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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> announcer: live from the kgo evening broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> ahh, a wet morning in san francisco. showers off and on. it did clear up by early afternoon. it made a mess of the morning commute. this was shot along highway 101. dash cam footage showing drivers along highway 880. good afternoon, everybody. >> let's take a live look outside where it is a very different scene right now. check this out. more rain, though, is on the way. we have team coverage this afternoon. we begin with a look at what's coming our way with spencer christian. hi, spencer. >> reporter: okay, alma and larry. mainly dry across the bay area.
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here's live doppler 7 hd. we have partly cloudy skies at the moment. notice a pocket of showers moving down. much of this is not hitting the ground, just evaporating moisture before it hits the ground. meanwhile, it continues to snow across the sierra and a winter storm warning in effect until noon tomorrow. let's get to the san francisco bay area, ranging from about .05 of an inch to a tenth of an inch. almost .3 at heyward and almost .7 at the mountain. we'll see more skaterred showers during the evening and late night hours. around 10:00 p.m. and even during the overnight hours, we'll see a chance of
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some heavy, localized heavy downpours in the south bay. and if the air gets cold enough while the moisture is still arnold, we could see a dusting of snow early tomorrow morning. i'll have a look into the forecast future in just a moment. >> some tense moments for a morgan hill family after part of a tree crashed onto their house. >> abc 7 news reporter chris wynn is live at the scene. >> reporter: the city has yellow tagged the house. if you take a look behind me, you can see the extents of the damage as the family works to clean up some of the mess out there. the owner is telling us they are grateful to have made it out alive. as the rain and wind hit the south bay earlier today, bev jenosn noticed a tree coming through her house. >> we've just been keeping ahold of it the best we can.
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watering it a little bit, trying to take care of it. it was just its time, i guess. >> jenson says she and her husband bought the house nearly three decades ago because of the tree, which is more than 300 years old. just a few months ago, there was another close call when a branch fall off the tree. >> an arborist at that time said the tree is stressed, but the more cutting you do, the worse it would be for the tree. >> reporter: morgan hills says today today's incident is a wake-up call. the power has been state your named off as the jenson's clean up the fall. >> it's just a house. our homeowners and aut-insurance have been very resourceful today.
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>> family and friends are thankful nobody was hurt. >> reporter: quite remarkable that no one was hurt. but family is telling me that they're just truly grateful from neighbors and fire fighter who is quickly responded to the scene. we're live in morgan hill. >> chris, thank you. the rain was steady in the north bay, but not too heavy. people tired of the drought say they welcomed today's storm. >> i love it. i really do. we need it. i'm glad it's here. i hope it keeps coming through. not a lot, but in respectedble pieces. >> although there were the unusually high tides today that made travel miserable. the highway 101 exit was closed. king tides continue until at least friday. >> check out the waves at four point in san francisco. >> the coast dward is urging boaters and beach goers to be
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cautious this week because of the king tides. >> let's take a look at interstate 80. this is cal trance camera. it looks like a parking lot at this point. higher el vagszs were closed for a while because of spinouts in the snow. but earlier this afternoon, a walmart truck had no trouble getting through. chains are required on interstate 80 from cisco to the nevada state line. this cal trance camera shows traffic moving smoothly. >> if you see snow where you live, take a photoor a video. we might just use it on air or online. >> putin is calling the shooting down of a russian jet by turkey a stab in the back and says it will have serious consequences. >> the war plane wrent down in flames just across the wobordern syria. >> a frantic search from the air
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shot down inside syria. turkey confirming its air force brought the russian fighter jet down, but only after repeated warnings were ignored. claiming the rugsz pilots were told ten times in a five-minute span that they were violating turkish air space. putin in jordan condemning turkey calling the shootdown a stab in the back. turkey is also a strong opponent of the syrian government which russian has been backing for the past few months. the showdown between the two nations now prochting an emergency nato meeting in brus sells. meanwhile, president obama says his focus is ensuring the situation does not escalate. >> turkey, like every country, has the right to defend its territory and its air space.
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i think it's very important right now for us to make sure that both the russians and the turks are talking to each other. find out exactly what happened. >> after announcing there will be serious consequences, russia is inviting russians not to travel to turkey and has even cancelled a meeting set to take place in turkey tomorrow between the two foreign ministers. >> a powerful earthquake has struck eastern peru. the 7.5 quake hit peru's borders. the earthquake was about 374 miles deep. since it was so deep and on land, there is no tsunami warping. >> police have released the suspect mug shot of the suspect.
