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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the back pa the building. the fire is under control. no one was found in the build asking no firefighters are injured. this is a lost water damage on the first floor and fire damage on the second floor. >> you what burned here? what time did you get the call? we got here at 2:00, the call came in at five minutes to 2:00, and we get here five minutes later and we had an active fire when the firefighters arrived on the first and second floor. we put out the fire on the second floor and chased the middle part of the fire on the second floor. >> than you, chief, we appreciate your time. from what he has explained there is a grocery store below and above, the vacateed businesses so no businesses up stare have been damaged. no one was here at the time. no one was hurt. we will stay on this story and see what else can we train out with investigators just getting
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here and they will take at we follow the story. >> oakland peaces will hold a news conference to provide more details of how a side show last night turned and a deadly shooting. police say they were cleared a side show on 90th and been croft when a man approached pointing a gun. officers opened fire and killed him. oakland police say the we weapon was a replica after a week end of several side shows that shut down streets and a freeway with up to 400 cars involved. we will have more on the investigation at the top of the hour. >> the "san francisco chronicle" said two sheriff deputies have been placed on leave after surveillance video caught them aggressively attacking a suspect. the disturbing video was taken on thursday morning in the mission district. the beating took place after a car chase from san leandro to
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san francisco. the 24-year-old man, 29-year-old man was fleeing when he was tackled and struck multiple times. the officers were placed on paid leave while officials launch an investigation into the incident. >> the latest on the attacks in paris. officers conducted 168 raids and this morning they have stopped sixments since spring. turkish shorts say they flagged a suicide bomber in friday attack to the french counterpart s but they got no response from france. officials say they believe the train attack that was stopped by three americans in august was planned by the same person behind friday's attack. we are in paris with the overnight developments. >> more than 100 raids if france and belgium as authorities launch an international manhunt for this accused terrorist. >> police say 26-year-old abdeslam salah led the team of gunmen who opened fire at people
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in restaurants and bars in paris on friday night. 129 people were quilled in the attacks at six locations across the city of lights: ten terrorists believed responsible, police say three survived, possibly escaping in this get away car loaded with afault rifles. two of the suspects taken into custody yesterday in belgium. but this morning, slaw law is still on the run, with the connections traced to isis saying the groups commanders in syria planned and directed this violence. >> there is specific unit on the organization chart of isis for external attacks. >> the french air force responding dropping more than 20 bomb on the isis capital of raqqa in northern syria. police continue look for others with linked to the attacks. >> today in paris, and across europe, an emotional moment of
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silence autopsying victims. >> france is still under a state of emergency but today the eiffel tower and other attractions and schools are opening for the first time since the tragedy. >> president obama has ordered american nags at all public buildings and military sites to be flown at half staff if now until sunset on thursday. the flag at the white house was lowered yesterday, the french flag at the seattle space needle is at half staff. the president calls the attacks an assault on all of humanity. >> in san francisco, hundreds stood in solidarity with paris during a day of remembrance. >> in paris there are fears so this gather on the steps of san francisco city hall is an important show of solidarity. francisco city hall is an important show of solidarity. >> they are still out there.
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we do not want public gathering. here we can. >> this was mostly solemn and the french consul general spoke briefly. >> do not be afraid. we will stand up to the terrorists. we will overcome this because all of our friends. >> many are bay area residents showing support for one of our nation's closest allies. >> france and american have been pals since lafayette and we need to keep that relationship strong. >> among the crowd of a few hundred is a group of french high school students camping in death valley weapon they learned of the attacks. >> we tried to comfort our students because they did not understand what was happening. >> they canceled the tour of san francisco when they heard of the gathering. a teacher led the crowd in the
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french national anthem. (singing). >> be sure to stay with abc for the latest on the attacks in paris with breaking news by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. ought woman if jail for second-degree murder after his dog mauled a coach will appear her conviction and try to overturn the conviction for the 2001 death of her neighbor, 33 -year-old. her dogs attacked her outside her san francisco apartment and is serving 15 years to hive but the lawyers claim the case should never have been prosecuted as a murder because the dogs, not her, killed her. ahappening today, we know we need housing in the bay area but people do not want the traffic so multiple use housing roth is a hot topic of discussion. the planning commission will look at the environment impact
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report of the $200 million development at bart station in millbrae for multiuse including retail and office space, apartments and a them. many residents worry traffic will be a huge problem if the project is accused. >> it is really not often we hear of tornadoes in california but a meteorologist with the national weather service say it looks like a deficit are may have touch down. check out video of damage south of modesto, winds ripped through the homes and knock over trees and fences and took down power lines. >> get inside. get inside. >> jenna posted this video show debris fly an. witnesses say they saw two funnel clouds touch the ground. >> right here. hovering. it want going anywhere. it stopped. but it was going in a circle but not moving. >> how long?
