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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, november 22nd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning, everyone. here's a live look at live doppler 7hd where we have some of the cloud cover in the north bay. but other than that, temperatures are on the cool side this morning with numbers in the low 40s from novato to napa, santa rosa. 45 in mountain view. emeryville this morning, it's quiet out there. we will have another mild afternoon where temperatures range anywhere from the mid-and upper 60s at the coast. bay side more low 70s yesterday. oakland had a record at 74 degrees.
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inland once again upper 60s to mid-70s. the ridge of high pressure is weakening. we will talk about cold showers headed our way in just a few minutes. carolyn. lisa, thank you. the focus of abradant terror crack down has shifted from paris to brussels, belgium's capital centre is on level four alert. that's the highest after the government warning that terrorists are poised to strike as they did nine days ago in paris. if it's still a level 4 tomorrow, schools in brussels will be closed. a man suspected in the attacks on paris is also believed to be on belgian soil. abc news reporter richard cantu has the details. >> in brussels the government raced the terror alert to the highest level. >> there shouldn't be a lot of people walking around. >> fierce of a paris style attack. >> it is a serious and imminent threat. >> have put the capital on edge
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and on guard >> there's less people out and that probably means terrorists aren't going to bomb anybody. >> added to the fierce authorities think that hold up somewhere behind the locked doors and deserted streets may be the man who got away. salad is shown in this video obtained by daily actual of his friends now under arrested a mitt they picked him up in paris after last week's attacks and drove him back to his native belgium. police call him armed and dangerous n paris authorities are trying to learn how the alleged mastermind of the killing spree managed to enter france, as mourners continue to gather to the make-shift memorials to hundreds of victims. and including the concert hall where most were murdered. the american band eagles of death metal was on stage. jesse hughes described the slaughter. >> several people hid in our dressing room and the killers were able to get in and kill
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everyone except for a kid hiding under my leather jacket. >> and making scenes worse, worrying that scenes like these may be the new normal. abc news. >> president obama is in malaysia and spoke at the east asia summit about fighting isis to prevent future terror attacks. >> we will cutoff their financing, we will hunt down their leadership, we will dismantle their networks and their supply lines, and we will ultimately destroy them. even as they are in the process of doing that, we want to make sure that we don't lose our own values and our own principles. >> the president also discussed the refugee crisis saying prejudice and discrimination help isis and jumped mine national security. be sure to stay with abc7 on the latest on the paris attacks and threats on belgium. you can get breaking news
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updates anytime by downloading our abc news app and enabling the push alerts. back in the bay rohnert park police are searching for a man they say is armed and dangerous. mr. vazquez is alleged of shooting his estranged wife friday night. he shot her in the chest and ran off. the couple recently separated. police say he threatened her just days before. she is expected to survive. antioch police are on the lookout for gunmen who shot three people. it happened about the:00 last night on sycamore drive. you can see the victims being loaded into ambulances there. investigators are interview being witnesses and gathering evidence. they have not told us the victims' conditions. san jose police are investigating a deadly collision involving a bicyclist and a car last night. it happened around 7:45 on
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monterey highway and lewis road when a mercedes-benz hit the bicyclist. crews rushed him to the hospital where he died. alcohol and drugs do not appear to have played a role for the driver but they suspect the bicyclist the may have been drinking. in san francisco an out of control pickup truck hit and killed a woman locking along lake merced yesterday afternoon. police say the driver jumped the curve and went up on to the walking path hitting the woman. truck ended up in a ditch. the woman driving it went to the hospital. police are looking into the lossibility that the brakes failed. another blow to the junkness crab season and will likely hit your wallet. two more states postponed the crab season due to the toxic algae outbreak. abc7 news reporter katie tells us what is means for a holiday tradition.
