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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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announced this morning he will be coming to the united states to meet with president obama. >> developing overnight russia launched its series of strikes on raqqa the isis stronghold in syria after announcing a bomb brought down the russian plane last month over egypt killing 224 people. a russian investigation found the bomb exploded inside the plane causing it to break apart midair. isis has claimed responsibility saying it was retaliating for russia's air campaign against a group in syria. >> 26 american governors are refusing to let syrian refugees enter their state after learning that one of the paris attackers slipped into france pretending to be a refugee. our roast is if the newsroom with governor brown's proposal for california. >> yes, governor brown said that syrian refugees will be allowed in california if they are vetted in a reliable way. however, many of the refugees are fleeing without proper paperwork so legal experts say
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they will be difficult to vet. since the start of the civil war in syria the unhas accepted 2,100 refugees. next year, 85,000 are expected. the state department said that refugees do not prove a threat a movement led by republican governors is gaining stream, 26 governors say they will not accept refugees and several republican president am candidates reaffirmed that position. dr. ben carson and donald trump both are against bringing refugees to perk. ted cruz only wants to allow christian refugee which angers president obama. >> russia is shameful. that is not american. it is not who we are. we don't have religious tests to our compassion. >> immigration experts say under the refugee act of 19 area governors cannot legally block refugees from their communities. thank you, students at san
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francisco state university will hold a vigil in honor of victims in paris including a cal state long beach student, 23-year-old california native gnome gonzalez was an industrial design student studying aproduct in paris. flowers make up a memorial at her school. students are struggling to to deal with the loss. >> it is shocking. who would have thought out of all the schools someone from cal state long beach would be affected? >> today's vigil starts at 5:00 p.m. at malcolm x plaza in the center of the campus. >> f.b.i. is hosting a large-scale traying exercise at levi stadium today planned long before the paris attacks but is gaining new urgency. the exercise will involve system law enforcement agencies including swat teams, bomb technicians haz-mat units and medical personnel. matt keller will have more at the to which the hour on what you will see.
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>> stay with abc7 for the latest on the attacks in paris with the latest breaking news by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. new this morning, south san francisco police are planning to hold a community meeting on thursday after a string of home invasions. the most recent happens on sunday when two burglars con front add 9-year-old woman in her bedroom demanding machine, ransacked the house and took off. officers say the last month has officers say the last month has seen an uptick in burglars two girls on run after they robbed a bank yesterday in dublin. amy hollyfield is at the bank of america with pictures of the young women. amy? >> wait until you see the pictures, they did not try to hide their faces. the surveillance camera caught some great images of them. police hope that if you recognize them you will give
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them a call. yesterday at 11:30 in the morning they walked into the bank of america in dublin and happened the teller a long note demanding money and said they had associates at the teller's house. here is another look at the suspect, describes at white girls, this their teens or early 20s and one of them had a red circle or a tattoo on her face, the teller gave they money and we do not know how much and they left. they had a get away car waiting for them, a cram in the paing lot caught a shot it. it was a light colored gmc driven by a male. they took off northbound 680 no weapons were involved in the robbery and no one was hurt. it is 4:34. happening today, transportation leaders in san francisco will decide if new rules for commuter shuttle buses will become permanent. a pilot program has allowed the buss to use white painted cubs
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for a fee. tech companies say they help the environment and traffic conditions because they get people out of the their cars. opponents say technology workers live near stops driving up the rent and causing evictions. they have gone to court and are waiting for a judge to rule whether to force a study on the impact of air quality and safety >> san francisco supervises are asked to raise the age to buy no one to be products from 18 to 21, the idea of a supervisor who said cigarettes are the leading cause of death and illness in the country. an attempt to pass a similar law stalled in the legislature this year. >> advocates for homeless in berkeley stage at sleep in last night to stop the city council from pass new laws affecting the homeless. one of the two measures leads to the construction of a luxury housing complex in downtown berkeley and the other would drive homeless people out of the city's commercial neighborhoods and restrict them from sleeping in certain places in berkeley.
