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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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hollyfield is on the scene the she told us that though are about to open up more lanes however the damage is done. we have a three hour drive, three hour drive from tracy to dublin. this happened westbound side at nine miles per hour is the top speed and dublin boulevard to the north and stone ridge drive to the south is the best alternate and this is making it tough to get to the transition roads and causing a huge headache. we have a big-rig fire fully engulfed westbound 580 at not flynn with two lanes blocked and the red, and adding insult to that enjoy we have high winds that are fanning the flames so meteorologist mike nicco is here and he can tell us more about the weather impact over the altamont pass. i have been see gusts up to 20 miles per hour one of the fastest areas and the rest of us, it is calmer outside and just a few high clouds on live doppler hd. we could have poe actually
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colorful sunrise you can see on sutro tower. take a picture and #abe7now. we would love to share it. now, today, we are in the mid-30s to forly 50 through 7:00. how about this lunch time temperature, not so breezy, a go day to sit outside and enjoy the lunch at 60 to 64 and we drop to 58 at the coast and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50s falling quickly when the sun sets into the 50s. >> an unpress enasked demand by france invoking a never before used article of european union treaty forcing allies to support their military action against isis. that means all members must give all the aid and assistance they can. >> this comes as three new arrests were made in western germany just today. police received a tip that two men and a woman may belied to
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the attacks in paris. they are now being questioned. >> france is ramping up defense against the isis strong holds and operations in syria why a dozen airstrikes and 129 air raids we will have a report from paris in a few minutes. >> you will notice a huge law enforcement presence in the south bay preparing for the super bowl in february. matt keller is at levi stadium matt keller is at levi stadium with the >> sorry, we just lot that. no, we have him back. >> we do tell you the fbi is running a big security training today. it was scheduled before the terrorist attacks but is taking on new urgency. keep it tuned to abc7 for moreness on the security exercise at levi stadium. >> 100 different participants in
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the exercise. moving on, happening today, a san francisco supervisor said she will call for a hearing on the proposal to take down the overhead muni wires near market street, the super bowl 50 host committee proposed the idea to remove an eyesore near the super bowl 50 in san francisco and the supervisor said she can answer questions about the idea and give the public the opportunity to sound off about it. the transportation army will hold its own hearing on december 3rd. >> happening now, stanford students are camped ousted curt president's office to pressure the school into selling off the shares in fossil fuel companies. a group called fossil free stanford wants the diversification to happen before the meeting in paris on climate change. the university has $22.2 billion endowment for investment and is committed, they say, to
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addressing client. >> san francisco's district 14 wants a federal investigation into two deputies acan youd of beating the suspect if a city with this video showing a beating after a car chase on thursday from san leandro across the bay. the man is a suspected car thief. the two deputies are now on leave. >> richmond police chief could leave for a new job. he has been selected as police chief of tucson, arizona, and the tucson city council needs to approve the decision which could happen tomorrow. but? officers oppose the selection citing previous lawsuits filed by richmond officers accusing him of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. >> a controversial office development in redwood city has been given the green light to move forward after hague some chains. the building will go up at marshall and middlefield according to our media partner, which is not too far away from the city and county complex and
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was first proposed 19 months ago but opponents say it make nearby buildings so the size and light were reduced. on monday the city council vote to the deny three appeals that call for more revisions. >> the popular sal mop institute is out of a home after the san francisco state universitiened negotiations and evicted them. the vice president said that the university made good faith efforts to reach an agreement but the school voted or noted public safety permit and financial concerns let them to stop negotiate. the institute said this betrayed the community. they have until september to vacate. >> president obama has arrived in the philippines for the first of back-to-back asian as a matter of fact summits which are give united states a chance to reinforce trade and security ties with the area. during a three day trip to manila the president will meet with officials to enhance
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military cooperation as the fill means is one of the oldest allies in the area. president obama is coming off a trip to turkey for the g-20 summit. >> back to the overnight developments in the paris stepper attacks. we are in paris with thunderstorm with detail -- if paris with details on the raids and a military response. >> good morning. we are hearing now from authorities in belgium that one of the accused killers the man they be looking for and a brother who died caring out the attack was actually on police radar at one point and police investigated them for being potential radicals but deemed they were not a threat. now be police are trying to look how that happened as the manhunt continues. this morning, the mastermind behind the attacks in paris and one would carried out deadly plan are still on the run.
