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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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breaking news. >> we have two breaking news stories, here in the bay area 20 people were injured when a tour bus karecareemed into several c and in paris. >> we heard a bunch of gunshots maybe eight to ten. >> this is an attack on all of humanitiy and the universal values that we share. >> at least 120 people dead in the city of light. from the bay area and around the world people are pausing to pay tribute to the victories and show solidarity with all of those in sfrans. those in france. >> here's the latest at least 120 people are dead after a series of six attacks including shootings and explosions and
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hostage situation. >> eight herrorists. >> eight terrorists are dead. mandatory curfew in paris first since world war ii. >> it all began at 9 p.m. local time with a gunman owning fire at a restaurant. >> at 9:50 three people killed at stadium. >> and just before 10:00 where eagles of death metal was playing, the band escaped when the shooting started. >> and at 11:00 p.m. françois hollande declared a state of emergency. >> we have live coverage in paris. talking with someone who witnessed this terrific joor. >> that man witnessed this terror. he lives less than a block from
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the attack in paris. he was walking home when they stumbled on an unbelievable grizzly scene. >> suddenly everyone was just dead, and neighbors started bringing blankets and covering bodies on the street. >> he tells me his friends have been camping out in his living room because they couldn't make it home. he tell mez no one in the city got any sleep. >> a night of chaos on the streets of paris when absolutely anyone could be a victory. witnesses say the gunman just sprayed bullets from outside. >> i saw the woman next to me, i was holder her, i seen a pool of blood. she was shot fatally in the chest. >> the president and bay area student were watching the match
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who we talked to. >> it was a very great match and then with heard two scloeexplos >> at the end of the game singing the national anthem. and at the sail time across town a southern california band played in front of a sold out crowd and saw gunman enter from the back of the theater, dozens would die many more taken as hostages and several gun men dead. another promise from our president. >> this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values we share. >> schools are closed until further notice. i have to let you know when i talked to martin said they will
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be back, this is their city. >> well paris is often called the city of light but tonight the land mark is dark, the lights on the eiffel tower were turned off to honor the people who were killed. in new york city the new york trade snecenter is in the colors of the french flag to honor the victories. and san francisco city hall is lit up in the colors of the french flag as well to honor the victories of the tragedy people are touched even though the colors are in the wrong order, but no matter. let's continue we are live outside the french consoleate where people are paying tribute. >> the sign in the middle says our thoughts are with you, paris. the vigil in front of this french consolate has been
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slowing growing. people started growing up early many americans touched by today's tragedy others are nationals who have suffered much deeper pain. in august an attack on a paris-bound train. one man was visiting with paris. >> very sad, very sad for my country. i'm not with my friend, with my family and i feel sorry to be very far away. >> i wish i was home in a way i'm glad i wasn't but i wish i was home near my family and friends. in a way i'm glad i'm here because i got a baby. >> french
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expects may have to shut down kearney street if a vigil is planned. live from san francisco allen wong. >> allen thank you. american airlines has just cancelled one of its flights from paris to sfo and from dallas to fort worth. we spoke to a group who plans to take a group to france next week understandably she's worried. >> i'm very nervous now because it doesn't sound safe to go especially with students from all over the world. >> nine flight frz paris to san francisco are listed as delayed tomorrow none of the flights from san francisco to paris have been cancelled so far. >> the terror attacks in france are raising security concerns in major cities including san francisco. >> police department in san
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francisco is maintaining high visible across the city. this tweet was sent out saying, quote, sales force currently has 451 employees in paris and 204 have confirm they had are safe. call go center. still no word from san francisco's based air b & b about its status in paris. the company posted this video on its website hours before the attack. about 6,000 people are attending the conference held about two miles two or thrfrom the theatee under attack. >> the state department has issued this phone number, 1-888-407-4747. >> we're going to move on but stay with abc 7 news for continuing coverage for paris
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attacks. night line will have the latest and join us tomorrow morning for the morning news beginning at 5:00 and good morning america at 7:00. now to an update on the breaking news from san francisco new night video shoez the wreckage after a tour bus crash left two dozen people injured. >> this all happened this afternoon at stockton and post streets an area known for busy traffic, of course, and just crowds on a friday. >> katie has more. >> crews are making decent progress out here. the tour bus is still on the scene so is the tour bus. going to get out at nay moment. definitely a scary situation for the people involved and for the people who saw the wreck unfold.
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>> i saw people trying to hop off the top of the bus. right when it happened the live wire was basically hanging in the center of the top of the bus. >> it was muni lines that came down adding to the confusion of the crash. he was counting his blessings. >> i was waiting to pick up my wife, i had been doing laps around the block, i had been there ten seconds before, i am very, very lucky. >> his car was hit by fallen metal. >> it was a big noise like i thought the building was falling down. >> the double decker bus out of control hit a bicyclist and other cars and another tour bus before crashing into scaffolding. >> we will look at everything,
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including whether dui or challenge was involved. >> 23 people were hurt. security for the park ran to the scene after he heard what sounded like an explosion. >> what was going through my mind was first-aid thoughts who was injured and who could i help. >> it is possible the bus driver suffer aid medical problem he's among those being treated. let's continue our team coverage with wayne freedman. >> yes he's live at san francisco general where the injured were taken. >> still a dynamic situation since we talked to you at 6:00 p.m. two new patients came to the hospital one by ambulance from another hospital and a second patient who walked in and at 7:30 she walked out she wasn't in the mood to talk she looked like she was in pain but looked like she was going to be okay. so the number of patients from earlier today the patients here
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at hospital we have one minor, four men, two women, of those, five are critical. we have one person still under evaluati evaluation. the hospital has said very little about the nature of their injuries but a source inside filled us in on some of the details. the five criticals include at least two major head injuries and an extremely serious broken leg, a tibia. those patients are said to be in surgery tomorrow. there are also family members upstairs we reached out to them and asked if they would like to talk to us but they are busy and want the to spend time with their loved ones. the hospitality sashop hospital more about them tomorrow. that's all we know live at san francisco general hospital. >> thank you wayne. well we are continuing to cover the breaking news in paris.
