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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> ed: terrific job dave doeren has done. you look at the score. you asked him what progress was. he said, well, in the atlantic division of the acc we have to beat florida state and clemson in the same year. that's progress. >> mike: it would be. >> ed: he's like, it's a high bar in our side of the league. >> mike: that's the only way you get to a playoff. great throw and great catch by hines. let's see how much clock goes off here. they were struggling going fast earlier. they are a huddle team. they do have a hurry-up offense like everyone does but have practiced it more recently as part of their regular offense. should have some comfort. nichols is the set back. brissett with the fake. rifles that one short. complete to the 44 yard line. they really can't afford the short passes now.
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they have to score two touchdowns and get the ball back from clemson when they get it. >> ed: at this point you score again -- >> mike: all-out blitz coming. brissett throws incomplete. intended for alston. flag down. that's going to be roughing the quarterback. that's a big 15 yards. the middle linebacker b.j. goodson. >> referee: roughing the passer. number 98. targeting. >> ed: targeting means he gets tossed. it goes to further review. let's see. first of all it's -- it was goodson, not dodd. >> mike: there is no forcible contact to the head or neck area. so this will be called off. we'll bring in doug rhodes, the former supervisor of officials for the acc who joins us in the booth. what do you see? >> it's not going to be targeting. he is a defensive player because
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he is a passer in the act of passer. the contact has to be forcible to the head or neck area or with the crown and it's neither. >> mike: yep. you can't take the roughing part of it back. >> that's correct. >> mike: that didn't look like he had anything more than a half-step. >> that's close there. it's a judgment by the referee. you always want to protect the quarterback. when he says roughing the passer with targeting. the targeting can be removed after review but the original roughing stays. >> ed: your starting middle linebacker. if he is ejected for targeting he misses the first half against florida state next week. i don't care if cook it play -- >> referee: after further review, there was roughing the passer on the play by number 98 but there is no targeting. the 15 yards will be added from the end of the run. first down. number 98 will remain in the
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game. >> mike: they got the call right, but they didn't get the number right. it's not dodd. it was the middle linebacker, goodson. 98 was in the area but he didn't make the hit. >> ed: that's okay. as long as they got it right. this is such a big part of the review of targeting is we've added the penalty where you are ejected. i'm glad we go now and review the ejection because that one would have been a tragedy if -- i think you're close -- it was close to being a roughing and fine, but don't eject the guy. good calloff. >> mike: first down. 30 to go underneath. hines drops a perfectly catchable ball. >> ed: still, the penalty helps nc state. the clemson side, the nc state fans left, but the clemson fans have stuck it out. they're not out of the woods here. they know it.
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>> mike: they travel well, don't they? blitz coming. brissett. they finally get him down at first contact. that was travis blanks and then ben boulware got there too. >> ed: offensive lineman comes up gimpy. boulware comes around and you also get travis blanks coming in, who was just off the screen and just too many bodies. that's an overload blitz it's called. you -- somebody is going to be open if you don't get there when you bring that many guys. they're able to get there. unfortunately for nc state, thuney, the left guard, got up a little gimpy after all the bodies fell on the back of his legs. and brissett has been pounded. >> mike: four sacks from the clemson tigers as a team. that's the first time he has gone down from initial contact.
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it's like trying to tackle a tree. >> ed: for nc state health is a big deal up front. they play at boston college next week, which has a very good defensive front. and then at florida state which has a very good defensive front. syracuse and unc down the stretch. you're still fighting, down two touchdowns, still in it. you don't want to bunch of guys banged up for the rest of the way. >> mike: venables dialing up blitzes. this time he brings two and drops nine. brissett still looking, trying to get away from goodson and does. and then throws downfield. flag is down. the tight end grinnage makes the catch. the flag in the a secondary now we'll check on that. >> ed: brissett is just -- brent venables has to have a heart attack at this point. this guy won't go down. he will not quit. >> referee: holding.
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number 10, defense, holding an eligible receiver. the penalty will be declined. the results of the play is a first down. >> mike: foul on boulware. they'll forget that and take the play instead. >> ed: brissett so accurate on the run. goodson had his arm and he threw him away from himself and makes an accurate throw to grinnage. >> mike: to the end zone, incomplete. intended for cherry. >> ed: i don't know that b.j. goodson could have done much more. this guy, long arms, pushed him away. just such a terrific -- he has great balance, great strength. goodson, called for the roughing but had the ejection for targeting removed a few plays ago, so helped keep the drive alive with that penalty. wasn't able to finish a big sack there.
