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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 17, 2015 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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abc7 news at 4:30 for the latest. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. you can always get the latest guillermo: >> jimmy: >> dicky:.dicky: from hollywood "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- josh hutcherson, "science bob" pflugfelder, "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. and music from walk the moon, with cleto and the cletones. and now, first and foremost, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: all right, everybody. thank you very much. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us at the end of this very important day. today, in case you didn't already know, is national unfriend day, also known as nud, november 17th. right? came up with the idea of nud five years ago 2010 as a way to encourage those who use facebook to eliminate those friends who aren't in any way your friends. thousands of people participated over the past half decade, purging all those annoying people with friend requests that they made the mistake of accepting. it's not too late for you if you want to be part of it, go on facebook right now. cut 10% of your friends loose. go ahead. do it. you will be glad that you did.
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if you need help in a minute i will explain in a minute how to do it and who to do it to. think of it as spring clean for people. we have a sexy and sciency show for you tonight. we're going to reveal the identity of and meet "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. we're going to guess who it is, too. sexiest man alive always sounds so ominous. it's like the alive part. what does "people" magazine know that we don't? last year the sexiest man alive was chris hemsworth. he did do a great job of being sexy. his time is up. later on, "people's" new sexiest man alive will open up. the audience is going to play a yes and no guessing game and we will reveal the identity of that person. also tonight the sexiest fourth grade science teacher in probably the world.
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i don't know. this is science bob's twelfth time on our show. this is a sampling of some of the demonstrations science bob has done here in our studio over the many years. >> oh! oh, my. oh. oh, my god. so tonight we have leaf blowers, he's got nitrogen rockets. he's got propane. if i'm able to walk out of here with an average of eight fingers on each hand it will be considered a success. also tonight from the new "hunger games" movie peeta himself, josh hutcher son is here. huge movie. "mockingjay, part 2," doesn't
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open until friday but some of the reviews are in. most notably from number one reviewer our pal yaya who loves movies and loves to talk. we had dinner with yaya last night. didn't shut up for one second. here he is talking about the movie. >> action. >> hi, it's me. i'm talking about the movie, the new movie. that the movie behind me, the lea difficult, magnolia. jennifer, i never see her but she's very good actor. to be bad, the guy sutherland, i think he's the bad guy. i got his son, also, sutherland. the guy is in the movie, his name is woody. hair is short. i got also the young boy with her, with jennifer. his brother at the movie with a
11:40 pm
hammer. i think i got his brother, too. very good guy. very good actor. then the movie hunger, hunger game, about people hunger. you go fighting, eat. i like to eat. that my problem pop i don't k. w i want to eat. i want to lose weight. i don't know. i eat cow, fish, horse. octopus. i eat shark. brains of the monkey. i eat camel. in france eat that, too. >> wrap it up. >> what? >> wrap it up. >> oh, finish? oh, it's good. go watch the movie. good luck. good. [ applause ] >> jimmy: two thumbs up and fingers in the mouth. thank you, yaya. i mentioned before today is national unfriend day. if you haven't unfriended anyone yet you still have a few minutes left. take out your phone, get to work. not here in the studio. i'm talking to the people at home. it's going to be hard to
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unfriend someone. you don't want to hurt their feelings. it's important to remember, these people were not your friends to begin with. facebook decided to call them that. free yourself from them. say good-bye. it's so easy. i'm going to show you how to do it right now. okay? here we go. >> hey, jimmy. it's matt. >> jimmy: who? >> matt. i used to work at the gap with your cousin ann. look at my omelet. >> jimmy: unfriend. sorry, matt. [ applause ] >> jimmy, it's marilyn. i'm having knee surgery. >> jimmy: okay, yeah. unfriend. [ applause ] >> hey, jimmy. it's uncle don. >> jimmy: uncle don. >> how are you doing? we've got to stop the flow of people coming across our borders. if we don't we're going the fall into the hands of lesbians. >> jimmy: unfriend. sorry, uncle don. give my love to aunt carol.
