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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning at 5:00 a.m. and a lot is going on. >> i am eric thomas the. >> i am kristen sze. leyla? >> it is improving. bart has had all trained stopped and now it is 20-minute delay on richmond in fremont and millbrae direction because of an early problem with the pg&e power lanes. everything is now back and running. we have 20-minute delay. the golden gate bridge shows the drive not so breezy as the other spots but traffic is light.
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we do have a reported car fire in fremont along northbound 880 at at the parkway. mike? >> that could be interesting with the wind. it is few the car fire pushing the smoke to the south including possibly milpitas. the breezes are the big story but the wind advisory expired at 4:00. we have a northeast wind at 20-26 across the golden gate bridge and our east-west bridges are more successentible to the cross wind than the gonna. 38-50 in the day planner, and still breezy in the 50, and 56 to 62 at 4:00, and 48 to 54, cooling quickly this evening. >> 5:01. several new developments in the attacks in paris, right now, police could be closing in on the alleged master mind as authorities cast a wide net for the suspects. new video just in to the abc7 news room she officers in belgium where abdeslam salah is believed to be holed up inside a building.
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the 26 year old was identified as a suspect in the attacks and police say they using a bull-to try for negotiate with him to come out. the people of paris are trying to regain a sense of normalcy in the wake of the attacks. there was a moment of silence a few hours ago paying homage to the 129 people killed and hundreds injured. noon the victims was 23-year-old cal state student nohemi gonzalez. schools and businesses and museums and tourist attracts have re-opened. france carryied out 168 raids arresting nearly two dozen people and bombing isis strongholds in syria. >> the united states is on high alert as well, americans are told to expect to see a heightened police presence in many major cities include san francisco, and behind the johns, officials are working to prevent an attack here. here is more. >> law enforcement agencies in the united states are working to protect the homeland for the monday morning commute coast to coast an increase of security
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and soft targets. officials are working with counterparts in france trying to figure out how terrorists were able to go undetected to pull off the attack. >> isis is much more capable and more of them. >> it is a bigger threat than we faced from al-qaeda. >> law enforcement officials say they deeply concerned that isis pay have used new self encryption technology with communication invisible to trackers called going dark. >> i have come lynn about going dark and we will see this playing a significant factor in this event. interested to see what type of phones and apps they had on the knowns. >> isis more aggressive and more savvy that al-qaeda and showing off their ability to terrorize western cities and possibly take commercial planes out of sky. at home we watched the security response play out at stadiums and arenas in new york. >> i feel safe. i am not nervous but there will
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be dangers wherever you go. >> people will see an officer in security throughout the weekend as we head into the holidays, officials in washington say that it is all be done out of caution not because of a credible threat. >> hundreds of students gathered together at cal state in long beach for honor a peer killed in the paris attack. 28-year-old nohemi gonzalez was an industrial design student studying abroad at the college of design in paris. she was gunned down at a restaurants on friday in one of six attacks in paris that night. it was standing room open as the classmates and teachers and family and friends spoke of her impact on their lives. >> in our hearts. >> her pants came to the united states from mexico and she always wanted to make a difference. the university president said
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her degree was a you have length attack on everyone's hearts. >> we have been told that president obama is going to hold a news conference this morning from turkey. we bring you a special report when it happened at 7:30 our time. we will stream it live at and follow us for any breaking developments on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> we have breaking news in the east bay, new video of a fire at a grocery store, with a firefighter capturing the flames that break out at 23rd street at ok am. the fire is under criminal now. the crews are looking for trapped smoke and fire in the back of the building according to the fire chief, though, there is a lost water damage on the first floor where the grocery store is located and fire damage to the second floor. >> later on, oakland pestle release more information about the fail shooting of a man by a police officer. you seeing the richmond fire
