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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> reporter: alma, witnesses say a man who works near by here heard a loud noise and then actually saw people falling from the scaffolding. how did this start, mindy? >> according to eyewitnesss, they saw the bus, which is a double decker bus, driving erratically down the street. in the process, a few vehicles were struck and then the bus came to rest, like, on some scaffolding which fell into the street. >> so there are other vehicles involved in addition to the bus? >> right. we have about four vehicles that people were extricated from. we're looking at about 18 patients now. we have at least four critical, maybe five. and we're also told that it actually started a block or two
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up the road. and there was a bicyclist that was struck up the road. >> can you >> we do have a final count now. we do know that there were two people extricated from the bus. two people were extricated from underneath the bus. and then the bicyclist up the road. >> incredibly serious accident. >> a very serious accident. crews arrived on the scene very quickly. did a very rapid triage. they put triage in place and notified the area hospitals, got some additional resources here and got the most critical patients to the hopt in a very timely manner. >> could they be more injured?
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or has everyone been taken care of now? >> they're still assessing some people. but none of those appear to be serious injuries. >> this might be a question better-fitted for the police department. but which roads are closed and how long will this area be shutdown? >> that would be a better question for the police department. there will be a length thi investigation. >> that is the very latest from the scene where, again, a double-decker, open tour bus has had some trouble and caused some serious accidents in union square. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> katie, before you go, do we have any nfgts information on t condition of the tour bus driver? i'm just speculating that he had ahearted attack or something happened that might have triggered this where he's suddenly driving erratically. do we have any information regarding the driver?
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>> it sounds like we're investigating what might have happened based on what mindy was able to tell me. she says it's unclear but people saw the bus kind of driving erratically. if she has anymore information on that, we'll bring it back to you. >> we want to go back to the breaking news in paris where those attacks are happening. these are unprecedented attacks. here's what we know so far. there have been at least three coordinated attacks in the northern and eastern parts of paris happening almost simultaneously. >> officials expect the death toll will rise. tonight, unprecedented steps are being taken where 60 to 100 people are being held. abc news anchor cheryl jennings is in our news room and monitoring all of the developments. >> developments are happening by the second. a state of emergency has been
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declared throughout france. all of the borders have been closed. in the last 30 minutes, france's president has ordered the military to patrol the streets of paris. right now, it's focused on the concert hall where 60 to a 100 hosta hosages are being held. multiple gunmen inside. that includes a frenchmen that says 15 people were killed. there are reports of people running outside the concert hall covered in blood. not far away, three exploexs. is video from the game. listen to the explosion. you can hear it. >> that is a terrifying situation.
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we just got late word that two of the attackers have been killed. and, am i correct in saying that the hostage situation is over? all right. so the hostage situation there is over. thank goodness for the people in a horrible, horrible situation. there's a cafe involving six gunmen at a bar. french authorities are asking people to stay indoors. we're going to bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> thank you, cheryl. >> president obama promises to help track down those responsible for these attacks. >> this is a heartbreaking situation. obviously, those of us here in the united states know what it's like. we've gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves. we've always been able to count on the french people to stand with us. they have been an extraordinary counter terrorism partner. and we intend to be there with
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them in that same fashion. >> president obama talked earlier today about the g-20 summit scheduled for next week in turkey. the president leaves washington tomorrow and plans to be in direct communication this weekend. do stay with abc 7 news for the very latest on the paris terror attacks. we will have up dates throughout the evening and on world news tonight at 5:30. you can alms get the latest breaking news on twitter. >> there is a tsunami in southern japan after a 7.0 earthquake struck off the coast today. japan's agency says a tsunami of three feet could hit the coast and cause small floods in some areas. >> weather for the weekend, clear and sunny today, but there is rain in the forecast over the weekend. spencer christian live, now,
