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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking news, a hotel stormed by a team of terrorists with guns and grenades. 170 people taken hostage at a radisson in africa. troops surround that hotel. the u.s. embassy warning citizens there to shelter in place. details coming in as we come on the air. more raids in france overnight. new video of the first female suicide bomber in europe's history detonating her vest in france and news that a third body has been recovered from the rubble of that massive raid that took down the terror mastermind. a messy start to thanksgiving travel. the first winter storm of the season hitting the middle of the country. nine states on alert right now. up to a foot of snow expected in some areas as millions of americans head to the airports for the holiday. and at home with the trumps. donald and melania sit down with
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barbara walters for their first interview together since he decided to run for president. >> were you involved in the decision of your husband to become president? >> and why she's avoiding the campaign trail. it's an abc news exclusive. and good morning, america. we want to get right to that breaking news. for our viewers in the west. terrorist attack in the radisson hotel in the capital of mali. it has a long history of france. video and details coming in at this hour. >> president obama has been briefed and and martha raddatz starts us off. good morning. >> good morning, robin. we do not know who these attackers are. what we do know is that this hotel is very popular with westerners.
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at 7:00 a.m. local time a team of attackers armed with guns and grenades reportedly used a vehicle to smash through security barriers at the radisson blu and shot at guards, stormed the hotel, 140 guests and 13 staff remain hostages at this hour. >> you can hear gunshots. >> some of the funmen spoke english. a witness also told him that the attackers released those who could recite versus from the koran. automatic weapon fire heard in and around the property. >> just unbelievable. never seen something like this. just like a dream. like a nightmare. i mean it's unbelievable. unbelievable. >> a spokesperson for the u.n. confirmed this week a big
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delegation for the peace process was at the hotel. a chinese news agency also confirmed several chinese nationals are guests. malien showeders have surrounded the hotel. security in mali has become increasing concern. >> this attack this is morning i think it is important to know they occurred in the international section of the city if you will and specifically targeted the hotel which many international business travelers and others stay. so i think it's not an accident that the hotel that is largely occupied by non-maliens was the target of the attack this morning. >> and there were about 25 u.s. military personnel in mali. they are helping first responders on an informal basis and no request for u.s. military assistance.
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robin and george. >> very flew you had situation. >> we have on the phone right now olivier salgado from the u.n. chief of communications. there were unconfirmed rereports people were reciting pieces of the koran. >> that's information i don't have right now. what i know is three people with ak-47 around 7:00 a.m. this morning and of course immediately the forces from mali were deployed around the hotel and it's been two years that the united nation is supporting mali as you know. and of course, we have have quick reaction force plus many other means in case of emergency. this is where we are. but that's an ongoing situation
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as we speak. >> so you have the u.n. peacekeeping forces joining the mali military? >> yes, we are coordinating our efforts as we do, it's been two years that we are doing that and, of course, this morning we are -- have been on the ground. >> we just got some images showing the military appearing to go into the hotel. do you have anything more on that, whether those forces have, indeed, gone into the hotel to go after the gunmen? >> yes, that -- but it's happening as we speak, so i don't have many more details. what i know is that around 20 hostages and maybe more were freed and maybe the situation is currently over. i need to check that and it's an evolving situation. >> so, to be clear, we started out with 140 guests in the hotel, 30 employees of the hotel. that's 170 hostages in total but you believe 20 were released
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including 3 u.n. personnel and that some sort of military operation is going on right now? >> that's correct and you have to bear in mind that it's a very popular hotel in bamako and many westerners are going over there. >> mr. salgado, thanks for your time. >> we bring in abc news brian ross. brian there are groups in this country with ties to isis. >> one group just declared allegiance to isis and there are no claims of responsibility. neither group has a common enemy in the west and in france. >> all right. brian is going to come back in just a minute. the hotel siege is the fourth major terror attack in just the past three weeks it started with the russian jet bombing on halloween.
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followed by twin suicide bombings in beirut and the paris attack, of course, last week. one week ago today. abc's matt gutman is on the scene of that raid outside paris for us. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we're learning just now a third body was found inside that building. now, police are still going through it. you can see that white forensics tent down the street and police said they put so much firepower into the building the only way to identify the suspected assailants inside is from dna. this morning, investigators scrambling to identify that unknown body. apparently killed in wednesday's massive siege here. gunfire blasting for hours and debris spewing out of that apartment building. as europe's first female suicide bomber detonated her device. overnight, abc news obtaining this exclusive video of 27-year-old hasna aitboulahcen's mother and brother being loaded into a police cruiser. the target of the raids, the alleged mastermind of the paris attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud. cordoning off the suburb over
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800 anti-terror forces firing 5,000 bullets. abaaoud killed in that shoot-out but not before planning the paris attacks including the shooting of this restaurant. remnants of that nightmare frozen in time. glasses still filled with drinks leftover pizza on plates. tables and chairs turned upside down. this video shows this man, ralph, dashed through the door and hurled himself on the floor. at first he thought he was caught in a gang war. >> you basically bumped the door and dove. was he still firing at you? >> yes, he was firing at me. >> did you hear the bullets coming past? >> i heard the bullets and i hear the -- i saw -- i just saw that's -- other things. >> reporter: his friend was injured seen holding her arm and protected by that bartender. the shooter seen in that video believed to be salah abdeslam,
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the attacker that authorities across europe are still searching for this morning. now, salah abdeslam, a french national, is still the only attacker from friday night who has not been accounted for and police certainly hope that his is the body still in that building. robin. >> all right, thank you. >> we have brian ross here again and learning more about this female suicide bomber, the first in europe. >> a terror threat unlike any europe or the u.s. has seen before. it's the ultimate stealth weapon for isis. her friends say 26-year-old hasna aitboulahcen led a life of drugs, alcohol and sex. until she found religion and then isis. this week she was caught up in the police raid that would kill the mastermind of the paris attacks, her cousin. >> where is your boyfriend? >> he's not my boyfriend. >> where is he? >> he's not my boyfriend. >> reporter: and then the blast. as she detonated what authorities say was a suicide vest.
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>> the fact that isis now has the first woman suicide bomber in europe's history tells us that isis is willing to break any norm of war, any threshold of war in order to kill. >> reporter: the isis bomber comes from a town outside of paris where her mother and a brother were taken into custody by police thursday. before becoming devout she was known for wearing a big straw cowboy hat with lots of men and drugs in her life a common pattern according to experts. >> they live this very licentious lifestyle and when they become a jihadi they completely reinvent themselves. >> reporter: female suicide bombers young and attractive first emerged 30 years ago in lebanon and have since been used by a number of terror groups including the russians for a series of deadly attacks. >> i wouldn't be surprised to see more female suicide bombers from isis, a female suicide bomber is like a stealth precision weapon.