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video from inside the shot of the firefighter. it happened as police struggled to keep up with a number side shows in a fatal shooting. our reporter is in the newsroom with pore. >> the map was shot dead a police say he pointed a gun at them. oakland police released this picture of the gun, it looks like a handgun but police determined it is actually an airsoft replica. it is difficult to distinguish the difference until after the fact. around 5:30 yesterday evening officers say man approached them at the intersection of 90th and ban crest. police were towing the cars away after a sideshow and officers opened fire. the man died at scene. >> the firearm was looking very real and the replica look very real. it looks like it a firearm. >> early in the weekend, side shows involving 700 cars shut down the major enter shes and
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part of highway 880 and spectators stopped on to which a patrol car causing major damage. the side show stand off will be addressed during the news conference. >> mike has been talking about this although the powerful winds have died down, you may be waking up to a mess outside this morning. >> four adults are if critical condition after a tour bus crashed in san francisco's union square on friday. according to the san jose mercury news san francisco general hospital said that the status of the to men and two women have not changed. >> the bus sick a bicyclist, several cars and another tour bus before crashing into the scaffolding, investigators will look at medical issues the driver pay have had or some time malfunction. >> if you had state farm for homeowners insurance you could be requiring more than is required, competent are overcharging people in
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california $210 million for homeowners insurance. officials will discuss the case and the impact open bay area customers a news conference today in san francisco. state farm is the largest homeowners insurance company in the state and insures a million people. >> we will see what going on with the weather. it has been breezy in spots. mike? noisy morning but a morning where the looks are blowing into the neighbor's yard and hopefully your neighborhood does not have leaves because then you do not have to rake. also, have to watch the trash cans which can be rolling down the street. american canyon is 38 and calistoga is 36 and everyone else in the in earth bay in the low-to-mid 40s from 40 at rohnert park to tiburon and san rafael at 46 degrees. we have 38 in san ramon, a cool spot and ten degrees warmer in brentwood and redwood city at 50. alameda is 48 along with san francisco and san jose at 46 degrees. in san rafael you can see it is clear. south on 101, we are going to be 59 to 64, not only inland but
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around the bay and the fastest winds are along the coast as we head into the afternoon hours and right along way shore so they will be aggressive at 59 to 62 and the dry air is going to cause a scratchy voice. 60 tomorrow, and maybe 70s in the in the bay but each day we get warmer. i will let you know if that translates to a warm weekend. >> good morning, everyone, we are starting off with 20-minute delay on bart because of an early pg&e (. this is going to affect the richmond and fremont line and everything else is run on time as far as mass transit with high winds. that means c.h.p. issued high wind advisory for the bay bridge as we hook from emeryville camera you can see it bouncing up and down and traffic is managing. if you drive anything high sided keep both hand on the wheel and be very careful. as we look at what is happening an the bay area we have a couple of accidents and we have a car
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five as well, possibly involving a truck, a tractor-trailer northbound 880 and the drive to fremont, though, still maintaining the posted speeds and to the north out of the novato and eastbound 37 at 101, a solo crash possibly blocking one lane. >> you today us of the win advisory for the bridges and the powerful winds have died down you could be waking up to quite a mess. matt is on damage control. you are in redwood city in emerald hills neighbor, right? >> yes, in redwood city, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and a new saying in life the circumstances here when life give you a down tree make firewood. that is what they did here in road wood. the fire department said the trees and large branches came down across the area. we got breezes although the wind we got breezes although the wind advisory is, expired.
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had to bring owe the chainsaws. we were in alameda when the large tree hitting a moving car at 8:30. the tree took down a power pole. the driver get out. in union street, another tree blocked half of the tree and crushed a car and fell on muni lines. no one was hurt. trees made a mess in millbrae with homeowners cleaning up after the tree fell down. there sustained winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour and gusts between 40 and 55 miles per hour and through the night, be careful when you drive to work you can secretary to see debris out there on the roads. >> wall street could feel 9 impact of the terror attacks in paris in america's money report.