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>> it seemed like an it turnty but probably 30 seconds. >> you expect this in the midwest but in california? give me a break! >> fortunately no one was hurt. some could be without power through the morning. >> mike, you have been busy whatening the cause of this unusual weather phenomenon. >> it is not unprecedented and usually this time of the year unlike the rest of the country when they get theirs in the spring we gut ours in the fall and the winter as our storms roll in. big story this morning, besides the dry air, look at the temperatures, doug death cooler than yesterday and napa is 21 and fairfield ten and livermore is 50 and novato and santa rosa all at nine degrees cooler. in san francisco we are five degrees cooler. upper 40's but for ocean beach and the ferry building at cityline. the financial district is at 50. american canyon is 33 degrees and walnut creek is 38 and
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everyone else is in the 40s. until you get to san francisco. here is a look from sutro tower bouncing. today is 61 to 63 degrees. it will be breezy but not so aggressive at yesterday and it will be brighter with the dry air. a slow warming trend will push us into the 70s by thursday. i will have the weekend forecast coming up. laying? >> we are starting rough with a look at the san mateo bridge. it is hazy. as you make the drive define east bay and toward the peninsula. we are not find any traffic but c.h.p. have issued several high wind advisories for the bay area bridges and this is one of them, the dumbarton to the south. we will take you to the north and that is a look at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza and traffic is light. we do not have any c.h.p. issued high wind advisory but we do for the car tin necessary and benicia and bay bridge. in the east bay, there is a lost construction that will slow down the commute westbound along 580
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at 35th to the macarthur maze you have several sections of the freeway concerned off. it will last until 5:30. we have at least one more hour of this construction. it will cause slowing. plan ahead. drive time traffic tracy to dublin is westbound 580, at 31 minutes. highway 4, clear and 101 in the north bay not a bad drive between san rafael into san francisco. >> thank you, leyla. all aboard, the big push san francisco's muni is launching to make your smartphone your ticket to ride. >> the warriors reach back to the past, the the big change fans will see today. the past, the the big change fans will see today. stay tuned.
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♪words, can't bring me down♪ san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. 4:43. you will not need cash to catch muni in san francisco with a new mobile app for paying fares called muni mobile and you can pay any were at any time and you do not need exact change or need a vending machine to add money. the goal is to speed up boarding and make riding muni easy for tourists. the app is free and works on
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iphone and droid phones. the mayor will announce details later this morning. the mayor will announce details later this morning. >> you could soon see spots around san francisco forest rooms that have been tested in the tinder line for six months. it makes the city cleaner and the difficult has saved 165 gallons a day because the streets need less power washing. >> now the city needs another supply of sandbags because it is working sore well, people peopled you will already filled sandbags that were free at east bay shore road that could come in handy to protect homes and businesses if our predicted el nino rainy season meets expectations. >> it does not take el nino to cause flooding and other situations here in palo alto.
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>> city works and community volunteers loaded about a thousand bags into cars by the time our crew visited. palo alto has ordered an additional 28,000 sandbags. just in case. >> the warriors are going back in time. they will convert the oracle arena logo for the original city logo the first time the team has switched out the center logo for a hardwood game in nba history. tomorrow night they will put on the city alternate uniforms for the first of eight games with fin off at 7:30 against friend to raptors. they want to scare us against brooklyn but they were on top. >> what is interesting is the discuss around the alternative uniforms and people have heated opinions. >> as long as they win. >> they started brandon rush against...the nets. maybe they are trying to look at
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the big picture. >> does the big picture include wind? >> and snow. we talked about it over weekend. the forces got in on the early opening if man areas and snow conditions in the sierra making for great skiing. have not heard then complain. this is kirkwood opening last weekend. a week earlier than planned. you can see another 4" of snow they received year. fresh powder for those folks. the breezes are the big story this morning. can you see from the east bay hill camera bouncing up and down. the winds in our hills, tamalpais is 37 and driving through los gatos at 1,800' into the santa cruz mountain at 16 minute. you can see the mountains around napa valley at 17 right new. when the sun comes up we will
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translate to the ground starting off breezy and then taper headed influence the day. you will notice them tapering tonight. they chased away the clouds and the rain and the dry of the air of the season is here. you are going to feel it today. our golden gate bridge camera, we have a northeast wind at 20-25h26 a slight cross wind for you. be careful. the biggest threat is the dumbarton san mateo and bay bridge and richmond-san rafael bridge the most perpendicular to the breezes. sunny. dry breezes. clear tonight. freezes will taper. a slow warming trend. no rain. we will stop at three weekends in a rove rain. sunnyvale is 59. morgan hill is 59. everyone else is around 60 to 61. the northern wind is down exploding the warmer wind at 64. millbrae is 69 and everyone else is 60 to 62 and 59 at half moon
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bay and sunset could touch 60 to 61 and 62 in downtown san francisco and sausalito at 63, warm spot in novato and sonoma at 64 through the north bay and 64 down to 62 along east bay shore and 61 to 63. clear conditions, dry air and the air mass is not that cold. we will have 30s inland. the fact that forecast is not going to form tonight. my seven-day forecast shows a couple of degree here and there and before you know it we are nearing 70 but for the coast by thursday and friday. 60s there. a few more clouds maybe a slight dip in the temperatures on saturday and sunday. >> good morning, mike. we start off with a look at mass france it. we just have a brand new advisory issued by bart. it said bart services stop on richmond line between richmond and north berkeley because of damaged pg&e power lines. we have new service comemently
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stopped on bart. on the richmond line between richmond and north berkeley because of a damaged pg&e power lane. no word when it will be repaired. it will cause delays on the commute. we will give bart a call. all trains including ace train one is on time and no delays on muni. san jose shows 87 near allian street traffic is light. we are accident free so far. nice start. drive time traffic 101 southbound san francisco to sfo nine minutes. 880 northbound from 238 to the maze is 14 minutes and 101 northbound from 85 to the san jose airport is 11 minutes. >> wireless company make it easier for people to call paris following the terror attacks. >> free calls to paris in the wake of the attacks. several wireless carriers make it easier for americans to reach out to friends and family.