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deputies had to restrain him in court after he ran into a profanity-laced tirade. he didn't reveal the arrest until yesterday. holloway is charged with several robberies. >> oakland police targeted suspected gang members during a series of raids this morning. >> officers arrested at least 18 people. >> it's important to note that we really, really want these gangs to listen to that message. if they continue to engage in violence, we will follow up. i think today shows that. >> the mayor expressed her support for fighting violence during today's announcement. police believe one of the guns taken was used in a double murder. >> san mateo police released sketches of two men wanted in an attempted armed robbery.
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an employee says the man ordered her to open the safe, but she didn't know the combination. the two men ended up leaving without stealing anything. >> police are trying to figure out what caused a driver to lose control and knock down a water sideline. >> at least a dozen people have been misplaced because of fire in pleasant hill. it started at 3:30 this morning at an apartment building on santa barbra boulevard. one unit and one car were destroyed. another apartment was damaged. >> it's moving day at sinbads. today, crews began removing furniture and other items that overlooking the waterer front for five decades. the restaurant will be replaced with an expanded ferry terminal. >> san francisco's fairmont
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hotel has a new owner. the historic owner for 450 million dlarsz. the financial services investment group is based in south korea. fairmont hotels and resorts will continue to operate the hotel under a long term management agreement. the hotel has served everybody u.s. president since william howard taft. >> federal transxx pags officials say they plan to update their policy because of what they're calling breathtaking progress with the technology. the change in tonal comes two years after the department of transportation struck a cautious tone, saying the cars should be limited to testing and were not authorized for use for general driver purposes. >> still ahead, trouble in toy land. today's warning about dangerous toysment items you want to keep off of your list this year. >> we're live at oracle arena where fans are lining up to
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witness potential history and get their hands on this bobble head. >> and new at 4:30, this guy isn't clowning around. how he stopped an attack on two women. >> 7 on your side is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll be here to answer them live in just a few minutes. all you have to do is send them to twitter or facebook. >> this is 80. westbound is smoothing a little bit. it's the bay bridge. on the left-hand side, your eastbound, it is all backed up.
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two prizes in sight for the golden state warriors. if the warriors beat the lakers, and they will, pretty much guaranteed. they'll set the record for best start in history. >> that's where we find abc 7 news reporter who is there live this afternoon. hi, katie? >> reporter: hi, alma. i'm holding the coveted dramon greene bobble head. the fans here, they lined up at 1:00. the first 10,000 folks will get a bobble head and they are braving the wind and the gold cold to be here. the gaets open at 5:30. >> the cash register is as hot
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as the dubs themselves. sales of merchandise have doubled since last season. but what's more exciting than three. >> i thought it was as exciting as the ring give away. >> tonight, it's a greene bobble head for the first 10,000 fans. >> i'm pretty excited about it. i thought they did a good job on it. i said they had the smile, the million dollar smile. >> the smile is blinding, but most are focusing on the real prize at stake. beating the lakers and the nba record for consecutive wins to start the season. the warriors could be 16-0. >> we're more excited about the game. that's history for us. and we're excited to be a part of history. >> i feel really confident in the way we're playing. >> win or lose, there's a season of excitement ahead of us.
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including a thompson bobble head featuring his beloved english bulldog. >> especially with my dog on it. that's really cool. they did a great job on the dog, too. clay thompson was equally as excited about his bobble head. i think it's a lot of fun for them to get into the spirit. coming up at 5:00, we'll have even more as for what could be a historical night. >> his dog's name is rocco. so rocco goes everywhere we play. so every bobble head is authentic and has something to do with the individual players' lives. by the way, the lakers are 2-11. the warriors are just going to destroy them. >> why are you afraid? >> i just don't want to jinx anything by saying it's in the bag. >> kobe's knees and back are
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worse than mine. if you want to share you video, you may see them on the air or online. >> a moving tribute for san francisco giant's legend, willy mays. the nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. it was a personal story that brought it for the day. >> a few years ago, willie road with me on air force one. i told him then what i'll tell all of you now, it's because of giants like willie that someone like me could think of running for president. >> among today's 16 notable recipients, steven spielburg and barbara streisand. >> experts are warning of
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potential choking hazards as we get into the holiday season. the 30th annual report finds toys like v-tech go-go could cause hearing loss and identifies small, powerful magnets on toys that cause severe sberj damage. >> we need to do everything we can to protect youngest viewers. >> it's important to know that all toys sold in the united states must comply with very strict u.s. product safety requirements. >> one hot product on gift list this is year is not in the report, but kurt says hover boards are dangerous without proper protective gear and they want more testing done on them. >> last friday i it's still days away, but eager shoppers are already in line. one group began camping out last wednesday. the shoppers say it's all about
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the best deals and a bit of holiday tradition. the east bay rejal park district is offering free admission to all of its 65 parks. >> maybe chilly out doors. >> yes, spencer christian with what's ahead for the holiday and beyond. >> i feel very strongly -- let's put it this way. i feel more strongly about that than i do of your forecast. >> oh! >> wow! >> here's live doppler 7 hd. we have partly cloudy skies over the bay area right now. it's a bit chilly here and it's going to get even chillier during the overnight hours. we have some showers moving up to our north, so we may have some more drops hitting the pavement. right now, a partly cloudy sky looking out over san francisco. mid 50s, in fact, all across this region.
