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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 25, 2015 2:07am-4:01am PST

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so pick up those keypads and please enter your vote now. [percussive music] ♪ all right, results are in. let's go to the board. wow, so 75% say beer. >> um, i'm thinking... between cheese and beer, so i'm gonna use the "50/50" just to see what happens. >> this is the big step to get to that $50,000 threshold. is that your final? >> that's my final decision, to use the "50/50." >> okay, last lifeline. we're gonna take 2 incorrect answers away, please. >> of course. ooh. >> cheese and beer. >> i don't think i want to risk it even though the audience did strongly say b,
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i have this nagging suspicion that it's "a," so i'm going to walk, and that's my final decision. >> $30,000. well done. $30,000. [cheers and applause] 75% of the audience said it was beer, b. 75% of the audience was right. >> oh. >> that was correct. they did get it right, but you got $30,000, alex. very well played, my friend. it was a pleasure having you on the show. thank you so much for watching. for everyone who's been a part of this one, i'm chris harrison. we'll see you next time. [cheers and applause] closed captioning sponsored by: attentthanksgiving dayrs... roll in early for some ridiculously awesome deals. or, roll in late for incredible door busters. yeah, at kmart the holidays are oh what fun for everyone!
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award winner jennifer hudson. and a performance from recording artist josh groban. plus, nascar sprint cup series champion kyle busch. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi. i! hi, babes.
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nice. yes. hey, it is tuesday, november 24, 2015. the tuesday before the turkey day. michael: yeah. [applause] kelly: very, very exciting. michael: the tuesday before the gorging begins. kelly: let the gorging begin. michael: oh, yeah. i can't wait. kelly: i can't wait. i just want to get right into it immediately because we talked about piecaken yesterday. piecaken is two kinds of pie in a cake. it's pecan pie, pumpkin pie and an apple upside down cake all layered together with cinnamon buttercream frosting. [applause] it's created by pastry chef zach young. i had a hunch and a thought in my head that if i mentioned it yesterday on tv, it would miraculously appear here today and guess what? michael: we got it. [applause]
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oh, behold the piecaken! michael: that's a lot. kelly: release the piecaken! this is pretty much the greatest thing that's ever happened to me besides the birth of my children. michael: so how do you even start? kelly: here's what i'm going to start. i'm going to start downtown with the double pies and then i'll work my up to the caken. michael: ok. [laughter] kelly: this is all -- especially good when served with a turducken. [laughter] [applause] piecaken, ken, piecaken. michael: you know how many people are going to order this
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and what they're going to do after they eat this? kelly: am i wrong? michael: it's really good. my only problem is -- kelly: i'm having a dessert gwacham. -- dessertgasm. what's your problem? michael: no, i need a fork like that long. i need all three together. i know a lot of people are going to want to take a piece of that and a piece of that. that's too much work. i need one big fork. guys, piecaken is my -- michael: that's pretty good. that piecaken is cracking. that's pretty good. very good. [applause] i like that. kelly: i love you.
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you're my best friend. you're my best friend, piecaken. [laughter] i love it so much. this has brought me joy, joy like you can't imagine. michael: i love the piecaken. if you don't move it out, i'll keep eating it. kelly: i'll prevent you from eating it. [laughter] michael: hey, bring that back. i want more! oh, now you bring me one! where has this thing been hiding? i need these at home. kelly: that looks like a normal fork in your hands. [laughter] michael: there we go. supersize me. that's what i'm talking about. [applause] just one bite. you get it all in. kelly: turks gods of piecaken. michael: the scientists did this whole study, right? and you know what they found out? kelly: what? michael: it is most important to do your work first thing in the morning.