11:42 pm
hi. >> look at my baby. >> jimmy: oh. oh. unfriend. [ applause ] hey. >> look at my boots. all right? >> jimmy: unfriend. >> look at my baby in my boots. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> let's play super bubble witch ii. >> jimmy: what? >> let's play super bubble witch ii. >> jimmy: that's for you. unfriend the both of you. hi. >> i changed my profile picture. >> jimmy: oh. >> again. >> jimmy: okay, unfriend. all right. >> i'm running a triathlon. >> jimmy: you're too fat to run a triathlon. >> i'm going to try. >> jimmy: unfriend. >> i'm drunk and i want -- >> jimmy: what? >> guillermo: i'm drunk at work. >> jimmy: you're drunk at work? >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: you're always drunk at work. he, i'm going to keep. that's how it happens.
11:43 pm
[ applause ] going back over there? >> guillermo: yes. i go back to my corner. >> jimmy: what have you had to drink tonight so far? >> guillermo: tequila and sprite. >> jimmy: tequila and sprite, huh? >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: is that a drink or did you make that one up? >> guillermo: i made it up. >> jimmy: that's called the guillermo for those of you at home. that's how it works. clean out the clutter. keep the friends who actually are your friends like this little drunk fella drinking his sprite and tequila and happy. we're going to take a break. when we come back from that break i will reveal the identity with your help from "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. plus the first official photo of the new bachelor, ben. just stay around. okay? [ applause ]
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back to the show. science bob pflugfelder is on the way. personally we have important bachelor news. the bachelor, of course, is the show that answers the question how many unemployed real estate agents do you have to make out with in a hot tub before you find the love of your life? the answer by the way is 20. at long last today we got to see what "people" magazine is calling the first official image of the new bachelor, ben higgins. there he is. i guess other 80 times we saw him last season was not official. but they're calling him, you see, a perfect ben instead of ten. it's no prince farming but it
11:49 pm
will do. a new season of "the bachelor" starts in january. abc likes to premier the show at a month when people are at their fattest and loan aniest. now the people you've been waiting for, "people" magazine sexiest man alive comes out friday. once again it is not me but the perfect specimen of a man who did make the cover is here tonight. we are going to reveal who he is. first, we're going to let your studio audience guess. are you ready to do this? all right. let's go. guillermo, guillermo, the audience and you will be in charge of taking questions. let's first say hello to the sexiest man alive. hello, sexiest man alive. [ applause ] >> how are you? >> jimmy: very well, thank you. we covered his beautiful face and mod laulated his voice to disguise his identity. congratulations on being the sexiest. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: you're welcome.
11:50 pm
may i ask, this room, where are you right now? >> i'm in london. >> jimmy: oh, you're in london. all right. that might be a clue. so members of your audience are going to ask yes or no questions, and we're going to try to figure out who is behind that magazine cover. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> jimmy: all right. guillermo, are you ready? >> guillermo: i'm ready, jimmy. >> jimmy: what is your first question? >> have you ever played a super hero? >> jimmy: have you ever played a super hero? >> no. >> jimmy: no. >> are you an actor? >> jimmy: are you an actor? >> no. >> jimmy: interesting. right? maybe we should have had that question first. >> were you ever in a boy band? >> jimmy: were you ever in a boy band? >> no, i wasn't. >> jimmy: who were you thinking it might have been by the way? maybe justin timberlake? >> perhaps nick carter. >> jimmy: oh, no, it's definitely not nick carter.
11:51 pm
he's dancing with the stars right now. >> you never know. >> jimmy: okay. all right. well, in this case we did. yes. next? >> are you married to a celebrity? >> jimmy: are you married to a celebrity? >> yes, i am. >> jimmy: yes, he is married to a celebrity. >> do you have an accent? >> jimmy: do you have an accent? >> i do have an accent. >> jimmy: yes, yes. although he might say that we have an accent. >> are you an athlete? >> jimmy: are you an athlete? >> i was an athlete. >> jimmy: he was an athlete. all right. well, that's got to narrow it down somewhat. do you know who it is? >> me, not. >> jimmy: you have no idea. okay. >> do you have any tattoos? >> jimmy: do you have any tattoos?
