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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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to friday's terrorist attacks in paris carried out by isis, authorities believe two of the terrorists traveled through france, posing as refugees. during a raid in paris, police killed eight people. the suspected mastermind was killed but police and prosecutors are not confirming he is dead. and french president hollande says his country won't keep a promise to receive refugees over the next two years and president obama today tweeted the u.s. will provide refuge to at least 10,000 review fwees over the next year, after they pass the highest security checks.
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david louie is live in san jose. some are saying that isn't good enough. david? >> reporter: the northern california office of the international rescue committee and other groups are calling on the u.s. to allow 100,000 refugees into the country. that is less than what the president is talking about. they're saying some of the refugees have suffered hardship and persecution. now, they're very worried. we'll call her hahnan. she's in silhouette. they live in jordan, as christians they left iraq 13 years ago. but the possibility the us is will stop her from imgreating has her worried. she spoke to us in arabic. we hear her thoughts from an interpreter. >> they consider america to be a
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compassionate country. they're hopeful and lost. it's just a very, very bad situation. >> the interpreter worked many years to help sear christians. now, she's facing telling them the welcome mat will be removed. >> the country had an opportunity to help the review gears a long time, and not much has been done, now, it's a crisis situation. >> reporter: the bill has support from many governors and lawmakers. >> i'm not convince that had refugees have to come to america f you're coming from a hot bed where terrorism existed maybe they can go somewhere else, maybe remaining in the middle east. >> the files containing applications are bulging, their stories detailing why they seek safety. >> convoys were intercepted by insurgents michlt brother was surfed and tortured and shot to
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death. >> in loss alto, david louie, abc7 news. more than 900 people recited the pledge of allegiance while being sworn in today. the new citizens came to america from 110 different nations. one man is from france and praises his native country and adoptive homeland following the attacks in paris. >> different countries are going together and showing, you know, their emotion and fighting against that evil. >> each receives a certificate to commemorate the milestone. a san francisco judge ruled a divorced couple must agree to destroy three employees.
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mimi lee is a breast cancer survivor and now infertile. her ex-husband wants the employees destroyed as stipulated in the contract they signed. >> the court recognizes it as valid and it must be respected so it's very reassuring to us to know the courts have looked at this and said these documents are valid. >> lee's publicist sent a statement saying she's disappointed with the tentative ruling and evaluating her options. the judge put her order on hold to give her a chance to appeal. one person died in this terrible crash along highway 37 in sonoma county. you can see from sky 7 the wreck involved two big rigs including a double tanker truck and two cars. the crash just snarled the evening commute. a viewer shared this video. you can see traffic inching past the seen. no word yet on who was at fault.
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sadly one person died. police in richmond are searching for a gunman who opened fire n a father and young son in a drive by shooting last night. the father is in critical condition. his son is expected to be okay. abc7 news reporter carolyn tire is live tonight and the unanswered question is why they were shot. >> reporter: that is right, dan. police are saying that there has been a recent uptick in crime, particularly in that southside neighborhood. but they're investigating what led to this drive by shooting that happened around 7:45 last night. glass in the driveway of brother's liquor and market. the owner says the 31-year-old father and 5-year-old son were in the store. >> he tried to buy milk
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chocolate for his son. he didn't have money. he went to get it and came back. >> reporter: police say a car opened fire. >> i can't count the shots. you know? the gentleman ducked and turned. >> reporter: connie perry lives across the street. he says the father tried to get away, he drove into the yellow median. >> he hit this curb, he was shot. he was trying to save his kid. >> reporter: police say they're trying to determine why his father was fired on. >> we have had gunfire, and it has been gang related. we can't determine if this insy sent is related. the chief acknowledges violence is still a challenge. >> last night, we had a ugly shooting you know? it highlights the fact that this
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is always going to be a work in progress in the city. i think we're moving in the right direction. >> reporter: they're asking witnesses to come forward. in richmond, abc7 news. well, numbers don't lie. richmond has seen a drop in violent crime over the past decade. now, the man behind making richmond safer is leaving for a new job. the police chief revealed he will head the police force in tucson, arizona, starting in january. four people are in the hospital after that union square tour bus accident. you're looking at sky 7 hd video from friday. today, for the first time, we caught up with a tour bus company's ceo who did not want to answer our questions. melanie woodrow has the story. >> christian? hi. i'm melanie from abc7. why wasn't the bus registered with the public utilities commission? why wasn't the bus registered?
