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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this hour, we've got to look at some hot costumes as well as haunted houses. along with all the fun comes some danger. good afternoon, everybody. >> well, just as we're expecting that big party weekend ahead. there are new allegations of assault on fraternity row on the campus. live from uc berkley with some details. >> reporter: some students may have been drugged at a fraternity party. students at uc berkley are fired up for a big football game.
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campus police want students to be aware of a possible drugging. >> multiple people may have been drugged at a fraternity party. >> reporter: the lieutenant says some students may have had something slipped in their drinks last weekend. they don't know at which fraternity. >> that's very scary. i wasn't aware that it happened. it definitely makes it a little more cautious if i was to go out. for me, i'm going to try to not put myself in that type of situation. for me, i hope they're extra careful. >> the university has been e-mailing them safety tips. as for the drugging, police are not investigating. >> we don't have a person that's come forward that's a victimment we don't have a witness that's come forward. it's a third party report and we don't have a lot of detailed information to investigate. >> officers hope putting out the little information they do have gives students the scare they need for a safe holiday weekend.
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>> meanwhile, there's a push in california to lower the drinking age to 18. the secretary of state's office has cleared the way for terry lynn to begin collecting signatures. it's a civil rights issue. they're adults in the eyes of the law at 18. >> new details now on the case of a man accused of stealing a police suv and leading officers on a wild chase. he pleaded not guilty to nine felonies and three disme dee nor charges. last saturday, he was found with a knife in san francisco. when officers tried to arrest him, he jumped into a police suv. he got all the way to the bay
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bridge where police arrested him, but only after he jumped from the upper deck to the lower deck and tried to carjack somebody else. >> we don't know how long he's going to be there. we're going to try to figure out what happened here. >> given the severity, we're >> not yet identified a man killed while crossing the road around 6:00 this morning. police say the case is under investigation, they believe the man may have been jaywalking when a car hit him. >> because at that time of the morning, there's not a whole lot of witnesses. one of the things we're going to rely on, there was a nearby tran silt bus. they're being cooperative. >> police say the man driving the car stooped and he is cooperating with the investigation. >> san francisco city leaders
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want parents to be especially safe when trick-or-treating after a three-year-old girl was hit in a crosswalk yesterday. this was at the corner of parker and euchlid. at a kids' halloween event, drivers are the key to keeping the streets safe. >> we're going to make sure that we send a message to everybody driving on the streets. slow down and watch for everybody. that's the way that you prevent accidents. >> what is our weather going to be like when all of those trick-or-treaters hit the street. >> a look ahead at the halloween forecast. >> i can tell you there's nothing scary about the weather. i've seen some scary-looking
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people today, but that's not unusual. they will remain that way through most of the trick-or-treating hours. however, we have a winter storm watch beginning sunday night at 10:00, continuing until monday night at 10:00. at this hour, 71 degrees, 80 in mountainview, 66 if half-moon bay. looking down to much of the bay, it's mid 80s. we'll see mostly clear skies. a little cool in some of our inland valleys. tomorrow, halloween, sunny and mild. and even into the early evening hours, nice, dry, mild weather
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for trick-or-treaters. >> for the first time, california is finding communities that are consistently failing to cut back on water use that the governor ordered during this drought. in contrast, urban waters statewide are continuing to con essential. >> sacramento is taking a pro-active approach to water conservation. beginning on sunday, residents at the capital city will be allowed to water their rauns only once a week. water evaporates a a slower rate in the winter full-time. roseville and venetia which are just two of cities that restrict water.
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governor brown issue a state of emergency. >> all lanes of southbound 680 are back open after a big rig crashed into a park tow truck. sky 7 hd was over the scene. >> we have some new detail this is afternoon about what is most likely a drive-by shooting. a man pulling out of his driveway was shot at least several times, at least once in the head. police aren't giving the victim's condition, but his mother said she's preparing to bury her second son from street vie lempx. she's offering a $10,000 reward. >> an autopsy is being conducted in london.
