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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 22, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. good mor good morning, america. breaking news on that night of terror. the lead singer of the american rock band performing in paris speaks out for the first time. >> several people hid in our dressing room, and the killers were able to get in and killed everyone. >> the horrifying details of that deadly night. and breaking right now. the president's toughest warning yet against isis. fire breaks out at chicago's iconic hancock center. >> oh, my god. >> flames and smoke filling the sky. [ siren ] >> people hurt, tourists and residents sent scrambling. what set it all off? who shot a hero? the intense search under way right now. a med student stepping in to stop a mugger. witnesses coming forward overnight.
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>> i saw the guy with the gun shoot the guy in the stomach. >> the reward offered to bring him to justice. snow blast. wintry weather pounding the midwest. runways shut down, passengers stranded, cars and trucks overturned in whiteout conditions, all ahead of the big holiday weekend. will it affect your travel plans? we're tracking the storm. hey, good morning. and just hours ago, we heard from president obama, who's traveling overseas right now and trying to reassure a nervous america about the fight against isis. >> and the president vowing this morning to, quote, destroy the terror group, intensifying the strategy. we're going to tell you what that means tactically and why critics say he's not doing enough still. we'll have much or on that in just a moment. but we'll start here with that new interview. the insider account from the massacre at the concert hall in paris. the lead singer of the american band on stage when the shots started ringing out, now speaking publicly for the first
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time since the attack, and abc's matt gutman is right there in paris this morning. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that is the bataclan theatre, and still nine days after the worst of the paris attacks, you can still see mourners here. now we know that band scrambled down that alley running hundreds of yards, finally get a cab. but for the first time we're hearing what happened to them inside that concert hall. this morning, the american rock band the eagles of death metal telling its survival story for the first time. since terrorists burst into the bataclan concert hall during their set escaping to this back alley which had been become a shooting gallery. you can see it begin. the music stopping, gunfire crackling. >> people were playing dead and they were so scared, so many people wouldn't leave their friends, and so many people put themselves in front of people. >> reporter: in an upcoming
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exclusive interview with vice news, lead singer jesse hughes recounting the carnage. >> several people hid in our dressing room, and the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them, except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jacket. >> no band members were harmed. but touring staff member, nick alexander, was shot and killed. and overnight abc news learning salah abdeslam, the only attacker not to die in the citywide siege passed through multiple police checkpoints in the hours after the attacks, picked up by friends who he begged to take him to brussels. the attorney for one of them telling abc news, abdeslam was picked up just after the attacks ended. on the drive to brussels, the two friends say they noticed what may have been a suicide vest beneath a large coat, but they managed to breeze through three separate police checkpoints. after arriving in brussels, obamacare told other friends he was terrified about isis retribution because he didn't blow himself up like most of the paris attackers.
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one of those attackers, abdeslam's younger brother, brahim, who detonated his vest outside the stade de france during a friendly france/germany match, players even hearing that explosion. now, just this morning, the french foreign minister saying the only way to destroy isis is with boots on the ground. that as he added that french aircraft carrier will arrive off the coast of syria tomorrow, so, it's possible that in the near future we could see both u.s. and french ground forces in the fight against isis. paula. >> that's the big question, how to defeat isis. matt, thank you. this morning, president barack obama offering his strongest words yet on isis. speaking in malaysia, mr. obama said, we do not succumb to fear. >> the united states will continue to lead this global coalition. we are intensifying our strategy on all fronts, with local partners on the ground. we are going to keep on rolling back isil in iraq and in syria
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and take out more of their leaders and commanders so that they do not threaten us, and we will destroy this terrorist organization. >> you just heard it, we'll destroy this terrorist organization. so we want to bring in abc's martha raddatz in brussels, belgium, where their capital city is under the country's highest terror alert. martha, good morning to you. tougher words than ever from the president about intensifying and destroying isis, so how does this change the current strategy? >> reporter: well, i don't think we really know. he talks about intensifying the strategy. i don't know exactly how you do that. he has said all along that his strategy is working. he said that just the other day. but what you really have here, paula is the war inside syria and iraq and what's happened in places like brussels, like paris, where they're in real lockdown here this morning. so, that's the real key here, too, how do you go after those fighters who may have gone into syria and come out who are attacking soft targets.