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why was it not inspected by chp? christian? >> reporter: we went into the public meeting, the city sight seeing ceo ran out. we ran after him. he asked us to leave. the bus driver's attorney wants answers, too. >> they saw the bus. it's a miracle he survived. it was just a run away bus. >> reporter: it started with -- >> a boom. and the bus started just to accelerate. and the gas pedal seemed to just be loose. >> reporter: with no brakes, the attorney says kenneth tried to slow down another way. >> the plastic barriers. he says they blew away, like paper. >> reporter: then, parked cars. >> he did nothing. >> reporter: last resort was the scaffolding. this pedestrian jumped out of the way.
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>> he's thankful that no one was killed. >> reporter: his attorney suspects a multi system failure but not ruling out another thing. he says the bus wasn't always a double decker. >> when you retro fit and add seats you're adding weight and stress. >> reporter: sfpd, and cpuc are investigating. dublin police have three suspects accused of robbing the bank of america on monday. the surveillance photo shows two females who handed the bank teller a note demanding money and threatening to hurt the family if she doesn't comply. they took off with undisclosed amount of money in this yukon, driven by a male suspect. that vehicle is located in modesto and led police on a chase for eight miles before crashing. officers arrested the driver, a 32-year-old and passenger, a few hours later a 17-year-old was
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taken into custody. all three face charges. an inmate advocacy group is suing over conditions at santa clara county jail. the lawsuit claims the use of solitary confinement and condition of the jail are un-constitutional and inhumane. the law office filed a suit on behalf of three inmates just a day after a mercury news report showed inmates filed 300 excessive force complaints since 2010, 14 were investigated. the sheriff's department defended against those findings. >> the majority of the complaints we've received in the unit, most of the time are unfounded. but we have been able to disprove the person was in custody. the sheriff's office declined to comment on this lawsuit. still ahead here, human slavery? >> i can't imagine there are people in here, held against
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their will. outing businesses using forced labor to stay afloat. and two california seizures. hundreds of guns and ammo. and a large seizure of illegal contraband at l.a.x., and it wasn't drugs. and i'm tracking our next storm on the horizon. when to expect the showers in the accu-weather forecast. heading the wrong direction down a river. the search for announcer: if you'd give thanks for a better night's sleep... [barks] sleep train has just the ticket. [train horn blares] during sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale save up to $300 on beautyrest, posturepedic, serta, even tempur-pedic! get up to three years interest-free financing! plus, choose a free gift with selected mattress sets! but hurry, sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale won't last! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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we're back with a dramatic story of modern day slavery. six people, forced to work
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against their will, have been rescued and three people are under arrest, accused of human trafficking. abc7 news is live with the story. chris? >> reporter: and dan, as you said, some call this a form of slavery. some worked at this restaurant behind me. they were paid little to nothing. tonight, the restaurant is closed and the owner booked into county jail. just off cott street lp, a form slavery we don't typically see. >> we hear about human trafficking but don't know how it's happening or where. we don't know. >> reporter: last night, investigators with the local human trafficking task force executed search warrants at two businesses. the restaurant and the salon about two miles away. a home in san jose was also
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searched, resulting in the arrest of three people. the business owners, as well as the manager, have been charged with human trafficking and wage theft. investigators say there are six victims. three men, and three women, all initially came from spain on vacation. the sheriff's office says they began investigating in july. >> we just want the public to be aware that human trafficking is cases like this, wage theft. people made to work, to pay off a debt. >> reporter: some victims have been in the united states since 2011 and may have owed money from the business owner. >> my heart goes out to them and their families, everybody wondering about where they are, i hope they're able to get their lives back together. >> reporter: the suspect are being held in santa clara county jail and will make a court appearance on friday.
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largest seizure of illegal contraband at l.a.x. didn't involve narcotics. there were 450 pork tamales arriving from mexico this month. the customs patrol says they're popular holiday dish, foreign meat products can carry animal diseases. the tamales were destroyed and the travel fined a thousand dollars. the california department of justice seized 500 firearms from one home in clovis. look at the weapons. officers say the man was prohibited from owning guns due to mental health issues. his cash included ten assault weapons and more than 100,000 rounds of ammunition. police in el cerrito are asking for help in catching a woman they say is a violent suspect who may get caught because of her own mistake. the case may be cracked by this selfie.
