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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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along i-280 with new details. matt? >> we got confirmation from a sergeant on the scene that the we male driver of the white honda accord has died at the hospital. the female passenger has minor injuries. this chase started in gilroy before 3:30 this morning. the c.h.p. chased this person who was looking like they were trying to sideswipe vehicles along 101 heading into san jose through freeways across san jose before they finally got off here on the southbound off-ramp of 280 at winchester boulevard, want through a fence, rolled a couple of ties and crashed into a tree. the c.h.p. officer shows you the wind child of the vehicle that was hit by a sign after it hit a curb, ran and a sign and two officers were inside the vehicle and they have minor injuries and this is going to be an ongoing
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investigation this morning we expect the c.h.p. to be out here for several hours as they try to determine exactly why the person was running. the car was reported stolen. we will update you on new information we get you in the finance half hour. it is wednesday november 18 at 6:00 with several new developments in the attacks on paris. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> now a look at the weather with mike. >> yes, new developments check out our visibility in napas ten miles, it was down to one an hour ago so this could be fog floating through the napa valley around american canyon and towards vallejo. look at this beautiful sunrise, we have developing, #abc7now. use the weather app. temperatures are piled are this morning. a lost 40's to nearly 50 and by
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noon passing high clouded, legal 60s, 62 to 66 and we will drop down to 58 at the coast to 64 away bay and 70 inland by 4:00, and you will not need so heavy a coat at 7:00, mid-50s to 60. >> rage is off today and we have a yuk check on traffic and taking you back to a situation in eastbound 80 the off-ramp, there has been a solo vehicle overturn hitting a power pole and power is out to 20 customers, and the estimated restoring is 8:30, and no slowing passing the area. >> a look at the san mateo bridge camera, traffic is moving smoothly and there are more cars on the road. >> we will get back to breaking news from paris, a major police radons with two dead and seven under arrest. our anchor is tracking the story and joining us with the latest. >> that is right we got an update this morning. right now, this is in word on the status of the mastermind
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behind the attack. he was juan for get ad in the -- he is the one that was targeted in the rain at saint denis, and this is the moment the six hour raid ended. we had to pleasure part of it because a bloody man was drag out of the apartment, naked from the waist down presumably to make sure he wasn't wearing an explosive bolt. we are closely monitoring the pictures and you can still see a heavy police presence. the french president just gave an update on the raid. >> a police operation particularly dangerous has just ended. the aim was neutralizing the terrorists who were accommodate ed in saint denis connected with the authors of the attack and the crimes of
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friday night. >> to terror suspects are dead, one a woman would blew her sell up with a suicide belt. the goal of the raid was to get to the ma'am, the ringleader behind the devastating attacks and no word on if that man, abdelhamid abaaoud, was at that site. this is what we know, two suspects are dead, a man and woman and seven are under arrest including three men who were taken from the apartment. five police officers are hurt. a police dog was kill, the first to be sent spot apartment called a hero this morning. also, new, french officials have identified all of the 129 victims killed in the paris attacks. so many of them are young people spending an evening at a cafe or out enjoying a concert. the french president has committed to taking 30,000 refugees in the next two years and this morning he said france has a duty to honor that commit ment. we will bring you the latest for
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now in the newsroom. >> two flights to paris were forced to make an message landing last night, following bomb threats, one landed in utah and the other in nova scotia and our reporter from losing a has more from l.a.x. where one of the flights took off. >> most flights have bun fully inspected and clears of any threat, flight that originated from lax is now back up in the air on way, again, to paris and the flight that was diverted to halifax will leave this afternoon. the flight is sitting on a runway in salt lake city after being diverted two hours into the flight when an anonymous caller said a bomb was on floored. the passengers were interviewed and the plane and all luggage was searched. air france flight 55 leaving from dulles, also had a bomb
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throat called in and 262 people were on board and they deferred to halifax, canada, for message landing. back out here the good in us is both of the threats were deemed false alarms and now the investigation will turn into figuring out who made the threats. >> in the bay area, students are remembering a 23-year-old southern california college student who was killed in the paris attacks. nohemi gonzalez was having dinner with friends when the shootings began. we were at a candlelight vigil for her in san francisco and students talk how they are affected by the changing world and the deep of students was there to let constitutes know they have support. 35 students from san francisco state were in paris but they were not hurt. >> we are vulnerable to the estrousties and it is important