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oakland, mountain view, san jose, and half-moon bay. we have mid 50s from santa rosa to napa and 52 at livermore. and we've got over the bay from our exploratorium camera. these are our forecast features. skaterred showers may develop and continue overnight. we'll have a cold, dry pattern with us through the weekend. there's a chance for rain early next week. here's our composite image, that cold front swept on through during the morning hours and produced rain that was problematic for the morning commute. most of that rain has moved to our east and south, although there's a pocket of some moiszture to our nort. north. it could produce showers later in the evening and during the overnight hours. here's our forecast starting 7:00 this evening. and some steadier showers may sweep through during the late night overnight hours.
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but tomorrow looks like a dry day. it will be rather chilly. winter weather continues in the sirra where the snow level drops to 2500 feet. by 8:00 tomorrow e evening, you'll probably see a foot or more. 6-8 inches in other locations. down south, 1-2 inches of snow possible. back to the bay area, it's going to be cold. low temperatures in livermore. right arnold freezing during that day span. that's typical for what most of the bay area can expect. tonight, look for lows to the mid 40s. elsewhere, partly cloudy to sunny. it will be a cold and bright day on thursday, thanksgiving day. and a cold morning as i mentioned u will continue through the weekend. early next week, a few more
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clouds, a few extra degrees and maybe some light rain. >> sounds like the weather is going to be cold like lakers' shooting tonight. >> i hope you're right. >> all right. >> thank you, spencer. >> well, up next, a big price for a little dress. this wizard of oz dress that cost a fortune at auction.
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a beloved cast member of "all my children" has died. canary played the twin adam stuart chandleer from 2004 to 2011. he died at the age of 77. >> toto not on camera anymore. the iconic blue dress judy garland war in the wizard of oz sold for well over a million
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dollars. it's one of two in existence. >> pixar's latest creation opens nationwide tomorrow. it's a story about a nation never hit by an asteroid and the dinosaurs never became extinct. together, they embark on a journey to reunited the family. the film's art director grew up in northern california. >> through the years, things like, the water in good dino, you know, we couldn't have done that -- that type of river in the past. because the technology just keeps getting better and better. >> i bet it looks great. pixar is owned by the disney company which also owned abc 7. >> the biggest and best moments from our friends at "good morning america."
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>> so here's your 60 second hot list from gma today. hit it. >> the new rocket man. amazon founder making space history. >> the space-like company successfully launching, not only launching, but returning a rocket. this is a big game changer when we're completely confident. we're going to start using it to take people up into space. >> you guys are invited. we're going to take you up on that offer. gma is going to do the show. about that? >> i love all the rocky movies. and it seems like the natural revolution for rocky. >> rocky was the voice in the '70s and '80s. >> it's a puppy party here. take a look at all of these dogs looking for a loving home for thanksgiving. >> they are so good. >> we're over in the puppy tens. >> now, these guys are from over-crowded shelters.
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they're ready for a little nap. >> they look -- >> and today is gma's hot list. we'll see you in the moorning on gma. >> alma wants all the puppies. you can catch robin, george and the rest of the good morning america team weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. following the abc 7 morning news. >> abc 7 as 4:00 does continue. this guy wasn't clounding around. how he helped save two women in a desperate situation. plus. >> it cannot be toll rated. it must be destroyed. >> tough talk from president obama as he met with the president of france today. >> and the man who helped take down a terrorist is still hanging on on the dance floor. he makes it to the top three.
