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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 24, 2015 1:07am-1:38am PST

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we are on storm watch tonight. live look now from the abc 7 roof cam. >> we track rip set to hit right during the heart of the morning commute. thanks for joining us. >> let get right to 7 news. sandhya. >>reporter: yes. as we lock at live doppler 7hd you will see that right now it is tracking fog up in santa rosa and petaluma. it will soon be tracking rain. it's up to the north right now. radar already picking it up near crescent city and seeing mixed precipitation near the oregon border. here the wider perspective. cold storm coming in like you mentioned during the heart of the commute. let's start computer animation tonight. it's fog tomorrow morning. spotty light showers at 4 a.m. 5:00 a.m. you will notice still some spotty light showers going into the 6:00 o'clock hour and then the intensity of the rain pecks up at 9:00 a.m. heavy rain moving in to the north bay. it's not just rain but we have wind snow and even the possibility of
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some mainly delays in the snachltd i'll be back with a look at the hotel difficult forecast coming right back. >> thanks very much. >> 7 news continues our coverage of the incoming storm. >> live at the embarcadero with problem city officials admit they won't be able to fix before the rain or any time soon. >>reporter: of course the rain wants to come off the hills of san francisco. down here to the bay. but homes and businesses have been built in its path and under the homes and businesses an old sewer system which during a heavy downpour can overflow. >> oh, my gosh. i think. >>reporter: victoria lives in the mission terrace neighborhood. her garage still shows signs of damage from say that's not written water you see on cell phone video taken last december. >> this is untreated sewage. this isn't just water. it's not mother nature. it's spewing directly from the
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manhole. >>reporter: at 17 and follow some owner of this store has the same problem. he also took this videoless december. >> we are not asking them to protect us from flooding. we want simply them to fix the sewer system so their water doesn't come up here. >>reporter: san francisco public utility commission admits during extreme rain events the system does not have enough capacity. >> only so much that we can do. we do have plans to try to did some projects out there that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. we are committed to doing one project but in the money time we need everyone to be prepared. >>reporter: he's raising the parking lot and using sand bag. there is sand bag on the avenue too but neighbors say it's not enough. >> my grand children live here and everything. and. >>reporter: p uc offer grant to help people pay for flood prevention improvement. this its 7 news. that rain combined with
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king tide is expected to bring flood to go mill valley manzanita parking lot near highway 101. it will impact all beaches and coastal areas in north california. >> people across the north bay prepared for the approaching rain as best they could. we were in san rafael where one family removed the large tree from their yard. arborist say the tree like this are pwrilingt and stressing the root stem making it likely they will topple in rain soaked soi soil. >> as the storm arrives in the bay area be sure to tune in to the morning news tomorrow. mike will be tracking the rain as it hits the bay area plus we have the impacts on your commute our coverage begins at 4:30 am. >> let's move on to the attacks on paris in meanwhile new development tonight. >> last 90 minutes the department of homeland security copy cat may try to replicate the paris attack. ick state are the likeliest threat to the u.s.
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>> over seas belgiumgcurity >> over seas belgiumgcurity sentenced highest terror for brussels in next week. public is warned to stay away from pop lited area. >> street clone interparis found explosive belt where this man was seen during the attack. french president will meet with president obamanñ tomorrow at the white houss to discuss the attack. all of this has concerns overen cressed terror threat prompted state department to issue a rare worldwide travel alert did. >> lillian is live at sfo with more. lillian? >>reporter: the alert isn't based on any specific intelligence but travelers are being investigated to be victim atlanta especially with the holidays coming up. worldwide travel alert don't happen very often. in recent memory prompted by the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and death of osama bin laden but with recent event in paris and mali the state department the likely who had of terror attack will continue's concerning but
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not that sproytion given the current climate at in the world. >>reporteqh state department warns thesemc attack may employa widene variety of2ractic using non-conventionale= weapon and targetdiing both officialg$ and private interestin. + santa cn university professor is ani expert/h on the middle east. >> sending >>reporter: wk travelers are partnu&ar caution duringgo elizabeth heeding the warning heading to new york for the macy thanksgiving day parade. >> we are like more attentive to the things around us and everything but i can't just sit at home an hide under my bed. >>reporter: state department says isn't to stop americans from traveling but warn those who do to be aware of the risk. x the driver of ang suv hit
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and killed 17 year old boy in pacifica. accident happened on skyline boulevard in king drive at 3:30 this afternoon. driver stopped. police close both directions of the highway. highway 35 between hicky boulevard and manor drive as they investigated. authorities say the troyvr was turning left on to king hitting the boy who was in the cross walk. terrible tragedy. >> tonight sonoma county man suspected of killing his own parents in custody officers wilson in mend seen 0county after someone spotted his truck this afternoon. his parent 60's were found stabbed to death in their home this morning. officers recovered the murder weapon and again an immediate why the man hunt. wilson now awitnessing extradition to sonoma couldn't to face murder charges sky tomorrow san francisco francisco waterfront for 5 decades strippeì of this sen bad will close the doors at midnight and we were at sined about as customers enjoy a final meal there. port of san
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francisco evicted the restaurant and the owner they fought the eviction but lost in cower. they will be repoliceed with ex paned ferry building and public park. >> we learn that every two week on average a cyclist crashes on mount diablo. >> dan says state park officials have known about the problem for years. >> really something. mount diablo 4 times more crashes compared to mount tamal pass pie as. solution may be simple. come up. i take the case to the state park chief to find out what is taking so long to fix the dngr engineer we track the storm and sent to move in to the by area. back with how frigid it gets with the accu-weather forecast. >> goggle goes to galaxy far far away. >> first here's a look what's comingl]z up tonight on special "jimmy kiív live"rightu 7n2u5ñ at 11:00. >> thanks. spoiler alert here's what is happeningra on or show tonight. >>a÷ what's going on.
