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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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condition. melanie woodrow reported that the brakes failed, information one city leader is conpirming tonight. melanie? >> reporter: i just received a statement from the ceo, saying the company insuspects it's buses over 45 days or less, and the last time that bus was inspected is october 25th. the california public utilities commission says it was not on file with them. that is why the chp never inspected the bus that crashed. >> is it safe to get on a city sight seeing tour bus today? >> i don't think i would confidently tell a tourist that these vehicles are safe now. >> not safe says jane kim, in part because the bus that crashed on friday was not on file with the state.
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the california public utilities commission tells abc news it was last inspected in september. chp says it's never inspected the vehicle that crashed. in a statement, c p.u.c. says the license plate does not seem to match the vehicles on file, nor did city sight seeing officially notify the chp it added the bus to the operation which is it required to do. >> they believe it was mechanical failure. >> sfpd says the investigation will take several weeks. p p.u.c. is ares investigating. >> how do you know the bus is inspect? >> i inspect it myself. >> we saw bus driver vehicle inspection reports and noticed a potential problem. check out this one.
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you can see broken glass. >> reporter: it rolled out with passengers on the upper deck. >> these are large, heavy vehicles and need to be kept safe at the highest standards. >> reporter: cpuc previously investigated the company for failing to produce records during a safety audit and revoked its permit in 2013. it's operating under a new one. >> do you feel safe? >> i do. yes. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc7 news. police have crossed borders in europe to hunt those responsible for killing at least 125 people in paris friday. they thought they cornered the suspect, however he was not inside of the apartment that was raided. isis claims responsibility for the attack. the u.s. military says it wiped out 116 isis trucks used for
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smuggling fuel. this was the first air strike by the u.s. in syria in ray year. you're looking at video and today, the people of paris got a morale boost as the eiffel tower reopened. the bay area's iconic sights are also seeing extra patrols. sergio? >> reporter: the golden gate bridge is one of california's biggest icons but so far, the golden gate bridge authority says they've not increased security because they have not received any specific threats. but across the bay area, there has been a change in security. this is the powell street station today. during a memorial on the steps of san francisco city hall on sunday, police were perched atop
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bill graham auditorium and at the raiders and vikings game, police were on patrol. the national park police issued this statement, and in the wake of the attacks we've enhanced efforts by increasing patrols around our treasured icon. >> i'm sure they're making it higher profile with law enforcement. and with security. people get nervous. >> reporter: jack valentine, a security consultant's concern were the efforts to hit soft targets. so he trains front line staff to be aware of suspicious characters and situations. those people can be ticket agents or hotel workers. >> this can happen anywhere. so all eyes have to be in san francisco. >> he says there is no amount of presence that can guarantee safety so the public needs to be
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aware of their surrounding. >> it's individuals working in an area who hopefully know when a neighbor is doing something. >> there will be police activity tomorrow in a prominent bay area sight. the fbi is hosting a training exercise to prepare security teams that involve s.w.a.t. and hazmat units. officials say it was planned before friday's atrack. this is video of a young jacob garcia on the stage in may. the group liked his energy so much, they invited the family to join them saturday. however, when they landed they found out about the attacks.