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>> mike: so blitz. flags again. this is a free play for brissett. >> ed: touchdown. he missed a touchdown. he just missed a touchdown. >> mike: about the only thing he missed today. >> referee: offsides, defense, number 1. five-yard penalty. second down. >> ed: he had the free play. and he was trying to make a long throw, but as he comes to the left, as we see kearse jump offsides. so it's a freebie. but watch hines. he is working one-on-one with blanks. he is wide open. and brissett was looking over that way. he was looking back towards jonathan alston was open for a minute. can't blame him. the guy is fighting along. would have been a big touchdown, don't you think? >> mike: that's for sure. blitz coming. brissett throws that. and a flag, grinnage, the tight
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end to the four. it will be first and goal. seven catches for grinnage. >> ed: this is the clear-out route by bra'lon cherry. watch number 13. excellent job getting kearse to come off. nice timing throw by brissett. didn't get out of bounds. the clock is running. >> mike: grinnage only had five catches coming in. and they will -- grinnage only had five catches coming in. seven for the game. six in the second half. >> ed: he is trying to do his jordan leggett impersonation. that time hurt them that they weren't able to get out of bounds on the play before. wow. and because the runner -- oh, this is -- this is going to hurt nc state. the runner -- they're huddled right now. because the runner was going backwards when he went out, they didn't stop the clock, i don't think nc state knows how much clock they're burning off.
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this is six or seven plays they've wasted here. >> mike: they made an assumption that they were out of bounds and the clock would stop, i believe. if you are going backwards, it is not a play that stops the clock. >> ed: it was the right call by the officials on the field not to stop the clock, and nc state didn't see it. i don't think they knew that the clock was running. there is no way you huddle the way they huddled. just over four minutes when they got the play. they missed it. they missed the two-point conversion earlier and this time they missed that the runner was not ruled out of bounds, therefore stopping the clock. >> mike: four wide receivers. clemson comes with a blitz. brissett. look at that. keeping it alive. still keeping it alive. throws to the goal line. incomplete. the ball hit the ground. >> ed: good job getting the ball
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away. you take the sack, it makes a whole different fourth and goal. it would be fourth and goal from about the 25. instead now you have it at the 11. the way grinnage has been playing at tight end, as tall as he is, i would want something where 86 was in the end zone somewhere where i could throw it up. >> mike: remember the dante culpepper? that's who he reminds me of. has a little bit of elusive him. fourth and goal. last gasp. to the end zone. tipped away. incomplete. and they'll take over on downs. >> ed: what defense by tankersley. what defense! >> mike: tremendous coverage on his part. against the bigger receiver. >> ed: grinnage was the guy they were looking for. a tankersley.
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good physical -- you can't play it any better than that. you just can't. that's a guy, barely six feet, going up against a guy 6'6". no pass interference. both using their hands. good throw by brissett. put it up to the taller guy. give this guy the game ball. that was a big one. >> mike: tankersley's confidence is growing every week. he is about the only place you can throw it on the outside. they're not going to the other side and alexander. >> ed: what you have to think if you're nc state and they call the play. you put grinnage down. what you're hoping for is a linebacker. what you get is a corner. you think, well, great, we have a 6'6" versus a 6-footer. unfortunately tankersley is a guy who is just, you mentioned it, playing great there. awesome on the other side with alexander. >> mike: checking in with jerry punch. >> jerry: being it's halloween,
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you wonder what the coaches would be if they could go trick-or-treating. i asked them before the game what their favorite halloween costume was. dave doeren loved famous chief linebacker dino hackett. he said he always dressed up as dino hackett. dabo swinney said growing up in alabama sometimes i was bear bryant. but my absolute favorite costume was dolly parton. i loved to be dolly parton. to dabbo wo was dolly. >> mike: clemson takes over. up by two touchdowns. they'll work on the clock here. under three minutes. >> ed: that's an oom paloompa. bat man not able to watch what's
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going on here at gotham. those are not costumes. >> mike: [ laughing ] there was one earlier that looked exactly like a baby. i thought it was a great costume. what a game for deshaun watson. he has just been brilliant ever since he has become a clemson quarterback. seems to get better all the time. some of them were a little easier than others. boy, he can make every throw. we've been very fortunate to see brilliant quarterbacking this year. none better than deshaun watson. >> ed: can run the read option. reads it very well. now watson going to start getting into the conversation for the heisman trophy with this type of performance, especially since the season goes towards
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the end and clemson looks like a pl playoff team. this type of performance will get him at the least an invite to new york. >> mike: nc state out of time-outs. so they can't stop the clock any more. >> ed: wouldn't that be amazing if deshaun watson rides it out, has a big year and ends up winning the heisman. i know that's a long way to go. the last five years, that would be three second-year quarterbacks who have won it. jo johnny manziel. jameis winston. >> mike: the higher clemson goes in the rankings, the more attention will go to deshaun watson, the more eyeballs will be on every game they play. if these guys get in the playoffs, look out. >> ed: yeah. this is a very, very solid team. we've been talking about it all night. >> mike: good job by the punter to get that off. it was almost blocked.
