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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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right now on abc 7 news. colin kaepernick played his last game this season with the 49ers. the team's big shake-up. >> we support the top, because we believe good health should not be out of any one's reach. >> focusing on the health of people across san francisco.
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>> new insight into one of paris attack suspects on the run from the man who helped him get away. abc 7 news starts right now. we start with the rise and fall of a star. the team making it official hours ago. niners qb colin kaepernick out for the season. >> the big question -- does it mean the end of a 49ers' career? >> thank you for joining us. >> if kaepernick never plays again for the 49ers he commits exits his career on a disappointing season. >> let's get to mike schuman with the details. schu? >> i think it caught everyone by surprise. he played injured reserve, with a torn labrum in his left shoulder. cap has been dealing with pain in his nonthrowing shoulder since then. it would heal itself. after the bye week.
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kaepernick was complaining of soreness. self reported his injury. got a second opinion from the stedman clinic in denver where it was found he had a s significant tear in his left shoulder will have surgery as early as the tuesday in denver. rehab of these injuries takes four to six months which plays into a key date in his contract. on april 1, kaepernick's salary of $11.9 million becomes guaranteed if he is on the roster including injured reserve. the team can waive an injured player, but could work out injury settlement. he will lose $875,000 this season. and personal game bonuses, missing seven games. now, this situation takes care of the season's question mark as to who will start at quarterback. for the rest of the year it will be gabrick. much more on this tonight on "after the game" as i mention a big surprise for everybody involved when this cam down e d
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today. 49ers on the way to seattle to take on the seahawks. >> cornell bernard gathered reaction from 49ers fans at the stadium. >> many fans here at levis are wishing cap nekaepernick good l. others are asking what took so long to take him out of the game. >> reporter: niners fans like darren robinson speaking out about colin kaepernick. issuing a statement, the team, kaepernickplaced on injured reserve because of a bad shoulder. >> we're calling kaepernick's hand. is wish he got his mojo back this year. he has had a tough go. >> reporter: kaepernick's performance and stats, reached new lows. during week three, the niners lost to the cardinals, 47-7. defeat blamed on kaepernick's interceptions. >> good luck.
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all i got to say. >> reporter: richard evangelos says it's time to go. >> hasn't done anything in the fir, four, five games. would have pulled him out a long time ago. put the other quarterback in. >> that's too bad. i like the guy. but he lost his confidence. after what game two. and -- a lot to win games. >> kaepernick's base salary of $119 million is guaranteed only in case of injury. he could avoid being paid if the team releases or trades him by april 1. >> you hop for colin kaepernick in the future? >> you know, i hope another team picks him up. he comes back and probably kicks the 49ers' butt. >> reporter: kaepernick's spot on the roster will be filled. in santa clara, cornell bernard. abc 7 news. >> we'll track the developing story and much more ahead in sports. many of you in the abc 7 news now community have lots to say about decision.
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richard says -- kaepernick looked healthy on the side lines last sunday. he thinks the move means he is done with the niners. jamie stwtweeted a song from do comes to mind -- "the end." some real star power at a celebration today marking years of planning, construction fund-raising in san francisco. ♪ san francisco open your golden gate ♪ >> oh. that's one of stars of "beach blanket babylon" the ribbon cutting for the hospital and trauma center. there to hear mark zuckerberg. they gave $75 million to the new facility. >> this hospital really is the, the heart of the city. it treats everyone in the city according to need. its doors are open to anyone in
