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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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all right, night of terror in paris. multiple shootings across the city in what appears to be a very coordinated attack. if death toll just trawl matic. >> that bus was out of control before it hit a bicyclist and several cars. >> two very big stories tonight. we begin with paris. abc news reports at least 100 people have been killed in at least four separate coordinated attacks. >> tonight, a state of emergency has been declared. the military was controlling the streets. >> in the news room monitoring what's happening in paris very closely. >> it's just out there, two in the morning. and the city of lights is dark right now. including eifel tower. again, french media reporting 100 people killed in these attacks. we do know that three terrorists are dead.
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the french president pleading with the people to stay inside. among the targets, a crowded soccer stadium. >> that was the explosion you heard there. french president in that stadium. he had to flee to safety as did thousands of others. again, four locations, the stadium with several explosions nearby. a french restaurant where a number of people died from gunfire. one more location still not confirmed. and a french theater where dozens were kill as the california band played on stage. the family of the lead singer of that band told our sister station in palm springs, he saw the shooters in the back of the theater and escaped out a back door. we're talking about the man with the bow tie on on the right. the band still making sure that all of the members are safe tonight. the stadium is a bit outside the tourist area that most of us know of paris. but the other location, just a
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15 minute drive from the tower. >> and both presidents, of course, the president of the united states and the president of france looking into this, as we speak. in fact, the president of france is at the theater right now. this shows the cabinet meeting at a house to determine how to respond to a series of stunning attacks, the nation under a state of emergency right now. the president has cancelled a planned trip to a g-20 meeting in turkey. we just learned american airlines is stopping flights to france. >> thank you very much. >> the school of san francisco is among those who escaped from the soccer stadium. >> and our team coverage continues live at the school with those dramatic details about what happened.
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>> dan and cheryl, this is the special alicense in the cultural rl center. and they have students in the bay area who are traveling abroad including one student who is in paris tonight. they say that he was at the soccer game between germany and the stadium tonight. the school has been in contact with them and they say he tells them he is safe after-and-a-half gating his way through the streets and all of the chaos in paris tonight. he says they heard explosions, they stopped the game. spectators were evacuated to the middle of the field and evacuated out of the stadium. again, he is safe at home tonight. the executive director of the school is pastall letterman. what is your reaction to all of this. >> this is a horrible tragedy. it's never happened before to that extent.
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>> tomorrow night, we had an event with an for the weekend. >> are we just trying to stay low-key here? >> just low key. what people have in mind until tomorrow. >> in the meantime, you will remain connected with all of your students out there? >> oh, yes, definitely. thank you very much. he is the executive director here. again, everyone here in shock and very upset over these events that are taking place. i'm reporting live in san francisco, back to you. >> of course, allen. thank you very much. >> sky 7 hd captured video of several fighter jets just a short time after the paris attacks.
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they were not scrambled in response to the incidents in paris. they are california national guard jets scheduled to fly as part of a foet shoot. >> now, soon after france closed its borders, the house intelligence committee talked with abc 7 news. >> he was in paris recently and says that europe is facing a big probl problem. >> the internet has allowed people on twitter and other social web sites to communicate with everyone. calling them to take up arms against innocent civilians. he reiterated his call to ban assault weapons to prevent similar attacks in the united states. >>. >> the san francisco bay is hosting a major conference in
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paris. >> it's being held as park di viet, which is about two miles from the attack. >> a band was playing at the time of the theater shooting is based in the desert and just performed on jimmy kimmel last month. t >> stay with abc 7 news for the very latest on the paris terror attacks. we'll have updates on abc 7 and on world news tonight. you can always get the latest, breaking news by foling us on twitter. and now, to our other breaking news. 20 people have been injured in a tour bus collision with several vehicles on a construction site in downtown san francisco. sky 7 hd shows injured people being carried off the bus. >> just a terrible scene.
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>> the official number is 25 critical and the rest suffering minor injuries. the driver of that double decker bus was driving erratically, according to police, and speeding for at least two blocks before ening up here. finally, hitting the scaffolding which then fell on more cars and people. by the way, that scaffolding is part of the construction that, as you mentioned, apple store.