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rugby-style kick. 28-yard kick. important part was he got the kick away. >> ed: you're still down two touchdowns if you're nc state. you get a score and an onside kick. dabo upset with teasdall because he didn't get a long kick. he was about to get stuffed so he got it away quickly. this is still a ball game. at georgia tech, blocking the field goal and returning it 78 yards against florida state last saturday. what happened at michigan and michigan state with a muffed punt with time running out. muffed punt snap returned for a touchdown. dave doeren talked a lot to his team last week. >> mike: brissett. tipped and almost intercepted by alexander. >> ed: doeren, he said a lot of his guys had an early game against wake forest and a lot of them watched the georgia tech-florida state game. he said there are a lot of ways to win a game late that you're
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quote-unquote not supposed to win. they could be all of a sudden on the plus side of the field down two scores. >> mike: i know you watch a lot of games and watch a lot of tape and see stuff. you seen anybody as good as alexander? >> ed: no. he is pretty dialed in. >> mike: brissett with a pump fake under pressure. can't get him. still can't get him. only took four guys to bring him down. >> ed: you have to get some guys hustling back. out of time-outs. so there is no way to stop the clock. gotta get guys hustling back. you need all the time you can get down two scores. you need to score in the on-side kick to be successful. there is the assistant strength coach given the job of getting venables out of the white section. >> mike: brissett has to get rid of this and try to get something out of it. he had a clemson player flying at him. that was boulware.
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if boulware makes contact on that, it's going to be 15 yards and a fist-fight on top of it. who was the defensive coordinator who told us these days offensive coordinators get multi-million dollar contracts and defensive coordinators get an apple and directions to their next job. not this guy. >> ed: no, no. everyone wants to talk to venables about being a head coach someday. he is like, i got it pretty good here, guys. i am making a lot of money with -- coaching nfl players. >> mike: brissett throws underneath. and just short of the first down. they're going to come up about a yard shy. >> ed: what a terrific job by clemson defensively. that was adrian bicker who makes -- just going to be one tackle, you never know how
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seasons go, how that could come out. baker, he's worked himself into the rotation as a nickelback, making a -- >> mike: get you some more playing time. >> ed: it might seem like a small tackle. but this was a game that nc state would never go away. they score again and all of a sudden things are really interesting. instead, you now come out with the favorite -- lineman's favorite formation. >> mike: the victory formation. nc state cannot stop the clock. we asked clemson if they could be threatened by nc state today. they were. clemson and florida state next week. the last four years clemson won in 2011. and then fsu. >> ed: a game last year that ripped the heart out of clemson. they outplayed florida state. they had the ball with just about a minute on the plus side of the field. they fumbled it back and ended
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up losing it. and you could tell in talking to dabo swinney, he even brought it up when we met with him earlier in the year against georgia tech. it was a loss that galvanized this team. it was the first game watson showed what he was all about. they out-played florida state down there. i think clemson beats florida state by 14 or more points next week. i think they're that much better right now. golson is probably back. he passed the concussion test today. >> mike: what about cook? >> ed: if he isn't playing -- and i think clemson is much better than florida state. >> mike: clemson could sew it up in the athlet lantic division. >> ed: people keep saying around these parts, well, you know, the coastal division, unc beats pitt
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the other night. they better put a really good team in the playoff. it's not going to matter. if clemson wins out they're in the playoffs and i think they'll be the one or two seed. >> mike: we didn't expect to see this many points because both teams were so highly ranked on defense. but it shows you with the spread offenses we have today and all the skilled players and these two tremendously accurate quarterbacks, they can rack up points on anybody. let's go to jerry punch. doc. >> jerry: coach, 625 yards total offense. deshaun watson, six touchdowns. how would you describe the play of that sensational quarterback? >> that's what great quarterbacks do, man. they pick you up. tonight was -- hadn't been a part of many of them like this tonight. i'm proud of the team. made enough mistakes to lose the game. give nc state a ton of credit. man, what a great performance by
