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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 4, 2015 1:07am-1:38am PST

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yeah part of the complete breakfast broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, the precincts
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are closed and the ballots are being counted and we have the results of key election day races. complete election day results are at the bottom of your screen and we will have live coverage in a moment. >> tiers though a toxic -- first though a toxic threat could affect the dungenous crab season. under no circumstances should people eat crab caught off the california coast. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. here is a tweet saying the fate of crab season could be decided on thursday due to high toxin levels in that popular seafood. >> lilian is live in santa cruz with the later. >> we are at santa cruz harbor where the crab pots are ready to go, but they could sit idle indefinitely now that crab season is up in the air. >> it is the time of year when people get excited. employees in san that -- santa
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cruz say customer interest could get intense. >> begging for it and angry when they don't get it. they will pay whatever for it. >> no amount of money could be found off the california coast. the levels of algae produced acid are so dangerous lehigh right now the state department of public health is warning people to avoid the crab entirely. >> you can't cook it out by cooking it extra well. our recommendation is to be on the side of caution. >> in severe cases high exposure can lead to coma and death. none of this is good news for the crab fishermen. the commercial season is supposed to start two weeks after that. now all of that is in flux. >> i fish alba core, but crab is seven months of my income. >> the decision could come as
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early as thursday. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> it is your voice, your vote. complete election results are running right now at the bottom of your screen. we want to start with the most contentious issue. >> that is proposition f that would impose restrictions on private air b and b style short-term housing rentals with 100% of the precincts it has failed. 65-45. >> caroline tyler is live at no on prop f headquarters. carolyn? >> well, it is party, party time here at the oasis nightclub in san francisco. there were 11 propositions on the san francisco ballot, but prop f was attracting national and international attention because air b and b is in 30,000 cities worldwide and with san francisco being the birthplace what happened here
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could influence others. tonight it is fro on prop f and -- it is no on prop f and they are celebrating. they turned the units into tourist accommodations. the hosts in this room say listing their homes and their rooms allowed them to stay in the city. tonight we have reaction from both sides. >> proponents recognized that they looked at the measure. they didn't buy the fairy tale about what this measure would do. they looked at the measure and they recognized it for what it really was. that's what believe the results are showing us. >> the challenge is that air b and b or any other corporation will spend $9 million to try and convince people to vote no on something. it is hard to overcome that. >> the current law was passed last year and it was implemented in february. they say give that law a
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chance. tonight the voters have said they will. live in san francisco at the no on prop f headquarters carolyn tyler, abc7 news. the other hot race in the city is district 3 supervisor. >> a tight race all night. former supervisor beat out julie christianson. with all precincts reporting you can see 53% for peskin. >> katie is live at peskin headquarters. katie? >> dan and a -- ama, you can see people are waiting outside. it is at capacity and they are not letting anymore people in, not even anymore media. he is no stranger in supervisor circles. he was the supervisor from 2001 to 2009.
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he is known as a man who gets things done even if he has to ruffle a few feathers. i spoke with the incumbent who is hosting supporters on broadway. they uh .ed her to the third -- they uh .ed her to the third district and this is the first time running for office. they are focusing their cam papers on affordable housing and both agree it is a good campaign. >> i have gotten to know people even better, and it is the reason i have done the volunteer work i have done. >> i have a lot more perspective. i am still passionate about the issues i have been hearing of constituents about. >> it does change the balance of the board of supervisors. it gives progressives one up on moderates.
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this was pre detected to be a tight race and -- predicted to be a tight race. abc7 news. >> thanks very much. ed leigh will return to city hall as mayor in san francisco. that's no vees. he took 57% of the vote against his closest opponent. leigh spent 30 times on his campaign than others combined. there is a new sheriff in town. vicky hennessey has beat the incumbent share rim. -- sheriff. she was the interim sheriff as he was being investigated on a domestic violence charge. tonight hennessey supporters cheered her on. she will be the first female san francisco sheriff in the department's 165-year history. you can see the election results at the bottom of the screen and check for results at and on twitter at abc7 news bay area.