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to stay grounded in community and to on them. >> dozen of young people attended a vigil in gonzalez' hometown and her family thanked the community for their support. >>ant violence candlelight vigil is held at notre dame university in belmont, students, faculty and the community honor the victims of the attacks in paris and they also ray for the victims at eight united states campuses that have shootings and stabbings since the year began. the candlelight vigil will be held at 7:00 this evening. >> paris attacks promised the french american international school in san francisco to alert the f.b.i. about graffiti on the playground. crews pained over the graffiti yesterday. police believe there was a logo of a group called the a percent nation an off shoot of the nation of islam. they do not believe it was a terror threat but determining if it is a hate crime. >> mexico is increasing security at the borders in response if the attacks with more mess --
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police at embassies. in is no specific threat. two mexican women were among the 129 people killed last friday in the attack. >> for the latest protecting news on paris, download our news app and help able push notifications. well alert you with new developments as they happen, and you can get our app for free in the app store or at >> stanford is stemming up security after four stubbing incidents involveing nonstudents. four strangers were seen inside the residents in the past month. the most recent was in one dorm on november 2nd around 6:00 a.m. a resident found a stranger in the bathroom, doing something disturbing and listening to loud pornography. the students say the stranger fold him back to room and asked if he "wanted to play." the e-mail was sent to residents
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describing flee other incidents in october. some think the coverages are vulnerable because though are by a busy street. >> santa clara county sheriff laurie smith will investigate all claims of excessive force by guards at the jail. inmates have filed more than 300 excessive force complaints since 2010 and only 14 were investigated. there was one firing is all, three deputies face murder charges for the death of an inmate if august. >> a push to turn a closed livermore golf course into a public park near interstate 580 which closed in october after the owner said they were losing too money. according to our news partner a group of local residents now is asking the city to turn the property for a park. city officials say maintenance
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on the 930 acre parcel could cost from $45,000 to $5 million a year. >> cold outside, but not quite as chilly as year. >> we will see what is in the future for us. mike? >> from questions. and observations. we will look at mount mt. diablo trying to pierce the colorful clouds, the oranges, the purple, the blues, absolutely gorgeous. #abc7now if you capture anything. we would love to see it. the humidity is climbing. more of a comfortable level. coolest neighbors are along the coast at 58 to 61 and warmer-than-average around the bay at 63 to 68 and the same colorful clouds from sutro tower and the calmness over us right now is not too breezy at three to five miles per hour. 60 to 70, today, to, friday, saturday, and the prosecute of 9 weekend and the an update on the
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rain. >> unfortunately, the situation in hercules has gotten worse just now because the c.h.p. early are saying it was eastbound 80 and now is saying the crash is westbound 80 in the commute direction near pinole vietnam road a motorcycle and two cars tangled up and the motorcyclist has injuries. we got that information and one hane is blocked as you try to make director way around westbound 80 at the accident scene. in walnut creek, this is the 680 camera, tail lights are of course putting brakes on southbound and the other side of traffic is flowing smoothly but southbound, expect delay. >> still to come the bay area city just ranked safe e in the nation. >> president obama reveals new details of the plan for after looking office and you may see him spending more time on the bask court. ahealth warning and how the antibiotics we use each day could be creating dangerous drug
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resistance viruses. resistance viruses. stay tuned.
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>> walnut creek, bulge game, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> new concerns about super bugs, antibicycle bacteria found in food. meat and poultry raised without antibiotics are less likely to have the drug resistant bacteria than those that get the drugs. our chief health and memorial day editor explains. >> be careful how you cook at home, cook your meet thoroughly, avoid cross contamination. when you buy your meat and poultry, look at labels. you have to be careful. look a this, some are clear, organic, that is antibiotic free , natural means nothing it can be on anything. we will have more tips to
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recollect yourself coming up and a full report on "good morning america" ahead. >> rebound is looking ahead to what he will do next. the president said he is fantasize about owning a professional basketball team and said he would also consider the commissioner jobs for major league baseball and the nfl and one job three does not want? supreme court justice. he said he does not have the temperament for that position. >> i would take the nfl job it pays the best $40 million a year. something like that? >> at that level, money is the secondary thing the. >> i know but it is something to consider. >> absolutely. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco how is the weather for playing basketball outside? >> nice day. absolutely. not too much wind. if you hit it off the backboard, call "bank." >> ato -- way to go.