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>> and this is a major change in strategy. how does isis justify it? they didn't allow it before? >> in the last few weeks they posted on internal chat rooms a justification for women. they're still not allowed to go to battle or be martyrs but if your family is threatened you may use a suicide vest. this is justification. >> is there a tactical reason for using them. >> they often don't fit the profile and are often told to wear skimpy clothing to distract security people who may not think they have a bomb. they have brassiere bombs and prosthesis to look pregnant where they pack bombs in them. isis releasing its third video since the attacks, this one threatening to turn the white house blank with fire and the fbi director and attorney general holding a rare briefing on it. pierre was there. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. attorney general lynch called this a challenging moment. the fbi director said there are more than 900 terror
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investigations under way with a small group that's getting an intense amount of attention. the fbi's identified dozens of suspected islamic radicals believed to be at high risk of trying to conduct copycat attacks like those in france. those suspects have been radicalized through an ongoing isis social media campaign which reaches out to them every day. fbi director james comey described the threat this way. >> the threat here focuses primarily on troubled souls in america who are being inspired or enabled online to do something violent for isil. together we are watching people of concern. we will keep watching them, and if we see something we'll work to disrupt it. >> reporter: robin and george there's a specific number of people, several dozen getting 24-hour surveillance covered as the fbi director said like a blanket. >> well, pierre, those isis videos targeting new york and now washington, what are officials saying about these particular threats? >> reporter: robin, top law enforcement officials say
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they've continued to identify no credible plots tied to those video and say they're engaging in a propaganda war to create fear in the wake of the paris attacks. the fbi director and a.g. are aware of the current threats and the holiday season and unusual meeting trying to help americans understand the nature of the threat and reassure the country at the same time. the director said he did not want americans to have disabling fears but turn their concerns into healthy awareness. >> we have to keep that in mind with the holidays. >> there's a big question about whether syrian refugees add to that threat and now the big defeat for president obama in his big to keep america open to syrian refugees. they want to pass a bill to suspend the program until a. tougher screening process is put in place and there were enough to override the president's promised veto. jon karl has the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: this was a major rebuke for the president after days of making the case for his plan to bring in for syrian
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refugees, democrats and republicans in the house voted to put the program on hold. in the end, it wasn't even close. >> the yeas are 289 and the nay is are 137. the bill is passed. >> reporter: it says no syrian or iraqi refugee can come into the united states until high-level u.s. officials certify that he or she is not a threat. 47 democrats joined republicans in voting yes. more than enough to override a presidential veto. >> this is urgent. we cannot and should not wait to act. not when our national security is at stake. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry said there is no reason to fear syrian refugees. >> it's inappropriate for america of all countries in the world to panic and to somehow turn our backs on our fundamental values. >> reporter: take a look at what voters say is their top issue for the 2016 campaign.
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more name isis than any other issue by far and terrorism is tied for second. stoking more fear, news that two syrian families including four young children showed up at a u.s. border crossing in texas seeking asylum. that prompted this from donald trump via instagram. >> they're going to be pouring in. we don't know who they are. could be isis. >> reporter: fellow republican front-runner ben carson compared screening refugees to protecting children from rabid dogs. >> if there's a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you probably are not going to assume something good about that dog. and you're probably going to put your children out of the way. doesn't mean that you hate all dogs by any stretch of the imagination. >> reporter: hillary clinton accused republicans of violating fundamental american values. >> discriminating against muslims, slamming the door on
7:16 am
every syrian refugee, that is just not who we are. >> reporter: donald trump has gone so far as to propose creating a national database of muslims in the united states. but, george and robin, the president has a lot of work here to convince the american people in a recent poll only 28% favored going forward with the refugee program as he has outlined it. >> and you've got 31 states now saying they won't welcome the refugees. this is going to be a tough fight. >> thank you very much. going to remain a hot debate. >> amy is here were the top stories. the setback for the president. this one for obamacare. >> we begin with the nation's largest health insurer saying they may pull out. united health blames low enrollment and high fees. if it drops millions of people left scrambling for low cost insurance. premiums could rise by 15% next year. a massachusetts teenager is among five killed in terror
7:17 am
attacks in israel. police say this man died when a palestinian man opened fire and rammed a vehicle into a group of pedestrians there. a river rescue in north carolina. a man grabbing a kayaker who had fallen out of his boat during a race. both member were then pulled to safety. and finally talk about a girl's best friend. take a look at this diamond that was just uncovered. it's believed to be the second largest ever found. it is 1,111 carats. nearly the size of a baseball. it could be worth, robin, get this, up to $200 million. >> amy, thank you. a major winter storm threatening to make a mess of early thanksgiving travel. that story for you in 30 seconds.
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we're back at 7:18 with millions of americans on alert for the first winter storm of the season. just as so many of us begin to fly and hit the road for thanksgiving, ginger, you have more. >> hit the road and the road looks like this in st. cloud, minnesota. that blowing snow, a separate system. we're now watching this new one moving through nebraska, parts of south dakota right now. i think the heaviest winter storm warning from des moines to chicago, we time it out for you, tonight, it starts in central iowa, moves into chicago late tonight through the day tomorrow. it's all throughout michigan including detroit. so that's the timing. how much falls, a quick look at it for you. the heaviest away from that
7:19 am
relatively warm lake up to a foot in northwestern illinois and eastern iowa. this is a big one, guys. >> a lot of pink on that map here. thank you. much for ahead. an abc exclusive barbara walters with donald and melania trump in their first interview together since he decided to run for office. >> is yours a marriage of equals? >> we go inside the trumps' private life coming up. how much time do you spend on your phone? we track one family for 24 hours. the results are stunning. >> really? results are stunning. >> really?
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to the objects and blow in the wind forming these beautiful structures. let's get your local forecast now. thank you, ginger. nothing like that here but could have snow in the sierra. tuesday and wednesday. right now, a little fog around the san pablo bay. golden gate bridge, easterly wind, a few high clouds. warmth lingers through the weekend. the storm is trending drier and cooler. today, 60s into san francisco, san mateo and richmond, everybody else, low to mid-70s. record highs possible. accuweather seven-day forecast, oh, is it going to change next week. >> mike, thanks. now get to our local stories of the morning. a police standoff at a motel 6 in east oakland ended overnight. a murder suspect believed to be 18-year-old jason brown was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he was suspected in a double shooting in a cvs parking lot last month in livermore, left one man dead, another wounded.
7:25 am
expect to see more police officers around south san francisco after a rash of home burglaries. neighbors are worried because the intruders are more brazen. the most recent target, elderly woman asleep in her bed at the time. this morning, the warriors are now the fifth team in nba history to open the season. beating the clippers 124-117. tonight they go for number 14 at announcer: if you'd give thanks for a bette[barks]'s sleep... sleep train has just the ticket. [train horn blares] during sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale save up to $300 on beautyrest, posturepedic, serta, even tempur-pedic! get up to three years interest-free financing! plus, choose a free gift with selected mattress sets!
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and happy friday morning from the abc7 traffic center. sue hall with our 23
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towards auto mall parkway, traffic moving fine. elsewhere a problem out there. i wanted to show you the beautiful golden gate bridge. no problems here. just a gorgeous morning. castro valley, a serious accident with middle lanes blocked, and that is in the clearing phases. traffic backing towards crow canyon boulevard. >> sue, thank you. coming up, a "gma" behavior lab. tracking one family four weeks to see how much time mom and dad spend on their phones, and you'll be shocked by the results. that's coming up next on "gma."