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the abc7 morning news will have the latest on the results at 4:30 a.m. >> there may be deadly counterfeit xanax for sale. deputies want to get the word out saying a counter fit drug may be linked to two deaths in the county. testing is being done right now. three over dose deaths related to phony street xanax were reportedly found in san francisco. it is prescribed to treat anxiety. >> they are trying to learn more about a man with a hatchet who smashed his way into a pharmacy. >> it is a wild story. he is still in the hospital after over dosing on several prescription drugs. >> alan wong explains how police stopped him without firing a shot. >> this is the perfect example of not using lethal force even though it was an option.
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>> edwin baron smashed through the doors with a hatchet and it was just before the opening hours. the employees ran out and he started ingesting and injecting himself with prescription pain medicine. >> yesterday we couldn't get the medications at all. >> what do you think happened to your medication? >> broke into the glass and they took it. >> a transient from the midwest barricaded himself in the bathroom so they decided to send in officer joshua del prado and his canine, coda. i tried to prevent him from fighting with my dog and he struck me a few times in the legs. >> he continued to use the dog to apprehend him. >> police officers had to use a lot of restraint and make a quick decision not to use their guns. >> i was the watch commander at the time. >> that was your decision? >> yes. >> do you feel proud of that?
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>> sure. >> now police are trying to learn more about baron and why he went to extreme measures. alan wang, abc7 news. showing off your election day pride could get you in trouble. still ahead, the little known selfie wall one bay area law milwaukeeer is trying to change. >> once the fat is gone, it is gone. after you complete the treatment it is permanent. >> sometimes diet and exercise just aren't enough. the bay area company that says it has a brand-new surgeryfree solution. >> and a candy caper. the dumpster diving criminals who made off with a sweet bit of loot. >> i am sand -- sandhya patel and it is dropping into the 40s. it will be a chilly morning. a look at the numbers coming up. >> thank you, sand yaw. here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks, dan and ama. spoiler alert. here is what is happening.
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>> this is abc7 news. results tonight. you can take that selfie stick to the polls if one lawmaker has his way. right thousand it is illegal for californians to take selfies with their ballots to keep voting private. although it was rarely enforced. mark levine is going to introduce a bill to allow voters to take and post ballot selfies. it could encourage people to vote as a matter of pride. whether it is a sag or double chin getting rid of the fat under the jaw can be difficult.
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now one company has an tda approval for a device that can remove the fat. >> she is getting ready to blast foo space. the company just unveiled a new treatment to freeze away chin fat. >> i just want it to go away so it is completely flat. >> the system known as cool sculpting is known for the waist and hips. >> there is a temperature that fat freezes that and everything else is remained in tact. >> it kills fat cells under the skin which are then washed away by the body. the new double chin treatment required a scaled down double april plaw cater. it chills the fat without aggravating the surrounding nerves. still the initial result is a bit startling. >> and now you can really see the stick of butter.