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the hardest times when sickness strikes and, when there is nowhere else to go. >> that new hospital will open in the spring and include a larger emergency department and private rooms for patients. >> now to new information on the attacks in paris. one of the attackers still on the run. we're getting details from the people who helped that man escape the city. and we're learning of new arrests. let's got to abc's marci gonzalez in paris. >> reporter: tonight an accused lookout for the terrorist who carried out last weak's attack in paris is under arrest. turkish police saying the belgian man and two other suspected members of isis were planning to go to syria before officers found them overnight and took them into custody. back in paris, investigators are still working to identify a third suspect, killed in this week's raid at the terror suburban hideout. officials say that is the person who detonated a suicide vest and not hasna aitboulahcen who died
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in the attack after refusing to surrender. also among the dead in the violent siege, so-called mastermind of the pair ace take, abdelhamid abaaoud. investigators trying to figure out how he managed to cross into france undetected as they reveal that two of the bombers who targeted the soccer stadium -- both passed through greece on october 3. starting from the island of laros, following the path as many syrian refugees. and tonight, new insight about salah abdeslam. two friend now under arrest say the 26-year-old is likely hiding near his home town in brussels explained he called to ask for help saturday morning after the attacks. they picked him up in paris and drove him to belgium. one of the attorneys telling abc news, abdeslam appeared angry
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during the trip but stayed calmp during three different identity checks by french police. marci gonzalez, abc news, paris. russia is giving france a puppy in a show of solidarity following the paris attack. and the death of a police dog. the dog named diesel was killed during an anti-terror raid in paris last week. the russian interior men street posted this puppy picture of the dog that will replace diesel. and the puppy has to undergo medical tests and quarantine before reaching france. >> one suspect from the deadly paris attacks is at large and last seen crossing into belgium. police and soldiers are patrolling intersections, subways are closed in the belgium capital as the the government warned of a threat of paris-style attacks. belgium government raised the threat alert to the highest level. now a 72-hour travel restriction on travel to brussels by all u.s. military personnel as well as civilian pentagon employees. a look at how the nation is
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handling the terror threat in our next half-hour of news. >> new details on a terror attack by islamic extremists in the west african nation of mali. a guard, at the targeted hotel says security staff there was caught by surprise. the attacker struck as the armed security team were preparing to switch shifts. 20 people died. two gunmen during that attack which turned into ape hostage crisis that lasted more than seven hours. mali has declared a ten-day state of emergency with three days of national mourning in which flags are flown at half staff. american killed in mali had ties to the bay area. 41-year-old anita dakur, helped with a nonprofit that helped women around the world gain access to health care. she lived in the washingtush ws d.c. area. the family is not speaking publicly. other americans continue to deliver medical care in mali. jessica beckerman founded project rousseau with her husband. her husband remains in mali. >> completely shocked and
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devastated. mali is the most peaceful c acumen acumenical place. they're ten miles from the radisson blu attacked by militants. stick with abc 7 for the latest on paris attacks and threat in belgium. breaking news updates by downloading abc 7 news app and enabling push notifications. >> two men recovering after their car went over an embankment in oakland. it happened at 11:00 last night. crews rescued the men trapped inside the car. you can see firefighters pulling them up the officials say both of the men will survive. one is in serious condition though with a brecken leg. >> you may face delays at bay bridge earlier today. but you do not wait because of an accident or a stalled truck. our south beach camera captured traffic as it just started to move again there. caltrans and the highway patrol stopped westbound traffic for a
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few minutes because a television crew was shooting a commercial on the span. some drivers vented about it on social media. here is a quick look at how traffic is moving at the toll plaza now. it is a crawl in oakland. typical saturday. >> just ahead. winter's wrath in the midwest. >> look at some of the states hardest hit and the number of people in the monster storm path. >> abc 7 news meteorologist. repeat performance. mother nature today. sunshine. mild temperatures. do not get used to it. we have rain to talk about and much cooler temperatures. details in the forecast. and later -- going to take a look at the bomb tttom of the sn there. a man find himself staring down the barrel of a gun.
