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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning, everyone, at 5:00 a.m. where a jacket. you will fine out why in a moment. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> leyla gulen is tracking problems so pack your patience. >> we have a big sig-alert from the central valley over the altamont pass and right into dublin because of a gravel spill. westbound 580, three lanes are
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blocked for the next two hours. right new, nine miles per hour will be the top speed. this is going to affect your commute as you try to make it to the transition road westbound 580 to northbound and southbound 680. sig-alert if affect the next two hours. it is blocking three lanes. you are advised to use the alternate routes. we have c.h.p. issued high wind advisory for the altamont pass and that is slow down the traffic. how is it weather out there, mike? it is great. much more quiet than yesterday. grab a coat. the temperatures are cooler. but we do not have the biting breeze. what you see on on the thermometer is how it will feel. if you capture a beautiful sunrise this morning #abc7now. from our camera, notice the palm streets are not moving much and the flag is not moving. start in the mid-30s to 50 at 7:00 with high clouds throughout the better part of the day and low-to-mid 60s and more comfort to be found outside at
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noon and during the afternoon hours we go from upper 50s at the coast to upper 60s inland and we need the coats headed to 7:00 rapidly dropping into the 50s. eric and kristen? >> breaking news from germany with reports of they arrests connected to friday's attacks this paris. it is not clear if the mastermind and his acop police are in instead but we do know isis is taking a betting if syria with more than a dozen new airstrikes overnight. we are in paris with the latest. we are in paris with the latest. >> >> this morning, the mastermind behind the paris attacks and one of the terrorist police think cared out land is still on the run. a day of raids and a siege on this apartment building in belgium with police thought they had abdeslam salah cornered
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turning up empty. the town is home to abdelhamid abaaoud the militant accused of planning the foiled paris bound train and the paris attacks. >> they train and motivated suicide bomber but he never kills. >> the french military responding again, announceing another round of airstrikes destroying several isis targets in syria. here in eurpoe, no sign of either of the accused terrorists but the evidence of their devastate exact is still emanating from memorials at the scene where 129 people from 19 countries died to the somber silent moment shared by thousands. >> secretary of state john kerry in paris vowed the united states will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the greening nation. >> no one will interrupt the business of the community, certainly not despicable acts of
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terror. >> the people continue to gather at the scene to pay their respects and we learned that nearly 80 of the people injured in the attacks are still hospitalized and at least 29 of them are still in critical condition. >> back to you. >> thank you. 5:0 4. major cities across the united states remain on heightened alert after isis vowed to strike washington, dc, bay area hand larks like golden gate bridge and alcatraz have not brought in extra officers but have been vigilant since hen lend. visitors are not concerned. >> do you feel safe coming to places like to? >> yes. >> why?? [ inaudible ] >> police are asking public to be watchful wherever they are.
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>> with the paris attacks adding new urgency to security the home of the 49ers will hold a massive security training exercise today ahead of super bowl in february. matt keller is at levi stadium in santa clara. matt? >> the f.b.i. and other local law enfor the will gather here at levi stadium in santa clara in about five hours. this is a renewed sense of importance about what is taking place today because of the recent attacks in paris. in fact, the f.b.i. inviting us to the training exercise before canceling on us five hours later. a spokesperson said that is because of operational security conditions and concerns [ inaudible ] >> we do note that the training at levi stadium is in preparation for super bowl 50. that is scheduled for february 7. the exercise will involve 100 people from several different law enforcement agencies and include swat teams, bomb tech
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and haz-mat units and medical personnel. you can expect to see helicopters in the area. gathering will start at 11 o'clock a.m. and the exercise will start at 1:00 o'clock p.m. it is expected to last three hours. >> matt, thank you. stay with abc for latest on the attacks in paris. can you get the latest breaking news by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> happening today, a san francisco supervisor will doll for a hearing on the proposal to take down the overhead muni wires near market street. the super bowl 50 host competent proposed the requested to remove an eyesore near the super bowl city in san francisco. supervisor kill said calling for the meeting gives the opportunity to get answers on the idea and give people in her distribute the opportunity to sound off. the municipal transportation agency will hold their own hearing on the wires on december 3rd. >> stanford students are camped