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kelly: hey! michael: yes. that's why we're here. [applause] kelly: by 11:00 a.m., we are useless. we are like just sacks of potatoes. michael: i'm nothing after 11:00. you see me in the street, don't be disappointed. [laughter] kelly: are you really saying 3:00 is when we're least effective? gelman: yeah. kelly: because my days -- my workdays are in the morning, my workout life is in the afternoon. and sometimes, that's when i'm working out and i am useless. michael: 3:00 is that time where you're like -- if you don't have anything to do, do i go to the gym? kelly: should i have a snickers bar? michael: do i take a nap? that 3:00 is that time. if you're at work, don't take a nap. it's not good. kelly: i just realize what 3:00 miss nowadays. michael: what's that? kelly: it's piecaken hour. [applause] that's that hour -- right?
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michael: so if you're going to work, the most productive time to work is within the first two hours after you wake up because they say just like your body, your brain gets tired. so there you go. a little piece of advice. kelly: that's great. seth meyers and his wife, alexi ashe are expecting their first baby. michael: congratulations. [applause] way to go, you two! kelly: i knew they would get to that. michael: eventually. kelly: i've been pressuring them for that for a long time. yeah. very exciting. michael: when are you getting engaged? you get engaged, when are you getting married? when you get married, when are you having a baby? it never stops. kelly: nobody ever says when are you getting a divorce though? that would be a bad form, wouldn't it? you've asked people that? oh, you have asked people that? it's been asked of you? michael: no comment.
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[laughter] the new beer -- there's a new trend in beer, everybody. we all know -- i got my little scruffiness going on. josh groban is a big -- kelly: yeah, he's got a full beard. [applause] michael: so the beard is in. but there's a new trend. you really want to stand out and you've got a beard -- i see my man back there in the corner. kelly: where is he if oh, hi. michael: he's got a nice full beard. kind of got a little beard envy on you, my man. kelly: yes. michael: but there's a new thing. the glitter beard. kelly: glitter beard! yes! michael: ok? kelly: glitter beard. michael: here we go. oh, come on! [laughter] [applause] kelly: what about me? what about my beard? gelman: you're on vacation. we should have done you, kelly. kelly: why? i am a human glitter bomb.
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gelman: maybe just a glitter 'stache on you, kelly. michael: i'm surprised. i look better than i thought with that glitter beard. kelly: how do they keep the glitter in the beard? because glitter, you know, is everywhere. michael: yeah. kelly: glitter is like sand. once it's in the house, it's in the house for always, forever and forever. michael: like you open up birthday cards, when people give you the glitter cards, and you look and i've got glitter in my face. somebody would think i'm rolling around in people. kelly: where's our beard audience members? michael: does anybody want to do it? kelly: oh, look at this guy right here. michael: oh, yeah. come on, man. kelly: come on man. microphone? microphone? michael: now that is a beard. kelly: hi. hi. come here. [applause] hi. wow! what's your name? peter. hi, peter. peter, where are you from? >> austin, texas. kelly: austin, texas.
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wow, they do everything big in texas. [applause] oh, you've got all your family with you. michael: do you no all these people? >> no. kelly: when did you start growing your power beard? >> august. kelly: you must be riddled with testosterone. >> i don't plan to shave for the next couple of months. kelly: it's going to be down to here! >> yeah, like "duck dynasty." kelly: how about you glitter your beard for us? >> yeah. kelly: ok, great. [applause] michael: the man's game. kelly: that's exciting. are you his wife? no. what? cut. goodbye. you're divorcing him now. what is your name? may. hi, may. thank you for your tolerance and your patience. [laughter] michael: in order to get that glitter out, he may have to cut his beard off. [laughter]
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i mean, but he's only grown that since august? that's like a few months. man! i wish i -- if i grow for a few months, i can never get that. kelly: really? mark can grow a beard in four hours. and he can grow a "duck dynasty" beard, i would say in three and a half weeks. like he is a hairy man. and it grows fast and it's not -- it doesn't waste any time. it means business. yeah. michael: i can't do that. i could get to a certain length and i think it would just say we're good. doesn't go any further. kelly: you should try growing it over winter break just see like what it turns into. just for us. michael: that may be a good idea. take a few weeks or so and grow it out. kelly: and i'll leave my mustache in and see what happens. [laughter] we'll see who has more glitter when we get back.
