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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  November 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, november 150th. much-needed rain in the bay area. you can see it falling earlier this morning from our cameras at the richmond bridge, golden gate bridge, sfo and the abc7 roof cam. ed now here's our meteorologist frances dinglasan in more lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. the rain moved through in the last few hours. a lot of the rain has pushed east, east of sacramento. but we could see some spotty showers linger throughout the bay area during the morning hours. light showers right now. some of it may be just a little
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bit heavy. but again, this is ting to move east. as you can see with this live shot, we have some blue skies from emeryville looking out toward the bay. here's what you can expect. a cool morning but the showers are tapering off. by this afternoon more sunshine but very windy conditions. gusts up to 50 miles per hour and it will be cool and windy, as well, this even. i'll talk about the sierra snow in my next forecast. carolyn. >> frances, thank you. when you get unusual whether where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using the #abc7 now. that will help us find your content and use it on the error at today is the first official day of mourning in france following friday's terror attacks. officials confirmed to abc news two of the dead suspects were french nationals living in belgium. now here is the very latest information. one of the dead attackers was from the brussels suburb where
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raids took place yesterday. a second was from the broader brussels area. cnn reports the attacks were planned in syria. at least 129 people are dead, more than 350 are injured. 99 of those in critical condition. isis has claimed responsibility. officials found a syrian passport and have identified one attacker. isis has claimed responsibility. police have found a second car the gunmen used in a paris suburb. ak-47 machine guns were inside that abandoned car. >> one less dent said he was surprised to see this because the neighborhood is usually calm and quiet. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez is in paris with more about the victims and the arrests of that been made. >> good morning, carolyn. the fbi now sending a team to paris where you can see the
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scenes are still barricaded off. authorities have now identified one of the killers as a 29-year-old man who grew up just 15 miles from here. >> a somber sunday in paris. candles that burned through the night and investigators continue their painstaking work at the terror attacks. the. >> it started shooting like pop, pop, pop, for ten minutes without stopping. >> survivors recounting the horror to inside the theater where they shot nearly 90 people to death during a sold out rock concert. from here, to the soccer stadium, to several bars and restaurants, more than 350 people were injured. at least 129 others killed. among them, american student nohemi gonzalez, shot and killed at a restaurant while studying
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abroad. >> i feel lost, sadness, and it was my only daughter. >> isis claiming responsibility for the calculated attacks prosecutors say were carried out as seven heavenly armed terrorists wearing identical suicide vests. all now dead. members of one of their families detained today here in france. police also making several arrests in belgium. trying to track down everyone with links to what the french president hollande calls an act of war. >> a state of emergency still in effect here. the eiffel tower, disneyland, paris and other popular tourists destinations are shout down while the country counsel to mourn, abc7 news. >> one. victims in the paris attacks was a 23-year-old american woman, a student at cal state-long beach. nohemi gonzalez was a senior studying abroad.
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here is ms. mcbride from our sister station in los angeles. she spoke her family. >> we will miss her beautiful smile and common sense. she was something else. >> sandra is trying to accept the death of her niece, the 23-year-old student. nohemi gonzalez. the cal state long beach student was killed in the paris terror attacks. she was at a restaurant when gunmen opened fire. they said she was shot in the stomach. >> it was confirmed. we were all in disbelief, hoping it was not true and she would show up in the rubble or something, you know. not dead. >> cal state long beach officials say gonzalez was with two other students when the attack was carried out. >> one of her friends did see that she was shot by the terrorists, but was able to flee. she did see nohemi was carried away in a stretcher.