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the air strikes are intense. there have been about 8,000 air strikes since we started bombing over a year ago. they are going after leaders, they are going after midlevel 20,000 or 30,000 fighters in iraq and syria. it's going to take a long time. and i know the president says that over and over again. but they're going to have to look at this as a global war. >> yeah, the numbers of fighters are mind-boggling numbers. you mentioned the lockdown in brussels where the government has warned residents of a serious and imminent attack, armed guards patrolling the streets there, is this the new normal globally? >> reporter: it's really incredible, paula, because for me, i arrived here last night in brussels from iraq, and there's not a whole lot of difference. it wasn't a real transition for me because you have sold othersen the street. you have armored personnel carri carriers. we have them parked in front of
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our hotel. they're all over the grand plaza. there are american tourists out in the plaza today, who say they feel safe. but i think they feel safe because you have this presence on the ground. what happens next is the real key, how long can they keep those troops, how long are you going to have this feeling in europe? and it looks like you're going to have it for a very long time, that there's going to have to be some sort of protection, particularly here in the coming days with everything in lock don. subways are closed. shopping areas are closed. a real different feeling. not that different from what i was experiencing a couple of days ago. >> some striking security images. martha, thank you. and stay safe. dan. >> major european capital on lockdown this morning. this morning, we're hearing from an american citizen who survived an another major attack in mali. the one on friday at a luxury hotel. 19 people died including a mom from maryland, who was dedicated to health care
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work in africa and asia. and abc's alex marquardt is on the ground in mali this morning. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. there are still big questions this morning about how the attack at this hotel took place, who was behind it, how many attackers there were. we spoke with one american who survived this attack, who describes a harrowing experience in this country that is very much also at the forefront in this global front against extremism. broken glass, bullet holes, destroyed rooms in what was considered one of the country's safest hotels. new pictures of the aftermath of the deadly rampage that left at least 19 people dead including an american aid worker. state department contractor terry kemp was 1 of around 20 americans there at the entrance when the shooting began. >> they were right behind me. >> reporter: attackers chased him, firing, as kemp ran inside and dove under a table. in the dining room. >> i just knew i was dead. >> you already resigned to the fact that you were dead. >> yeah, basically, and then they never looked.
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they were shooting, the shells were hitting me. they never looked. >> reporter: in what he thought were his final moments, kemp said he thought of his family. at what point did you say to yourself, this is a terrorist attack? >> when i seen them coming from across this street shooting. >> reporter: you knew right away? >> yes. >> was this the kind of thing you thought could happen when you came to mali a couple of weeks ago? >> it can happen anywhere. it can happen anywhere, and, you know, you can't hide from it. >> reporter: but the terrorists set the room on fire and left. allowing kemp to crawl out through the smoke to the american rescuers trying to reach him. a group linked to al qaeda has claimed responsibility for the attack. [ speaking a foreign language ] which malian authorities would not confirm. officials telling us, regardless, it's terrorism. part of the same kind of global terror recently seen in the paris attacks. mali now added to the growing list of places that have suffered recent terrorist
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attacks, france, egypt, lebanon. the threat level here raised to its second highest level and the president announcing a ten-day state of emergency. dan? here at home, terrorism has become a burning issue in the race for the white house. according to an abc n news/"washington post" poll out this morning, 28% of americans now call terrorism the top issue in the presidential race. rivaling the economy which has dominated american politics for a decade. the new poll also shows three-quarters of americans say they're following this race closely, that's the highest level of attention at this point in any race back to 1988 and there's a lot more in this poll so let's bring in george stephanopoulos, george, good morning. this new poll shows that donald trump has a firm lead, he's ten points ahead of ben carson. trump doesn't seem to be hurt by ongoing controversial comments. so, is there anything any of his rivals can do to dislodge him? >> that's a great question. his staying power is extraordinary, dan, now leading the race for four straight months, according to our poll.