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>> hope for a dungeness crab season is fading faster than the sun. they said the delay of the bay area season is devastating. >> i don't have any money, i don't have any income. >> for third generation fishermen john miller, two-thirds of his yearly income is made during the dungeness harvest. but a large algae bloom have caused crabs to test high for an acid that is a health concern and a serious threat to miller's livelihood. >> tighten our belts and not spend any money and try to get through. >> i wish they were out in the water so we could have some crabs be this holiday season but looks like we will have to import. >> the dungeness will come from somewhere, said the manager of the water side cafe. >> we are getting updates every day and trying to find out what's the latest. >> but it's with waited breath. now oregon and parts of the washington coast are delaying crab seasons too. >> for us you are still going to get great crab and it it will be
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quality about you it won't be where we normally go and catch it. >> alaska and puget sound could be the only place, meaning the market price may increase. >> we will have to raise the price slightly but not to the point it's not enjoyable. >> afford ability depends on who you ask, the locals who enjoy track or the tourists. >> something that we could afford. quite expensive. >> or the fishermen facing financial certainty as they wait for a clean test of the dungeness crab. in san francisco, abc7 news. well, you won't see colin kaepernick play quarterback for the 49ers again this season and some football insiders believe he might be done wearing red and gold. he had already lost his starting job to lane gapert. now he said he hurt his left the
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nonthrowing shoulder against green bay last month. he's due to have surgery tuesday. abc7 news was at levi's stadium where fans reacted to the news. >> time for him to go. hasn't done anything in the first four, five games. >> i'm not a huge fan. you know, if anyone should be on injured reserve, maybe him. >> the timing is interesting. kaepernick's nearly 128-month-old deal for next deal will be guaranteed if he's on the 49ers roster in april ready to play or not. last night stanford kept their pack 12 hopes alive beating cal in the big game that. rivalry was friends and sometimes very close family members rooting against each other. abc7 news reporter alyssa harrington heard all the trash talking before the game. [chanting]
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>> it's the big game. the cal golden bears versus the stanford cardinals. >> it's the game of the year. >> a rivalry that extends off the field. >> it's one of the many ways we are better than them. >> we are a better school, we are an affordable school, and we put out the best graduates in the whole country. >> stanford, and graduated in 2014. now he's back to watch. >> you know guys on the other team. you have to go out together sometimes. just that, you know, bay area rivalry. you want to be able to win the bay. >> go stanford! go stanford! >> this is a house divided. tim went to stanford, his wife to cal. >> my wife and i love each other but this is a very tense time of year. >> the big game is also strong in tradition. the andersons, hailing graduates from both universities, have been tailgating under the same tree for more than 40 years. >> now we are here with our
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folks and our kids. >> their favorite game ever? >> '82. i was there. >> a classic. the play, one cal fans talk about to this guy and stanford fans want to forget. last night the axe stayed with the cardinals. >> cal made too many mistakes. we scored big plays. >> i feel a lot better they won. i wanted them to win, especially after last week. >> excited fans are starting to smell roses. abc7 news. i'm starting to smell thanksgiving. and the weather forecast very important? >> yeah, it's going to change too. much colder air and some showers before the turkey arrives. right now here's a look outside with 54 in san francisco and half moon bay. a little cloud cover out there. but it will be another mild day before the big chans. i'll let you know next. >> thank you, lisa. also next, facebook ceo mark
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zuckerberg's big gift that could help everyone in san francisco. and mickey, mini, donald, goof fix all bringing the christmas season to san francisco. where you can still see them [majestic music] [majestic music] odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park. tickets available at who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread.
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r: during sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale save up to $300 on selected mattress sets, even tempur-pedic! get up to three years interest-free financing! plus, choose a free gift! but hurry, sleep train's "thanksgifting" sale won't last! >> lapping today, a memorial for a man killed a year ago. a man was shot and killed on november 25th and the killers are still at large. a $25,000 reward is offered for information leading to their arrest. rizel's family will speak at the service this morning.
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it starts at 11:00 at our lady of lord's catholic church in oakland. carol dota established san francisco's red light district in the 1960 and was the first topless dancer of the era and made the topless club famous. she died and her service is tonight. 400 people teamed up to provide a bountiful thanksgiving for families across the south bay n san jose volunteers of all ages filled box was food for needy families yesterday. sacred heart community service will give out 4200 boxes just in time for thanksgiving. each family will also get a turkey. sacred heart needs about 1500 more.