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a new report highlighting the problems of bullying. >> the report finds 55% of muslim students say they've been bullied and that's twice the national average. >> here's one student's story. >> as you said, that number is 55% of muslim students in the state say they've been bullied. and you're about to hear from one of them. a student who says she was bullied here at school and then off campus at calf fee shop. the school did intervene and they were aware of the incident.
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she was even selected to give a speech to the entire school. then, in may, she was in a local coffee shop when she says a barista lashed out at her. >> she said oh, lord. i don't want to serve another isis fan. >> the council thinks theish shy of bullying needs to be addressed earlier. >> once people are educated and they see it, they're much less likely to experience bullying.
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however, nearly 30% of the young women say they were touched inappropriately by others and felt discrimination for their teachers. >> it's incredibly important for us to help our students learn. >> still ahead at 4:00, wild weather rescues. >> plus, the big layoff at chevron. the numbers and why the company is struggling right now. >> also, halloween costumes with a twist. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just search for michael finney on facebook or twitter. >> traffic on this friday, ghoulish. a horror seen at 410.
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traffic is headed on the reside to berkley.
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chevron is cutting up to 7,000 jobs. the cuts are about 10% of the global work force. also selling billions in assets to survive a lengthy industry slow-down.
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and walmart is hiring. officials say they plan to add more than 3,000 workers for the holiday season. >> another option for sonoma county residents. the 50,000 square foot facility closed in 2014 because of financial issues. supporters raised money to renovate and then reopen the hospital. the facility has 25 beds, new emergency and operating rooms and 180 staff members. >> law enforcement agencies are taking extra precautions to protect children out trick-or-treating this weekend.
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>> keeping track of kids who are out trick-or-treating is a top concern of parnls. >> it gives us piece of miebd. >> tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, michael finney shows the pin trackers. >> some schools in san francisco were asked to . >> reporter: there were lots of
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others driving me nuts. out of the frying pan and into the fire. raining cats and dogs. >> i am all ears. >> it helps kids think about the language. >> another school made it a historical halloween. >> it keeps them to continue learning and continues education for them. >> students in the mission district were asked not to judge a book by its cover. read it as one of the characters.
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>> i'm reeding a book that i know about. it will help me get more information on it. >> most did everything inside the book. what are you reading. >> we've been getting a lot of halloween photos of people on their costume along with some great pumpkins. >> look at the hot dog there. that little maltese in his hot dog costume. >> he is the hot dog. that have very cool. >> if you're heading out to celebrate, you can share them with us using the hash tag spookyon7.
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okay, here we go. we ordered sunny skies today and that's what we had. here's a view from our rooftop camera. and these are our forecast pictures. rain arrives sunday evening. high pressure is still the dom nant feature. hanging out for just one mr day and then becomes this frobt.
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5:00 tomorrow afternoon, nice and lovely and clear skies. it will be dark by about 6:30 in all areas. but by 9:00, a little bit spookier. i would advise you to start sunday morning. notice the front sweeps down. rain starts to spread south sunday evening. a little bit more rain becoming more widespread and snow in the sierra. so by monday night, snowfall totals will be up to or above a foot in some locations. this will be a pretty desent
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system. overnight, rooking for clear skies with temperature ins the low to mid 50s. don't forget to fall back to standard time. we're going to have a cool er c pad. upper 60s to near 70 on the bay. >> did we miss the creeper ghosts? >> they get away from me at the last second. >> next time, please. >> justin bieber stopped a concert after only one song. why he called it quits last
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night. >> and after 4:30 con tro verse yal houts gets. >> this is the usual scene. 101 in san jose, the 880 overpass. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today.
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juanita the duck. the trouble began last month while she flew from her home over to a neighbor's yard. that neighbor called the wildlife rescue organization. several wildlife renovations to kick in leaving if parties involved and it rooks reich things radiogoing promsing for
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flrks lo rarks r reta. >> pop star justin bieber stopped the concert after just one song. only moments after the 21-year-old began the show in oslo. trying to mop up the water but the fan in the front lost him. he chose to end the show as the people in the front row would not listen. >> stop the whole show? >> yeah. >> that's odd. he's not going to sit. >> now, for today's hot list, the biggest and the best moments and information from our friends at good morning america. >> this is always my favorite show. >> here's your 60 second hot list from gma today.