4:21 pm
them. they fought us every inch of the way. never quit. we got up 20. they kept fighting. we made a lot of mistakes. at the end of the day we made a bunch of plays too. i am proud of number 4. a lot of heart by our team. you saw that tonight. and you know, if you're going to be a great team you have to find a lot of different ways to win. we did that tonight. so hard-fought game. on the road. back-to-back road games. be good to get back into the valley next week. >> thanks. congratulations, coach. >> mike: thank you, jerry. clemson going forward. looks like they have their destiny in mind. >> ed: florida state better be prepared. i don't care if they're healthy or not. this is a better team than them. >> mike: clemson a winner today, 5 56-41. for ed cunningham and jerry punch and the entire crew. mike patrick saying good-bye. say hello to john saunders.
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>> great job and great game. at 8:00 eastern time, the fighting irish of notre dame set to take on the surprising temple owls. we'll get you ready for that one when we come back.
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couple interesting games this afternoon. florida state, as you know, lost the stunner against georgia tech a week ago. they had to face syracuse today. the orange already on top 7-0. what a job by travis rudolph on this reception from shaun maqui maquire. >> he is not going to let anybody -- get off right there. he had three receiving touchdowns on the day. >> that was the attitude florida state came into the game with. they get the win they needed to get after losing to georgia tech. in a game that some people might
4:25 pm
look at and say, you know what, that was a gift, blocked kick. and they run it back for a touchdown. just the same, counts as one loss. they have clemson, can they make it up by beating clemson? who do you like? >> i like clemson. dabo swinney, byob. bring your own defense. you gave up 41 points against north carolina state, the most points you've given up this season. i think deshaun watson gets it done. magnificent day today. >> hard day for clemson to play today because of the florida state game next other. i went through it some. you are looking ahead, you hear it. you know it's a playoff type game. they did what they had to today. tough game. little ugly on the road. defense. i think they beat florida state next week in death valley and they're on their way to a great year. >> you think it's more talent this year than florida state or a team on a mission? you see how much dabo swinney is able to get this team fired up and ready to play. >> it's a team on a mission.
4:26 pm
florida state is extremely talented also. they've replaced a lot of players like clemson has. i think they grew up in the game against notre dame. that took them to the bottom part of the well. the players came together as a team and now believe they can get over the hump and beat good football teams. >> deshaun watson is one of the best quarterbacks. he is showing that each week. golson is new and still learning. him and jimbo fisher still trying to figure each other out, putting the ball in clemson's court. >> deshaun watson right now, keeps creeping up a little bit in the heisman race each and every week. now, undefeated teams, clemson probably one we expected to be there. big 12. he did not expect oklahoma state. this is james washington hauling this in. he is given a stiff arm out there as well. they've given up 53. >> incredible.
4:27 pm
>> meanwhile. iowa remains unbeaten. this is a team right now that possibly -- if they win out -- let's face it. if they win out, it includes a victory over ohio state or nebraska sta michigan state and they'll be in the playoff as well. notre dame and temple. does temple surprise us? >> i don't think so. they'll come out and play hard. a lot of disguises on defense. notre dame wanting to play the game because it's on the national scene in philadelphia with a great game for us. i think notre dame has better players and more depth. in the long run they win the game. >> i think notre dame wins the game. the running back and the wide receiver no one has stopped this year. averaging 22 yards a reception this season. >> what does temple have to do for a chance. >> force turnovers and stop the run. >> make notre dame play their worst game of the season. that's the only way.
4:28 pm
>> block the bus. >> 8:00 eastern time, temple and notre dame.