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we welcome you back to "gma" and you're looking at the military storming that hotel in the west african nation of mali. looking to bring an end to the siege there. heavily armed terrorists taking 170 people hostage. many of the hostages have now been freed. we're learning. >> details coming in as we come on the air. also this morning authorities in france have now recovered a third body from the rubble of that massive raid right outside paris and new video shows the moment the first female suicide bomber in europe sets off her vest as the police move in. the middle of the country bracing for its first major winter storm of the season. millions in its path. up to a foot of snow expected in some areas and so many of us begin to travel for thanksgiving. a lot out there. i'm looking forward to thanksgiving this year. >> i can't wait. i can't wait.
7:31 am
you got kind of a big story about the packers' losing streak. >> someone blamed the quarterback's girlfriend for it and t.j. will have more. >> 53 men on the packers roster, 23 men on the coaching staff and someone blames a woman for the packers trouble. give me a break. olivia munn, you'll hear her response coming up in "the speed feed." >> haven't we heard this before? no, no, no. we'll get into that but over to robin. >> all right, lara, thank you. we begin with donald trump and his wife melania. in her first sit-down interview with her husband since he decided to run, our cameras going inside their palatial manhattan home as the two open up about everything from their marriage to the campaign trail and private conversations and barbara walters has a preview of her exclusive with the trumps airing on "20/20." good morning. >> good morning. >> we have not heard from melania since her husband decided to run for president. you had a chance to speak with him, with her, with the older children. what did you learn about them as a family.
7:32 am
>> well, when you see him away from the, you know, i'm the greatest and the best, he -- the kids say -- the four older children whom we talked to, as well, he is a very devoted father, that even though he is away a lot he knows everything that's going on with them including the daughter tiffany who we haven't seen that much. she is away at university. the daughter by marla maples. you can't get them to say anything bad about him. i tried but they really are extremely devoted and it's not all campaign talk. maybe it is, maybe i was just taken in but i was. >> we heard from melania. we have not heard from her until now? >> she says she wants to stay home with their son and that's why she's not on the campaign trail. if a man said this i had a kill him but maybe because she is so beautiful we don't expect her to be as smart as she is. >> barbara, you --
7:33 am
>> i take it all back. >> okay, here is some of your exclusive conversation at home with the trumps. >> mrs. trump, it is a pleasure to see you. and we don't see you that often. you're not on the campaign trail. how do you feel about campaigning. >> well, it's my choice not to be there. i support my husband 100%. but we have a 9-year-old son together. baron and i'm raising him and this is the age he needs a parent at home. >> were you involved in the decision of your husband to become president? >> we discuss a lot, yes, and i encouraged him. >> you did? you encouraged him. >> i know what he will do and what he can do for america. he loves the american people and he wants to help them. >> is yours a marriage of equals? >> i would say, yes. >> i would say no, no, i think she's far greater than the 50%. no, we have a very, very pretty much equal relationship, wouldn't you say? >> yes.
7:34 am
>> do you give your husband any advice on the debates? >> we discuss, i tell him my opinions. >> give me an example of a piece of advice that you've given your husband that he has taken? >> i will keep it private. >> well, she's told me -- i can tell you. she's told me a couple times during the debate she was happy with my performance if you want to call it a performance but she said you could tone it down a little bit on occasion. which i understand. >> when he's criticized, does it bother you? >> it's unpleasant but i know i can handle it. >> biggest criticism that's untrue that we can clear up is there any? >> i would say that he's nasty. he's not. and he has a big heart and very warm heart. you see what he is on the campaign trail all the time and on television, and i think, you know, america needs a strong
7:35 am
leader and tough leader and know what he's doing. >> barbara, including in your conversation global offense such as isis and donald trump talked to you about how he would defeat them. let's take a look at that now. >> if you had an opportunity to speak with the leader of isis, what would you say? >> these people are insane. these are insane people. >> so, you would not try -- >> normally i'm a big believer in talking. you can reason with most people. these are -- these are nuts. and it's got to be said and it's got to be stated and obama, i don't know what's with him. he doesn't talk about -- he doesn't talk about islamic terrorism or radical islamic terrorism. he won't even use the term. it's almost like he's defending them. >> if you were in the white house right now, what would you be saying? >> oh, i would be saying, let's go, folks and i would be getting other countries. i would say we're going to bomb the hell out of them. we are going to get them right now.
7:36 am
>> which we are bombing them and would love to hear more specifics but you did talk to the older children, as well. what did you learn about them? >> how devoted they are to him. i tried as i said to get them to say -- first of all, they're a very good-looking family as you can see but i tried to get them to say yeah but on the other hand but they are extremely, even the sons in particular fond of him. devoted to him so it's interesting to see what they're like when they're not just talking about isis or when do we get together. >> they do appear to be a very loving, close family. >> yes, they are and to see him in that role, to see him as a grandfather you not only will meet the children but the grandchildren. grandpa, grandpa. grandpa donald. >> perhaps we will learn a different side of him. barbara, always good to see you. >> oh, robin, happy to see you. >> have a pleasant and enjoyable weekend and you can see much
7:37 am
more of barb's exclusive with donald trump, his wife melania and four of his grown children, tonight, where? "20/20." you know that show right here at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. george. is it time for a tech intervention in your home. what one family learned after we tracked their phone use for 24 hours. are you spending too much time plugged in? se for 24 hours. are you spending too much time plugged in?
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and we're back with our "gma" behavior lab. do you know how much time your family is spending on cell phones and tablets. one family was put on surveillance for 24 hours and mara schiavocampo has that and, boy, mara, it is a lot. >> yeah, they used their phones a lot of time. now, a recent study by e-marketers says they're not alone and estimates in 2016 our time in front of the phone will rise to 3 hours and 8 minutes a day. in a behavior lab we tracked this family to see
7:42 am
how much they're using their phones and they were shocked. the nahigian family says it takes over their time. >> i get so preoccupied that i forget what's going on with my family around me. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: dad matt is constantly connected as a radio program director and mom joey, a blogger says kids, boston, 7 and hudson, 2, are just as attached to technology. do you like being on your phone? >> yes. >> so just how wired are they? they let us track them for 24 hours setting up four surveillance cameras throughout the house. and installing the moment app to record usage on both their phones. 8:36 a.m. 7-year-old boston playing games before school. >> get off the device. >> 5:59 p.m., dad pulls into the driveway and spending more time looking at his phone before going into the house. minutes later mom walks in the
7:43 am
door, toddler in one hand, phone in the other. 6:24 p.m. at dinner they put their phones in a box to limit disruptions. >> really? >> but this phone-free zone gets interrupted. >> ah. >> when they top to watch a video. >> 6:57 p.m., after dinner, the entire family is together. but all on separate devices except boston whose battery died. according to our tracking app in that 24-hour period dad was on the phone 4 hours and 35 minutes. mom, 4 hours and 53 minutes. the app notes how many times you pick up your phone. joey picking up her phone 53 different times and matt, 113 times. after we turned the cameras off we kept the tracking app on for a whole week. the grand total for mom and dad after seven days, staggering. mom joey was on 34 1/2 hours
7:44 am
picking up her phone 323 times. dad matt used his device for 31 1/2 hours checking it 754 times. >> it's bad. i mean, that's all i can say. >> reporter: consumer psychologist and author james roberts is here for a technology intervention. >> boston has not put that phone down. >> look at what you're looking at when you enter the house. >> putting the phones in a box during dinner but not good enough. >> do the same concept but put that thing in the bedroom and lock the door and enjoy your dinner. >> he says, set smartphone-free zones and times. use apps that help limit your usage and put in writing what is and is not acceptable phone use with penalties for breaking the rules. >> we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: all right, so another tip, don't use your phone as an alarm clock our expert says because it encourages you to pick it up first thing in the morning. i wanted to see how much i used
7:45 am
mine soy put an app called quality time on i. here are my results. i was on the phone for 2 hours and 20 minutes and picked it up 126 times. george, one thing that's interesting. they tend to find men check their phone a lot more often. women just get on it and stay on it. >> i'm sure that's it. i would have done a lot more than 2 hours and 26 minutes. >> good for you, mara. >> yeah. >> i said, no. i don't want to know. >> too embarrassing. >> i'm going to admit that now. >> she is setting a good example right there and coming up olivia munn firing back after getting blamed for the packers' losing streak. >> come on. ♪ losing streak. >> come on.