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>> asking everybody if they can come down and bring a turkey or donate online at our website so we can make the purchases of the turkeys. >> if you want to help, we have a link to sacred heart on our website, facebook ceo is celebrating a milestone for the new hospital expansion in san francisco that now bears his name. mark zuckerberg and his wife, dr. brings sis law chan, gave $75 million to help build sf general's new trauma center. yesterday's event marks the end of construction, although it won't actually serve patients until spring. >> we believe that investing in health and one of the most important the things that we can do personally and that we can all do as a society. it can change people's lives and help them learn and grow. >> the couple's transaction is the biggest individual donation made to an american public
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hospital. that hospital operates the only trauma center serving san francisco and northern san mateo counties. three, two, one! >> yep, ready or not, it's officially holiday season in san francisco. last night the tree at pier 39 was all lit up and decorated with thousands of bows, ornaments and lights. today mickey mouse, mini mouse, donald duck and goofy will be there again for a day of fun and another tree lighting celebration tonight. who is that guy? our own spencer christian was there hanging out with disney coworker mickey last night. mickey and the gang sang and danced for hundreds of fans in attendance. if you could not make it last night, you can watch the celebration right here on abc7 news. it airs sunday, november 29th at 6:30 p.m. it looked like a nice night out there, lisa. >> looks like we are ready, even if we aren't.
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>> color coordinated with the are he had and green bay. >> the weather not really cooperating for the season yesterday. how about 72 degrees in half moon bay? redwood city 71 and we set a record a oakland at 74. so today a few high clouds here and there. once again, high pressure, the fair weather maker will maintain its grip over the bay area, and that means more sunshine, more mild temperatures. the changes will come tomorrow. here's a look outside. emeryville with 54 in san francisco. 49 san jose, 48 morgan hill and half moon bay a balmy 54 degrees. with he are looking at a pretty good visibility. 5 to 8 miles out there from cop cord to fairfield. no the a lot of issues. santa rosa is at 40 degrees this morning. 39 is the cool spot by the delta. concord and livermore about 43, 44 degrees. so another look outside. it should be a nice end to the weekend if you want to enjoy the outside with a few high clouds
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and then tomorrow we will be much cooler. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler with some clouds. the onshore flow will return and that will add to the cooling. showers arrive on thursday, should be ending. but starting today you will notice partly to mostly sunny conditions 3:00 this afternoon and still the light winds. but they will begin to switch to an on shore component. so a little bit of cooling at the coast today. don't think you are going to see that 72 degrees in half moon bay. by monday look at all the cloud cover banked up along the coast. the temperatures come down with a weak system that will begin traveling down california. it's a dry system. but it is going to bring the possibility of some showers and lower snow levels. so at about 5:00 on tuesday, rain showers from cloverdale to ukiah. and the cold air will be also accompanying this weak system by about 8:00 on tuesday. some light showers from vallejo
5:19 am
to emeryville, oakland, sapp mattio and perhaps daly city. by about 9:00 pushes through the south bay. another piece of energy perhaps tuesday afternoon. put it all together and rainfall amounts will be on the light side, anywhere from about a quarter up. in the north bay, santa rosa, a third perhaps at the san carlos airport, hayward and maybe .4 from mountain view to san jose. so the big news with this system will be the overnight lows that will bring temperatures way, way down beginning on wednesday. and thanksgiving morning in san jose we are just looking at 30s. them slow recovery into the weekend. today back to the mild numbers, 69 for san francisco, and san mateo 72. fremont and oakland. the accuweather seven-day forecast with the cooling on tap for monday, extra cloud cover. showers on tuesday. then it's the chilly temperatures for wednesday. at least it will be dry for traveling prethanksgiving. thanksgiving will be cool,
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morning lows frosty and into next weekend a slight chance of showers but still cold. you can see what's showing up on live doppler hd anytime with the weather app. it's free and we have more information at abc7 it will feel like the season but not the rain we would like. just a weak system. >> thank you, lisa. coming up, the unusual new weapon a bay area police department is using to slow down this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice aut. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
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are enjoying their first bowl today.
