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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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kristen and eric? >> breaking overnight a pursuit upvolving a still car ended up with shots in a quiet neighborhood and two people are in custody. amy hollyfield is at the scene in hayward. amy? >> yes, kristen, we got here and we saw where this ended it explained a lot. the suspect came to an end at a deadend. he was it rally backed into a corner. deputies say he then started driving the car toward them. in a threatening way so they fired at him. they say they did not hit but they hit the car and it caused him to cash. they made the arrest. it started on "a" street and he was in a stolen car. he refused to stop. the chase lasted for about five or ten minutes and it helped here at ricardo and shirley. everyone else is okay i asked the spokesperson for the sheriff who this man is and he could not
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give me the name but he is well then in the system and he has multiple violent felony convictions. thanks, amy. san jose police have arrested the same man who escaped from their lobby in hand can yous last month after a five-hour standoff. the 29-year-old nghounoi "david" neang was wanted for several burglaries and assault with a deadly weapon. he was in east san jose the investigators learned and they surrounded the home around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. the fugitive was one of five people who tried to escape by jumping a fess. police arrested one but the rest ran back inside and a stand off began. just before 9:00 p.m. police through grenades and rushed into the house. it took four into custody and that included neang. >> there is a townhall meeting at st. luke's hospital over
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the fatal shooting of a gunman outside the hospital. surveillance video shows an armed 25-year-old javier lopez garcia stealing a shotgun from the sporting gooded store in san bruno and drove to the construction site next to the hospital. workers say javier lopez garcia said he was ready to die before firing a shot toward the hospital. three officers opened fire killing javier lopez garcia and police say they benefit he wanted officers to take his life. >> this morning, one of the most wanted terrorists known as jihadi john is believed to be dead. he became a symbol for isis after beheading seven hostages including three americans. we explain the united states mission to take him down. >> with a black pacific he became the voice of the brutal and gruesome terrorizing videos. [ inaudible ] >> the face of evil. jihadi john whose real name is mohammed emwazi is now believe dead of the pentagon said he was targeted by a drone strike as he live the vehicle in the
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isis-declared capital in syria. the united states spent months trying to hut down emwazi seen showing the beheading of captives by isis. [ inaudible ] >> authorities figured out who he was soon after the behead of an american james foley in august. the wannabe isis leader slayed two other americans and two britains and two japanese hostages. president obama whatted terrorists justice will prevail. >> if you hurt an american, you are going to be brought to justice. >> in a statement to abc, the parents of james foley say the airstrike against jihadi john was a small solace. and i quote, "this huge effort to go after the deranged man filled with hate when they cannot make half the effort to save the hostages while the young americans are still alive is unfortunate that the government doesn't get it, they think it gives us solace but it doesn't." >> pentagon is working to confirm that jihadi john was
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killed by the united states airstrike. from what they say, they do believe he is dead. the vehicle he was in burst interest policemens and one official said jihadi john essentially evaporateed. >> back here the c.h.p. said the 35-year-old san bruno woman was killed after a chain reaction crash near pittsburg. it started as a minor fender bender shortly after 7:00 last night. the woman was standing in the roadway exchanging information with the other driver and oncoming cars, one of them, hit a parked car and then ran her offer. her passenger was also hit and taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> a 90-year-old woman, pedestrian, is dead after being hit while cross the boulevard. the victim was in the crosswalk, the 69-year-old driver is cooperating. investigator say that dark in was factor in the accident. >> your commute across the bay bridge could be delayed tomorrow but if caltran plans to emblowed
