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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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morning commute could be impact ed. you do not have the rain did deal with, thats for joining us i am kristen sze. >> a jacket if that may be something to invest in this morning. >> that is a great idea and are also, slow down. use the low beams. especially in pet almost. the fog is on the move. from santa rosa down to petaluma and it is new down to less than quarter of a pile is it rapidly changes there. want out for that. the rest of us weighing up to mostly sunny conditions early sunshine and mostly clear conditions. a light breeze on the pay at five to eight miles per hour. 35 to 50 so cool this or. limited warm the by noon at 56 to 58, and mostly sunny this afternoon at 56 at coast and 62 inland and chilly tonight dropping into the 40s after 7:00. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows 25 minutes for get crass between the macarthur maze and san francisco. it looks like we are turn longer
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than usual. normally at this time at this day, 20 minutes is the usual amount of time. right now, we got a couple of reports of fender benders and maybe they are on way to san francisco. c.h.p. has not updated us. the drive along i-80 is slow coming through hercules. there is an accident blocking the lynn at pinole valley road. >> in san leandro, a frightening crash right into a house sent two people to the hospital. amy hollyfield has more. amy? >> yes, look behind me at the tarp, that gives you an idea of the huge hole that the car left behind. that is where it crashed into the garage which was convert the into a bedroom and a woman was sleeping in the room where the car landed. here is what it looks like last night, the car planned in the garage of the it was her bed program. the 25-year-old woman was trapped under the car. this happened at 10:30 if san
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leandro here is what police know. >> the witnesses stay the vehicle was traveling at a high rate and collided with another vehicle and continued straight into to house behind me. >> we are told that six people live here five adults and a china. the 25-year-old woman was taken to the hop and the driver was also taken to the hospital. i have reached out to police this morning for an update and i will check back with you in an hour to let you know what i learned about latest on the situation. thanks. from san jose, a man and a woman are dead after a stand off turned violent. it happened in the neighborhood of camden and wyrick avenue north of highway 85. a neighbor said investigators live at 3:20. the witness said it was not uncommon for police to be at this home recently. officers continental haved
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yesterday afternoon and say a gunman was holed up inside with the female hostage at 3:15 when the gunman fared two shots and took the woman inside a home. the suspect walked out three hours later with a gun in his hands. an officer and a suspect fired shots and the suspect died. officers found the female hostage inside and she did not survive. southwest gives have not said how the suspect and hostage knew each other. >> a scary situation for anyone with a comcast account, hackers try to seal private information for 200,000 customers. here is how you can protect yourself on-line. >> yes, all 200,000 affected customers must verify their ability and reset their comcast account password the comcast said no one hacked their system. rather, the information was compiled from security breaches of other companies and resold. this shows how private
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information is rapidly becoming a commodity on the dark web and is the underbillionly of the internet frequently used for illegal activity. the asking rice? $1,000. >> we are not safe from these kind of attacks and you can be on the look out for fibbing e-mails that ask for log in credentials you should not hand over. >> vigilance is key to protect yourself online. either ands say wash out for e-mails that ask for log in credentials. if you see one did not fill it out but go directly to the company website and log in there. also, using unique long and complicated password for each site and change that password frequently. also, do not store personal sensitive information in your e-mail and if you use the same password for comcast as for other sites, make sure to change the password on or sites, as well. gooded advice.