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outside the university president's office to pressure the school to sell its shares in fossil fuel companies. a group called fossil free stanford wants the university to die vest fully before the climate change summit this paris next month. the process involved a detail study of individual companies. the university has 22.2 billion in endowment for investment and the school said though are committed to addressing climate change. >> san francisco's district attorney want as federal investigation into two a made county deputies accused of petting a suspect in the city. we broke the story on friday along with this video showing the alter case following a car chase on thursday from san leandro all across the bay. the man is suspected car thief. the two deputies are new on leave. >> richmond police chief could leave town for a new job select as police chief in tucson, arizona, but the decision needs
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to be approved. some oppose this because of previous lawsuits filed by richmond officers accused him of sexual harassment and rarely discrimination -- racial discrimination. >> good morning, everyone, if you wake up on the east bay shoreline you can see exactly what you need to dress for, am meat and berkeley at june and oakland is 50. richmond is 48. 47 in union city. san leandro is 46 and orinda at flu and castro valley is 42 and fremont is 44 degrees. some of our cooler conditions pleasanton is 37, and brentwood and antioch hanging around 50 andism and concord around 40, and napa is 41 and santa rosa is 39, and mountain view is 45 and san jose is 42 and los gatos is 52, and 40 in walnut creek under clear sky, and mid-to-upper
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60s, 63 to 67 with high clouds and sunshine going to need the sunglasses. it is 46 degrees right new in san rafael and looking south on 101 and no fog the air is way too dry. we are in a holding pattern with high pressure to our wrest will keep all of the storms to the north and we will have blow off in the form of high clouds but it will steer warmer weather to us. we are in the low-to-mid 70s away from the cost by friday, with the weekend forecast. guess when the next chance of rain comes in? when you are trying to travel to grandma's house next week. leyla? >> soggy stuffing is in our forecast. >> it is a little bit of a tough start to the morning. we do have a sig-alert that will affect the commute from livermore and tracy right into dublin because of this sig-alert. it is due to a gravel spill westbound 580, three lanes are blocked until 7:00. that is what caltran is estimating at nine miles per hour for the top speed. this is going to affect the
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transition road, to northbound and southbound 680 nine miles per hour and top speed. right now, you need to use the alternates, dublin boulevard to the north the stop ridge drive to the south, and if you are taking highway 84, seven miles per hour right near buchanan street is where we are starting to see the extra traffic trying to get around the closure. we have c.h.p. issued high wind advisory for the altamont pass and it will slow your role if you head out of tracy and traffic is quiet at the golden gate bridge and to the north a look at san rafael, the drive southbound side of 101 tail lights as they head up to the car dealershipped looking nice and clear. >> 5:10. >> and sweet potato pie sweeping the nation. that is next. >> and startling revelation about actor charlie sheen may have put the health of his romance tick partners at risk.
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>> all natural versus organic and well show you what the label s on thanksgiving day turkey really mean. >> the golden gate bridge with headlights coming into san francisco and whether looking francisco and whether looking okay and fog
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>> actor charlie sheen has confirmed a bombshell health diagnosis that exploded on social media yesterday. he said that he is, next, h.i.v. positive. the actor earned a reputation as a womanizer, drug and alcohol also marred his personal and professional life. you may remember he was kick off the popular show "2 1/2 men," after a molt down in 2011. we will have more on the admission of h.i.v. stat discuss what is happening now in our 6:00 hour starting at 7:00. >> president obama has arrived in the philippines for the first of back-to-back asian and pacific summits give the united states a chance to reinforce trade and security ties with the region. during the trip to ma fill that the president will meet with officials to enhance military cooperations as the philippine, one of american's oldest allies in the area. the president is coming off a trip to turkey for the g-20 u.s. >> warriors go for the 12th
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straight win against raptors. the warriors have converted the center logo to the original "the city." this is the first time an nba team has switched out the logo for a hardwood classic and they all stopped just to look at it. the players' jerseys will sport the historic logo. >> now, talking to 49ers safety is talk turkey. not really turkey but trying to get people to donate turkeys. we were at the second harvest food bank in san jose where he signed autographs yesterday for anyone who donated a turkey or $25. that is a good deal. the food bank said they are $1 million behind in the fund raising goal for the season and need 8,000 turkeys there is a link on >> speaking of turkeys, choosing one based on the label is confusing. what does it mean to be "all natural," or "cage free."
