as drivers maneuvered away the barricades blocking two lanes. milpitas police say crossing street at the wrong place at the wrong time could be the reason why a man is now dead. his body was found in the road near the median shortly before 6:00 a.m. >> he is a black male. approximately 20-25. we are working on identification. >> the driver is cooperating with police. drugs and alcohol are not factors. officers interviewed the driver of the a.c. transit bus and hope the video will give answers. >> the cameras from the bus will let us know what happen. >> neighbors say this are no
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signs or warnings but they are hopeful pedestrians will learn from the accident and use the crosswalk. >> just be more careful and watch where you are going. it is very sad. >> officers are urging pedestrians to use extra proceed caution especially during the early morning hours when it is dark because the drivers have a tougher time seeing people using the crosswalk and people not using the crosswalk. >> we are following breaking news where c.h.p. is shutting down all lanes of 680 southbound because of a big rig leaking fuel. this is a look from sky 7 along 680 close to highway 84. c.h.p. said that the big rig crashed into a parked tow truck before 9:00 a.m. the crash caused the rig to leak ethanol. the c.h.p. closing all southbound lanes while it cleans
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up the fuel and debris with no estimated time to re-open. stay us with at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. a two-year old is fighting for her life an being hit by a car when her mother was walking her in a stroller in richmond district on parker avenue when the car hit the stroller. the two year old has injuries to her head and face. the driver is i don't rating. so far, no charms have been filed. >> more developing news with a sent for the person who shot a man in the head. authorities say the man was shot around 4:45. the neighbors reported hearing about ten shots and sketching and the sound of a car driving quickly away. the victim was airlifted to the hospital. there is no word open his condition. >> in san mateo county, shivereds are searching for
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three missing boys would walked away from a juvenile camp this morning. they were last seen at log cabin ranch a camp for troubled youth. there are no fences there. the boys were wearing blue coats and jeans and boots. >> haz-mat crews in appeal are trying to determine the source of an odor that sent a dozen to the hospital after breathing a chemical smell at the westin hotel. the garage and first floor of the hotel were evacuated. guests above that level were sheltered in place. officials have deemed the area "safe," this morning. >> remember, when you see news, take a photo or video and share it with # abc7now. we could use it on air or online. >> today is the day to snap a picture of the beautiful bay area and the weather. this is a look from twin peaks to the bay. you can see plenty of sunshine
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and, also, a few clouds. here is the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. we will look at our temperatures come paired to 24 hours ago. most of us are warmer. where is that putting us? in the 60s and low 70s already in san francisco a little bit behind. check out if you want to go to the coast, no need to worry about the breakers, they are gone. take the sunscreen and know that the temperatures today are going to be 8-12 degrees above average. it will be the same tomorrow with halloween forecast in the big weather in ten minutes and look at the rain that is coming for sunday and monday. much cooler weather. >> thanks. the united states is sending ground troops into syria. president obama has ordered fewer than 50 special operations forces to the war-torn nation and the white house insists this is not a combat mission but one to advise and support coalition forces against isis. a pentagon official said the move is a counter strike to
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russia's growing influence in the region. >> our nation made decisions the last two decades that were con grewent with our approach to russia. now we know we did not have the pan we thought we did and we are re-adjusting. >> in vienna, secretary of state john kerry said the u.n. has been asked to bring the syrian government and opposition together for a new political process. >> british police are working to determine if an unidentified body found in west london is that of a missing san francisco stock trader. the 24-year-old was last seen the morning of the return and his family has been notified. >> uc berkeley police said someone appears to have been drugged at fraternity. so far, the from -- fraternity
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nasa not been identified and it may involve more than one being drugged there is an alert superintendent out to students to not leave unattended drinks. >> it is disappointing. this is supposed to be a safe environment at check. you have to make your own dreams >> police put out a warning about sexual assault reminding the community someone under the glue of alcohol or drugs cannot give consent. >> despite opposition from neighbors and members of city government a homemade haunted house open for business tonight. amy hollyfield? >> yes, welcome to my creepy carnival, would you like some rotten corn dogs?
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or a human head? yes, the haunted house is very much on. this is the end of it. allow us to take you back through from the going. >> this is the main house this year. it is "bad dreams," the experience of being a child and having a nightmare. >> the nightmare is 15-year-old sam's dream, the homemade haunted house will finally come to life tonight. getting here has been a nightmare in itself. >> i was only thinking, well, about staffing, that was hard, but there was a lot of stress. >> a neighbor spotted the creation and appealed the city's decision to allow it and sam beat the appeal and is now ready for halloween fun. >> i'm excited because we are going to open up and everyone can see what i have created. >> it is very professional and creative and very well-thought-out. his mother realized his love for halloween when he was ten.