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cyclist who ride mount diablo say state park officials are taking too long to lead to a dangerous problem leading to crashes and injuries. >> dan. >>reporter: this is something i like about this job. identifying something that needs to be fixed. important safety issue in this case and pushing public officials to get it done. the answer here is simple enough. mount diablo has 17 miles of roads with 3 scene curves. many of them sharp blind curve. biking fast down the mountain dangerous enough but especially if oncoming car crosses center line into your lane. that's what happened to shannon in september. >> i came around there was in an instant the moment where there's a car in my lean. i knew there was nothing could i do. >>reporter: it could have been much worse. impact left ut of road rash and some broken bone
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bones. >> collar bone here is broken and scan la in the back is broken. >>reporter: california public records act requests to the chp and state department of park and recreation confirm how big of a problem it is. >> car coming up at the time mountain had actually taken the turn too sharp and was completely in my lane. >>reporter: between 2010 and 2014 there were 116 collisions. >> i frurd my eye sobingt. >> with 70% of the accidents happening around blind curves. >> i go to the wrong side of the road to avoid the suv go over my handlebar. >>reporter: collision reports back it up. time and again vehicle cross the single broken yellow lean into the other lean where the driver did not have a clear view ahead. it's the cyclist who always pays the price. >> i needed surgery after that. and it took sex months for me to get full range of motion. >>reporter: 25% of those crashes were bike versus car. most were solo bicycle
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collision. sometimes cyclist speeding and losing control. the veteran tell me another major cause is bike having to swerve to avoid cars that have crossed head on into their lane. >> i have a intermiss or close call on probably every third ride. that's descending around 15 to 16 miles an hour e-they have launch add group called mount diablo cyclist to attack the problem but guys wanted to find out how the mountain xirs to similar situation in marin. mount tam. results of the record search stuffing. mount tam has twice as many visitors but had just 28 collision ins those 4 years. when mount diablo had 116. the guys believe they know why. >> no. 1 would be pleaseen stall solid double yellow lines on appropriate baseline curve. >>reporter: mount tam has double yellow on blind curve make sense. that tells drivers they shouldn't pass period. but on mount diablo all the roads have broken yellow line indicating it's okay to pass.
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i took the issue to the top meeting with state park superintendent. to me it seems own that you would have to have a double yellow on a blind kivrnlt it does seem own but sometimes there's things that we don't know. that's why we are leaving it to the experts e-rodriguez says she needs a 60,000 dollar study to figure out whether to do. but the state senator whose district canes mount diablo says time is up. >> they have plenty of time to study the issue they need to act quickly. double stripe the liens around the curves right awhich e-take a look at this eye team obligated state park report from 1991 that found over 90 percent of the vehicle objected crossed over the center line to negotiate the curves. identified conflict between sightseeing, bicycle and fast moving vehicle as meanwhile he shall. still it took 24 years for this new engineering report to come out that includes roadway don't present any opportunity to allow for vehicle already passing and therefore the
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entire length of roadway will need to be striped with double yellow striping. >> this is a serious life threatening situation and we trust them to take corrective action right away to make it better e-park department has just installed these warning scenes. it look lucky the striping will take at least 10 months at cost of 200,000 dollars. that also pays forever the study. not soon enough for the cyclist we interviewed somebody careful out there. really. be carefu careful. >> blind curve treacherous. we'll get some action. thanks dan good job. would you take steps to prevent wrinkle if you knew where they would appear? plastic surgeon have a few simple test that show you how the face will edge come up tonight or tomorrow rather on our web site we talk to by area plastic surgeon about the test that condition spot future wrinkles and what you can did to prevent them. >> seen me up. >> me too. san francisco market street is now aglow with very popular seen of the soychbility abc 7
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lighting ceremony snow flick on market. 2 70 snow flake lean it for the holiday. >> at the time characters and festive live music. our jolly old elf. >> got it done before the rain is here. >> different picture in a four hours. sandhya is back with the forecast. >>reporter: that's right. before you leave home tomorrow morning 2 things you need to know. make sure you have umbrella by the door and heavy wool coat you need both of the them. we track clouds and fog. we'll be tracking that storm in just a mat of hours like they both menegas. wepter storm warning for the sierra nevada starts at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning runs until noon wednesday and this is going to mean some very low snow levels done to 2500 feet. we are expecting up to a foot to foot and a half at the highest elevation so do expect some snow in the high countryth just in tim for hotel difficult skiing. one to 2 inches