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u.2 cancelled it's concert and flew home. >> they should have given us the option to get off the flight. they should have grounded us in the united states, in canada, london. any of that. i felt like we were being flown into a war zone. a spokesman says we were fully aware of what's happening. officials said it was safe to land, and operate. >> coming up, how some think silicon valley is helping thorrorists by letting them use social media. we're updating the attacks in paris on twitter on abc7 news bay area. oakland city officials said they'd not tolerate illegal side shows like the one that happened over the weekend. officials say they were aware of the side shows. the stunts turned violent sunday
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evening, when officers shot a man holding a realistic looking air soft gun as they were investigating the side shows. the 39-year-old man died at the scene. his name has not been released. san francisco district attorney and police are investigating two alameda county deputies seen beating a man with their baton. fallout has been intense and quick. vic lee is live where this incident look place. vic? >> reporter: this street is stevenson street. and the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating this today we spoke with the mother of the video and she says her son has mental and physical
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problems since birth the mother, olga saw her son yesterday at san francisco general hospital. she was shocked when she saw the video. >> what kind of word you can put together to define, to justify to jointly beat somebody who is on the ground? >> reporter: two deputies striking an auto thief suspect repeatedly with their batons after chasing and tackling him in this alley in the mission them. -- he car and rammed a vehicle. police and sheriffs arrived and
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the two stopped. the alameda county defender visited petrov at the hospital, saying he suffered from head injuries and his arms were crushed. >> the only word that comes to find is horrific. and after that comes disgust, and outrage. >> reporter: he wants the u.s. attorney to investigate. now, breaking news people are waiting for trains because a train hit and killed someone in the santa clara station. this happened about 20 minutes ago. we'll show you the scene as soon as sky 7 gets there. we have just heard from vic lee, following another important story for us tonight. should officers are armed on a bay area college campus? a story only on 7, what happened when a man pulled out a gun on
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campus, plus... >> we are unstoppable. a sit in at stanford. the call for the university to end it's reliance on fossil fuel. i'm spencer christian. we do have pileder days ahead. we'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. a surprise takes a wrong turn. ahead on 7 on your side, we make a
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active shooter on campus is what college police departments fear the most. city college got the call last
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month. its officers can only do so much because they don't carry guns. abc7 news reporter vic lee shows how the college is reviewing it's no-gun policy. >> reporter: the morning of october 14th, police receive a call, man with a gun at the library. sky 7 recorded the large police response, students in the library ducked for cover, or ran. the reported gunman got away. no shots were fired. took campus police a minute to respond, but they had to wait for san francisco police to arrive with their guns. and that took another 3 to 5 minutes. former san francisco police captain is head of public safety at university of san francisco. he says police protocol is very simple. >> go in there. stop the threat if they can, if possible. rather than waiting for special
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weapons teams and other teams. >> police officers like igor are not allowed to carry guns. >> we're supposed to contact sfpd and wait for them to arrive and take care of the situation. >> almost all of the community colleges arm their police but city college, with its 11 campuses and 80 students is gun free. a policy which officers say makes it difficult for them to do their job. >> what they mean by gun free is that the police don't have guns. it doesn't mean that people aren't on a daily basis, bringing guns on to campus. >> carl is a former police chief in 2005. he tried, without success to convince the college to arm officers. >> that is one reason i resigned, is that the college never take a look at it. >> the debate is heating up, again. it was front page news in the newspaper. some students want it.
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others fear abuse. >> forces law enforcement to use other resources. instead of resorting to extreme force. i think it's a good idea. >> officer boyco tells us this affect affected -- effected moral. the service employees union represents them. >> do you wait until someone is hurt? city college chancellor says it's a complex issue with strong feelings on both sides. . >> i think that there is ways that you can be safe. without necessarily carrying guns but i think that guns are an added safety measure. >> lamb says she plans to make a recommendation and police say every minute they're unarmed
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puts the campus at risk. vic lee, abc7 news. now, back to breaking news. sky 7 is over our breaking news which is in the south bay. a northbound cal train hit and killed someone on the tracks at the santa clara station. you can see the train there before 6:00 this evening. sky 7 showing us what's happening now. the accident involved northbound trains that were bound for san francisco with 175 people on board. there are long delays in both directions and this is the 20th fatal accident involving cal train just this year. we'll update you on the situation with delays here on the news at 6:00 and on twitter. a panel of federal judges heard an appeal from the woman convicted in the infamous 2001 fatal dog mauling of a san francisco woman. marjorie knoller is trying to overturn her conviction in the death of her neighbor, diane
