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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 16, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning -- attacks on paris. the massive manhunt under way for one of the suspected terrorists. how he slipped past authorities shortly after the attack. the retaliation. aggressive air strikes pounding isis overnight. where the bombs are falling right now. the risk here in america. are we vulnerable to a similar attack? plus, survival story. the pregnant woman clinging to a window to hide from the terrorists. we have all angles covered with live team coverage. good morning. we begin with breaking news on the attacks in paris. overnight, french police raided 150 locations.
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>> and moments ago, investigators identified the suspected master mind. he's a belgian man, linked to an attack on a paris-bound train. >> the french wasting no time firing back, unleashing a barrage of bombs on isis strongholds in syria overnight. >> you see those attacks there. and people across europe remembering the victims this morning. this morning, all 28 members of the european union joining france in a minute's silence. >> and this is a live picture from paris, where the memorials are growing. for the first time since friday, museums, theaters, and other tourist attractions are open. >> we have live team coverage this morning. kenneth moton joining us from washington, d.c. jim avila traveling with the president at the g-20 summit in turkey. we begin with marci gonzalez in paris. marci, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. in some ways, it almost feels like a normal monday here in paris. especially compared to the panic we saw here yesterday. sounds that turned out to be fireworks sent people running for cover.
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now, as we learn more about the investigation, it's clear, this city is still on edge. this morning, an international manhunt for this accused terrorist. police say 26-year-old salah abdeslam led the team of gunmen who opened fire at people in restaurants and bars here in paris friday night. 129 people were killed in the attacks at six locations across the city of light. of the ten terrorists believed to be responsible, police say three survived. possibly escaping in this getaway car loaded with assault rifles. [ shouting ] >> reporter: two of those suspects taken into custody yesterday in belgium. this morning, abdeslam is still on the run. police tracing the killer's connections to isis. saying the terror group's commanders in syria planned and directed this violence. >> there's a specific unit on the organization chart of isis
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for external attacks. >> reporter: the french air force quickly responding. dropping more than 20 bombs on the isis de facto capital in northern syria. as police continue to look for others with links to the attacks. the heartbreak still pierces. from paris to california. >> she'll always be in my heart. i think she'll be in everyone else's heart, too. >> reporter: and though france is still under a state of emergency, the eiffel tower, other tourist attractions, and schools are opening today for the first time since the attacks. kendis and reena? >> marci, what an outpouring of grief. all around. you can see the growing memorial behind her. what have you seen throughout the city the last couple of days? >> reporter: yeah, at all hours of the day and night, we've seen people coming out to makeshift memorials like this, lighting candles, leaving flowers, having silent moments of reflection. at the scenes, the six scenes in paris, we have seen parents come up to get their first
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heartbreaking look at where their children lost their lives. just walking down the street, we have passed people who didn't know the victims, just weeping openly. just so much emotion, sadness, and shock still here in paris. >> no doubt. several days of official mourning continue there in paris. marci gonzalez, joining us live, thank you. an american college student from california is the first american casualty of the attack in france. >> nohemi gonzalez was a student at cal state long beach, studying abroad this semester. she was killed in one of the restaurant attacks. at cal state on sunday, hundreds of people attended a vigil in her honor. her devastated mother is mourning the young woman who had big dreams. >> i feel lost. sadness. and -- it was my only daughter. >> the cal state vigil was held to honor the others who died in the attacks and to support the people of france. several americans are believed to be among the more than 300 people injured.
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the growing threat from isis is front and center at the g-20 meeting of world leaders in turkey this morning. >> it's likely what drew president obama and russian president vladimir putin together for an impromptu meeting there yesterday. jim avila is traveling with the president. good morning to you, jim. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and reena. normally, the g-20 summit is all about the economy. the richest nations in the world are here. the president opened up the proceedings saying a dark cloud descended over turkey because of the paris attacks. he had three important meetings offline yesterday. including a meeting with the president of turkey, in which he emphasized that turkey must shut off the border to syria. that that's where the foreign fighters are coming from. he also met with the king of saudi arabia. that was mostly about saudis helping out with political solution, asking the saudis to use their pressure with arab nations to come up with a solution to the problem of the civil war in syria. and finally, an important meeting offline, about 35
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minutes, in a hallway off of the hotel where the meetings are being held, with the president of russia, vladimir putin. that meeting was said to be constructive. and that there was some progress made. russia has agreed there should be free elections in syria. the president of the united states urging russia to be more careful about where they're dropping their bombs in syria. the president of the united states saying that it was okay and that they welcomed russia's assistance with isis. but they should be careful about dropping bombs on the moderates. day two here is with the president having a news conference. a full news conference. we'll be covering that. back to you. >> jim, thank you so much. also weighing in, pope francis calling the attacks in paris an unspeakable affront to human dignity. >> speaking to an audience in st. peter's square, the pope said he was shocked at the barbarity of the attacks. he said using god's name to justify such violence is blasphemy. >> to honor the victims of the attacks in paris, president obama has ordered all u.s. flags
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at all public buildings to be flown at half staff until sunset on thursday. in raleigh, north carolina, some 300 people gathered to honor the paris attack victims. among the dead was a 23-year-old french student who was about to join her best friend at a college there in raleigh. ten months ago, people gathered on the same spot to mourn the lost in the attack on the parisian magazine "charlie hebdo." and there were tributes at nfl stadiums across the country. with moments of silence held before games. take a look here in philadelphia. a bald eagle with a camera on its back flew on to the field, this, after the national anthem. and at least two u.s. governors now refusing to accept syrian refugees in their states. the new details coming up. plus, guarding the homeland. what's being done to protect americans from an attack like the one in paris? and the new technology possibly used by isis that kept their plans from being overheard. we're live in washington, next.