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dublin and pleasanton 39. san ramon and danville, 40. walnut creek 42. brentwood is 41. livermore is 40. everyone is about 40 to 44 or 45 degrees until pittsburg at 47. oakland and mountain view at 47. hayward and san jose at 46. san carlos at 48. napa is the cool spot at 37 and fairfield at 38. novato at 52 and san francisco at 51 and a lack of winds this morning and only hayward at these miles per hour and novato at seven and registering anything faster than two miles per hour. just cannot get enough of gorgeous mornings and the high clouds that produce them because it is not the pollution as much. our air is clean this morning. i checked out the fine particulate matter and we are green. we will stay by low the levels that. from the "spare the air" all week although it will be mostly sunny and above average, mild days and nights ahead until next
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week's storm rolls in and it is stay the course, a tuesday and wednesday and thursday happening and at least with our latest model. we will look at our temperatures to the south, you will zoom in on that and goal provide is 71 and everyone else is 66 to 69, and 64 to 68 on the peninsula and flirting with 60 all along the coast into daly city and colma and toward south san francisco and brisbane and downtown mid-60s there and that will spill into sausalito and upper 60 to low 70s and all through the north bay and napa and calistoga and sonoma, temperatures along the east bay shore are comfortable at 6 a at richmond to oakland and castro valley and newark at 68 and temperatures are around 64 to 69 inland and more 40's and 50s tonight but the 30s are continuing to fall by the wayside and notice where the storm track is to the north and we will have mild days into the weekend. on tuesday, there is a chan rain not only tuesday, but, also,
6:19 am
wednesday and again on thursday, and now i will show you the models, model unwas out of the control, with 1.5" and it has pulled back half an imto two-thirds and the second model was around a third to half an inch is cop sift. and we are starting to get more solidify indication on where we are going to end up with the rain but it will mess up any chance of traveling. until then, enjet 60 at the coast and upper 60 to low 70's around the bay and inland. >> leyla is off with a look at traffic right now, we have a new problem just reported on the bay bridge, bad news if you are crossing the bay bridge coming into san francisco, westbound 80 beyond the metering lights, a solo vehicle accident the right lane is blocked with red and orange and moving at 11 miles per hour to the bridge, so here you can see the picture of the bay bridge toll plaza reflecting what has happened as a result of accident, you do have quit a backup waiting to pay your
6:20 am
tolls, again, a new accident westbound 80 beyond the metering lights. >> tonight at 11 o'clock, some people are getting their paychecks garnished for old debts that do not belong to them. >> it came from me not checking my credit report. >> it is a tough lesson for a woman fighting the courts and the collecters for a debt that is not even hers. "7 on your side" investigates how this can happen to you tonight at 11 o'clock. >> get a head start on your holiday shopping, and how early radio shack and amazon. offer black friday deals this year. >> a live broadcast right now of "good morning america" during the 40th anniversary celebration with 40 continuous hours of broadcasting. you can watch it on the live
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>> good morning, everyone, as we look frommure camera to the bay, the garagous shot with the flow
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from the sun rising in the east. >> survey on safest cities in america showing bay area is pretty safe the sunnyvale tops list as the safest city in america, the survey conducted used stats on violence crime and drug use and traffic citizens to rate the 200 largest cities. the tiptop is sunnyvale. san jose comes in at number 6. fremont is number 8. other cities include honolulu, salem, oregon, and bellview, washington. >> you are coupling the difficulties, black friday is early if you look for deals. bankrupt electronics rail radio shock has announced plan to start sales next wednesday the day before thanksgiving day. stores will have 100 different deals and stay open later than normal that day and thanksgiving day they open from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 o'clock p.m. to have a chance to finish shopping's many other retailers are opening. amazon will start earlier saying
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the sales will start on friday and turn through black friday. new details are added as often as every five minutes and there are thousands of lightning deals offered with amazon prime subscribeers getting 30-minute head start on majority of those. >> the pacifica woman accused of defrauding people with fake disney tickets is scheduled for court this morning. the prosecutors say the 22-year-old we cardema posed as an employee of disney and sold fake disney passes to families in santa clara county. many took trips and found out there were no were radios booked and they could not get into the park. she is face 2 charges and prison sentence of 20 areas. >> investigate gators are auditing a museum in san francisco because of possible financial improprieties. a whistle blower said the board chef and
6:26 am
to a firm staffer whose health was failing. they will look at financial statement from two areas. she ordered a check cut for the aide without required approval. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including break news from paris new details on the raids that have last two dead and seven people under arrest. >> workers refusing to work today in an east bay city and what it means for anyone trying to get business done. >> traffic and weather during the break and this is walnut creek traffic southbound 680 creek traffic southbound 680 with very ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx.