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7:50 am
the worst games of his life and katie upton dating pitcher justin verlander. coming off of one of his worst seasons. >> what did she do? >> so this is nothing new necessarily. what is new olivia munn firing back saying the journalists who are putting this story out there you're playing fast and loose with the journalism. she's not taking it. >> we're very glad to hear that. ladies, what do you think? >> i just want to know did the women get the credit when their husbands are doing well? >> boom. >> thank you. >> no. >> this is all theirs. >> we'll be back. here's a great improve this this is all theirs. >> we'll be back. here's a great improve this chmerkovskiy tip from here's a great improve this tip from lose. what can you do cool with the empty soda bottle. cut it off and mount it to create a plastic bag dispenser. for more go to on yahoo! om on yahoo! made for every kind of day. ♪ get up to 40% off select major appliances.
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. a police standoff ended overnight. authorities say a murder suspect believed to be 18-year-old jason brown was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. suspected in a double shooting in a krrccvs parking lot that l one dead and another wounded. mike has the forecast. >> thank you, eric. good morning, everybody. economic it out. beautiful picture from our camera. high clouds and colorful sunrise, #abc7now if you want to check it out. 70 to 75 degrees and warmth lasts through the weekend. the storm trending drier. still showers and blestery and cooler tuesday, wednesday. sue? busy out there. towards central san rafael, the northgate mall, crawling. no major stalls or accidents,
7:57 am
just a lot of folks. early early accident cleared in castro valley. traffic jammed back almost to 680'ser 680. eric. live to share selling secrets with eager
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 a.m. and breaking news, hotel siege. a hostage situation at a radisson hotel in mali. men storming the hotel seizing almost 200 people. this as we learn new information about europe's first female suicide bomber. the world on high alert right now. ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ also making headlines overnight, a billion people use it. now facebook reveals a major new move about how to avoid your exes after a breakup. the keys to hitting restart after a relationship. ♪ this is my heartbeat song ♪ and i'm going to play it and "grey's anatomy" star kate walsh's secret struggle. >> i don't have children. i'm not going to have kids. you know, i went through early menopause. >> dr. ashton with the latest on early menopause and the warning signs everybody should know.
8:01 am
could you sell a shark live? new competitors. almost no time. who can pull off the big sell? barbara corcoran here live this morning as we say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> barbara corcoran is the best. we do say good morning, america. happy friday. "shark tank's" barbara corcoran live, as you can see, and she's always into it. >> along with those three entrepreneurs. they'll go head-to-head trying to win her over from a popcorn ball to something for your beard. all up against the clock. >> ooh. >> i want barbara's energy. i'll have what she's got. coldplay's new album getting a lot of buzz and not just for the music, some of the surprise guests vocalists. a clue, one of them, is the daughter of hip-hop royalty. we'll explain coming up in "pop news." >> intriguing clue right there. we have a lot to get to and a
8:02 am
lot of breaking news this morning, as well. let's get to amy with that. >> we have new details just coming in from that attack this morning on a luxury hotel in the african nation of mali. a former french colony and an al qaeda hotbed. gunmen storming the radisson hotel in mali's capital today taking 170 hostages. police forces now rushing to the scene. some of those hostages have been freed including a dozen french airline employees. abc's chief attorney affairs correspondent martha raddatz has been tracking all of the latest details. martha, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. we do not know who those attackers are. there was a team of attackers, and, as you said, the special forces seem to have gone into that hotel going floor by floor, trying to help those hostages out, several reported killed. but about 80, local news says in mali, have been released. this is a popular hotel. there are flight crews staying there. turkish airlines releasing a statement this morning saying
8:03 am
they had a crew of seven there, five have been freed. two are still in the hotel. france is sending elite forces to try to help out. one report from an eyewitness says the attackers were speaking english and saying, allahu akbar. of course, mali is a former colony of france. the french launched air strikes in mall lil' in 2013 because jihadists were moving in trying to claim a terror state and the u.s. embassy is warning any americans in the area, any americans who may be living in mali, any americans staying with friends there to stay inside until this is resolved. amy. >> martha raddatz, thank you for the very latest on that developing situation. also breaking overnight, a third body, an unidentified woman has been found at the apartment outside paris raided by police looking for suspects in last week's attacks. they also recovered the body of the suspected mastermind of the attacks. although he had been on numerous
8:04 am
terror watch lists, he was able to travel in and out of syria and across europe undetected. police say the other body that was found at the apartment is his cousin, suicide bomber, hasna aitboulahcen. friends say she recently found religion after leading a life fueled by drugs and alcohol. well, fbi director james comey says dozens of suspected radicals in the u.s. are under tight surveillance amid concern of a possible paris-style copycat attack. three terrorist videos now threatening the u.s. flashing images of new york and promising to target the white house. in other news, a judge has ordered chicago police to release video showing a black teenager being shot and killed by a white officer. laquon mcdonald was shot 16 times. he was carrying a small knife, and the video is said to show mcdonald walking away from officers when one of them opened fire. well, the nation's largest health insurer says it may pull out of all the public exchanges established by obamacare. united health blaming low enrollment and high fees.
8:05 am
millions of people could be left scrambling for low-cost insurance. and finally i think we can all agree we need some good news this morning, so we want to show you a young woman in florida showing the older girls how it's done. meet 11-year-old basketball superstar jaden newman. she is so good, she plays with the high school team at 11 at the varsity level, and she just became the youngest high school player ever to score more than a thousand points. her goal is to become the first woman to play in the nba, not the wnba. the nba. >> she's in sixth grade and scored a thousand points. >> that's correct. >> what do you think? what are her shots? >> don't let the frame fool you. she is a bitty thing but the range she has. who knows? >> a throw. >> ooh. >> nothing but net. >> who does she remind you of? never mind. let's get over to lara. >> you, of course, robin. >> and here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." a big change coming to your facebook feed.
