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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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news. breaking news. over 100 people are held hostage in west africa after gunmen storm a hotel. if you information coming to the newsroom now. >> while you were sleeping new details about an attacker in paris and what we are lend about terror investigations happening now in the u.s. >> if you head to the airport today you certainly will not be alone. what you need to know before leaving home as people kickoff the thanksgiving holiday, the start of the get away. >> i am kristen sze. >> i an eric thomas. now a check on the weather forecast. mike? this could be fog forming around novato and san rafael. live doppler hd shows 101 and 37 coming together. the picture from our san rafael weather window coming up next weather in seven minutes. an overall view headed out the door it is clear and comfortable, 52 to 54. light breeze. spring like warmth. from 62 the at coast to 70 an
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the bay. 62 at coast and at 4:00, to 72 around the bay and inland. a few records are possible. coming up in the big weather in 15 minutes. this evening, 56 for 60 and you will not need a heavy coat. >> that surgeons -- sounds good. on the roads we have bart residual delays. the problem is cleared at west oakland. you will find 20-0 minutes delay coming to san francisco. plan accordingly. an extra backup at the bay bridge and probably due to the bart delays. no friday lite with lights on at 5:28. a new accident if oakland. the location c.h.p. is saying it is when 580 after the 24 junction and multiple cars are involved. there is a 15-minute delay beyond the john into a -- the scene into an almost jammed bay bridge toll plaza. >> a deadly day in mali.
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three are dead. more than 100 are hell hostage in a hotel in the capital. natashaia has been tracking this story. what is going on? >> the gunmen are holded up with grenades on the raddison blue hotel. two germans were released but the raddison said there are up to 138 hostages. we get a better picture of how it unfolded. ten gunman drove to the hodel in a car with diplomatic plates and shot the security guards and took their weapons. they entered hotel shooting and shouting "god is great," in arabic. the moment the mali forces entered they are going floor by floor trying to help. three are dead. two mali citizens and a citizen of france. a security source said some hostages would could recite versus of the koran were let go.
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analysts are looking a if there is a link to the paris attack a week ago today. mali has strong ties with trance for context, two years ago france intervened after the not fell under islamist criminal. >> thank you, natashaia. new developments in paris, a third body is now found at a home raided by police in saint denis france and authorities are trying to confirm that identity. police have identified the woman killed in the raid as this. would, the cousin of abdelhamid abaaoud the mastermind behind the attacks in paris and he was also killed. authorities are turning their attend on finding abdeslam salah the attacker still on the run. he was last seen driving to the bell john border. he was questioned shortly after the attacks but they let him go. the f.b.i. is monitoring dozens of people pose, a high throat
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carry out a copycat attack in the united states. >> you are operating around the clock to uncover and disrupt animent. >> dozens of high risk radicals in the united states are being monitored around the clock as isis pups out 90,000 social media messages a day. there are terrorist investigations in every state. stay with abc for the latest on the the attacks and to stay on breaking news any time, download our newsup and enable push notification. >> convicted sexually violent predator has been evicted from his me hell room in vallejo the motel did not know of the conviction and said the contractor helped to smith conceal the identity to get him a room. smith has been released from a state hospital and is required to rig step where he is living every 30 days. >> the thanksgiving travel season starts today and thundershowers expected at the bay area airports.
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here is what you should know before heading home for the holiday. >> you should know that line are already long at san jose international airport and some people told me they got here early because the holiday travel season begins today which is good they got here early because it could be the busiest travel sent in a long time especially if you are headed to san francisco international airport aa a said sfo is the 7th most busy airport in the nation for the next week and a half with less than 1.5 million passengers. san jose seeing a big jump in passengers with 5,000 more a day. a mom from monterey is sending her daughter to washington to her daughter to washington to see family. >> she will be flying back after thanksgiving so it is comforting to know she is not by herself
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but we left early to get here. >> san jose airport officials recommend you get here an hour and a half early for the flight and tass predicts this is the busiest travel sent in history so not only expect the check in line to be longer but security leans will be longer than unusual. >> now the roads, expect to see more law enforcement on the roads today with the california highway patrol maximum enforcement period is underway so all available officers are on duty through november 29. last year, cam saw a 36 percent increase in deadly citizens over the holidays so they are hoping to reverse that. >> a former black panther party leader is demanding oakland pay her $10,000 claiming she was assaulted by a city council member. the 72-year-old elaine brown was physically and emotionally harmed in an october 30 dispute with city council member brooks who is pictured here.
