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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we have just learned one american is among the dead, new jersey native, anita >> belgium raised it's terror level, warning of a imminent threat. >> reporter: we're hearing about the threats just about every day lately. the latest in mali, where many have connections. i got a chance to speak with a san francisco doctor staying across town from the hotel that was attacked. malian security forces escort frightened guests out of the hotel. gunmen stormed the building. a san francisco doctor, ari johnson runs a nonprofit and is there now. i spoke with him on the phone.
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>> we're heart broken. >> reporter: his team is safe and they're continuing to deliver health care. >> working together, as a global community, we can work fro detective human rights and refuse to be terrorized. >> he's worried he might know people that are in the hotel. so is the ceo of sf jazz. >> we haven't heard from our friends and artists in mali. >> he's reaching out to groups he's worked with. >> sf jazz is a global organization so it strikes us personally, and deeply. >> reporter: bombings in beirut and downing of a russian airplane. the un approved action for the world to increase the fight against islamic terrorists.
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mali declared a ten day state of emergency. live in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> thank you. tonight the frevenlg terrorist attacks and this latest one in mali are fuelling increased worries of an attack here in the united states. a poll shows that 81% of americans see a major terrorist attack in the united states in the near future as likely. at sfo, concerns grounded a flight with new jersey governor chris christie on board. vic lee continues our team coverage from sfo. >> united flight 1108 supposed to depart this morning but the plane sat on the ground six hours. new jersey governor chris christie was among the passengers that waited for the flight to leave for boston. he flew to attend a fund-raiser last night, hosted by hp's ceo,
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meg whitman. his flight was delayed because of a suspicious passenger. a male passenger taking photographs of the flight attendants. >> that passenger reportedly began deleting images. police tell us another passenger cold the crew he thought he saw pictures on the smart phone showing wires along with arabic captions. at this point, the pilot stopped the flight. the man was taken off, and the rest of the passengers were rescreened, tested for bomb residue, and their luggage reinspected. >> we elected to implement additional measures. >> reporter: the flight left after a six hour delay. travellers we spoke with said it was not overreaction, just cautious reaction. >> there have been random attacks and planes being.
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>> i verted, you know? >> this plane flies over the north pole. >> it doesn't fly over the countries where they can shoot up and bring a passenger plane down. >> reporter: because of this, governor chris christie had to cancel a town hall meeting in new hampshire tonight. travel from the bay area to europe has been disrupted by the terrorist attacks. >> if you're headed to the airport, what are your rights? >> michael finney has what you need to know. michael? >> reporter: the travel industry stepped up to the plate. travellers are finding that they have real options. airports are packed with nervous travellers. some visiting here and others, locals traveling for vacation.
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david and lilly are from discovery bay. >> we're concerned about safety. >> reporter: they're heading out for a river cruise in five european nations. france wasn't one of them but they were offered an opportunity to cancel. >> we didn't buy insurance, but they said you can cancel and take the trip later, or whatever. >> reporter: . >> tear lines are giving people the option to do changes. they're long lasting and spanning into next week. so into the thanksgiving week. >> reporter: mimi says those with travel insurance are in good shape, but she's seen no problem with those deciding not to travel getting their money back. >> it's an act of terror so travel insurance companies are doing full reimbursements if people do have travel insurance,
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and they want to cancel the trip, even preemptively. >> reporter: it's a individual choice, but this family decided to travel, if somewhat nervously. >> keep our fingers crossed. >> reporter: this is a fluid situation. so keep in contact with your travel providers so you know what is being offered. >> thank you, michael. stay with us for the latest on the terrorist attacks and you can get breaking news updates any time by down loading our abc7 news app. a baeshgly 16-year-old is in critical condition after being beaten on the street. his mother says her son was the victim of bullying. and police won't say if the minors arrested were let go. the mother says her son witnessed a flight fooit and was
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bullied by some people fighting. >> he was asked to and he said i'm not in this and i'm friends with everybody. police say the case is under investigation. right now a crew is figuring out how to pull a van from the edge of pier 33. take a look at this image, it shows tires hanging just feet from the water, dangling precariously. the driver did get out okay. now, they're dealing with what to do with the car. an update with news we brought you at 4:00. little raina has been found. the sheriff's department reported she was found safe and sound. police arrested a man suspected of grabbing a toddler from his mom on a muni bus in san francisco. this happened tuesday morning
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less than a bloek from a trans-america pyramid. police shows a man grabbing the 2-year-old and carrying him away. the mother told police the information and it led them to a suspect. he was arrested today at sfo bart station. >> and hackers were able to access information to hotels including westin st. francis and palace hotel. according to starwood, the hackers got data from card swiping machines at sales locations. starwood is offering one year of free identity theft protection. an angry mom is speaking out after her son was shot and killed outside of an oakland