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with our 5:00 accuweather up dad a beautiful shot right there. >> just gorgeous all around the bay area. here's live doppler 7 hd showing how clear our skies are at this moment all across the bay area. upto uptown, north, we've grot some active weather right now. and it's not moving. okay. a storm moving into the pacific northwe northwest, going to see some rainfall in seattle and down to portland. it's just pointing out that we have active weather moving into the kcoastal areas. we have winter weather advisory beginning sunday morning at 4:00 and continuing until sunday night at 10:00. maybe a foot of snow or more up in the higher elevations. a beach hazard in effect for saturday afternoon in our west and northwest-facing beaches. meanwhile, conditions through the atmosphere right now as we look from our rooftop camera,
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current temperature readings are mid to upper 60s. morgan hill, 59 in half-moon bay. this is the golden gate, where it's also clear. we have readings of 70, santa rosa, concord, 62 at livermore. here's our first forecast as we look at clear skies over sfo. dleer and cool, mostly sunny, chilly in some spots, early tomorrow morning. partly cloudy tomorrow and into the afternoon and there's a chance of rain coming saturday night. i'll gich yve you a closer look that a little bit later. >> a reminder when you get unusual weather, and certainly is these past couple of years. take a photo or a video and share it with us. that will help us find your content and use it on the air. moving on, a fairfield mother who's ten-year-old son allegedly stabbed and killed her husband is under arrest. >> police took her into custody
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today under suspicion of involuntary man slaugter and destruction of evidence. last month, they spobded to a domestic violence incident. le had been arrested several times on suspicion of abuse, but never charged. today, sunnyvale police identified a man shot to death by officers yesterday. they say he confronted officers with a knife during the sexual assault investigation when he charged at them. three officers opened fire. police say they are related. this is the fourth-officer-involved shooting this year. three of them were fatal. >> the incident began as a chase in heyward around 11:45 last night. it ended on a dead-end street
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where almeda authorities say a car tried to run them down. >> a former law student is now in custody after being convicted of running down a man in okaklad two years ago. roda survived, but has severe injuries. he faces up to ten years in prison. >> kaiser mental health workers are set to strike on monday. workers say hospitals are under-staffed and that results in patients having long waits to get appointments. 1400 kaiser clinicians will strike on monday including the san jose and medical facilities. all facilities will remain open during the strike. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00. big delays and a small explosion. what you need to know about
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a city under attack. abc news is reporting two people there being held have been killed. hostages running outside. we know of at least 50 people
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have been attacked. we'll continue to follow this story for you online and on twitter and abc 7 news for the rest of the evening. >> back here in the bay area, you could see some delays if you're crossing the bay bridge. >> cal trans is starting the implosion as early as 7:00 a.m. but perhaps later in the day. a look at the preparations already underway for tomorrow's implosion. >> we have established an exclusion zone. >> steven is the guy who will give the go ahead to cal tran that it's all clear for the bay bridge implosion. the explosion is a
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highly-choreographed but short, six second, highly sequentially controlled charges. each of them weighing anywhere from 21 to 35 pounds. >> seconds before the under-water explosives were set off, a bubble will be set off to protect fish and wildlife. there are two possible windows for the event. 7:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. >> eric booked this party boat for the afternoon. >> we're going to make an entire party around it, even if we don't see it and it's done earlier in the day, then we still have a great time on the water. >> there's still about a dozen tickets left. at $90 a piece, the theme is a
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three hour tour, as in "gilligan's island." >> the agency says it will hold the trains in west oakland stations while cal trans detonate that is peer. the tube sits in the bottom of the bay and wants to make sure that any vibrations do not imbakt its trains. >> happening now, a busy stretch in san francisco is closed through the weekend. the three-david owe allows for work in the underground tunnel. amy hollyfield has the details. >> there are a lot of people out here, but no one in here. >> the owner of the fingertip nail salon opened her shop today.