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laura anthony joins us live tonight with more. >> have thought she got away with stealing an iphone, but herselfies may have caught up with her. police say this woman and a happy go lucky selfie stole a phone to take it. a young student was walking to class, talking on her iphone. a car rolled up, a woman jumped up and demanded her phone and backpack and started punching the girl. >> the suspect punched her in the head several times, causing some minor injuries to her facial area. and actually, caused her to lose consciousness and go to the ground. >> reporter: several days later, the young victim found these selfies and recognized the woman
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as her attacker. >> i don't think she knew it was being up loaded to the cloud. >> reporter: students say nearly everyone has a smart phone, but some protect them better than others. >> after hearing what happened, would you do something differently? >> probably not. >> i try not to keep it out in public. i do have an iphone. >> reporter: as for the woman? >> kind of dumb to take pictures of yourself. hundreds of wildfires are caused by power pole failures, getting attention of a bay area politician. abc7 news was at the cpuc building as state senator hill held a hearing on the pole utilities play and creating oversight. an executive testified the
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utility is inspecting trees along 132 miles of power lines. what that is. >> to under score the danger, pg and e is investigating whether a power pole caused the butte fire. people up and down the san joaquin river are on the lookout for a surprise and unexpected visitor. take a look. a pacific green sea turtle was spotted far from home. the national marine and fishery service has been alerted. experts say it likely went north into san francisco bay, and now seems to be heading east. >> wayward turtle. >> yes.
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spencer christian is in new york but we've got you covered here withdrew tuma. >> hi. we've got a nice set of days coming our way, then, mother nature wants to send rain our way. >> we'll take it. >> a great evening out there. clear skies, and coming up empty-handed for moisture. clear skies allowing temperatures to drop rapidly at this hour. 59 in oakland, the same in san jose, fremont, 60 in san francisco. and outside we go, clear skies, and the city is sparkling this evening. a live look across san francisco and oakland in the background. the forecast calls for clear skies overnight tonight, it's a quiet pattern, and really throughout the weekend. high pressure is in control. so live doppler 7, high pressure anchored off the coast.
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going to sit there, that is going to bring us sunshine over throughout the weekend. next tuesday, we'll see clouds on the increase, tuesday, mainly dry and then, wednesday, if you notice green on the screen. the storm drops in from the north. there is a chance of showers. it doesn't look like it's going to stick around that long. thanksgiving day, we're dry and partly cloudy. however, how it looks now, showers are likely wednesday. that is before thanksgiving. about a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. but this is still seven days out. details will change. overnight, the thing to worry about is how you're going to stay warm. 42 in vallejo. 51 san francisco. 50 in oakland. 44 in fan jose. then, highs for thursday, starting in the south bay, plenty of sunshine. comfortable temperatures. 68 san jose. and 67 for mid peedas.
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67 redwood city. and mountain view. 59 in pacifica. in the east bay, lots of sunshine, 67 union city. and 70 in livermore, sunny skies. here is the accu-weather forecast. will be a nice wave headed our way. sunny skies throughout monday. and then, tuesday, turning cooler and breezier. by wednesday, another chance of rain and temperatures in mid-50s. >> thanks, drew. >> well, if shopping isn't your thing, there is a new incentive to get
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life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>> i was around when it >> i did a duet with bill murray, billy crystal, tom thanks. >> oh, my. >> that is spencer christian at
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the gma studios today. his visit is part of good morning america's 40th birthday celebration, still going on. he talked about how challenging different climates are here in the bay area. the coverage wraps up at 6:00 tomorrow morning. you can watch it on our live well network and through our website, a san francisco nonprofit has a message for you this black friday. take a hike. the save the redwoods league is trying to start a new trend to keep people away from the mall by offering free admission to 49 california redwood state parks on november 27th. you have to down load a free pass from the website. we have a link on >> still ahead, coping with a terrorist attack. the public reaction coming from the southern california band
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playing at the attacks friday. >> what could happen when a million extra people pour into town, next. >> and the first crab, now, new concerns about the safety of all bay area seafood as
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the man suspected of planning the paris terrorist attacks has reportedly been killed north of paris. the six hour battle between officers and militants. authorities took at least eight people into custody. they suspect the group could have been plotting another wave of violence. the terrorist attacks at four separate locations left 129 people dead, and 350 others injured. members of the eagles of