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and as you said, he's got that ten-point lead right now. and when you look inside the poll, he's leading on all the big issues, the people believe he is the best to handle the economy and terrorism. the only issue that he doesn't lead on is honest and trustworthy. that's ben carson and experience, that's jeb bush, but jeb bush is at his lowest poll numbers since he got into the race this summer. >> let's talk about jeb bush, he's at 6, which as you said is the lowest point for him. is there any hope on the horizon for him, what can he do to turn things around? >> we'll have to see. you know, he's come out more strongly against donald trump. in the last couple of weeks. he still has a lot of money. and his super pac has a lot of money but it hasn't worked for him so far. even as i pointed out most republican voters think he has the best experience to be president. >> and let's talk about the democratic side. bernie sanders is up nine points, but hillary clinton still has a 26-point lead over him. does she really have much to worry about at all in the nomination fight? >> when you look at new hampshire it's neck and neck
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between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. she's got the lead in iowa. one of the things you're seeing right now is they're starting to go at it, bernie sanders is out with new ads in new hampshire this mornings, which alludes to hillary clinton's support from wall street and she's going after bernie sanders saying he's going to raise taxes on the middle class. so, this race is heating up. >> yeah, i don't think it's likely to get mellower as we head toward iowa and new hampshire. >> george, thank you. i want to remind everyone, george has a big show this morning, including an exclusive interview with the front-runner donald trump. that's later this morning right here on abc. moving now to the major snowstorm and frigid cold that has slammed the midwest, and is certain to have a serious impact on thanksgiving holiday travelers, in the skies as well as on the roads, and rob has the very latest for us. >> incredible snow totals. look at these numbers. 16-plus inches in parts of illinois and michigan, even a foot of snow in iowa, this was an early season snowfall, very unusual. make no mistake about that. typically, chicago gets its
7:13 am
first one inch of snow on december 1st. this storm, they beat it tenfold. overnight, runways shut down by snow and ice. passengers stranded for hours at chicago's o'hare's airport, more than 400 flights canceled as a treacherous early season snowstorm hits 20 million americans in the midwest and the northern plains just in time for the busiest travel week of the year. chicago slammed with more than 11 inches of snow, making this the second largest snowstorm in november in the city's history. >> hard believe last week it was 60 and this week 10 inches of snow. >> reporter: residents trudging through the slush plowing almost a foot of snow. sports fans across the region braving the storm for college football saturday. this 15-hour time lapse showing stadium workers scrambling to remove the snow before kickoff in iowa. >> i have been here in rain, snow, sunshine, heat, all of it. cold. >> reporter: badger fans here at the university of wisconsin,
7:14 am
still making it out to the big game, sitting on mounds of snow and ice. high winds in illinois whipping the snowfall into blinding whiteouts. cars and semis spinning off into the median. college football games in oklahoma, two of them seeing temperatures in the 20s yesterday. and this morning, hard freeze warnings out now from the ozarks to the appalachians all of the way to the gulf of mexico. here comes that cold air. windchills in chicago right now right around zero degrees. this is bitterly cold stuff and then by tomorrow morning, we start to see this moderate a little bit before it gets to the east coast. big travel coming up this week. we have nover storm that's coming into the northwest and that will bring in milder temperatures, i think, for the east coast on wednesday but a good swath of rain that will disrupt travel in the midsection of the country. and rain and snow across the western half of the country. that's a potent storm, dan, and we're going to break that down a little bit more in the hour. back to you. >> it's the way he seems so happy when he's talking about a big storm. >> like he's teasing us.
