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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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french jets bomb isis targets as police launch an international manhunt in connection to paris terror attacks. >> part of us feels guilty, we should be there with them. >> a bay area company on their honeymoon in paris. >> the impact of the rainy, windy weather, even a tornado hitting the central valley, and the we can advisory is still in effect. near and uncertainty in the streets of paris. >> the moment of panic in the crowd gathering at a site of
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friday's terror attack. >> police say a firecracker sparked the scare and sent people running. >> we begin with new developments in the paris attacks. >> an international manhunt is on for this man, salah abdeslam. wanted for suspected involvement in the attacks. >> the police questioned and then released him hours after the violence. police arrested seven people in brussels. they're being questioned about their possible connections to the attacks, and now the death toll is 132. >> iraqi intelligence sent an alert to coalition countries one day before the massacre, warning of imminent assaults. >> now two days after the terrorist french jets bombed raqqa in syria, considered the capital of isis. >> reporter: crowds sunday evening trying to reclaim their city, chanting and singing, just moments later -- pure panic.
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everyone running scared, police moving in, weapons drawn. [shouting] >> nearby restaurants were scenes of friday's attacks. authorities quickly determined it was false alarm. fireworks, not gunshots. >> we have to act because maybe there is somebody with a gun. we just have to see. >> reporter: meanwhile, the hunt for accomplices is heating ultimatum police swarmed man outside a belgium train station, the raids net it self people, including one member of the attack team who managed to escape. the arrests come as we learn more about the gunmen who attacked the bataclan theater. a shooter, 30-year-old man, has been marked as a possible terrorize five years ago. >> they did not have enough people to fall all the suspects
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on their list. >> we now have the picture of the president found on one attacker identifying him as a syrian refugee. he came through a greek island last month, alone and unarmed. the prosecutor's office confirms a car linked to the attacks was discovered in the pair -- paris suburbs. inside, rifles. >> sir joe quintana is at a memorial in san francisco. sergio, hundreds of people are turning tout pay respects. >> reporter: this is originally supposed to be a rally to show solidarity with the people of france, but it turned into more of a quiet event, lots of people who are residents in the bay area, originally from france, a lot of their friends and people visiting here from france, came together. a few hundred people came
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together at the steps of san francisco city hall. many signing message'sen a for, but most stool -- stood silent, coming together to mourn what happened in their home. >> all these american citizens and all our friends here from all over the world, and i want to say, thank you. thank you for your support. in such a difficult moment. [singing] >> following her short address, a teacher here on a field trip with 32 french students, led the crowd in the french national anthem. there was hey police presence. polk vote was shut down in front of city hall temporarily because of so many people. and the french consul general's office says they're going to have a condolence book available for the public to come by and sign. that's going to be available
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tomorrow morning at their offices at the french consulate in the financial district of san francisco. reporting live at city hall, abc7 news. break singing. >> the choir singing at the beginning of a memorial service that started a short time ago to remember a long beach state senior killed in paris. nohemi gonzalez was there. she was shot in a restaurant. her mother described her dreams of the future. >> to have a different life. like go to work and come back home. every day. she wanted to have a career, and a family. >> it's hard to watch that. the fbi told the family it may
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take several weeks to bring her body home because of the ongoing investigation in paris. two bay area newlyweds are back from paris, and telling a chilling story about their honeymoon. cornell bernard is live with just how close this couple got to the violence. >> reporter: shane and jamie were not sure they would make it home alive after a terrifying last night of their honeymoon but they did, and tonight they're telling their story. >> feels kind of almost selfish in a way to be here, and not be able to mourn it with people who fully understand the terror that was going on. >> jamie and her husband, shane, are back home tonight, after a two-week dream honeymoon in france, which ended in a night of terror. >> throwing grenades in the restaurants and shooting into restaurants, and because we were so close to the area and not knowing if the terror was done. >> we feared for our life. >> shape and jamie were having dip with two friends smolts paris restaurant two blocks away
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them to bataclan concert hall, scene of a massacre. the couple took this picture as cafe owners told patrons to stay calm. >> they said, we can't let anyone leave. we're on lockdown, and immediately closed the curtains, locked the doors. >> people are crying, upset visibly, and emotionally just -- you can see the tears. maybe they knew somebody at the theater or at the soccer stadium. >> three hours later they set out to get back to their hotel. shane was fearful they wouldn't make it. >> the fight or flight theory. i need to protect myself and protect my wife. >> people running, cops everywhere. >> they arrived back at their hotel three hours later, and set off for the airport the next morning, where they found massive crowds and chaos. finally back home, the couple now realizes from news reports how much danger they were in and how lucky they were to make it through. >> our hearts are going out to other people that maybe weren't so lucky, and we're just at
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the -- were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> abc7 news. >> in response to the violence the nfl increased security at games today. we were at the colosseum in oakland where you can see lots of police on patrol before the game. he league says its safety protest procedures have been edition nate it by the department of homeland security as effective anti-terrorism technology. please stay with us for the latest on the terror attacks in paris. you can follow us an twitter. >> developing news, a possible tornado. jason ellison posted this video of a funnel cloud of facebook. the sheriff's department tweet pictures of damage in the valley. some trees ripped out of the ground. others knocked over. ripping the shingles right off a church roof and damaging homes. no one was hurt.