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the the adamage happened -- attack happened during a meeting of affordable housing solutions. the city council and pose are promising a thorough investigation. >> today's international trans general december day of remembrance honoring those killed because of prejudice facing violence even in san francisco which is considered a safe haven for the lgbt community. a woman was attacked twice this year. in john a man stabbed her when she got off a muni because and she was attacked by a couple early this month near 8th and market. the day of remembrance was start ed by >> december 4, board will vote on an ordinance requiring anyone storing a gun in a vehicle to secure it in a lot book including on and off duty law
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enforcement personnel. a gun owner could face misdemeanor charges, $10,000 fine and up to six months in jail if the gun is not stored properly. eight high school football teach is called a hero for rescuing a woman from a burning apartment building in san francisco. it happened yesterday morning across the street from the high school. firefighters say flies shot through the kitchen the unit and the high school football coach was passing by and noticed the smoke, he ran in to help a woman out of the first floor unit. >> coming out the window, the glass was busted and you could hear things braking in the house and the glass was shooting at us. >> no one was hurt. >> solano county government workers have a new contract agreement two days after striking. terms of the agreement are not presented to the union members but the bargaining team will recommend a yes vote.
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news came a slow now county officials announced a judge issued a temporary restraining order banning a central employee from striking. >> caltrain will close the lower half of the park-'n-ride lot because of avoid driving through bonds of water and allow have times for trips during the peak hours. >> king tides are back, mike? yes, it is that time of the year and they will be childing monday through friday next week another way that travel could be hampered. here is where our tower camera or weather window is situated in san rafael. 101, the park weigh, it is try there, no fog southbound to the civic center. 67 in san francisco. peninsula is 70. east bay is 71. inland east bay 73 and north by at 75.
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280 and 17 looking clear and the 70's away from the coast through sunday and a few more 60 with increase clouds on monday and the bottom falls out on tuesday coming up in a second. sue? how is the friday commute? >> good but not if you are backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on at 5:28 with early bart delay. it is improveing. that is why traffic is probable not friday lite. we have a multi-car accident beyond the 24 junction with tow trucks on the scene. it is showing right and left lanes are blocked at 20 minutes delay from the scene of the accident to the bay bridge toll plaza. to avoid this, continue on 980 and get back on at west grand the bay bridge. >> coming up, new information on drug resistant bacteria that can
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make us all sick. >> san francisco state students are claiming victory over sodas. >> the price of the thanksgiving din certificate go -- dinner is going up. how much you can expect do pay this year. this year. stay
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. american jonathan pollard convicted of skying for israel has been freed after 30 years in a north carolina prison. pollard was a navy intelligence analyst who pled guilty to passing along secrets to israel in the 80s. under terms of parole the 61-year-old has to remain in the united states for are five years and cannot go to israel as he hoped. the lawyers have said they have secure add job and housing for him in new york. >> scientists say there is concern of the effectiveness of what is called a last resort drug, the anti-bicycle is usually used on animals do
6:15 am
wipe out dangerous bacteria. a study from china finds. cold bacteria is becoming increasingly resistant to the drug each each and the prospect of the resistance spreading on a large scale is worrisome because there are no good amountives. >> san francisco state is blocking plans for a pour rights contract with soda companies after announcing plans to work with comb cold or pepsi to bring drinks. students were upset having more sugary drinks and concerned over alleged human rights violations made bit companies. the university president scented -- ended ands after hearing concerns. >> thanksgiving day will cost more with the average cost including dessert is $50.11. that is a 70 cent increase from last area.
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price only accounts for the backs so if you war organic or free range turkey price goes up from there. >> first responders in sacramento jumped into action after the crew of a coast guard plane reported a laser beam shining at them. >> surprising what it was. sacramento mess responded with an operations unit and they found...the lits were part of a christmas display in a homeowner 's front yard. the light was found immediately and they sent in a ground crew to turn off the display. >> when they point to the air it can be blinding for a pilot. people do not realize how dangerous thizers are shooting them in the sky like that. >> officers investigate one or two laser incident as week. shining a laser at an aircraft is illegal unstate and federal law. >> and nerve wracking if you are at the controls. >> time for a check on the weather.