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plus the big name music act caught in the cross fire of today's unprecedented attacks. and friday lights go dark, two teams off the field due to murder investigation. and under water explosions in the bay, that coming up. we'll first leave you with images of the aftermath of the terror in paris. >> and find out how you can show your support for the people in france.
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here's the latest on at tack on paris authorities are looking for accomplices at 120 killed, another 200 injured, 80 with injuries syrerious. eight attackers are dead. seven by suicide. a concert had 87 people killed at least. the southern california band made it out when the gunmen took over that theater. eagles of death metal appeared on jimmie kimmel last month they were able to sneak out. u 2 was scheduled to play in paris tomorrow but that show has been cancelled.
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these horrific acts have claimed the lives of too many people and we agree with president obama's statement that this horrific attack -- >> we apologize that was the wrong astound we were telling you about the face check safety feature that's allows people to tell friends and family that they are safe. this is the first time it was use in a non-disaster area, violence like this has no place for any place in the world. pray for paris. that hashtag is trending tonight. so many people expressing their support. police are looking for a motorcyclist who struck and killed a pedestrian just after 7:00 in the sunset district at 24th and nordiega. the cyclist abandoned the bike
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and took off on foot. police are on the look out for a gunman who shot two high school football players, one killed, five players left grant union high school to grab food hours before playoff game while they were a mile from campus someone in another vehicle opened fire, one player died after being hit in a the neck, another player shot in the arm but is expected to survive. >> cal trans engineers are getting ready for the implosion on the old bay bridge. is set for 6:45 in the morning but could move to 15k :00 in th afternoon if any problems. the effect on bart is expected it be minimal. >> because it's mostly under water not much to sigh. >> no. >> weekend weather looking interesting. >> we have rain to look forward
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to. we don't have any at this hour but that will all change. the storm aimed at the pacific north west will be talking about half foot of rain or more and heavy snow. talk about in a in a moment. mid 40s and mid 50s your probably noticing it is not as chilly tonight compared to a last few nights. the storm will arrive tomorrow night. rain sunday morning and then a few showers and turns blustery sunday afternoon. we have a beach hazard statement through the entire coach saturday afternoon, north, north west beaches, expect large surf, watch out for sinker waves and strong rip currents of you are going to the beaches this upcoming saturday. the storm moving in late saturday coming out of the gulf of alaska, it's a cold system,
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nothing to do with el nino, it's the third cold storp. we will have to wait until winlter to see the effects of el nino which is already developing in the pacific. north bay, starts to rain, shifts south ward at midnight, we're going to get moderate rain. 2:00 a.m. could wake you up as well. 3:00 a.m. in the east bay, south bay, peninsula, as we head towards 4:00 a.m. most of the focus is still in the south bay. scattered showers will follow. if you're n early riser have your rain fall at 7:00 with pockets of rain and isolated thungders. scattered showers, wind picks up. going to be on the blustery
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side, sunday morning's games could be cancelled. in the bay area could see a third of an inch of rain by sunday afternoon. it turns to snow in the mountains, expecting four to nine inches above 5,000. winter advisory in the mountains expect chain controls and travel delays. in the morning patchy fog in fairfield. no 70s like today. we will see 60s. the sun will be out leading to rain saturday night going into sunday, sunday afternoon is windy and chilly. we turn things around next week, dry and milder. so things be changing but until then the
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here is a great way to get into the holiday spirit by going on a shopping spree and all helping low-income bay area families. >> shop 'til you drop and you can win a prize. >> the gifts offered to families who need a little help with their shopping list the next one set for november 20th great idea. >> sure is holiday is upon us. >> let's talk about sports. >> shoot 'til you drop.
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abc 7 sports report. >> good evening college basketball season is here. cal hosting rice in berkeley. got to see the debut of top ten recruit jaylon brown and wallace catch and shoot three. the bares up 27. ivan rabb would finish with a double-double. 14 points. 13 boards big dunk and momma's happy. cal crushes rice 97-65. i always enjoyed the popcorn bucket on my head as a child. it was a good to move of mine.
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travis this is his go-to move with authority. 16 for travis out of my way. 16 seconds left. charles cooper and one, three-point play ties it at 74 and they go to overtime. ross co allen soft touch he had 15-11 stanford hangs on to lead. the warriors are the nba champs of course and james michael mcadoo representing both squads received his second championship ring and is now the king of bling. the sharks open a six game road trip in detroit. after giving up an early goal the sharks go on attack with m elker karlsson who stays guys it. 1-1 game. led 2-1 in the second. paul martin's shot deflected by
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pavelski great hand eye coordination and sharks go on to win 3-2. the thunder from down under tomorrow in melbourne when ronda rousey and holly holm square off, both women are undefeated. they had a scuffle at weight in. ronda looked very angry you won't like her when she's angry she's put i want to show you some cutting edge technology.
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with a 100% electric nissan what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. on a very difficult and busy day we appreciate your time. >> thanks for all of us here. thank you so much for joining us. right now on jimmie live we have
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hillary clinto>> have a good we. and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight hillary clinton. bob odenkirk & david cross. with cleto and the cletones. and, now, till the end of the program, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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