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half of california immigrants have incomes low huff to qualify for full benefits but should the state legislative proposal be reenacted so they have to cover 1.4 million undocumented immigrants? a plan is in place to cover undocumented children that will cost the state $40 million rising to $132 million each year over time. >> california could force all of us to vote if a north bay assemblyman has his way telling the "press democrat," he is considering a proposal to occur people in california to vote offer face a fine pointing to low vote are town outs in past elections and the success some countries have seen where mandatory voting. australia has 90 percent voter town out and imposes $15 fine for those who do not show up. he said he could bring the mandatory voting bill to the state legislature in january. >> skirt deliberations me began today in the case of a former
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law school accused of run down a man in oakland, 28-year-old was charged with four felonies for hitting 27-year-old james rota outside a bar in 2015. she claim it was an accident and she was trying to get away after being assaulted by several men outside a bar. she was arrested a few blocks away and she had alcohol levels twice the legal limit. he survived but has severe injuries. >> san francisco police are asking for your help to catch a man robbed a store after attacking a clark, this video shows the remain employee struggling for fending off the thief. he takes $200 in cash from the register. this happened at a store on ocean avenue near lakewood three days ago. if you have any information call san francisco police. >> the man who gunned down a vallejo police officer will spend the rest his life in prison.
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officer capoot was killed during a chase in november of 2011. now a judge has sentenced henry smith to three consecutive life terms for the murder. the jury found smith guilty of murder with special circumstances in july. the prosecutors pushed for the death sentence but changed their mind after a judge declared a mistrial in the penalty phase. >> happening today, fast food workers uphealth over pay will go on what they say will be the biggest strike ever from san francisco to detroit work workers in 500 cities are planning walk outs upset that 64 million americans are paid less than $15 an hour. in san francisco it starts at 6:00 a.m. at 24th and mission and then at 1:30 in oakland at washington street. >> water fines are a big money maker for pleasanton. the city brought if more than 500,000 from big water users this summer. more than a thousand businesses
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and residential customers failed to meet the city's manned date of 25 percent cut. that includes 9 large market used over 23,000 gallons a day and paid $7,600. double tree hotel used 15.5,000 gallon and a city council woman was fined for using three times the average household bill. >> in the wake of your's bay area storm, the city of palo alto is going to make learnty of sand behalves visible for the residents ahead of what is predicted to be a wet winter. they are holding a sandbag day on sunday and residents can pick up filled sand bags at the service center, officials will hold demolitions to show you how and where to place the bags to prevent water from looking inside the garages and basements and low level areas. you may want to buy flood insurance, from the federal
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emergency management agency saying flood insurance could save you if el nino brings monster storms to california this son. regular homeowners do have flood insurance covered but it averages $800 a area and it takes 30 days to take effect. if you want to by it do not wait because there is the 30-day lapse. >> but in threat of written today. mike has the forecast. >> there could be frozen stuff tomorrow with frost but the umbrella only needed for the sunshine. if you wake up inland east bay, low-to-mid 40s through the san ramon valley. until you get to livermore at 46 and concord at 48, and out highway four in the upper 40's to nearly 50s for brentwood and antioch. look how deep and the rest of us in the 40's and until the north bay mid-to-upper 30s and notice the fog did not make it to novato and san rafael south on 101 it is clear. temperatures today are mid-to-upper 50s at the coast
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and 59 to 63 around the bay and 60 to 63 inland. >> we have a brand new accident affecting the traffic through hayward southbound 880 neither jackson street highway 92 is we we have three vehicles involved with one lane blocked and we are already seeing heavy traffic leaning san lorenzo and northbound 238 out of castro valley up to the nimitz. you are on the brakes. at 880 in the number direction or 580, making the drive toward oakland, you are in very good shape. as i take you back to san francisco we still have the big closure that will affect the commute as it takes you along 280 and leaves you at 4th and king and there are detours if place influence november 14th. >> dozens of foe toes during the storm but this is from after the showers and, really, it took out. look at ran bow -- look at the rainbow in the salinas valley.
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send them to us at #abc7now. you can see the beauty of at storm. >> very cool. >> while you are on-line check out our photos at >> a warning for people would drive to bart. you may soon have to pay more before you get on the train. >> a bar touchdowner to the rescue, a man jumped into action when a customer is in a life threatening situation. >> new warnings of the dangers of having high blood pressure. >>en you see news without live >>en you see news without live take a photo using #abc7now.