8:06 am
how you may be able to avoid exes after you break up. then actress kate walsh's private struggle, she's revealing early menopause prevented her from having kids and dr. jen ashton is here with warning signs for you. and the fellow shark. barbara corcoran is here. see you soon. [ cheers and applause ] applause ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ can i have a little more? ♪ ♪ five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten ♪ ♪ i love you ♪ sail the ship ♪ chop the tree ♪ skip the rope ♪ look at me ♪ all together now vo: everything for entertaining everyone. prevented her from having kids (vo) your love is purely thoughtful, purely natural,
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8:08 am
mourabito coming up next rign "gma," "shark tank" cops to times square. shark barbara corcoran here as these three try to win her over with their pitches. will they sink or swim? barbara will tell you coming up. e three try to win her over with their pitches. will they sink or swim?
8:09 am
barbara will tell you coming up. expressmax. u theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel ♪the best gifts that you want are here.♪ ♪for mom dad and your dear. what about baxter? ♪if that's your dog, then yes him too.♪ ♪hundreds of gifts all from you.♪ he's my cat, i'm a cat person. black friday starts 6pm thursday and all day online at walmart.
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8:11 am
♪ i'll rise like the day ♪ i'll rise up i'll rise unafraid i'll rise up and i'll do it ♪ >> such a beautiful song. andra day, nick jonas joins her singing "rise up." incredible performance, it's part of a big performance on a&e tonight and we'll have more on that, lara. >> wonderful friday and we begin this block with facebook. it really changed the way you share your lives with your friends and family but things can get awkward as we all know especially what if you break up. all that is about to change, though. juju chang is with us to explain how. juju, do tell. >> you know, lara, everybody knows breakups are extremely painful, and now facebook is feeling our pain. they're allowing us to create a little virtual distance between you and your ex. you can now untangle your digital history without your ex even knowing it.
8:12 am
breaking up can be hard to do. >> yeah. >> according to facebook your ex-girlfriend becca just got engaged. >> reporter: and being bombarded on facebook by happy pictures, posts and news about a heartbreaking ex can just make it worse. >> i didn't want to see him. >> i just see thing on my ex's feeds that i just don't want to see. >> how it pops up on my feed is pretty weird. >> reporter: but this morning facebook is hoping to ease the pain launching a new set of tools dubbed take a break letting users wipe their romantic slate clean with just the push of a button. now when you change your status in a relationship to single, it'll automatically give you an option to remove your exes from your newsfeed. untag yourself from old photos and prevent your exes from seeing any of your updates all without having to unfriend or block them. in a blog post, the social media giant writing "we hope these tools will help people end relationships on facebook with greater ease, comfort and sense of control."
8:13 am
for some, it's a long overdue feature for the site which practically invented the relationship status. >> in the digital age what this is like is like getting rid of that box of stuff or hiding some of the photos. >> reporter: in "the social network" even the hollywood version of founder mark zuckerberg couldn't avoid his ex online. >> more than a billion people use facebook every day now and it's just -- it's kind of ingrained in like how we communicate. >> reporter: and as many prepare for the upcoming holiday season perhaps this tool can help x one person off their list. >> facebook is smart to roll it out now because we're actually kicking off breakup season. the weeks before thanksgiving is the time that a number of breakups happen. >> i didn't even know there was a breakup season. >> you don't want to bring anyone home to meet your mom or dad. >> i guess not. >> or you don't want to buy them a gift for the holidays. >> breakup season is upon us. >> absolutely. >> for now that ability to undo your tags, you have to do
8:14 am
one-on-one on your phone, it's only available on digital but you have to ask yourself, even though those memories are now bittersweet, do you really want them to disappear forever. >> you might change your mind so might want to put the pause on that. >> i'm glad i got out of this dating game before social media. >> it's complicated. thanks for unraveling it. juju, always good to see you. kate walsh is opening up for the first time about why she's never had children. the 48-year-old former "grey's anatomy" and "private practice" star revealing she went through early menopause. it's a problem that's more common than you may think and abc's linsey davis has her story. >> reporter: she played a smart and sultry surgeon on "grey's anatomy" and on "private practice" where she was known for her character's heartbreaking struggle with infertility. >> i'm so sorry. i know how much you wanted this. >> i just didn't realize i was out of time. >> reporter: and now kate walsh
8:15 am
is speaking out, the 48-year-old tv star revealing on the sirius xm radio show "conversations" that her character's onscreen problem is also one she has in real life. >> i don't have children. i'm not going to have kids. you know, i went through early menopause. >> you did? >> yeah. >> oh, wow. >> yeah, and my older sister called and she's like, you should go and get yourself checked because i'm going through menopause early and i'm like, you're just scaring me and then i went -- yeah, they're like, you have one egg. it was bleak. >> reporter: on average, it occurs around 51 years old but 1 in every 100 women between the ages of 30 and 39 are affected by what's known as premature menopause, the loss of ovarian function. >> it's not clear why this happens to certain women. a woman should be concerned if they become irregular particularly if they've had regular periods in the past. a woman should go through her lifestyle and certain risk factors with her health provider to maximize her fertility capabilities. >> reporter: walsh, who has
8:16 am
spoken out about wanting to have children says her hopes of getting pregnant are dashed but when it comes to life, she says she has no regrets. >> i think it's a bit of a myth and that it's this huge pressure. we're like, wait a minute. am i less than if i'm not a mother. if i'm not like a rock star in my career? i've always felt as much as i've been sort of at times in my life indecisive, i go for what i want, and i embrace what's in front of me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> all right. joining us now is dr. jennifer ashton. she joins us live at our l.a. bureau. this is your area of expertise, jen. so, what do you make of kate's revelation? >> well, first of all, if that's what menopause looks like, sign me up, and for a shoutout to all the millions of women who go through menopause and their story doesn't make national news, but, again, to clarify, early menopause is menopause that occurs at the age of 40 or earlier. most women will go through menopause between 45 and 55, so
8:17 am
that's the average range. it's going to differ woman to woman, though. >> you said early menopause isn't even really a medical term. you can -- it's premenopause. what are the causes of it? >> premature menopause, so we don't totally understand but we know that things like smoking, very, very bad for your ovaries as it is for the rest of your body, certain chemotherapies, certain types of chromosomal abnormalities associated. they're all associated with early or premature menopause and we don't know how the environment affects it but certainly family history plays a role, so something your mother, your sister goes through, it increases your chance that it will happen around the same time. >> when you said chemotherapy, amy and i both nodded along that's what happened for both of us at an early age, so we also heard in the radio interview with kate walsh that she was referring to the pill that she thought that was a contributing factor. could that be? is that true? >> absolutely not. so, there are so many myths about the birth control pill, and we really need to change that. taking birth control pills for
8:18 am
years is not associated with premature menopause, and there's no maximum amount of time that a woman can take the pill, and we have to remember the silver lining with both early menopause or taking birth control pills, a dramatic reduction in the risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer, so you always have to look at both sides. >> absolutely. all right, jen, have a good time there in l.a. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks. >> and she will be taking your questions on twitter throughout the morning. tweet her @drjashton. now outside to george. >> that's right, i'm here with barbara corcoran. we've got three entrepreneurs getting ready for their first test, and, barbara, you've been doing interesting stuff on "shark tank" recently and you put a big stake in a beauty and bath company. >> that was savvy naturals and the reason i decided to buy that particular stake in their business is i thought they would give me my money back. that's all i care about. >> how do you decide how much? how big a play to make? >> it's entirely dependent upon
8:19 am
how confident i am in that individual. and if you meet these people, you would just say, you know, i'm going to make a fortune and blind faith after that. >> up against the clock. the quickest pitch you've ever gotten? >> the quickest pitch to me, i was a waitress at a diner and my soon-to-be boyfriend walked in and said to me, you'd be great at real estate sales and gave me $1,000 to start the corcoran group and that's where i made my fortune. at the diner. >> ready to go here? >> sure am. >> entrepreneurs right now, entering shark stadium, mike baxter, inventor of the popcorn ball, rita floyd, go investor of flat box and ellery mulock of whisker dam. i didn't know there was a big problem or threat of foamy beverages in your beards but i guess there is. you know the drill. you'll write down how long it's going to take you to pitch barbara. the two lowest get their chance. let's see what you got. mike. >> i need six seconds to sell a shark.