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natasha and i are here. would love to be at san francisco, pier 39. here's why -- the annual holiday tree lighting about to happen. festivities began at noon. the tree lighting celebration at 6:00 p.m. hosted by abc 7 weather anchor, spencer christian. the tree of course just the beginning. friend from the disneyland resort teamed up with pier 39 for two days of holiday joy. does neat parent company of abc 7. if you can't go tonight. join spencer next sunday for a special presentation of the pier
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39 holiday tree lighting celebration. that special airs november 29th at 6:30 right here on abc 7. >> looks fun. >> it does. mickey and friend. >> official start of winter a month away. 20 americans will tell you that it looks and feels like winter across several midwestern states. people woke up this morning facing the job of clearing snow from their sidewalks and driveways. at least 6 inches of snow across the chicago area. in south dakota, drivers encountered slippery conditions. 66 accidents reported in sioux falls. over just three hours. a landscaping company found itself shifting gears. >> yesterday we were picking up leaves. today we are plowing a foot of snow. >> the game must go on. snowplows cleared the football field at the university of wisconsin. clearing the way for today's northwestern wisconsin game. >> you know, i love my
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northwestern wildcats. i still wouldn't sit in the stadium. so glad that is not happening here. >> no, not seeing anything like winter like conditions. if anything feels like springtime. temperatures in the 70s and 60s. a quiet picture. high cloud out there. pretty looking shot right now. live look, east bay hills camera. show you we have sunny skies. high cloud dotting our evening sky. forecast, repeat performance by mother nature tomorrow. november beauty for sunday. we will track light showers, moving in tuesday. really the bigger story. the system will tap into cold canadian air. frigid mornings on way for thanksgiving. and black friday. out there now. 70 in heyward. 67. napa. 55 if lynnmoivermore. brisk later on. by 10:00. coolest spots dropping new the 40s. repeat performance sunday. really looking nice. by 7:00. chilly spots in the sheltered
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valleys in the 30s. by the afternoon. we have lots of sunshine. warming into the mid 60s. and into the mid 70s. twh then we will fast forward. monday itself will see increasing cloud. tuesday. next system dropping in from the north. 7:00 in the morning. light showers. north day. midday. everyone is seeing light sprinkles. main activity well to the east of all regions. not going to tap into the vigorous showers or perhaps the thundershowers. like we saw two weeks ago on the monday morning. the quick mover by the evening hours on tuesday. the rain is moving out. good news if you are traveling wednesday. right now it does look like it will be dry under partly cloudy skies. in terms of total rainfall. between .1 and quarter inch of rain wednesday morning. bigger story. watch what happens. cooler air. wednesday. into thursday. overnight lows in san jose. dropping 34. thanksgiving morning. if you are going to be out early black friday. bundle up.
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temperatures will drop in the mid and low 30s. overnight tonight. we will see 50. overnight low in san francisco. 44, concord. we'll see fog developing. fog along the coast elsewhere. cool, clear. napa. 38 degrees. highs for your sunday. like today. love tomorrow. sunshine. high clouds. 74, san jose. 69, san francisco. 72, oakland. same if in napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- nice tomorrow. cooler wind monday. light rain moves in tuesday. then it is just brisk with a winter chill. by wednesday, thursday, friday. wake up to some spots. potentially at the freezing mark. big changes tuesday. >> big changes. >> yeah. >> 34 degrees. >> you know where your winter jacket is. find the puffy one. >> it will be good. >> invigorating. >> good to have you back, drew. missed you. >> missed you too. >> we were surprised by this, right. it wasn't just me saying "what is going on?"in kaepernick's fut
4:19 pm
a little more interesting today. we'll see why. and the big game, set for 7:30 kickoff. hear from the cal head coach, never won the big game. all that next in sports.
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>> colin kaepernick with a torn la labrum. training staff said it would heal itself. after the bye week, kaep got a second opinion at stedman clinic in denver. he had a sig nif tenificant tea will have surgery tuesday in denver.