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santa clara, san francisco, east and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> look at this, an amazing picture on surveillance video, a man at the bar gets up, and signals to others that he is choking on burger and the bar
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manager jumps up from the counter and performs the maneuver and the customer was saved. he'll be okay. the bar manager is called a real hero. >> facebook is facing a steep daily fine after a belgium court ordered the season network to stop tracking their nonusers. the court is giving the menlo park based company 48 hours to comply or face a fine of town $269,000 a day. facebook said they will appeal. the ruling comes after a privacy watch dog group sues the contain for not complying with privacy laws having to do with cookie technology which is installed when an intent user visits a facebook page even if they are not a member. >> heads up from bart. park fees are increasing at fur stations. up by 50 cents a day starting december 7 and millbrae parking costs $3 a day and $20 at concord and $1.50 at oakland
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coliseum. the maximum cost to park is now $3 at must stations. >> do you know highway low your blood pressure should go? according to a new study by it shoulding under 1 to. people over 50 years old with blood pressure below 120 have fewer heart attacks and strokes and fewer deaths overall. but doctors say many of their parents fail to meet that current goal of 140. you can catch the full report on "good morning america" this morning at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> new ground breaking technology for those with late stage kidney disease. a washington state man was the first in the united states to wear artificial kidney that is wearable with end stage kidney failure. he must follow a restricted diet and goes on dialysis three times a week, but a trillion at the university of washington allowed him to test the device with a belt that does the work of the kidneys and loosens up the diet.
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>> i had two orders of mac and cheese for dinner and i ate cheetos. >> it is in the early stages and the f.d.a. approved status was expedited for faster feedback. >> tonight millions of pounds of perfectly good food is thrown ambassador each day and not just what you are scraping off your plate. >> this was close to 10 tons. >> we look into the horrible waste of food before it gets to the shells. why it is here? what can be done about it? find out tonight on abc7 at eleven. >> something that we can partake in and helping to stop the waste of food. >> compost ago recycling. >> exactly. and companies that have last overs from the cafeterias and send them to the shelters.
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a last options. >> just not only your kid falling asleep at the table trying to eat the green beans. trying to eat the green beans. >> love to delivered my attention today as far as clouds has been in the north bay. the visibility is less than confirm at petaluma and around mountain view and "d" street exit to lake view and magnolia headed into the part of petaluma. we are getting a little bit of fog developing in napa but it has moved out of santa rosa and the airport is seven miles. the rest of us are unlimited other than the lingering low clouds and east bay valleys as we look to the east from it shut summit we will have a clean and blue sky and low humidity. it will be frosty tomorrow. possibly on thursday.
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but tomorrow is going to be the coldest morning. if you is not turn on the heater, good luck tonight. warming all the way to sunday and then we have a cool rain possible on monday. we will look at the temperatures today, a narrow range with microclimates 60 to 63 in the south bay from los gatos to morgan hill, and san jose is 61. most of us have total sunshine. at coast a last sunshine and limit the freeze, mid-to-upper 50 and nearly 60 if downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and petaluma at 60 and everyone else at 61 to 62 through the north bay and vallejo at 61. 63 at oakland and castro valley and everyone else 60 to 62. brentwood is at 63. notice the temperatures tonight, a last 30s inland valleys and palo alto and the north bay,en else in the 40s but it is son santa clara valley and the interior north bay so the
6:20 am
mountains in the values from 11 o'clock tonight until 9:00 tomorrow take care of the sensitive plants and pets. the coast is going to stay the same and the prosecute of us warm up one-or-two degrees, a few passing high clouds and low-to-mid 60s open thursday and low-to-upper 60s by friday and a few 70s inland. saturday is the warmest account clouds and cooler weather on sunday and best chance of rain on monday morning during the commute. >> we are using mobile 360 and checking out the drive through pleasanton and livermore, eastbound 580 as we head to livermore and most of the traffic is in the westbound direction going to turn mobile 360 around 180 degrees and tail lights are moving along and other parts of the bay area, serious accident with five vehicles involved southbound film it near highway moot and solid red causing pressure there and northbound 238. we slide over and looking ahead