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taking a look at the headlines, one of two pilots of the war planes shot down by turkey was killed. the fate of the other pilot is unknown. turkey's president says it warned the russian plane ten times in five minutes that it was violating turkey's air space when it was shot down. but russia dispute that is claim. abc world news tonight will have much more on the conflict in one of the world east most volatile
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reel joons, including reaction from putin the downing a stab in the back. at the white house, president obama and french president francois holland called it an attack. abc reporter is covering that meeting from washington. >> reporter: in the east room of the white house, president obama and french president holland stood united. >> translator: it is true that 9/11, we all felt american. but after the 13th of november, americans felt french. >> reporter: obama pledging support in the fight against terrorists and making another appeal on behalf of syrian refugees. >> on the statue of liberty, a gift from the people of france. there are words we know so well. give me your tired, your poor,
4:32 pm
your huddled masses yearning to be free. >> reporter: the attacks in paris led some american politicians to respond bring helping ref ewe gees who fled to the u.s. at the same time that france intensified this military action in the region. and on that front, the french president outlined his specific position. >> the priority is to take back kilo cases in the hands of diet in syria. it is also another urgency to close the border between turkey and syria and prevent terrorists from crossing the border. >> reporter: part of president holland's objective is to give the united states and russia a line. his next stop after here will be moscow. abc news, washington. >> we're learning today the suspected ring leader of the paris attacks had been planning a second wave of attacks.ñi
4:33 pm
killed during a raid before he could carry them out. police in belgium today issued the international search warrant. he was last seen with another bombing suspect days before the attack. and belgium ep materials its forth day of maximum security. >> as we close in on thanksgiving, concern is high over yesterday's travel alert. abc news reporter receiveny ramos has a closer look. >> if you plan on traveling, a new warning for you in the wake of recent deadly attacks in paris.w3 the state department issuing an uncommon worldwide alert due to increased terrorist threats. >> we are and we continue to be
4:34 pm
and we have been concerned about copy cat-like attacks. >> the state department says current nfrgs!u suggests isil other terrorist groups continue to plan attacks in multiple regions. these attacks may deploy a variety of tactics proof that isis is not giving up. 3r078sing attacks in this propaganda video showing images of new york city's times square. the high-end alert, not just in the state, but overseas to europe. >> if we stop shooting, you're in the fire. >> the belgiumxd prime minister extending the terror alert for another week as the hunt for the eighth pa risz attacker continues. >> so, what are the effects of the travel alert ban right here in the bay area? abc 7 news reporter will join us live at sfo coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> prosecutors charged a white
4:35 pm
police officer with murder for last year's fatal shooting of a black teenager. he surrendered this morning. he's accused of shooting a 17-year-old 16 times during an encounter with officers. we're expected to get police dash cam video any moment now. the court ordered the city to release it by tomorrow. >> a toronto man wasn't clowning around when he came to the aid of a couple of women in need. meet shane favrerman known as dodo the clown. on sunday, dodo and a couple of clown buddies noticed a nan acting strangely. the whole thing was caught on dash cam. the clowns opened their doors, the women jumped in and the clown called police. but the incident was not over there. >> he came at the car like this. bang. bang. like four times.
4:36 pm
>> first thing when i got home, and i don't want to get emotional, my daughter came up and said dad, you're my hero. >> this is a real story, by the way. the man and his clown cohorts is now in deep trouble. it took eight aufrszs to hold him down and he's now in custody. >> according to the cdc, at least 19 people in seven states including california con tracting e. coli from eating costco chicken salad. officials don't know which ingredient caused the outbreak, but say if you purchased the chicken salad before friday, throw it away. >> a very special delivery coming up. the pizza shop employee got the tip of a lifetime. why she says it will change her life. >> i'm still taking your questions on twriter and facebook. just search for michael finney.
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i'll answer your questions here live a little later. >> we see lots of blue sky right now. but there's still a chance of showers this evening and some cold air, a as a malter of fact.
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a tennessee delivery woman got a tip she will not soon forget. she's been working for dominos for only about four months. sunday, she packed ten pizzas in her car and took them to a local tennessee church.
4:40 pm
what happened next was the last thing that aerudrey expected. church members gave her a $1400 tip. it's going to help her have a much better holiday season. >> i can finally get a place for me and my kids. i recently lost my apartmentmented and i was thinking how i could give the kids a good christmas. >> that's fantastic. >> the church says it was just hoping to make an impact on someone's life. they did. >> well, today's weather didn't keep people away from the ice rink. the crowd was small, but people came out with fun to get a bit of ice skating in. >> that would be me, holding on to the rail. >> can you skate, spencer? >> not too well. i'm pretty athletic, as you know, but skieting is not guilty my thing. >> well, i'm not a cheapskate. here's a look at what's happening with our weather right now.