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>> pg&e blamed the overnight rain for sparking an electrical fire and triggering a power outage in san francisco. you can see the flames charred this wooden poll on 25th 25th street near utah street. the fire knocked out power for 4,000 homes and businesses. this happened around 8:30 this morning. most of those people had their power back bit 10:00 a.m. pg&e believes water caused equipment to fail and catch fire. following the rain, some strong wind gusts blew through. you can see a loom from the mt. tam camera in mariner, some trees swaying there. we're under a wind advisory advisory 10:00 p.m. >> we picked up anywhere from a quarter to half inch of rain so not bad. but we are looking at the winds right now behind the system. so, with wind gusts to 35-miles-an-hour in oakland, it is certainly blustery. check out sfo. 46-miles-an-hour, and as natasha
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said, this takes us through the evening hours with the wind continuing to be a problem. as we request through 11:00, you'll notice smell 37-miles-an-hour winds in oakland, san jose, still looking at winds around 20-miles-an-hour tomorrow morning. this evening, look for breezy winds along the coast. temperatures dropping through the 40s, and we'll talking about the week ahead and the snow that continues to fall in the sierra nevada in just few minutes. i. >> we're learning more about the tour bus driver involved in a crash in san francisco. >> still ahead, what his wife revealed about he crash and her husband's experience at the job. >> coming up at 5:00, clearing the way on the peninsula. the work designed to help
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abc7 talked to wife of the tour bus driver involved in a crash in san francisco that injured 20 people. her husband says the bus' brakes weren't working. they were stop and go all day. he told her he was trying not to hurt passengers when the crashed into the scaffolding in union square. he was injured but expected to survive. chev did not want us to release his name but says he has been driving a tour bus for ten years. video shows the bus hitting a bicyclist before crashing into several vehicles, finally slamming into scaffolding on friday. four people are in critical condition. >> giant cranes make it easier for ships to make a bay area seaport. we were at the port redwood city where the arming corps of engineer is dredging the channel.
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the deeper channel is going reduce delays and costs for shippers. >> hear the rain last night? >> i think i was knocked out so solidly, didn't hear. but i saw the effects. >> people had some work to pick up the debris from the trees. i certainly did not do it, my husband did. the live doppler 7hd showing the moisture offshore, we're in the post frontal trough bring the showers and thunderstorms to us and all is clear hero and wind will preclude frost development. so we'll be chilly and showers remain up to the north coast. and the know continues south of 50, and all the way down into southern california. so, it's a little treacherous on the grapevine. keep that in mind if you have friends coming back or you're
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headed in that direction. a live look outside, the sun has set and we're looking at numbers anywhere from a third of an inch in palo alto and a little better than that in san francisco, and upwards of three-quarters of an inch the st. helena. so not bad. we continue to see some moistures -- moisture in and around the bay. 53 morgan hill. 54, half moon bay. 55, san francisco. more low 50s and a good mixing we'll see the chilly conditions but no frost. winds anywhere from 23-miles-an-hour, gusts in hayward to 46 at sfo. still blustery. highlights with the wind advisory until 10:00, slightly warmer weather tomorrow just by a couple of degrees. winds slowly back off. then we're looking at some pretty nice weather throughout the middle of the week. overnight lows, mid-and-upper 30s in in protected valleys.