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cage free has very little meaning, few turkeys ever kept in cames and most live in big shelters with outdoor access. "all natural," does not mean how it was raised or what it was fid. there may be more hormones but they are prohibited in poultry anyone. animal approved means it could run free but the term requires certification. >> we are feeling like a frozen turkey this morning. >> we are. meteorologist mike nicco? >> the weather is all natural depending on how i process. >> no hormones added. >> depends how you process it. outside it will be easier walking the dog, and not so blustery but chilly. if you run, the dry air could hurt your threat and your lungs so watch out for that. yesterday, the breezes, i saw a
5:17 am
couple of boats out there and they did a good jog of managing but today it could be easier, the fastest way is around half moon bay at 12 miles per hour and our winds are going to be flowing along the coast throughout the afternoon hours while the rest of us are going to be calmer. you can see right here, emeryville, the camera bouncing more than others and it is still breezy. throwing up the headlines we will be mostly sunny and metten and warmer and quiet through the weekend and next week, storms are the big word, strengthening. it looks to be really big. if it does come to fruition. it is a week away. 65 to 689 is the spread from milpitas to gilroy. we will is recurring high clouds and 63 to 67 on the peninsula and redwood city at 66, and the 60 to 61 along the coast and 63 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and 64 to 67 through the north bay. as we head loop the east bay
5:18 am
shore at 63 in richmond, up to 66 in oakland and was video valley is 67 and inland, temperatures are around 65, and maybe 64, to 66 degrees and very narrow spread and tonight is going to be chilly but not is cool as this morning as we are getting a modification of air mass by the sun. temperatures are in the 40s to around 50 in richmond and june in san francisco. here we are on tuesday, you can see the line right here not quite moving into our neighbor. let me show you what happens as we head toward wednesday and watch the dark green wednesday and thanksgiving day, on thursday. that is how much the storm has contained. you know how the models can flip-flop so keep it back here in your mind that next week's travel could be difficult. 70's all the way through sunday, and 60s at the coast, and monday we start to cool back into the 60 as the start draws near.
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hope you have a great day. >> today not starting so great for a lot folks taking 580 and now we have an additional problem, we have been reporting affecting the commute westbound 580, a gravel spill affecting flee lanes that will take two hours to have this cleared up so it means by 7:00 all lanes should be open. however, we do have a couple of alternates, down lynn boulevard to the north and stone ridge to the south affecting your commute on the transition. we have a word of a big-rig fire, westbound 580 at not flip road so that is possibly blocking partly one lane and over to the shoulder, but flames are coming from the breaks, at 27 miles per hour is the top speed as you head over the altamont pass and c.h.p. issued high wind advisory and for the high-sided vehicle like big-rig or suvs be careful and keep both happeneds on the wheel. elsewhere around the bay area, the westbound side highway 4 to the maze, at 17 minutes, to get
5:20 am
across the bay bridge asking at anyone minutes and 101 in the north bay, looking clear as you cox from san francisco to sfo and it is nine minutes. >> despite the attacks in paris, wall street is starting off positive. >> here is the money report this morning. >> good morning, topping america's money, a surprise stop surge. the dow and nasdaq and s&p up in the first trading session since paris attacks. they expected to drop. traders are becoming "more immune," to the attacks. immune," to the attacks. >> experts cents in a year. >> a run on sweet potato pie patti labelle being sold at the rate of one a second because of
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the review by this guy in chicago. ♪ oh, yeah >> i will my that patti labelle pie. >> tonight at 11 o'clock, scientists believe your high together closing is polluting san francisco's bay with findings took sewage experts by surprise. >> i was frankly pretty stunned. it is worrisome. >> your fleece jacket could be contaminating your food. >> something is getting into the ocean or bay and getting into the fish and getting back into the fish. >> we will find out tonight. >> move closer to a mirror ball clam and how the competition is stacking up ahead of the finale on "dancing with the stars" next week. >> the temperature toll plaza
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>> the temperature toll plaza shows traffic picking