6:21 am
to the weekend, and 72 hour closure that begins midnight on friday, north can southbound van ness between ehla vote and pine street. >> still ahead, the street project at wal-mart to watch you while you shop. >> a dramatic scene caught on camera at the golden gate bridge yesterday during the storm. >> but are first, the exploritorium camera view of the clouds in the east bay with the container ship coming to the port of oakland there and traffic is moving on the bay traffic is moving on the bay bridge. it's holiday time, and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries, which is why we're declaring it "the unofficial official fruit of the holidays." the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ chuckles ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to
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electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. >> an admission from wal-mart revealing they were secretly watching customers for a facial recognition software test inside wal-mart stores. the company told fortune magazine the software was used early this year as part of an of to track shoplifts but i was scrapped after the company officials decided it wasn't working as well as expected. >> this morning, "rolling stone" is facing a lawsuit from fraternity at university of virginia is asking for $25 million in damages for the way they were portrayed in november 2014 story called "rain on
6:25 am
campus." it detailed a gang rain that took place at the fraternity but it fell apart after the alleged victim's story was found untrue, the magazine and author ignored facts and leads that with show theallies were wrong but "rolling stone" has declined comment. >> now a check with amy hollyfield on what is coming up on me america at 7:00. >> coming up next on "good morning america" a scare at miami international airport, passengers told to put their hand on their heads as authoritied arrested a man would they believe had dangerous items if his carry open. dozens of flights were delayed and diverted. we have the latest dill on -- details on that and more. >> more ski resorts are opening early because of heavy snow falls in the sierra. squall valley announced they are opening saturday 11 days earlier than scheduled and alpine meadows opens on thursday, and 8" of snow blanketed the area
6:26 am
allowing the resort to open all the way to top of the mountain and more snow is expected this week. >> from snow to thunderstorms check this out, trees were victimized when lightning bolts hit the golden gate bridge national cemetery, a bolt sheared the top of the tree. owe thanks to the fire marshal for tweeting this picture the. >> the rain gave way to beautiful afternoon in the bay area and you can see from all of the the photos sent to us. if you have a picture of weather where you live sanity to us using #abcnow. >> finding a cab in san jose could be tough. nearly impossible today. the reason cab drivers could be if short supply across the city. >> do you have a few extra pounds around your weight? the new want that could have you retheying your breakfast this morning. >> leyla and mike will be back with traffic and weather.
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[majestic music] odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park. tickets available at
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy tuesday at 6:30 a.m. as we take a beautiful shot of san francisco with building in the foreground and in the back ground you can see the clouds over the east bay, just gorgeous. thanks for joining us. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> look at that, it is a gorgeous o. check in with meteorologist mike nicco and it is a cool down? absolutely. we helped for colorful sunrise we untilally put it open but it did future happen this morning. but, still, bull. check out live doppler hd and there are still a few left over clouds mainly in the east bay and you can see them right here in walnut creek and because of that, your temperatures are in the 40s also and the rest of the inland valleys in the 30s. we have 40s elsewhere outside of the forth bay at 7:00, and chilled sunshine at mid-to-upper
6:31 am
50s at noon and at 4:00, mid-50s at the coast and low 60s for the rest of us with dry air today and 7:00 we are in the 50s but right after 7:00, we will quickly drop into the 40s. >> mobile 680 is holding the breaks westbound on 580 through livermore at livermore more avenue you can see the brake lights with heavy traffic and we have one lane looked off at the moment because they are continued their road work. it is going to an slow ride approaching highway 84. there are flashing lights on the other side. the other parts of the bay area have an accident causing severe delays southbound 880 a multi-vehicle crash with five cars. top speed is 12 miles per hour. we have delay on 238 as a result. and getting on the san mateo bridge it is a slow role between 880 and 101 at 18 might bees to get across. >> thank you, at 6:31. happening now an alert is issued for two young girls reported missing in san jose.