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>> it's like he's mocking us. but we want to get back to that situation in chicago, right in the middle of that storm, a fire broke out at a famous high-rise in the city, the hancock center. and abc's phillip mena is right there with the story. phillip, good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. more than 1,000 people live in this building. the fire broke out on the 50th floor, just a few hours before chicago's famous festival of lights took place where hundreds of thousands of people were gathered below. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a fireball bursting out the 50th floor windows of chicago's iconic hancock building saturday afternoon. >> i went into the hallway and other residents smelled smoke. >> reporter: the john hancock center is one of chicago's most visited tourist attractions and houses 700 residential condominiums. 50 floors below one of the city's most popular observation decks -- >> reporter: -- packed with tourists, flames broke out in the bedroom of the one residential units. from the street
7:16 am
evacuated residents and passersby watching in shock as smoke poured from the sky from over 500 feet above. >> we started going down and i had my scarf, i was covering my mouth. the smoke was terrible. >> reporter: firefighters say the accidental fire racing through the apartment in just minutes. the only person home, an unnamed woman who was able to escape safely. but, according to officials, neighbors and first responders suffered minor injuries. one police officer rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> we're getting reports of an officer down on the 50th floor. >> reporter: this morning, all of the homes on the 50th floor ordered to evacuate. fire officials giving the rest of the building the all-clear. that chicago police officer who suffered smoke inhalation was trying to warn residents. now, the building did have smoke detectors but no alarms ever went off. dan. >> well, that's something they'll have to look into for sure, phillip, thank you. >> we want to send things over to ron who is tracking the
7:17 am
other stories we're covering, including a terror scare. >> that is right. good morning to you, paula and dan, sara, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we begin with a major professional wrestling event going ahead in atlanta as scheduled despite an alleged or planned terror threat. had survivor series will take place at the philips arena in atlanta, this despite the hacker group anonymous saying it uncovered an isis threat on that event. the fbi says they're aware of the purported threat and is investigating. but they say there is no specific or credible threat at that venue. donald trump's event at alabama was disrupted by a black lives matter protester. a secret service agent and members of his own security detail led that man away as donald trump could be heard urging his removal. >> get him the hell out of here, would you, please? get him out of here. throw him out. >> witnesses and a separate video appears to show people in the crowd punching and kicking
7:18 am
that protester before he was taken away. and a big win for democrats in the louisiana governor race. democrat edwards beat david vitter in a runoff on saturday to replace bobby jindal who just days ago dropped out of the republican race for nomination for president. vitter has said he won't run for re-election to his senate seat next year. and in massachusetts, a former baby-sitter is charged with kidnapping a little girl she used to care for. lyndon albers was snatched away in the middle of the night by 21-year-old abigail hanna, the girl's family reported her missing friday morning. she was found alive several miles away from her hoch naked and bruised. the toddler has been reunited with her family and is in fair condition. no word yet on the motive on that alleged abduction. in california, five people including a 4-month-old infant are safe today after escaping from a burning boat off of venice beach in l.a. the mother of the child clutching her baby, jumped into
7:19 am
the water before rescuers dove in and carried both of them to safety. the boat owner saying the fire destroyed the boat in a matter of minutes. >> two minutes, two seconds. it was like -- we just got time to -- i actually almost got caught in the flames downstairs and then i almost didn't make it back up. >> no one on board was wearing a life preservinger. all of them escaped uninjured. and finally, a texas rodeo-style showdown in the streets of san antonio. check this out. police dash cams rolling as officers try to corral this runaway cow. the elusive bovine weaving in and out of traffic. crossing some busy intersections. leading cops on a 30-minute chase. after cornering the cow with two police cruisers and in true texas style officers reaching for their lassos, finally able to wrangle the animal. the cow is now safe in the custody of animal control and refusing to answer questions until it gets a lawyer. always good advice. >> i thought this was going to be a chick-fil-a commercial.
7:20 am
they always have the cows saying something. >> i didn't know cows were so nimble. >> pretty fast. >> i also didn't know that police in texas carry lassos. >> because they never know when they'll have to lasso a cow. >> lassoing is harder than it looks. have you ever tried that? >> have you? >> yeah. i've tried lassoing at the iowa state fair and i also used to do it with my chihuahuas just to see if i could catch one. it never worked well. the chihuahuas won. they're very nimble. >> can you rein in this conversation? >> settle down, cowboys and cowgirls. a little weather to do. you mentioned l.a., here's some video there. winds are high there. santa anas are gusting. even a marine advisory for paddle borders and kayaks. near the canyon gaps, you can be blown out to sea. obviously the vegetation is still very dry, so fire dangers are going to be high there. before this storm comes down and cools things down.
7:21 am
this is significant, here we go, monday, tuesday into the pacific northwest, snow levels may drop down, from seattle to portland and then snow levels lowering across the sierras, as >> back on the rodeo theme, we're talking about swaddling babies. that's hog tying a calf. >> no, swaddling is comforting a little child. >> is it easier than the lasso? >> yes.