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here are seven things to know before you embryo. breaking news in germany police have arrested three new suspects in connection with last week's terrorist attacks in paris. it is taught clear if the alleged man step mind and accomplice are noon those in custody. >> two, france is continuing their attack on isis with more than a dozen new airstrikes over night. the president hollande vowed to defeat the militant group. >> three, do not be alarmed if you see the f.b.i., swat teams and helicopters over levi stadium in santa clara today. it is part of security training leading up to super bowl 50 with the training exercise at the stadium starting at 1:00 o'clock p.m. today. >> major sig-alert is causing more than 1 1/2 hour travel time
5:25 am
from tracy. this is westbound 580, a gravel spill is the culprit the we have they lanes blocked, alternates are advised. >> here is a look at number five, chilly this morning, 30s and 40s and warmer-than-average with 60s today. i have a string of 70s in the forecast and the next storm which is looking more impressive, and could really mess up your travel plans in exweek. that is. coming up in the seven-day outlook. >> from texas to arkansas several states are dealing with wicked weather this morning and almost 40 tornadoes were reported across four states yesterday, along with golfball sized hail and flooding. >> seven, today is national un-friend day on facebook, and jimmy kimmel declared the holiday so you can cut friend on facebook who are not truly friends. a give line includes if you would not invite them to director birthday parties un-friend them. that is a last un-friending. >> and a town in silicon valley
5:26 am
has been named the most responsive zip code for the third year in a row according to the business journal, atherton is the most responsive city in the country, with the median price for a home is $10.6 million. last year, the prize was over $9 million. woodside and hillsborough also made the top ten. >> down to the final four on "dancing with the stars" after each pulled out all of 9 stops in the semifinals. this is the first time in the history that condition testants whatted to dance three routines in the semi finals in a surprise twist no one was sent home last night. the judgments made the decision to let everyone stay because a singer drop out after finding out she had blood clots in her lungs. now, we down to bindi, and san carlos and alek skarlatos and nick carter with the finale of "dancing with the stars" starting next monday night at 8:00 right here.
5:27 am
>> we coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the search for a pair of teenage girls accused of a bank robbery in the east bay. and changes proposed for build ing codes in berkeley after ing codes in berkeley after the deadly balcony
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> good morning, it is tuesday at 5:29. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we have traffic troubles on the freeway. leyla gulen? >> nothing easy about this. good morning, everyone, if you just wake up with us we have a sig-alert and a big-rig fire all on 580 and a high wind advisory issued by c.h.p. we have three lanes taken away because of the sig-alert.
5:30 am
westbound 580 is where we have a gravel spill. three lanes are blocked and the top spied is nine miles per hour so it will take until 7:00 to have to cleared. dublin boulevard and stoneridge drive are the alternate. it is a major big-rig fire with a trailer completely engulfed in north flynn road causing heavy delays at 10 miles per hour. we have winds whipping things around over the altamont pass, as well, and meteorologist mike nicco is here to tell us about that. good morning, mike? >> gusts up to 20 miles per hour through the altamont pass, the fastest winds in our neighborhood as the rest of us are less than ten miles per hour right now. that is what you will notice, the difference between yesterday morning and this morning. check out sutro tower, it is not bouncing but showing it is clean and not so dry air as it was year. 34 to 50 so dress accordingly as you step identified. we. have more in the climates coming up in next eight minutes, 60 to 64 at balloon and calmer and easier day to be outside eating lunch. 58 at the cost and 68 inland,
5:31 am
and warmer with the high clouds and sunshine at 4:00, and 52 to 58 at 7:00. kristen and eric? >> yes, mike, coming up at 5:31 there are self-developments from europe following the terrorist attacks this western germany, nors have made some arrests this morning. three new arrests. but it is not clear if the alleged master find and accomplice are among those in custody. belgium announced they will deploy 350 additional troops to provide security in major cities where the attacks are believed to have been organized. >> paris continues their attacks on isis with 16 new airstrikes to syria overnight and 128 raids. secretary of state john kerry is in paris right now and vowed the united states will stand shoulder to shoulder with the nation. >> developing overnight russia launched their own series of strikes on raqqa and the isis stronghold in syria after announcing a bomb brought down the russian plane over egypt last month killing 224 people.