6:32 am
police are looking for two sisters, kaleigh and allysa. the two are believed with their mother, 32-year-old crystal lucchesi. the mother lost custody and was supposed to turn them over to other family members on saturday but did not show up. they are believed traveling in a gold 2005 nissan four door license plate 5 police say this does not meet the standards of amber alert because they are believe believed with their hour. >> a neighborhood is trying to run to normal after a violent and deadly i matt, how did it end? >> yes, kristen, we spoke with a man who lives here. he rent as room here. he said he believes the suspect is also a man who used to resident a room here but he was
6:33 am
kicked out over the summer. here is a look from sky 7 or a lock from sky 7 that took place yesterday. the police stand off began at 2:15 when the gunman fired two shots before take, a woman hostage. dozens of officers 51ed the home. three hours later more gunshots after the suspect decided to walk out of the house with a gun if his hand. it felt like a war zone with shooting and the police were in the backyard, too, so it was scary. >> police slot and killed the suspect and the female hostage was found dead inside the home. investigators are not releasing what the relationship was with the suspect. an officer was wounded but the injuries are not life threatening and he is expected to be okay. >> we see a lost crashes but this in san leandro last night waspily terrifying. an eyewitness said an s.u.v. whizzed by going over 100 miles per hour. she said that the driver blue
6:34 am
through a step sign, clipped a car and careened into a garage and a man was screaming, my god, my daughter is in the garage. the garage was con veried to a woman place and a 25-year-old woman was sleeping. she account driver, both are hospital i've. no word on their conditions. >> look out for a missing sonoma county couple, a silver alert has been issued for them, and sam walko was supposed to take his wife to the hospital but they never made it. he is 85 and she is 90. >> they could be lost. confused. they both suffer from early dementia. >> we just want to find them. >> they could be driving their >> they could be driving their faded green 2001 toyota
6:35 am
>> stanford students are taking a stand over a report that found less than 2 percent of the students were sexually assaulted after a nationwide study shows that number to be continue times. they say the school leaders are done playing the problem. jackie speier told about a new piece of legislation she introduced called "halt." it requires a facility on every campus in the country that saved federal funds. it would be a survey that with be exactly the same so it can be evaluated. >> stanford president said the university has much more work to do in battleing sexual assault. >> today, you could find it tough to catch a taxi in san jose, cab drivers are on strike as the city considers eliminating regulations for uber and lyft companies. cab drivers refuse to pick up fares yesterday at the airport
6:36 am
and will expand the strike today. according to our media partner they are upset that the city council in san jose is weeing whether to lossen restrictions on uber and lyft drivers such as mandatory fingerprinting. cab drivers say they are required to have strict background checks and on-demand drivers should face the same. >> and do you have extra weight around your midsection? a if you wanting could have you hitting the gym before you though work. >> best booster seats for keeping your kids safe in the car. >> traffic on 680 through walnut creek you can see the tail light s and brake lits are heavy. we have weather and traffic we have weather and traffic during the break and we will be
6:37 am
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the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project
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and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california. >> we are back at 6:39. we will start with looking at the broader picture of where this storm has moved and it is still in the sierra with plenty of snow whether it is man made or mother nature made. you can see it fading away this afternoon. 36 in lake tahoe. nearly 60 through the central valley and mid-to-upper 60s in southern california. here is my seven-day forecast from lake tahoe, notice after today we are cooler-than-average, on friday and saturday and sunshine is become to average and sunday and morning we are looking at more
6:40 am
snow. enjoy, our activity planner is good but chilly whether you walk the dog or going for a run and a late breeze this morning from the bay. >> snow chains are required if you travel along i-80's, highway 88, and highway 50. we will look at mobile 680 westbound 580 travel loosened and is lighter traffic. center straight and grief way we have a report of a fire with a pedestrian, a female, has been hit but she is alert and hopefully she is fine. other parts of pay -- bay area, we have gaps in between the vehicles and fast trackers and looking from emeryville camera it is slow going as you head and treasure island. >> thank you, 6:40. this morning the battle over belly fat, a stunning new study will change how we look at weight. according to researchers, excess bell any fat can be more deadly
