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tv   ABC World News  ABC  November 15, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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demand with the watch app. see you at 6:00. >> look at the shot from the sutro tower cam. tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from paris. a city on edge. the breaking developments, the panic we witnessed on the streets. hundreds running from a vigil. the fear that set in. and new images emerging from the three hours of terror. the american band on the stage, when the gunfire started. the shootout with police. the hostages desperate to escape. the pregnant woman clinging to a window ledge. and the international manhunt for this man, one of three brothers suspected to be a part of the attacks. several others under arrest. and also, the massive bombardment, the air strikes taking aim at the heart of isis in syria. and security stepped up in america. bag checks, heavy police presence. as we ask, what's being done to
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keep america safe? good evening. tonight, from paris. a city stunned by the magnitude of the terror that has unfolded here. but tonight, the country is sending a message back, launching multiple air strikes at this hour against isis targets in syria. france launching war planes, bombing the isis stronghold of raqqa. retaliation for the deadly attacks. and there's now an international manhunt under way. authorities releasing this image tonight. a 26-year-old french national being described as very dangerous. a warrant out for his arrest. and his brother believed to be one of the attackers. they believe he's one of the attackers, too. and another brother has been detained. and people taking cover inside this cafe, crouching behind chairs.
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this was a false alarm. and we have chilling new images of the moment of crisis in the theater. the american band on stage when gunfire erupts. at least 129 dead, 352 injured, nearly 100 in critical condition. six highly coordinated attacks. seven attackers with matching suicide belts. tonight, our entire team is on this. the manhunt, air strikes, but first the chilling new images of the terror, as it unfolded here. tonight, paris remains a city on edge. mourners gathering here, laying flowers. everything is calm, and then suddenly, panic sets in. a rush, screams, thousands begin running. a stampede begins. police say fireworks being set off were to blame for the chaos. crowds trampling on the carefully-laid memorials.
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sprinting as teams of police approach, guns raised, peering around the cars. and this all comes as tonight there is an all-out manhunt under way. police chasing clues. this car being towed. and just outside the city, another car found. three kalashnikov rifles inside. the discoveries come as this new video emerges. capturing the moment french police go head-to-head with the gunmen. from silence in the street, to suddenly a barrage of bullets. officers carefully approaching the suspects, they take aim, then shoot. then heavy gunfire ensues, sparks in the streets. more than a dozen shots. innocent bystanders are running for cover.
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photographer patrick zachmann captured the images. >> i heard the sound of a woman screaming. screaming, help me, help me. >> reporter: and just above the officers, the concert hall, sirens blaring. and then a flash. witnesses inside reported the attackers yelling, allahu akbar, god is great. yelling syria and iraq, too. and in front of the stage, the american band playing, when gunfire drowns the music. one singer appearing frozen. the drummer taking cover. behind that concert hall, hostages desperately trying to escape. hanging from the windows, one woman that tells everyone she's pregnant. the wounded hobbling down below. others being dragged away. please, what's going on? one person yells. they're shooting at us, one
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responds. i'm here, baby, i'm here. a loved one calls to another, as more shots are fired. this is now the deadliest attack on france since world war ii. and with isis claiming responsibility, we now know it was a highly-planned killing spree. six separate attacks, three teams of terrorists, the attackers wearing identical suicide belts. and tonight, a clearer portrait of the three hours of terror. 9:20 p.m., a suicide bomber blowing himself up in the middle of a soccer match. five minutes later, 9:25 p.m., four miles away, gunmen open fire at two restaurants, killing 15. >> i was holding on to a woman on the floor with me, i realized she wasn't breathing. >> reporter: then at 9:32 p.m., a block away, shootings at another restaurant, killing five. four minutes later, gunmen opening fire at a third restaurant, killing 19.
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four more minutes go by, and a suicide bomber detonates his belt down the street. seriously wounding one civilian. and in those same moments, the three men wielding ak-47 rifles bursting into that con ert hall. as the band eagles of death metal were playing. as owl -- all of this unfolds, two more suicide bombers detonating their belts outside the soccer stadium. shortly after midnight, 12:13 a.m., the police raid the concert hall. the attackers blowing themselves up. at least 89 murdered inside. carnage across the city. the deputy mayor saying they had never seen anything like it. when you see the bullet holes through the windows of the restaurants, that's something that's entirely new? >> yes. i must say, this is not paris. this is not paris.