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>> abc7 starts with breaking news. >> at 6:00, breaking news in the south bay we have been following. a high speed case reaching 120 miles per hour ins in a dangerous crash near 280. right now we have learned that the driver has died. >> there are major developments in the paris terror attacks following a series of raids. it is wednesday, november 18. thanks for joining us. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> and now, the weather with mike. >> we.
6:30 am
start with live doppler hd and show you a few high clouds and this is the way it looks if you are under them with the sun coming up. the sky is on fire. from the exploritorium. contrasted with the blue of a calm bay. winds are only five to eight miles per hour for the ferry ride. the next 12 hours is milder this morning at 40 to 52 and hint a freeze, and up to 66 inland and the coast. most of us will flirt with the mid-60s to 70 and not so chilly. >> a look at traffic from the tracy area, westbound 580, the commute is very slow out of the altamont pass. backed up. no accidents. just the grind. traffic is around 21 miles per hour. it doesn't loosen up until livermore. we will look at the golden gate bridge and if you are driving into san francisco officer marin county, you are doing nicely,
6:31 am
slowing -- flowing into the city. >> in a paris suburb there is a heavy police presence. this is the scene in saint denis it is very active. here is what our news anchor is learning. >> yes, the french police believe this six hour long raid this warded future new attacks. two suspects are now dead in the paris push of saint denis. this is what the residents her, intense machine gun fire and seven large explosions. we want to show you the moment the raid ended a bloody man was dragged from the farm, naked from the waist down to make sure he was not wearing an explosionive belt.
6:32 am
>> two suspects are dead. a man and a woman who blew her sell up. 25 are under arrest including three men taken from the participate -- apartment. >> five police officers are hurt and a police dog was killed. photos are in tributes to the seven year old diesel, the shepherd, the first to be sent into the apartment. the tar guest the raid was ringleader abdelhamid abaaoud, still no word open his status this morning. or if he was there at the apartment. still, police hope that the raid still, police hope that the raid will thwart future attacks. including one from washington, dc, landing in nova scotia and air france released a statement saying they did not fine evidence of a bomb on either flight. the flight from los angeles is in the air, heading to paris
6:33 am
right now and the other flight is still in canada. >> international travelers havingsed emotions when it comes to flying in the wake of the attacks. we were at san francisco international airport getting passenger reaction to the diverted flights last night. two travelers, one going to thailand and the other to el salvador said any trip to europe can wait. >> actually, in a way it is a great time to leave america. and go someplace where, perhaps, is safer such as asia not a focus of the problems with isis. >> too many ways for the isis people to attack our aircraft. they are very dedicated. >> airport officials say the operations are not affected and his are proceeding. >> and mashable has a twitter account honoring each of the 129 victims of the paris attacks. victims of the paris attacks. the account is
6:34 am
information on each victim. you can download our abc news app to be alerted on new developments as they happen. our app is free in the phone corner store or at >> breaking news out of the south bay, enjoy. >> matt is in san jose with an update on the high speed chase that ended with a deadly crash on 280. >> we learned in the past hour that the driver of this honda accord had died at the hospital. the female passenger has minor injuries. the chase start the in gilroy with 3:30 and came through san jose with speeds up to 125 miles per hour. the driver got off on the winchester boulevard exit from southbound 280, went through a fence and rolled over a few times and a which car was also damaged. here is how it happened. >> c.h.p. vehicle was the first vehicle in pursuit and they
6:35 am
struck the cub and the shoulder and struck that wrong way sign, hopped become over to this curb and you can see damage of the patrol car shattered the windshield. >> two officers were in the damaged car, both suffered minor injuries from the broken glass and treated at the sceneful the initial stop was for speeding and they also discovered it was stolen. the c.h.p. could be here for a long-term for the investigation. traffic is being allowed so it should not have an impact here on the morning cot -- >> in a few hours, san francisco emergency management officials are hosting a super scrimmage in preparation for super bowl 50 events. the f.b.i. led a security training exercise yesterday in santa clara. officials say the exercise today will focus on security, public safety, and transportation in
6:36 am
san francisco. they will test and discuss plans and response roars for events with the first going in san francisco january 29 and continue through super bowl sunday. the exercise today is held at mass concern center south at 10:00 a.m. >> the board of regents of uc is meeting today. members want your input before voting on expansion of enroll ment. tomorrow, the board will vote on a plan to increase enrollment by 10,000 in-state undergraduates throughout the system over the next three years. the plan also calls for an increase in tuition for out-of-state constitutes -- students. >> the founder of lyft said he will not need to teach his children how to drive. >> choke this out, beautiful shot of san jose with the sun