6:41 am
than obesity even if you maintain a remain in am weight. people would carry fat around the mid-section are twice as likely to die in the next ten areas compared to someone who is overweight with a normal to hit rain show because extra fat an the organs feeds them toxins and is the most risky fat in your body. >> a full report is coming up on "good morning america" and is published in the "judge of medicine." >> next time you have campbell soup it could take a little bit different when you try chicken noodle soup. >> california is rated one of the best places to raise your kids with benefits cross the state all ahead. state all ahead. >> stay tuned.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:44. if you are a comcast customer your personal information could have been compromised. >> we have been tracking the story all morning and how you can keep the information safe. what do you have? >> about 200,000 people had their accounts compromised and
6:45 am
they must reset their comcast password. they say their net worn was not breached but the list of e-mails and passwords was compiled in information floating around after shared hacks of other companies. >> this could happen to any company. it is important to remember you should reset your passwords and make them difficult to get. >> security experts say you should also avoid mails that ask for log in credentials and log in on the company website. do not store sensitive information in your e-mail account. if you use the same password on comcast as other sites change the password everywhere. thanks. it is 6:45, the insurance institute for highway safety released the best booster seats today and they tested 23 new booster seat models for 2015. 20 of the 23 aned "best bet,"
6:46 am
and the other three were "good bets." the top booster seats including the little tyke and eddie bauer storage booster with a full list at >> if you are a military veteran looking for work check out starbucks they are expand the few tuition program to include spouses and children of veterans. they pay tuition for all full and part time workers would do not have a bachelor's degree and is good the a arizona state university on-line. >> here is your chance to become a matchmaker. a match group and owners of dating apps are getting ready to go public. the company expects stocks to sell between $12 and $14 each and will trade on the nasdaq. they will use the money for a number things including beefing up the mobile business. >> happening now we want to check on trading on wall street, a look at the big board shows the dow is down 45 points on the
6:47 am
morning stock exchange. >> also today, california gets a low grade for state government integrity in the minute report. jane? >> yes, good morning. i was in your state and the son part but i was in california over the past few days. very first to visit there. the center for public integrity said california can use some work when it comes to preventing corruption. it gets a "c" grade which was the best of any state, and california actually got an "a" for state pension fund management and the budget process but flunked public abscess to information. campbell soup is changing their famous broth and a limited line of cans with figures from "star wars" policemen and the new version has 20 ingredients and the current version has 3. california used to being on list for being the most expensive but
6:48 am
here it is the cheapest: good banking rates with california the cheapest states to raise a family much the costs are high in the state but the average income is also higher than average and california currently offers the most generous family leave and employers are to give 40 hours of leave to participate in children's activities. >> the dow and s&p and nasdaq modestly lower with the dow down 36 points. >> the winter shares are up big time. >> investing companies that produce gortex --. >> here is why, i dialed up our lake tahoe camera and mother nature just put snow if there and she is still helping man/woman make some snow and so many resorts and we are putting the list together to figure out
6:49 am
exactly when everything is opening because they are all opening early! the snow is now into reno, and this is donna's sister home in free necessity where they had 6-8" of snow. we still have fog around petaluma near the airport especially, and that is mountain avenue "d" street and western avenue and lakeville street headed over to 116 and 101 and two in napa and half a mile in santa rosa. so north of 37 you will fine the thick fog. temperatures in the sotheby -- south bay at low-to-mid 40s. san jose is showing the warm spot at 46. most of us are in the 40s until the north bay and danville is closest at 40 degrees right now. a look shows it is not too breezy with a few left over clouds and not more of us in the 30s but the cloud are going away tonight and we will have
6:50 am