8:20 am
>> wow! >> rita. >> i need five seconds. >> whoa. there we go. >> and ellery. >> i need five seconds to sell a shark. >> we got a tie right now. mike, i'm sorry. you're not going to do it this week but you're get another chance in a couple of weeks to come back. >> oh. >> so let's get ready to go right now, and our first pitch is going to be from rita. let's put five seconds back up on the clock. rita, are you ready to go? >> yes. >> sell a shark. >> flatbox, a machine washable lunch box that converts into a placemat. >> got it done in five seconds right there. >> exactly. >> okay. ellery, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> let's put five seconds up on the clock. >> don't be that guy with the soggy 'stache, place a whisker dam on your glass to protect your 'stache and enjoy. >> wow! [ cheers and applause ] >> crazy. >> barbara, what do you think? >> rita, you've got a great
8:21 am
product. the problem with it, i think, unless you are standing there over your kid i'm not sure they're going to use it and be different from the kids at the cafeteria. sorry, rita. >> oh. >> so the winner is ellery. >> i'm not so sure. i'm just giving -- i might come back and pick you, but i can't resist a guy with a big hairy beard like that, ellery, and i think that's a really well-needed product. so my vote is for ellery. [ cheers and applause ] >> ellery, the winner of the contest. he's got it right there. i did not know that was a need but, look, you see he's proven it right there. ellery, congratulations. rita, thanks for coming in, and, of course, "shark tank" will be on tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central. barbara, thanks for coming in. >> great job, guys. >> i like the beard, ellery. it looks good.
8:22 am
so does our crowd this morning. good morning, everybody. thank you for that and the girls are from the carolinas. north carolina, we love to hear it. and we love to start our morning here in times square. it's relatively mild now, but it's going to get cooler and cooler and if you're around for the weekend, considerably cooler. if you wake up saturday morning, yes, up in new england, around freezing and then look at that arctic blast, some of the numbers falling into the teens by sunday morning in chicago, des moines, behind that fresh snow. hello. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. high clouds and sunshine on this friday and warm temperatures lingering through the weekend. look like showers tuesday and wednesday but the storm trending drier, keeler and still breezy. temperatures today 60s along the coast into half moon bay, san francisco, richmond. everybody else, low to mid-70s. tonight 40s and 50s. another mild night. my accuweather seven-day forecast, 10 to 20 degrees cooler with breezy conditions tuesday and wednesday. >> i came all the way down the
8:23 am
line to find more areas to highlight, but they're all from north carolina this morning, lara. >> congratulations again to ellery. >> yes. ellery, very creative idea. you know, i'm stashing some good "pop news," robin. >> all right. >> but it's coming out right now with this. parents like beyonce and jay z, obviously 3-year-old blue ivy has some great musical genes and now she's showing them off not just in her nursery school talent show. for blue ivy, it's a studio album or bust. >> come on. >> she'll be singing guest vocals on coldplay's next release and by the way she's not the only one. turns out this is a real family affair. beyonce also lending her talents along with chris martin's ex-wife, gwyneth paltrow, and their two kids still making beautiful music together. i love that. >> all right. >> and if that wasn't enough, even martin's new girlfriend annabelle wallis is also on one of the songs. martin explains the team effort saying everyone asked to sing on the new band's record plays an
8:24 am
important part in his life. >> there you go. >> isn't that lovely? >> lovely. >> a real family affair. >> uh-huh. >> who likes clowns? >> not me. >> you like clowns? you do? then i'm going to get you a gift certificate to this motel. >> oh, no. >> oh, if you -- >> if you have fear of clowns, you don't want to check in where robin is going for christmas which is the clown motel located in nevada dedicated to the red-nose face -- >> you don't have to watch this. >> walls and walls and walls of clowns. >> wow. >> put the video back up. walls and walls and walls of clowns, life-size models and chairs in the lobby, every room complete with circus clowns on the walls and even on the ceilings. as if that wasn't enough, the clown motel is located next door to a cemetery. >> can i change my mind? >> nope. nope. no give-backs. no take-backs. we should mention, though, that
8:25 am
this clown motel has a great review on trip adviser although we think this might be their number one customer. roll it. that's pennywise. want me to do a pennywise imitation? >> please do. >> down there! >> so scary. >> i can see why you got a big acting job. [ laughter ] >> this is easily the most disturbing "pop news" segment. >> you're welcome. you're welcome. that was for you. oh, no, this one is for you, george. a dalmatian, you know, if he wants a bite of his owner's meal, duh, all he has to do is ask for it. now, listen, you may not hear it the first time, but listen closely to the second one he speaks. >> what do you want? >> i want one. >> good boy. what do you want? >> i want one. >> good boy. >> do you hear it? >> i want one. >> i want one. >> good boy. what do you want? >> i want one. >> a want one.