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>> gonzales was spending a summer abroad in paris studying industrial design. here in long beach she was well-known in her close-knit program. >> she's extremely lively, extremely energetic. there was no shortage of anything you couldn't ask her to do and she would be there for us and for the department and for her classmates. >> gonzales was on track to graduate from long beach state. her aunt said she was an accomplished caring and giving person. >> she will also always being my mimi. she will be everybody's mi-mi. the twinkle in her eye that just shows you up all the time. we are going to miss her. we are really going to miss her. not going to be the same. >> on sunday afternoon students and faculty will gather for a vigil to mourn the passing of gonzalez and the other victims at the paris attacks. in long beach, i'm melissa mcbride, abc7 news. >> paris and san francisco are sister cities, and this afternoon french diplomats and
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san francisco officials will hold a day of remembrance at city hall. last night there was a vigil honoring the victims. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story. >> people held candles and they wrote out messages. these two from daly city fondly remember one of their first trips to paris. it's where he proposed. >> everybody loves paris, whether you have been there or not. it's just that kind of a beautiful, lighted city. our sister city. >> this is an international crowd expressing global solidarity. >> a beautiful city but i think the most difficult part is that it can happen anywhere, innocent people going to a concert or restaurant. >> many are french exchange students. they are here to feel a little closer to home. many spent the last days combing through social media to make sure friends and family are safe. >> on feback there was like an application that people in paris had to put i'm safe, i'm
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safe, on my phone. >> stats one show still, one was being honored at a 2015 ball. he said people in paris area shell-shocked, but they cannot stay afraid. >> the french people need to stand up and sprint toward freedom. they need to gain that back again because you have to go to a soccer game, you have to go to a club when you are 20 years old. >> the former soldier and firefighter said he was in tears because of what he saw outside his hotel room window. >> i looked up and, wow. >> along with the picture of city hall lit up in his native color, he simple message: thank you, san francisco, i know the u.s. is crying and you will always be there for our friends. #allies. abc7 news. >> pope francis spoke today about the tragedy in paris and con teemed the attacks and expressed his deepest sympathies, says he's close to
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france and is praying for the families who lost loveds ones. he said the road of violence and hatred cannot resolve human problems. officials implemented security checks in st. peter's wolves with a quick squared to following the attacks. get breaking news by following us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> it appears the rain is starting to move a little bit. frances is here. >> the rain is leaving the bay area. of course it's heading east and that means snow in the sierra. interstate 80 you need chains. this is near castle peek, da society two springs. we have a winter storm warning in the sierra, a wind advisory. i will have all the details coming up. >> thank you, frances. and she's talking about it. grab your skis. tahoe slopes are open for business, what champion freestyle skier johnny moseley
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is saying about conditions so far. and it's landlords versus renters again in the east bay. a violent meeting this molest renters feeling victorious. so why are they reading eviction notices this who patiently teaches how ta feast comes to life. the "family" ...who spends their holiday dinner with thankful strangers. the neighbor...who shares the season with another.
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you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake.
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>> welcome back, everyone.
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that that to. >> this is a loo loo from to blow toy:are a is moo to with is k a and so is fra is she will a although show will with if a whether if in in this month with will
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he told her he was trying not to hurt passengers when he crashed into the staff folding. we are getting a look at video that shows the terrifying moments the series of accidents began. >> you can see the tour bus hit a bicyclist. he then hit several cars and another tour bus before crashing into scaffolding. approximately 30 people were on board. estimates are as many as 20 were injured. seven of the most seriously hurt remain at san francisco general hospital, including the bus driver. according to hospital officials, four patients are in critical condition. two in serious condition. they have facial and head injuries, as well as fractures and injuries to internal organs. >> it had to have been terrifying. >> brian is an attorney who won a verdict against another tour bus franchise friday after his client was injured on an upper deck. >> as our verdict was being announced, we were getting news stories about this story happening up here. >> the investigators will look at everything, from the driver having a medical issue to being
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under the influence or some kind of a vehicle malfunction. he believes tour buses should be lower. >> putting people 13, 14 people in the air, completely exposed is just not safe. >> abc7 news left several messages for the owner with employees at the columbus avenue location. in person employees said he had been by but he did not return our calls. bus drivers check out for the night said they could not speak with us. according to the california public utilities commission website, their carriers license was revoked in 2013. the company currently has an active carrier license and insurance under a different name. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news.