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tkt be because of this, a major back-up because a portion of the thoroughfare is shut down. last time, we had a couple people coming from east bay and they got stuck in so much traffic, they had to turn around. >> here's an animated look at what crews are building. a pedestrian tunnel between the future medical center and this office building. there was enough to stop some residents dead in their tracks. >> we were wondering with the trucks, the left side over here, how are they going to get them over to the right and not have the traffic all backed up. we just said they'll just stop it. >> good grief. it's horrible. it's really bad. >> drivers looked quiet kpas rated this morning. those are the patients that
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sometimes need a little extra attention. >> we need to relax muscles a little bit or schedule a massage with this, too. >> they have 57 workers trying to keep traffic moving smoothly. they say they are on schedule and do expect to open back up in time for your morning commute. >> and drivers in downtown san francisco are about to see some more red. powell street will be closed to through traffic for the next 18 months. abc 7 news was on this two-block stretch this morning. you can see the street is painted red in some areas. and that limits car access. new signs will tell you where turns are not allowed and you cannot drive through. muni taxis are still allowed there just for loading and unloading. it's designed to promoet safe any one of the busiest areas. >> our goal is to create a safer
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environment for operation of the cable cars. we will be conducting enforcement at some point. pligs say drivers who are caught going where they're not supposed to be will get a warning over the next 21 days. >> just over 24 hours, here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. it's closing in on us, and it is. it might be a pretty good dose of rainfall. it's nice and dry as you can see. rain arrives late tomorrow evening. showers will have a dry pattern again. here's a satellite radar with our third consecutive cold storm in the series that we've seen recently.
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already producing some rain in the pacific northwest. we'll see the arrival of rain in the north bay first at 11:00. just after mid night, we'll see rain pushing across basically the entire bay area, looking pretty intense in some spot. sunday morning, still relatively early. projection looks, like, about three tenths of an inch to six tenths of an inch for most of the bay area. and, in the sierra, there's some places that will see near or above a foot of snow, about nine inches expected in lake tahoe. it will drop down to 4,000 feet by sunday night. back to the bay area tonight. chilly again. cold in some spots. lows will drop to the mid 30s,
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napa will see upper 30s to low 40s in some inland locations. tomorrow, look for partly sunny skies and rain tomorrow night. high temperatures will range from low 60s around the bay to mid 60s inland and only upper 50s to about 60 on the coast. here's the seven-day forecast. after the rain tapers off sunday morning, it will be blustery and windy sunday afternoon. they'll see blue and breezy conditions. by the way, i want to thank the students and staff for inviting me today to be a guest reader. >> it looked like everybody had a great time, spencer. >> i think i had more fun than anybody else. >> all right, thank you, spencer. garth brooks is getting ready to take the stage in san jose tonight. up next, the country legend reveals why the south bay holds special meaning to him.
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>> we'll check in on a baby that's being treated at a south bay hospital.
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. the force has land t ed at singapore's airport. don't get me with your saber, please? the display includes a life-sized x wing fighter and an r2d2 plane. >> happening tonight in san jose, something that hasn't happened there in 18 years. at the s-a-p center where garth brooks talked about his first concert in the south bay since 1997. he's back on tour with wife, trischa yearwood. >> she shows up and i think she
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has a standing ovation of, i don't know, it seemed like for a turning event, i'm going to be humble and say it was 90 seconds. the song stopped, it just kept going and going and it was the first tie i ever saw you cry. >> brooks says it will be mostly old favorites with a few new songs mixed in. >> we continue our coverage with breaking news just out of paris. >> shoot me? try and shoot me. >> the man who put his life in jeopardy to rescue a customer. >> plus, a pilot who put his passengers before the rules and got fired because of it. >> and the growing war of words
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live, breaking news. >> we start this half hour with the latest on those attacks in paris. at least 50 dead in a series of coordinated attacks. >> monitoring developments from the news room, cheryl? >> alma and larry, we have just confirmed there were at least four attacks that happened at the same time throughout the city. and you mentioned the death toll
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stands at 50. but, unfortunately, we've heard different reports. that number is very tragic. abc news is reporting a hostage situation at a concert hall where a california rock band was performing is over. now, the two gunmen who held up to 60 to 100 people hostage, those gunmen shot dead. there are reports that the french president has arrived at the theater where he is being briefed. one of them captured on live television. french officials say at least three are dead. tonight, france's borders are
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closed and the military is patrolling paris' streets. we are going to go to abc news with an update on this tragedy. . we're coming back with more on that horrifying night in paris. police have confirmed at least four attacks in the city of paris. tonight, one at the star defrance where there was a major soccer game. the a people's exhibit no. recording there was suicide bombers outside the stadium. you can share it right there as the game was going on. two more attacks in central paris killing seven on the scene and the most horrifying of all,
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the concert hall where an american heavy metal band was playing tonight. several hundred were held hostage for a period of time and now the ap is reporting that at least a hundred have been found dead inside that concert hall. two attackers, according to french police, have been killed. what is happening live on the scene right now? >> george, i am right in front of the concert venue in paris. that operation is over. there's about a hundred police forces in front of the concert venue. we are asking to move away and keep a safe distance as people are being evacuated right now.