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rehab, 4-6 months. and april 1, salary guaranteed if he is on the roster and injured reserve. team could work out an injury settlement. stay tuned. stanford could clinch over the win over cal in the big game. their sixth straight. bears hoping they can pull an upset. able to match up better on cardinals offensive defensive lines. stanford won five straight. the quarterback never lost a beg game. while cal's jared goff. line play will be the difference as it is every week. cal head man, looking for the big win agrees. >> they have a distinct. clear identity. they do a great job of playing to it. so -- you know we will get tested. and -- and we'll know a lot mr. smr. -- lot more on saturday. we are much further along than we were year one. we are just physically a better football team. >> should be a great match up. we'll take a brief time-out. and college campus. undefeated. ohio state. trying to remain that way
4:23 pm
against michigan state. huge big ten rival. bigger
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♪ when you don't want things to break down, you take care of them. that's why free preventive care comes with all health insurance plans offered through covered california. enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st. michigan state taking on the buckeyes today in columbus. spartans trying to play spoiler. sneak by. rainy day at the horseshoe. a factor. third quarter. ohio state punting. ball through the mcgarrett
4:26 pm
kingsley. next play. j.t. barrett. jalen marshal. one-handed catch. easy money. 14-7, buckeyes. michigan state next possession. they drive down. and the tough run. tied at 14. last play of the game. michigan state's michael geiger. 41 yard field goal for the win. michigan state. 17-14. ohio state no longer undefeated. they get michigan next week. looking to do their part. happy valley. played second quarter. penn state. christian hackenberg. so sayed blateneau. can make the move. and 11-yard t.d. pass. and smith. breaks the plane. setting up a tremendous game in ann arbor next week and ohio state. >> frank beamer, coaches trying
4:27 pm
to take down north carolina. down 14. seven-point game. north carolina, marquise williams, fumbles. recovers. on the drive. hokies. brewer. ford for the game tying touchdown. 24-24. go to overtime. crowd loves it. hits a field goal in ot. and williams. davis for the game winning touchdown. tar heels, 30-27. spoil the party. clinch the acc coastal division. we'll have much more college football coming up later in the newscast. stick around. what a day in college football. always a big day. and all the news of the 49ers. >> exactly. >> unexpected. >> thank you. apple in demand ahead of abc news. the item the tech giant can keep in stock. >> take a look. gripping video of a crime as it is happening. the one thing cops say saved the victim's life. >> belgium on alert. what we are learni
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belgium's capital of brussels on the security lockdown right now with the government warning about the possibility of a coordinated terror strike similar to those in paris last week. abc news reporter lama hasan is there and has the latest. >> reporter: brussels on high alert today. heavily armed guards patrol the
4:31 pm
streets. >> if someone is here -- >> reporter: across the city the subway system is shut down. movie theaters closed. soccer matches canceled. raising the terror threat level off to its highest. the government says it has credible and precise information that its a risk of a paris-style attack with arms and explosives. possibly launching simultaneous attacks on multiple locations. >> it is a serious imminent threat. otherwise our center for analyze of threats would not have -- qualified the situation as 4 on a scale of 4. >> reporter: belgium at the center of the investigation into the attacks in paris. the only surviving attacker and most wanted man in the word, salah abdeslam froms from a breeding ground for jihadists. described as armed and dangerous, police issued an arrest warrant for abdeslam and
4:32 pm
on the run. they were pulled over at a traffic stop, not deattend. authorities have detained the men and indicted them on terrorism charges. lama hasan, abc news, brussels. a lot of people are pretty afraid when they saw flames and smelled smoke from a high rise in los angeles. see the flames burning in an office. six floors above west l.a. last night. at least one person thought that it might actually be a sinister act. following the terror attacks in france and mali. >> the whole world has been on ledge for the past week. since paris. my first instinct. [ indiscernible ] >> 120 firefighters fought the fire and kept the flames from spreadi ining beyond the office where it started. we don't know what began the fire. flames and smoke poured out of one of the city's tallest skyscrapers. fire started early this morning on the 50th floor of the iconic john hancock center.
4:33 pm
police officers did suffer smoke inhalation. no one else there was hurt. the hancock is the fourth tallest building in the windy city at 99 floors. know word on cause of that fire either. >> new details out today on the home come paying raid crash that killed four people in oklahoma. court documents show the driver was not intoxicated at the time of the crash. investigators is nessuspected d. she its accused of plowing into a group of people at oklahoma state university's parade last month. prosecutors say evidence suggests it was "an intentional act." her attorney claims chambers might be suffering from mental illness. >> chilling video today -- a moment of life or death. it began when a medical student saw trouble and decided to help only to find himself staring down the barrel of a gun. abc news reporter m eer maria h story.
4:34 pm
>> the level of violence we saw this morning is disturbing. >> reporter: watch as the the car on the cross street drives past. turns around to come and help the woman. the man, peter gold, fourth year medical student gets out of his car to help the woman and stop the mugging. >> he stepped out of his vehicle to intervene. the individual that was attacking this other woman, pulled a gun on him. dr. gold didn't have any property. and he informed the subject. at which time he was shot. in surveillance video provided by new orleans police department. officials say gold can be seen pleading with the suspect he had no money. then the armed suspect shoots gold in the stomach. severely injuring him. then, tries to shoot gold twice more. but his gun never fires. police saying it jammed. a new orleans police are looking for the 25-year-old man who after the shooting took the woman's purse and fled in a gray or silver suv. the woman was not injird.
