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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 13, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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and six, critical. the crest taken to the hospital with moderate and minor injuries. it ended here but happened blocks away. he hit a bicyclist. the person is in critical condition. the driver slammed into the scaffolding and people were trapped. >> this is pretty horrific. gut wrenching. >> we'll look at everything. we'll look at malfunctions and look at any dui or narcotics which is standard operating procedure for a collision. >> now, some people were treated
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here at the scene. others were taken to the hospital. of course, including the bicyclist and the driver of the double decker bus, both are in critical condition but six in critical condition now. there were reports pg and e lines had been affected. that is not true, the lines belonged to muni. they're trying to repair the muni line, and at&t is assisting in that. now, this, because they have a lot of repairs. you can see the scene behind me. it's going to take a while to take and remove that scaffolding, put it back, and also, tow some of the cars. so police are telling us now that it won't be until at least 9:00 until they reopen these streets.
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so if you can, stay away from the area. most of the injured went to san francisco general hospital. that is where wayne freedman is live now. >> wayne, what do you have for us? >> reporter: there are six life and death struggles going on. six people in critical condition. three men, three women, all of them adults, let's show you the pictures now as we give you the information we have. there isn't that much because they're relying on hippa laws. we know the six worst cases came here, others were brought because this is san francisco's only level one trauma center. we do not have word on the nature of the injuries and don't know yet if these people are in surgery or will be in surgery or have come out of surgery.
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we don't know if family members are here and we're still trying to find out. let's listen to the chief communications officer here at the hospital. >> it's still early. right? patients just came here. and we're doing seeing what the injuries are and so there isn't a lot of information to share at this point. >> there is not a lot of information, we will hear more and brent michael said it could be several hours. >> wayne, story. >> now, paris, under asix. six coordinating bombings
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and shootings. >> 120 civilians are dead, five terrorists were killed. >> we are monitoring the story and the response here tonight. >> we learned from the mayor that he is having the police chief keep officers on overtime tonight just to make sure that our city is safe. they want to stress there is no specific made. there are six attack locations we're talking about now. and you'll see them here. this is a screen, a cafe, theater and stadium. this is mostly inside of the city center of paris, places you'd likely pass by as visiting the city. 125 killed, five attackers, dead. in reaction, we have heard from a journalist from inside of the theater where shooters killed dozens of people. take a listen. >> i have seen two terrorists
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from my point of view. and i seen them entering the concert room, firing randomly to the crowd. >> at that theater, where the hostages were waiting for hours, the california band on the stage was on for six minutes. eagles of deaf metal. the band said they're making sure band members are okay. this is a video from jimmy kimmel live. the family of the lead singer told us the singer saw the shooters enter and saw, and he ran out of the back door as shooters were killing people. you're going to watch now, french soccer fans. watch in solidarity, they're singing
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the national anthem as they rushed out of the stadium that was under attack. the french president was inside and here is a look at the french flag. paris is a sister city of san francisco. and in new york, 1 world trade center lit up tonight. all public buildings are closed tomorrow, schools, libraries, town halls, keeping doors shut. who is responsible? something the french president vows to find out. back to you. >> thank you, reggie. >> you can see behind us, san francisco city hall, you can see lit up in the colors there of the french flag in solidarity with the people there affected on this. >> and #prayforparis, is the hash tag trending. >> one attacks happened as thousands of soccer fans were
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watching france take on germany. >> here is that video, showing people running from the stade de-france. one student was inside of the stadium during the blast. >> people had no idea what is going on because they were into the game and didn't have, they couldn't get the news from outside. >> he is a student in berkeley. amid chaos, stories of survival are emerging from people with bay area connections. >> allen wong continues our team coverage live from the store. >> the french alliance is a language and cultural center that has been here since 1889. they have students who are from abroad, including one student at
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the soccer game between germany and france tonight. the school says they were in contact with them. he told them he is safe home after navigating through the absolute chaos in paris tonight. he told them that they heard a loud explosion, the game ended, thousands of fans were told to go to the middle of the field, then, they were evacuated out of the stadium. it has been tense and busy here at the cultural center, trying to contact other students. what made it easy is a facebook notification tool for people to notify loved ones. >> our friends on facebook in paris if there is something going on, they can click they're safe and facebook sends a message to all. so all of the people that are my loved ones in paris have marked themselves as safe.
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and sound at the moment. >> they are hanseling friends for tomorrow. not because of any district threat but just to be on the safe side. >> we're awaiting word from air bnb about the status of it's conference underway right now in paris. >> the company posted video of the event called air b and b open hours before the attack. >> some 6,000 people had been attended the conference. we'll have an update as they come in. >> david louie is live with that part of our coverage.