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tickets available at >> what has been on our side in the south bay and toward livermore, rain and it is now october 1 to cone side with our surrounding national weather services office and the rest of us from santa rosa to 56 at sfo so we need more rain and not
6:40 am
happening today, so get out and enjoy a go day, a light breeze for bicycling and not so chilly for running and tranquil if you are boating, 82 in palm springs, 70s around san diego and 60s through the central valley and a beautiful picture from kirkwood mountain last night and it looks great. it is going to be dry there until tuesday and that is end the rain and snow hits and i have an update on that will coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> that is gone owe, the snow is purple. love it. unfortunately on the bay bridge, westbound 80 we told you of a solo crash at the incline and it looks like that has been cleared, however, can you see all of red, traffic is moving very slowly at eight miles per hour through the backup. the toll plaza shows you can see the traffic is delayed as a result so the accident is causing problems and delay the commute this morning. the warriors are off to the best
6:41 am
start since dallas won the first 14 games in 2002 and last night they war the throw back uniforms against raptors with a game high 37 points and the three pointer with only five minutes gave the lead for good and raptors guard laurie was called for foul with 15 seconds and green stopped toronto's final shot coming up here, as the warriors defeated the raptors 115-110 and will now play the clippers in los angeles tomorrow night. it should be a great game. >> the reason you can save a lot of money on gas this holiday season and the founder of lyft said shell not need to know how to drive. >> if you have a news tip to us >> if you have a news tip to us give us a call
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. happening today, workers in the east bay biggest cities are hitting the picket lines. amy hollyfield is if concord with the dailies on who might be impacted. amy? >> the day is about to get started in concord and it will not look like a normal day. at the public works department, you will not see street sweepers
6:45 am
who wering today, you will not see landscapers working, and building permits will not be issued just a reduction in services overall. the union is strike because the manager in public works did some work this a non-union employee could is done. the city said that the manager was training the remain employee the police department will be shore -- short staffed with officers on the streets but the property room is closed. city officials are disappointed in the strike. they would like a chance to resolve things. the union said the city is conduct unfair labor practices. the two sides are in the middle of contract negotiations. but they say the strike has nothing to do with that. they are due at the table on friday for the negotiations. :45. gas could fall below $2 a gallon time for christmas. >> google could get rid of glass but keep the technology.
6:46 am
we go to the nasdaq with the machine report -- money report. >> we are not sure how santa will bring this down the chimney but if you have a car, the national average for a gallon could fall below $2 just in time for christmas. prices have been falling for 11 days street an the country. that brings the national average to $2.16 and san francisco said the average price for regular is $2.83. the next google glass version could use the glass but not the technology. they say this will be something that is used for specific careers such as for surgeons while they perform surgeries. >> the founder of lyft said do not learn to drive, she will not node a car because of revolution is taking place in the industry
6:47 am
and self driving cars will take place of people owning their own vehicle. >> stocks are positive and resilient this week even today, facing all of the global developments including the apartment raid in paris the dow is up 83 points and nasdaq up a third of a percent. the team add "good morning america" is in the heart of a marathon broadcast right now, 40 straight hours to celebrate a fantastic 40 years on the hair. >> it is called gma40 for 40 event. what you are seeing is live, t.j. is interviewing right now and it started at 2:00 p.m. and happening now on live well network at 7.2 and comcast channel 195 and 715 and you can
6:48 am
watch the live streaming online. >> and gloria is getting the presidential medicals of freedom and spencer christian will be on hand with johnny money done and charlie gibson and date hartmanm dishing fondest memories of weather and the past and present anchors on thursday. >> spencer had a big personality it will be interesting to see the fond of the memories because theying will be on that said of the spectrum but there will be storms and it will be interesting to see what storms he picks. >> the rain could get you member week. that is when everyone is trying to travel. enjoy the calm while we have it. the easy commutes, weather-wise if you wake inin the south bay,
6:49 am