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>> a butter shaped cube of fat cells under the chin. >> it will be a little pink and paper a tiny bit of swelling. not a lot of recovery. >> doctors then vow lima espionaged the area to dissolve the dead fat. the treatment takes several months to show the full results provided by the company. >> once the fat is gone, it is gone. after you complete the treatments, it is permanent so you don't have to come back over and over again. >> since the cool sculpting doesn't involve anesthesia it has a quicker recovery time which could help some patients warm up to the idea of freezing. >> the treatment is expected to cost about $1,000 a session. some patients may need two treatments to get the full benefit. >> there you go. we could see the affects of el nino this winter which means a high demand for roofers. bay area homeowners want the roof repairs they put off
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during the drought. what you feed to know before hiring someone and and what we found surprised a long-time contractor. >> this is the entireest -- entireest met. >> well, a nice crisp fall day outside. >> what a change from yesterday. >> sandhya patel is there with the forecast. >> tonight is one of those nights. it is getting cold out there. live doppler 7hd is showing clear conditions and that's part of the reason why it will be a chilly one. we are seeing the snow showers tapering and look at this picture still being sent in by the resorts. squaw alpine is firing up the snow making system. winter is here and many of the resorts reported at least six to 12 inches of snow with someplaces report as high as a
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foot and a half of snow. there may be more snowing, but in the short-term the first freeze of the season expected to the north. 3:00 a.m. freeze warnings and frost advisories for interior mendocino county. stay tuned for that. the temperatures are already in the 40s in a few places like napa, san ramon. there are crystal clear conditions. patchy frost is possible in the north bay. wear -- we are looking at another chance of rain. 34 degrees and fair field 36. 38 in santa rosa. mid40s fremont and san jose, 49 in oakland and 50 in san francisco. half moon bay down to 42 degrees. morning lows will continue to drop. the temperature trend, upper 30s on thursday and friday and then as the clouds increase sunday into monday when the rain comes in we will
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have milder nights. until 10 it will be on the chilly side in mornings. sunday is when we expect the changes. let's show you our computer animation. sunday morning could see drizzle if you have early plans. really the chance of rain holds off until late sunday night and going into monday morning commute. it does look wet. rainfall totals a 10th to a quarter of an inch. the sierra will see more snow from the system. it does president look as hefty as the one that came through here. it will be sun fee. 67 rks -- palo alto. san rafael, santa rosa and secretary 5 san francisco and 63 in half moon bay. you will have to deal with the chill and bundle up in the mornings, but the afternoons will be pleasant. low 60s to low 70s and then sunday evening into monday we are are watching for the chance of rain.
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bay foiled the plans of two dentists to keep the sugary sweets off the streets. >> they paid kids $1 a pound to collect 767 pounds of candy this year. >> now this is all of the candy inside the santa rosa dumpster where they threw it out on sunday. yesterday morning they found the dumpster was empty. >> they are not sure who is behind the candy heist. the hair has been buying back candy for 31 years. that's a longtime. >> i am tempted to dive into that dumpster. that's a lot of candy. >> you are not separating people from their sugar that easily. cash money. sugar money. in sports three years ago who would hav envisioned colin kaepernick being benched for gabert? but the 9ers have no
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bad line. it sounds like colin kaepernick. it is the scouting report on the man who will replace kap as the reported starter was that guy. he was the scapegoat after three dreadful years in jacksonville. he is not the strong armed quarterback we saw a few years ago. the game against arizona wrecked the guy. knob is covering tory smith and kap doesn't even look in his drx. direction. the time is right for change because this offense can't get any worse. >> unfortunately the bar is low right now. there is not a lot of pressure on him. playing plays well and moves the ball and they have a couple of chances to practice with him in plays he likes. they had to do it. >> the loss of reggie bush lift the 9ers with few options at tail back so they signed pierre tom pass. he was working out, but not on
1:36 am
a roster. thomas carried 45 times for 22 yards and two touchdowns. a year ago limited action with the saints. he is good at catching passes in the back field. >> stan stanford's win impressed nobody of importance. they dropped a spot to 9th in the ap rankings. they are 11th in the first college playoff rankings that came out today. stanford at 7-1 and will visit colorado on saturday. clemson is number one followed by the fellow unbeaten lsu and ohio state with alabama at seven and one. two struggling teams met in the tank, the sharks and columbus where the blue jackets are in last place. you can't lose to them, right? maybe. mike brown and gregory campbell and this is what men do. it is not pretty. joe pivelski to tie it.
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i will take that. it is his eighth of the year and it is a 2-2 game. martin jones miss plays this right in front of boone jenner. and then a pass to ruer -- murray and it is a triple and quadruple screen. it is a bad lass for the sharks. the blue jackets are winners at 5-2. baseball news and the washington nationals have hired dust ay baker to be their new skipper. he spent 10 years with the giants before going to the cubs and the reds. he took the giants to the world series reece. at 66 he takes over after bud black agreed to be the nationals' manager and then walked out when they could not agree on a salary. abc7 sports is brought to you by xfinity.


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