11:52 pm
>> i have one or two. >> jimmy: he has one or two tattoos, yes. maybe even more. yes. next question? >> have you ever been to jail? >> jimmy: this could be very uncomfortable. have you ever been to jail? >> no, i haven't. >> jimmy: he has not been to jail. who are you thinking it might be, nick carter? >> i'm not sure. it could be anybody. >> jimmy: anybody. all right. yes. your question. >> has taylor swift ever made a song about you? >> jimmy: that's the mark of a true sexiest man alive. has taylor swift ever made a song about you? >> no. >> jimmy: okay. all right. >> have you ever had a man bun? >> jimmy: that is a really good question. have you ever had a man bun? >> yes, i have. >> jimmy: yeah. i remember that man bun. yes. he has had a man bun. again. let's recap. athlete, not an actor, married to a celebrity, an accent, has
11:53 pm
had a man bun, never been to jail, definitely not nick carter. next? >> have you ever won this title before? >> jimmy: have you ever won this title before? >> no, i haven't. >> jimmy: this is the first time this gentleman has won this title. next question? >> do you have any kids? >> jimmy: do you have any kids? >> yes, i do have two. >> jimmy: he has kids. adorable children, two. do you have any feeling who it is? >> david beckham. >> jimmy: are you david beckham? >> yes, i am. [ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. wow. congratulations, david. >> thanks very much. >> jimmy: look at how sexy he is. he's a romantic. david, david, have you seen the cover of the magazine yet?
11:54 pm
>> i saw it about an hour ago for the first time. yes, i have. >> jimmy: he's a romantic husband, devoted dad, and he vacuums. how do you feel right noukser david? is this exciting for you? >> i mean, it's the best moment of my career. it can believe it. >> jimmy: is there anyone you would like to thank for this honor? >> i would like to thank my parents. >> jimmy: yes, yes, sure. >> for bringing me into this world, of course. i would like to thank my hairdresser, my stylist. >> jimmy: nice. is there anything you would like to say to all the gross ugly losers like matt damon who is not this year's sexiest man alive? >> i would like to say maybe next year. >> jimmy: maybe next year. well, congratulations on this honor. it's wonderful to have you via satellite. david beckham, everybody. "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. look at him. all right. we have a good show for you tonight. music from walk the moon.
11:55 pm
"science bob" pflugfelder is here. and we'll be right back with josh hutcherson. ♪ >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by slim jim. survive the zombie apocalypse with the original meat stick. snap into a slim jim today. ♪ ♪ a holiday favorite is back.
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: tonight, he's a teacher and an author, too, our pal "science bob" pflugfelder is
12:00 am
with us. tonight bob brought nitrogen rockets. he's going to show us how to spin around with leaf blowers, and there's something involving tubes, fire, and tanks of propane, too. and then, if we survive that, this is their album called "talking is hard." walk the moon from the samsung outdoor stage. you can also see them play on the american music awards sunday night here on abc. tomorrow night on our show, joseph gordon-levitt, amber heard, and music from albert hammond jr. and on thursday, melissa mccarthy will join us as we shut down hollywood boulevard for a huge free concert from one direction. one direction will be here. our first guest was a lad of just 13 when he was on this show for the first time, and i vividly remember telling him where babying come from. now he's a grown man with a huge movie franchise behind him. he stars one last time as peeta mellar in the final installment of "the hunger games: mockingjay, part 2."