4:41 pm
mainly clear skies. look at live doppler 7 hd. much of the moisture we're seeing here is evaporating before it hits the ground. king tides will continue to produce the possibility of some localized pooling or localized flooding in low-lying areas over the next several days. these king tides will be with us at the golden gate until friday. these are our travel conditions for tomorrow and the bay area, partly cloudy and chilly. snow showers likely carry the change. there's a good deal of snow on the ground now. a possibility of 1-2 inches of snow. lots of sun in the afternoon hours. high temperatures will reach only to the mid 50s.
4:42 pm
about a 20% chance going in to tomorrow. near zero through saturday. about a 10-20% chance of sunday, monday and tuesday. a great chance of rain over the next several days. just little chance of some scattered showers tonight. >> thanks, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news, down to three. who will dance to the top? we've got a preview of tonight's dancing with the stars finale. >> 7 on your side's michael finney. is an extended
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this is it, the season finale of dancing with the stars begins tonight at 9:00. >> live in los angeles with the preview for us. hi, brandy. >> yes, it has all come down to this. the final rehearsals are underway right now at that big studio behind me. we just saw alex come through here with his dancing partner just a few moments ago. all three finalists have one more dance to perform this evening to determine this year's dancing with the stars champion. >> after 11 weeks of dancing, 13 celebrities have been shaken down to the final three.
4:46 pm
in the two-part finale, nick carter energized with two perfect scores. >> and the back street boys didn't get the point with his free style. cindy irwin has been a front runner since the beginning. >> i love you. i think a star is born. >> the australian host and wildlife conservationist received yet another double dose of per foekt scores. delivering a performance that also left the audience in tears. >> this whole experience has rocked by world. >> then there's alex skarlotos who had never danced before this competition. but the american hero who thwarted a terror attack on a terrorist train turned his military experience into a perfect free style. >> it was a victory from the beginning stoth end. >> all three have one more
4:47 pm
performance tonight to determine who takes home the coveted trophy. >> and they eve only had 24 hours to rehearse that final dance. i can tell you when we watched alex rehearsal, it looked really, really good. tonight's scores are going to be added to last night's scores and those all-important fan votes to determine who wins that trophy. larry and alma? >> i can tell how excited brandy is. who's the sentimental favorite, do you think? i mean, alec is a bona fide american hero. >> he is. you know what, i'll be the first to admit last night made me cry. i was crying with the audience when he saw that photo of her father appear and the footsteps appeared, also, on the dance floor. she has just stole america's hearts. but alec, a lot of people didn't think he'd be here in the final. america's votes have really pushed him through. his scores haven't been that high. it's america that pushed him through.
4:48 pm
when you look at that american hero and what he's done and you look at the rekrernt attacks, i think it's reminded a lot of what he sacrificed here in the summer. i think those votes have also come in and pushed him. i wouldn't be surprised if he's also possibly a winner tonight, you guys. >> it's going to be a tough call. >> so dancing with the stars begins at 9:00 tonight, immediately following abc 7 news. >> time now for ask finney. michael finney is answering questions. michael, i got 30 dollars of gas for two different cars at the same station on the same day and i got two gallons less for one. who do i complain to? >> the department of weights and measures. this is done county by county. down in southern california, they're not very good at doing their job. up here, they're fabulous. if you complain to them, they'll take care of the problem. they'll bust those guys if it's
4:49 pm
true. i can't tell you how many times i've run out and filled up containers. it's never been true for me. but if it is true, they'll bust them. >> i went to break a $100 note. they wouldn't do it because i don't have an account. i had legal tender, can they do that? >> if you're not a customer, they don't have to do anything. they're like any other business. >> what is your advice about buying an extended warrantee on a brand new car. >> on a new car, i'm okay with it. look, on most other products, i just don't like it. you ought to be buying a product that you have a reasonable expectation to last its lifetime. when it comes to a car, consumer reports doesn't like it, a lot of consumer advocates don't like you to buy them. i'm okay with it under a couple oaf other conditions. one, the reason you want to do it, you will know the entire cost of owning that car over
4:50 pm
five or six years. make sure you get it for the life of the loan. that way, you'll know exactly how much you're paying for that car. you're not going to have any other weird costst. that's the reason to do it. what i want you to do is negotiate for it. no matter what price they give it to you for, if they say it's a thousand dollars, say 800. offer them a different deal. the other thing you have to keep in mind, you can buy it generally up to a year later. and the other thing that's very, very important, i'm sorry, i know i'm taking up too much time, but you have to buy the manufacturer's warrantee. do not buy the third party. we've had a lot of problems. >> thank you, michael. >> all right. well, can a handful of walnuts a day keep the doctor away? >> a recent study says a walnut-rich dpiet can lead to a variety of help including cles ral levels and quality of diet.