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whipple. knoller is appealing and claiming her lawyer at the time was intimidated from doing her job by the judge presiding over the case. at stanford, students surrounded the office of the university president, upset at what they call the university's slow process to divest up holdings in fossil fuel companies, and planning to camp out there for an extended period of time. david louie is live with the story tonight. david? two weeks from today, that is when the paris climate change summit begins, and students are demanding the university divest holdings. students say they're frustrated and demanding action now. the students say they're frustrated that the university has not made good on the pledge
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to divest of its holdings in fossil fuel holdings. and they decided to surround the office of the president. >> it would be premiss of us without taking action at home, first. and divestment needs to be the best option. >> stanford is looking at other investments on a company by company basis. >> no matter what, pulling that out is not going to cripple them. we want to stagmatize fossil free companies because it's clear their model of business is not compatible with a liveable future for us. >> a photographer for the publication "the fountain
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hopper" found president hennessey getting a hair cut during the protest. he said the review is just getting started. they should make an appointment if they want to talk again. students appear to be hunkering down for a protest, setting up a tent and sleeping bags. and onto the weather forecast. >> gusty winds moved to southern california. here is a look at strong winds in effect and a wind advisory in effect for l.a. so this afternoon, there are strong winds and numerous
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reports of trees blown down. back to the bay area, winds are calmer now, it's cool can temperatures in the low to mid-50s and on we go looking westward toward san francisco, these forecast features we'll have another chilly start to the day tomorrow. and milder days ahead. before getting to that, let's take a look at the dry pattern thanks to a big ridge of high pressure. so sunny days and milder days are ahead. so tuesday into wednesday, we can see rain developing here that may linger into thursday, early thanksgiving day, and this could change. it will be moving out of here towards the end of the week. we'll keep following the
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development. low temperatures in the low to mid-40s. lows drop to upper 30s and tomorrow, filtered sunshine. similar range of highs on the peninsula. cooler near the coast and in and around san francisco. same ranges of highs inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. up to 70 around the bay and mid and even upper 60s on the coast. cloudier conditions and maybe rain tuesday and wednesday. >> you know what they say, the show must go on. >> a band's
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abc news was at the international terminal at sfo. one of them was dining near one of the attack locations.
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despite what happened she says she saw the best of the parisin people. >> people were very kind, opening up their homes, some people were trapped outside and needed a place to stay. there was a lot of kindness. >> returning today were people attending a paris photo convention that expected 60,000 visitors. >> a band playing in the bay area last night woke up this morning only to find all of their instruments missing. the window on the band's van was smashed overnight in san francisco. the band is urging anyone who sees their instruments, including this bass, to contact police. the group is headed to portland where they hope to play tonight, even if it means borrowing instruments. a bay area food truck owner says she paid a man thousands of dollars for a truck, but never got it. >> nothing. no. not one. >> you're going to see the
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confrontation and how this may be the latest in a long string. we have that story tonight at 11:00. still ahead here on abc7 news at 6:00, terror in paris. the calls for a push to destroy isis. plus... it's got to stop. and we have to have the mechanism to fight back. slamming silicon valley. the accusations that tech leaders in helping the terrorists by failing to kick them off social media. a hate crime in a seemingly welcoming city. why a transgender woman
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odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park. france is hoping to bring the u.s. and russia together in efforts to smash the terror
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group. a global manhunt is under way for this man believed to be the mastermind of the terrorist attacks in paris. president hollande says the attacks that killed 129 people and injured 352 were planned in syria, organized in belgium. a raid in belgium did not result in arrests. john kerry arrived in paris and spoke to reporters outside of the french consulate today. >> no one should doubt that the lights still shines in the city of light. >> reporter: kerry says the u.s. stands with the people of france. >> your american sisters and brothers will stand with you, shoulder to shoulder as we have stood together throughout history. tonight we're all parisisans.