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>> they are becoming more popular, easy to put up, use less electricity but would knew? >> right. be careful. shoot downward. >> it is looking warm for weekend. >> downward is not a word we are using to describe temperatures, until next week which is black friday. 52 in milpitas, and los altoses hilled is 56 and low leg is 53 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40s with san jose at 48, and san pablo and calistoga and novato at politicians with fog possible and alameda and redwood city at 53, and san carlos june and san francisco is 52. the fiscal year three hours is nothing to worry about other than the fog around novato and one or two clouds across our sky making for a colorful sunrise. showers are possible on tuesday and wednesday but this started
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yesterday our storm is trending dry and cooler. today, record highs are possible at the airport and concord and napa and santa rosa with 75 degrees the second consecutive dave record highs. everyone, san francisco, hayward in the upper 60 and redwood city and san jose and oakland low 70s, four to eight degrees warmer than average. we right around 70 to 72. beginning to santa cruz the boardwalk and sunshine and 71 today. in the peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s, 64 at half moon bay is the warm spot along the coast and in the mid-to-upper secretary downtown and south san francisco and police bain and sausalito and ten ron and low-to-mid 70's through the north pay valley and 75 in santa rosa the warmest area for all of us, upper sent to low 70s and oakland topping out at 71 and upland east bay, 70 to 74 degrees. when you get the tight lines
6:19 am
that mondays it will be breezy. that is going to roll in on tuesday and wednesday. not much in the way of friend on the map not even into thursday so wear looking at for the holiday travel, traffic jamming rain and snow showers. blustery tuesday and wednesday. and thursday. sierra snow levels drop to lower than in the past and the presses could be treky to get around. enjoy the 70s inland through monday and five or ten degrees cooler on tuesday and cutting winds and cool conditions and mid-50s for wednesday and cool of the day is thanksgiving thursday. we have amentty car citizen in oakland not friday lite. the preparing lights are the tow trucks clearing out this multi-car accident in the right and left lanes. traffic is stacked a couple of cars moving beyond the scene hopefully that will be cleared. if you come from 24 stay on 9
6:20 am
to get to the bay bridge with the backup on 580. stay on 24 if that is where you are coming to 980 and back to the bay bridge and we are looking at 20-25 minute delay from harrison to the bay bridge toll plaza. early delays are grabbing with a continue men delay of west oakland because of equipment switching problems. that is getting better as we go along the commute on friday. >> look at this were credible photo of the sunset with the sky purple over the bay bridge just gorgeous and reflecting off the clouds. to share your pictures post them on social media, #abc7now. >> have to pay attention to the
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and fisher men in a kayak off the coast of new jersey got a sight with a wail -- whale came out of the water in front him and chowed on the bait he was using and disappear as quickly as it showed up. >> music streaming service spotify is giving new moms and dads six positives off with pay. this was announced yesterday and it includes parents would choose adoption or surrogate and can take three years off without pay available retroactively to any employee who has a child born since john 1 of 20-- since john
6:25 am
1 of 2013 and this follows microsoft and amazon increase leave for mothers. >> wears are two wins away from were maaing the best disaster in nba left after a huge come back over the clippers. here is the come back, trailing 23 popes in the second quarter by the end of the third, friend's three pointer beat the buzzer to pull them with in six and then the dubs were ahead for good. check out friend off the inbound pass and warriors beat the clippers 124-117 and steph curry put in 40 points, the 4th 40 40-plus point games of the season. >> it is just permit to stay in the -- important to stay in the moment. it is fun and pretty some games but at the end of the day we
6:26 am
have to make the plays on the stretch. we did it. >> warriors are the the 5th to start 13-0 and won the best 25 straight games at oracle arena with the last home loss to the bulls in john so guess would plays this tonight? dubs and bulls. tip-off is:30. >> there is an exciting college game tonight, cal hadding a big -- holding a big game rally with fireworks. this are drought concerns so no bomb fire so fire works and a great rally at 6:30. >> a big game. the bears will try to take the win with a win over stanford. the cardinals smithed the offense at memorial stadium 38-17 the 5th win for stanford in a reover the rivals, the