4:51 pm
only a handful is helpful as walnuts are high in fat. instant deaths from crib bumpers are rising. new parents aren't always aware that they can be dangerous. the issue is that a baby's nose and mouth can be covered by the soft bumper and they can't breathe. american women are starting to drink more and more like men and men are starting to drink like women. it's especially clear trends among college students. what the researchers found, while the men still consume more alcohol, women are camping up. women report more incidents of binge dripging. and there's a new video game designed to improve tension. the game doesn't have a name yet because it's still in the test phase. but in october, a study found that children with adhd who played the game for half an hour a day, five times a week, significantly improved on several tests of attention. but experts say while the studies are encouraging, it would like to see more tests to
4:52 pm
see if those benefits transfer to improvements at school and at home. here's do your health. >> would you take steps to prevent wrinkles? st plastic surgeons have a few tests to predict how you'll age. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. up next, the effort to save a south bay preschool program. a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> arrests in the destruction of a dam. nearly 50 million gallons of water lost. now, police know who was on that surveillance video. we'll have the latest on the story. and a new appeal for scott peterson. why the case now hinges on the why the case now hinges on the couple's unborn child. ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it.
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a mad scramble is underway
4:56 pm
after 33 families try to find a new preschool program after finding out theirs is closing. >> reporter: well, the parents say they are not going to let this early learning center close without a fight. they've been joined by local 521 of the service employees who are charging the operator with unfair labor practices. rochell and alice's four children aren't sure what they're going to do next monday when the early learning center will close. the oldest, a 9-year-old, participates in the afterschool program. >> do you like the center? >> yes. >> what makes it so nice? >> because you have a lot of friends here. the teachers are very nice. >> the bad news came last week in this letter from the community child care council of santa clara county. it says there's a large deficit due to very low enrollment. however, the recently unionized teacher and staff believe
4:57 pm
they've been targeted because of their successful organizing. the child care council is closed this week, so we could not get a response. the teachers are heartsick for the 33 low-income families. >> very comfortable with it. i've been here eight years. so that they can better themselves and getting a better job, going to school and improving their family life. right now, it's just making it really hard for them. >> reporter: rochelle has collected 111 petition signatures so far. other centers don't accept infants or toddlers. it's differ cut to find another facility to find their kids. >> my kids have been very advanced as far as learning etiquette, saying please and thank you, saying their abcs. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> that's it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
>> rain rolls across the bay area as temperatures drop and the tide rises. >> plus, crash after crash getting to the sierra. the storm is not over yet. >> that's right. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist tracking round two of the cold storm. i'll let you know how it will play into your holiday plans coming up. >> a man accused of killing an artist in oakland loses it in court. friends and family have their own out bursts outside. >> also, travelers on alert. why heading out of town this thanksgiving is about to get much more sbebs. . >> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> that's what made me look up and look around and i noticed tree branchs coming into my living room. >> a first wave leaves a surprising trail of damage. a morgan hill family grateful to
4:59 pm
get out alive after a 300-year-old oak tree crashes right on top of them. >> and another oak tree left a big mess after it pulled down power lines with it and crushed the car. winds are at least partly responseble for that tree falling. >> and it was very slow going in mill valley as drivers got hit with a double whammy. today's storm got struck just as a king tide was peaking. >> this is what drivers in the east bay had to deal with. nor chew gnatly, the traffic was fairly light today. >> and folks caught without umbrellas got a pretty good soaking this morning in san francisco. for the most part, people seemed fairly well prepared. our cameras spotted plenty of umbrellas as folks tried to stay dry.
5:00 pm
>> thanks so much for joining us. traxing the next storm coming in on live doppler 7 hd. >> that's right. it connells in tonight. let's check out live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about where we are seeing showers developing. up to our north, still tracking a few showers. some of it turned into snow mixing in with rain up to the north. right now, the somehow i recalls are near greenville headed towards the bay. all roads leading up to the mountains require chains: sform warning is in effect until noon tomorrow. so additional snowfall is expected. rainfall here in the bay area. .03 in fair field to about .69 of an inch. everyone else in between that range. here's what you can expect.


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