7:22 am
>> swaddling is much, much easier. >> and very effective. >> uh-huh. >> really? >> yes. >> like just -- >> little baby burritos. and coming up on "gma," the search for a gunman caught on camera shooting a hero med student who was trying to help a woman being mugged. the big reward to catch him. "good morning america" is brought to you by a zillion things home. a zillion things home.
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welcome back to "good welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning. happening right now, the lead singer performing during the deadly paris attacks speaking out for the first time, saying some of its fans put themselves in front of other people to shield them. this, as president obama overseas this morning vows to, quote, destroy isis. also right now, attorneys from the justice department are heading to minneapolis to investigate the alleged killing of a black man in police custody. now, witnesses say he was handcuffed during the shooting and are demanding that police release video of that incident. also happening right now, southern california whale watchers are on the lookout for a humpback whale entangled in netting. off dana point harbor. rescuers are going to approach the whale today and try to set it free. >> beautiful, beautiful animal. >> gorgeous animal, as well. >> absolutely.
7:31 am
coming up in this half hour, paradise lost, a couple stuck on a caribbean island told by the government they can't. what's going on here. ron will tell you specifically coming up. >> you would think being stuck on a caribbean island for a month would be a good thing but no. but first, new developments in the case of a medical student risking his life to save a woman dragged on the sidewalk by an armed mugger. >> the brave young student found himself on the wrong end of a gun held by a heartless suspect and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with the very latest on this story, mara, good morning. >> reporter: heartless, indeed. police are now offering a reward for information leading to an that suspect. this as eyewitnesses and the man's family speak out for the first time. that shocking crime was all caught on surveillance video, we should warn you it could be difficult to watch. this morning, investigators offering a $12,500 reward for the capture of
7:32 am
the man who shot a 25-year-old medical student now fighting for his life. peter gold hailed a hero shot down after stepping in to break up this armed robbery early friday morning in new orleans. >> this is about somebody who made a conscious decision to commit harm to this woman and this man stopped to help and we're proud of him for being able to do that. our thoughts and prayers are with him. >> reporter: gold is reportedly in critical condition after being shot by his attacker, as seen here on this surveillance video. >> but the message is clear, we will pursue this person with everything that we have. we will catch him. arrest him and bring him to justice. >> reporter: this eyewitness shaken by the violence, watched the shooting unfold. gold driving the wrong way down a one-way street, quickly stepping out of his car to aid the woman being dragged down the sidewalk. >> i saw the guy with the gun shoot the guy in the stomach. i saw the guy fall, and then i saw him stand over him and attempt to shoot him like in the
7:33 am
face a couple times. i can't get it out of my head. >> reporter: watch, with gold already shot once, the suspect re-aims his loaded gun, but it jams and jams again. the attacker then fleeing the scene, the aspiring doctor left severely wounded. >> fortunately, for everyone, his gun did jam several times. >> reporter: now overnight, gold's family spoke out for the first time telling abc news, "we appreciate everyone's concern, support and prayers. as our family faces this crisis, our sole focus at this time is on peter's recovery." they're asking for privacy understandably so focused on getting him well and getting him out of to hospital. they have to be worried about him but really proud. >> what he did was so truly heroic. we use the word hero a lot. this man stopped what he was doing to intervene to help a stranger and had to face the barrel of a gun for it. >> risked his life. >> uh-huh. mara, thank you. appreciate it. >> thanks, mara. rob, should we actually let you talk, because i know you're going to talk about snow and nobody wants to hear that. >> yeah, but this is a pretty shot. >> it is pretty?