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>> millions underred go knee replacement surgery every year but the success often depends on the fit. there's a new device being used in the bay area that's making knee replacement surgery more precise. >> michael evans is a former surfer who would although of to get back in the water. about you now facing his second knee replacement, he said just moving without pain would be a victory. >> i can't straighten it. i can barely bend it. i need a crutch to get out of bed in the morning. >> while michael has already had replacement surgery on his right knee, this procedure on the willest is going to take advantage of a new technology. >> the sensors contained entirely within the plastic. >> the doctor said the device is part of a system that helps ensure a better fit for knee replacement. >> there's a subset of population, about 15% that don't do well. that's typically because the knees feel either too tight, too
5:24 am
loose or unstable. >> in an operating room in san francisco at a medical center, the doctor begins surgery that will place synthetic caps on the upper and lower surfaces of michael's knee joint. that's to gauge the best fit and he inserts the device first. it's roughly the same shape as the knee replacement but it's embedded with a microchip sensor that beams data to a monitor next to the operating table. >> at ten, 45, 90. we are seeing there's a little bit of off balance. >> as he moves michael's knee, the sensor measures the pressure at different points on the surface of the joint. if it's off balance the surgeon can remove bone or tissue to smooth out the movement. if it's too loose or tight he can use thicker or thinner replacement caps. finally with his knee in balance, the doctor fits the permanent replacement caps that will being the contact point of his new knee.
5:25 am
>> the kneecap tracks well. so i will get him up later today and see if he can take a few steps. >> hopefully the beginning of new pain-free life. >> first it was like a golf ball. but my goal will be to surfboard again. >> abc7 news. >> that device is designed to work with most of the commonly used knee replacement devices that are currently on the market. we want you to meet the most popular resident, it is the slow-down cat. the 12-foot tall feline is the would, of a local sculptor. the goal is to catch their attention and get them to slow down. think of it as a variation of the speed car. and he donated the cat to the the city. coming up, why would you pay $300 to $400 to sleep on the ground and wash your own dishes?
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>> it was really everything i was expecting. and more. >> find out why a lot of bay area professional women are answering the call of the wild. no men allowed. that's tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. private rocket company spacex is cleared for liftoff with their first-ever human transport mission. n.a.s.a. has approved a mission for spacex to take a crew to the international space station. the flight is set for late 2017, but preparations could start soon o spacex joins boeing in providing private commercial transport of astronaut crews into orbit. you might remember n.a.s.a. has been relying on russian rocket launches since retiring the space shuttle four years ago. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. an up roar after the latest the donald trump event. not because of a protester forced out, but because of what
5:27 am
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the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn.
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temperatures in the upper 30s at our coolest locations from santa rosa, the delta and elsewhere. a couple 50s from fremont and half moon bay in san francisco. we had lots of 70s yesterday, some upper 60s. today not too different. a few high clouds but overall high pressure maintaining its grip which means our fair weather maker and light winds still with us throughout the day today. with the sunshine we are still in the 60s, and to the upper 60s coastside san francisco. it should be a little cooler with the wind shift later on today to more of an on shore component. we will manage the low 70s from santa rosa to san jose today. and tomorrow we are talking about bigger changes, which will drop our temperatures as much as 10 degrees. carolyn. >> lisa. thank you. two big controversies this morning following a donald trump rally in alabama. first yesterday a black protester chanting black lives matter got hit, kicked and pushed to the ground. cell phone video shows at least
5:31 am
half a dozen people surrounding him. a woman kicked him while he was down and then a man punched him. trump called for the man to be taken out. >> the other controversy the gop candidate is suggesting police should keep an eye on american muslims and where they worship. >> i want surveillance of these people. i want surveillance of certain mosques, okay? if that's okay. >> trump said he believes some mosques could pose terrorist threats and he would, quote, strongly consider shutting down mosques in the u.s. trump will make an appearance on "this week" with george stephanopoulos this morning. presidential candidates ben carson and martin o'malley will also join the show to address issues ahead of the upcome debates next month. you can catch it right here on abc7. hillary clinton announced she
5:32 am
knew an american women killed in the attack on mali friday. gunmen took over a hotel in the west african nation, killing 18 people. one of them, anita datar, is a public health worker focusing on public health, family planning and hiv. she said datar is the former partner of a senior policy advisor who served her while she was in the senate. she added datar was a wright light who gave help and hope to people in need around the world, especially women and families, that victim has also spent time in the bay area. her brother is a doctor in san francisco. a bay area health watchdog group is suing the makers of e-cigarettes. san francisco based center for environmental health claims e-cigs do not have the proper warning labels required by california law. a recent report from the state health department says the product contains at least ten chemicals with the potential to cause cancer.