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nightclub. what the owner has to say about another shooting outside of the club last night. a boon for the bay area shoppers before black friday. 50 stores opening in a new mall. we're going to have spring like warmth but things will change next week. i'll have accu-weather forecast coming up. spencer, might be cold tonight but we've got a hot team. the warriors try to make announcer: if you'd give thanks for a better night's sleep... [barks] sleep train has just the ticket. [train horn blares] during sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale save up to $300 on beautyrest, posturepedic, serta, even tempur-pedic! get up to three years interest-free financing! plus, choose a free gift with selected mattress sets! but hurry, sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale won't last! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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the family of a berkeley man shot and killed in april outside of a club in oakland tindz to
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take action against the club on monday. the 26-year-old was shot outside of the club easter morning. an innocent bystander, police say. his mother sat down with abc7 news. >> reporter: this was a really difficult conversation. you'll see why in just a moment. his mom is understandably grieving the loss of her son. we went to the restaurant to speak with the owner about that lawsuit that will be filed on monday. and that is when we discovered new bullet holes outside. the owner told me there was another shooting last night. >> i think there is so much pain. >> reporter: holidays have a new meaning for this family. on easter, this mother was waiting for her son's call. instead, oakland pd called. her son had been shot and killed.
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>> why today? of all days? i got the ham and threw it in the garbage. >> he had just finished performing in a birthday. police said he was an innocent bystander. >> we lost everything. not not all the christmas trees or presents in the world, none of that will ever make it right for me. >> we believe that the bouncers work for the club and the club is 100% responsible for this. >> the attorney will file a wrongful death lawsuit monday. he says the suspect made threats at the club that had nothing to do with emilio. >> we're tillwilling to do whatever it takes to get the shooter caught. >> reporter: the club owner says they turned in series video. they are all fresh bullet holes, one bullet broke the glass of a
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business. no one was hurt. >> just a, you know, another shooting. i can't tie the crimes together. >> this crime has to be solved. there will be another innocent person. >> >> reporter: there is a $42,000 reward in the identification of the the murderer. new traffic lights are making san francisco safer. mayor ed lee announced all 24 vision 0 campaign projects are finished three months ahead of schedule. the goal to eliminate all pedestrian and bike fatalities. he also addressed the tour bus accident that injured 20 people. >> it should be 100%. we're demanding that as a follow up to the investigation. >> the driver's wife told abc7
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news the driver said the brakes failed. police have the bus and it's being taken apart for inspection. millions of drivers have keyless ignitions to turn cars on or off without a key. but critics say there is a silent killer blamed for 11 death as associated with key fobs. what you need to know to keep your family safe, tonight at 11:00. people will see big changes in a popular walnut creek shopping center. the renovation of broadway plaza began in march, 2014. 50 stores are being added. macy's got a face lift. the new store opened today. mall officials say customers have been pleased with what they have seen so far. >> this has been a long-awaited project. people are anxious. people have been very
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supportive. and it's been wonderful. >> three wins breaking the record, they're 13-0. and fans began lining up for the game in oakland. abc7 news is there live with all of the fans. hi, lyanne. >> i hear them, let's go, warriors. this feels like the playoffs. there is a four inch replica of the nba trophy. fans waited hours and hours to get one of these. some fans were ready to do anything for the hottest ticket in town. if they win, it would put the
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warriors two games away from breaking the record. the warriors came back to win it. >> i was nervous last night. >> we all were. >> reporter: going after the record and a chance to get a replica was an incentive to get here early. marcus arrived at 11:00 in the morning. the trophy is named after larry o'brian, a former nba commissioner. after the team won, the warrior told us he'd slept with the trophy in his bed. >> that is larry. did you know who he was? >> sure. >> do you want to sleep with a layer sglee. >> i'll put it next to my other bobbel heads. >> this fan purchased a replica for $300. >> this is the first time for 14
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years. >> this fan reminded us why the warriors are so liked. >> they're consistent. they're not selfish. and they're not big headed. they're all about winning. >> unfortunately for him, and some other lonely fans, they were all sold out. and warriors face the bulls tonight. on tuesday, they face the lakers. fingers crossed everybody. have a good weekend. >> we want to see your fan pride as warriors get closer to the record, this user sent us this picture of an adorable little girl that is all business. you can share your photos with us, too. post them with #abc7 news. >> eye of the tiger. >> yes. >> it's been a whirl wind for spencer christian, who celebrated the 40th anniversary of good morning america.