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part of old bridge, the implosion is set 7:00 tomorrow morning or 1:00 o'clock p.m. depend on the weather and the tides. in six seconds dynamite will break apart 20,000 pounds of concrete on a remaining tower taking place underwater. caltran will shut down the bridge 15 minutes before the implosion and the bicycle paths are closed tonight. the tube will also come to a halt for a short time. >> it is 4:35, a southern california girl would had life saving surgery at the hospital is doing very well at one years old. paloma batocci was born premature with a heart defect and had her third surgery in 13 months. we spoke with her mother. >> we are optimistic because our surgeon is one of the best in the nation. it is still nerve wracking because the first 48 hours is incredibly crucial for her
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recovery. but my husband and i are feeling good about it. >> doctors are watching paloma each day very closely. her parents of staying on the miss -- optimistic meantime $23,000 has been raised for the family. a big thank you. >> now a check on the weather. mike? >> we hope it put as big smile on her face. a beautiful baby. if you wake up in san francisco, around 50 to 62. so, no 40's in our official reporting stations. you can notice the lack of 30s. they are there but not so widespread as yesterday. we are a couple of degrees milder at 38 in pleasanton and palo alto and santa clara and american canyon is 40, and 37 in petaluma and pacifica at 50, we have bell monday at 47 and research mop at 46. clock out how quiet is on the
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water. a nice morning and it will be cool, but, not so cool as it was or as windy with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s, our fred from 64 in san francisco to the forth bay and the south bay at 68 degrees. here is a look from sutro tower as you can see, a few lights on the bay bridge but not the normal shining lights on the deck that help you see. that is why it is erie crossing the area. saturday evening through sunday morning looking at a good chance of rain. the totals continue to cent up. i will have those in an hour-by-hour forecast coming up. leyla? we have a last things going on today. first i want to talk about this, van necessary is closed in both directions, northbound and southbound with video taken earlier of van ness avenue between ellis and post, post and goriy, you have a hard closure but we will have several closures in the area for the construction of an underground
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tunnel for the new sutter health building. this is going to cause some delays over the weekend. early if you are coming in from the golden gate bridge and traveling from the north bay or coming from the peninsula you will be met were with very heavy traffic in the area. they hoping to get things wrapped up by 11:59 people on sunday so the morning commute on monday is not an issue. that is not the only thing going on, we will look right now at our view from southeast to the bay bridge and we just spoke with the c.h.p. and they say a light was out. we do not know if it is a situation where a light goes out on a christmas tree and the whole thing goes out so that is what we are look at, you can see this line of lights is completely dark and that means both are slowing down and machine in came in and told us people were slow down because it is a little bit dark but you cannot see too well. we do not know when the lights bing to come back on but certainly coming from the east
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bay, the traffic is moving nicely on the bay bridge. but headed through the treasure island tunnel, that is when it will be on the darker side. we do have a sig-alert and this is because of an overturned tractor-trailer and the carlson boulevard on-ramp to westbound 80 is shut down for another three hours and central avenue is beginning to be the alternate . >> next, commercial flights under attack in the babe area. the problem getting out of control that is putting lives at risk >> more than a dozen lawsuits are filed in the deadly berkeley balcony collapse with new details of the startling accusations in just-released court documents. court documents. stay tuned.
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. the f.a.a. is sounding the alarm of a rising number of laser strikes. two flights last night were hit by green lasers near phoenix after two flight on apporach to sfo were targeted. both incidents happened on monday as the flights passed over mountain view and palo alto. the pilots were not injured. they land at sfo safely.
