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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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so now that she has some surgery, a reminder that we're not nerp near the goal of last year. >> gep, if people just slow down and pay attention, we can do this. we've just got to slow down. >> the goal today? make sure the kogs tombs are the scare yes, sir part of halloween. san francisco's police chief and mayor appeal to a young audience at sherman elementary. >> this is my costume, i just look like the mayor. the real may yor is taller. >> to make eye contact with the driver.
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>> we all want you to be safe and to have fun, okay. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a car hit a man who police say was between 20 and 25 years old shortly before 6:00 this morning. investigators say he may have been jaywalking at the time. lanes of southbound 680 are back open after a wig rig crashed into a park toe truck. sky 7 hd, hortly after this happened, you can see if work that et koes.
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social security. >> a model rocket from the schoolyard this aftersnoon. fire officials say about full-time ache eres brurns. calfire used three air kraft. >> one firefighter aparentally hurt his knees slightly. >> southern krarp kran kr is the first of in the state for prescribing kpeeps kpaiflg kpetsive dro druks. >> found gld today of three countries of second-degree mum beryl. in 2009, the 21-year-old traveled more than 300 miles from arizona state university to get fana chrks and ox i krngts odone. squl the department has been untz-staffed for yoers. fouz was graduation for the
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lacest class. >> laura and knit was there and got a kmans to immediate the new offices. rr hi, natah rarks, is there are three cudsen nvr nifs here. part of the largest earth to rebuild the police force, one that's been short&ed for some time. . >> they are oakland's newest police officers. they include seven women. they speak five different languages and 12 were born, raised or currently live in oakland. most come from california. >> we may not be from oakland, but we will leave with must be. >> squl i is pront that at some
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point during the year 20 subpoena. another fooift officers in traming right noi. >> he hopes to bring with him a new job a certain understanding of the people and the city he's concern to protect. >> they know you can relaid to them. you grew up the same way that they grew up. that's outside the big goal. >> where ever they are from, shawn web acknowledged dhar enforcement with certain x. taxs. >> these officers will spend 16 wreaks training. in oak rashd,laura arntny, abc 7
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news. >> a man accused of tearing through am francis cole on a sealen flis,uv is pleading not>. bris tried to aid rest him. they say he ran, stole their cruiser br making it all the way to treasure island. officers arrested him after he jumped from the uner gej to the lower deck. >> le's been in the hopts shins no was waits. >> they tend to take him back to the hocht today. at this point, it's sort of an indefinite thing. making a bad is thierly $500,20000.
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>> five child adwurns cases. >> a county spear yoush koid judge can live in ininkomplted ochrid robert baits was convicted of three sexual offenses is thes 20s. she served the years in prid and oots ten in a mental health department facility. >> more on this story now live in redwood city. >> well, natasha, the features
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here at some be prep person was a yeeng a go: however, ziflg rights adds hoe cats say that's not true ere where and we'd like to change that, she had been targeted twice. >> i'm the only mustard in the game to be revoked. >> he started yelling i don't want another isis fan. >> the counsel similar is trying to ne goend yax the need ya is
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what we had level. i believe in piece. peace. i don't want any problems with someone. >> the principle says it adretsadretsz bill b bullying: >> do help shire their opinions and just see how we are working towards resofting the issue. >> if they see it or if a student comes to them to all right it, that they say fake it seriesly. that they don't act indifferent. but that they also create an atmosphere within their classroom. >> a sonoma statement yumpt gun looked too real.
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police say the lockdown lasted only 4 minutes. >>. >> a first-ever crack down by the water who's now forking over 3,0000s of doll hared.
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. toad was the last day the public could stop by for a tour of the campus of sunset
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magazine. the company is moving to new dig ins oakland and sonoma. >> hand-in-hand in menlo park. >> they come from all over. i even had a gardener here from texas the other day who said i had to come and just look at it one more time. >> and that's very special. it's finning fuel. these groinds have been home to sen set magazine tins 1951. >> the love oz hi plieds, it's like sighing good buy. >> i left my biej akrods the way to fix my bike. and it's a really mond mm ri nr mel. >> to any o.
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>> that's really sad. >> bru, as the page churns. >> and the fans fet kich and garpd season says no bhi is the mike another. it another educational going to be huge. >> not much has been sat with what the new owners blackball to go to property. many are holding out hope that these cashes are splitting their jobs. the san hamone say is plop erts nulgd sixth earlier.
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wu, you will you d 2340u pie e boo shavers in nak boor odd shimg mick mpb dams. ur staum ups themt else r time companies will not have to prefair for a formal audit. that is a huge savings. dpl there's a poubts in georgia to lower the drinking age to 18. if passed, it could cost ka ka an estimated $200 million in federal highway funding. >> listen to this. foush southern california cities are the first to be fined by the fat for failing hair another r'ser beginnings r going.