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>> two bay area newly are back telling a chilling story of their honeymoon after a dream honeymoon in france which ended in a night terror having dinner with friends from a restaurant two blocks away from the concert hall and they tried to get back to their hotel fearful they would not make i ought fight or flight theory, i need to protect myself and protect my wife. >> people running. there were cops everywhere. >> they made it back and went to the airport. the next morning, they found massive crowds and chaos the couple realized from news reports how everyone danger they were in and how lucky they were to made it. >> american airlines flight was deplaned in virginia after members of the crew expressed concern of two passengers. 115 people were headed from reagan national airport to boston and they were asked for
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have a sweep. the suspected people were questioned and released. passengers were accommodated on a later flight. it is unclear why the crew thought the passengers were suspicious. >> tomorrow, the fate of the google buses will be decided by the san francisco municipal transportation board of directors. the pilot commuter shuttle program has been running since last year but opponents say since technical workers flock to live near stops they drive up the rents and cause over visions. the tech companies say they are helping environment and traffic conditions because the buses shuttle would be car drivers from san francisco to silicon valley. >> drive across the bay bridge was it windy? >> the signs were on but it wasn't that bad come in. >> we will see if mike has similar expenses out there? >> mike? noticed the wind but not so bad in the vehicles but the semis were swaying back and forth crossing the east to west
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bridges and will be affected. the if, threw hours it will be bone dry. if there is moisture it is over the cost. this is how it looks at 87 at the shark tank with a west wind at 13 miles per hour. it will be sunny with bone dry breezes. it will be clear tonight. the breezes will taper. cooler tomorrow morning. in the afternoon, all the sunshine will slowly modify the air mass. check out the gusts at 7:00 this morning, at 36, and half moon bay at money and still around 26 in santa rosa and san francisco at 29 and oakland is pole up to 31 and we will start to see calm and still in the 20 to 25-miles-per-hour gusts so that does not mean they are sustained but as fast as they can get over a brief per. action, we are starting to drop into the 14-25 and overnight we are looking good but a couple of areas that could stay up and we can see along the cost to half
5:18 am
moon bay that area could be pretty gusty. as we head spat afternoon hours tomorrow, everything is clear out. we are only ten right here in oakland and also in san francisco. that is much easier if deal with than today. as far as the temperatures, you notice a narrow range, 59 in sunnyvale and morgue hill and everyone else around 60 to 61 but a northern wind is a down sloping wind sitting over santa cruz and warm you up to 64 degrees. on the peninsula, at 59 to 62, and same along the coast today all the way into downtown south san francisco and as you head through the north bay 61 to 64 and heading to the east bay, it looks the same at 62 to 64 and as we head inland we have 61 to 63 degrees. tonight, the temperatures, the northern winds bring in a warm air mass so it is calmer but we will drop into the 30s and 40s but no frost forming.
5:19 am
get used to the 70s they will be here inland and we will be close to around the bay when and thursday and also on friday. leyla? , is doing fairly well. good morning, everyone, at 5:19, southbound 680 moving along without any problems right new and we are at seven minutes between highway 4 and highway 24. as we take you into the south bay, check out all friend on the map, so we are at posted speed and 101 head up to the airport you are in good shape. 280, into cupertino, no delays. highways 85, 17, 87, in accidents 69 we have one crash in the north bay and i will tell you about that next report but i have get to bart and right new they still recovering, now just ten minutes on the richmond line and fremont and millbrae due to early power pole problem. >> all eyes are on wall street as terrorism fears cause a ripple effect in global markets.