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>> this is one of the wildest city council meeting in recent memory. earlier this month in almeda, things actually turned physical and bloody over rising rents. the city council ended under voting for a rent cap and an eviction moratorium. that should have been a victory for renters, but now that the actual violence is over, some say a landlord just found a new way to punch them in a gut. abc7 news anchor reggie has the details. >> the almeda public works director broke a hip. the man he scuffled with ended up in cuffs with a bloody face. the result of this landlord versus renters meeting. a moratorium on certain rent increases and no-cause evictions. so what is this about? >> we have to stop the evictions. >> the eviction notice said he and his family have to leave in january just after the city's 65-day moratorium ends. >> it's really hard to look for a place now. i mean, double people or double rent. >> it's the same eviction notice for everyone at bay view
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apartments. the new landlord said he needs to renovate. >> we say rescind the evictions. they should be allowed to stay in place while the necessary repairs are done. >> this is exactly the story some council members were trying to avoid this month when they voted for a moratorium. >> it is not moral. i think it is not just. and i think it's abhorrent they took these steps to evict these residents less than a week after we passed the moratorium on no-fault evictions. >> as residents look into their legal options, some say they will ignore the eviction notices. abc7 news. >> we called and e-mailed the landlord of bayview apartments
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but have not heard back. a number of northern california ski and snowboarding resorts are doing something they haven't done in years. they are opening early. all of them are hopeful that this year's impending el nino will bring a banner year on the slopes. squaw valley alpine meadow are among those opening the season yesterday, one week early, thanks to 42 inches of snowfall. this is video provided by squaw. olympic gold medalist and bay area native told abc7 news he's excited about the prospect about lots and lots of snow. >> the godzilla of el ninos is coming in. it's already producing. and we have cold temperatures that has allowed us to have a good base. kirkwood, heavenly and northstar also opened yesterday. we have a full list of tahoe ski resorts and their openings on our website, property from heavy rain and flooding, and free sandbags always come in handy. abc78 news was in san francisco yesterday as one of five sandbag distribution spots. city residents can pick up as
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many as ten free bags. there will be another sandbag saturday next week. >> too
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>> a gun or pepper spray? which woo you rather have come between you and a school shooter? >> it's one of the reasons i resigned is that the college really never took a serious look at it. >> so will this bay area community college now reconsider their no-guns policy after an incident on campus? reporter vic lee has the answer. it's a story you will see only on abc7 news tonight at 11:00. >> with a losing record, the nfl's cleveland browns may need all the help they can get. for three straight days this week, monty food outside the browns' headquarters carrying a sign around his neck saying, starving for my first shot. why not? he even played for the polish american football league. general manager invited him to a private meeting and asked to see his game footage. terror attack takes center stage
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>> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen.
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we know at least 129 people are dead. more than 350 people are injured. 99 of them in critical condition. french president francois hollande vows a merciless war on isis. the extremist group claimed responsibility for the six separate attacks friday, involving three teams. terrorists. police have arrested the families of one of the two side bombers and made three more arrests in belgium. belgium officials have also detaped seven people linked to the attacks.
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the fbi is sending a team now to paris to help with the investigation. cal state long beach will hold a vigil this afternoon for nohemi gonzalez. she's the 23-year-old who died in the attack on a restaurant. she was studying abroad in paris.
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news of the attacks spread quickly on social media. people in the bay area have been anxiously trying to reach loved ones in paris. the first flight out from pair toys san francisco landed yesterday afternoon. >> chaos on the streets of paris as people tried to make it to safety. >> there were no many conflicting reports in those early hours that we really just all kind of huddled inside and waited to find out what was really happening. >> san francisco resident karl jagr is one of more than 5,000 international visitors in the city for an air bnb conference. >> i went straight to facebook. even before the safety check i posted i was home here and safe at the house. >> others were in the bay area
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before they had a chance to check in. >> she texted me last night and she was happy to hear i was okay. >> brian caught an early flight home to san francisco. >> the line for passport control was almost two hours long. normally they don't even man it and you just walk through. this was definitely change. >> there's a change on the streets of paris. >> there is both a nervousness and at the same time a stronger friendliness. >> jagr snapped photos. of people bicycling, dining out, normal activities. >> well, we have to live under these circumstances bus otherwise that's exactly what they want. >> he goes to work to but he would rather be at home in france proving a point. >> life has to carry on. i think that's the best way of thinking of things, ting to live by our values. >> values that involve feelings of love, not terror. >> reach across the globe, say hello to someone you know, connected to this horrible this horrible tragedy or not and make
9:35 am
the world a smaller, more connected place. >> in san francisco, paris' sister city. katie, abc7 news. >> #prayforparis is still trending. more than 8 million have tweeted it in support of the french. we posted this badge at you can share it to express your support. >> before the democratic presidential candidates were introduced, a moment of silence in response to the attacks in paris.
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>> still ahead on the news, that's no moon, that's the the transformation a bay area star wars fan made to their home. that's coming up.