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>> the berkeley city council will consider revisions to city housing codes and inspections after the tragic balcony collapse in june. the city council was scheduled to vote last month but postponed it until tonight. the proposal would require city staff to improve their rental housing safety program which mandates property owners to inspect rental units each year. if approved it would take effect immediately. >> abc7 has learned that the open top sightseeing bus that crashed was not registered with the california public utilities commission. that may have kept c.h.p. safety inspectors from examining the bus for problems. san francisco supervisor said that crash investigators believe the cause was a mechanical failure but they will not have a final report for a few weeks. sheen withs the city to handle regular legislation of tour buses rather than the cpuc. >> the cpuc is important but why think they have the resources to
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make sure all of our workers are safe on a daily basis with the major tour buses that room on the most congested areas of san francisco. >> abc7 reported exclusively on saturday that the bus driver told his wife that the brake on the bus failed, 20 fell were hurt in the crash. >> sonoma county members of the union will be on strike today, after meeting 20 times over the last three months to try to reach a new contract but so far there has been no solution. the union represents more than 2,000 employees. they watt an increase in medical insurance and salary and benefit enhancements for an increase of 4 percent in compensation over 21 months. the next barring appearing session is scheduled for tomorrow 689 --. mike, it feels cooler? >> most areas are cooler and the frees are why or the lack thereof. good morning, we will start in san francisco where we have presidio at 49. ocean beach, 55 right now for
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the warm spot. we have crissy field and the bayview and downtown at 51 and sunny side is 53 and mission is 52 and ferry building is 53 and the financial district is 52 and we have belmont at june and pacifica at 50, and dropping into the 30s, pet humidity, american canyon, 39, 38, pleasanton is cool spot at 37, and pittsburg at 50, and we have santa clara at 44 and union city is 48 degrees. the camera is not bouncing from camera as it looks back across the children air to san francisco and temperatures are warmer and the humidity is higher, and one noticed it today at 63 to 67 and the coast at secretary to 62, not so breezy is back to average at 64 to 67. the phone is not breezy here and still driving high-profile vehicles it is easier and 60s and 70s, on wednesday, more 70s on thursday, and more soviets on friday, and could that continue through the weekend? i will health you know in the seven-day forecast.
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>> here is the birthday girl. >> you let it explain! >> was i not supposed to. >> girls don't like to be repined of such things but thank you. in san jose, this is drive along 87 near julian street. the traffic is moving nicely although there are too many cars. at richmond-san rafael toll plaza no one. it is quiet. a ghost town. enjoy is a if time to head out. we do have and construction and this is daysing delays if you are headed over the altamont pass between tracy to dublin and right now, it looks like we have construction that is affecting the ramp between northbound 680 to westbound 580, however, you are seeing all of slowing in the when direction along 580 so possibly the operate lights or we still do have a couple of lanes that are taken away at seven american is the top speed. really, very slow through that area, but, 51 miles per hour as you make the drive over the altamont pass.
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>> people in oakland may soon see more police officers at their door steps, next the expansion of a major crime-fight ing tomb the city council will consider. >> bart is giving commuter as look at the new trains that will make this history and when you make this history and when you can expect to hop on boardstay . who patiently teaches how ta feast comes to life. the "family" ...who spends their holiday dinner with thankful strangers. the neighbor...who shares the season with another.
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you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake.
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>> breaking news from jerm any
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right new word in from german media three people have been arrested in connection with the terrorist attacks in paris, they were taken into custody near the western city of othaen and it is not clear in mastermind, abdelhamid abaaoud, and fellow isis pen, abdeslam salah, are among the three arrested. we were telling you about them. stay with us for the developing story and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. we will have updates as they come in. >> tornado watches are in affect in texas, oklahoma, colorado and kansas. a tornado caught on camera in kansas where at least 24 tornadoes have been reported since yesterday in the state. 17 others were also reported in oklahoma, nebraska and texas. the lone star state saw major damage. officials this say one of the tornadoes destroyed an oil and gas facility raising concerns about the materials including radioactive materials stored there. >> happening today, safety proposals to stop illegal guns
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and gun violence in oakland are set to go before the city council. our media partner reports that the police department is asking for $360 the to pay officer overtime to investigate all calls related to shots fired, the city's shot tracking technology. if it is detected the officers only respond to there is a victim. the police department wants to hire more officers to create a computer log of every illegal firearm taken off the street. >> drones are taking over the bay area this week for the inaugural drone world expo that will bring innovators and enlovers together to discuss how they can be used for business, data gathering and future technology. commercial users learn from experts on best practices of the unmanned aircraft. it is the largest exhibition of drones ever running today and tomorrow. >> the government is warning drone owners they do not need to pay a drone registration company to register their aircraft.