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verizon and sprint and t-mobile allow international calls to be made if france free of charge. facebook will activate safety check more directly a feature allow people to let their friends know they are okay. it was used during the attacks in france and until now it has only been used for natural disasters. speaking of face, and, users are showing their support further victims in paris. millions of people have change their profile picture to show blue, white and red the colors of the french leg -- flag. >> great sign solidarity -- sign of solidarity. >> fitting tributes. >> scoop by scoop, the big change a peninsula port is dredging up and what it means for business all over the bay area. >> "star wars" takes over tomorrow at disney starting
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tomorrow with the beginning of tomorrow at disney starting tomorrow with the beginning of the transformation
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>> the abc7 news app on the go >> good morning at 4:43 on monday. we are looking from the sutro tower camera looking at san francisco. crossing the bay bridge. it could be windy. boat hands -- both han
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steering wheel. >> now it is easier for ships to reach a seaport the we were at the port of brentwood series where the shipping channel is dredged to make it deeper to ships can carry more cargo. the deeper channel will reduce delays and costs >> at the end of the matchup with the viking a fan darted on to the field at the coliseum. the fan made it pretty far to the 30-yard line before strike ings safety tackled him to the ground. he was handcuffed and dragged away by police. >> raiders fans had fund fun with this including one tweeting fans running on the field more successful picking up yards than the raiders offense. the raiders evened up losing
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30-14. >> well, there have been delays on bart this morning. we find out the latest from leyla. >> this have. i have been updating my twitter page for the latest details. right new, i can tell you the richmond line is stopped in north berkeley because of a damaged pg&e poll and this is going to affect the commuters that are leaving richmond and all trains have stopped. they have not given us updates they have not given us updates as to any schultz buses now, drive if you come from the east bay to san francisco we have gusty conditions and emeryville camera is bouncing up-and-down and traffic, remaining slight at this hour. around state we had the two
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tornadoes in the central valley but that storm has moved over to las vegas and the high desert and it will move out as we head throughout the afternoon. here is a look at what will happen, the colors and how much cooler at 32 at lake, and friction in yosemite and monterey is 59 and mid-to-upper 60s in southern california. my seven-day forecast is cold today but we rebound at 20 degrees and they will have for make snow because it is going to be dry. this is a chance of a storm getting near thursday and friday but it will head north. this afternoon is not so breezy or chilly and gust, if you head out on the ferry or boat. gusting all day. zebras on the lam on of philadelphia from a circus and ran around a pack lot. the people who run the circus
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are trying to figure house they got out but maybe they gist wanted a little bit of good cheesesteak. >> help they learned air stripes. >> and disney is transforming tomorrow land to celebrate soon-to-be released "star wars" movie "the force awakens" and the innovation buildings is remade into a museum "star wars" merchandise and "star wars" has been updated to reflect the new movie with no scheduled ending to the theme and disney is owned by disney also the parent company of abc7. oakland police officers open fire and kill a pan at 5:00 a.m. with the wild and dangerous weekend full of side shows that led to the tragedy. >> the battle lines against a plan to raise rates for thousands of homeowners across california. >> showing you a picture of the bay bridge eastern span and you
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can see from the camera shaking can see from the camera shaking it is wind
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning at 5:00 a.m. and a lot is going on. >> i am eric thomas the. >> i am kristen sze. leyla? >> it is improving. bart has had all trained stopped and now it is 20-minute delay on richmond in fremont and millbrae direction because of an early problem with the pg&e power lanes. everything is now back and running. we have 20-minute delay. the golden gate bridge shows the drive not so breezy as the other spots but traffic is


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