1:26 am
possible over the grape serene. this could prove problematic if heading down to southern california so just keep it in mine. from our emeryville camera life look right now dry outside wednesday travel before 8:00 a.m. we look at scattered showers brief downpour after 8:00 a.m. would be good team to get away. showers ending the chill setting in and it will be breezy in the sierra snow level dropping to 2500 feet. you know that means chain control and meanwhile delay are likely in the high country so just keep that in mine. temperatures right now mid 40's to the mid 50's. don't get too used to this because wenter lucky chill set in very soon. exploratorium camp are showing you cloud could have in sun frn. cold wet monday tomorrow. showers listeninger into wednesday morning and we lock at frigid morning thursday and friday so both thanksgiving and black friday. tuesday morning tomorrow morning 5:00 o'clock you see some very scattered light showers. this means select road which at sex am when you get going. 8:00 a.m. pockets of heavy rain in the
1:27 am
north bay. thinks hour by hour time leap. notice then am across the heart of the by area at 10:00 a.m. starting to move in to the east by south bay santa cruz mountains and heavy 10 on in the south bay. quick moving stem. sec phase of the system bring in ask the erred showers. tuesday evening during the commute you see a few at 5:00 o'clock. then okay still some scattered shower activity and as we head toward 11:00 p.m. a little bit of road showing up tuesday night co-see isolated thunderstorm with some small hail. certainly looks like wednesday wee hours of the morning mount hamilton coated by snow. above 3000 feet could lower to 2500 feet. good news is if getting /lp+4oxenuzrz cover. showers ag gone. rain fall total most 80's quarter to half inch through wednesday morning and we will be talking aboutr this being followed by some very cold conditions wednesday morning mid to upper 30's gets
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even frosty and colder sub freezing conditions expected thanksgiving morning then friday morning still expecting freezing cold conditions so you need to throw an extra log on the fire or even turn up the heat as you entertain guest or heading out bundle up for black friday. low 40's to low physician tomorrow morning shake sure that you allow yourself extra time. slick roadway out there afternoon high definitely winter locate upper 40's to the upper 50's and windy for your tuesday. also just a quick reminder flooding is possible. coastal flood statement due to higher than normal tide. king tide coming up the next couple of mornings. accu-weather 7 difficult forecast we go with showers through wednesday morning. then the chill settles in. thanksgiving morning friday morning black friday morning after that we will see a slight chance of showers saturday and then get a load of this. dan and amma, monday chance of showers now as people head become to work back to ask so that could be another problem. >> all right thank you sandhya.
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then hit search. >> yes results will be the opening crawl in every movie. if volume is up you will hear john williams classic score. >> don't forget the accounting of the new "star wars"movie guest on jimmy kimmel after#6k rying it. >- pretty cool. >> our warriors pretty hot. >> yes she was here with sport sports. big tonight tomorrow. >> get this whip streak over. all right. set a new record with a within over the lakers tomorrow night at oracle but if anyone can spoil the party it's kobe bryant. former teammate
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warriors one last hurdle to jump over before they set the record for consecutive record known the lakers. go to guys kobe bryant. final year of the contract if he wanted to add to the legacy knocking off them tomorrow night is the icing on his cake. likelihood of this happening is slim. former teammate with the on knows what
1:36 am
he was locate. >> he was our leader. the guy that put us on his back and when we were struggling or if we were deep in the play off run he was, you know, he was the guy that give our whole team the ultimate confidence that we could beat nebraska out there on any night so you respect people like that. >>reporter: 14 rank undefeated cal hosting sam had you stop run. barns led the which were the jumper. calvin score 8 straight. matthews 2, three. bear open it up at the end of the half. for brown. the dun dunk. 10 point lead. lob it for bird. cal at 15. cap it off beard off the backboard to himself for a slam. bears we know it yen-63 tome professor
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to 4 andlí o. tom brady mockig head coach ryan with the dumpy call at the lean of crime annual. bills down 7 in the they are t.mccoy 27 yard touch down run. called out reviewed tied at 10. later in the third still tied. powers in from 4 up 17-10. we know it 20-13 untow feeted at 10 and o. second best ever. 49ers( with escapeth season. >> brought to you by x fenty oracle tomorrow tonight and kobe bryant could be the x factor. >> i tout. >> let hope not. >> thanks. >> all right well 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all your mobile device with our 7 nuts newscast. >> next nuing at 4:30 tomorrow


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