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michael: were you a big "wizard of oz" fan growing up? kelly: of course. i love the movie. i love the "wiz." i can't wait for "the wiz" on tv. [applause] michael: they do auctions all the time with different memorabilia and they auctioned off dorothy's dress. and worn by judy garland in the 1939 movie. it sold for $1.56 million at an auction on monday. kelly: wow. michael: but you think that's a lot of money. the cowardly lion costume, that sold for $3.1 million. and if you think that's a lot of money, the subway dress that marilyn monroe dress wore in the 1955 movie, "the seven-year itch" sold for $5.6 million. i have no other money stories for you. that's it. that's all i've got. kelly: who's buying that?
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michael: memorabilia, things that are iconic and stuck in your head, why not own it? kelly: very exciting. michael: i wish they would display stuff like that and let people see it. kelly: my kids one year for halloween wore "the wizard of oz" costumes and joaquin wore his cowardly lion costume, i would say conservatively for a year and a half. it became knickers on him. he just fell in love with it so much. he was the cutest little -- when he outgrew it finally, it was the saddest day. michael: yeah. kelly: i mean, besides the fact that when he turns 13, that will be the saddest day. then i'm done. i'm piecaken at that point. michael: you're going to be sad to see your baby grow up? kelly: yeah, when the final child becomes a teenager? forget it. i'm just going to run into the streets naked. michael: don't say that. kelly: yes. turks lady. [applause] thank you. michael: i saw somebody going --
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kelly: one lady's like yeah! michael: the guy's like when is his birthday? kelly: i don't think so. michael: thank you guys for being here on this glorious tuesday. [applause] we got a big, big show today. kelly: it's a great, great show. jennifer hudson is here. michael: yes. i love jennifer hudson. kelly: she's so great. michael: such a nice girl. and we have a performance by josh groban. [applause] kelly: and nascar sprint cup series champion kyle busch is here also. [applause] michael: yes. an amazing, amazing comeback story for kyle busch. great, great story. can't wait to talk to him about that. and we have our dancer in position. they are ready to go. so we're going to kick this party off with our "blast off travel trivia." [applause] ♪
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kelly: oh, i knew i liked you for a reason. all the way from new orleans, louisiana is connie. yes. michael: i love the pump move. that's one of my favorites. kelly: my friend, jason, has just moved to new orleans. have you seen him? audience member: no, not yet. kelly: ok. i'll tell him you're looking for him. michael: let's say hello to kim from clyde, iowa. what are your plans for thanksgiving in two days?
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>>: we're heading up to my parents that live a couple of hours north of here. we celebrate christmas and thanksgiving. e call it thanksmas. kelly: that's incredible. so you kill two beautiful birds with one stone. kim: we do. we celebrate them together. michael: is there like a christmas tree in the corner and you open presents right after you eat your thanksgiving meal? kim: we do. everything is decorated in fall. and then we go down into their basement where everything is decorated for christmas. kelly: i love that! [applause] thankful up top and christmas in the bottom. kim: we have a good time. [applause] michael: when you finish thanksgiving dinner, do you walk downstairs and go oh, my god, it's christmas? do you have to act surprised? that's awesome though. kelly: that's so fun. michael: at least you get to
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spend it with your parents. kim: yeah. we all have a good time. kelly: kim, you deserve a nice prize. so let's spin the wheel and see what you're playing for. [applause] kelly: here's a great prize. the verandah resort and spa in antiqua. seven days and six nights. it's all inclusive. kim: oh, please make it an easy question. [laughter] kelly: ok. i'll do my best. what color am i wearing? just kidding. this trip is provided in part by it's a prize valued at $7,400. you have 20 seconds and only one guess, kim. good luck. kim: thank you. michael: i believe in you, kim. here's the question. on yesterday's show, what city did we say got the biggest november snowfall in 120 years over the weekend? kim: oh, that had to be chicago. michael: you got it! [applause] >> congratulations.