5:32 am
a russian investigation found a homemade bomb exploded inside the plane causing it to break apart midair. isis is claimed responsibility saying it was retaliating for the air campaign against the group in syria. >> back here at 5:32, governor brown is taking an issue that a lot of people are talking about whether to let syrian refugees into the state, 26 states have said "in," and our reporter is in the newsroom to take a look a what will happen in california. >> governor brown is taking a moderate response saying people fleeing are welcome in california if they are vetted. the terrorists have blended into the syrian refugees after authorities reveal one of the paris attackers made his way to france after pretending to be a rough gee. 26 governors worry that something similar could happen here in the united states and they want to shut the door to all refugees. several republican 39 am candidates support that movement and dr. ben carson and donald trump say that the flow of
5:33 am
syrian refugees should stop. ted cruz only wants to allow christian refugees. president obama calls the religious test "shameful and unmachine." >> many in california feel it is our duty to help people in need. >> to deny the people right to come interest our country and have a better life is against everything that this country is about. >> the u.n. is urging people not to blame or reject refugees and despite the republican governor's stand it appears that states can not locally stop the flow of refugees when the federal government gives them legal status. so far, the under has taken in 2,100 refugees but 85,000 rough gentlemans are expected next year. thank you, students at san francisco's state university will hold a vigil in honor of victims in paris including a cal state long beach student, 23-year-old california native
5:34 am
gnome gonzalez was studying abroad if paris. the vision it starts at 5:00 p.m. at malcolm x plaza in the center of campus much the f.b.i. is hosting a large scale training exercise at levi stadium today to get ready for super bowl 50. it was planned long before the paris attacks. it has gained new urgency involving several law help form answers including swat teams, and bomb d.c. in additions and haz-mat units and medical personnel. matt keller will have more at to which the hour on what you will see if you are near the stadium today. >> be sure to stay with abc for the latest on the attacks in paris and you can get the latest breaking news by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> south san francisco police are planning to hold a community meeting on thursday after a string of home break-ins, the most recent happened on sunday night when two burglars confronted a 9-year-old woman if her bedroom. they demand money, ransacked the
5:35 am
house and took off. officers say the last month has soon an upstick in burglaries in the area. if you are interested in attending the community meeting it will be held at 6:30 p on thursday at the south san francisco city council chambers. >> we are waiting for word from dublin mess who are looking out for two young females would robbed a bank of america at 11:30 am on dublin boulevard near i-680 and handed the teller a net demanding money. it said that robbers knew the teller and had friended at the teller's home as a threat much the robbers ran to a use con where a male driver. seas agirl had a red' on her face. >> transportation leaders will decide in san francisco if new rules for shuttle buses will be permanent. a pilot program allowed the buts it use the white painted curbs for a fee. tech companies say they help the
5:36 am
environment and traffic because they getting people out of their cars. opponents say technical workers drive up rents and cause evacuations and have again to court and are waiting for a judge to rule whether to force a constituted guy on schultz impact on air quality and pedestrian safety. >> san francisco supervisors are asked today to consider raising the age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. if the idea is agreed to, it would make it harder for young people to smoke would save lives. an attempt to pass a similar law in the legislature stalled. >> advocates for homeless staged a sleep to stop the city council from passing new laws that lead to construction of a luxury housing complex in downtown berkeley and the other would drive homeless people in the commercial neighborhood and restrict them to sleeping in certain places in berkeley. >> the berkeley city council will consider revisions to city housing code and inspections
5:37 am
after the tragic balcony collapse in june. the city council was scheduled to vote last month but postponed it until tonight. the proposal would require city staff to improve the rent am housing safety program which mandates property owners to inspect the represents am units each year. if approve it would go into effect immediately. >> sonoma member of the service employees international union are on strike, the expect the yawn have met 20 times over the last three months to try to roach a new contract but so far there has been no solution. the union represents 2,000 employees. they want an increase in medical insurance. and salary and benefit requirements or enhancements for a total increase of 4 percent in compensation over 21 months. the next bargaining session is tomorrow. in concord, city workers voted to strike over "unfair labor practices." the union represent, 8,000 members in the bay area and central valley.