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late second quarter. the screen pass to trevor watson. going to get one block. and he's got an escort. more blockers. 45-yard score. 25-10, bears at the half. 30-10, bears in the third. and a great move. 13-yard touchdown. 37-10. less than two minutes later, goff the screen pass again to harris. gets more blockers. i love this play, makes more moves. 29 yards.
9:46 am
cal up 44-18. finally goff. and the 300-pound freshman from morris. 54-24, bears. finishes with 363 yards passing, the bears are bowl eligible for the first time. the big game next week set for 7:30 at stanford. and a lot going on with the dubs. curry trying to pass his dad's record. and bad back. nets on fire early. shot 68 early from the field in the first. former warrior, jared jack. he had 28. and broken up 17 in the second quarter. steph ties dad dell's mark with 1235 career streak. doves down two. harrison barnes. to the rack. he had 13. nets up three. still third quarter, steph will surpass dad's mark with this three-ball. dell told him to shoot all the
9:47 am
two pointers are he needed. 34 points in the game. nine seconds left. warriors down three. andre iguodala. needs it, got it. lobs to andrew. he finishes it. 107-99 victory. stars and sabres. in buffalo. third period tied at 1. tommy wingels, a big, clean hit and wiped him out. sharks to overtime. just the second time this year. 3 on 3. the shot hits the post. patrick marleau for the game winner. the first win in buffalo since 2005. >> raiders host minnesota today. we will have the highlights at 5:00 on abc7. have a great day. >> we have rain today.
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bring extra posh ebb ball it take a to lon two.
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well, it belongs to a galaxy far, far away but instead you find it in the sky over an east bay neighborhood. jonathan bloom traveled to lafayette where one family is awfully excited for the upcoming "star wars" premiere. >> something seems out of place, looming. >> well, having a bit of difficulty there with that story. so we will come back to that, we hope. do it now? okay. so this is back to jonathan bloom's story about the family really excited about star wars.
9:52 am
really excited about star wars. >> something seems out of place, looming high above the rooftops. >> i was totally surprised when i saw it. >> follows you around. you see it from all directions. >> i have no idea what it is for. >> this four years old is a whiz with stormtroopers but this is a bigger project. works in construction. >> three of my four children wanted to be "star wars" characters for halloween and the movie is coming out in december and i said this is the year. >> he made this youtube video as the pipes, paint and parachutes slowly took over the driveway. >> i didn't tell people readily what it was going to be or what it was. the kids knew. the rest of the neighborhood didn't know. >> when it was done a crane lifted it on to the roof in time for halloween. >> hardly anything taller than one story. you might guess neighbors would have a strong reaction to this, and, oh, they did. but not in a way you think. >> what do you think of the death star? >> i think it's awesome. >> i love it, my family loves it. >> the death star looks amazing at night. >> in fact, some neighbors helped build it.
9:53 am
>> they started pitching in and helping and it was a lot of fun. >> he's excited that it will stay up until the star wars premiere in december. and if they ever meet, elk ready. >> what do you think of the light saber? >> he's pretty stout with that thing, a regular jedi, i'll tell you. coming up next, a wild-goose chase. why people will be on an outdoor scavenger hunt today in san francisco.
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happening today, you can participate in an interactive scavenger hunt to benefit a nonprofit organization that supports underserved bay area families. today's event in san francisco's mission district will teach locals about disaster preparedness. participants hunt for clues while learning about important information of what to do in case of an emergency.
9:57 am
the funds go to project promotion, an organization that promotes healthy development and self-awareness in young children. >> lets the get a final check of the accuweather final forecast. >> heavy rain moving through the bay area. we have windy conditions, as well. it will be blustery and cold this afternoon. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen this morning. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 a.m. "good morning america" is up
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have a great sunday, everyone!
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. (applause) well, god bless you. it's our joy to come into your homes and if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise you we'll make you feel right at home. but thanks so much for tuning in today and thank you again for coming out. i like to start with something funny. i heard about this husband. he was quietly reading his newspaper when his wife snuck up behind him and hit him in the head with a frying pan. he said, "what was that for?" she said, "that was for the piece of paper i found in your pocket with the name 'mary lou' on it." he said, "aw, honey. that's just one of the horses that i bet on at the race track last week."


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