12:01 am
>> what do all those deaths mean? they mean that our lives were never ours. our lives belong to snow and our destiny, too. but if you kill him, katniss, if you end all of this, all those deaths, they mean something. >> jimmy: "the hunger games, mockingjay, part 2" opens in theaters friday. please say hello to josh hutcherson. [ applause ]
12:02 am
how is it going? >> good. >> jimmy: good to see you. >> you, too, man. >> jimmy: 13 years old when you were first here. that was crazy. >> do you remember what you did? you didn't tell me where babies came from but you did give me a fake id that looked like the beard that you are now wearing. >> jimmy: i don't remember that. >> as a fake id, welcome to hollywood, kid. >> jimmy: did you put it to use? >> i almost got arrested a lot of times with that. >> jimmy: we have a clip of the first time you were here. i have to say, this is -- this is shock for a number of reasons. >> notice the hair. >> jimmy: where are you from, josh? >> i'm from kentucky. >> jimmy: how do you wind up an actor when you're from kentucky? >> that's a good question. >> jimmy: thank you. >> i actually i had kind of always enjoyed entertaining people since i was young, like 3. >> jimmy: since you were really young. >> back in the day. >> jimmy: you were very cute. >> that was crazy. that's crazy. >> jimmy: funny -- >> i'm from kentucky.
12:03 am
>> jimmy: i never realized how fat i was until now. we were talking last night, your -- liam hemsworth, buddy and costar in the movie, we were talking about woody harrelson and how they shot the whole first movie and he did not know -- woody did not know that liam and chris hemsworth were brothers. >> you know, woody has a special quality about him. i don't know why. but he has this ability to kind of just be in his own -- like he's making eye contact. hello. hello. like, earth to woody. all of a sudden he says a genius, eloquent thing. oh, you are there, okay. scare med. i thought i was talking to a ghost. >> jimmy: i was actually talking to you once and and he is very, very fond of you. i don't know if he expresses this to you. >> he does. >> jimmy: in his own way. >> i can tell you how he expresses his love for us. >> jimmy: tell me. >> when we were shooting in atlanta, we had the whole crew there.
12:04 am
and we went to jenn's apartment. we decided to have an impromptu hangout. five people or something. it was the middle of july in atlanta. super hot. woody shows up wearing a vegan wool giant sweater and he walks in, he's like, hey, jen, you got like something else? this is kind of hot. jen's like, yeah, woody, it's july in atlanta. i do. oh, yeah, a t-shirt. she goes back to her room and she comes out. all i have is a crop top. and so that night basically turned into woody running around the crop top, taking off his like dirty, hippie sock and trying to put it in people's faces. running around. it was a lot more fun than it sounds. >> jimmy: it sounds terrible. >> no. that was by the way the first night that our new director frances lawrence had met the whole group together. he walked in and was like, how -- how am i going to make this movie? >> jimmy: good breaking in
12:05 am
exercise. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so, yeah, you're from kentucky originally. when you're in atlanta making these movies did you go home regularly? >> yeah, i went home all the time. when we shooting the first movie we shot in north carolina. and actually when i was speaking of going home, liam and i decided we were going to take a road trip back to kentucky. i wanted him to meet my family obviously this this guy is great. got to come feet the family. so we rode tripped from north carolina back up to kentucky. and down in australia they don't have white castle. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> that's like something he was been enamored by for whatever reason. so we decided when we get to my house, before we got to my house we're going to get these things called a crave case which is basically a briefcase full of -- not money but white castles. better than money. so we picked up one of these like 30 of them. picked up this burger box. we picked up a 24-pack bud light
12:06 am
lime. >> jimmy: classic. >> one after the other, after the other. played basketball. then he's like, i'm going to be sick. i'm like, me, too. side by side. played forebasketbamore basketb. it was bonding. >> jimmy: your folks must have really been thrilled. >> don't bring any more australians here again. >> jimmy: drunk, vomiting, hamburger eating. after you do all of these movies you go around the world, talking about "hunger games" over and over and over. how many interviews do you figure you've done for these movies? >> oh, my. we had four movies. so that's four press tours. roughly seven cities. like seven press junkets. she these interviews are fun, you know, they're good. but like when you have to sit down in a room for like six hours straight and they ask you the same question over and over again it's crazy. i literally think like 70 of those interviews in each city. so 60, carry the one, four. i think about 1,680, four-minute