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you and a guest will enjoy seven days and six nights at the verandah resort and spa on the beautiful island of antiqua. this caribbean vacation paradise is nestled on 30 spectacular beachfront acres overlooking a tranquil by a. enjoy a host of -- bay. enjoy a host of activities and much more. your prize is valued at approximately $7,400. [applause] kelly: whoo-hoo! kim: whoo-hoo! i am so excited. michael: you should be. kelly: all right, kim, congratulations. now you get to help thy make the day of a lucky member of our studio audience who will receive eight place setting from lenox valued at more than $500. michael: from where? kelly: the piecaken is kicking in. from lenox! so much china! please pick a number between one and 235. kim: my birthday is a week.
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so i am going to pick my age, 53. kelly: 53. michael: there we go! [applause] kim, congratulations. congratulations, ma'am. congratulations. now we have a little update. kelly: yes. let's bring out peter from austin, texas, and check out his glitter beard. his wife is already mortified! michael: come on, peter. [cheers and applause] kelly: wow! michael: you look good. kelly: wow. michael: all right, everybody. stay right there. we've got peter with the glitter beard and we've got josh groban when we come back. [applause] nascarl ahead on "live," sprint cup series champion kyle busch. jennifer hudson. and coming up next, a performance by josh groban.
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[applause] kelly: hey, this is very exciting. welcome back. on tomorrow's show, mariah carey will be here. ichael: yes. [applause] kelly: i mean -- michael: me and mariah go back like baby on fire. kelly: yes. michael: and "supergirl" star melissa benoist is here. lly: yes. [applause] and, you know, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. michael: i have been looking forward to this all year. kelly: it's so important. i will share some of my favorite thanksgiving leftover recipes. yes, you are welcome, everybody. [applause] michael: seriously, i'm not eating for the rest of the day. i'm waiting for your leftover recipe tomorrow. kelly: why are you lag at him? they're mine! [laughter] michael: our next guest is an internationally renowned singer, songwriter, actor, and he's one of our big pals here from the show. his new c.d., "stages" is
2:33 am
available now. please welcome the uber talented josh groban. [cheers and applause] ♪ josh: hi. good to see you. kelly: hi. michael: what's up, brother? josh: thank you. kelly: hi. hi. josh: wow. kelly: everybody loves you. josh: wow. kelly: yep. [cheers and applause] josh: oh, my gosh. michael: honestly, i see some girls -- when i see some girls on me front row who are literally about to cry. they're fanning themselves. does that happen to you everywhere you go? josh: just here. this is the only place that happens. kelly: i don't believe that at all. josh: yes? kelly: will you do me a favor? josh: oh, anything. kelly: will you let us glitter
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your beard? josh: is it one of those things that you can sprinkle it on and sprinkle it off? kelly: did you see our friend, peter? josh: i did. kelly: he's got a disco beard. we love it. [applause] josh: yes. just as it will be for peter, i don't think i would get that off until next thursday. so i would love -- kelly: ah, you're being generous. josh: i have a semiserious song to sing after this and if i had pink glitter, it might be a little distracting. kelly: well, think about it for after the show. josh: sure. maybe the chest hair. kelly: oh, my god! yes! [applause] josh: that way, if you have a body tattoo or something, you can cover it for modesty. kelly: look at all the female volunteers in the audience that will glitter you. josh: yes. michael: we've gone from glitter beards to glitter chest. we're getting uncomfortable here. you travel a lot. josh: i do. michael: but recently, you were across the pond and you met
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prince harry. josh: i did. and speaking of hairy -- [laughter] kelly: you both have your beards. josh: he was complimenting my beard. he's like that's a great beard, man, that's a great beard. and i'm like you too, your royalness. it was a great night. we did the royal variety show and prince harry was hosting it. elton john was there. i met one direction which was thrilling to everybody in my camp. kelly: we assume that all stars in the music world know each other. josh: that we brunch. kelly: that you brunch, yes. there's a club. josh: no. i've not met one direction before. i was in a bathrobe when i met them because i did like a little skit for the royal variety show as well as the song and i thought i was rehearsing the skit but it was a different rehearsal and everybody was dressed to the nines and i was in a bathrobe.
