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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the poce were if the back yesterday for a wail. it was scary. >> suspect was armed with one handgun. the shots were fired. the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. >> police say the female hostage was dead inside the home and investigators are not releasing the relationship with the s an officer was wounded and the injuries are not considered life threatening. he is expected to be okay. >> thank you. we see a last crashes but this in san leandro was especially terrifying. an credit witness said an s.u.v. whizzed by her going over 100 miles per hour and say the driver blue through a stop sign, clipped a car and careened into the garage and she heard a man say my god, my daughter is in the garage. the garage was converted into a living space and a 25-year-old woman was sloping inside.
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she was pinned by the car. she and the driver are both hospitalized. no word on their conditions. >> happening now, an alert is issued for two young girls reported missing in san jose. police are looking for seven-year-old and her sister ten carries old. the two are believed with their mother be 32-year-old. the mother lost custody the girls and was spoused to turn them over to family members on saturday afternoon. she did not show up. they are believed traveling in a gold 2005 nissan four door california license plate 5ywe661. the case doesn't meet the standards of an amber alert because they are believed with their summer. however, they are eager to fine the two girls as soon as possible. >> look out for a missing sonoma county couple with a silver alert issues. sam walko was supposed to make his wife to the hospital but they did not make hit.
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he is 85. she is 90. both suffer from several early stage of dementia. >> they could be lost, confused, stranded. we just want to find them. >> police believe the couple could be driving a faded green 2001 tote camera with license plate 4nhv446. >> students taking a stand an stanford that less than 2 percent had been sexually assaulted after a nationwide study found the tub to be continue times this amount. our reporter, katie marzullo, explains. >> would you calm this rain -- rape or would you call it like stanford "misconduct." >> four students told stories of being sexually assaulted and stanford failed to bring justice. >> university protects and experts assaulters and leaves the survivors traumaized. >> it is being downplayed some
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believe. students take issue with the survey released october 1 showing 1.9 percent of the students who participated in the survey have experienced sexual assault. >> some agoer say that number is very misleading. >> harvard and yale admit and say look at this, 40 percent number. it is rape that is happening, sexual assault happens and stanford needs to own up. >> jackie speier addressed this introducing legislation called "halt." >> it requires a climate survey on every campus in the country that receives federal funds. it would be a survey that would be exactly the same so it can be evaluated. >> the stanford president are standing behind the survey and say in a letter that the results show clearly we have much more work to do in battling sexual assault and sexual misconduct at stanford. i am katie marzullo for abc7 news. >> you could find it tough to
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catch a taxi in san jose because cab drivers are on strike as the consider l city considered eliminating restrictions for uber and lyft. cab drivers refused to pick up fares and will expand the strike citywide today. according to the "mercury news," upset the city council is deciding whether to loosen up restrictions on uber and lyft drivers. cab drivers stay they have strict background checks and so should ondemand drivers. >> san jose city websites are back to normal after a hack yesterday. the cyber attack affected the san jose police department home page among others. officials say it is city-operated website have periodic outages since thursday. first they thought it was internal i.t. issued but learned it was much more. investigators are still looking for who initiated the attack. >> comcast is warning temperatures hackers could have compromised their personal information, a security company
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said the e-mail addresses and passwords of 200,000 accounts are up for sale on the so-called dark when, part of the internet that is hard for the public to access. comcast is forcing customers to reset the accounts and analysts say this is new a new breach but comes from past hacks of other companies. abc reporter will show you what to do to protect yourself at the top of the hour. >> there is more room for your student to get into a university of california campus next week the board of vote on a plan to increase enrollment by 10,000 in-state undergraduates the next three years. if approached, 5,000 extra students are allowed in, in the fall and 2,500 more each of the two years after that the boost would noon that uc gets $25 million set aside in this year's state budget. >> football practice will resume at the university of missouri campus after the university president, tim wolfe, resigned. football players threatened to
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not engage in team actists in will that happened. wolfe said and i quote, "takes full responsibility if the frustration students expressed over racial tension on campus." the chance already announced he is stepping down and will transition to a new role advancing research start january 1. >> more ski resorts are opening early because of heavy snow in the sierra. squaw valley is opening open saturday 11 days earlier than scheduled and alpine meadows opened on thursday. another is having the best open in 10 years with 8" of snow blanketing the area allowing the resort to open all way to the to which the mountain ask more snow is expected this week. >> from snow to thunderstorms check this out, some trees were victimized when lightning hit the cemetery, shearing the to which the tree into palestinian stepped bits. our thanks to the fire marshal for tweet this. >> check out this lightning