12:07 am
interviews, approximately. >> jimmy: that's longer -- >> longer than science bob. >> jimmy: are you interested in sigh snens. >> yeah. >> jimmy: were you a good student? you like to like hollywood school, right? >> yeah, hollywood school. it's one of the best in the nation. yeah. >> jimmy: on-set school. home-school. >> by the way, that's actually really hard. >> jimmy: the worst thing about home-schooling is probably the prom, i mean, right? >> i went to a home-school prom. >> jimmy: you did? >> in kentucky. >> jimmy: no, you didn't. >> you can't -- you can't even imagine. >> jimmy: was it in someone's house? >> no, it was at a church. >> jimmy: really? >> it wasn't like a religious based prom. >> jimmy: used the church. >> we used the church as the hosting -- >> jimmy: the first time you had seen other children? >> first time i associated or interacted them. it was more awkward than you can ever dream of. i'm not bagging home-school. i got a good education and everything. >> jimmy: did you ask someone to
12:08 am
the home-school prom? >> i did. my girlfriend at the time. i asked her, oh, i got to go with my weird boyfriend and weird home-school prom in this weird church in kentucky. >> jimmy: poor baby. i had no idea you were going through all of this. you've given us so much. you really have. >> i'm trying, man. i'm trying. >> jimmy: it's great to see you. you're always welcome. >> nice to see you. >> jimmy: every decade for the next however long. josh hutcher son, everybody. "the hunger games: mockingjay, part 2" opens in theaters friday. we'll be back with "science bob."
12:09 am
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is the kind of teacher you always wanted, the kind who cancels class a lot to fly out to california to be on television. he's an elementary school science teacher and co-author of the "nick and tesla" books. please welcome "science bob" pflugfelder. science bob, how are you? thank you for coming. how is life? everything all right? >> everything is good. >> jimmy: kids behafing themselves? >> behaving themselves. doing fun science stuff. innovation. >> jimmy: i never got to have fun. my science class was terrible when i was a kid. the teacher was mean, to be honest with you. it's nice to have you here. >> i like coming here because there's a little bit of a geek factor to you. >> jimmy: thank you. by the way, i like this electrical work you've done here.
12:15 am
i don't know if you can see that. >> yeah, that is my work. yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so we want to start with some chemistry? >> jimmy: if there's a fire at the pflugfelder home, we will know why. >> it's probably me. >> jimmy: chemistry. >> chemistry is great. we've got an interesting reaction here. we have chemicals that are spinning. by the way, the shoddy wiring, i've actually taken some -- some fans and hooked some magnets on to them and that became my stirrer. >> jimmy: you've got to get the rinse stuff for the dishwasher because you have a lot of spots on this dplas. >> we're going to do do a reaction created by high school science teacher wos wanted to get their kids excited about science so they came up with a chemical reaction. we have three sets of chemicals. one is already in there. then we're going to add some more. >> jimmy: okay. >> notice they're all colorless. that's kind of important. the first one has some sulfuric acid and other things in it. we need safety up here.
12:16 am
>>. >> jimmy: all right. safety always comes second. >> that's right. all right. it's not just for show. we actually have these. >> jimmy: i'm going to check your phostate, also. >> grab one of these. we're going to pour this whole row, each one into one container. >> jimmy: any one of them? >> any one of the tall containers john kerry all right. >> there we go. and you notice nothing is happening. >> jimmy: nothing is happening. your right. >> the action has started. we just can't see it yet. >> jimmy: okay. >> and this is called the clock reaction because the clock reaction is when it is timed and it's also kind of got some interesting chemistry. that was a little start solution going. >> jimmy: okay. >> and if you grab that little flask and you're going to pour into that one. >> jimmy: whole thing? >> the whole thing in there. we're going to see -- there we get a very nice color change. >> jimmy: oh, wow.