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a day of raids and a siege on this apartment building in belgium with mess thought they had abdeslam salah cornered turning up empty. the town is home to abdelhamid abaaoud the isis militant accused of planning the foiled paris bound train shooting this year and friday's attacks. >> the master find selects and trains and motivated the suicide bombers but he never kills himself. >> the french military responding again announcing another round of airstrikes destroying several isis targets in syria, in europe, no sign of either of the accused terrorists but the evidence of their devastate exact is still. nating. from memorials at the scene where 129 people from 19 countries died, to the somber is silent moment shared by thousands. >> secretary of state john kerry said the united states will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the grieving
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nation. >> no one will interrupt the business of the global community and certainly not a despicable act of terrorism. >> we have just learned that after re-opening jut yesterday, right now the eiffel tower is closed again because a trade union expressed concerns that there are not enough security measures in place. a lost developments. >> major cities across the united states remain on highened alert after isis vowed to strange washington, dc, with bay area landmarks, including the golden gate bridge have not brought in extra officers but they say they have remained vigilant since 9/11. visitors say they not concerned. >> do you feel safe coming to places like this? >> yes. >> why? [ inaudible ]
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>> police are watching the public to be watch much and we have the latest on the attacks in paris with the latest breaking news by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. it has been ugly on pain rut in from the central valley on 580. here is the latest from leyla. >> so much that is ugly about the commute because now we have a new advisory from bart and there is a major delay on fremont because of equipment problem on the tracks between fruitvale and the coliseum. again, a major delay on bart now and we have major delays if you make director drive westbound along 580 pause of a sig-alert. it look like all lanes have re-opened and we have asphalt that spilled and it was scripted off the road but not is long as they first estimated. they thought it would be around until 7:00, all cones have been lifted and the top speed is seven miles per hour. to add to that we have a fully
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enguffed big-rig fire at north flip road with four american for the top speed and pretty gulfy winds to fan the flames so coming in from tracy you are looking at a three hour drive, three hour drive to make your drive from tracy to dublin and now we understand that the big-rig fire is now a sig-alert. mike? can you top that? i dare you. >> i was going to make a reference to birthdays... >> i cannot but i tell you it is not to breezy. ferry riders a much more friendly sky this morning as the wind chills are gusting only to 12 miles per hour. there you go, heading back to find more people to bring into turn to go to work. 63, san francisco peninsula, and 66, and inland topping out at 65, and north bay 67 and from sutro tower a gorgeous start to
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the day and our pattern holds so we modify the air mass and look at the 70s dominating wednesday, thursday and friday away from the coast and the cost is warming into the mid-70s and i will let you know if it goes through the weekend and a big storm braking tuesday, wednesday and thanksgiving day. the forecast is five minutes away. >> still to come, a new effort to help spentant mothers succeed in the workplace >> charlie sheen officially reveals he is h.i.v. positive and what the actor is saying overnight of how long he has known of this diagnosis and why he is going money now. >> the most expensive zip code in america is right here in the bay area a small city with a huge cost of living. stay tuned.
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breaking news, actor charlie sheen has confirmed a bomb "san jose mercury news" health diagnosis that exploded on social media yesterday. three confirmed he is h.i.v. positive. the actor revealed he learned of
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the diagnosis about four years ago after he suffered committeesive sweating and a series of debill stating headaches. a source close to the situation temperatures abc that his e ex-wife does not have h.i.v. and neither do their children. he was infected after their divorce. he is said he going public with the health because he wants to help other people who have the virus. we value more on the announcement coming up on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. >> scientists are looking for a cure to aids and may have an unexpected discovery with a drug that fights alcoholism. the drug finds hiding, and some two million a year are newly infected. republicaners say the next step to to find how to get the activated cells to die. >> a small town in silicon valley has been named america's most expensive zip code for the third year in a row.