5:20 am
here is america's money report. >> topping america's money, a shaky start on wall street. >> futures are down after big loseds on friday, the attacks in paraglider adding to investor frees and the new york stock exchange will observe a moment of silence to honor the victims. >> the poe office said another staggering loss, losing more than $5 billion which is a slight improvement over last year. the loss is because of volume of mail continuing to drop in the high cost of retirees' health care obligations. >> at the box office, "james bond," the 24th bond movie and the fourth for daniel craig was the top spot taking in $35 and "peanuts," was second with $24 million and "love the keepers," that was in third place. >> a word to real them all, the
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so why just clean your baby, when you can give him so much more? save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf. >> here are seven things to know. police could be closing in on a survivor of the terrorist attacks with officers outside a building in belt judgment, where abdeslam salah is believed to be. officers are allegedly using a bullhorn to negotiate with the 26-year-old. >> people in paris are trying to return to a sense of normalcy after the attacks which killed 129 people. schools and buses and museums and tourist attractions including the eiffel tower have re-opened. that is new.
5:24 am
overnight, france carried out 168 raids and arrested nearly two dozen people. >> three, breaking news in the east bay, new gopro video show as fire ripping through a richmond grocery store on 23rd street this morning, and a firefighters captured the individual wrote and crews worked to get the fire under control. no one was sure. >> four, bart is recovering the 15 minute delay on the richmond line in fremont and millbrae directions because of an early pg&e problem. it lack lie everything is become on track. >> five, the wind advisory expired at 4:00 this morning but it is breezy outside. we have gusts up to 20 or 25 miles per hour, so much with out on the east and west bridges. also, bone dry air, and cooler-than-average temperatures but not for long. i have a. watching trend in the seven-day forecast. >> six, oakland police are hoping a news conference to release details interest an officer involved shooting last night, officers are trying to break up several side shows after a man approached pointing a gun. they shot and skid him before
5:25 am
finding out it was a replica gun. >> people in the central valley are cleaning up after a confirmed tornado touch down yesterday afternoon with new video showing the damage south of modesto. the tornado damaged a church, several homes and knocked down trees and power lines. no one was hurt. >> tonight, at look, a bay area food truck own are said show families taken. the woman told abc7 news anchor she told her house put everything if her business and paid a man $16,000 for a new truck but ended up with nothing. >> i was superior disappointed because i have worked so hard and you think you are getting somewhere and it pulled the rug out. >> how a local case is connected to a string of strongly similar stories on the other side country. the investigation tonight on abc7 at 11 o'clock. >> two retail giants are partners, macy and best buy are
5:26 am
testing out a new partnership that puts electronics department in some macy's car including in santa clara selling samsung smartphones, tablets and head phones. they are trying new tables as sales are way down the store plans do close about three dozen underperforming stories next year. >> the "word of career," will be unveiled including winning word have been app and receivey and last year it was vape which is a now or verb where either it is e-cigarette or you inhale the vapor from the electronic cigarette. >> word of the year? >> can't wait to hear what they are say. >> we have another full 90 minutes of news including the growing opposition to a plan to
5:27 am
build new development next to a busy bart station. >> and a san francisco woman killed after a dog killed her neighborhood more than a decade ago heads back to court. >> a look at san francisco skyline from our rooftop camera, we are tracking the weather and it has been breezy and traffic it has been breezy and traffic this odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park.
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...for goodness' sake. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, at 5:29, thanks for joining us on this monday. i am kristen sze. we will see how windy it is. >> the good news according to the national weather service their wind advisory ended at 4:00 but leyla has been talking about the c.h.p. wind add saysry for our bridges and because the winds are coming from the north
5:30 am
they are coming across the east to west bridges at 15 to 25 miles per hour and emeryville has the camera bouncing the eastern span of the babe. temperatures are mostly in the 40s. still going to be breezy all day with temperatures in the upper 50s and nearly 60 at noon, and upper 60s to low 50s at 4:00, and we fall back into the 50s quickly at 7:00 but it will be dry. railing? >> as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic is stacking and packing away from the macarthur maze and right now the metering lights have not been turned on officially and we are tracking how long it will take you to get between the macarthur maze into san francisco and we are looking at nine minutes as we look from the emeryville camera bouncing around a lot and be careful if you drive anything that is a high profile vehicle over the bridges. as we look over the altamont pass westbound 580 at grant line road an accident involving a big-rig in thest divide and slowing. we heard the metering lights have been turned on.