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>> did you ever write up a report on your huds. >> if you noo that tom cruise was watching this, what would you say to him. ed sheeren. >> the one and only, taylor swift. >> i'm just going to take-take-take. >> and that's the tma hot list for today. we'll see you in the morning on gma. >> you're fired. you can catch robin, george and the rest of the good morning
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america crew weekdays from 7:00 to 9:00. >> how weather hitting texas with flash floods and even a tornado. >> plus, u.s. troops heading to syria. the plan that was just announced today.
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here are the headlines now at 4:30. a man accused in a wild chase in a stolen san francisco police suv pleaded not guilty today to 12 charges. he's accused of stealing a running suv and crashing into several cars after officers tried to arrest him. police finally caught him after he feel left from the upper deck to the lower deck of the bay bridge. police are looking for the person who shot a man while he was just sitting in his drive way. you can see the sfriet out. she said she spoke to a neighbor who thought it was actually a hall wean prank until police showed up. the victim's mother says her son is brain dead. there's a $10,000 reward for informs. >> meanwhile, tweeting out this video of the oakland police being sworn in today. how these 35 men and women are
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making a source similar to the area they served. at least 16 people are dead today. this comes as a war-torn country is going to get help. abc news reporter is in washington with the president's new plan to fight isis. >> one is trying to emphasize the extremely limited scope, less than 50 american special operations forces deployed on the ground in syria in the fight against isis. >> this is an intensification of the sfrat jill that the president announced more than a year ago. >> josh earnest on the defensive saying this is not a reversal that he would not send u.s. troops into syria. >> our strategy in syria hasn't changed. >> according to the administration, these troops would not be involved in trying to out the southeasterly yan president. they would vote on the fight against isis now also being called by aiding and assisting and training low kalg fighters
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inside syria. >> we are intensifying our counter dash campaign. and we're u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in veenna with 17 other nations discussing peace for the syrian civil war. russia urged the state out of the con flikt. >> translator: i believe that neither the u.s. nor russia want to go back to the so called proxy war. >> already, several republicans and at least one-on-one democrat began to criticize the move. abc news, the white house. >> president obama is applaud g ing the senate's pre-dawn approval showing that congress can help and not hinder the nation's progress. senators voted to increase the
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msh. deal also raises the debt ceiling. the president says this deal will strike sneeded defense. >> flash flooding, a possible tornado. texas is getting hit hard by a fast-moving storm today. . evacuations are underway as rescue teams rush into help. >> warning sirens blaering as they roll lull central texas. overtaking roads and entire nay fwor hoods today. this home breaking apart at the edge of the river. trapped inside his flooded car, he called 9-1-1 from his vehicle
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and then floated to a tree. >> i can go up higher if i needed to, so i'm not too worried about that. it's believed the powerful storm also responds to tornadoes leeing this wide path of destruction. and, yes, that is a tractor trailer somehow swept up on to the roof of this holiday inn. >> akroz the road, we have the fire house. in the back, the roof is taken off. >> near san antonio, rescuers say school children trap ds inside two busses overrun by raging waterer. one of them was carrying special needs children. >> evacuations are underway where rivers continue to riesz. emergency crews respond to do n dozens of high water rescues. >> a building partially collapsed this morning killing
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one worker. officials say another man had to be duck old by rescuers. now, he's expected to sur five. 17 other con sfrux workers dit escape. >> the national transportation safety board arrived this morning. at least 10 people wr hurt when a tie nappic air ways playing burst into plams on the tarmac. >> a mull day state career hundred dollar ended in kentucky. according to police, cook was armed and refused to coop rate forcing offerings to open fire,killing him on the spot. >> there's a feeling of relief that it is over. that the community is safer now. >> he had
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25 25009 after soerveing part of a rap sheet. >> the extradition case against roman palansky may fieblly be over. extradition to the u.s. would you describe violate the civil rights of the now 834-year-old. in 1977, the film plaiker pleadsed kolgs to have following the accident in los angeles. u.s. o i shall ifs have not said if they plan to appeal tods's decision. an mother-in-law is waiting to hear if he'll be grant ds a seemly over n can fa. the 30-year-old made his camp status before a kourlts in vancouver. he told the judge he's afraid to go back to the u.s. he crossed into canada last month and applied for refugee status. he has outstanding war e warrants as well as disordserly