6:27 am
118th is at stanford. you can watch it on espn. kickoff is 7:30 p.m. >> exciting at 6:27 and the o news continues -- and the morning news continues at 6:30. >> could you have crash on the table at christmas? a string of dangerous crimes in south san francisco and what you can do to make your home safer. >> a look from our rooftop high definition camera lacking east as the yellow colors indicate as the yellow colors indicate the sun rising coming with a 100% electric nissan leaf... as the yellow colors indicate the sun rising coming what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:30 on friday. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike, how is the weather forecast? >> nice to see you. and you, and maybe you will like stepping out into a fog free forecast. we are sunny. and mild. it will spring board us to milder temperatures this afternoon. look how calm the bay is this morning from sutro tower, most
6:31 am
of us in the mid-40's to mid-50s. look at the 60s along the coast, low-to-mid 60s this afternoon from mid-60s to 70 an the bay and inland at noon and gorgeous day toen eating -- to be eating lunch. only a light jacket this evening, mid-50 to 60. and the commute on the friday, sue hall is here to tell you. it is improving. we will go to 360 camera and tom is driving through lafayette at 24 westbound headed to the tunnel and it is moving nicely. we will look behind as sun is coming up and it looks great. that is 24 westbound toward the tunnel and better news when you are in emeryville we have word the multi-car accident has been cleared. this is the emeryville shot from the east shore freeway and that is looking good, too, and the multi-car accident at 24 westbound 580 has been cleared out of the lanes but you can see the residual backup looking at
6:32 am
20-25-minute delay headed toward the toll plaza and if you come from 24 and want to avoid this stay on 980 getting to the tolls at west grand. >> we have new details on breaking news in mali, west africa after gunmen seize add hotel taking hostages. americans could be among the hostages. natasha? >> the state department just said that it is aware that united states citizens could be in that hotel. 25 united states military personnel were already in the capital and they are helping to move the hostages to safety. the road son said up to 138 hostages are inside. video shows special forces going floor by floor trying to help. a witness who works front desk specific to abc and said the gunman shot at him continue
6:33 am
times and was in his 20 and not wearing a mask. three are dead. including a french citizen. a security source said some hostages were released if they could recite verses from the koran. look at this photo, friends of the national service say 50 elite officers are entote from paris to mali capital and are experts in hot tag situate. french president hollande said the counter assault has started. all french nationals need to be careful. the big question: is this hostage crisis related to the paris attacks a week ago? analysts are looking at context. friend has strong ties with mali intervening when al-qaeda linked militants threatened to seize the capital. >> a new developments from paris, french officials announce
6:34 am
minutes ago the death toll has gone up to 130 people killed in friday's adamage. police positively identified the woman killed in the wednesday massive police raid as the cousin of abdelhamid abaaoud the mastermind. he also died in the shootout along with a third man whose body was found in the same apartment in saint denis. officers are searching for anyone else concluded to the attacks launching 200 searches overnight. 800 raids have taken place since the attack as week ago today. in the bay area, we were at the college in cupertino where candles shined brightly for the victims of the paris attacks and other terror acts. students formed a peace symbol using candles. the vigil is a way to show they will not give in to fear. >> stay with abc for the latest on the paris attacks and stay on top of breaking news by downloading our abc app and
6:35 am
inailing push notifications. >> police in south san francisco are pushing extra patrols on the street and offer free home security checks after a rash of burglaries. amy hollyfield is in south san francisco. >> kristen, if you want to see how concerned people are in this neighborhood, look at to video, they really turned out last night for a community meeting with the police chief. the room was packed. they had to open up an overflow room. there have been 14 home burglaries in less than a in. the police chief told residents the burglaries are knocking on the front door first and then breaking in through a back door if they think no one is home. residents say they learned a lot. >> i am taking away i need to assess my home and look at safety measures whether it is fiscal yearing our 15, putting a lock on the fence, looking at the back door. >> it is the land of the free?