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check this out. >> we're glad everyone showed up for this special morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> sure. >> that is our spencer. >> yes. >> i was expecting to see maps and graphics. you know? i realized it's not going to be there. >> yes. congratulations. that is fun. >> it was wonderful seeing my colleagues again. >> absolutely. always here. and this endured and always will. >> let's take a look at what's happening here. here is a look at mainly clear skies across the bay area and fog has been forming along the coastline, likely to continue. check out how warm it was today
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in many locations around the bay area. 74 in antioch. 70s here in san francisco today. it's mild weather just continuing throughout the weekend. but temperatures dropped in parts of the north bay. and notice locations with readings in the 60s. here is a live view looking over san francisco. this mostly-clear evening, our forecast features are these. patches of fog overnight, sunny, mild this weekend but much colder by middle to latter next week. we're expecting weather to continue throughout the weekend. it's going to feel like spring with high temperatures into the 70s. but by tuesday, this air mass will begin to drop south ward.
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that is going to drop temperatures sharply. and rain chances are looking slim throughout the week. near 0. we do have a 40% chance of showers tuesday, forecast starts at 11:00. we'll see areas of fog. and there will be more fog forming over the central valley as well. tomorrow, high temperatures reaching above 70 degrees. low to mid-70s with highs into low 70s and peninsula locations as well. mid to upper 60s on the coast. and upper 60s to low 70s and low
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70s toechl. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a chance of showers tuesday. temperatures dropping sharply wednesday, thursday, friday. lows on thursday, and friday morning down to freezing or below in some inland valley locations. so that includes a chill. >> we told you wednesday about incentive to get outside this black friday. may why you may be running out of time. >> and we're going to show you a special display taking shape in
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if you're thinking about taking a hike on black friday you better act fast. save the redwoods league is offering free admission to 49 state parks. tonight they tell us 14,000 people have down loaded a free pass. and you can find the list of available parks on an adorable holiday tradition is back on display in san francisco.
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abc7 news was at the macy's in union square. spca pulled covers off of the holiday rainbows event. inside of the window are dogs and cats up for adoption. last year, 260 animals found homes. we're posting a link to the live streams on >> abc7 news i-team is uncovering what happened the night a fire truck ran a red light and plowed into a motorcycle. >> what the truck driver did inside of a bar after the crash. >> also, the warning from a surprising face that it could end up putting all of us at risk. >> blasting trump. republicans and democrats are saying about comments about
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new video emerged of a san francisco firefighter inside of a bar after hitting a motorcyclist with a fire truck. >> yes. it's part of a lawsuit against the city and county of san francisco. dan noyes is here with the investigation. >> that firefighter has pleaded not guilty to dui charges. his next court date is in january, but this story is based on ex-hick yits from a lawsuit filed by the rider. jash frasier had the green light when a fire truck on what turned out to be a false alarm, ran a red light and slammed into his motorcycle. frasier slid across the street into a fire hydrant. >> i thought i was going to die. >> he suffered a separated shoulder, broken ankle and foot and his knee had to be pieced together.