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atherton is t with the median price $10.8 million. last area the median rice was $8 president. >> wherever you are no matter >> wherever you are no matter how much your house costs, the >> it is a nightmare. all lanes have re-opened after the sig-alert canceled westbound 580. we did have a gravel or asphalt spill here. it did block off three lanes for quite some time since the beginning of the broadcast. seven miles per hour is still going to be the top speed. that is making the drive time between tracy to dublin at this moment 3 1/2 hours. that is not the only problem. we had this newly issued sig-alert and we have been talking about this, as well, a fully engulfed big-rig with two lanes blocked while the
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firefight continues and four miles per hour is the top speed and c.h.p. should high wind advisory with heavy backups from tracy to dublin and that is a 3 that hour commute. westbound highway 4 at 242 an early four car crash and things have clear there and we have a major, major delay on bart on the fremont line because of an equipment problem affecting the travel between fruitvale and the coliseum. mike? >> the altamont pass the winds are slowing, from nine gusting up to children miles per hour and come from the west. so hopefully that is helping. here is the activity planner, not so blustery walking the dog and it will be good. running, the air is not is dry as yesterday. if your lungs were burning today they should not so much. and the bay is not so rough. pretty good there, and starting inland east bay where we have danville and dublin at 37 and coolest at blast were at 36, and
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san ramon at 38, and walnut creek is 39 and livermore and pleasanton at 40 and concord is 41 and lafayette is 43 and 46 at brentwood and antioch and 50 in pittsburg. oakland and san carlos and san francisco at 53 and half moon bay at 54 and san jose 45 and mountain view is 47 and napa is 41 and novato is 478 and ten degrees cooler in santa rosa at 38. the winds are calmer as we talked about, 3-miles per hour so it feels like what the temperature said. 101 and 880 in san jose, it is 43 degrees with a sensor a couple blocks away. sunny today. high clouds. that is why we are sunny. warmer and quiet through the weekend. the next storm is strengthening. first, 65 to 67 in the south bay, gilroy is 68 the warm spot and 63 in millbrae and otherwise, 65 to 65 on the peninsula and right around 60 along the coast and downtown, south san francisco and sausalito at 63. sunglasses all through the not
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bay and temperatures from 64 to 67. a lost 65s and 66s and castro valley is 67 and hercules is 64. inland we are around 64 to 66. next tuesday, rain moves in, it hang around on wednesday and the possibility of thunderstorms on thanksgiving and that is a model and look at our rainfall totals, everyone over 1" to 1.5" but we have two models and the other is not so robust a third of anism. we. -- of an inch. >> if you can travel this week, it is i. look at that, 60 at coast, 70s around the bay until monday, when the next storm come ms. and we drop back into the 60s and tuesday and wednesday and thursday it will rain. just how much is the question? >> still ahead, finding work can be difficult for expectant moms and a website now helping women connect with companies that
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the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> good morning at 6:23 on tuesday. we will look at both sides of the bay. we are looking west toward san francisco and it look like it is shaping up to be clear and beautiful but combed. we will talk more for meteorologist mike nicco in a minute. >> the u.s. government has reach a historic settlement with one of the largest for profit education companies over allegations of illegal recruiting consumer fraud and ovation has. education management corps operates a change of schools around the nation including three, for profit campuses in the bay area, including the art institutes in san francisco and sunnyvale and augustine university in alameda. though were accused of running a high pressure recruiting mill violating federal law in the process. >> essentially the more constitutes a recruiter was induced to enroll in the school
6:24 am
the more money that recruiter would receive. >> the school agreed to pay $95.5 million fine to resolve four separate federal lawsuits the largest settlement involving a four profit education institution. ever. >> a growing websites that lets women dish about maternity leave polls has a new fearture that allows people with to compare leave policy promotion opportunity and salariness. now, the website has a new fearture called "confessions," inviting users to share thoughts with complete anonymity according to pore tune magazine only 5 of the 100 company police their maternity live policies on the web for public viewing. and now "good morning america" at 7:00. >> next on "good morning america," breaking news. russia condition firming a bomb took down the passenger plane