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strike of a golden gate bridge covered in clouds as the storm rolled through san francisco and marin county yesterday morning. official say the light next caused no damage and drivers were not in any danger. the rain gave way to a beautiful afternoon at parts of bay area and these are pictures of a late afternoon rainbow sent to us by an abc7 viewer, or several, actually. if you have a picture of weather where you live send it using # abc7now. >> moment after the storm, you always get the best pictures, mike. >> absolutely. that is why we had double rainbows. i had one, check out twitter and instagram, a double-double. >> nine degrees cooler in oakland. you are the biggest...drop in temperatures, this morning down to 47. we are in the mid-to-upper 40s up and down the east bay shoreline and look at this, 40s everywhere until you get to the north bay at mid-to-upper
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30s in napa and santa rosa and novato. from our roof camera, here is a breeze out there and the temperatures will fell a couple of degrees cooler than the thermometer is saying with a little bit of a wind chill this morning and almost total sunshine this afternoon, and passing cloud or two and you request see the temperatures an 60 to 63 degrees. moving ahead, this is how it looks from the east bay hail -- hills camera, clean air and one-or-two degrees warmer wednesday, thursday, and friday afternoon and a chance of frost tonight and a little bit of fog already forming this morning. those are koching up. >> leyla? >> it was brisk heading to the car. as we look at walnut creek 680 southbound, heading away from highway 4 to the 24 junction, in delays or accidents to report. you are starting off on a very if foot. as you move over to emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge we had early construction that wrapped up and started at treasure island and makes its way over to fremont
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street so you could see a cone or two or crews that are out there but we have clear conditions as you head between the east bay and into san francisco. we also have other construction projects away the bay area and i will take you closer to sfo where northbound side of 101 teen 380 and south airport boulevard and right lanes closed until 5:00, so for a few more minutes and always slow for the cone zone. >> next, potentially lifesaving information for parents, child booster seats that did the best job of prosecuting children. >> also, the warriors are perfect as they shut down the pelicans with steph curry and klay thompson setting records last night. last night. stay tuned.
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. this is for my fellow parents. the insurance institute for highway safety released the list of the best child booster seats. the agency tested 23 new booster seat models for 2015 and 20 of the 23 earned "best bet," and the others were good bet the others were good bet including eddie
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>> the price of a booster does not d.c. state howell it works forfeit. children are 45 less likely to be injured if they are in boosters. >> the full list of the best boosters are on ought stage set for the 4th g.o.p. debate in milwaukee dominating the main stage frontrunners donald trump and ben carson. here is why why could be on hotseat and the two big chains viewers will notice. >> good morning, from milwaukee this time for donald trump and the rest of the g.m. presidential field. the candidates say 2.5 or more will be on the stage. >> the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> in front of a pumped up crowd
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in springfield, illinois, taking jabs at his opponent and slamming ben carson. >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up? >> you ask me about something that occurred 50 years ago. >> beck will face tough questions tonight after a week of stores have sent him interest defense mode over claims that he was offer add scholarship to west point. and he had a violent youth allegedly taking aim at a friend. >> the debate will last two hours and there have been a few changes since the last debate which was caused a disaster by the rnc. candidates will not make opening statements but they will have more time to make arguments. >> guess who is jumping into the starbucks controversy? donald trump. yes, the coffee chain drew criticism after ending the christmas themed couple for plain cups criticized by some christians. enjoy, in response, donald trump
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suggested a boycott and said he plans to end the lease to the starbucks store in trump tower. he said when he becomes president "we are all going to be saying merry christmas again." >> warriors are off to the second best start if franchise history 8 -- and they remain the only undefeated team left in the nba. >> they have won 23 straight at oracle arena, and they led by 17 but the gap was cut by 4, heading somewhat the 14th and deck stick has a season low 22 points and warriors won 109-95 and klay thompson joined steph curry as the only two players in franchise history with 800 career three-pointers. >> the passing is so crisp and everyone knows where everyone is and: of theless. >> that mean they are playing well. >> they are working hard in practice. >> harder than it looks. that is a great point.