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sky 7 photographer said that he has been targeted multiple times. >> it is not if for a pilot to not be able to see. at the end of the day, if it is a severe strike and he is blinded for a long period of time, that is a serious situation. >> wednesday night, three tv crews in new york city reported being targeted by lasers and all report come as pilots around the nation complain of the dramatic increase in the number of laser attacks this year. >> disturbing new accusations in the berkeley balcony collapse. a dozen lawsuits were filed yesterday, a story we first broke. here is dan. >> lawyers for the family of the six college students killed and the seven that were justly injured files lawsuits against the developer, building, current owner, property manager, and dozens more. the complains focus on something i reported from that day in june when the 4th floor balcony
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collapsed. water dam and dry rot was responsible. we saw support beams crumb peopling under a workers' fingers. >> that indicates it is severe rot. >> severe? >> yes. between october of 2008 and summer of 20, tenants observed large mushroom growing from multiple location on the surface of the apartment balcony and red flag warning that the wood was rotting and that the balcony was at great risk for collapse. >> if the plaintiffs can demonstrate there were red flags and they failed it pay attention to them, they ignored, and complaints just like the ones we are talking about, that puts the 9:00s at serious risk. >> ashley is the only bay area victim who died as did her cousin and four other students from ireland. the family attorney sent me a statement saying they want to make sure that those who are responsible for the tragedy are held accountable. the civil litigation proceeding
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our office will assist the d.a. in the criminal investigation. >> i have been calling dozens of defendants in the lawsuit, where no comment from the major companies but an engineering firm doled me they expect to be dismissed because their work had nothing to do with what happened. we will see. >> for abc7 news. >> we will shift gears, the warriors are back if action tomorrow night at oracle arena and now, 10-0. 10-0, for the first time in franchise history. >> guess which player was on fire in minnesota in the win? steph curry. he was hitting them from all over the ring machine scoring 46 points and hit eight three pointers and the warriors led by up to 21 points in the third quarter. they will scratch to with in five but stick had clutch shots and the warriors pulled away for 129-116 victory and stick now has topped 40 points in the game three times this season.
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they host brooklyn tomorrow. he had 20 in the first quarter. >> 21. >> he was on fire. what i learned last night is all the victories go to steve kerr, his record. >> and he is not there. >> although he not there. it is interesting. now, health's have some fun. it is friday the 13th and is also 11/13/15. look would shows up yesterday at am pipe, godzilla, the god godzilla el nino with all the places opening in the next weather segment. i thought that is a fun way to start the ski season. we have a little bit of fog with pet hum at four, and live doppler hd is showing a clue start. from the exploritorium, still,
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kind of on the western span. our last sunny and warm day when the sun comes up it will not be much stopping today. have the sunglasses. moderate rain, i come in here and the models add a little bit more to the tolls with chilly breezes and a few showers for sunday afternoon. now, the temperatures today, you will notice they are up, 66 to 68 in the south bay, and san jose at 67, in the middle, and gilroy mobile at 70 and same in santa cruz, 65, millbrae, san mateo, men let park, and los altos at 68, and 62 today at half moon bay and 59 to 60 around pacifica and daly city and colma, mid-60s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 62 and 64 to 68 through the north bay develop, and great friday to head up to the wine country and 62 in richmond and 64 to 67 along east bay shore with oakland and fremont at 67. if you head to wine country and livermore, 67 degrees is the warm spot, inland, concord and pittsburgs san ramon at
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brentwood at 64 degrees of the ton, a lot of us in the 40's and a few 50s around oakland and richmond and san francisco and the increasing clouds overnight will keep us from the dropping into the 30s. sun is secretary. another colorful sunset, clouds increase and by midnight the rain is moving into the north bay so if you are going to the oregon state cal game you should be dry. here is how it looks coming right through, at 2:00 on sunday morning, heading out of the south bay and inland east bay at 5:00 or 6:00, the steady rain is moving out and we will have scattered showers and it will be very breezy on sunday afternoon. rainfall amount freeway from quarter to possible .5" from the moderate rain. and it will be our cool of the day on sunday and we will rebound a few degrees on monday with sun and i take the chance of rain out of the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. leyla? >> yes, mike, where is
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when you need him? >> wally world? >> maybe. we have half the lights are out on the bay bridge and that is creating a $right coming out of the treasure island tunnel and toward san francisco. a little bit dangerous. mike was telling us and eric was saying people are slowing down just a bit because it is hard to see. just be prepared for that as we look from emeryville camera a different store on the eastern span, it is bright, and a legal deficit shock from such a bright light to total darkness. now, we also have a sig-alert and it will affect the commute if you use the carlson boulevard on-ramp to westbound 80, and this is should down until 7:30 with an overturned tractor-trailer and that is a sig-alert, central avenue is the best at fat, and another big problem for folks heading in from the east bay is going to be the closures, right near the macarthur maze so if you are trying to make the drive out of oakland coming from the east bay, all toward emeryville, westbound highway 24 to westbound 80 is shut down a couple of lanes starting to slowly pick up cones as we
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speak. kristen and eric? >> it is 4 50 and it is putting in just about all the water we drink and a north bay group is nighting to stop floor ride from being add to drugging water. >> the dicey landing caught on camera see how the winds made this plane's landing a real disaster. >> as we head to break we leave >> as we head to break we leave you with abc7 news with who coined the term "side bread?"