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conduct and resisting arrest chlts. >> just ahead, a con fro versal haunted house going as planned. >> i'm michael finney. so i'm still taking your questions on twitser and face boork. just search for michael finney. i'll answer your questions life here. >> looking at clear skies, all the way through the trick-oar-treating hours tomorrow. but then tllg be changes. i'll have the foer kags coming up in just a m
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some members of city government and albany, a teenag teenager's haunted house will be open for business tonight. >> so this is the main house of our haunts this year, which is bad dreams. and it's the experience of being a child and having a night mary. >> the nightmare you're walking into was his dream. his elaborate, homemade house will finally come to light tonight. but getting here was a nightmare in itself. >> i was always thinking. will this happen, you know? and that was kind of hard. >> a neighbor fought this creation and appealed the city's decision to allow it. sam beat the appeal this week and is now ready for some halloween fun. >> i'm really excited because we're going to finally open up
4:40 pm
and everybody can see what i've created. >> it's very well-thought out. his mom said hey, i had no idea what i was suddenly seeing when i told him that. the kids had kind of fun other than at some point they said to me momg, r we still locked in the basement. >> this is all happening in sam's backyard. in the years passed, he's had it in the driveway. but to keep his neighbors happy, he's moved it back here and says it eat all about fun. in albany, abc 7 news.
4:41 pm
>> thank you, amy. if you would like to go check out sam's haunted house, it's going to start tonight at 7:00. if you want to go tomorrow night on halloween, doors open at 6:00. >> the upside down babies. live doppler e7 hd showing us clear skies and mild conditions all across the bay area right now. but over in seerra, there's going to be some snow. wenter storm coverage that will bring rain here and produce snow there, up to a foot on some locations. meanwhile, across the state, tomorrow, things will still be nice and calm and mainly sunny with highs in the low to mid 80s in the central parts of the state.
4:42 pm
and here in if bay area, we'll have highs ranging from upper 60s at the coast to upper 70s and low 80sed inland. here's our trick-or-treating forecast. >> the ghost that eeks out from behind the tombstone there. >> there's halloween, yeah. >> fighting for sleep. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, what new parents are going through and why getting some zs is so important. >> i'm 7 on your side, michael finney. cell phone bills can add up. is there a way to
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now, scientists telling us why. getting awakened during the night puts us in a much worse mood than when you get uninteryou wanted sleep. a new study out of johns hopkins show that people that were forced awake get significantly less slow-wave sleep. and because they get less deep sleep, they've far more irritability apressed. that's the excuse i'm going with. someone actually paid the rezermgers at johns hopkins to tell us that. thank you. >> speaking of sleep, it's mounted over a fa deal staud day. and low fault diets, as well. >> a study on chronic fatigue syndrome is drawing fire from experts, the university study suggesting that chronic fa teelg
4:47 pm
subpoenaing could be helped with exercise and behavior therapy. >> the universityover berkley say several other scientists have criticized us. some say exercise and behavior therapy could everyone hurt those with cfs. and a new study says low fat diets are unlikely to result in greater weight loss than higher fat diets that have the same amount of calories. losie ining weight is really al about burning more calories than you take in. just focus on reducing calories overall. here's to your health.
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you can threaten to switch. you can't just vaguely call up your carrier and say i'm going to quit unless you give me a better deal. and then you call up your carrier and say look, the other guy is offering us a much better deal. yesterday the producer did this on a 7 on your side. find a deal, call up and say look, i'm running over on my data. and then you see it. >> i purchased a garage and my car was broken into. can i call the city for damages? >> sure, you can't get any money
4:49 pm
from them. but i don't know anyone that's ever beat that. it is legal. you can goal hire and attorney and try. good luck with that. you first have to make a request and they reject your question. if one thing you can do is duoto the pd and they might pull the video for you. >> crane jay, na's the employment development department and i get through. the procht says e eve reached the max numt numb we are of callers and to calm back later. any tips? >> it's been going on for a very, very long time. the tips are monday, they're super busy. you're not going to get through. the best days are wednesday and thursday, your first day in the morning.