7:34 am
it's skiing. >> yes. for the ski resorts especially in colorado their goal is to get open for the thanksgiving holiday. lot of ski resort across the west, beautiful corridor. get out there earl len and carve them up, baby. and plenty of opportunity to make snow over the next few days. because the next system that's coming down will usher in seriously cold air as we go through wednesday and thursday of next week, temperatures will be in the single digits in parts of oregon and western parts of wyoming, as well. out ahead of that system, a mild flow coming in out of the south, temperatures will bounce from the 20s yesterday and today in oklahoma into the 60s. into the 50s in st. louis and by the time we get to thanksgiving day, from chicago to d.c., to philly, even as far north
7:35 am
>> this weather report is brought to you by boost. paula. >> i just want to apologize, i harbor no ill will for the snow talk, it's just, you know, i'm over snow and it's only november. >> it's only november. >> she's over snow. >> and it's only november. >> i won't shoot the messenger. >> okay. thank you, paula. >> ron, sara and i, we harbor ill will. >> if you're going to package the snow report, send it like rob marciano. >> like a snowball. >> we'll explain why sara is holding that phone in just a moment. >> association, sorry. let me tell you, coming up on "gma," stranded on a paradise island, the american tourists who got caught up in a legal mess and can't leave. don't shop black friday without a plan, we're going to map it all out for you to get the best deals. and, sara, explain why you're holding up the phonement
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it is a vacation that has turned into a nightmare for a couple from oregon. >> they are now stuck at the dominican republic after getting involved in a car accident while they wait for the criminal justice department to play itself out. and ron is here with more on what just happened. >> you know, a nightmare is putting it mildly. it now looks like that oregon couple from the portland area will not be able to leave the dominican republic for at least the next six months because the man is now facing charges in connection to a fatal car crash and accident they say they had nothing to do with. this morning, an oregon couple trapped in paradise. >> i just want to go home to my girls. >> reporter: john ekman and his girlfriend lori breedman went on what was supposed to be a long, relaxing trip to the dominican republic three weeks ago. >> we were going to stay five weeks. this indianapolis depth happened a week after we were here. >> reporter: now, they say a judge there will not let ekman leave the country, ordering him to stay the next six months
7:41 am
because they were involved in a deadly car accident. >> my heart is broken, because i love this place so much, and i love these people. >> reporter: the couple says they were driving their rental car late at night down a busy freeway when they hit the motorcycle laying in the middle of the street. >> i had absolutely no time to react. we were both in shock. this man was laying there. >> reporter: the driver of that motorcycle was also in the street, but they did not hit him, they say, and they believe he was already dead, the aftermath captured on video by a passer-by making local news headlines in the dominican republic. >> the few people that were on site were talking about that he had been hit by a truck. >> reporter: ekman and breeden said they pulled off the side of the road immediately, but when police arrived, they arrested ekman. >> i didn't know what was going to happen to john. and i was terrified. >> reporter: stripped of his american passport, the u.s. embassy unable to help, john ekman said he's free on bail.
7:42 am
but for now, according to dominican police, he cannot leave his hotel for the next six months. and ekman's family in the u.s. says it's not even clear what he's being charged with. at first for killing that mot motorcyclist and then for speeding. he cannot leave the country until this work its through the dominican republic legal system. and apparently there's nothing that u.s. diplomats can do about it. >> nothing they can do about it? >> can't leave the country, can't leave the hotel. >> yeah. >> in six months, that's an early estimate. >> right, it could take even longer than that if you can imagine. >> all right, ron, thank you. coming up here on "good morning america," black friday is coming pretty soon. we have some expert advice on how to snag the bargains in stores and online. and stars gearing up for tonight's american music awards. we'll have a preview of all the highlights straight ahead with sara in "pop news." are you performing? >> the one and only sara haines, read it like i wrote it. thanks. it.
7:43 am
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welcome back. everyone, after your thanksgiving turkey is carved and eaten unless it's a tofurkey like dan has, the holiday shopping season kicks off into high gear and abc news contributor becky worley joins us from oakland, california, to help us plan our shopping strategy. becky, it's always great to have you on the show, so first let's do a lightning round. tell us the best days to buy the most popular items. >> good morning, paula. yeah, let's start with toys. i'm talking to you. thanksgiving is the day to buy toys. roughly 57% off the whole category. tvs and laptops, still the big doorbuster items. that's thanksgiving day. all of these deal, many are online as well. let's talk about clothing, that's black friday. those retailers want you in the
7:47 am
dressing room. and shoes, well, that is cybermonday. >> you're directing that shoe comment directly at me. i love them. thank you, becky. most people love shopping on amazon, it's so easy. they consistently have some of the deepest discounts. you say shopping on, it's going to be different this year? >> yeah, amazon is a little bit different. they have what they call lightning deals and these are n unannounced. they can last for an indeterminate amount of time and they're limited quantity. this year prime members will have ago those to those deals 30 minutes prior to regular amazon users. they also want you to use their amazon shopping app on their mobile device so they're giving you deal alerts and exclusive deals in the app. they want you using it. >> yeah, they're trying to lure you. you also said to think outside the box when you plan your shopping, how so? >> that's right. black friday has become this big day for getting sales on travel, hotel rooms.