5:38 am
city hall workers and some police department personnel will hold a one-day strategic tomorrow. >> big problems from 580 and the 680 area. >> tremendous. we have one hour and 40 minute commute away from tracy to dublin because of this, a sig-alert with gravel spill. three lanes are shut down. this is going to affect the commute to the transition on 680 and nine miles per hour for top speed. dublin boulevard to the north or stop ridge drive to the south are the best alternates. this is due to a gravel spill. we will not see lanes re-open until 7:00. a big-rig fire westbound 580 at not flynn road is over to the shoulder and it is enough to cause major spectator slowing as you can see. solid red. there are winds that are winning the flames around as we speak so that is going to cause the firefight to be more tricky. it is very busy drive from tracy
5:39 am
and one hour and 40 minutes from tracy to dublin. westbound highway 4 at 242, two lanes are blocked. backups are slow. in the east bay. mike? >> good morning, everyone, calmer conditions than yesterday. that is why our temperatures are cooler in guerneville and rohnert park at 38. santa rosa is 39. everyone else in the low-to-mid 40s for mill valley at lafayette is at 44, and san ramon is 39 but brentwood is 39 and headed to newark we are 44 and san jose is 47. and cupertino is 42 and low 50s, san francisco, alameda and redwood city and san carlos and half moon bay at 52 at sfo with clear conditions. in threat of arrival delays today. 63 to 67 higher humidity inland today. not so breezy at the coast, 60 to 62 and around the bay, 4 to
5:40 am
67. back to average. a few high clouds this afternoon but you will need the sunglasses northwest wind at four miles per hour. even the geld were gate is calmer. we will look at we the 60s and 70s when, more 72 on thursday, more 70s on friday continuing through the weekend and i will let you know about that and the potential big storm brewing. >> people in oakland could see more police officers at their doorsteps with the expansion of a major crime fighting cool. >> bart is giving commuter as look at the new trains that will make these history. when you can expect to hop on board? >> heading out the door take us with you with the abc news app federal breaking news and relative time updates and alerts on smart phone or tablet.