4:50 pm
if you're looking for an up employment check, they don't even allow you to go in the office anymore. you have to go online. it's a real pain and just start first thing in the morning, wednesday and thursday morning. >> that's a full time job calling the employment office. >> it is. suspected it amazing. >> the most spectacular weekend is here and there are plenty of ways to enjoy halloween all around the bay. >> bay area favorite. trick-or-treat and ghost ship at pier 70. get dressed in your spookiest costume and get thrilled. we have a comp rehence ich list with possibleties on our web site. >> the day of the dead is this
4:51 pm
sunday. san jose's mexican heritage plaza will open the doors with a feast of music, art, food and dachs. once the music wraps up, actors and musicians who play their own instruments tell the story of low through the power of music. go to our web site. >> charlie brown is back with a twist. >> hey, dwang. >> i just hope this new kid has never heard of me. >> up next, behind the scenes of the new peanuts movie. >> dan is here with a look at what's coming up at 5:00. >> larry, thanks very much. coming up next, it's graduation day for if plit department. and where does a garden grow?
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moving day issing some folks feel like they're losing an old friend.
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it's been a long time coming. the peanuts gang is returning to the big screen like we've never seen before.ñi only onh? abc 7lp tonight went santa rosa 20 fete a hook and find out how people know peanuts best. >> i have to say, good grief. >> yeah, pretty good day for that. 3-d characters, like the one mind me. that's what we're going to see in the movie. there are statues all over santa rosa. it's part of the legacy that charles shultz level behind.
4:56 pm
especially now with this new movie coming out. >> all the connections, the emotional connections. >> the museum has a way of doing that. >> they were just very human. >> it's his office in a time capsule, and if you're lucky sundays, a few family members walking around. >> i think that the characters have helped people get through parts in their life. being neil armstrong's son, what else are you going to do. the new movie will be released november 6 thd.
4:57 pm
>> you've got the turnt to start out of with a clean slate. >> all the skrepts had come back to life. there are some peanuts purist who weren't so sure about the 3-d part yet. they're used to traditional minimal mallism. but this is a digital age. >> that's exactly how my dad grew it in the kmojic slip. >> is it possible for a digital age while characters remain the same? don't get against it. >> i guess we'll have to vote against it, won't we? many are homgding their breathings. >> it looks like fun. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
abc news at 5 clk fwins right now with dan and natasha. >> a father describes what happened with a little girl in the crosswalk. does this litting fwil have a history? >> i couldn't handle what was going on. >> muslim student ins the bay area experiencing -- >> graduation day for the oakland police department. what makes this class so special and so important. >> i'm ab 7 news need i don't recallologist. a cold storm is coming this weekends end. e eel let you know if it's going to interfere coming up. >> a san francisco toddler is in the hospital tonight after a driver hit her n a crosswalk.
4:59 pm
>> that little fwirl's father spoke with abc 7 news today about her injuries. >> what eeg bb doofr too keech kitsds safe this holiday weekend. we continue substantiately hear warnings about driving safe throughout the city. but it's so much more powerful when it comes from the father of a injured child. >> the three-year-old should be getting ready to trick-or-treat. >> everything is gone now. >> instead, sthe's optized with severe head injuries after being hit in the crosswalk by a car at euchlid and parker afters yesterday. >> she got hit by the light side.
5:00 pm
so now that she has some surgery, a reminder that we're not nerp near the goal of last year. >> gep, if people just slow down and pay attention, we can do this. we've just got to slow down. >> the goal today? make sure the kogs tombs are the scare yes, sir part of halloween. san francisco's police chief and mayor appeal to a young audience at sherman elementary. >> this is my costume, i just look like the mayor. the real may yor is taller. >> to make eye contact with the driver.


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