6:31 pm
death metal band say they're home, but horrified and trying to come to terms with the attack. >> no one in the band was injured but three members of their record label and their merchandise manager died. >> as part of the statement says bonded in grief with the victims, fans, families and citizens of paris, we're standing together with our new family. >> it closes and you can find the statement at a moving tribute by adele to victims of the paris attacked
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shchlt. she performed with pictures of paris in the background at new york's radio city music hall last night. of course the super bowl festivities will feature many concerts the night before the big game, first responders, city leaders and others took a step to keep the city safe. a major sporting event can look like this or this. oh, my god. >> san francisco is used to being on high alert. >> we're going to plan for everything and hope none of it occurs. >> on a regular day in san francisco. >> police, fire, and paramedics running through what could happen when a million people pour into town for the super bowl. >> like for the parades. north side and south side of market. >> world series parades will map
6:33 pm
out routes. >> but the lead up will be nine days with a theme park and super bowl city here at justin herman plaza. >> what if a water main break happens on the embarcadero in the middle of super bowl city? what do we do then? >> the next exercise will be called a bad day at the super bowl. the scenarios will be different. >> when we look at super bowl city, we have to look at it as, you know, a secure environment. so bag checks, around the clock security. >> the super bowl is known for tight security. and there will be things you won't see that are added measures for security. >> with attacks in paris, san francisco's new buses are ready for any sort of disaster. >> if there is an earthquake. >> we don't know which team will be in the super bowl. this team is warming up. >> we won't be in cleats but
6:34 pm
working like any team trying to get to the super bowl. well, a day after blizzards and tornadoes, severe weather remains an issue. heavy rain and to woman was pulled from a car, seen underwater in washington state. it's one of several rescues in 24 hours. in the south, heavy down pours hammered parts of mississippi and tennessee. the system is heading towards alabama, georgia and florida. there is growing evidence that fleece jackets that keep you warm may be polluting san francisco bay and ocean. tiny fibers believed to come from the man made fabrics are turning up in water and fish. in america we love our high tech
6:35 pm
fabrics. they keep us warm, cool, or looking cool. half of the clothing we buy is synthetic. great to buy, but not eat. that is what some believe is happening. >> one in four fish that we sample has micro plastic in it. >> professor susan williams is part of a team that examined fish in half moon bay. >> we hoped we wouldn't find plastic in the fish, but we did. >> 80% was in the form of tiny fibers believed to come from synthetic fabrics. scientists say they're liking getting into water through washing machines. >> a study shows washing a garment could generate 19,000 synthetic fibers. >> they then get washed into a sewage system. and some are only visible with a
6:36 pm
microscope. the research indicates sewage treatment plants are not able to filter these out. >> i was stunned. >> jim irvine with the largest treatment plant in the bay area. >> i thought if anyone can clean up particles, we must do it. treated water runs into this channel and san francisco bay. >> there is no cheap way to get rid of millions of micro particles. >> that is why california is banning plastic micro beads starting in 2020 but eliminating plastic fibers may be a lot harder. >> synthetic fibers are very common, very useful. it would be hard to pick them up. yet there is a problem. >> studies show the fish fed plastic in labs
6:37 pm
>> we don't know whether the have gotten the fail eye. >> the american fiber manufactures's says there is a large process and not enough science based facts that indicate what's happening. professor williams agrees more research is needed. and for now, she's still eating seafood. now we may need to start testing fish for plastic the same way we test former curie and lead. >> boat loads of cash in starbucks bags. >> the testimony against raymond shrimp boy chow
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an unusual traffic alert tonight. there is a naked woman walking eastbound in a center lane of the bay bridge. she was spotted near treasure
6:41 pm
island. this is a look at the bridge now. you know, rush hour time so you can't see noticeable delays but chp says this has slowed traffic. we're going to keep you updated on twitter on abc7 news bay area. if anything changes we'll let you know during this broadcast. >> oh, boy. the government's lead witness in the trial of raymond shrimp boy chow says he became like a brother to the defendant during the operation. >> jurors heard conversations and wire taps today, here is abc7 news with the story. >> raymond shrimp boy chow was indicted for two murders and crimes including monday laundering. prosecutors questioned the star witness, an under cover agent who posed as a mafioso. the prosecution played wire taps. the agent became like a brother to chow, meeting him and his associates in expensive restaurants like morton's.