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>> we've heard they were both on the scene tonight to bring their support to this tragedy that's unfolding tonight in paris. >> the french has declared a state of emergency in france tonight. he's closed the borders. we know about that scene. >> it's called the eagles of death metal. they got out safely, according to a relative talking to our station in atlanta. but they saw incredible carnage. they decided to move in to minimize, as best they could, the death toll. >> and some unconfirmed reports that the gunmen had been moving
4:33 pm
calmly through the crowd and shooting one by one. >> the vulnerableties of a free and open society. these are soft targets. restaurants, a concert hall outside the stadium. we don't know if this is an al-qaida attack or an isis attack. >> our correspondent joins us as well who says we don't yet know who is behind this. the president, when he came out earlier today and said we were standing with france and also refused to speculate on who might be responsible. >> there are several report that is isis is behind this. we have isis-inspired people in the charlie hebdo attack. perhaps it's some sort of group we have never heard of. but, if this is, in fact, isis,
4:34 pm
this is a huge escalation of what they are capable of doing and move iing beyond the borderf syria and iraq. it brought down that suspicion that isis is also behind this. these will be major, major escalations. meanwhile, we're continuing to bomb isis in syria and iraq. the u.s. says there is progress there. but if these are the attacks, these are the kind of people who can slip through the cracks and it is a big problem for law enforcement. >> this also comes on the heels of the strike against jihadi john yesterday. >> exactly. this has such an indication of being so well-planned, it could have been triggered by just that event alone.
4:35 pm
over the summer, isis were soupding out messages to social media. >> i want to talk to matt olson. matt, we know now that two of the attackers have been killed according to french police. the french borders have been closed. tell us what that means inside france right now and what your counter terrorism, counter parts in france would be doing. >> certainly, it's the highest possible state of alert inside france right now. what's happening in france and certainly here in the united states, the counter terrorism are talking to each other right now, scouring their data bases for any kind of threats or warning and would give some indication of who is responsible for this and making sure that that information is being shared immediately with the french
4:36 pm
counter terrorism officials and law enforcement so that those individuals who may still be at large are able to be apprehended, if at all possible. >> and it would trigger our state of alerts here on the higher state of alert, the rose bowl, a big football game tomorrow on a higher state of alert. of course, what else will be happening here in the united states to protect the homeland. >> as you know, major city police departments are going to go to a higher state of alert just as a matter of caution. you've already heard about that from new york city. but this is the kind of attack, as martha said, that as horrible as it is, it is very difficult to stop because it uses relatively available weapons and soft targets. it is very difficult. going forward, we'll see heightened security, but, still, very difficult to stop. >> he's told you so many times
4:37 pm
over the past year that this is his greatest fear and isis is the greatest threat. >> law enforcement officials have been particularly concerned about isis. in the last two years, the fbi has arrested at least 70 people who have tried to affiliate themselves with isis. tonight, they're in communication with their french authorities. they are at a high alert. and even though there's no specific threat that has been identified to the u.s. homeland, u.s. officials say there's potential about the copy cats and, again, social media campaign of isis says over and over as the f.b.i. director said, kill, kill, kill, where ever you are. >> the hostage situation at that concert hall, two attackers dead. former negotiator for the fbi. clearly, they felt they had no
4:38 pm
more time. they had to go in. >> that's exactly right. it sounds like if you only had two shooters, it tells you what devastation just one or two shooters can do. look at james holmes in aurora colorado can give you an example. so my guess is they knew roughly where they were. it's, like, we've got to stop this. they're just going up and down the aisle shooting people. let's go in and take them out. it looks like they did that in fairly short order. >> so far, they're saying two are dead. the french president has cancelled his trip and president obama is scheduled to take off tomorrow. the president, when he came out to speak a little earlier this evening, saying he had not yet spoken to the president. but president obama will continue with his trip? >> that's right. the president leaves tomorrow. that trip is planned.