8:26 am
>> good boy. >> the third time i heard it. >> i did. i heard it. >> i heard it. >> good boy. >> three out of four. >> i want one. >> you got it. >> i got it. and robin got a weekend at the clown motel. >> yeah. >> lucky me. lucky me. >> that's "pop news." >> let's take one quick look at yesterday. robin with our incredible crew celebrating 40 years. what a week it's been. >> crew tap. crew tap. ♪ macy's and "gma" invite you to make a wish come true. >> this is such a wonderful tradition we have. helping grant wishes for some very special little kids. >> for every letter you write to santa, macy's will donate one dollar to make-a-wish up to a million dollars. so drop off a letter in a macy's believe mailbox. >> write to the north pole. >> or send your letter in online. >> let's get the letters started. >> or send your letter in online. >> let's get the letters started.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. expect to see more officers around south san francisco after a rash of home burg laryburglar. the most recent target an elderly woman asleep in her bed. thid morning the warriors of the fifth team in nba history to open the season 13-0. they came back from a deficit to beat the clippers. next game, oracle arena. and how about now, the traffic? >> sig-alert issued in san jose, north bay 101 just past 87, all laned blocked here with a multi vehicle accident. traffic is now stacked up, as you can see. so 880 or 280, still your best bet to get around this. once again, northbound 101 past,
8:28 am
ant chp issued a sig-alert. all lanes e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
8:29 am
back pap look at temperatures, in the 40s and 50s, pretty much where we started. seeing warming, now that the sun's been up an hour. two hours. and we're going to hipt upper 60s in san francisco. low to mid-70s for the rest of us. accuweather seven-day forecast,
8:30 am
have to work today or are inside, plethtsy of warmth through at least sunday. economic out tuesday a ♪ welcome back to "gma" on this friday morning and what a week it has been, lara. >> celebrating our 40th birthday and did that "40 for 40" live stream and they call it live for a reason. there's bound to be wloopers. here's a few. >> good morning, america. happy 40th. and we're going to do it like this. >> let's go. >> i'm done? >> yeah, yeah. yeah. i'm just doing this just to make them panic so they think i don't know what i'm doing. >> we have a chance to go to our colleagues in the -- in the ukraine. hello, guys. >> hello, dr. besser. [ speaking a foreign language ]
8:31 am
good evening and happy birthday to good -- >> come on, come on, guys. come on, dr. besser. >> the ladies women fight for my delight i'm the grand master with the three emcees. ♪ the rhythm is going to get you ♪ >> here they are, one direction. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ if you like driving with the windows down ♪ ? i'm wearing the jesse palmer boy's medium shirt in honor of my appearance. >> what does that entail? >> counting backwards from five to one. >> give me something. give me something. >> you don't give you something. >> just told me don't finish those because we want some. >> this is one of the most delicious things i've had to eat in a long time. this is made in the devil's own kitchen. >> the crazy thing they tell you, danny, don't eat on television. >> oh, yeah but this is the internet, man. >> this is the internet. >> i'll eat whatever i want.
8:32 am
>> live stream bopping you. >> no. >> so there is something you're telling me. >> actually isn't. >> this was done for your anniversary, everybody. two days or two guys to make this beautiful -- >> this is seven. >> seven. whoo. >> happy -- >> happy. >> happy birthday. >> happy. >> happy. ♪ happy birthday to you [ cheers and applause ] >> you got to give it up to our executive producer. his idea, 40 hour, the crew, everybody who stayed and it wasn't only the live stream. we also were supposed to clink mugs. robin was like, i had no mugs. >> when i had to call over the newscasters and they were walking in front of the camera. >> that was a moment. >> it was great to have everybody back. >> so much fun. >> they were excited to see each other because they don't get a
8:33 am
chance to see each other that. . t.j. holmes gets an mvp. seven hours by himself. >> all that is true. >> the whole way. >> he made it. >> i saw him at the end. >> he doesn't hear you saying that now. >> no, he's out. >> he's sleeping. >> that's great. thank you at home because we couldn't do it without you and we do it for you. nicole kidman is back on the big screen starring alongside julia roberts in the powerful thriller secret in their eyes. she talks about the movie, her family and a whole lot more. >> one way and boys another, don't they? don't they? >> what made you decide to take this role? >> i'm very good friends with billy ray. >> also's go. lapd just found an unidentified female body in a garage dumpster a. >> and i read it and would love to work with billy but julia. >> it's your daughter. >> obviously julia gives a gut-wrenching performance in it. >> no.
8:34 am
help. >> wheels of justice turn slowly but they do turn. >> i suppose i've never played a d.a. before or a character like that. >> we open the case. >> where i kind of get to go f after the guy instead of being the victim. >> what does it say that more and more now we're seeing some major media roles that were originally written for men now going to women? >> it's nice if things are written first and foremost for a woman. i mean, i'm very fortunate right now because i'm doing a play that is about a woman scientist. >> you have dedicated your performance on the stage here in london of project 51 to your dad. >> he was thrilled, you know, so it was this confluence of events where it was my father's death and i was standing on stage in front of, you know, a thousand people performing a play that i told him i was going to do for him, so live.
8:35 am
>> i know. >> when you're a very close family and you lose a parent, the family is in such disarray for a long time, you know, and such pain, so this is also a gift to my mom, as well. >> you were last on the stage -- >> yeah, 17 years ago. >> 17 years ago. >> yeah. >> one critic called it pure theatrical viagra. >> i didn't know if that was a compliment or not because i didn't know what viagra was. >> so why the decision to come back now and not sooner? >> children, i mean, it is a very, very hard thing to do a play and not be there for that period of time, for bedtime so this has been a big ask in terms of my 4-year-old and 7-year-old and, you know, they're like we can't wait for it to end. ♪ ain't that america home of the free ♪ >> nashville is lovely and very, very different from hollywood. >> i think there's something that we find familiar in terms of being australians and living
8:36 am
there. something about the south reminds us of australia but i could live anywhere really as long as i had keith and my kids. i mean, that's really where my joy is ♪ but you're always in my heart you're always on my mind ♪ >> you actually glow when you talk about him. do you know that? >> i do? >> you do. you actually do. you look really happy when you talk about him. >> i'm so fortunate. i've, you know, i've met somebody that i'm incredibly in love with and it's a decade into the relationship. it's very much about commitment and we don't ever take it for granted. >> no, you cannot. very, very -- dethe film "secret in their eyes" opens today. you're going this way or that way. >> i'm going to go this way. this way because i wanted to say happy birthday to this young lady. >> your name. >> danna.
8:37 am
>> we're thrilled for sunday night because the 2015 american music awards will feature justin bieber, carrie underwood and ariana grande and demi lovato and that group called one direction will be performing and best part, jennifer lopez hosting. it's on sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. now there's something maybe you won't be as excited about, that would be the winter storm moving across the nation. already happening in western iowa. the snow in south dakota and the rest now moving to the east, time it out for you. mostly tonight into tomorrow for a lot of good friday morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. 67 in san francisco. the rest of us top out in the low to mid-70s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, warm weather through at least monday. much cooler by wednesday with a chance of showers, even tuesday could be wet.
8:38 am
>> see, here's the good part. now i get to get over here and get everybody in. good morning to everybody from mississippi too. amy. >> oh, how are you? >> back in here. >> muppet master jim henson's forgotten manuscript found and a new movie for thanksgiving and then we have "improve this." >> improve this!. how you can get your kitchen ready for the good thanksgiving feast when we come back. nice. >> you like it? amas on "gma" is bout to you listenin' ♪ ♪ in the lane, snow is glistenin' ♪ ♪a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight♪ ♪towin' in a winter wonderland enjoy holiday magic at both parks
8:39 am
during disneyland resort's diamond celebration. ♪ towin' in a winter wonderland...weee hoooooo! ♪ odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park.