4:35 pm
the student, peter gold is expected to make a full recovery. 400 people teamed up to plan a thanksgiving for families across the south bay. abc 7 news was in san jose as volunteers filled boxes with food for needy families. sacred heart community service will give out 4,200 boxes to needy families in time for the holidays. each family will get a turkey. by the way, sacred heart says they need about 1,500 more of those. >> asking everybody if they can come down, bring a turkey. donate online at our website. sacred heart. so we can make the purchases of turkey. >> don't need to remember the website. we have it on our site. if you would look to help provide turkeys for needy families. go to >> apple pencil stylus will be a hot gift. ten days since the release of ipad pro. keyboard and pencil are in short supply. reselling them for as much as $650 on ebay. apple sold out online quickly.
4:36 pm
a fur 4 to 5 week for more. an deal cloond . >> this is a regular pen. you can have it $5. >> private rocket companies space access, upcoming human trans transport mission. nasa approved the mission for space x to take a crew to the space station. set for late 2017. preparations could start soon. space x joins boeing in providing private commercial transport of astronaut crews into orbit. nasa relied on russian rocket launches since retiring the space shuttle four years age. >> up next, meet one very determined woman. >> i knew sunny whe was going t early. she came on the worst day of all. >> yeah, what she did.
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then boom. what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids. now what?
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4:40 pm
year. we're calling regarding the debt. there has been a judgment placed on you. we want to resolve the debt. i was look, what are you talking about? >> it turns out in 2004, all cal collection services bought a 2,600 dollar credit card debt from chase that it believed belonged to christie. alcal served it at christie's old address and someone sign theed the papers. christie believes someone stole her i dendentity and opened the card. an attorney said come pans buy debt for pennies and hire collection agency. >> under existing lauch ining l. if a debt buyer has gone into court. filed a lawsuit. gotten a gjudgment, without you knowing of the case. if they wait two years, you're out of luck. that happened to christie nine
4:41 pm
years ago. no idea. she got a call from a collection agency threatening to garnish her paycheck. >> how about you give $100 a paycheck. and leave your debit card information on the message. what company would ask you to leavedebitcard? >> soon after the courts allowed the collection agency to take $250 from her paycheck. the original $2,600 debt had grown to $8,000. >> fees get put on. attorneys fees. court costs. >> reporter: sharon jamal works for the law center and helping christie. christie is barely able to make end meet. >> i had to cut things off. let things go. i am okay with that. as long as i have a roof over my head. >> reporter: last month. governor jerry brown signed a biological to help consumers fight judgments and stop wage
4:42 pm
garnishments for debt that is not theirs. the bill becomes law in january. >> a consumer will have the opportunity to go into court. telle judge, your honor, this isn't my debt. >> reporter: we were with her when she went to court to file counter lawsuits against the collection agency. after that. and numerous calls from my producer, the collection agency says it will no longer garnish her wages and will return all of the money. >> i feel very relieved. i feel like i can breathe again. >> i'm michael finn ecey 7 on y side. >> talk about taking school work seriously. a mother finished an online test for a class getting ready to give birth for her daughter. take a look. you can see her sitting in her hospital bed. while taking the psychology test. her sister posted the picture on facebook. all this while, baby tigot read arrive earlier. >> read my question quick.
4:43 pm
answers. select my answer. by then. a can traction was coming. they were speeding up. when i started the test they were 3 minutes apart. when i got finished they were like a minute or less apart. >> can you imagine? within a few hours the pictures went viral. shared more than a million times on mom blogs around the world. >> i feel guilty for every class i skipped now. because she is showing us all up. >> classes you skipped. did you skip a lot? >> sometimes you got to sleep. >> we know wherehis priorities are. i know. i know. drew, big changes coming up ahead? >> we do. today, official records in downtown oakland. new record. 74 degrees. besting old record of 73. set in '05. warm november afternoon. evening. live doppler, showing you partly cloudy. where the weather is really coming down in the form of snow. look at this. low pressure system. moving through illinois. o
4:44 pm
o'hare airport saw their top storm. 7 inches of snow. back at home. sunshine. mild temperatures. right now at 66 oakland this evening. 68, san francisco. same in san jose. fairfield, 69. antioch, 65. out on the town later this evening. light jacket. breezy. clear skies. next couple hours. 10:00. out later on tonight. see some locations dip into the 40s. call it brisk. live outside. east bay. gorgeous sunset. breaks through high cloud. forecast calling for repeat performance. another november splendor. light showers moving through the region. this system going to tap into cold canadian air. that means we are talking frigid mornings on thanksgiving. and black friday. but this is a beautiful shot. from the explore-atorium. like today. love tomorrow. delig delightful. early spots. starting out. chilly in the valleys.