45 in campbell, we have cupertino at 44 and santa clara and los gatos at 47 and san jose and alum rock at 46, and same in redwood city, and danville and brentwood are the cooler spots at 41 and fairfield is cooler at 38 and san pablo is 53 and san carlos is 48 and alameda is 54 and san francisco is at 51. our visibility shows patches of fog earlier around napa and american canyon and vallejo but not hitting the reporting station, we are still seeing baby blue and pink from mount tamalpais and we will talk high clouds anderly watching today, and mild nights and days ahead until the ran i am tracking for the holiday travel rolling in on tuesday and hangs an wednesday and thursday, gilroy is 71 an every else in the mid-to-upper 60s in the south bay with san jose and cupertino at 68. 64 at mill provide and los altos
6:50 am
is 68 and flirting with 60 along the coast and south san francisco, san bruno, toward brisbane and downtown to sausalito up to 65. napa is at 70, and the east bay shoreline is nice, 65 at richmond to oakland and castro valley and new around the 68. inland east bay from 65 in the san ramon valley to upper 60s heading out highway 4 to brentwood at 69. tonight we are in the 40s and 50s and the 30s becoming less proponent. two areas of high pressure keeping the storm track to the north and the smile through the weekend. heading to tuesday, signs of rain moving in on wednesday, and maybe the wettest with lingering showers on thursday. at the same time, it will be snowing in the sierra. out of control yesterday with 1.5" of rain the medical shows but now they have dropped than
6:51 am
down only up to half an inch of rain. until we get there expect a lot of sunshine and 60s at the cost and low 70s around the bay from thursday through sunday. it is cooler on monday. get ready for the wet weather on tuesday. kristen? >> we will check on the traffic in the south bay, the san jose area shows most of the freeways are going at top sped and everything is going fine but watch out for the early investigation off the winchester boulevard exit off of 280 after a chase. right now we want to look at san rafael this is 101, with brake lights, so slow going but no accident to report. stay tuned
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> good morning, everyone, looking to the east at mt. diablo with mist in the veal and the sun is rising and a gorgeous shot to start day. we will find out how the weather is acting throughout all of this, as well. >> here are seven things to know: police arrested 25 people overnight following the attacks in paris. two suspects were killed. five officers were injured. one of suspects blew herself up. authorities have not identified those in custody. a neck is scheduled for -- a
6:54 am
news conference is scheduleed for later today. >> a man is dead after leading c.h.p. officers on a high speed crash up to 1126 miles per hour. he crashed in san jose. a female passenger has minor injuries. the chase started in gilroy before 3:30 in the morning, the c.h.p. said that car was stolen. >> three, stanford university is warning students livering on campus after four disturbing incidents involving intruders not students. four strangers were seen inside the residents in the past month. >> four, traffic situation at emeryville camera looking at the commute westbound, it is slow due to an early accident that has been cleared around the incline so the drive time from 24, highway 24 to san francisco is about an hour right now. >> five, a little chilly as you step outside our bart station
6:55 am
with dublin/pleasanton at 39, and oakland and daly city in the low-to-mid 50s and 49 in san francisco and sfo. check out sunshine, taking over downtown san jose grab the sunglasses, it will be warm and a bright day of the temperatures are above average from the mid-60s to 70s showing up in the north bay. injury. >> city workers in condition cod are staining a one-day strike today over what they call unfair labor practices. city offices will be open and people should expect reduced services. >> marin county is hadding a public meeting to talk about a plan to ease traffic control along sir francis drake boulevard. a proposal is to make adjustments to the timing of lights and improvements are paid for by the measure "a" sales tax. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> you can watch "good morning america" 40 right now,
6:56 am
continuous 40 hours of exciting celebrations of the 40th anniversary on the live well network. a lot is beginning on. >> indeed. >> spencer will be on today. >> all day, hopefully we will learn about his favorite memories and the storms he has covered and how much high loves covered and how much high loves to live in the bay area.
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good morning, america. we have major new developments in the attack on paris right now. for our viewers on the west coast. a massive raid this morning, gunfire and explosions rock a paris neighborhood. police target the mastermind of the terror attacks. residents warned to stay inside away from windows. a female suicide bomber blows herself up. another terrorist killed by police. at least seven arrested. did police stop a second attack just in time? and panic here at home. >> air france 065, are you still dumping fuel? >> emergency landings overnight. two air france jumbo jets diverted because of bomb threats and the fear spreading across europe. a bomb threat canceling a soccer game in germany, the nearly 50,000-seat stadium evacuated as new air strikes pound the isis stronghold.


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