5:33 am
they want new labels warning about at least two of those chemicals. >> it's an impression that this is just harmless water vapor for coming from these about devices, but it's an aerosol that contains all kinds of particulate matter and toxins. >> he said there's also concern vaping is making smoking look cool again to teen aimers. legislation that would have regulated e-cigs the same way as tobacco products failed in the state assembly earlier this year. medical marijuana growers will soon be able to use special carriers to legally transport their pot on california roads. it's part of new regulations for the industry that governor jerry brown just signed into law. right now transporting medical weed on state, county and federal roads is risky for growers. >> right now if you are trying to transport from the farm to the dispensary, there's no real laws. so cap you get pulled over?
5:34 am
can, you know, your money or your crop get confiscated? >> some feared the new illegal form of drug trafficking could put public safety at risk and they feared drug cartels getting involved and taking off local politicians. mapping today, a historic church in napa will welcome back parishioners for the first time sips last year's earthquake. the magnitude 6.0 quake badly damaged the first methodist church. the 99-year-old church is now safe enough to hold services. it took nearly $2.5 million to repair. the first service begins at 9:30 this morning. bonfires at san francisco's ocean beach have always been a cheap way to have fun. but the national park service thinks the fun is getting out of hand and wants to crack down. city supervisors are responding with a resolution. >> city records show bonfires at
5:35 am
san francisco's ocean beach have been a tradition at least as far back as 1890. >> sit around the fire, talking and playing music. that's what the beach is here for. >> a few years ago the golden gate national utah national recreation area tried to ban the bonfires but gave up in the face of criticism. now the agency is proposing regulations that would force everyone to get a permit. and for the first time charge perhaps $35 to reserve a fire pit. >> it's unclear. what's the point of a public state beach if you would have to pay to use the bonfire? >> it's actually under federal jurisdiction, and the ggnra said it's proposal is designed to deal with trash and maintenance issues. >> this is a concern from the public that they want to use the beach the next morning. and they are finding that it's really -- it's really a mess. >> according to supervisor eric
5:36 am
marr, the city's rec and park department has been given thousands of dollars the last two years to help with the cleanup. he represents the district where the fire pits are located and has introduced a resolution trying to find a compromise. >> where we are protecting the ocean beach area to be more sustainable like the national park service wants to, but also allow free and acceptable use of bonfires. >> what do you think? the ggnra is accepting your feedback through december 4th. we have a link to their website at still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, the latest in wearable technology, including for your car. what you can learn from your vibrating steering wheel. and here's a live look from our exploratorium cam. 60s and 70s today in terms of the weather. but colder towards thanksgiving. lisa argen will be along shortly with a full accuweather
5:37 am
forecast. [majestic music] [majestic music] odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park. tickets available at
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like
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this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. >> san francisco be saint won first parish will open their doors tonight to provide shelter for the homeless during the winter season. breakfast and dinner will be served each day for sheltered guests. dozens of beds will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis for homeless men that need a warm place to
5:40 am
sleep. it's a collaboration between several church groups and social service agencies. it starts today and runs through february. wow, they are going to need it this week. >> that's right. the second half of the upcoming work week, some of the coldest air of the season, even showers and low snow levels. right now from the sutro tower camera, good visibility, a 15-degree spread, 39 santa rosa and by the delta. we will talk about how long the mild air lasts and your thanksgiving forecast coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, stanford got off to a fast start against cal in the 118th big game. but the golden bears battled back. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports. ♪ starting thursday, apparel will cool down to 40% off. [ both ] 40%! [ quickly ] the news is good! [ quickly ] sports win! [ whispers ] let's go shopping! doors open thursday, 6pm at target.
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>> welcome back. continued pleasant weather today but, baby, it's going to get cold outside as we head toward thanksgiving. lisa argen around shortly to give you all the facts and the figures. in sports tonight the warriors will try to equal the best-ever start in nba history. a 15-0 when they play the nuggets in denver. friday night the dubs gutted out a 106-ed 4 with win over the bulls. at 14-0, golden state is tied with the 1957 boston celtics for the best-ever start by a defending champion. tipoff is 5:00 p.m. on our sister network espn. both the raiders and the 49ers are back in action today.