6:42 pm
jordan said chow's driver became his point man for criminal activities. in one exchange, he tells jordan i'm ready to do business with you. i have mr. chow's blessing. tell me what you want me to do. the government maintains chow directed criminal activities of associates though defense attorneys say he had no involvement. jordan said he gave envelopes to cash of to chow and he would decline before taking it. jordan, his standard response was no, no. no. prosecutor did he take the money? yord on, yes, immediately. chow's attorney says his client thought he was giving it to him out of respect. >> he did take money but not for anything illegal. >> the fbi agent is back on the stand. his identity is being protected
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by a closed meeting. >> the price to pay for all of those pixels. >> high definition tvs are already expensive. explaining a hidden cost. >> ♪ ♪
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the new ultra high definition televisions are great to look at but will give you a bigger power bill. >> yes. michael finney is here with that and more consumer news. >> yes. and i have shown you the eye popping images with ultra high definition tvs that display four times more resolution and burn 30% more electricity. that could increase energy bills and carbon emissions. >> if you post online reviews you'll probably appreciate this. a bill banning companies from preventing you from posting
6:47 pm
negative reviews passed today. the ban would stem the tide of gas clauses on consumers being opposed by more and more companies. >> if you bring a pet when you fly, it's getting more challenging. delta airlines will no longer allow passengers to check pets as baggage. some pets have died in the baggage compartment. there are exceptions for service dogs. passengers can bring a small pet on board if, and that is a if, they sit under the seat. tonight at 11:00, some people are getting their paychecks garnish forward old debt that
6:48 pm
don't belong to them. >> in that case for me not checking my credit report. a tough lesson for this oakland woman who is fighting a debt that is not even hers. i investigate how this can happen to you tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> thank you. >> sure. >> one last time, updating weather forecast. beautiful out there. >> yes. we have drew tuma in with the latest. drew? >> we're tracking a cheer night tonight. not a cloud to be seen. only days left in hurricane season. we is a tropical depression that will be tropical storm rick in the next 24 hours and the storm out to see that will be a rain maker late in the weekend and on sunday. back here at home, tomorrow, lots of sunshine. no rain. 60s and 70s on board. 66 in san francisco. same in san jess yeah. up to 73 in santa rosa. antioch, 70 degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast. a nice stretch of sunshine
6:49 pm
throughout the weekend and into monday, then, we'll track cooler and wetter weather wednesday. >> thank you drew. >> turning our attention to sports. >> yes. >> and we'll talk warriors, andrew bogat, and the raiders do
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6:52 pm
. good evening, raiders are fighting to make the playoffs and in week ten have to figure out how to remake their defense to account for the suspension yesterday of alden smith, out for a year because of violating nfl substance abuse policy. by all accounts he's been a model citizen, but in history of past transgressions led to the one-year ban. the raiders are going to miss him, on and off the field. >> since he's been here he's been a great teammate and friend. he's family to me. he knows that. i love him. you know? but we're moving on. without him, we have to.
6:53 pm
and he'll be welcome when he comes back. >> i have great respect for him. he knows that. >> the big game is this saturday night at stanford. going to be quite an experience for brennan scarlet, traveling from cal. he's turned out to be critical. the teammates were not quite sure what to make of them when he first arrived on campus. >> i had dinner with him, but after a couple hours, just talking it's really cool to see just his time of personality. and when you're here, you think of cal you're like okay. i'm never going to go there.
6:54 pm
and anything. >> many think this will be jared goff's chance to win a big game before he turns >> had a big game. a stanford game. i began when i was a junior, i think. so i can't remember. i think he left. that is the only game with him. >> the warriors put their record on the line tomorrow night in l.a. against the clippers. something tells me they'll find a way to play in this one. and andrew bogat celebrated last
6:55 pm
night after the alley oop. what is he doing? i don't don't make the big aussie angry. you won't like him when he's angry. they lost two in a row. lebron james not happy. the cabs lost last year and this warriors team is unbeatable team. and more motivated. we didn't win. the team that beat us looks more hungry than we are. you know?
6:56 pm
>> geents short stop met the media today, discussing his new extension. >> growing up a giants fan, it was a dream just to get drafted by this organization. and then, to have the opportunity to play in the big leagues and win world series during that time, i have really didn't think it would get better. >> join us tonight at 9:00, the debate over syrian refugees. what it takes to be allowed into the u.s. >> then, that story michael finney mentioned. people getting into trouble with debt collectors for debts that don't belong to them. could happen to you. >> it could. >> that is our report. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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