5:31 am
>> brand new developments in past few members in attack on paris. police entered a building in bejudgment where -- belgium where they thought a key suspect was holed up the but he is not there. the siege we have been following is over. they cast a wide net for more suspects involved in the attack. here is our reporter in paris. >> this morning, more than 100 raids in france and belgium as authorities launch an international manhunt for the accused terrorist. 26-year-old abdeslam salah led the team of gunmen would open fire at people in restaurants and bars in paris. 129 were killed at six locations across the city of lights. of the ten terrorists believe responsible, police say three survived. possibly escaping if this get away car loaded with assault rifles. two of the suspects taken into
5:32 am
custody yesterday in belgium. but this morning, abdeslam salah is still on run. the connections were traced to isis saying the commander in syria planned and directed this violence. >> there is a specific unit on the organization chart of isis for external attacks. >> the french air force responding dropping more than 20 bombs on the isis capital of raqqa in northern syria. police are continuing look for others with linked to the attacks. >> today in paris and across europe an. emotional moment of silence ouring the victims. >> france is still end a state of emergency today with the eiffel tower and other tourist afractions and schools are opening for the first time since the tragedy. >> president obama has ordered american flags at all public buildings and military sites flown at half staff from now
5:33 am
until sunset on thursday. the flag at white house was lowered yesterday. the french flag at the see at space needle is at half staff to honor the victims. the president called the attacks an assault open all of humanity. there are an estimated 15,000 french citizens living in the bay area. year many of them came together at the steps of san francisco at the steps of san francisco city hall to mourn lives lost. >> french high school students in california on a field trip led the crowd in a rendition of the french national anthem. those students were visiting death valley on friday and they heard of attacks in paris. they were supposed to be touring san francisco yesterday but came to the ever superintendent when their guide told them. though traveled back to france later today and are not sure what to expect when they arrive. >> the atmosphere is very weird,
5:34 am
very strange he say. we are happy to see our families again but what does it mean for future? >> a heavy mess presence with polk street shut down in front of city hall because there were so many people. the counsel general will have a condolence book available for people to side at offices today in the financial district. >> stay with abc for the latest on the attacks this paris with breaking news by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. ago ago. >> wethere are slow downs on bat and an early issue with the pg&e power lines has been causing delays. our reporter continues our coverage now from north berkeley bart. >> i just spoke with the basketball dispatch officer would said that crisis averted. what happened, a power pole was on fire on the tracks. though stepped the trains for 20
5:35 am
minutes to check it out the they got the fire out. they checked the tracks. though inspected them. they are fine. they tested fine. at 4:54 they restored service. everything is fine. they did have a few delays still happening and that will be on the trains going toward mill bay and fremont. however, they think the delay will correct theyselves if ten more minutes. they are thinking it will be northerlial for the majority of the commuters who are making the trains later this morning. trains later this morning. you will not feel a thing. conference to provide more details on how a side show turned into a deadly shooting. police were clearing a side show on 90th and ban crest when a man approached open, a gun. officers opened fire and kid him. pose provide add photo of man's weapon and it was an airsoft gun, a respectly can after a
5:36 am
weekend of several side shows that shut down streets and one freeway with up to 700 cars very muched. we will have more on the investigation at the top of the hour. >> two alameda county sheriff deputies have been placed on leave after this surveillance video surfaced. it caught them aggressively attacking a suspect according to the surveillance camera surveillance camera. the disturbing video was taken on thursday morning in the mission district. the beating took place a car chase from san leandro to san francisco. the 29-year-old map was flee down an alley when the deputies tackled him and struck him multi-people times with the baton. the officers were placed on paid leave during the investigation of the incident. >> the woman in jail for second degree murder after her dog mauled a lacrosse coast to death will appear the conviction. she will try to overpush her conviction for the 2001 death of her neighborhood 33-year-old whip people.