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now an abc 7 news, candles burn in oakland after an overnight deadly crash. why neighbors say they aren't surprise it had happened :$çwre it> we are getting a)> firefighters give back to a firy  tossed fromnmk a speeding convertible in ÷3v5g east bay ts morning. i'm reggie a kwee. >> and i'mx police say the car sped through
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a red light. >> we have deta;$5w in the east bay. >> reporter: reggie, many people say that this street is very dangerous and neighbors say they want something done. police say alcohol played a part in this crash which left one man dead. >> bang, bang, i got up and like, wow. d says the loud crash woke him instantly. it happened at mcarthur and 106th avenue, the impact so intense itañ she is approaching governor's street. he is running east now.
4:32 pm
>> you'veño!itu to be very cautious when you are in this area. very cautious.  in or inwa90 a car. >> neighbors say they see too many cars running red lights. eric was almost a victim. >> especially at night. it's really, really bad around . abc 7÷çj6 news. 0psi$(lc% san francisco's last remaining gunpu)g shop is today.
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police departments are making sure sex3eñ offendersçañ3 it's part of operation check. $y allowed to give out candy, have decoratiok on their homes or eventcy% tur theirpiúñlights. offenders are required to stay inside their house from 5:00 p.m. tonight untilcci 5:00 tonw morning. operation boo. bart wants to make it easier to get around the bay area. tonightñ. the agency plans to r longer?r]ly trains and increase 6o to be- year. uber says if you're going to halloween parties usingko"-÷ itl feature will be cheaper than uber x. it's always a good idea to check the fairs before you ride. family members are seeking
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answers after a passenger plane crashed killing all 224 people on board. investigators have recove plane's plaque boxes.]y( officials say what happened is not linked to terrorism. they say technical issues may have brought that plane down. mary maloney has the details. >> reporter: the site many rg2-ntmr families are dread too sewpimp egyptian transferring bodies to aooil÷ m in cairo after a passenger$wix e crushed in the sinai 224 people reportedly aboard the x.b= resort town to
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>> it's just something that we can do to help out the community of lake county. >> these particular bikes are ids in middletown. >> that's great. >> that is really nice. there is a chance the forecast so will it mean a spooky or soggy halloween? th answer, drew tuma, what do you k see? >> we're setting the náscene. váu into portions of san francisco. your halloween forecast wa remain dry and on the mild side. the sunset is going down at 6:12 in the evening tonight.80 nice and comfortable at 72 degrees, by 7:00 and 9:00 the clouds will be on 8yqp increase as temperatures fall into the 60s ahead of a coldlñú front th will bring about a little wet weather.
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we will detail the full seven-day forecast coming up. >> i have discovered the best sweeper ever. >> how cute is;gs aha! oof! weee!
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happening now, a whale entanglement team is trying to free this humpback caught in a fishing net in southern california. rescuers today removed 150 feet of rope and they are hoping to remove the rest of it if the animal resurfaces close enough to sure. they are especially concerned because the rope appears to be stuck in the whale's mouth. the effort began yesterday after a whale watching group spotted the 35 footvñ long humpback flashing around, tangled in two lobster pot nets. >> i bet as we speak a lot of you are putting on your halloween could say .bp games. there are also arts and carts with spooky themes and pumpkin weight guessing contest with sizes involved. >> that little police officer. >> we've been getting a lot of
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your halloween photos. thank you. their looks fort evening. if you are heading out tonight to celebrate post your photos on social media with the #spooky on 7. that way we can find them and show the best on air. you can also see so photos on our website, >> he took his job serious. >> yes, he did. vc%w halloween canned yeechlt berkeley baited food rocketdu0/ normally delivers ready made meals. tonight if ih bucket is empty it will deliver candy on demand. it's selling 0ephtwix, milky wn 30 ounce bags of $13 plus a delivery fee of $2.75. they say 50% of homes run out of candy on halloween. >> you do not want to be that person. you will be labeled for the rest of your life. >> not#h(b to mention the eggi >> could i have that,if86)gu l;s dandy. goo
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) call for that dry and yes mild for the trick or treaters on this saturday night. we are tracking light showers especially sunday evening. in the wake of that cold front an amzt@m chill will set in for monday. it is anything but chilly. we are in the 80s inland, concord 86, thec don't think, 82 sanity rosa,78v downtown san francisco 62 degrees, 80 san jose and hayward ÷ at a comf degrees. live doppler 7 tu3lhd along wit satellite showing you high