6:25 am
over egypt last month killing 224 people on board. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack and this morning, russian president vladimir putin vowing let try because with all of the days on "good morning america" next. thank you, amy. transportation leaders in san francisco will decide if new rules for commuter shuttle buses will become budget allowing the buts to use white painted curbs for a fee, which are helping the environment and traffic conditions because they are getting people out of their cars but opponents say the workers live near a stop driving up rent and cause evictions and is again to work and are waiting for a judge to rule there to force the study on air quality and pedestrian safety. >> san francisco supervisors are asked today to consider raising the age to buy tobacco products from 19 to 21. it is the idea of a supervisor who said cigarette are the leading cause of death and illness in the country and making it harder for young
6:26 am
people to smoke will save lives. it is set to pass a similar law in cam legislature which stalled this year. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories and how united states states are reacting after it was reveal one of suspects got and france by posing as a refugee. >> proposal that could change willing codes in berkeley after the deadly balcony collapse. >> leyla and mike will be back with traffic and weather together.
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♪ sle♪ in the lane, snow isu liglistenin' ♪ ♪a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight♪
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♪towin' in a winter wonderland enjoy holiday magic at both parks during disneyland resort's diamond celebration. ♪ towin' in a winter wonderland...weee hoooooo! ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday or. it is 6:29. a gorgeous shot looking east. that is court of a mauve color. i am eric thomas. >> pumpkin orange accompanying by a violet. it is brilliant. unfortunately, the traffic picture is not so pretty. we will check with leyla and the latest with the biggest problem 580. leyla? >> all we see is red
6:30 am
pass road light conditions trying to make it up to grant line road to get to 580 where we have an additional sig-alert because of a big-rig fire. first, we go to our map and over to dublin where we are seeing the traffic dissipating. seven miles per hour is still a pocket of heavy slowing as you come away from highway 84 but as you push to the dublin interchange we have all lanes open after a sig-alert that started around 4:30 this morning because of a gravel or asphalt spill. we have this, westbound 580 north flynn road because of a big-rig fire is where mobile 360 is headed to and mission boulevard we have a new accident blocking at least one lane involving an overturned vehicle and possible injuries involved but if delays and the commute direction is southbound. that is not the only problem we have a major delay on bart and this is going to affect your commute traveling between the fruitvale and coliseum station with single tracking because third rail has lost power.
6:31 am
mike? >> yes, anything else? >> don't ask. >> 10 minutes with the latest. my goodness, that is a lot. on the weather side not so much. we had novato at 14 miles per hour and otherwise nonexist. up to seven miles per hour so not a wind chill and check out from our roof camera, you can see just the gorgeous sun rides that is developing a few high clouds and if you cap tireture it, abc7, i would love to see how your neighborhood looks, cooler in most areas and warmer and calmer and nice, nice lunch time to be outside, at 60 to 64 and slightly warmer this afternoon, 58 at the coast and 68 away the bay and inland and cool quickly when the sun sets at 4:2357. >> new developments this morning in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in paris, abc7 has confirmed that five people, three men and two women, have been arrested in western
6:32 am
germany. this brings the total to 16 arrests since sunday. france has just made an unprecedented demand invoking a never before used article of european union treaty, forcing allies to support their military action against isis. that means members must give all the aid and assistance in their power. france also has identified 10,000 people in france as radicalized and there were 128 raids and 16 new airstrikes on isis strongholds in syria. >> 26 united states governors are refusing to let syrian refugees enter their states after learning that one of the attackers made it into san francisco by pretending to be a refugee. here is governor brown's proposal for california. >> governor brown said that syrian refugees will be allowed in california if they are reliably vetted and this story has gotten 2,000 comments on abc7 facebook page and the fear is real. the united nations is urging
6:33 am