5:37 am
the two dogs attacked whip people out her apartment and is now serving 15 years to life but her lawyers claim the case should never have been prosecuted as a murder because the dogs, not kill whipple. >> and a look at the hundred development at $200 million at bart station for misuse -- mixed use, including apartment and hotel housing is a big issue on the peninsula and many were worried traffic will be a huge problem if the project is approved. >> it is not often you hear of a tornado in california but this morning people in sugar land -- stance law are cleaning up from one yesterday that hit a church and ripped through homes and knocked over trees and 15s and took down power lines. >> get inside.
5:38 am
get in the house. >> jenna and her community posted this video showing debris fly around. witnesses saw two funnel clouds touching the drowned. >> right here. hovering. it wasn't going anywhere. it stopped. it was going in a circle but not moving. >> how long? >> it seemed like ne probably 30 seconds but a minute. >> you speak it in the midwest but in california? give me a break. no one was hurt. some could be without power through this morning. >> you her the man's commend, mike, it is fought like we get tornadoes with great frequency but we do. >> we do. especially this time of year when we get storms to roll back in and another way we are opposite than the rest of the country but like that, they are very small, very short-lived and a last times they are over farmland and this time, not so much, unfortunately. we are double digits cooler than yesterday, and just about eight
5:39 am
of our inland neighborhoods, nine, five degrees cooler in san francisco and eight in san jose. the east bay is 41 in castro valley and fremont, and 42, and san leandro at 43 and berkeley and union city at 45 and oakland and richmond at friend and alameda at 48 degrees. our coolest is where it is the least windy. 38 in napa, and 45 in novato and san carlos and mountain view 47 and san jose 45 and pleasanton at 42 and brentwood at 47. at the golden gate bridge watch out a northeast wind at 13-miles-per-hour gusting to 26 miles per hour so breezy. total sunshine today and 61 to 63 degrees. in the breeze it will fool cooler than that. right now, it is 38 degrees in walnut creek where the breezes are lighter. notice a little bit of aerly what trend with high clouds and sunshine the next three days. will it last into the weekend? that is coming up.
5:40 am
leyla? >> labs like bart is mending and we have 10 minute delay on richmond line in fremont and millbrae because of an early pg&e problem, but it look like ace train is on time and caltrain has no delays. we do have a couple of accidents out there involving a big-rig and it is hitting the center divider so it is possible blocking one of left hand lanes and we seeing more slowing as you can see 205 pushing westbound direction at 14 miles per hour is the top speed, also, another crash right at the intersection where 205 meets 580 and that could be causing that slowing. as you continue over the altamont pass, you will be top on the brakes beyond vasco and it looks like it eases up with another pocket of slowing near highway 84 and up to the dublin interchange slow-and-go conditions. back into san francisco, van ness and northbound and southbound side completely re-opened after the weekend's closures. >> all aboard the big push san
5:41 am
francisco's may any is launching to make your smartphone your ticket to ride. >> the warriors reach back to the past with a big change fans will see smack dab in mi oracle arena today. oracle arena today. stay tuned. [door bell ringing] ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you candy. ♪
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. scary moments in san jose. firefighters teamed with pg&e message crews to keep a gas fire from reaching a vacant building year. the trouble started when a gas line ruptured before 2:00 and fires say the flames burned next to a willing walls and that kept the fire from spreading. pg&e is looking to what caused the line to rupture. >> happening today you will not need cash or a clipper card to catch muni in san francisco. the transportation agency is launching a new mobile app today for paying fares called muni mobile. can you pay anywhere any time. it mean you do not need exact change or have to find a clipper card vending machine for add money. the goal is to speed up boarding and riding muni easier. the app is free and works on iphone and droid phones.