5:44 am
at 10:00 this morning the silver and plaque are in detroit facing the lions and this afternoon the 49ers return from their bye week in seattle against the seahawks. kick a you have 1:25. this morning stanford fans have bragging rights over cal after the cardinals beat the gold bears for the sixth year in a row. here's shu. he has all the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. well, stap ford was the obvious favorite in the 118th version of the big game but with this match-up you never know what can happen. history tells us that. and it looked like a stanford run away in the first half at christian mccaffrey set a school record for total yards in a game. the stanford marching band. oh, there's donald trump. second quarter. christian mcginn started the drive. and watch this young man go. three great cut-backs. great downfield blocking. he has the speed to take,
5:45 am
mccaffrey takes it 4-9d yards for the touchdown. cardinals up. 51 seconds left in the half. mccaffrey fields a kickoff. 282 of his stanford single game record, 383 all-purpose yards came the first half. cal outscored them 10-0 in the break. but stanford answers. 12 plays, 61-yard drive. the second td of the game. then bryce. the big game win. the 48-yard touchdown. you can't coach speed. stanford keeps the axe for the sixth straight year and clinches the north title in the victory. >> our seniors, so proud of those guys. we have a guy in the program that's lost the axe and it's cal week. cal week, we don't worry about anything else. had it is a big game and the big game, and our guys were phenomenal in practice all week.
5:46 am
>> san jose state in hawaii. still a chance at a bowl game. first quarter, first possession. kenny potter. 9-yard touchdown. big hit at the goal line but he holds on. still first quarter. 14-0 spartans. wide open to the end zone. puff yards, 21-0, spartans. after the hawaii turnover, he waltzes in. spartans led at the break. they beat. and colin kaepernick was placed on the season-ending injured reserve yesterday with a torn labrum in his nonthrowing left shoulder. it apparently happened in the green bay game on october 4th. they said it would heal itself but after the bye week he got a second opinion and it was found he had a significant tear of his labrum in his left shoulder and he will have surgery as early as tuesday in denver.
5:47 am
rehab usually takes four to six months. his salary is guaranteed if he's still on the roster, including injured reserve. the team could work out an injury settlement. stay tuned. well, the sharks have been on fire on the six-game road trip. winner of four in a row as they faced off against pittsburgh last night. the head coach peter deboer who left the steam for a personal matter. and the assistant taking over the reigns. the assist on the brent burns goals. marleau scores his 1,000th point. he did it in the city he was drafted in back in 1997. second period, game tied at one. burns records his second goal of the game. marleau and paul martin gets the assist. martin spent the two last years in pittsburgh. scores a first goal with his new team. all goals come from the defense of the sharks 5-0 on the road trip. they end today in columbus.
5:48 am
3-1, your final. raiders in detroit and nibners seattle. we will have those highlights at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> you too, mike. saw him at the game on friday with the warriors where they managed to pull it off but there's a whole other story there. let's talk weather. >> yeah, it's going to be changing and it's going to get very cold. a little rain coming our way and snow as well. the sierra could pick up anywhere from 2 to 6 inches from around tahoe, donner and kirkwood but higher amounts in the higher elevations of the maybe 10 inches in some spots. this is through wednesday of the right now live doppler 7hd showing some cloud after around. visibility up four miles in santa rosa. so getting a little bit obstructed there since the past hour. otherwise things are cool with numbers ranging from the upper 30s to the mid-50s. so san francisco the mild spot. we will call it partly cloudy. it's 46 in san jose. so typically we have the 40s around the bay and it's cool out
5:49 am
there for sure. but, boy, in the next couple of days numbers are going to be below freezing for several days. and the afternoon highs may number the 50s. golden gate bridge camera, nobody is there and we are looking at visibility not an issue with 39 in fairfield. 43 concord. livermore 44. and numbers pretty much in and around 40 degrees up in the north bay. another look outside. east bay hills camera. a few high clouds but once again more sunshine will dominate the skies again, bringing mild temperatures as high pressure slowly fades away. and with that cooler numbers tomorrow with fog at the coast. the onshore flow kicks up. we will see some sunshine. it's going to be as much as five to ten degrees cooler. tomorrow is the day of transition and then tuesday morning light showers arrive. this is the track of what is expected into tuesday. so the cold air in place accompanies the low of the you can see the shower activity from the sierra nevada. not much of it, but then into thanksgiving we are sunny, but