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>> we are going back to dublin the scene of the breaking news story that leyla has been telling us about, a major gravel spill. amy hollyfield is on 580. what is beginning on? >> i have good news to report for you. they are about finished cleaning this up. they expect to be opening this up in the next few minutes. you can see a lost traffic
5:44 am
through here. we are westbound 580 headed to san francisco. this is at the interchange of 680 right after this exit. they have three lanes closed and what happened and they shut it down an midnight because some asphalt spilled here. they do not know who spilled it or why. there want an accident but there was asphalt on road and the cars continued to drive on it it was packed down. they realize they needed to get out here and they needed to scrape it and they finished that process. now they are sweeping it and they are going get this back open. that is good news as the commute is heavier this morning it looks like it will be available for you so just a few more minutes of the painful crawl through here and it will be opening back up. reporting in dublin for abc7. >> great news for drivers from the central valley. it is 5:44. happening today, state proposals to stop illegal guns and gun
5:45 am
violence in deck are set to go's the city council. >> our media partner reports that the police department is asking for $360,000 to pay officer overtime to investigate all calls related to shot spot are, the shot tracking technology. right new when gunfire is detected, officers original respond if there is a victim. the police department wants to hire more officers to create a computer log of every illegal firearm taken off the streets. >> drones taking over the bay area this week for the inaugural drone world expo at the san jose convention center bringing innovators to discuss how drones can be used for business and data gathering and future technology. commercial users will learn from experts on best practices of the unmanned aircraft and the expo is the largest exhibition of drones ever running today and tomorrow. >> the government is warping drone owners they do not need to pay a drone registration company to register the aircraft but the
5:46 am
f.a.a. will require owners to register drones so the devices can identify if they crash. regulators say the process is simple enough for owners to register drones themselves. >> bart's first new train card is about complete and the agency is sharing photos as it begins the final assembly and will make a cross country journey from the new york plant to bart test tracks in hayward. it is scheduled to leave national late next month and when it is here the train will be put through rigorous testing before it is put into service. the target date for that that is december of next year. >> this week, "good morning america" is celebrating 40 years on the air. >> the program will launch a 40 for 40 marathon at 2:00, catching 40 straight hours of perhapsing on abc7 news come and on kgo channel with the highlight of a first ever live stream of "dancing with the
5:47 am
stars" rehearsals and access to more develop unit verse helping on thursday with the reunion of past and present anchors including our weather anchor, spencer christian. >> he said this will be a special weather hour tomorrow between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. and talk about the favorite, whacky and terrifying weather moments. >> and visit with orange anchors including david hartman and charlie gibson and johnny -- joan lunden. >> and now, the traffic is getting better. >> amy hollyfield is on scene and gave us the good news and said they are almost done cleaning inthis as fault or concrete spill they had to scrape up off the road. this caused any lanes to be closed westbound 580 in dublin, so as you can see the traffic is bottlenecking through the area ahelp aring 680 and causing major, major delays. while is if news we are looking
5:48 am
at a two hour drive from the central valley out of tracy into dublin. this is going to require some alternates until further notice because the traffic is going to take quite some time for dissipate. we will look at the map because you have a long string of ribbon of red tail lights as you pump in toward the dublin interchange. again, this happened westbound 580 they choked off three lanes and this is going to affect the commute to the transition road northbound and southbound, dublin to the north and stoneridge to the south is the best alternate. through the pass, we have a big-rig fire reported westbound 580 at not flynn road and we do not know if the fire has been put out but we know that c.h.p. has issued a high wind advisory for the altamont pass and we have gusty conditions whipping the flames around and that is not good news. from tracy it is going to be nothing but brake lights and beyond north flynn you think you are clear and you are back on the brakes so it is two hours in
5:49 am
tracy to dublin. westbound highway 4 at highway 242 we have a fur car crash, two lanes are blocked. look at the slowing here, major backups pushing into 242 and elsewhere we have moderate traffic. how is the weather? >> much calmer. much calmer than what you see in the east bay. visibility is unlimit this morning because of the dry air. a little bit of a breeze. check out our dew points in the 30s and 40s the amount of moisture that is in the air when you look in the 20 you could really feel it yesterday on the christian, lips and throat and it should be feeling better today. that will progressively climb the scale and get better through the week. you can see not much moving on the embarcadero because our agrees are much slower and right now they are five or 15 miles per hour and the altamont pass is gusting to 20. high clouds and sunshine warming
5:50 am
into the weekend and traveling next week, trending weather especially one model and i will show you that will coming up. 65 to through the south bay and gilroy at 689 warm spot and san jose at 66 and we have a video of 65 to 67 on the peninsula and milbrae at 63 and 60 to 61 along the coast and downtown south san francisco and sausalito at 63, and 64 to 66 through most 6 the north bay and santa rosa at 67 and the east bay shore richmond at 63, hercules at 64 and everyone else at 65 to 66 until you get to castro valley at 67 and inland from 64 in brentwood to walnut creek san ramon, pleasanton, concord, at 66. tonight, the temperatures are back in the 40s and 50s and milder than this morning because of the high clouds. starting on tuesday, here is a look at the wet weather coming in, and this particular model keeps it wet on wednesday and again on thursday. look at the amount of rain model pumps out, 1.5".