5:45 am
the mayor lee will announce details of the test program this morning. >> you may soon see more pit stops around san jose this afternoon when the board of supervisors will talk abouts expanding the mobile restroom program which look like these in the ten door line. they have been tested there are for six months. this makes the neighbor cleaner and the city has saved 165 gallons of water a day because the streets where the toilets are installed need less power warning. >> palo alto drive to hand out sandbags to preparation for the wet winter is going so well though need another supply. people picked up free sandbags at the municipal services center which may come in handy to protect the homes and businesses if the predicted el nino rainy seasons meets expectations. >> does it not take el nino to cause flood asking other situations in appeal as with we know. >> city workers and kind
5:46 am
volunteers had loaded a thousand bags interest cars by the team our crews visited. palo alto has ordered an additional 28,000 sandbags. just in case. >> the warriors are going back in team to convert the oracle arena court center logo to the original "the city," logo the first time an nba team has switched out for a hard work classics game in nba history. tomorrow night they will wear the alternate unit remain forces for the first eight games of the season with tick off at 7:30 against toronto raptors. >> folks are super happy after skiing in lake tahoe of the. >> we appreciate the great pictures. here is video from kirkwood mountain of what was going on yesterday where it was snowing. they were making a little bit and trying to help mother nature which got them off to an early start, a week earlier than planned because of the 42" of snow so far this season.
5:47 am
they had 4" yesterday and you can see just how from it looks. we hope this is just the beginning. it is a good going. but it is not then all as you know. we need a lot more. here is what is going on east bay hills and bouncing around with the clean dry air in the lights from emeryville back to san francisco. we will look at our higher elevation breezes because when the sun comes up and the atmosphere warms, some of the frees are going do come down and they could actually pick up a little bit when the sun comes up and you can see 37 at hawkeye and the mountains around napa valley at 20 to 29 and los gatos is 17. that is around 1,400'. we have the dry of the air of season you will notice it today. also, it will keepclear of they delays and that is good news to start the day.
5:48 am
today will be sunny, breezy with the driest air. now, the agrees will taper overnight so fill be cooler tomorrow morning and most of us are in the 30s and 40s and we have a warming trend on way. today, the temperatures are below average from sunnyvale and morgan hill at 59 and everyone else is 60 to 61 and northern breeze will bring us warmer in santa cruz as it down sloweds and compresses off the mountain. 64 for you and you are probably the warmest spot around today. millbrae is 59 and inelse is 60 to 62 on the peninsula. half moon bay is 59, and that is the cool spot along the coast and daly city and 62 in downtown, through the north bay at 62 in san rafael and napa to sonoma and novato at 64 and the east bay shore is richmond and berkeley and hercules at 62 and oakland and union city at 64 and inland, 61 ifism, concord, 62 63 degrees. a chilly night and we will
5:49 am
notice the warming trend in the afternoon, maybe a few high clouds and the 70s inland, wednesday through sunday and nearly 70s on when be thursday and friday an the bay and mid-60 at the same time but cooler this weekend but, unfortunately, the trance will not wet. >> norfolks waking up with us, bart is back on time again. no delays, all trains running at full steam ahead. we did have an early problem affecting the richmond line and that is cleared. worry back on track. ace train, muni, everything else is running on time with no delays. we have the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is heavy coming away from the macarthur maze now and we are trending in approximately 11 minutes to get between the maze into san francisco and a look from a bouncy emeryville camera with gusts out there and church issued a high wind advisory for most of our bay bridges because anyone would drive a high high-d vehicle will feel it the most. traffic is slow use make the turn into treasure island and
5:50 am
the drive into san francisco is not too, too bad. the drive time traffic along the east shore freeway i-80 westbound albany to the maze and 880 is clear to fremont and 880 into south bay at cupertino is 11 minutes. >> voters watch out, why you will soon be required to have a license before hitting the water. >> scoop by school a big change at a peninsula port and what it means around the bay area. means around the bay area. stay tuned. ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it.