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♪ when you recognize something isn't right,
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make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. ♪ you're listening to john lennon's "imagine," of course, played by a german man outside the bataclan concert hall in paris after the attacks. he put his piano on a trailer and drove 400 miles to paris. he says, if people are inspired, they can do anything. and that's why he plays "imagine." >> definitely inspirational there. u.s. officials say there is no known or credible threat in
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the u.s. in the wake of the paris attacks. >> security stepped up across the country out of an abundance of caution. kenneth moton is covering the latest from washington. good morning to you, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. yes, this is really a new phase for isis as the terror group works to radicalize westerners and wage a global jihad. law enforcement agencies in the united states are working to protect the homeland. for the monday morning commute, coast to coast, an increase in security at so-called "soft targets." u.s. officials are working with their counterparts in france, trying figure out how the isis terrorists were able to go undetected to pull off their brutal attack. >> isis is much more capable. there are more of them. this is a much bigger threat than we ever faced from al qaeda. >> reporter: top federal law enforcement officials tell abc news they're deeply concerned that isis may have used new cell phone encryption technology. their communications invisible to trackers. it's called going dark.
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>> i've been complaining about going dark. i think you're going to see that will play a significant factor in this event. very interested to see what type of phones they were equipped with. what types of apps they had on those phones. >> reporter: isis, more aggressive. savvier than al qaeda. technologically advanced. as they showed off their ability to terrorize western cities and possibly take commercial planes out of the sky. here at home, we watched the security response play out at sports stadiums and arenas in new york. >> i feel pretty safe. i'm not really nervous about anything. anywhere you go, there's going to be danger. >> reporter: even though people will see an increase in security throughout the week and as we head into the holidays, u.s. officials here in washington say it's all being done out of an abundance of caution, not because of a credible threat, as you mentioned, reena and kendis. >> kenneth moton, live in washington. kenneth, thanks so much. we have much more on the attacks in paris. including the mystery survivor. a pregnant woman, hiding from terrorists by hanging from that window. and the presidential candidates' new reaction to the terror attack. both sides with tough words for president obama.
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their targets in syria. the international manhunt is intensifying for a 26-year-old french national accused in the attack, still on the loose after slipping across the border to belgium. the attacks in paris quickly became an issue on the presidential campaign trail here in the u.s. >> at a democratic event in iowa, front-runner hillary clinton sought to counter criticism from rivals following her statement that the fight against isis, quote, cannot be an american fight. >> the attacks in paris are a sobering reminder of the challenges and the threats that we face. and the importance of american leadership. >> it is a -- >> during saturday night's democratic debate, clinton stopped short of saying the paris attacks were another example of being at war with radical islamic terrorism. >> but you can see her republican rivals there, they had no problem using that phrase while discussing the fallout
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from the attacks. >> they were not injured by some faceless menace. they were not injured by some abstract and inchoate violent extremism. they were injured by radical islamic terrorism. >> we won't be able to take more refugees. it's not that we don't want to. it's that we can't. because there's no way to background-check someone coming from syria. who do you call and do a background check on them? >> in the past, rubio has warned about people with secret ties to islamic militants flowing across european borders as parts of waves of refugees from the middle east and elsewhere. the governor of alabama is also reacting to the attacks in paris. republican robert bentley has announced plans to refuse any syrian refugees relocating to his state. after finding out that one of the terrorists may have slipped into europe as a refugee. he said he will not comply with the policy that puts the people of alabama in harm's way. that follows a similar decision by the governor of michigan. isis has taken
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responsibility for twin suicide attacks in beirut that took place on thursday. at least 43 people were killed in the blasts just moments apart in a crowded shopping district. part of the same wave of terror that included paris. this morning, lebanon has arrested 11 people. mostly syrians, including a would-be bomber. officials say they're bracing for more attacks. tense moments for passengers on a plane at washington's reagan national airport. they were forced off an american airlines flight to boston after members of the crew expressed concern about two men on board. a canine team swept the plane. nothing was found that was suspicious. passengers reboarded. the two men were questioned and released. a scare for hundreds of people on a flight from israel to l.a. they had to make an emergency landing in montana after a warning light came on indicating a fire in the engine. they were stranded in billings until a replacement plane could arrive from new jersey. crews found no evidence of a fire. further out west, a rare tornado struck a town in central california.