6:36 am
it is not. we have to keep our doors closed. this are people stall -- stealing. >> the police chief believes they have identified possible suspects but not made any arrests. they think a group people are responsible for the home burglaries. officers say until then they have extend up patrols in the neighbor. >> it is 6:36, developing news in oakland a police stand off at east oakland motel is over. a murder suspect, 18-year-old jason brown, was found dead before 11:30 last night from a self inflicted gun wound. a s.w.a.t. tomb tried to make contact but brown barricade himself into the motel 6ed near the coliseum. the coroner removed a body from the motel room. brown is suspected in a double shooting in a cvs parking lot in
6:37 am
livermore that left a man dead and another wounded. >> next, relief for those who had their car stolen in san francisco and why it will now cost a lot less to get your car back from police. >> san francisco accused american express of taking millions from local business owners. the practice the city is suing over. over. stay tuned.
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>> welcome back at 6:40. everyone is going green. good for walking the dog. dew and take the sun reason and relax on bay today with the light wind and total sunshine. if you are going to stanford, big game forecast, 55 at 7:30 and dropping to 49. a chill headed to the end of game. it starts at 7:30. 70's through the central valley and fresno at 66. 66 in monterey. 80s around los angeles and palm springs, and check out lake tahoe, looking cold but it is going to be mild in the 50s through monday. the next storm rolls in with nice snow on tuesday and wednesday but it is over by thanksgiving. >> the 360 camera out of the ton
6:41 am
knell -- tunnel westbound moving nicely to oakland. the tunnel was light traffic moving through so it is good, heading right by 13 and broadway and if you are traveling if that area use extra caution this morning but it look like you get there on time and early accident on 24 westbound by 580 that has been cleared out of the lanes and it looks sluggish on the san mateo bridge with in reports of stales or citizens and you can expect 20 minutes from hayward to the foster city side of things and the early accident right this at west 580 at 24 is cleared driver cars stolen in san francisco get a break starting december 1, the city said they will get a break on towing fees they have to pay to get their car back.
6:42 am
the transportation authority said most fees will be waived for victims and include a longer grace period to receive stolen vehicles before storage fees acraw. to qualify, a police report must be filed and verified by the be filed and verified by the police -- >> you will not be able to hear adele's any version on spotify and why it was pulled before it was released. was released. stay tuned.
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r: during sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale save up to $300 on selected mattress sets, even tempur-pedic! get up to three years interest-free financing! plus, choose a free gift! but hurry, sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale won't last! walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. if you are headed to the airport you will not be alone. >> local airplanes say today is the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving travel season. matt is in san jose with more. matt? >> one person said they are not used to seeing mineta san jose international airport so busy but get used to it the holiday travel season has started. what can you expect? if san jose, they predict 5
6:46 am
percent increase in passengers. that is 31,000 people a day. that is 5,000 above normal. it is busyier at san francisco international airport the 7th most busy airport in the nation the next week and a half with less than 1.5 million passengers. tass is predicting it is the busiest travel season in its history. they are warn people of long security lines. if you driving? the best day to leave is thanksgiving day. the worst day? next tuesday. 6:46. fresh dungness crab could be headed to your dinner with the latest tests showing crashes in long are have dangerous toxins. health officials in california and oregon and washington state will look at the results. there is a state health warning for all dung nasa and rock crab
6:47 am
caught between the oregon border and santa barbara county. the cbs season cannot begin until the warning is lifted. >> get your bibs ready. we will check trading on wall street, the dow is rallying up 139 points. >> san francisco is suing american express. we go to the nasa pack with -- to the nasdaq. >> federal court ruled american express violated antitrust laws resulting in higher costs for consumers but forbidding retailer that accept-express from using competing cars like vista and mastercard and san francisco is suing men express to get back the billions for the merchants. the city attorney said merchants paid $2.25 billion to express and it could less if they used a less expensive card.
6:48 am
adele rejected streaming for the new album which debuts today and the "new york times" said the major digital streaming music services were said the release is not available. streaming is growing quickly but it is controversial over royalty payments and creative criminal for the -- creative control for the artist. >> square priced low but it soared 45 percent in the first day and the c.e.o. said he hoped to capitalize on the trend of fewer people carrying cash and credit cards. as you mentioned, the stock is looking strong with good retail numbers. numbers. everything is up cross the bar. >> when you see her shoulders that is when the market rises. >> that my theory. >> now mike has the forecast.