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david? >> just about the time the french president took to the air waves, an air france jet was scheduled to depart at 3:00. it did depart, on time, but other carriers are reevaluating. american suspended flights to paris, though others are continuing to fly. the security situation appears to be normal. so far there has not been any order to increase security. the flights, two outbound and two inbound are over today. sfo is a major gateway city and so aer
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dublin. we did talk to a young graduate student who is going to school in the netherlands and is scheduled to take students to france. this young person told us she is leery, not knowing what the situation is so she's a little bit concerned about that. and she'll decide whether or not that trip should continue. homeland security in washington is saying there is no credible threat to the united states. however, it is not hesitating to say it will adjust as warranted. t two outbound flights are scheduled to depart, as scheduled, however, as we learn more about what france is
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planning to do about closing borders we'll have to wait and see and suggest anyone taking flights should check with carriers. we're live at sfo. >> thank you for the update. >> stay with abc7 news for the latest. we'll have updates throughout the evening right here on abc7. >> and you can get the latest breaking news by following us on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> it's been an intense day. we have good news to bring you this evening. a big development to a i-team report. >> being able to sleep on a bed every night, i mean, i've almost forgotten what that is like. a homeless veteran is spending the night off the streets thanks to the i-team. >> clear skies right now, but rain is coming this [announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part... ( gunshot ) sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save
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. eric swalwell is live with us tonight in oakland with thoughts about these terrible attacks. congressman, what does this tell you first about what we need to be doing here in this country? >> it's heart breaking and people in the east bay are expressing condolences for the dead and vowing to stabbed up and defend the living. i know that our intelligence community is working day and night to make sure that we can thwart attacks here at home, but the enemy only has to carry out
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one attack to be successful and we have to be perfect, and that is a challenge. >> a lot of fear in people now. and especially people traveling overseas from the states. you can't tell us all of the details but what can you tell people at home to reassure them about the safety? what the committee is doing to make sure we're as safe as can be? >> well, the fbi and intelligence community have been working overtime about the past year, since this isis threat emerged. and they have thwarted attacks. they've stopped attacks, but you know, they're really escalating because of social media. their efforts to radicalize individuals has been successful. so we're doing everything to make sure we know where they are and we're going to have to up our efforts to make sure that this doesn't happen here at home. but the bond between the united states and france is as old as america. and people here in the east bay
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stand shoulder to shoulder with the french. >> we do. eric swalwell, thanks for joining us, thank you, congressman. >> thank you. >> we have an important update here. a homeless veteran got help because of an i-team investigation. >> yes. we showed you the red tape keeping many veterans out on the streets. >> yes. and dan noyes is here with a heart warming story. >> well, the navy vet didn't think he'd last the winter because of the cold. and tonight, he'll be sleeping in his own bed. >> this is especially -- cold as it's been. >> i introduced you to the vet and his dog, navarro, sleeping on the streets and sharing food. i helped cut through red tape,
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guided the discharge papers to move he served the nation and deserved help, and respect. >> wow. >> awesome. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> great. >> navarro, we have the keys he moved into steven's house, a transitional facility. he can stay six months while he receives counselling and finds a permanent home. >> this is a sill ti provides case management and services and support services for people that need a little extra help insecuring permanent housing. >> the va says it appears ramone received treatment for his schizophrenia in the military. so he may be eligible for extra benefits. >> it could mean extra income as well as lifetime health care. >> the chief tells me they're tracking the case. >> the world opened up that was
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closed to me before. what you and i-team have done for me is, i mean, it's changed my life. >> there are hundreds of veterans around the bay area who have hoising vouchers but can't use them because the real estate market is so hot right now. there are a lot of good people working hard to address this. >> thank you. >> well, a nice amount of snow is on the ground in the sierra. that means an early opening to ski season. we're live in lake tahoe tonight and heavenly mountain resort with a look at conditions there. hi, melanie. >> a lot of cold but happy people out here. you can see over my shoulder a steady stream of traffic, or what has been a steady stream of traffic. people from the bay area are getting their ski plans started early, including the cortez family who i just met from el
6:20 pm
dorado hills. >> it's beginning to look like ski season. >> mother nature delivered this fall. >> three feet of fresh powder, not to mention all of the snow. the good news, translates to an early opening by a week. >> it's nice. it's better than last year. last year there wasn't snow. >> local businesses are ready for tourists. >> we're going to have more people coming in to see the village and shop in the stores. >> the forecast is looking great. >> we love all of the talk about el nino. and we have an awesome snow-making system. >> those who enjoy heavenly are feeling the anticipation the night before opening day. >> for myself, personally i'm looking to go snow boarding. >> and a lot of people really excited.