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>> i said, why don't you d.c. crate the basement and make a haunted house. i had no idea what i was unleashing when i told him that. the kid has had a tongue of fun but someone locked their mom in the basement. no basements this year. you expense everything in a child's nightmare. >> here is the first nightmare, the dentist. >> the friends have been trained to play different scary part the. they are looking forward to scaring the heck out of everyone. >> they love it when you hear the screams of people...and people are telling you "awesome ," the event s. >> and this is scary, guts. it is happening in the back yesterday this year. the last couple of years it has been in the driveway but to keep the neighbors happy he moved it to the backyard but it is bigger than before and not just about fun but any donations he received he gives to the alameda
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county food bank. >> if you would like to check out sam's haunted house it is located in albany and the fun starts at 7:00, or if you want to go tomorrow the doors open at 6:00 and the $5 donation benefits the alameda county food bank with the dailies and more on >> we have more halloween fun on the way and a building collapse in new york city has firefighters flocking to the scene and what they are searching for. >> what wet in texas get as town off to a
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>> developing news, rescuers are digging through rubble of a collapsed building in negotiation, in manhattan that gave way while crews depolished it. a worker was killed and another is trapped beneath the rubble much at least 60 firefighters are on the scene. stay with us for the latest. look for updates on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. a chemistry classroom fire at a virginia high school sent five students to the hospital two with serious injuries. the fire brock out this morning at a school in fairfax, in northern virginia, aerial footage shows students filthing the stands of the campus football field after evacuating. two of the five students hurt
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have potentially life threatening injuries. haz-mat team is on site and not given "all clear." >> wild weather in texas showing why hundreds of vehicle waiting from austin with raging water from a creek that flooded and turning the streets into rivers. and here pull kind were floating down the street and the road is now a river. neighbors say they do not know know where all the pumpkins came from. thunderstorms are predicted across central texas this afternoon. >> a special start to the halloween weekend and san francisco students show off their best shooky spirit with costumes include a history lesson. >> happy turn of events for a duck that glue the keep, and the health the duck is getting to reunite with spe
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> news team on "good morning america" is getting into the halloween spirit by paying tribute to "star wars". >> come on, now the real "star wars", the lost episode, the team had its spin on what would happen if they travel to a galaxy far, far away from times square. in the spoof, the meteorologist stars as the princess lay
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>> you will not be able to see this lost episode at the movie any time soon but the new "star wars" opens at united states theaters december 18. >> if san francisco third greaters combined education with halloween, researched a historical character like albert einstein or ruth bader ginsburg and researched we -- that person. [ inaudible ] >> halloween events are underway if elementary schools across the bay area today.
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and tomorrow. we are getting a lot of halloween photos and today or tomorrow post your photos on social media with #speakyon7. you can check out events across the area at >> so, the trick-or-treaters, what sort of weather are they in for? >> great weather. fantastic. the next seven days we start with live doppler hd and it is absolutely void of clouds, rain or moisture. we will feel more humid today than we did yesterday. could not get much more dry than yesterday. sutro tower has the backdrop of how clear it is at the coast and there are no more big breakers and all you need is sunscreen. and warm sunshine. mother nature is giving treats until tomorrow's forecast with light rain for showers into monday. november is coming in and it will feel like fall.
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70s and 80s, 9 in milpitas and sunnyvale and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s lick 80 in san jose and gilroy, and everyone in the mid-to-upper 70s on the planes and 71 at half moon bay and 71 in the sunset, and mid-70s downtown and sausalito, and more hazy in the air today. if you are headed up north, low-to-mid 80s everywhere and along the east bay shore, mid-to-upper 70s like oakland and san leandro, and young in as coe trail and fremont and in the inland east bay neighborhood, dublin and leften, around 83 to 86 in livermore. tonight is as cool as this morning with a lot of low-to-upper 50s and inland in the upper 40's rather than the mid 40's and fog trying to creep in near the coast. that will set be more previous land in the sunday forecast. the trick or treat will be
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beautiful, at 5:00, at 72, and now it is descending, 65 and mostly ghostly at 62 degrees at 9:00, and now, jumping ahead to sunday you can see the cold front coming down our best chance of rain and it will be light, in the north bay and when the sun sets influence monday morning we will have a better chance of light rain and monday afternoon, when the trough pulls in we will have a better chance of showers with the possibly heavier rain. it will not be a deluge, we are hoping maybe .1" to .25". at memorial stadium it will be 70 and warming to 43 and sunday is nice at the coffee, with my clouds and sunshine and 75 and 1:00 o'clock, kickoff time dropping to 72. the seven-day outlook shows we get an extra hour of sleep. no one on this shift has forgotten that change your batteries in the smoke detector.
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we wake up to possibly 70 on sunday and only secretary often monday with the cold air spinning out a few showers and when we get the sunshine back, mainly 60s tuesday and wednesday. >> november will start off like fall? >> exactly. >> good to know. >> new details on the fate of a beloved bay area duck. this is the duck who may soon be reunited with a grouch seniors in marin county much the trouble for the duck began when the duck flew from her home at the assisted living to a neighbor's yard. the neighbor did not realize she was living at the gardens and called a wildlife rove huge group and then fish and wildlife prevent the duck from returning and a congressman met with all of the parties involved and it is looking promiseing -- promising for the duck.
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nice to see you. friends of alameda animal shelter. >> this is ernie approximately two or three years old and very happy, happy, happy boy. he listens. he is good about sitting and staying. he good boy sitting in the car. children, old are children. >> he is strong? >> not because he is strong. >> solid. a sold it boy. >> loves people. he just loves people and he can go into a home with other dogs. there is no problem. >> good to know. tell us about your adoption practices. >> we have a special through sunday where any of our pets that have dark color on them in is no adoption fee this weekend. >> fantastic, we can find ernie
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and bert at the alameda animal shelter waiting for a home. >> thank you. >> from all of us at abc7, thank four joining us.
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>> welcome to bucket list week. you're about to meet someone with a special life-long dream who came here today to win a pile of cash so they can make it a reality. can they do it? we're about to find out. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. when our returning contestant was just seven years old, he fell in love with arcade games, and decided one day, one day he'd have a private arcade of his own. today he's here to finally make that a reality. from salem, massachusetts, please welcome back mark pagliarulo. [cheers and applause] >> hey, chris. >> how you doing? >> good to see you again. >> good to see you again. welcome back. >> oh yeah. [applause]


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