4:39 pm
it will go ahead as planned. he had intended to meet at turkey in the g-20 with the milan and other european leaders to talk about the battle against isis. now, without the president, george, this, you can see in the president's demeanor, a real somber, this is a clear setback just at a time when he thought that he had been making progress, the united states and our al lyes made progress,finally making some progress in iraq, of course, taking out with a drone strike last night. jihadi john, the most visible leader of isis. again, the president was very clear. we don't know who's behind this attack. the real fear, thee, is that this is isis reaching once again beyond the worders of iraq and syria. >> not only because of the attacks back in january, but because world leaders including
4:40 pm
president obama scheduled to be there later this month for a major climate change conference? >> that's right. 120 heads of state, more than 120 heads of state are scheduled to convene in paris for this large, u.n. conference on climate change. the president's plan is to be in paris for two nights attending that conference. of course, now, with france, the border 14u9 down, the state of emergency, many questions about what will happen with that conference. >> and, on that point, we just learned from american airlines that they're actively monitoring the situation unfolding in paris. american airlines is holding remaining departures this evening to paris until they can get additional information. there has also been the downing of a russian airliner a couple of weeks ago. greater concerns about here in the united states, as well. and possible gas in the tsa system. >> absolutely.
4:41 pm
law enforcement of officials have been focused on the terrorists. here in the nation's capitol, d.c. police are saying they're going to step up security. we're also hearing about the same thing in new york city. so, right now, law enforcement in the united states is at a high alert trying to respond, trying to give information to the french-funded system, but, also, preparing for any potential copy cats here. >> what does that mean operationally? what will we see on the streets of new york, washington, d.c., baltimore? >> you're going to see the hercules team. you'll see them in front of the embassies. you'll see them at key sporting events. there's so many sporting events in the united states over the weekend, law enforcement officials will have to be thinking about extra security throughout the weekend, george. >> we just learned from a french police source that now three
4:42 pm
terrorists are confirmed killed. that number is likely to go up of terrorists involved in this attack. >> if they got them all. clearly, more than three people involved in attacks on four different locations. and that will be the concern. did some get away? or did they all intend to be suicide attackers and die carrying out their mission. that will be one of the big questions. we'll also get a good idea of who might be bind this. >> so far, we haven't seen any group of who might be behind this? >> there have been some claims on social media, but we haven't been able to identify them. a number of groups are starting to say we've taken responsibility. >> and what do we know about any kind of chatter before this attack? >> over the summer months, there was a lot of claims that will bring slaugter to the streets of france. there are hundreds, if not thousands of isis followers from
4:43 pm
western europe who have gone to syria. others have stayed back. and in some cases, we've seen where isis leaders say don't come to syria, don't come to iraq. stay where you are. >> but once they leave those countries, are these attackers kind of on their own? >> once they get to syria, they're funded into a home machine. when they are still at home, they are not directly told to go after specific tar gets. in this case, it appears to be very well-planned and coordinated. somebody put all of this together to coordinate four separate attacks with explosives and automatic weapons. >> i want to go back to louise on the scene in paris near that concert hall where the hostages have been taken in that situation. >> that's krengt. it's just a block awail from the concert venue. and i can see about less than a
4:44 pm
hundred, about 50 people right now inside the cafe. some are probably calling their relatives. that's the situation right now in paris. >> we want to show a picture that you actually took a short while ago showing police right there on the streets near the cafe. >> that's correct. we could see fire fighters working up the ladders and evacwaiting the people from the second floor down the ladder at a safe space a few blocks away. >> i want to go back to brad gar ret right now that the french government has announced 1500 additional soldiers have been mobilized.