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>> reporter: many tried to return to normal life today, but everyone stopped what they're doing at noon, after a moment of silence, solidarity the choir ended with the crowd singing the french national anthem, tonight, the eiffel tower is open again, illuminated in the red, white and blue of the french flag. tomorrow is the last day of national mourning. the victims of friday's attack came from 19 different nations including 23-year-old california native naomi gonzales. she was studying abroad in paris, flowers and pictures makeup a memorial at her school. students are struggling to deal with this loss. >> just shocking. who would have thought out of
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all of the schools someone from cal state long beach would be affected. here we are. >> air b and b software engineer was at a dinner in a restaurant in paris when the terrorist attacks started. >> you heard bang, bang, bang in two seconds. suddenly the restaurant got very quiet. >> it took a few minutes before they realized the terrorists were very close. >> i ended up finding out i was not only half a block from that one restaurant but about 2 or 3 blocks from the concert hall where there were a lot of deaths and also, 2, 3 blocks from the cambodian restaurant where there were a number of deaths. it turns out i was in the middle. >> after a few hours, the owner told everyone it was safe to
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leave. brian arrived home yesterday and says the trip won't keep him from visiting again and the next time, he wants to bring his kids as well. there is a call tonight in silicon valley for tech companies to join the fight against terror. senator feinstein says many companies are not cooperating and in so doing, letting terrorists communicate freely, almost helping. jonathan bloom is live on the story. jonathan? >> reporter: the attacks only served to renew a debate that has been raging between the intelligence community and tech world. you have companies trying to protect privacy and a bay area senator trying to protect national security. >> i am representing silicon valley and tried to interact with them. >> senator feinstein says tech companies are not cooperating and lettererists communicate
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without leaving a trace. >> i message is encrypted. many of the communications on facebook are now encrypted. >> the concern is end to end encryption. >> the u.s. is not fans of the government looking over everyone's shoulder. that is what it prevents. >> reporter: the intelligence community argued for a back door for the nsa to get in through the back door. >> we do not have a way to break that encryption. >> the back door doesn't know who is accessing it. if you put a master key in there you know that that is going to be the target of every hacker on the planet. >> the tsa requires you to have
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tsa approved locks on your luggage. you can't lock in a way the government can't look at it if it needs to. >> if the data is strongly enkrifted we can collect it. but it will be globbely gook. >> san francisco's city hall is one of the many landmarks illuminated tonight. there is the house. our coverage continues on you can find a slide show of global landmarks illuminated in france's colors. the san francisco police department special investigations division is looking into a hate crime tonight. a transagainer woman wound up in the emergency room after an assault in the south of market neighborhood. for her, it's not the first time. carolyn tyler has the story. a bruise under her eye and swollen jaw are visible signs of
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the beating she endured. she was walking around 6:30 last night, and was with her fiancee, when a couple started to taunt them with homophobic and transphobic slurs. some aftermath was captured on her cell phone. >> hot coffee was thrown in her face and punches to her face. >> there seems to be a very common misconception that just because there are transpeople on television in a positive light that everything is fine and dandy now. >> for holmsby this is the second attack this year. in january, she was harassed by a man on muny who stabbed her in the chest when they got off the bus. a report found in san francisco progressive environment, 68%
6:37 pm
experienced violence. police say a person jumped in to defend samantha and he was also threatened. tonight two suspects are in county jail with several felony charges with hate crime enhancements. tonight a young adult with a troubled past is talking about how he turned his life around. >> why he says he couldn't have done
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as a young man, a uc berkeley student spent years in juvenile hall, then, prison. >> he is now an english major with his sights set on becoming a professor some day. >> she doesn't have a job. just welfare. >> how he got here is a list onin resilience. at 14 he had an encounter with the law for burglary. first,
6:41 pm
juvenile hall, then prison at 20. >> same thing >> i put finger tip to finger tip. >> he did what he could to maintain sanity, then, one day an inmate introduced him to american literature. >> it opened up my mind, hard to read and challenging and different. >> at 26 he began to get his life together. with no job skills, a friend recommended community college and to make sure to transfer to a university. enter uc berkeley. >> the university has a program called underground scholar initiative, seeking out people
6:42 pm
like terrell who have been incarcerated. >> interest there is nobody perfect, you know? you can still redeem yourself. >> this english major hopes to earn his phd. at uc berkeley, abc7 news. i hope he's on his way. >> yes. >> honoring one of the best baseball players of all time. >> the new award for willie mays from president obama. >> yes. he'll be sitting alongside
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a 60 birthday surprise a woman had planned for her mom just never turned out. michael? >> these children hoped to present their mom with a photo book full of memories for her birthday. her mom blew out the candles, but there was nothing to give her. jenny enjoyed some of the photos compiled for the photo book. >> we wanted to do something that showed her how much we loved her and like just have that extra meeting. >> the book included the time jenny snuck into a brother's crib.