12:17 am
>> the great thing about this is if you missed it the first time it will show it to you again. watch this. get it to clear up. >> jimmy: looks like barbisol right now. what the hell is going on here? >> let's pour the other ones in. >> jimmy: oh, wow, what kind of witchcraft is happening? >> what i like about this is not only kind of shows the e s ths but it's a little bit of science and art because of the way they all change. i've got a card here. >> jimmy: can we drink these? >> no, that would be really bad. >> jimmy: okay. these will stay blue for 2,000 flushes? . that's crazy. >> isn't that beautiful? >> jimmy: it just keeps changing. how long will this go on? >> for about four or five minutes. >> jimmy: if i were to do this in my pool -- >> oh, that would be amazing. >> jimmy: it would. all right. this is how the skinny girl margarita was invented, everybody. unbelievable. >> all right. let's try out some physics.
12:18 am
>> jimmy: it's still going. let's so physics. i'll duck under this wire. >> watch out for the wire. come over here bep don't need these gloves. we're going to swap these gloves out for heavier duty gloves. we're going to swap out the goggles for face shields. >> jimmy: i wasn't wearing the goggles. >> oh. >> jimmy: so probably should have put those on. again, safety comes third. >> yeah. all right, hey, look. look, it's our good friend. >> jimmy: liquid nitrogen. what paula dean is to butter you are to liquid nitrogen. >> i'm all right with that. nitrogen is 80% of the air that we breathe. when we take a deep breathe, 80% nitrogen. when question come press that it becomes a very, very cold liquid. 321 degrees below zero fahrenheit. >> jimmy: that is cold. >> that is very, very cold. one thing you never want to do with this because it's constantly expanding is you never want to put it into an enclosed container because it
12:19 am
will constantly be expanding, can get dangerous. that's what we're going to do tonight. >> jimmy: may i help you? >> if you would be in charge of the liquid nitrogen. >> jimmy: all right. just lift this up? >> it expands 700 times its volume when it goes from liquid to a gas. >> jimmy: what if i were to drop it? >> well, it would be cold wherever it fell. >> jimmy: is that enough? >> keep going. we're good. more, more, more. and that should be good. right there. >> jimmy: it's coming out. >> sorry about that. >> jimmy: i'm being attacked on all sides. >> all right. that you can put down there. now i have a special little cap i'm going to put on here. right now we're not actually trapping liquid nitrogen. there's a little extra in there. if you want to take that and point it down. that's good. that's good. >> jimmy: wow. >> isn't that fun? >> jimmy: yeah. that's it? >> that's it. sorry. now i'm going to take that and i
12:20 am
have got a little contraption i put together in my shop. it's going to go in there. it's going to start compressing the gas. come over here because this does not have a way out. i have to get the cage for it. >> jimmy: oh, boy. forgot the cage. you forgot the glasses. you forgot the hat. we're going to be killed here. >> absent-minded professor. i have a cage here. >> jimmy: this is like a zip line. >> yes, a zip line for a rocket. there we go. >> jimmy: that's called velcro, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: another miracle of science. >> it is. >> jimmy: yeah. >> all right. hold on. i got it. >> jimmy: about to blow, bob. >> i know. take that. so now we're come pressing the gas. we're going to release the gas. if all goes well we're going the create a rocket. we've got mars over there in the future. >> jimmy: this will be good. we'll kill our bass player. >> ready? >> jimmy: yeah. >> three, two, one, fire. there it goes.
12:21 am
[ applause ] >> jimmy: i see the instant replay here. yeah. look at that. we really did do that. that's unbelievable. all right. what's next? what do we have next? oh, yeah, this is the one i don't want to do but i guess i have to, huh? this is where you make me throw up. >> well, so you know nasa is looking for astronauts. we're looking to go to mars now so they're promoting -- >> jimmy: are they looking for 48-year-old astronauts? >> you never know. there's a whole written test. there's a mental test. there's a physical test. >> jimmy: okay. >> one of these -- >> jimmy: i will fail all of them. >> that's all right. you can do it. they will spin because if you are on a spacecraft and it starts spinning in space, things will just keep spinning. so we are going to simulate one of those tests that they give astronauts. >> jimmy: okay. >> you can try this at home. >> jimmy: that's a very fancy way of saying you went to home depot and bought a chair and two leaf blowers. >> that's so you can do it at home. turn that on.