4:45 pm
brian ross was just saying, even though we know three attackers have been killed, there could be many more still on the loogs. and i remember after those charlie hebdoe attacks, there were more on the loost and ready to kill again. >> and the real key is identifying the hostage takers that they have. you want to look at the network. who else is out there? who have they talked to on the phone? the key is obviously low kating and then positioning troops, law enforcement, et cetera, based on where the threat might be. but the key is to identify the link. and that's -- i tell you, that's desperately what law enforcement is doing in paris as we speak. >> i want to go to our producer who is actually in the stadium where france was playing germany tonight they heard those bombs go off near the stadium. >> george, i'm still outside the stadium.
4:46 pm
and i saw forensic investigators combing for clues and evidence. there was -- the area was kwaurn teened off. you could not get near police officers. taking pictures, trying to figure out exactly what happened. now, there's still a heavy police presence several hours after the end of the game i was attending which was supposed to be a very happy night for the french. >> so what did you know in realtime? you would hear the explosion, but, for a while, the game went on. >> well, george, it was very bizarre situation. and we -- we're told after the game by the head of the french
4:47 pm
soccer federation been an explosion outside. it was, you could say business as usual inside the stadium itself fireworks. and in the concert hall, the eagles of death metal was there. you were able to smeek with your
4:48 pm
brother tonight? he's okay? >> yeah, i was. he's doing fine now. >> what was he able to tell you about what happened? >> he said they were mid set, maybe six songs in and heard the gunfire. couldn't really see because of all of the lights. he just ran through the back of the stage through the exit doors. it was louder than what they were playing. by the time they put two and two together, they could understand that most of them were machine gunfire. >> how many people were inside that concert hall? >> i believe 1500 was the can passty. >> 1500? >> krerkt. >> and does your brother have any idea he and the band numbers were able to get out to safety
4:49 pm
through the back door? does he have any idea how many others were able to get out? he does not. they were one of the first groups able to successful exit doors right behind them. so i think they were probably one of the first out. just focused on getting out. before they left, did he have any sense of how many gunmen there might have been? >> no, we didn't get that far. >> and what else was he able to tell you about what happened? >> that's about it. heard screaming and yelling and just took off. >> you may not know the
4:50 pm
answerment i'm assuming your brother band tours very often. when they go to a place like paris, largely an american audience or a french audience. >> it would be largely french. >> we're glad his brother and band mates are okay. when you hear about 1500 people in a concert hall, an american band, the president at the game, now, do you think about the kind of tar getting that went into this? >> someone thought this through. that's the point that investigators will be looking at. who had the ability to pull together 7 or 8 or 10 or 12 different terrorists with guns or with explosives. that takes some planning. that's not done in a week or
4:51 pm
even a month in many cases. this was thought out and whether the big gang was the trig r or this concert with the american rock band. think about it, george. how many concerts tonight in this country with a thousand people and what kind of security? no security is going to be able to stop people. >> this campaign against isis going on for more than a year right now. united states has stepped up air attacks on isis. you've seen the iraq military power authorizing forces on the ground in syria. but the group, isis kobts to grow and me tast size across the middle east, even in afghanistan. >> they certainly do. as you know, george, i was in afghanistan about a month ago. and that was one of the concerns the commander had. isis was starting to spread in
4:52 pm
afghanistan, as well. we don't know if they just take the name of isis, whether they're just supporting isis or are al-qaida offshoots. but they've begun to be a big problem in afghanistan, as well. but the bigger problem is the kind of attack. you also have to think about how few people were probably involved from the reports we've heard where there are a couple of gunmen, where there are five or six gunmen. i think you could actually put this kind of attack together fairly quickly because we're talking about soft targets, those kinds of tar gets law enforcement fears so much because, in fact, they are pretty easy targets. that's why they're called soft tar gets. if they could get the weapons, if they could explosives and you can learn how to do that online or anywhere
4:53 pm
else, they could carry this out fairly easily. if they have the motive to do that, they're going to go to these places that can cause the most damage. >> and to that point, why this hant happened more often. >> exactly, george, law enforcement officials have been worried about this nightmare scenario. it's why you've seen the fbi step up throughout the year looking at people who support isis. 70 arrests in the last two years agone. seeing young people, primarily, trying to go join isis. i'm struck by a conversation with a senior national police official. and he talked about in such solemn terms the notion that they had dozens upon dozens of
4:54 pm
islamic radicals in paris and throughout his country that he had to worry about. he had this look in his eye of a person who was living under the daily stress of it all. and it was quite stunning. you can see this unfold tonight and see what he was so worried about. >> they're celebrating that they were able to paralyze a great city like paris.