4:45 pm
otherwise. by afternoon. plentiful sunshine. temperature thousands in the mid 60s to mid 70s by the afternoon. then, future weather will pick it up from here. monday, see increasing clouds. tuesday, that our next system will dive in from the north. some light showers beginning to pop up tuesday morning. in the north bay. think midday tuesday. anyone is fair game for a light shower. want to emphasize. main action, activity to the east of our region. where the low prush our is going to set of on the border of california and nevada. see light showers move through. going to end quickly. tuesday evening. the tail end working through. and wednesday, some great news. here, heavily traveled day. before thanksgiving. looks dry. looks cloudy. in terms of rainfall by tuesday evening. probably .1 inch in most spots across the bay area. what happens behind the system. watch this. future tracker temperatures. thanksgiving morning. a lot of spots will drop into the 30s. we at 33 concord. 39, downtown, san francisco. a chilly 34 in san jose. 3 in petaluma. oakland. 37 degrees. if you are going out for black
4:46 pm
friday shopping early on friday. chill will be with us. have the heavy winter coat with you the see a lot of spots. friday morning. stuck in the 30s. as we end the holiday week. so, overnight tonight. not that chilly out there. falling into the 40s. and most spots. our sheltered valleys. dropping into the 30s. then, highs for your sunday. starting, south bay. microclimate. nice november day. mild. 74, san jose. 74, santa clara. 72, mountain view. downtown, san francisco. 69. 63, daily city. north bay. and vallejo. nevada. nice at 72. freemont. 69, berkeley. inland. 71, pittsburgh. 73, livermore. accuweather. nice tomorrow. tuesday. light rain moves in. really brisk temperatures leaves behind. wednesday. thursday into friday. going for the freezing cold morning on thanksgiving. bundle up. >> i like it. >> get me get my gloves out.
4:47 pm
>> you see people standing in line, black friday. keep you energized a little bit. >> oh, john. >> got to spin it. >> sure. >> there is one pan wman who ma big promises and never delivers. leaving them out, thousand. it started in north carolina. a bay area woman put life savings into a coffee truck and was left with nothing. off the grid. one of the smallest operations setting up shop. pin-up girl coffee. >> this is our trailer, laverne. >> she has a name. >> reporter: laverne isn't a food truck. a tiny tram trailer, hitched to john r generator. generates attention. inside delicate coffee making den. makes signature, spicy senorita. >> chile, vanilla in it. with 4 feet of working space.
4:48 pm
the trailer is a tight fit. >> one spot stand. and, you know make it work. her heart is in this business. she puts one on every cup. she wanted to upgrade from the trailer to a truck and thought she found the man to do it. nick beliva. his business was in reno and required a $16,000 deposit to retrofit her truck. >> nick was charm iing knowledgeable. and had idea. she sent the check. on the way to reno. she got a call. half-hour outside of reno. four hour drive for us. he e-mails said he wouldn't be there. she said he canceled a second meeting too. in the end. $16,000 gone. sabrina and laverne aren't alone. they're part of a pattern. on the other side of country. abc station in raleigh got complaints about nick beliva in february. james freeman handed over $10,300 deposit for a truck he said no work was done.
4:49 pm
craig powell who gave nick $6,500, never heard from him. the owners of the belgian waffle truck. $11,000 out. this is the fourth victim, kyra mortimer. >> my mom passed away. through her inheritance we were were able to open the business. $10,600 gone. she took beliva to court, ordered him to pay her back $10,000. she is waiting on some of the money. reporter at our sister staegs tristaegs -- sister station tried to take to nick. >> hi, nick. i'm with abc 11. can we talk to you. >> he couldn't go on camera. he e-mailed was out of business and intended to repay all debts. after that he opened up shot in reno. two other people along with sabrina say they paid him but got no work done. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: sabrina said good-bye to money she lost. she had to litigate.