5:50 am
it is going to be nippy right on through the early part of next weekend. we will take you through the next several days more in detail. you notice a few clouds around today and the clouds at the coast tomorrow. here comes tuesday morning where the cold front is lined up well to the north of us. around ukiah, cloverdale and clear lake. and then as we go into about 6:00, 7:00, it's pushing over the bay. light showers from the east bay through 80 and perhaps 50, down through 101 and 280. then maybe 680 getting some showers into the south bay, fremont, newark exiting early morning hours but there still could be shower activity throughout tuesday afternoon and highs just in the 50s with some breezy winds, as well. so rainfall amounts once again not too impressive but they will vary, anywhere from about a tenth of an in to perhaps near a quarter inch, maybe a third of an inch half moon bay. we've seen the somewhat weak
5:51 am
systems, but behind this one, boy, the cold air is going to really stay with us. so in fact even down around san jose where overnight lows have been in the 40s, it will stay that way until about tuesday then the cold front comes marching in and overnight lows hovering to around above freezing. so it will be a cold set of days as we go through the holiday weekend. and the accuweather seven-day forecast. sod should be the last mild average from san jose to santa rosa. and fremont. 70 concord and the accuweather seven-day. sunshine and tuesday we have the light showers. just 50s right on through the week. but overnight lows in the 30s. struggling to reach the low to mid-50s and we will have the winter chill for black friday, and the chance of showers next week looking slimmer and slimmer. >> wow. >> it's still early, though. >> but i looked at also other places, deep freeze like fargo, north dakota, 11, chicago 9.
5:52 am
>> they got big snow yesterday. >> here we are. >> there we go of the 8 nervous entrepreneurs unveiled their products for the first time last week. jonathan bloom got an early look at the graduating class from a start-up lab that's all about the internet of things. >> it looks kind of like a refrigerator if it weren't for the blinding light that pours out of it. >> look up at the pink light. special frequency that are opt miced for growth. >> it's cloud in a box for medical marijuana. >> you put put in your seeds and the system controls everything. >> it's being unveiled at the demo day. >> to present to investors, the theft and also executives and really present out what they built >> the breast band for athletes is not for wiping sweat. >> you will find instantaneous increase necessary both strength and speed of your hands. >> tiny vibrationings quicken your reflexes. >> you won't feel the vibrations but your brain will.
5:53 am
>> what if you like a classic watch on your wrist? technology buried inside a leather strap. >> it's on the big side so it's visible for you but not other people. a wearable for your car to measure tiny movements of the steering wheel. >> vibration that is detect wear issues or imbalance in a wheel we can tell it right away. >> there's a kit for companies designing special vehicles. >> special purposes like peacekeeping and rescue. >> back then when you thought about wearable it technology you pretty much thought of google glass. >> today we might be glass free in the audience. >> focusing on safety. >> we know exactly what they breathe and what they are exposed to. >> enjoying life in spite of hearing loss. >> and part assisted listening with device and blew tooth. >> and hunting zombies in this grand brand new game. >> it's awesome. nothing like he hasn't played
5:54 am
before. >> these won't be out by christmas but this will. >> we can tell you how long to the airport. >> abc7 why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else
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odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park. cadillac escalade from the sopranos. the s.u.v. sold for nearly $120,000. it went up for sale just ten days ago. the car was scene in the shows final three seasons. it bears the signature of the show's late star james gando before he said he signed the car. it had a resale value of only about $8,000. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at 6:00. belgium is bracing for an imminent terror attack. how it's affecting lives in
5:57 am
brussels this season. and another blow to the crab scene with the holidays just days away. where the crab will likely come from for the holiday.
5:58 am
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how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. >> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, november 22nd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. we are starting out with some cloud cover in the north bay. visibility not an issue. we will call it partly cloudy. and temperatures are on the cool side a look from mt. tam right now. you can see that we have the clear sky. the beginning of day light where numbers are cool in the north


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