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i have to show you this 8-year-old. check out her boots. what do they do? >> light up. >> i only wish mine did that. there is a lot of high fashion. >> thanks. yes. >> all right. time to find out the latest on the weather. >> yes. some changes are coming. clear skies now, but clouds thicken over the next 24 hours. evening is dry and clear. 59 degrees in san francisco. and a few locations dropped into upper 50s. here is a live view looking over san francisco. showers and another dry, calm
6:22 pm
pattern. there is a cold storm going to bring cooler air, strong winds and perhaps a nice dose of rainfall. clouds thickening and then, we'll see it spreading to almost all parts of the bay area. looks like later in the morning we'll see trailing showers and system will break up, but windy conditions will follow that rainfall. and while we're getting snow here, rain here, rather, snow will be moving to the sierra.
6:23 pm
ten inches of snow so will be a good dose of snowfall. there could be strong rip currents so overnight, low temperatures low 30s in santa rosa and then, tomorrow, mainly sunny skies, highs from upper 50s to mid-60s above the bay and here is the accu-weather forecast. so our wet weather over the weekend. blustery sunday and breezy, bright, blue skies with calm, dry weather for the remainder of the week.
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>> a return to
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is. something in san jose, something that hasn't happened there in 18 years. >> country music star garth brooks talked about his first concert since 1997. >> he is back on tour with wife,
6:27 pm
tricia yearwood. >> she shows up and she has a standing ovation of i don't know, seemed like an eternity then. i would say 90 seconds. and the song stopped. and it kept going and going. first time i saw you cry. >> brooks and yearwood playing three concerts this weekend. >> abc7 news at 6:00 continues. we're following the terrorist attacks in paris. >> at least 120 people are dead. we'll have more coming up. plus...
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we begin with the attacks on paris. >> six coordinated terrorist attacks that killed at least 125 civilians. >> let's get back to abc7 news anchor monitoring from the
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newsroom. reggie? >> it has been decades since someone in paris said we're going to stop people from moving across the border. six targeted locations and at least 120 dead. five terrorists killed. three died by detonating suicide vests. the french president closing all public buildings, including schools and cnn is saying there still may be shooters in the city. soccer fans ran from a paris stadium. the neighborhood there, targeted by what police believe was a suicide bomber. dozens were killed inside of a paris theater where a california-based band was on stage. they saw the gunmen enter and start shooting. a french restaurant, no doubt busy on a friday night. >> we heard 8 to 10 gunshots and a pause, then, more. >> we know many of you have connections to paris. there is a number.
6:32 pm
the u.s. state department is releasing if you want to get assistance from them to track down loved ones. facebook offering safety check. if you log on, it will show you friends who may be in paris as we speak. and here is a look at city hall, lit up. and we've learned san francisco police officers are on overtime tonight. the mayor says there is no specific threat in san francisco, but this is out of caution. >> thank you very much. now, our reporting continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area and we'll have coverage on 2020 at 10:00 p.m. >> police say six of the 20 people injured in a crash have
6:33 pm
injure injuries. the bus was heading down post street when it hit a bicyclist and crash and slammed into a construction site. witnesses said it was terrifying with union square being so busy on a friday afternoon. >> this is gut wrenching. like a bomb going off. just kept boom. boom. boom. like it was never going to stop, then, as soon as it stopped, all of the good samaritans started running in. >> several blocks of post street will remain closed. a sacramento tv station is reporting one of the two high school football players shot this afternoon has died. police say they were in a car near grant high school when it
6:34 pm
was hit by shots about 3:45 this afternoon. one man was shot in the arm. another, in the neck. grant's home playoff game tonight has been cancelled. the condition of the other student is unknown. there is no word on any suspects. if you want to warn you about the next story, the video is disturbing. two sheriff deputies are seen a gresively restraining a suspect. a witness and public defender call it a brutal beating. vic lee is live where it happened. >> that security camera is not on the building there, and the incident happened in this street. now, this happened in the mission district, san francisco police checked and found that the two officers involved were
6:35 pm
from the alameda county sheriff's department. they did admit to using their batons to subdue a this is brutality. one yells, stop, one begins to turn his head and begins hitting the suspect with his fist. he pulls out his baton, striking him with great force. then, both of them begin swinging their batons, hitting the man on the ground. >> i heard loud smacks, smacks.
6:36 pm
i just thought they were gunshots. >> they kept screaming get on the ground. >> he started to try to get and crawl away. >> he's on the ground. he can handcuff them. >> i look forward to hearing police explain this conduct because as far as i'm concerned it's criminal conduct. >> the sheriff's office says the suspect stole a car, rammed a she have's vehicle, ending up in a chase.