4:50 pm
>> probably doesn't hatch the money sitting in a bank account. our money is probably gone. >> $16,000 amounts to a lot of spicy senoritos. she has a message for nick. >> how do you even sleep at night? >> two of three business owners in the story received some or all of their money back from nick beliba. he claims he dissolved his latest company in reno. i've been texting with sabrina. she has still not received any of her money back. >> need to keep up with her and make sure she does. >> yeah. >> thank you, natasha. schu here. >> little college football. pac 12 highlights. sports ledger, oregon/usc. and putting on a show. six, six touchdowns over the trojans. all your highlights next in sports.
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stanford clinches the pac 12. win or oregon loss. utah/usc tied. 5-2. oregon and na tasha's trojans. down the middle. carrington. he will go 37 yard. oregon goes up 21-14. four minutes later. adams, feels the pressure. steps in the pocket. wide open.
4:54 pm
kenny benoit. 31-14. ducks. adams, 407 yards. six td passes six receivers. charles nelson. and wins, 48-28. if stanford wins. they clinch the pac 12. if cal wins and oregon wins next week. ducks will win the pac 12. usc/utah. win over ucla. if the bruins win. three-way tie first. and set a school record. pass attempts. what a pick. 2 yards. 7-0. late third quarter. ucla. paul perkins. third and goal. ucla. 17-9. utes. usc. ucla. decide the winner of the pac 12 south. clemson wearing the purple. wake forest.
4:55 pm
44 yard. wats watson. three tds. ran for a touchdown. deion cane. 20-0. clemson. one quarter. 47 yards. jerome harper. throw catches for 120 yard. clemson remains perfect. 11-0. 33-13. senior day. alabama. hosting charleston southern. played in the first half. 68 yards. two tds. single season. rushing touchdowns. and crimson tide. nick saban. said charleston southern was a cupcake. hits off the leg of a bama player. cyrus jones. first of two returns. charleston southern. 31 yard. first half. pitch picked off. cyrus jones. ruled a fumble. 39-0, alabama, they roll, 56 d 6, the final.
4:56 pm
michigan state. undefeated ohio state. third quarter tied at 7. right through the hands. mcgarrett king. and ohio state on the six. that play. j.t. barrett. jalen marshal. watch this. one hand. 14-7, buckeyes. next possession. gerald holmes. two yard run. ties it at 14. last play of the game. michigan state's michael geiger. 41-yard game winning field goal. good. michigan state 17-14. over ohio state. no longer undefeated. they will get michigan next week. number 15, lsu lost two straight on the road. ole miss. looked like a route. kelly. treadwell. ole miss in the second. tigers came running back in the third. leonard fornette fournette. william clasp falls on it. lsu trailed. rebels put him away. chad kelly. threw for two tds. ran two more.
4:57 pm
flips into the end zone. lsu loses third straight game. 38-17. that final. sharks. head coach. left the team for personal matters. 4-0, penguins. secondary assist on the goal. m marlow's career point. sharks lead 1-0. first intermission. tcu, oklahoma. face off next on abc 7. stay tuned after the game. for larry and yours truly. break down the day in college football and more on colin kaepernick situation. miss it. put on season ending injured reserve, tear in the labrum, left, nonthrowing shoulderer. interesting when his contract is up. >> timing of this is so interesting. >> very interesting. >> so looks like his agent and he have done maneuvering himself. >> agent working overtime right now. >> thank you. >> that's it for abc 7 news. for drew and mike, thank you for
4:58 pm
joining us. college on his legendary quest jack went looking for a man. known simply as...the onion whisperer. the onion said...
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"you must prepare me three ways... " "...then put it all on a burger..." "...and make a commercial about it." and that's the legend of the cheddar onion buttery jack. crispy, grilled and caramelized-onion aioli. the cheddar onion buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family.
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>> brad: a late november saturday night in norman. where local hero baker mayfield leads a sooner team on a roll, with its sights set on the big 12 and beyond. tcu star quarterback trevone boykin will not play. so, the job falls to a freshman who has never made a start. it's senior night at u's seniu.o sterling shepard makes his last stand at memorial stadium. the horned frogs and the sooners are next.


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