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>> in san jose, firefighters saved two dogs from a burning home yesterday near williams street park. two dogs were were pulled from the garage. the fire department tweeted this know to of one of the dogs saying thanks to the resuscitation both dogs are going to be okay. >> a push to temporarily stop using floor ride in marin county's wart supply according to the marin independent journal. backers of the effort are gathering signatures this afternoon to put the issue on next november's local lot. they want the water district to stop adding a chemical used until it is proven to be safe to ingestion. the process is a law so their hands are tied. >> to mess can soccer teams will meet in san jose tomorrow night to resume mexico's oldest rivalry, fans of the two clubs both from mexico are expected to pack the stadium. the classical rivalry dates back
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to 19 so fans are advised to take the strain to santa clara and transfer to the bus for a free short ride to the stadium. the gates open at 6:30 p.m. with kickoff at 8:00 p.m. >> all right, it is here for the snow boarders opening the season early in lake tahoe, we will look at squaw valley, opening tomorrow along with heavenly and north far and kirkwood and almost open, boreal and alpine meadows so it is helping them out with the early snow. >> mike, what are the chances they will get more snow for the weekend? >> 100 percent. you can take that to the bank but not today, to. 55 in lake tahoe. and well get a ton in just 24 hours or 36 hours from now we will have 60s through the central valley and sunshine, and 80 in los angeles, and 81 in palm springs so let me show you what will happen. yes, we are still looking at
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4-8" of snow before 5,500' with the snow level tapering to 3,500' as the snow helps on sunday evening. so, what we are dealing with, is kind of quiet. they are making snow in must areas, so be prepared for that. you will need the chains if you are headed up and the best chance of getting up there cleanly will be leaving tomorrow, before the sun is is thing and when the sun sets at 5:00 all better off through sunday night. leyla has a lack at the commute. leyla? >> yes, everyone, we are starting off with mass transit and bart with 29 trains running on time and ace train one is a minute early with in delays found on a.c. transit. we will look at what is happening in the north bay, san rafael and the drive is quiet, light, we could have some patchy fog to the north. when you get through the waldo tunnel it is looking nice and clear and making it over to the golden gate bridge so a nice
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drive and breezy from the north bay toward san francisco. now, we are going to talk about the k street closure which is almost a rap so people are going to be very, very happy. kristen and eric? >> 4:56. a swedish university said they have developed a test to detect classified and pinpoint cancer in the body using only a single drop of blood. the university claims that the test 96 percent accurate. researchers say the blood based test can decontinue all forms of cancer and it helps doctors determine the best course of treatment. the research is published in the journal of cancer cell. >> fewer americans are smoking >> fewer americans are smoking than a deck it is down 20 percent from 2005. still, smoking kills half a million americans each year. >> if you have never seen a pilot try to handle a plane on a windy day, take a look at this
4:57 am
incredible footage coming into central england from germany. you can see the airliner making the dissent on to the runway and the wind is blowing at the plane from the right so it crashes into -- crabs into the winds. the nose gear is the last to touch down and the airline called and said the pilots are trained to handle the cross winds. you have not seen anything until you see a 747 do that. >> this photo is going viral, a police officer pulled over a google self driving car yesterday for going too slow. the vehicle was going about 24 minute which is 35 miles per hour zone and the officer made contact with the operators to learn more about how the car was choosing the roads and educate them about impeding traffic.
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>> who gets the citation? >> the programmer. >> okay. the super bowl celebration if san francisco may be a travel challenge for muni riders. >> they just when a championship but they may not be around for another one with an effort to save the save save the save cats -- to save the sabre
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