people that it to demonize or reject refugees who have already suffered so much. 26 republican governors offering asylum is not worth the risk and several republican presidential candidates agree say the flow of refugees should stop. and ted cruz only wants to allow christian refugees and president obama caused the religious test "shaleful and un-american." the manager of the resettlement program of santa clara said refugees should be embraced. >> there is in need for then to be suspicious or scared of welcoming refugees. >> since the civil war in syria began the united states has accepted 2 in 100 refugees but 85,000 are expected ins year. immigration experts say the governors cannot locally block refugees when the federal government accepts them. students at san francisco state university will hold a
6:34 am
vigil today if on of the victims in paris. including a cal state long beach student, 23-year-old california native nohemi gonzalez was studying abroad in >> if you are in the south bay you will notice a huge law enforcement presence at levi stadium. >> we are in santa clara with detail on the exercise aimed at keeping us safe during the super bowl. matt? >> you can never be too prepared when it comes to super bowl 50. that goes for the teams on the field and also the f.b.i. and security around levi stadium. that is what the training is all about. today, the f.b.i. will be running the show. they are expected to arrive the the the stadium at look, and there will be southwest tombs, haz-mat and bomb technicians and medical personnel. there will be helicopters in the
6:35 am
area. this is renewed sense of importance of today with the f.b.i. inviting us to the training exercise yesterday before canceling on us five hours later. a spokesperson said that is due to operation am security concerns. we were not told what the specific conditions were to make they will containing thai mind is quickly but obviously events this paris and around the world have raised stakes for security for large gathering. there are few events bigger than super bowl 50 schedule for pen 7 and today the exercise starts at 1:00 o'clock p.m. and expected to laugh last until 4:00. >> stay with abc for the latest on the attacks in paris with the latest breaking news by following us open twitter@abc7newsbayarea. it is:35. new this morning, south san francisco police are planning to hold a community meeting on thursday after a string of home break-ins. the most recent break-in was on sunday when two burglars con front add 79-year-old woman if
6:36 am
her bad room. they demanded money, ransacked the house and took off with an uptick in the burglaries of this neighborhood. if you are interested in attending the community meeting it is hell at 6:30 people on thursday at the south san francisco city council chambers. >> advocates for homeless people in berkeley samed a sleep if last night to stop the city council from passing new laws affecting the homeless. one of the two measures would lead to the construction of a luxury housing complex in downtown berkeley and the other would drive homeless people out of the commercial neighborhoods and restrict them from sleeping in certain places in berkeley. the berkeley skimp will consider revisions to the housing code after the balkan collapse requiring city staff to improve their safety program mandating
6:37 am
inspection of rental units each year starting immediately. >> it is 6:37 and good news for all of us coffee drink wees and why our calf find habit could extend our lives >> as we head to wreck we check this out, a picture of a bart station, fruitvale station in oakland, you can see the people on the platform were having an issue. what is the problem? third rail could be out. we are investigating this further. you will want to keep it tuned here at abc7 for the latest here at abc7 for the latest breaking development
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>> we are looking at pictures at bart in oakland at fruitvale where they are single tracking trains causing major, major delay on the fremont line. the train is just standing still on the tracks and we have heard foes are crossing the tracks to get to the or side. now, i don't know if this is advised by bart but you would not want did do that normally. we have a major delay on the fremont line are system, extraing between fruitvale and coliseum because the third rail lost power. this is not the only problem i have a sig-alert with major delays as you make your drive westbound over 580 at not flynn road you have two lanes block
6:41 am
off because of a big-rig fire and it was hauling cotton clothing and that caused the fire to just continue to fuel and to continue until the very moment with two miles per hour as the top speed. very slow traffic as you make the drive from the altamont pass right interest livermore. mike? >> thank you, thankfully the weather is not so busy, a beautiful picture from sutro tower as the backdrop to talk about vex. a lot of people are asking the recent rains do we have a surplus for this month? yes, livermore and san jose and barely in sfo but be still, a deficit in san francisco and oakland and santa rosa so we need more rain coming up in the big forecast. we will focus on the state where we have 60 around chico and rain around eureka and 58 and lows add mid-70s around los angeles account sierra looks gorgeous, and they will have to make the snow because it is going to be dry and seasonal all the way through monday but the same story is bringing us rain next