4:43 pm
pressure in control and generally clear skies. you look off to the north and west and we arebunz tracking moisture moving through seattle and portland all ahead of this cold front that will slow sink to the front over the next 24 hours and bring about our next chance for wet weather. the first half of your sunday it will just feature cloudy skies, will be on the try drooi side.+ñ in the afternoon hours we advance the clock to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. light showers start to move into santa rosa, inching toward vallejo. by 7:00 it kind of once it reaches the part of the bay area. we're going to watch another ripple of energy move along that front anz by sunday evening likely showers moving into the south bay and a lingering showers perhaps on monday morning or the monday morning rush. in terms of rainfall, generally around a tenth of an#pw/ inch o rain, if we do see a downpour f set up we could see as much as a quarter of an inch of rain by monday afternoon. we do have au4]bñ77i winter wea
4:44 pm
watch in effect, above 7,000 feet we could see a foot of snowjñ)dn ñ sierra passes. future weather shows you snowfall by monday afternoon to the evening, 5 inches around ss-eoeú-ncity, 8 in%u south lake tahoe. it's great to see that happening.pézksif%ó skies, temperatures mainly falling into the 50s across the bay area and highs for your sunday thef we will track those showers on sunday, lingering#z"÷x5;p4 intoa >> you know, it's a trade off.
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>> look for speaking ofé8#q negative no just a great day for cal. bears24ba berkeley. the bears stunk it up ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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9:z!%m n9gusc owns!xgp cal bears have not beaten the trojans in 11xpá usc added to that tale today with a convincing victory. to be seated behind these two. cal got on the board first in the first quarter.
4:48 pm
jarrett golf to bñsñtreggs. his dad brian inducted into the cal hall of fame pro january defense shut cal ou@ in the second, scored ten points of their own, ronald jones, 13 yards untouched. tray madden pounds his way into the end zone for 6 more.÷;n óq for 272 l touchdowns, alsozve4ñ threw twoñ picks. do remembery jacksonévy pick. usc up 24-7.s9gáñ cal makes it a game in the fourth, cal down 6. third and one if they get a stop they can go for the win, trey madden was stopped but bounces off the line for the orse for the defens
4:49 pm
up 558 yards of offense. nice move, we believe so up 7, 17 yard la kwan treadmill right ole miss, sec title hopes remain alives#wvictory. after.-ú last second7 1 three tda6ays.48q mcguire through for 348 in three
4:50 pm
florida state wins on homecoming 45-21 that final. we will take our first time out before we check in on the state of the 49ers and a surprise move today, one of the most popular players on the roster earlier this year@zpu but necessarily trumped popularity and
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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feel good story possible this season. that's what made today's move to
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jared haines so shocking, he was the start of the pre-season, saw limited acti6gg in the regular season and could not break into them( them( returns, was not effective at# running back?ñâ÷ and);e7x inact thursday against the seahawks. the hope is for him to clear át e the niners3&; needed more depth they waved hane and promoted gas kins from the practice squad. the sharks on the road hosted by dallas theyj face off against a formeró after spending the last five years in san jose. another former shark got on the board pasta lengths salok in the second. sharks were still on the power play when they get that goal back. 2-1, still in the second, stars sees matt rql÷dietto. five follows goels in the seconñ period. joel ward scores his sixth of
4:54 pm
the season 3-3 an two. an ton y it in the game winner. the sharks have wost five of % last six. >> notre dame and temple cominga up. afterbxmñ the game following th with larry biel and myself, we ñ coming up. $h;o thank you very much. soz8)o thank you very much. take a lookmk9q at a turning back of the watches. this takes a whole lot of time. >> next on abc 7 news, hear from a man you could just call fat
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>> chris: tonight, it is not the eagles, but the owls who own the philadelphia football spotlight. temple, 7-0 for the first time, primed for the program's biggest game ever, by far. the faithful starving to spring a halloween surprise against the fighting irish. but notre dame's big playmaker, will fuller, is primed for some philly fireworks in his personal homecoming game. the fighting irish and the undefeated owls in a soldout link in philly.


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