sunshine and dry air running today and watching through about saturday and the rains are possible, again, on monday morning. it could be third monday in a row. the trend in matter where the my yes claimant is, 60 from los gatos to 63 in los altos and 61 on the peninsula and the only exception is the coast mid-to-upper 50s to 60 if downtown south san francisco. 60 to 62 across the north bay, and mostly sunny, and 60 to 63 along the east bay shore and sunny inland low-to-mid 60. a few clouds this morning and sunshine by noon and maybe a few more clouds develop this afternoon. notice 30s and 40s dominate again and north bay and everywhere but for the coast and want out for sensitive plants until 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. we will warm a degree or two together with sunny conditions and a couple more on thursday. friday and saturday are the warmest with a few 70's trying
6:51 am
to hold on sunday with increasing clouds and monday morning, get ready for another soggy commute. leyla? >> we we are ready to brace ourselves. we are make the transition from westbound 580 near 238. this is before you get to the 880 connection, you can see the traffic is thick right now and as i turn 360 around 180s did traffic is head will along in the eastbound direction not a problem but we have heavy backups. in other parts of the bay area i have to say we have had a garden very right kind of a morning so we have not had too man major accidents and mass transit always good option at 59 trains running on time and ace train 3 and 5 on the tracks and muni has in delays. this crash which was involving five vehicles has clear asked right new we are just dealing with the residual backups so sitting behind 18 miles per hour is the top speed southbound on the nimitz. >> 6:51 and we are back with seven things to know before you
6:52 am
go. >> first, another look at heavenly resort if lake tahoe as the snow keeps coming down and building the base. by the end of the weekend most of the major resorts will be open for business so wax your open for business so wax your board and skis and get alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
6:53 am
the prius actually belongs on the table. with a 100% electric nissan what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. >> 6:53 a gorgeous shot look at the sun on the bay bridge,
6:54 am
eastern span, traffic is moving along there unlike the other day with rain. we have news for you right now. >> whether you are joining us or headed out the door seven thens to know, a frightening crash in san leandro sent two to the hospital and witness said a man drive an s.u.v. at least 100 miles per hour crashed and a garage that was turned into a bedroom where a woman was sleeping inside. she got pinned beneath the s.u.v. and slow and the 20-year-old driver were injured. >> police issued an alert for two young sisters after the mother failed to turn them over, the 7 and ten-year-old sisters, kaleigh and allysa, were believed to be with their mother crystal lucchesi in san jose. >> a suspect and hostage are dead after a stand off yesterday if san jose neighborhood. the suspect used to resident a room at the hoax but was kicked out over the
6:55 am
>> tracking fog cross the north bay valley with live doppler hd. this is where it will stay for another hour to an hour and a half. then it will be chilled sunshine and cool. temperatures are three to six degrees below average from 60 to 63. remember, we have forecast tonight inland valleys. protect the plants. >> we have a sluggish commute at toll plaza with backups and as we take you over to the drive, i-80's making it across the east shore freeway, to get to the bay bridge, it will take you total of 47 minutes. >> the 43ally post restaurants shut down in walk state and oregon because of e. coli fears could re-open. foes did not find the source of the outbreak that sickened more than 4 people but most of them reported eatingatically post before they became ill. >> number seven, the warriors remain the original up defeated team in the nba after petting the pistons at oracle arena.
6:56 am
steph curry finished with a son low -- season low of 22 points but the record is still 8-0, the second best start in franchise history. >> indeed. we continue on-line and facebook and all mobile devices. >> it is a team game. >> see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" with a look at university of san francisco from sutro tower camera.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terrified passengers evacuated from a plane moments before takeoff. hands on their heads. >> everybody out. everybody out. from the front. from the front. >> a police team swoops in, arresting this man with suspicious items in his carry-on bag. the airport on lockdown. flights delayed and the big question this morning, how did he get on the plane in the first place? donald trump, the presidential hopeful unleashing on ben carson overnight. >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. >> carson still fighting back against those reports he embellished his life story. trump is live this morning on "gma" as the candidates gear up for tonight's high stakes face-off. moment of impact. a wild end to a high-speed police chase. an officer fires his gun, trying to stop a stolen


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