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>> reporter: you can see the bullet holes where they fired through the windows of the restaurant while people were having dinner inside. they've now placed flowers here. and if you come across the street, you can see the memorial that's been growing by the hour here in paris. people coming to remember all of those who were lost. including this young family, bringing their little boy to light candles. but telling me, paying tribute in this small way is still not enough. >> i don't think coming is enough. it's not enough. >> reporter: we met so many families out across paris today. sharing that sentiment. in a moment, more on the pregnant woman you saw, clinging to a ledge for several minutes. and the other witnesses and hostages who made it out. but we want to get to the manhunt, 200 miles away in
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brussels, authorities say three brothers connected to the terrorist attacks. one dead, one on the run, a third detained. they're warning that the one that got away is very dangerous, and they're telling the public not to intervene. they believe he's one of the attackers. here's terry moran. >> reporter: tonight, an international manhunt for a suspected terrorist that authorities say is one of the gunmen in the paris attacks. 26-year-old salah abdeslam. born in brussels. officials tell abc news he's one of three brothers, one died during the massacre, and the other has been detained in belgium. authorities warn people not to approach him under any circumstances. he's believed to have been the gunman leading the team that shot people in restaurants and bars in paris. authorities tell abc news tonight. police picked up his escape trail after finding a car that had been used in the attack. and they believe he then took a different car to brussels. en route, he was pulled over, at a traffic stop.
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but not detained, and he made it across the border. authorities later seized that car in belgium. now, the focus of the intense investigation in a poor suburb of brussels plagued by radicalism. it's one of the neighborhoods that has sent more jihadi fighters to syria and iraq than any other place in europe. seven arrests here yesterday. a chaotic scene, as one man was pinned over a wall and arrested. officers with guns drawn standing by. but tonight, salah abdeslam is still on the loose. one of the arrests was made in this house behind me. and the interior minister of belgium said today that the jihadi problem here is out of control. david? >> terry, thank you. and just down the street
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behind me, the concert hall still blocked off. there are still so many questions tonight. and the image seen around the world. the pregnant woman clinging to a ledge for more than two minutes. matt gutman tonight with her story, and the witnesses that saw it all. >> reporter: for more than two minutes, she dangled from the windowsill. and beneath her, people spilling out of the bataclan theater. some collapsing, still alive as the slaughter goes on inside the theater. you can hear her cry out. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter:" i'm pregnant." the camera pans. these people dragging victims. this man hobbling. throughout, the woman still hanging. finally, another person tries to help. and the fate of the mystery woman on the ledge, still a mystery tonight. meanwhile, inside the theater -- >> we heard this crackling noise like firecrackers.
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>> reporter: and this theater in happier times on the website. but on this night -- >> we were covered with blood and more than blood. pieces of flesh. >> reporter: they had been on a date night, now playing dead. they heard the shooters just feet away. >> in perfect french, no accent. the man said, you killed our brothers in syria. and now, we're here. >> reporter: the california-based band, apparently whisked away to safety. tonight, france began to release the names of the dead. and shown on the bbc, their faces. and 15 of those people died right here at this restaurant. you can still see the blood on the facade. and even in the middle of the night, people coming to pay tribute. laying wreaths, lighting candles, posting signs like that. paris, the city of light. david? >> matt, thank you. we turn to the new questions this evening surrounding a
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passport discovered beside one of the attackers. it comes amid sweeping raids across belgium. seven suspects detained in 24 hours. now, this new image of that passport, a syrian passport, fueling a possible theory tonight that a terrorist may have faked his way into the country, slipping in as a refugee. here's brian ross. >> reporter: a major break in the investigation came when police in brussels arrested seven possible suspects. and are now interrogating them. authorities say that leaders in syria planned the paris attack, part of a new strategy by isis. to go global, with claims of responsibility for paris issued in four different languages. french, russian, arabic, and english.