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the abc7 news app on go on your schedule, news that lives where you live. >> good morning, 5:53 on this monday, the camera is looking to the bay bridge and the eastern span with things moving and we have had trouble spots on bart and elsewhere, and leyla is committing on those and mike is tracking the weather. right now, more news. >> pg&e is blaming yesterday's rain for sparking an electrical fire and triggering a power outage. you can see where flames charred the wooden pole along 25th near it cut new yorked out power for 4,000 hopes and businesses in portrero hill. the people had power back on in two hours. pg&e believes water caused equipment to fail and catch fire. >> work is underway this morning to make it easier for ships to
5:54 am
research a bay area seaport. we were in the port of redwood city where the army corps of engineers is directing the shipping panel to make it deeper. that will allow hips to carry more cargo. the deeper channel will reduce delays and costs tore shippers. >> and a take down fans will talk about in football at the office if this gentleman remembers what happened. at end of the matchup a fan darted on to the coliseum field and this video is from fox sports, map fade it pretty far to the 30-yard line before he is taken down in a scene tell tackle. he was then handcuffed and dragged away by police. >> of course raiders fanned had fun with the fiasco tweeting "fan running on the field, porciusful picking up yards than the raiders offense." raiders lost 30-14. if raiders only had more
5:55 am
tackling like that. >> he as general toll. -- he was gentle. >> and to see the offense see them taking a seat back after the lat couple of weekends. from mount tamalpais, the winds of bringing in temperatures exactly where they should number oakland at 64. the rest of us at 1- to 4-degrees cooler-than-average and they will have a bite. across the state everything is quiet but the high dessert is 64 in palm springs and los angeles is 60, secretary in sacramento and 33 in lake tahoe and 46 in yosemite and this is how it looked in lake tahoe right now, no snow in the forecast with the temperatures a lit above average headed on thursday and friday. >> if you were thinking of missing the crowds over the weekend, you are headed to the sierra and alpine bridge along 88 you need to lose the chains. snow tires also are
5:56 am
objection. >> -- an option. >> and 880 and highway we the drive will take 13 minutes. >> look at this, zebras on the lam. in philadelphia. the animals escaped from a circus. police chased them around the city. they ran around a strip mall, paing lot. the people who run the sick cuss are trying to figure out how they got up and which cheese steak they liked better. >> disney land goers go to a far away galaxy celebrating the soon-to-be released "star wars" "the force awakens" with space mountain changed to hyper space mount feign and innovation is made into a knew cement of "star wars" merchandise with no scheduled end date to the "star wars" theme.
5:57 am
disney is owned by disney, the par. people of abc7 -- parent company of abc7. >> officials are now saying after recommending some meats be added to a cancer causing list. >> strike avoterred. local nurses are on the job today after a last minute agreement with their employer. . . >> stay tuned.
5:58 am
5:59 am
odysseo by cavalia . >> stay tuned. opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:00. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. new a check on the weather forecast. mice to have precipitation year. any out there today? >> the air is the driest of the season behind the cold front and sit on top of us. so you see nothing but unlimited visibility on live doppler hd.
6:00 am
you can still see on the exploritorium the winds keeping the flags unfurled with a biting breeze at temperatures 38 to 50 it will feel cooler than that and will be and all day but they are not up to the level we had yesterday with the wind advisory. 58 to 60 at noon, 56 to 62 at 4:00, and 48 to 54 is going to get chilly quick when the sun is set. how is the commute, leyla? >> a couple of fender benders but mostly congestion. the bay bridge toll plaza shows trending at 17 minutes between macarthur maze and the city. walnut creek is slowing heading away from highway 4 out of pleasant hill and toward walnut creek. the drive is slow-and-go and mass transit we had early problem on bart and the rest pond line but egg is become on trac


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