6:31 pm
>> i was in a wheelchair six months. >> as part of a lawsuit against the firefighter and city and county of san francisco, his attorney deposed fire department brass, confirming quinn broke policy. >> the were controlling the intersection you would not be hitting anyone in the intersection. >> cameras captured a temperature handing him a bottle of water. he chugged nine glasses of water, then throws up in a trash can. i spoke with his attorney in los angeles. >> there is no way they can get around the thakt that this firefighter was intoxicated. >> reporter: fire department brass testified they told quinn
6:32 pm
woe have to be tested for alcohol. >> after that admonition, mr. quinn went awol, right? >> he walked around the corner, disappearing for two hours before arriving back at station one. he failed three breathalyzer tests. it took a police inspector seven hours after the crash to arrange a blood test on quinn. he was still over the legal limit. from that, the medical examiner estimated his blood alcohol level at the time of the crash. >> the 0.11% would put him at the time of collision at 0.34%. >> in court records, experts recommended he drank equivalent of 21 shots of alcohol while on duty but the judge threw out the test results.
6:33 pm
the fire department's breathalyzer machines had not been calibrated and by the time of the blood test, said i don't think there was probable cause to arrest. the district attorney's office tried to appeal but the court did not take up the issue. spokemans tells me prosecutors are moving forward with this case. >> it weakens evidence, but we feel strongly about the charges and are still proceeding witness. >> without the blood alcohol test results, prosecutors tell me they'd have to rely on other evidence and will play a major role in the civil case foo if you have video, the obvious inference is that he tried to dilute the alcohol in his bloodstream. >> his civil attorney declined to comment, but court documents show he's pursuing a defense of
6:34 pm
contributory negligence, arguing frasier had marijuana in his system. he continued into the intersection. frasier's lawyer calls the marijuana issue a red herring. the judge in the civil case ruled he cannot be forced to answer questions until the criminal case wraps up, next year. >> incredible story. >> thank you. >> tonight both democrats and republicans are slamming donald trump's remarks about muslims. >> he was asked if there should be a data base to track muslims and he said i would implement that, absolutely. when pressed further, asked when it differs from nazi germany, he went on to say you tell me. >> hillary clinton today responded on twitter, this is shocking rhetoric and should be
6:35 pm
denounced. >> former florida governor jeb bush said that is just wrong, manipulating people's angst and fears. >> john cas john kasich said it against all we have believed in. >> today, trump said he didn't suggest the data base, a reporter did. trump's super model wife has been noticeably absent from the campaign trail, but tonight will talk about her husband's candidacy in an exclusive interview on 2020. >> we're a team. and i encouraged him because i know what he can do for america. he loves the american people and he wants to help them. >> you can catch the full interview starting at 10:00 p.m. on abc7. trump and others are calling for increased measures to help
6:36 pm
thwart attacks on american soil. >> one way would be to have silicon valley open up a back door so the government can monitor protective networks terrorists may use to communicate. >> you may be surprised to hear a terror expert says that is not a good idea. >> in terms of data collection, we have a problem. mass inkripgs. >> last year, apple's tim cook told president obama where he stands. >> there is no back door. the government doesn't have access to servers. they'd have to cart us out in a box for that. this will not happen. >> reporter: calls to install a back door are intensifying. >> the key obstacle standing in
6:37 pm
the way is a shortage of good intelligence about isis and operations. >> former fbi agent says the government should have the keys to decode messages. >> this is the kind of thing, once it happened people are going to say why didn't we give them these tools? it's just stupid in these times. >> one link of dissent comes from a professor at west point. >> if you put a back door, it becomes a back door for everyone. >> he believes a bigger threat is from hackers stealing secrets and identitys. >> we have a bigger risk getting struck by lightning than being killed from a terrorist incident. i can guarantee, everyone of the listeners had one of their credit cards replaced in the last year. >> most people are thinking about not getting blown up.
6:38 pm
that is the most-important thing for them. bay area woman is looking for an important piece of property tonight. how these men could hold the key to a mystery of an engagement ring lost at levis stadium. stadium. >> th with a 100% electric nissan leaf... stadium. >> th what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america.
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a berkeley woman said she had an unforgettable trip to levi stadium after she lost something that was near and dear to her heart. >> melanie and her husband, john, can't help but get emotional. >> i feel like i've let down my husband, i lost something he gave me. >> you haven't. we're in this together. >> last month, she was at the 49ers game to accept a check as part of a charity group. prior to kickoff, she was standing outside of the gate. she did what many of us have done. >> i took my rings off because i didn't want to get them caked in sun screen. >> after applying sun screen, she went to grab her things atop a golf cart but forgot about the rings.