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>> do you think they will investigate the circumstances that are involved? whether it was mechanical fair yule, whether it was driver error? >> it was like a bomb going off. it just kept boom, boom, boom, boom and it wasn't going to stop. >>. >> we have heard that perhaps the driver suffered ahearted attack. the fire chief had said before that they will investigate what happened to that driver, include ing to see if it was a mechanical problem. that, again, is under investigation. now, some people, some victims were treated here at the scene. but the rest, of course, were taken to the hospital, including the driver of that bus.
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well, our next story comes with a warning, i must tell you. it contains some very disturbing video of two san francisco police officers aggressively restraining someone, a witness and the public defender's office call it a brutal beating. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. our vick lee joins us live from the mission where it happened. vick? >> reporter: well, dan, it's very difficult. perhaps impossible to identify the officers ininvolved and the man they took down. the camera angle, as you will see, is from the back. that is a security camera on that building. dan, over here is where the incident took place. but the public defender wants to know. and he wants police to give him some answers. the unidentified man yells for
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two officers. one of them yells stop. the officer begins hitting the suspected with his fist as the second cop arrives, he pulls out his baton, repeetedly striking him in the head with great force. then, both of them began swinging their batons, hitting the men as he lies on the ground. >> i really thought they were gunshots because they were superloud. >> he rushed to the window. >> we started trying to get up and crawl away while they were beating him. that's when he started sort of screaming, like, stop, help me or something of the sort. >> he's on the ground and they can easily handcuff him. but they just keep hitting him.
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>> this is not only excessive force, bud this is brutality. >> as far as i'm concerned, it's criminal conduct. >> abc 7 news forwarded this video to san francisco police. they've launched an investigation. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> we have more breaking news tonight. we are getting word that two high school football players have been shot in sacramento. >> crews prepare to blow up the bay bridge. we'll have a timeline for you next. >> the state's billion dollar ski industry is about to get tested. >> i'm michael finney with
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now, following breaking news in sacramento where two football players have been shot. you can see police are on the scene there. that game is scan selled because
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of what happened. no word yet on what caused the shooting. >> and the verdicts of a former law student. accused of running a man two years ago. driving under the influence for hitting 27-year-old james roda. he is in the courtroom today when the verdict was read. >> i was happy about the verdict. but, at the end of the day, i still forgive her about what she did. and i hope she learns in the long run that what she did was not appropriate. >> family and friends hugged rhoda and shared tears after the verdict was read. the sentencing is set for january 8th. >> it's all systems go for tomorrow's implosion of a pier of the old bay bridge. the underwater event will likely
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take place at the first opportunity just after sunrise. but things could change. laura anthony is live in oakland tonight with the latest on the story. laura? cal trans has been clear that people shouldn't expect to see anything above the water. those nearby within a mile or two may hear a muffled boom. folks still plan to make a day of it like the guy who's renting his party boat behind me. stefan says job one for saturday's bay bridge implosion. minimizing the danger to wildlife. >> we may see a seal coming into the bay area, we may need to delay the implosion. >> it's a short 6-second sequence. >> we are monitoring everything from fish, mammals, water
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quality, sound, you name it, we're monitoring it. >> second, before the underwater explosions are set off, a bubble shield will be created to protect fish and wildlife. there's also a floating sonar system pinging sounds that will be set off to repel animals from the area. there are two possible windows for the event. 7:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. >> there was always a coin toss. >> eric booked this party boat for the afternoon. >> i realize that they want to do it in the morning, it's better for traffic and stuff. but we're just going to go ahead and do the tour. if the pier is already gone, then we'll have a moment of silence for it. >> there's about a dozen tickets left. at $90 a piece, the theme is a three hour tour, as in "gilligan's island." >> the trains will be held while cal trans detonates that pier.
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bart wants to make sure that the vibrations don't affect the trains. riders can expect about a 15-minute delay. >> we're going to send out a push alert to users of our app. be sure to down lode it so you can get it ready. you can get it free or in your phone's app store at abc 7 news dot com. >> ski season starting early this year. fresh snow means an early opening at heavenly ski resort. >> i'm bundled up because it is brisk out here. that is great news for a ski resort, especially when you're talking about an early open. quite a bit of traffic as cars make their way here to south lake tahoe. i have met quite a few people from the bay area and they're in
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town for the weekend and are super-excited. not only about the several feet of snow mother nature dumped but the resort has been making snow non-stop over the last ten days. with fresh snow and lake vie vie views, heavenly is, well, heavenly. >> as in three feet of fresh powder over the last two weeks. a wind fall allowing the ski resort to open early. fresh snow makes turning and stopping easier. >> the early open is fantastic news for local businesses, as well. >> our business is mainly tourists. people hanging out, the earlier we're going to see the busy season pick up. >> the longest run in lake tahoe.