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>> time to head indoors and getting cold. speaking of cold, tonight morning is colder than this morning. back to yesterday, it was cool. you can watch the clouds open from time to time. that is why i sent out the tweet at 11:30 saying rainbow alert because we will have showers, right this, over oakland, the port of oakland as we had a last rain poes yesterday. i appreciate sending those to # abc7now. it is cloudy and 47 and no delays are speaked here today. now, fog and santa rosa, down to half a mile here, and some places like fulton and 101 toward guerneville, and toward sonoma avenue, possibly low visibility and, also, napa, around five miles per hour. get used to this, it will happen tonight. it is going to be localized, and our san rafael camera looking south on 101 do you not see fog and our forecast calls for a lot of sunshine and the dry air, you
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and feel it already this morning. frost, tone, especially inland and warmer the rest of the week but guess weapon our next chance of rain is? monday, the third monday in a row we have had rain. to the south, los gatos at 60 and morgan hill and everyone else around 61 to 62 until cupertino at 63. and los altos, everyone on the peninsula at 61 to 62 degrees and remember, a little bit of a breeze, not too brisk but a little bit so if you are in the shade, a little bit of wind it will feel cooler. ten is 58 at half moon bay and daly city at 56, and downtown at 60 and tonight we are in the -- this afternoon in the low sits through the north bay until lakeport at 59 and upper 50s along the beaches and the east bay shore from richmond at secretary to oakland and castro valley at 63 and as you move inland, 61 to 63 degrees here. tonight, north bay valley, santa clara valley, south of san jose and as you head out to the
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central valley, that is our best chance of frost, all of us in it this the and 40s. my seven-day forecast is showing rebuild rebound at one-or-two degrees tomorrow, a few high clouds and definitely going to be bright. we will continue out in the 60s at the coast and nearly 70 around the bay and low 70s inland saturday and the clouds will gather and rain and cooler on monday. leyla? we are starting off with mass transit, where ace train one, two minutes early. and muni has no delays reported. as we take you into san jose at 87, as you make the drive near julian street, a quick look at drive time traffic, you will make the commute along the east shore freeway albany to the maze is four minutes and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes and 280 northbound from 101 to cupertino is live minutes. my next report they have a big closure for van ness in san francisco that will impact the commute over the weekend and all
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the details straight family. >> apple confirm as bigger ipad will hit the market in week. >> in the tech bytes apple announces the latest tablet is on sale this week, super sized ipad pro with 12.9" screen and is available online temperature and hits the stores this week starting price at $799. >> and the world's first swiss made smart watch part browser and part player, the $1,500 is visible at 15 stores around the country. >> most of us have a few unwanted pounds and our bellies and why losing that could end up saving your life. >> also, the stumbles this have some people raising concern about the health of pope francis. >> if you see news where you live, take a foe tore or video
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and share it with us at han abc7 and share it with us at han abc7 now.