6:46 pm
pictures of her parents before they had kids. my publisher assured the family the book would come on time. despite several promises, it didn't happen. >> i was disappointed. i was bummed. i think i put, we put a lot of time in this. >> mom was able to enjoy online, but they wanted to present her with the book. jenny contacted 7 on your side. we reached out to my publisher. it was able to print the book and overnight it. my publisher told us our manufacturing facility did have a few issues with her order. but has corrected the problem. however, for the delay in production and inconvenience, jenny experienced we have issued her a full
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>> i just thought it was the best gift because what else could you need? >> for me, it is easy. that is special. >> yes. >> good job. >> the weather forecast, hi, spencer, clear skies we'll have high temperatures 60s on the coast to mid and upper 60s around the bay and inland. mild afternoons this week. saturday, inland highs around 72 degrees around the bay. mid to upper 60s on the coast. there is a chance of rain next
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week. let me remind of you any of you, this thursday i'll be returning to my old stomping grounds for the old broadcast at gma. so you can also thursday. i will be in the studio on wednesday, and then, we'll be in the live broadcast thursday morning. >> fun. >> yes. >> super excited. >> thank you, spencer. >> well, to sports now. >> yes. >> how about warriors action. they continue to avoid the loss column now.
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raiders in pittsburgh and yesterday against minnesota following 4 and 5. next stage of development as a winning franchise, not giving away wins at home. to make matters worse, a 93 yard kick off return for a touchdown seemed to make the air out of the raiders sales. >> what is what no time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. you have to move on and that is what you're going to do. >> 49ers ready to roll
6:53 pm
seem to win six of the 47 match ups between the two. and hawks were pretty much in kaepernick's head. we have coach tomsula just that. >> yes and no. i mean, blaine did a nice job. i like the way he played the game. >> the nba records, 16-0 to start the season. and the team's focus is looking ahead. they're aware of the winning streak, they're working towards a goal, that is doing what they did last season. >> the only thing we want to do is win a championship.
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70 or 55 doesn't matter. it's about us getting better and playing at our highest level themselves as long as we keep that our main focus. >> his latest, the presidential medal of freedom. award given to people who make contributions to the united states, mays one of the first african americans to play in major league baseball. he served in the army and won mvp award. only a statement today, everyone knows willy is a national treasure.
6:55 pm
i cannot think of a more fitting tribute to recognize will eye. the only giant effort finished second in the rookie of the year announcement. more than 70 rbis since 1982. his truck was broken into overnight. this abc7 sports report brought to you by bank of the west. still receiving awards. >> he does. >> he does. >> yes. i am, too. great honor for him to get in. he's still with us. >> so that is more amazing.
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and spencer. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, how coffee could help you hiv longer if you drink it right. >> then a bay area food truck owner says she feels taken. how this case is connected to a string of similar stories on the other side of the country. and tonight's prime time line up at 8:00 "dancing with the stars" followed "castle". >> and abc7 news at 11:00. >> followed by jimmy kimmel. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on abc7 news bay area. we appreciate your time. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us.
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