12:22 am
then you hold it out. hold it out. see? [ applause ] there you go. >> jimmy: make it stop. i am -- if i throw up in this can i spray it into the audience? i am very woozy right now. in fact, maybe we should take a break. what are we going to do when we come back from the break? >> there will be fire. >> jimmy: there will be fire when we return. science bob is here. we'll be right back. ♪
12:23 am
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>> jimmy: we are back with science bob. science bob is a teacher of third and fourth grade from massachusetts. and you also have written a bunch of books. >> yeah, kids books. trying to get them interested in science and in building stuff. we want kids to build stuff again. >> jimmy: this is the way to do it. they're called "nick and tesla" looks. they're for smart kids. not for your stupid kids at home. so it smells like fuel is coming
12:28 am
out of this thing. >> yes. i've been meaning to make one of these devices for a long time. it's called a ruben's tube. it's basically a steel tube. >> jimmy: is this named after the rubric's cube? >> no, ruben's. it's capped at one end and the other end a speaker. i'll show you in a moment. if you will light right there and i turn on the gas. we have propane here. powering it up there. >> jimmy: usually when i light the grill i will burn at least one eyelash off. >> try not to let that happen. you see this flames here. >> jimmy: yes. >> what we're going to do is send a sound wave through it. it's the pressure of the sound wave will affect how much gas comes through each one of these little holes. we actually have a prerecorded tone. if we could hear that. you can actually see the frequency of that tone. >> jimmy: wow. >> is that amazing? >> jimmy: that is amazing.
12:29 am
[ applause ] it's like that -- it's like that equalizer thing on itunes that nobody ever uses. >> i know that you do play some music. >> jimmy: kind of. i play the clarinet. >> we have a microphone set up. the feed will come in here. you will see your music visualized on fire. >> jimmy: low notes is good for this? >> play a couple of notes. ♪ >> nice. ♪ [ applause ] nice! all right. >> jimmy: i feel like the i had had this in high school i could have gotten someone to have sex with me. you know? >> well. so, this is one length and we wondered, well, what if we
12:30 am
bumped this up with a couple of different lengths. >> jimmy: that's a good idea. >> so here we have six ruben's tubes and these are -- you will notice all slightly different lengths. that tunes them to different frequencies of sound. and we just happen to have a pretty amazing band that can -- >> jimmy: this ruben was definitely a stoner. no question about it. >> so let's see what some other music looks like through some -- music from cleto and the cletones in fire. >> jimmy: all right. ♪ >> jimmy: wow. that's unbelievable. [ applause ] music and nerds have come together.
12:31 am
we will be right back with music from rock the moon. ♪ [ applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung.
12:32 am
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank josh hutcherson. thanks to science bob. and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. "nightline" is next, but first, this is their album "talking is hard," here with the song "different colors," "walk the moon." let there be fire! ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ohh ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ohh coming up slowly ♪ ♪ oh sun over the hill daylight's still a long time coming but i know it will ♪ ♪ been under this spell
12:34 am
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12:37 am
this is "nightline." tonight, breaking news in france. police mounting a raid as they search for the suspect on the run after friday's terror attacks in paris. heavy gunfire and explosions reported. police telling people to stay inside their homes. and a terror scare in germany prompting a massive evacuation at a soccer stadium. while here at home rising opposition against accepting refugees from syria. a pastor's heartbreak. >> we're just as confused as everybody else at this point. >> a father and husband speaking out for the first time as new details emerge in the search for the killer of a young mother. the suspect caught on surveillance video.


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