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>> good morning at 4:52 on tuesday a look at the bay and the bay bridge, dry this morning. the commute across the span should be a lot easier than it was yesterday morning. mike and leyla will have more in a moment. >> more news for you, concerns about the health of pope francis after he stumbled in public for
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the second time in three days. the pope was fog to the altar at st. john's and almost stumbled will walking up the steps. two priests had to help him. on saturday, the pope tripped on the steps of st. peter's basilica and. [ his snowfall with his hands. pop francis suffers leg pain which could explain the struggle climbing the steps. >> another reason to watch what you eat. excess belly fat can be more deadly than obesity even if you maintain a remain inial weight. >> according to researchers people who carry fat around the mid-section are twice as likely to die in the next continue yours compared to someone overate or obese but has a normal waist to hip ratio with increased fat around the internal organs increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. >> if you love been cue you will not lick to story. a study from the university of next it is fines me who eat a lot of grilled meat run a
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greater risk of kidney cancer than those who do not. researchers found that con temporary to popular belief eating grilled chicken was no healthier than eating grilled red meat. those who eight the most barbecue eat the least fruits and vegetables after a report this concluded processed meat leak bacon and sausage can cause cancer. the new report appears in the "journal of cancer." >> show me the pictures of the food and tell me of the results of the study. >> i deal in the truth. painful. >> is it because of the wood, charcoal or gas or electric? there are different ways to barbecue. >> great questions. >> here is a look at something that you may find very healthy: get out there and going skiing as you can see they are making snow again. it is going to snow through 10:00 in lake tahoe and then it will taper down and sore the showers tapering in the central valley. here is the forecast this afternoon, we will be in the upper 50s to increasely 60
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with increasing sunshine and lake tahoe is 37 and in the mid-to-upper 60s around san diego and los angeles. today, the pet walking is going to be bet than yesterday because it will be dry but it is going to be cold this morning. if you are running, you like if run in the cold, do it this morning. this afternoon is going to be mild with temperatures nearly 60 and a light breeze voting and unlimited visibility is clean air. enjoy, the commute. how is it going? pretty well. bring the sweets. as promised, the van ness closure is starting midnight on friday and it will impact the commute throughout san francisco if you are going to make it during the weekend. 72 hour closure for the construction protect. we have had -- this is our third closure with northbound and southbound van fess affected at ella and pine street with no traffic getting through the area starting midnight friday to 11:59 p.m. on sunday. kristen and eric? >> it is 4:55.
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california is launching a new program to make it easier for veterans to get government benefits and discounts at restaurants and retailers. starting had week, service men and women can apply for a california driver's license or i.d. card with a designation that clearly identifies them as a veteran. in the past, veterans had to carry the certificate of discharge or united states government i.d. card. the governor signed the bill into law to be implemented starting tomorrow on veterans day. >> the marijuana movement in california seems to be far from going up in smoke. an attempt to legalize recreational pot got the okay to collect signatures. six others are still seeking authorization. the signatures from 365,000 registered voters must be submitted by may 9 to qualify the measure for the november 2016 ballot. >> construction of san francisco's tallest skyscraper reached a milestone with the 14' thick concrete slab is completed
4:57 am
that will set support the tower. they will build the core walls that will perform the shell of the structure today. the office building is the second tallest on the west coast and the centerpiece of the transbay re-development area. the tower is scheduled to open in april 2017. >> the morning commute is about to get more expensive for some bart riders with the stations where packing fees are going up. >> protest mapped that could cause havoc for the commute in a san francisco neighborhood. >> we are going to take a quick break but we leave you with traffic and weather with traffic traffic and weather with traffic moving along.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning to you on tuesday at 5:00 a.m., we thank you for the company. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> and we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and see what the weather is holding. >> er was dry on live doppler hd, however, the leftovers created some fog at quarter-mile visibility in santa rosa. but that is where it is right now. you can see the golden gate bridge: in wind. clear. running at 48 for the temperatures. this is not the coolest day this week. by noon, 56 and 58. 4:00, maybe a passing cloud. 56 to 62. it will cool quickly. already 50 by 7:00. leyla? mike, as we start off with the bay bridge toll plaza coming from the east bay, traffic is flowing in nicely and the cashpayers have paid their tolls and have made their way into san francisco. most much is


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