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witnesses say the twister was on the ground for nearly a mile. tearing down trees and ripping off a church roof in the town of denair. no injuries reported. powerful winds struck other parts of california, with gusts up to 70 miles an hour. looking at today's weather, more windy conditions in california. snow and rain move into the rockies from idaho to colorado and down to the four corners region. we switch gears and to sports now. the cardinals beat the seahawks. 39-32 in sunday night football. but the big headline is about peyton manning. >> he broke the nfl career passing record during sunday's game. but that was the only highlight of his day. manning wound up with only 35 yards passing, while throwing four interceptions. he was benched in the second half. the broncos lost to the chiefs 29-13. >> hey, but he's number one in the record books. when we come back, a pregnant woman hanging from the window, hiding from terrorists. who is this mystery survivor?
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among the horrors of the paris attack, this pregnant woman, clinging to a window sill at the bataclan concert hall, desperate to escape the gunmen inside. there are hundreds of stories from that night from those who survived and those who did not. >> that pregnant woman's ordeal is especially heartbreaking. matt gutman has more on that pregnant woman's grueling experience and that of others who witnessed the violence. >> reporter: for more than two torturous minutes, she hung from the window sill. beneath the mystery woman, people spilling out of the back of the bataclan theater. some collapsing right there. still alive.
4:23 am
listen. you can hear her cry out. [ speaking french ] >> reporter: mister, mister, i'm pregnant. the camera pans. these people dragging victims. and throughout, the woman still hanging. finally, another person tries to help. and the fate of that mystery woman on the ledge, still a mystery tonight. meanwhile, inside the theater. [ gunfire ] >> we heard this crackling noise, like firecrackers. >> reporter: the gunmen on the balcony level. the theater seen here in happier times on the website. but on this night -- >> we were covered with blood and more than blood. i mean, pieces of flesh. i mean -- >> reporter: celia and benjamin had been on a date night. now, playing dead, they heard the shooters just feet away. >> the man said, you killed our brothers in syria, and now we're here. >> reporter: the california-based band apparently whisked away to safety. france began releasing the names of the dead. and now, as shown by the bbc,
4:24 am
their faces. and 15 of those people died right here at this restaurant. you can still see the blood smearing the facade of the restaurant. and even in the middle of the night, people coming out to pay tribute, laying wreaths, lighting candles, and posting signs like that one. paris, city of light. matt gutman, abc news, paris. >> the memorial growing. details are emerging about the victims in the attack. >> just some of the 129 victims. nick alexander from britain. the 36-year-old was killed at the bataclan concert hall as he was selling merchandise for the band. >> this is the face of alberto gonzalez garrido. also killed at the bataclan. a spanish engineer. living in france. his wife was also at the concert. she managed to escape. >> manuel dias. a tour bus driver. from portugal. the only person to be killed at the stade de france. >> and mathieu hoche. a 38-year-old technician from the france 4 news channel. he died at the bataclan attack. >> so far, 103 bodies have been identified. from friday's attacks. 20 to 30 more are still waiting. we'll be right back. >> the world is mourning.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning at 4:28. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. how is the weather forecast? >> it is noisy. because of the breezes. the wind advisory has expired. the gusts are around 20 to 25 miles per hour and sustained at 10 to 15 miles per hour so the east and west breezes will have a jerk at at the steering the day planner starts off at 20 degree cooler this morning, 30s and 40s, ending up in the upper 50s and nearly 60 at noon and mid-60s at 4:00 and chilly sunshine in the 12-hour day planner. the commute? >> a chilly start. if you have seat warmers turn them afternoon.
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good morning, everyone, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza we have cashpayers trying to get into san francisco so it is a wait. the rest of the fast trackers are moving along fine. on emeryville camera the span of the bay bridge is bounce up-and-down. it is breezy. i want to update you if you are heading in and out of san francisco, good news, northbound and southbound van ness has re-opened. >> thank you, it is 4:29. we have breaking news from richmond where firefighters are trying to keep a gregory store and businesses from going up in flames. we are at 23rd and barrett avenue. amy? >> we just get here. there are a lot of firefighters on the scene. and smoke. i will bring in the deputy fire chief in richmond to tell us what is happening now. >> my firefighters are looking for trapped smoke and fire on
4:30 am
the back pa the building. the fire is under control. no one was found in the build asking no firefighters are injured. this is a lost water damage on the first floor and fire damage on the second floor. >> you what burned here? what time did you get the call? we got here at 2:00, the call came in at five minutes to 2:00, and we get here five minutes later and we had an active fire when the firefighters arrived on the first and second floor. we put out the fire on the second floor and chased the middle part of the fire on the second floor. >> than you, chief, we appreciate your time. from what he has explained there is a grocery store below and above, the vacateed businesses so no businesses up stare have been damaged. no one was here at the time. no one was hurt. we will stay on this story and see what else can we train out with investigators just


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