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the f.a.a. will require most owners to register drones so they can be identified if they crash or are caught flying where they should not be. regulators say the process will be simple enough for owners to register drones themselves. >> bart's first new train car is nearly complete and sharing photos as they have the final assembly. work to complete this and it will go from new york to hayward and will leave new york late next month. and when it gets here, the train will put through rigorous testing before service. the target date is december of next year. >> this week, "good morning america" is celebrating 40 years, 40 areas on the air. >> the program will launch a marathon today at 2:00 so you can catch 40 straight hours of programing on kgo7.2 and
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195 and 715 with highlights including a first ever live stream of "dancing with the stars", rehearsals and special access to the marvel universe ending thursday morning with reunion of "good morning america" past and plenty anchors including of course our very own weather anchor, spencer christian who has all kinds of fun stuff cooking up for you and you can catch it live stream. >> some of the past anchor people, such as david hartman the original host and the weather people who have graced that show over the areas. >> he said he is take the red eye and land and hit it running. >> he is like the injurieser bunny. >> great for his age. great for his aim. i will not say how old he is. do not lay, he is 30. >> okay. good morning, everyone, always fun hanging out with expense are and we had a meeting so i got to cross pats with him which and
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not happen often because of our schedules. visibility is ben dry and there is no fog and it is not is dry as it was year. our downs are not in the 20 but for livermore is 29 and 30s and 40s. it is a little bit more comfortable. we like to see the dew point in the 50 to get comfortable but that is the amount of moisture in the air and the lower the number the dryer it is and the more it affects the skin, your throat when it is dry. a few high clouds, a day where you will need the sunglasses and warming into the weekend and travel next week, trending a lot more wet. new, the temperature are 65 to 67 in the south bay and san jose and santa clara in the middle at 66 degrees and gilroy could be 68 for the warm spot and a narrow margin if all of our microclimates, and millbrae is 63 and everyone else is around 65 to 67. along the coast, 60 to 61, simple there, and downtown, south san francisco, sausalito,
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63, and north bay is 64 to 66 until you get to santa rosa at 67 and loan the another bay shore we have 63 in richmond, and everyone else around 64 in hercules and a last 65 and 66s hike oakland at 6 and castro valley is the warm spot at 667. inland we have probable the most narrow margin at 64 to 66. now, what will were what tenths, 40s and 50s for the most part, high clouds hang around again. here is a look at tuesday next week you can see the rain is knocking on the not bay door and then it is going did come in on wednesday. all day. if this model homeds true, it is going to be a lot of rain and wind all the way through thanksgiving day. that is if this model homeds true. the week out, we are going to track it and keep an eye on it. until then, enjoy the calmness of temperatures in the mid-60s at the coast and low 70s around the bay and inland and even a mid-70 on friday and that
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is the warm spot with the cooling taking place on monday ahead of the next system well back in the 60s. >> new we know what going on in dublin. this is not construction. this is new a sig-alert because of spilled gravel. it could be that it is connected to the construction work that is happening. right new we have three lanes closed off for the next two hours. westbound 580, that is where the spill occurred and it is affecting the roads westbound 580 to the northbound 680 transition so a sig-alert in affect. look at the red we are extending well back into pleasanton and you on the brakes and you advised to use an alternate route if you are headed between tracy to dublin that entire stretch will take you 55 minutes normally it is under 40 minutes by this hour. again, a sig-alert in affect because of gravel spill that will take two hours to clean up. from emeryville camera you can see traffic is moving among just fine but it is breezy again this morning.