6:42 am
week will bring them significant snow. joining me for the seven-day forecast. gays? >> next, a massive law enforcement presence in the south bay today, the training to keep us all safe dug -- during the super bowl. >> what you need to avoid paying extra fees before taking flight with your drones. >> that is the bay bridge toll plaza looking pretty busy. we have worse commute spots with traffic and weather during the traffic and weather during the commercial delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. no secrets. just like our family. well there is one. folks, i'm not your grandma. just a handsome kind hearted drifter who wandrered in years ago
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with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. the search is on this morning for two teen bank robbers in the east bay, two young girls. our reporter amy hollyfield is in dublin with the details on the brazen crime. >> i talked to dublin police and they are waiting for tips. he though someone will recognize the girls. they did not even try to hide their faces. surveillance camera caught great immaps and they help if you recognize them you will give police a call. they say yesterday morning at 11:30 the two walked into the bank of america in dublin and hand the teller a long note demanding money and said they had associated at the teller's
6:46 am
house. here is another look at the suspects described as white girls if their teens or early 20s and one of them had a red circle or tattoo and the teller gave them money and they left. they had a get away car weighing tore them with a camera in the parking lot. it was a light colored gmc driven by a male. though took off northbound on 680. no helps were involved. no one was hurt. it is 6:46. coffee drinkers, listen up. this is good news this morning as you pour your cup of >> those who drink three to five cup as day were 15 percent lease likely to die prematurely. benefits include a lower risk of death from cardio disease and type two diabetes and suicide. and the best part it was fund -- found whether you drank with
6:47 am
caffeine or not. >> now, the dow and big board showing the dow is off eight points so it is pretty flat. >> an intensifying el nino could have unprecedented impact on business. jane? yes, el nino already is the strongest we have seen in more than 15 areas and it is only getting stronger. it has been blamed for extreme weather in some parts of the world include san francisco. the weather could impact crops and energy prizes and tour in. >> at the f.a.a. wants you to know you did not have to fork over cash to register director drones. there is no need to enlist a private company to handle the registration. a company is offering a service to help drown owners come my with the f.a.a. requirements to register them but f.a.a. does not know how it will deal with the registrations. >> quiet start with stocks,
6:48 am
starting high but everything now is trading just a slightly bit lower. this week, "good morning america" is celebrating the 40th year on the air and the program will launch a 40 for 40 marathon today at 2:00 with 40 stray hours of programing on abc .com and highlights include a first ever live stream of "dancing with the stars" rehearsals and special access to the marvel unit verse. >> it ends thursday morning with reunion of "good morning america" past and present anchoring including weekend anchor spencer christian who is so looking forward to the one hour weather special tomorrow where he will tack about the favorite weather moments. >> taking a redeye tonight and hits the ground in new york and full on all the way through.
6:49 am
and tell us about our weather. >> i i can yap about that. >> thanks. cupertino is 41, safer together and campbell and santa clara is 42 and everyone else is around 44 to 46 degrees and los altos is at 49 and we have the same temperature and san carlos and danville is 37. san pablo is 50, and san francisco is 53 and for instance in novato and it is cooler, as you head into the north bay as you would expect. the visibility is dry and even with the slow wind, no threat of fog, and beautiful picture from the exploritorium winds at 10 to 12 membership so not so brisk or aggressive for the terry. high clouds and pleasanton temperatures today and warmer and quiet all the way through the weekend and next week, the models show one of the models
6:50 am
show a >> a narrow margin on the peninsula at 65 to 67 and millbrae at 63. we near 60 along the coast and downtown and south san francisco and sausalito at 63 and 64 to 66 across the north bay and santa rosa at 67 and along the east bay shore a lost 65 and 66 degree highs and oakland is 66. castro valley is 67. cooler in richmond and hercules, and 64 to 66, brentwood, 64 in danville. and everyone else in the 64 or 6 a-degree range. outside, good to walk the pet and not so burning today as you go for a run and the bay. now be so rough, either. look at tonight's temperatures, low 40s to low 50s. tuesday, you can see the rain coming in wednesday and, also, thursday, with embedded thunderstorms are possible. this model is going crazy with the amount of rain.