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>> indeed, this is just the beginning. >> there's a specific unit for planning and carrying out attacks in western europe and the united states. >> reporter: at least one of the terrorists was sent with a wave of refugees arriving in greece. where authorities say he presented this passport. officials say he was part of the team that attacked the paris stadium. and was the first to detonate his vest. and another terrorist, assigned to attack the concert hall, has been identified as a 29-year-old french citizen flagged five years ago as a possible terrorist but never charged with a serious crime. his fingerprint was matched with a detached finger found in the debris at the hall. tonight, the iraqi ambassador is confirming there have been several reports of a warning
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of an impending major attack by isis. the cia has declined to comment. >> thank you. and french president hollande calling the attack an act of war, and the white house agreeing. and at the g-20 conference in turkey, president obama saying this is an attack on the civilized world. and this image. and russian president and obama huddled together for 35 minutes, likely discussing the attacks. and now word of the french air strikes tonight. bombing the isis stronghold in syria. martha raddatz tonight on the strikes, and what, if anything, the u.s. may do next. >> reporter: the french air force tonight, pounding the de facto isis capital of raqqa in syria. 20 bombs targeting isis. following a stern warning today from president obama. to those responsible for the paris attacks. >> we stand in solidarity with them.
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and hunting down the perpetrators of the crime and bringing them to justice. >> reporter: isis is also strongly suspected of blowing up that russian jet. prompting that rare meeting between russian president putin and obama. obama urging the russian president to focus air strikes solely on isis. after months of u.s.-led air strikes, the president telling our george stephanopoulos before the paris attack, isis gains on the ground have stalled. >> from the start, our goal has been first to contain. and we have contained them. and they have not gained ground in iraq. in syria, they'll come in and leave. we haven't been able to completely decapitate their command and control structures. >> reporter: the military says about 75 mid or high level isis fighters have been killed since may, but as we've seen, many are
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outside of the borders of syria as well. david? >> martha, thank you. and there's still much more ahead on this special edition of "world news tonight." up next, the risk at home in america. tighter security across the u.s. tonight. football games, public places. but can sites like this really be kept safe? and how many isis sympathizers are authorities aware of in the u.s. right now? also, the big political debate after the tragedy in paris. is this islamic terrorism? and donald trump on how this would have been different if the victims had guns. and later, one man's act. playing a piano. this man's message to his country and the entire world tonight.
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here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: the massacre in paris caught western intelligence by surprise. while we don't yet know why the plot went undetected, officials are concerned they may have deployed new encryption technology, so-called going dark. >> i've been complaining about the ability to go dark. i think it's going to play a significant factor in this event. i'm interested to see what kinds of phones they had, and the apps they had. >> reporter: today, in the u.s., security expanded at nfl games and locations like times square. david, security is being stepped up at soft targets like this concert tonight at the verizon center. and tomorrow, people should expect to see more police at mass transit throughout the nation. david? >> pierre, thank you.
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and donald trump saying, if the french had more guns it would have turned out much differently. and from the vatican, pope francis saying the attacks are beneath the dignity of human beings. expressing shock and calling it blasphemy to use the name of god to justify violence and hatred, as the isis fighters claim to do. when we come back here, the outpouring of support, images from around the world. standing with paris, lighting up the night sky. we'll be back. it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function.
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hours, we've seen, amid the horror, hope. a global outpouring, people standing behind the people of paris. these simple brush strokes have become a global symbol of solidarity. the blue, white, and red. and all of those voices joining in a spontaneous chorus. here on the streets of paris, sitting at a single piano, with one song and a message. ♪ >> reporter: peace. that's our broadcast tonight from paris. i'm david muir. i thank you for watching. from all of us here at abc news, have a good week ahead. we'll see you here tomorrow night. good night.
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next at 6:00, a north bay couple shares they're hair rowing story of being caught in the middle of the paris attack during a honeymoon. there's a wind advisory in the bay area. tonight a look at current conditions and the damage already caused by the gusts today. abc7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> a dream honeymoon ends in horror for a local couple. >> let's go right to cornell bernard. you talked to these newlyweds. they're home safe but what a story to tell.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: you're right. shane and jamie-telling a chilling story. they spend part of the friday terror attacks barricaded in a restaurant and then ran through at the streets trying to get back to their hotel. >> we definitely feared for our life. >> shane and his wife, jamie, are relieved to be back home but can't help but feeling guilty. >> feels almost selfish to be here, and not be able to mourn it with people who fully understand the terror going on. >> they were spend ago two-week dream honeyman in france which ended in a night of terror. >> shooting into restaurants and because we were so close to the area and not knowing if the terror was done. >> they were having dinner with two friends two blocks airplane from the concert hall, the scene of a massacre. unbelievably, their friends had tickets to theea


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