4:55 pm
a devastating attack. what he knows and what the government knows, there are 1700 french citizens who are considered to be beyond the isis track. 1700. 400 in syria, the rest still in france. over 1200 french citizens or residents considered to be on an isis track by french authority. >> back to paris right now. charlotte is on the phone right now. you are near the restaurant when one of the attacks took place? >> yes, that's right. i'm meeting with a friend of mine.
4:56 pm
we were just having our dinner. it was after 9:00 and then, all of the sudden, it was really loud gunshots and bullets coming through the windows. so all the diners quickly fell to the floor. we were lying on the floor when numerous dwun shots were fired. i saw a woman next to me, i was holding onto her, actually. i said are you okay? are you okay? and the next woman said to me, is she breathing as i lifted her head. when i lifted my head, i could see she was okay. i could see a pool of blood around her and she had been shot, i think, in the chest and was fatally wounded. >> oh, my goodness. that must have been so horrifying. >> r. >> how long did the shots
4:57 pm
continue for? >> i would say like a minute. it sounded like they reloaded and then there was another round of shots. they were somewhere in the region of i would say 30-40 gunshots, but i don't know. >> and could you tell how many shooters there were? >> i would guess more than one, but i don't know. i was just trying to keep my head down p. >> and did you get a sense of any other fatalities injured. >> yeah, i saw when i could look and see what was happening, i saw that there were some people covered in blood. there were three that i personally could see. my friend and myself ran out of the restaurant. we could see a man holding his
4:58 pm
girlfriend and could see she was obviously fatally wounded. >> what can you tell us about the scene in paris tonight? how it feels there? >> first of all, it felt like it wasn't real when it happened. initially, i couldn't process it. and then, when i heard more, when i heard reports of the hostage situation in the battleground, it felt like the time of charlie hebdoe. it felt like there was no sense of what was happening. all i can say is that people were brave and people are praying for each other. i guess that's all the good that i can say about it. >>. >> terror and trauma twice in just ten months.
4:59 pm
thank you very much. thank you for sharing that testimony tonight. before we go, quickly, president obama will say he can offer whatever help he can to the people of france. ? absolutely. they'll go through every phone conversation to try to figure out who is responsible. are there still more out there? >> to soup rise again right now, at least a hundred people have been killed. three terrorists confirmed killed as well according to the french police in that situation in the concert hall where hostages had been held. the theater siege is over right now.
5:00 pm
all right, night of terror in paris. multiple shootings across the city in what appears to be a very coordinated attack. if death toll just trawl matic. >> that bus was out of control before it hit a bicyclist and several cars. >> two very big stories tonight. we begin with paris. abc news reports at least 100 people have been killed in at least four separate coordinated attacks. >> tonight, a state of emergency has been declared. the military was controlling the streets. >> in the news room monitoring what's happening in paris very closely. >> it's just out there, two in the morning. and the city of lights is dark right now. including eifel tower. again, french media reporting 100 people killed in these attacks. we do know that three terrorists are dead.


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