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you can see the emeryville camera bunsing up and down, but traffic is not affected. >> a break through in battery technology could have your future phone charging much faster. >> here is the technical payments -- bites. >> a if you battery that charges your smartphone ten times faster than normal. >> they hope the technology will lead to a new revolution in electronic devices. >> today is "national unfriend day." jimmy kimmel created it. >> celebrate among those you should unfriend are the ones who give away the endings of tv shows and those would overshare and those who ask questions that are easy to answer online. >> that is not you. >> no, no, i am all of those. >> what is the word of the year? >> emoji, a face with tears of joy or tears of laughter. oxford dictionary said it reflects we live in a digital
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word and it could mean the same thing in every language. >> if you say so. those are the tech bytes. >> those would rise early, you will pay close attention to this, coffee could be the secret to a a longer life but it depends on how you drink it. >> flying comfortably through the thanksgiving day way and airlines that give you the most room to stretch out. >> looking at embarcadero in san francisco and it is chilly with francisco and it is chilly with weather and traffic w
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>> it is 4:54. the alzheimer research program is getting a bill gift with million donated to bring together different disciplines including medicine, social work, and law, to address the grow, burden and wants to give away all of his money before he days. this is what he called "giving while living." the initiative is called the global brain health institute. >> coffee drinkers, all of us, listen up, good news this morning as you pour your cup. a harvard study fines nonsmokers who drank 3-5 cup as day were 15 percent less likely to difficult. the research adds to growing evidence that coffee has protective health benefits and it is suggesting that it could reduce your death of dying from heart disease. however, the study.
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>> their said there is a difference between a person would gets little sleep and uses coffee to function and a person would sleeps well, exercises and eat as balanced diet that includes coffee. >> we will clarify the scientific speeches you are less likely to die in a certain timeframe. we will die. on that happy note... >> my goodness. >> we are going to take you right into dublin we have major traffic troubles here because of a gravel spill westbound 580, we confident found out that three lanes are block asked this is going to stay block the until at left 6:00. again, this is going to an two hour closure, nine miles per hour for the top speed and major backups coming away from highway 84, and that will affect certain liar commute if you are heading up to 680, northbound and southbound. we will have a high wind advisory issued for the altamont pass coming in from tracy to dublin and you are look closer to one hour.
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mike? >> yes, the high wind advisory issued by c.h.p. is different than the national weather service are we do not have the breezes needed for that. but we do have good questions from you, with all of the rain in november, people wondered, how are we doing? for november, livermore and san jose andare above average, but san francisco and oakland and santa rosa, not so much. we still need more rain. nothing today but around eureka at 59 and 66 in sacramento, and low-to-mid 70s in southern california and at look at the seven-day forecast, i put together for lake tahoe, it is dry through monday, and significant storm will be hitting them tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> thank you, mike, giants legend willie mays is getting a special honor at the white house, the hall of famer will receive the medal of freedom given to americans who made a positive impact on our culture and freedom. mays was one of the first african memberships to play in major league baseball and he was
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named all-star 24 types and mvp twice. he served in the army. spielberg and barbara streisand is also being honored. >> airline passengers complain they feel crashed in the seats, right? and "7 on your side" sored through a survey to see which airlines give you the more leg room and which give you the least. it found jetblue offers the most leg room in coach with 33" between rows and next is virgin america and southwest with 32". united and delta and american are leaving 31" so you can pay extra for more space and spirit and green tear offer the least amount of leg room at 28" between the rows. >> to remove? or not to remove? the demand by a san francisco lawmaker to give you a say in a plan on whether to take down muni wires for the super bowl celebration. >>s, new developments in the attacks in paris, we are there
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live with a new round of raids against isis targets this morning. >> when you see news where you live take a foe tore or video live take a foe tore or video and share it with us using # ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. [majestic music]
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[majestic music] odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park. tickets available at
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning, everyone, at 5:00 a.m. where a jacket. you will fine out why in a moment. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> leyla gulen is tracking problems so pack your patience. >> we have a big sig-alert from the central valley over the altamont pass and right into dublin because of a gravel spill. wesou


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