6:49 am
>> must be warm there, also. >> it is warm here. people will be wearing shorts. >> and the siria, still, snow with a couple more resorts opening today. here is a look at the roof camera, capturing this and putting it on facebook and twitter # abc7now. hopefully you can enjoy we have temperatures in the money 40s in most neighbors. warmest in pittsburg at 50. coolest around san ramon and dublin at flea degrees. we are feeling temperatures in the 40s to nearly 50 in the north bay and vallejo is 52. oakland is 50, sap tar lows is -- san carlos is 5, and los gatos in the upper 40's. the winds are light and variable, the ferry ride is looking colorful.
6:50 am
very comfortable. we will talk about wall happen, warm such, light breeze. that is the case through the weekend. showers on wednesday and the chance of significant rain are tapering. it will be very breezy. tuesday and wednesday and cool on thursday our cool of the day this season. temperatures in the 70s and 72 degree range across the south bay and 67 to 72 on the peninsula and 64 is the warm spot at half moon bay and pacifica and 67 in downtown, and close to that in brace became and south san francisco and sausalito is 68, and low-to-mid 60s possible another second consecutive day of at record high and napa is the record high. 68 at berkeley, and 71 in oakland and fremont, and inland east bay, temperatures are in the low-to-mid 70s and concord is 73, which would be a record. you are not an official reporting station. we are trying to get 30 day assessment.
6:51 am
high pressure will dominate our forecast through the weekend, and on tuesday and wednesday, traffic jamming rain and snow and blustery tuesday and wednesday and thursday and sierra snow levels lower than the past so take the chains. 70s hold on through the weekend and mid-60s at the coast, we still have a 70 or two inland on monday and five or ten degrees cooler on tuesday and cold wind on wednesday and thursday and the mid-50s will not feel like that. be ready for wet weather, too. >> looking forward to the snow? the sierra. >> our 360 camera on 880 southbound approaching the oakland coliseum hold of the worse playing chicago tonight. expect delays. you can see traffic is slowing smooth lion the coliseum with no delays. at the macarthur maze account backup to the bay bridge you will find minor delays with an early accident cleared.
6:52 am
elsewhere, to the macarthur maze, things are improving and 580 backup is better at this hour and you still have 10-minute delay to get into san francisco through the metering lights which were turned on at 5:28. we have a problem over the altamont pass west 580 at greenville, big-rig blocking the two center lanes, traffic is pulling up behind that and we will keep watching that. >> we have seven things to know before you go. >> but, first, look at the toll plaza backup, it is substantial. we have more news and weather we have more news and weather and traffic right
6:53 am
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let's put more value on what really matters. this season bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. if you are headed out the door here are seven things to know, breaking news in west africa, 138 people are still being held hostage inside a hotel in pally's capital. ten gunman took over the hotel killing three account state department said it aware americans could be among the hostages. police are trying to make contact with the suspects. >> the death toll from friday's terrorist attacks in paris is risen to 130. a third body has been found at the home raided by police in saint denis france on wednesday. police confirmed the female sued side bomber was the cousin of the mastermind behind the attacks would was killed. >> police stand off at me tell 6 in east oakland ended a murder
6:55 am
suspect, believed to be 18-year-old jason brown, was found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound and suspected in a double shooting in a cvs parking lot in livermore that left a man dead and another wounded. >> expect to to see more police officers after a rash of home burglaryies, with incrudeers becoming increasingly braid inmost -- brazen. >> we have a big rig on the amount -- of the altamont pass and metering lights are on at 5:28. in castro valley we have an citizen at 580. approaching the "y". >> fog around napa and petaluma but it will lift fiscal year hour. check at it beautiful shot where. toes in the secretary along the coast and san francisco and rest of us in the low-to-mid 70s.
6:56 am
>> the warriors are the 5th team to open 13-0 coming back from 23-point deficit to beat the clippers. >> standing room tickets $165. >> wow! >> wow! >> back in 25 minutes with
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news, a hotel stormed by a team of terrorists with guns and grenades. 170 people taken hostage at a radisson in africa. troops surround that hotel. the u.s. embassy warning citizens there to shelter in place. details coming in as we come on the air. more raids in france overnight. new video of the first female suicide bomber in europe's history detonating her vest in france and news that a third body has been recovered from the rubble of that massive raid that took down the terror mastermind. a messy start to thanksgiving travel. the first winter storm of the season hitting the middle of the country. nine states on alert right now. up to a foot of snow expected in some areas as millions of americans head to the airports for the holiday. and at home with the trumps.


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