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mid-40s in in san mateo, 38 in santa cruz. so winter storm warning continues for the west slopes. a winter weather advisory for south lake with six to 12 inches above 7,000 feet, and the snow level low. so looking at 48 inches 5,000 feet. so treacherous there for the next couple of hours, and tomorrow, breezy along the coast with numbers in the narrow reasoning, low 60s, 62, san mateo, 64, palo alto, and santa cruz, 63 vallejo, and the accuweather seven-day forecast, a couple of degrees of warming today. warmest days in the middle of the week, chilly morning, mild afternoon, and increasing clouds next weekend, hopefully another weather system but at this point it looks dry. >> that's okay. i'll give you a high five. >> is this all we get? not your fault. >> people in the south bay are preparing for a soaking. >> projections of a really wet winter created high demand for
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today's sunshine didn't stop people from looking ahead to fight against potential flooding. we were there as palo alto residents picked up three already filled sandbag ted municipal services center. those sandbag maize come in handy to protect homes and businesses if the predicted el niño rainy season meets expectations. >> flooding and other situations here in palo alto as we know. >> city workers and community
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volunteers have already loaded 1,000 sandbags into cars by the time our crew visited. palo alto has ordered an additional 28,000 filled sandbags just in case people need more. >> police at one bay area community college are unarmed and could end up in the line of fire. we take you behind the scenes of what haley happened when a man pulled a gun in the library of the city college of san francisco. tonight at 11:00. >> shu has preview of sports, raider nation excited. >> hosting the vikings and 'derek carr threw a couple canada
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the raiders begin the second half of their season hosting the vikings with the 4-4 record. they're in the playoff hunt and you have to win the nonconference games. raiders down 13-0 in the second. carr with the drive four minutes later, threw for 302 yards and two tds. holmes makes a leaping grab. raiders lead. on the ensuing kickoff, huge mistake, low short kick goes to patterson, goes 93 yards to the house. vikings 20-14 lead at the half. raiders trail late in the fourth. carr picked off for the second
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time in the game. next play, adrian peterson, breaks loose. 80-yard touchdown. ran for 203-yards on 26 carries, ties franco harris and jerome bettis with 91 touchdowns. raiders drop to 4-5, 30-14 the final. >> we're still a lot at stake for this football team, but we got to win games and in order to get what we want to go at the end of the season, we got to win these games. >> when you lose, it's hard, and you have to rely on your foundation and what you believe in. this team and everybody believes in one another. >> packers lost two straight, hosting the lions. the worst record in nfl. 36 seconds left. green bay down eight. rodgers to perillo for six but the two-point conversion no good. packers get the ball back but crosby's 52-yarder for the win is way off. third attract straight packers
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loss. vikings take over the lead in the nfc north. >> patriots taking on the giants. fourth quarter, blunt thinks the has a td but it was called back on holding two plays later, tom brady picked off at the goal line. third pick this season. leads to a joints field bowl. patriots trail by two brady avoids a near pick to set up gronkowski's 54-yard winner pats 9-0 with the victory. >> carolina panthers looking to add their best start in fran choice history. 8-0 today. cam newton, 217 yards and a touchdown, ran for 23 yards and this touch. panthers improve to 9-0. 27-10 the final. denver and chiefs. mans was benched after 5-25 day. 30 yards and four picks.
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chiefs win 29-13 the final. >> nothing like starting the season with a top ten upset. that's what the cal lady bears did against louisville. cardinals ranked eighth in the country but using size advantage. she finished with 19 points, eight boards. cal outrebounded cardinal 50-47. pulling off the upset. improving to 2-0. more from the raiders' locker room at 6:00 p.m. tough loss for the silver and ♪ ♪
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coming up at 6:00. facebook, how people track down loved ones in paris. why is mark zuckerberg now responding to criticism over the move. >> a northern california celebrity stepping up to help out after tragedy strikes a community. >> mobile restrooms in san francisco. >> the board of supervisors will talk about expanding the program beyond the current project in the ten door loin. >> backer says the pit stops make neighborhoods cleaner and save water because streets need less power washing. put that together. >> that does it for us here at 5:00, thank you for your time. >> you can watches abc7 news and your favorite shows live on
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demand with the watch app. see you at 6:00. >> look at the shot from the sutro tower cam. tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from paris. a city on edge. the breaking developments, the panic we witnessed on the streets. hundreds running from a vigil. the fear that set in. and new images emerging from the three hours of terror. the american band on the stage, when the gunfire started. the shootout with police. the hostages desperate to escape. the pregnant woman clinging to a window ledge. and the international manhunt for this man, one of three brothers suspected to be a part of the attacks. several others under arrest. and also, the massive bombardment, the air strikes taking aim at the heart of isis in syria. and security stepped up in america. bag checks, heavy police presence.


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