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squl o finals say they weren't ern force. >> about 175 million gallons. but meanwhile, it's 1.4 million gallons. it's a lot of water. >> more water conservation where starting sunday lawn watering will be limited to once a week. >> jerry brown has declared a state of emergency. four years of drout and an infestation of bart beatles have killed an ebs mated 2 the million of trees: >> >> federal authorities impb collude the sierra foothills, 12
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you think squie part-times. $10 million in loupd awe sis tans. more than 3500 people have rej fered. santa cruz. >> because if you're drunk and causing trunl, well, the costume you start out in my not be the dock tomb you end up in. >> a safety enhancement zone will be in effect from nit sniegt tonight to oobd fines
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tsz: >> the agency thanes do run longer trains, else spiblly coming in and out of san francisco. and breaking news now happening in southern california. this is a live look at a humback wail kougt in a firgsing line. this is the fourth time in recent months whale watchers have swoted a responds in our request. >> you know, i'm worried that this happened sd late 2342 day. ? >> i'm going as nile kal fin nirn this year. >> i love it, danment i think
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he'll be a great michael finney. it's going to be a quite a cheat. it's raelgly an indication of what's to come tompl as they're heading trick-or-treating. o you ire going do we other looich doppler 7 hd showing you clear skies here in the bay areament here's prover beautiful view. p 20s for san fran kis sew, each. happenble have recollected many areas running well above normal for this time of year. and our lake that ho rang can is very proun occupy there. le will in dan fa roe sa. >> really, this is going to be a nice place to go tomorrow. san stay skruz cameras showing now nothing but sunshine.
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we are looking at wet conditions. here's the satellite the lay darp, this high prmpb ripg that's blinks us the waurm weather fold. hoesh ice what's going to follow. a cold, winter-like storm. rain arrives as we head towards sunday etching. here's a look at your trick-or-treat contest. the sun goes down at 6:12 and look what happens. adds your kids are out and about, temperaturings will come down. at 11:00, everyone is getting wet here in the bay area. let's what's hatching in the moumpb tans. they will get some much-needed snow up there. showers for you're monday
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morning commute in the and the time that will dmots hit it. >> et looks like a lel think similar testimony here. sunday at 10:00 p.m. and that one. expecting up to a foot of snow. at past levels, we are going to see four to seven innings. just be prefaired for if winter drivering conditions. for the afternoon, you will need the sunscreen. >> pacific, town to 83. in the north santa row that. each bay, 77 freemont.
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accuweather shef even-day forecast, everything you need to know. beautiful weather. it's spectacular weather for halloween. now herbs monday morning. don't forget to fall back 1 achl. so we're going to go to 1:00 a.m. with the passage of that cold storm. it's really going to change things up around here. might be time to not only pull out the umbrellas and prapsz a code. >> triple a is expanding it tipsy tow program. >> lifted and dropped on the roof of a holiday inn. a good samaritan drivering right mind, trailing the kidnapper, calling police the two yeermd waiving to the drive erp.
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>> new at 6:00, the special program that helps families with bind, irnl li imhooired swirn:
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. video of an adults hockey fan sparked out rage on twitter. fans dpandsed justice. the team responded we're on it. >> the peng wishes urn shoed this saying he deserved it. can you imagine that? >> that easter vrm. >> season on your side michael first name i believe that. if irs off, tipsy toe. when you think about it, if you fear you've had too much to
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drink, they'll pick you up. now they're doing it from 6:00 p.m., october 31.flu 67:00 a.m. on novr fst 69 if you call triple al and say i need a tipsy tow. even if you're not a member. and if you are a member, they'll show up, pick you up and take you up to 10 miles dragging your car mplts they're not going to take home guests, though. this is just for you and your car. mplts okay, now that you've had a -- okay. so you're going do do a tree et's a brand new place. it's low kated in downtown oak rak. you dial this number right near.
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1 hl huchb, huffer point six. could you do it? >> tonight. >>. >> as i was saying, tonight at 11:00, i'll show you the latest gps enabled trackers. >> thank you so much. >> well, from
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coming up tonight, native americans taking on cal-trans. that story.
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>> the drugging ings that are causing some concern. >> cools across san francisco use halloween as an opportunity to tooech history and lit rature. pret shld >> halloween with kobted education for them. so they get very into character x as you can ole nmpld. >> other cools did characters from wooks. some sounts.
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jerkt johns hopkins where's your halloween costume. >> again? >> you've been a skeleton for, like, ux. >> abc 7 news anchor and we'd love to see your pet's costumes or your own. >> the hag tag speak kill on and fee frmd. >> akroz the bay area 1 3rks 7 "newsroom." >> the hkd. >> and i'm dan ashley. fr all of us heel we hope to see again at 6:00.
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tonight, on the scene of the halloween horror, reported tonight, on the scene of the halloween horror, reported tornadoes, drivers trapped. buildings destroyed. the trailer lifted and dropped on the roof of a holiday inn. the husband and father trapped, the fast-rising water surrounding him. recording a message to his family. >> hopefully they'll be there soon. >> the storms already turning deadly. and millions facing severe weather tonight. also breaking, american special operations forces will now enter syria. in the fight against isis, sent to assist. but will there be combat? the race for 2016. and the republican rebellion tonight. suspending an upcoming debate, blasting the questions this week. tonight, their new demands. the classroom fireball. the eruption that sent students running. several injuries.


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