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the season's forecast is looking good. >> we love all the talk about elnino. we have an awesome snow-making system. >> with no opening day challenges, employees say they welcome one. >> right now, hopefully the challenge is there's so many people here, we don't nope what to do with them all. >> and here's a fun fact. the ski resort spans both california and nevada so ski eres can cross state lines on a ski run and they'll get the first shot of that tomorrow and may not come back. reporting live, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >>. >> a little brisk but nice outside? >> yeah, absolutely. i don't blame melanie for not wanting to come back. it is a beautiful sight here. in the bay area, winds are calm now, it is crystal clear. that's going to change.
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our radar will be tracking another cold system. right now, remaining clear, but part of the system is already bringing rain and even some snow in the pacific northwest. i'll be counting rain in inches. we're not going to get that kind of rain, but we will get some out of it this weekend. late tonight through saturday afternoon, particularly at risk for large surf. the storm is general rating the surf. be careful, especially tomorrow if you're going to be at the coastline. beautiful view from our east bay hills camera. temperatures in the low 60s right now. mountainview, san jose, half-moon bay, 57 degrees. it was really milder than normal this afternoon, highs in the mid 60s to the mid 70s. golden gate showing you nothing but clear con digszs right now. upper 50s, napa, nevada as well. we're not looking at fog right
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now, but that will change. rain arrives late tomorrow night. showers linger into sunday morning and we're looking at a dry pattern this week. cold front right now aimed at the pacific northwest. eventually, we'll get the back end of that cold front. that's going to be tomorrow night. let's look at the hour-by-hour timeline. saturday, 4:00 p.m., just clouds. 10:00 p.m., light rain moves into the north bay. we go into mid night and the rain picks up in intensity. we'll see some moderate rain starting to shift into san francisco. 1:00 a.m., sunday morning, moderate rain across parts of the bay area. and, at 2:00 a.m., you'll notice even some heavier pockets toward the san mateo santa cruz coastline and continues to move down at 3 avm. don't be surprised if you see brief downpours. obviously, as it pushes through 5:00 a.m., most of that light rain is in the south bay. wind will really pick up. it's going to be a blustery saturday afternoon.
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you will need to bundle up. carry the umbrellas for the early part of your sunday. most areas, four to six tents of an inch here. in the sierra, winter weather adds vise ri is going up. it is in effect for sunday, 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. above 5,000 feet. snow level in the mountains will be near 4,000 feet expecteding up to a foot of the highest elevations. carrier chains, expect delays. sunday is going to be tough getting back down because of the snow up in the mountains. mid to upper 40s first thing in the morning. possibly some tomorrow. >> all right, sandy. stay tuned for this, a little
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all right, in the newsroom now with what we've just learned. >> they're telling us that 120 victims have been killed, three terrorists also dead in paris. and we have some new video into the abc 7 news room showing the moments after one of the attacks tonight. this sid owe is going to show you people who are running away. a soccer match was going on between france and germany when wlafs appare what was apparently a suicide bomber detonated. he was rushed to safety after that attack. three people were killed at that location. and, remember, that was just one of four coordinated attacks that happened in paris tonight. we'll have more, of course, as the evening goes on. >> all right, thank you, reggie. >> "world news tonight" is coming up next. >> we hope to see you again for the latest on what's happened in
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paris coming up in half an hour. >> good night. breaking news. as we come on the air tonight, paris under attack. multiple deadly shootings and explosions. among them, explosions near the country's main sports stadium. the president of france raced to safety. the deadly attack inside a concert hall, where an american band was performing. hostages inside. the siege is now over. and word the attacks included at least one paris restaurant. sirens herd throughout central paris. our entire team is on this, a special west coast edition of


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