8:40 am
8:41 am
jim henson created so many unforgettable characters during his life and now we're about to see one of his creations for the first time. a lost project discovered by one of his daughters. abc's nick watt has the story. >> what you're about to see must never leave this forest, you understand. >> reporter: turkey hollow a magical tale that might never have been told. a forgotten manuscript from the muppet master jim henson who shaped so many of our childhoods >> that's his handwriting. >> reporter: discovered in the archives after 45 years resurrected by henson's own daughter lisa as a lifetime movie. she even found the dad's puppet
8:42 am
prototypes. >> so it's like this and then. >> reporter: and some test photos. >> my sister and i were the ones helping him. >> reporter: the tale is a thanksgiving in the woods. >> we want to make a movie that people would see every thanksgiving. >> reporter: how does that feel? for sure it's some wonderful creature, friends of mary steenburgen. >> i think the secret to what jim henson did ultimately is that he understood how to cut through to the child -- i know this sounds corny but the child inside of you of i always felt like i was 10 years old around them. >> reporter: updated versions of his prototypes. >> way more responsible than a lot of actors i worked with, the creatures are. they never drop character. they are like leo dicaprio when i did a movie with him years ago, you know, he stayed in character all the time. >> reporter: these creatures are on a par with dicaprio. >> absolutely. >> reporter: why did jim henson
8:43 am
never actually make this movie? >> because the treatment is dated 1968 and by 1969 the entire company was all hands on deck working on "sesame street." >> there was not even an hour on that set his name wasn't invoked. >> reporter: he would like this film. >> i hope he would love this film. >> hon, hon. >> how are you, my friend? hello. >> this is skonk. >> reporter: no offense, a strange-looking creature. >> watch nour mouth now. be careful. you're treading very dangerously. >> look at that thing and keep a straight face. >> no, that's the point and you look about 8, okay. that's what happens. >> for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, hollywood. >> you can't keep a straight face. he was right. >> no.
8:44 am
>> we all enjoyed that piece. jim henson's lost project premieres this week. >> it's friday, everybody. also getting into the thanksgiving spirit this morning with another edition of "improve this" responsible for the by lowe's. abc's rachel smith and the team helped a special mom update her kitchen so she could host her holiday feast in this thanksgiving makeover. >> stay-at-home mom carrie enjoys cooking for her family, 2-year-old viola and her husband chris but this outdated kitchen makes it impossible. >> you have a small oven. counter space, like stuff everywhere. >> reporter: with only one income money is tight. >> i just sort of wanted to try to convince my husband it might look okay if we painted. >> so this is what we have here. >> so i don't -- i didn't convince him. >> reporter: to help we're sending in design expert nicole
8:45 am
gibbons. >> if you could envision your dream kitchen tell me what that would look like. >> timeless, white and bright. >> one of the things i love about this space it has beautiful natural light. >> reporter: with no time to spare the crew gets started. in just a few hours the dark drab kitchen is gone while the family lives through the renovation, volunteers and cabinets, appliances and products from lowe's. >> i don't want to like make you wait any longer so -- >> i know. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. i feel like i'm going to cry. this looks like a new house. >> oh. >> nicole replaced the dark wood cabinets and laminate countertop with sleek white cabinets and lack of counter space so she replaced the separate oven and range with a new combination of a stovetop to create more space and by taking out the microwave and putting in new cabinets under the bar area created even
8:46 am
more storage. her top tips for your kitchen renovation, nicole chose a white subway tile at 53 cents a tie, the total cost, $150. keep the existing footprint of the kitchen. it keeps costs down to mott move outlets and plumbing. if you have kids install quart countertop, heat, stain and scratch resistant. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> some really great tips and go to on yahoo! to make a pegboard to declutter your kitchen. we have those piles or the drawer so great one there, as well. coming up one-on-one with "hunger games" star julianne moore. don't miss it on "good morning america." "gma's improve this!" is brought to you by lowe's.
8:47 am
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♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
8:49 am
julianne moore is back for the final installment of "the hunger games" and i sat down with the star who returns as president coin and this time around she's doing her best to keep katniss under control. take a look. >> it was our plan all along. >> of course, it was. >> you're the game maker. i want everyone to know whatever game she's playing she's playing it for us. >> we have julianne moore with us this morning. >> hi. >> thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> it is pretty powerful to see the late phillip seymour hoffman in that scene and he's such a powerful force throughout the movies. what is it like for you to watch it back. >> it's very sad. we all loved him. he's a wonderful person, tremendous talent and great sense of loss we watch it. >> we mention you play president alma coin. tell me about her. she evolves. >> obviously it's a very familiar narrative. someone who starts as one thing
8:50 am
as a revolutionary and over the course of the films becomes someone who is corrupted by power and her need for revenge. it comes something else. >> what is it about this series of films, these books that have had such an impact worldwide? people are just dying to see these movies. >> i love these books and i think they do speak particularly to young people about how you find yourself. what is the process of growing up and how do you find your moral center? and trying to understand whether or not you have free will and you can -- can you change your life and can you change the world? i think what thing boos and films posit is gentlemen, you can. >> my daughters huge fans. what about your children? >> they're why i'm doing the movies. they read the book and it was when my daughter read them that i picked them up and read them. these are amazing. >> it ranks high on the list of movies that mom did that they like. >> yeah, absolutely. >> i know that in addition to your children another passion
8:51 am
that is so close to your heart, gun safety. >> yes. >> and speaking out against gun violence particularly poignant this week as we see the events in paris. >> of course. >> tell us about the every town creative council and what you hope its impact will be and can be. >> well, i just felt that as a -- as an american and as a parent that i really felt there's something that i wanted to do, you know, i believe in the constitution and i feel like we can all do our part for our children, for ourselves in speaking about gun safety. honestly, i think it's become so polarized this issue where it's either pro gun or anti-gun and i wanted to talk about what we can do to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. >> an important conversation. thanks for joining us, julianne moore. >> thank you. >> "the hunger games: mockingjay part 2
8:52 am
8:53 am
my nand i've... seen things. like the sock rampage of 2010. the sleep eating of 2012. and the babysitter makeout of 2014. gross. but now with nest cam, these guys can check in 24/7. so they can see the crazy things i see. hey ya little thief! did he have thumbs? okay, now i've seen it all. nest. welcome to the magic of home.
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macy's and "gma" invite to you make a wish come true. >> such a wonderful tradition we have helping grand wishes for some special little kids. >> for every letter you write to santa macy's will donate a dollar to make-a-wish up to a million dollars or send your letter in online. >> let's get those letters started. ♪ >> it has been quite a week. we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and before we go, we have a programming note. a very big special on a&e
8:55 am
tonight about race in america. the one-hour special and two-hour concert presented by a&e networks and i heart media. we're talking pharrell williams and know him well here, john legend and ed sheeran, so many more performing called "shining a light" airs tonight, a&e. here's a sneak peek of miguel and tory kelly singing "free your mind." >> have a great weekend. ♪ don't know all my forgiveness for having -- it doesn't mean this other -- ♪ ♪ ♪ doesn't mean i don't like my strong bad no ♪ ♪ why, oh, why must we be this way ♪
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good morning. sue hall, abc7 traffic center. i'll gelt out of the way. a pedestrian hit. two pedestrians in walnut creek and oak grove and walnut. you see the relation to 680. in the area of walnut creek. try to avoid the area. emergency crews on the scene. elsewhere, sig-alert. one lane the only thing blocked, northbound 101 past highway 87. si sig-alert still in effect. here's a look at the forecast. thanks, sue. nice seeing you in here this morning and bet you like seeing this if you like warm weather. look at this. mid to upper 60s along the coast. napa, santa rosa, possible record high temperatures. seven-day forecast, trave
9:00 am
looking easier, storm trending >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from "the hunger games: mockingjay part 2," elizabeth banks. and a performance from irving and songwriter shawn mendes. plus, the co-hosts write a song with a great big world as we wrap up our "we said whaaat week." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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