6:51 am
.5" for all of us. however, our other medium-range model is saying, well, pump the brake as bit, only a third of an inch. which do you want and are you traveling? that could make the difference. hire is a look at seven-day forecast until we get there expect lot of sunshine, at 40s and 50s in the morning, and 60s and 70s now the afternoon and will monday we cool again. hail? >> goodness gracious, a tough morning from the get go. bart commuters who normally take fremont and dublin line you are advised to find an alternate form of transportation, major, major delays on the fremont line because they last power often the third rail. that is not going to get you anywhere. you need have an alternate form of transportation, and ace train have if delays. we are dealing with heavy backups because of the sig-alert on 580 this morning and westbound 580 at north flip we had a big-rig that was hawing cot torch clothing caught on fire and we had a lost fuel that
6:52 am
was in the tractor-trailer and now we have two lanes blocked, two miles per hour is top speed and it is just bumper-to-bumper we slammed use leave tracy with an early sig-alert at the dublin interchange and it is cleared with spilled gravel asphalt and he had to scrape it up off the ground so that now has dissipate all the traffic as a result. however, we are still dealing with 3 1/2-hour delays as you cox in from tracy to dublin so, major traffic day today. >> we are back with seven things to know before you go. >> if you head out the door take us with you searching for abc7 us with you searching for abc7 bay area or visit abc7 news
6:53 am
us with you searching for abc7 bay area or visit abc7 news ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it.
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this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. >> here are seven things to know before you go, a rotten traffic day with major delays on the fremont line from bart, with commuters advised to use an alternate form of transportation because the fremont line lost the third rail power and we have aing is alert at the altamont pass at north gasoline road, a big-rig fire blocking two lanes. >> two, germ police have arrested five people today in connection with the deadly terrorist attacks in paris and france conduct the 1128 new raids and 16 airstrikes overnight and france also is asking for help from other e.u. members. >> do not be alarm if the see
6:55 am
the f.b.i. and s.w.a.t. teams and helicopter ever levi stadium part of security training lead up to super bowl 50. a major multiagency training exercise will take place at the stadium from 1:00 o'clock to 4:00 today. >> police are looking for two young women who robbed a bank of america in dublin yesterday. the women ran to a ggmc and drove off with a male driver. >> calmer this morning with temperatures in the 30s and 40's and up to 63 to 67 for the day. have a great day. >> from texas to arkansas, several states are dealing with wicked weather this morning, and almost 40 tornadoes were reported across four states yesterday. >> seven, santa claus is free again, a new jersey mall dropped a controversial plan to charge kids to meat santa. angry parents turned to solve media to complain to pay up to $50 for a for to package! >> after solve media outrage,
6:56 am
they difficulted to -- they decided to drop the fee. after all, dan is foreign everyone. >> he does not charge to drop off your presents. >> we be back in 25 minute.
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good morning, america. breaking news, russia confirms for the first time, a powerful bomb blew its passenger plane out of the sky. putin vows revenge against isis. russian warplanes and long-range missiles already pounding the isis capital in syria. as the search for the most wanted man in the world intensifies overnight. the massive manhunt for that eighth terrorist and mastermind behind the paris attack. more than 120 raids across france and security stepped up in our own capitol. >> i would anticipate this is not the only operation that isil has in the pipeline. >> monuments and mass transit on alert as isis now threatens washington. a major storm packing a powerful punch in the middle of the country overnight. a tornado outbreak spawning dozens of reported twisters. major cities on alert this morning.


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