7:48 am
home depot has a black friday sale, bathroom vanity, anyone? and even whole foods has a wine sale on black friday and over the weekend, so think about the cash you have on hand and whether or not you can use that now to save a chunk through the next few months. >> all right. great tips. becky, it's always gait to have you. happy shopping this week and happy eating. >> thank you, paula. coming up here on "gma," the big buildup to the biggest celebrity wedding of the year, that's coming up in "pop news" with, what's her name? >> read it like i wrote it. >> come on. >> sara haines. ♪ >> sara haines.
7:49 am
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7:53 am
breaking "pop news" here that's blowing up the internet, justin bieber and selena gomez spotted together. sharing a night of romance. the reunited lovebirds slow dancing in beverly hills with justin even serenading the lovely selena. ♪ yes you say what can make me feel this way ♪ ♪ my girl >> now, of course, people are talking, they may be giving love one more chance. >> can i just say his album, my husband is obsessed with it. a grown man, a 40-year-old -- >> is john going to be forgive you for admitting that? >> it's actually very good. kudos to the biebs. >> grounds for legal action. >> and, paula, don't you think you would give love a second chance any time a dude would serenade you or cook you dinner? >> multiple chances. >> good to know. >> forgiven if you cook for me or sing to me. big buzz this morning about the celebrity wedding of the year, i'm talking about sofia vergara and joe manganiello. i never say that name right.
7:54 am
it's manganiello. >> it's manganiello. >> sofia's son sharing this instagram of the dinner last night. sofia herself sharing this photo of the couple's hilarious cocktail napkins, he had me at hola. they were very happy to take center stage from the looks of it. when you look like that you have center stage. sharing a dance floor kiss and joe even going on to entertain the crowd with a song. he just gets hotter. then, sofia then sharing this hot pic. good night, the i dos just hours away. and that means they are getting on my anniversary because it's one year today so thanks for following our act. >> they planned it that way, i'm sure. >> they did. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you very much. >> you guys should have a baby now. >> right on schedule. >> actually you're having one. a huge night in hollywood. the american music awards. jennifer lopez, that's one of my favorites, is hosting the big event, not to mention performing. as are paula's husband's
7:55 am
favorite, justin bieber, ariana grande, one direction and carrie underwood. a highlight of the evening sure to be the a cappella group pentatonix who are amazing performing the "star wars" theme ahead of the opening next month. in a poignant moment celine dion will sing a tribute to the paris terror attacks. walk the moon front man tweeting out this pic, looking pretty impress td at the seating arrangements. catch them right here tonight on abc at 8:00. and the problem when someone speaks to me in my ear and i try to do something else. peek, i told you one thing at a time. >> ignore the voices in your head. >> and holiday window display is getting a live-action twist thanks to some furry friends. macy's in san francisco's union square ramping up the cheer by featuring some adorable dogs and cats. >> that's awesome. >> this is so cool. >> window shoppers getting a firsthand peek at the little
7:56 am
cutie featured on live streams. the best part, they're all up for adoption, people give them a home. thanks to the san francisco spca, last year more than 268 dogs spotted in the windows found new and loving homes. >> black friday and signer monday and on giving tuesday, you can adopt an animal. >> adopt an animal. we all have rescue puppies. thanks for watching this morning. we'll see you next weekend. morning. we'll see you next week.
7:57 am
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>> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week" -- global threat. the capital of europe on lockdown. after an unprecedented terror warning. the streets empty. businesses closed. why officials say an attack is imminent. martha raddatz on the ground with the breaking details. and, exclusive interviews with both donald trump and ben carson after that firestorm over their comments about syrian refugees. what are they saying now? trump, carson, live, only on "this week." plus, our brand-new 2016 poll, have the paris terror attacks changed the race? from abc news, "this week" with george stephanopoulos begins now. good morning, lot going on this week.


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