5:51 am
however, there is another model and it is only pumping out about a third so can do you want on the travel day? here is a look at my seven-day forecast until we get there, sin at the coast, 70 away the bay, and until monday, when the next system starts to come in we back in the 60. is a great day. >> new at 6:00, a popular north bay institute evicted from their home and the reason the premium is forced to move after four decades. >> coffee? it could be the secret to a longer life but it depends on how you drink it. >> flying comfortably to through the thanksgiving day through the thanksgiving day meal with the best articles to
5:52 am
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life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>> coffee drinkers good news as you drink your coffee. >> nonsmokers who drink three to five cups of coffee a day were 15 percent less likely to die from certain diseases adding to evidence that coffee has protective health benefits and suggests it could reduce your chance of dying from heart disease and other chronic i wills ins. >> die prematurely the however the study authors say there is a difference between a person would gets little sleep and uses coffee to function and one who sleeps will, exercise, eat as balanced diet and has a cup coffee. >> it is not forever. >> and now, traffic on 580 much there have been problems. >> you need the coffee, you need
5:55 am
extra strength if you come in from tracy to dublin we have a two-hour delay heading between those two spots because of the sig-alert. amy hollyfield is on the john and told us that they are pretty much wrapping you at this moment. we are not going to completely confirm that until all lanes are re-opened. right new we still have three lanes that are blocked off and nine miles per hour is the top speed so bottlenecking through the area is beginning to be very, very slow and not only that, but we have two lanes that have been shut down because of a fully engulfed big-rig fire at north flip road afinishing the commute from tracy. the slow down are starting to become up into tracy and we are seeing a very, very tough drive. if you head along highway 4, westbound side, at 242 we have a fur car crash blocking two lanes. mike? >> thanks, leyla, getting a last questions since we haved that three storms. and now, the rainfall, it is looking dry we above average in
5:56 am
livermore and san jose and barely at sfo but downtown san francisco, oakland and santa rosa, we are below average. so we node more. it is not in the forecast but in eureka at 59, and 66 in sacramento, and low-to-mid 70s in the south bay, and a look at lake tahoe, it is not making any snow on heavenly but they will need to because we don't have any snow in the forecast through monday with lows in the 20 and highs in the mid-50s. >> it is 5:56. airline passengers complain they feel cramped, right? "7 on your side" sorted through a survey to see which airlines give you the most ails and which give the least. jest blue offered the most leg room in coach with 33" between rows and next virgin america and southwest with 32". unite asked delta and american have 31" soor but can you pay extra. spirit and frontier have the lost amount at 28" between the rows. >> how is this for half time entertainment? >> last night during the
5:57 am
football game in cincinnati, monkeys rode dogs herding one had a go brother attached to the saddle. the texans beat the bengals 10-6 give, them their first loss of the season. >> controversial development on the peninsula gets a green light to move forward. >> a. promising treatment in the fight to cure aids a drug to treat alcoholism is being used to alcoholism is being used to target the disease.
5:58 am
5:59 am
abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news is something we have been following all morning. it is out of dublin. aing is alert for morning commutes. leyla? yes, as we talk about the
6:00 am
sig-alert in dublin, amy hollyfield is on the scene the she told us that though are about to open up more lanes however the damage is done. we have a three hour drive, three hour drive from tracy to dublin. this happened westbound side at nine miles per hour is the top speed and dublin boulevard to the north and stone ridge drive to the south is the best alternate and this is making it tough to get to the transition roads and causing a huge headache. we have a big-rig fire fully engulfed westbound 580 at not flynn with two lanes blocked and the red, and adding insult to that enjoy we have high winds that are fanning the flames so meteorologist mike nicco is here and he can tell us more about the weather impact over the altamont pass. i have been see gusts up to 20 miles per hour one of the fastest areas and the rest of us, it is calmer outside and just a few high clouds on live doppler hd. we could have poe


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