6:42 pm
a 49ers staffer found her wedding ring in the street just outside of the gate. a sigh of relief. >> like there is hope, we found one of them. i wonder if we can find the other one. >> the engagement ring was nowhere to be found. but take a look at the pictures. they're asking to identify these two men who were in the area. the investigation is ongoing. melanie says she's thankful for detectives who have been working on the case. >> you cannot go back in time. there is nothing i can do. other than what i'm doing now. to try to find this. >> a wife and her husband, hoping for a little more luck. chris nguyen, abc7 news. we learned about this story through a viewer e-mail. you can tell us what's happening where you live by e-mailing abc7. coming up next here, one sure sign the holidays are around the corner, you're
6:43 pm
looking at the embarcadero center. >> they're about to turn on 17,000 lights.
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children who are barely learning english got a course to thanksgiving today. this is their first ever thanksgiving meal. the kids may not have known about thanksgiving customs but they know about giving thanks. several read heart breaking stories about the hardship enduring to emigrate country. and things are looking great for the weekend. we have mostly clear skies over the bay area now. patches of fog of forming near the coastline. that will be the pattern tomorrow, it will be a sunny day across the state tomorrow and milder than average for this time of the year. in the bay area, highs in a range similar to today. mid to upper 60s near the coast. upper 60s to low 70s around the
6:47 pm
bay and low to mid-70s inland. we have heights to 6.9 feet by mid week. these occur if the late morning hours, which can produce minor flooding in low-lying areas including in mill valley. a chance of showers tuesday, and then, cold mornings thursday and friday, including thanksgiving morning. >> thank you, spencer. >> all right. here we go. take a look. >> that is right. it's a tradition the season. >> there you go.
6:48 pm
>> yes. >> that is great. >> already? how is it? thanksgiving next week? >> there are going to be fire works in oakland >> who could say no to a free larry? most people would want 2 or 3. of these, i
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ono off-days, or downtime.ason.
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opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. good evening, warriors called out that stunning win last night that left the clip r clippers just shell shocked. the question is how much do they have in the tank tonight? the defending champs are getting blown off the court in l.a., coming back from 23 down and sometimes, nba schedule is just
6:52 pm
cool. this is an example of an interesting co coincidence. last time was the bulls who won back on january 27th. since then, they've won 25 straight regular season games at home. >> the process starts now and we understand that. that is what is important to us. and that is why we have it right now. >> derek rose not going to play tonight. eight games left in the season. great chance sunday against the lions. detroit defense giving up 29 points, and they have shown flashes. and allowed only 16 sunday.
6:53 pm
derek carr knows he's got to play better. >> i expect them to come out fired up. you know? and when you turn the film on, that is what you see. they run around and make plays. you know? so we're excited. >> perhaps a final chance to beat stanford, first two big games have been anything but big for him. 52% of the passes a season low 182 yards and coming up, a sixth touchdown game against oregon state. >> he's an amazing quarterback and they're kind of molding the
6:54 pm
pieces together. you're seeing those things working. it's great to see and going to be a fun contest saturday. jeff gordon is heading into the final race on sunday. and when entering this car for the final time there will be a lot of emotions running through him. he believes it will fuel him sunday. >> gets me more excited when i think of what we can accomplish sunday by coming out and leaving this sport. i'm going to celebrate it. >> going to be a perfect script.
6:55 pm
abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> join us tonight, some scary moments in an apple store. what security did when a man walked in with a sword. >> then, at 11:00 mark zuckerberg and his wife are getting ready to become new parents. tonight the personal decision they're now revealing as they await parenthood. finally thought, a few thoughts about what matters. last friday at this time we were reporting gutless attacks in paris. the city of light enveloped by the darkness of evil, but only briefly. in the days since, france struck back, hard. hundreds of raids throughout the city and country to round up suspected terrorists. in northern syria, french war planes are pounding isis targets. but that is not the only response by the french. the other is especially french.
6:56 pm
a refusal to change their unique zest for life. the celebrations went on as planned this week. and the city's iconic cafes and restaurants are beginning to return to life. here at home a poll shows most americans are worried it will happen here next, so called soft targets, malls, movie theaters and restaurants. it probably will happen here, if it does, we'll respond with the same grit and grace as we do. here, in france and around the civilized world what matters is that we face these coward was curage. let me know what you think. >> that it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us, we appreciate your time.
6:57 pm
we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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