6:37 pm
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a 1-year-old girl born with
6:40 pm
a rare defect is recovering tonight. >> updating on her progress and what her parents want the community to know. >> for paloma, a third open heart surgery in just 13 months. >> you don't know what to expect. >> she was diagnosed with mitro valve stenosis. their journey brought them here, where she underwent surgery wednesday. >> it's still nerve wracking. the first 48 hours is incredibly crucial for recovery. >> the surgery to repair her mitral valve was done to avoid full cardiac failure. doctors say she'll need life long care, but the family says community support kept them positive. >> to see how people all over the world is just touching. people are sharing
6:41 pm
>> the other day, motel 6 stepped up to donate housing. >> we're touched by this part. >> the family found out they'll be able to move into the ronald mcdonald house this weekend. and they're looking forward to what will be her next milestone. >> just crawling and walking would be amazing. >> a spirited, strong willed little girl that will soon have more reason to smile. >> terror in paris. >>
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[aat sleep train'sh mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2019 on tempur-pedic. but mattress price wars and this special financing offer ends sunday. we have new information in paris tonight. a state of emergency is in effect. >> three of the terroristses killed them selfs. >> this in six terrorist
6:45 pm
attacks. all five terrorists are dead. >> and tonight, paris's police chief says he believes attackers are all dead. the band u 2 cancelled it's concert scheduled for tomorrow in paris and public buildings will be closed. >> we'll have the latest on abc7 news bay area. >> let's turn our attention to the forecast. >> things are changing. we have clear skies and chilly conditions but clouds are coming in for the weekend. look four up to a foot of snow above 8,000 feet and travel delays are likely. and our forecast looks like this. tomorrow, sunny, chilly.
6:46 pm
had been colder with low of 16 degrees in the bay area, tomorrow, a sunny day and clouds more wide spread in the area. highs ranging from upper 50s on the coast and here is the accu-weather forecast. a bright, breezy day and remainder of the week week, calm, dry and right around 60 degrees on the coast. and i want to thank the staff and students at st. clement catholic school for inviting me as a guest reader. >> that is great. >> the smart car may get competition from a well known
6:47 pm
car maker. >> toyota showed off a small vehicle. >> it's a three wheel motorcycle that may look like a small car, but doesn't drive like one. >> has rear steering and it is very unusual. similar to something like a jet ski. >> the onramp can go about 30 miles with maximum 40 miles per hour. >> it's interesting. >> very interesting. >> i want to give that a spin around the parking lot, or the newsroom. >> yes. >> i'll be cruising in daily on that. in sports, warriors are off tonight before the next win, against brooklyn tomorrow night. a game marking a milestone in the curry family. sports is coming up next
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it's been an amazing start of the season for golden state warriors. he's so much better he's take
6:51 pm
and making shots and pulling up from 25 to launch and that is 43 and 2 shots behind his father, dell playing in more games. this we we spoke for what is available. >> i and we would be available if it were interested. and frankly i have a lot to do. we're trying to continue with a great organization we've built and to maintain being good.
6:52 pm
we're trying to and maybe they can get a new stadium. >> around 8:30, he talked about his five years and what went on the first night with the championship trophy tomorrow night on abc7. sanford needs a win to stay on track for a possible final four slot in the playoffs. and ducks scored 61 points in three games this year. they know sometimes best defense is their own offense. >> don't want to give them a lot of opportunities or time with
6:53 pm
the football. if we can catch touchdowns, you give yourself a chance. >> our thing is to score. and that we're willing to do whatever it takes to win. >> the sharks are then. the second game back from injury, scoring his first of the year stayed with the shot deflected and look at
6:54 pm
the hand eye coordination. in australia, rousy, who usually beats her opponents in seconds will fight holly holmes. they're all, look out lady. ready to go out of his way in today. and fans were color blind differentiating the team. he's been shown what it looks like. it looks like a mass of guys running around, more than 10 million people in the u.s. are color blind. which came as news to the nfl. >> how interesting to see the video. >> yes. yes. >> and some players probably are
6:55 pm
color blind as well. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join us tonight for abc7 news at learned all of the attackers have been captured or killed. and tonight, road blocks are still in place, we'll have live updates on abc7 news at 9:00 and 11:00. >> finally tonight, once again, the world is rocked by a senseless and savage attack on innocent people, this time, it's paris. more than 100 killed in a series of coordinated attacks. there has been no claim of responsibility, isis is suspected of carrying it out but there is more to learn here. today's act of terrorism will sharpen the political debate in this country among candidates
6:56 pm
for president and heighten anxiety and probably security here at home with stores and theaters packed with people. the french president reminding his country they will face the fear these attacks created and ultimately defeat the terrorists, and so will we. those who create chaos can do not win in the end. the next stage in the fight will come soon, but what matters tonight is that we join with our french friends to mourn their loss, and then, in the coming days recommit to stopping those who caused it. mret me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. look for updates on abc7 news on twitter. >> from all of us here, we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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