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it's like pajama in high school and the whole rest of the night, everybody was like you look real comfy in that robe. it was for a bit! yeah. kelly: what are you doing for thanksgiving? any big plans? josh: i'm traveling for thanksgiving. i'm going to be touring. thanksgiving is one of those holidays where it's always the months right before christmas where you get out, you're touring, doing concerts a lot. i'll be in europe for thanksgiving. i will room service some turkey. kelly: that's nice. josh: but leftovers are really the best, anyway. when i get back from thanksgiving, all the cold food from my mom's fridge, i will be scarfing. kelly: it's my favorite time of year because i love the holiday channel on sirius x.m. josh: oh, yeah. kelly: and you are a staple on that channel. the thing about your voice and it is just the most gorgeous, i think, ever. josh: thank you. [applause] kelly: is that i know it's you immediately. every time i know it's your voice, i know it's you.
2:37 am
josh: my version of "grandma got run over by a reindeer" is -- [laughter] michael: we're going to get a chance to hear that voice because when we come back, josh is going to perform for us ♪ [applause] kelly: that was incredible. >> still ahead on "live," jennifer hudson. and also nascar sprint cup champion kyle busch.
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[applause] kelly: hey, josh groban's new c.d. is available now. here he is with "over the rainbow." ♪ mewhere over the rainbow way up high ere's a land that i heard of once in a lullaby
2:42 am
rainbow over the kies are blue that you dare to dream really do come true someday i'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chimney tops
2:43 am
that's where you'll find me , somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly the rds can fly over rainbow ?hy then, oh, why can't i if happy little bluebirds fly why oh why ainbow can't i? ♪
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cheers and applause] kelly: beautiful. like nobody else. like nobody else. michael: thank you. kelly: boy, that was gorgeous. make sure you go out and get josh groban's new c.d. it's available now. it's just gorgeous! michael: he's kicking off his tour with sarah mclachlan. jennifer hudson is up next.
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[applause] kelly: she is the grammy-award winner who is making her broadway debut. please welcome the one and only jennifer hudson. [applause] ♪ jennifer: hey, guys! hi!
2:46 am
hi! hi. hello. kelly: how are you? michael: what's up, beautiful? kelly: hi. [applause] kelly: well, look at you. gorge. jennifer: thank you. kelly: love having you here. since we've seen you last, you've performed for the pope. jennifer: yes. kelly: ok. take us through that moment. what's going through your head? are you afraid that if you screwed up, god will be upset if take us there. [laughter] jennifer: yes, all of that. i was trying not to get too emotional and think about the moment. like i grew up singing in the church. that's the ultimate dream. so to be there and to sing for the pope, i'm like those are the moments where you wish your mother was there, your grandmother were there to share those moments with you. and i was like jennifer, just don't think about it because i cannot cry and sing at the same time. michael: and you also sang for the president too. jennifer: yes.
2:47 am
michael: were you nervous for that? jennifer: i've sang for the president i don't know how many times but it's like the first time over and over again. kelly: every time i see you sing, the president the pope, i get emotional for you. i just think your entire story is so compeling to me and you're such a lovely person and so hard-working that i really do get emotional for you every time i hear you sing. jennifer: wow. thank you. [applause] michael: but i'm curious though because when you do sing, you grew up singing in the church, and your singing is effortless, by the way. do you remember your first solo? jennifer: i remember everything. my first solo, even how much i used to charge when i sang my first song. i was only 7 and the congregation had to help me out and i always had strage fright. and i didn't start singing with
2:48 am
my eyes open when i was 17 years old. kelly: they love watching young people sing. it's an embracing community. jennifer: there's no more meaningful place to sing. i still try to apply that. like sing with a purpose. and come from the heart. michael: we feel it. when you sing, we feel it. we're going to take a quick break. and we're going to wonder what do you do when an audience member walks on stage in the middle of your performance in color color. we're going to find out what she does with jennifer hudson, everybody. >> friday on "live," carly simon.
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[applause] michael: we're back with jennifer hudson, starring in -- on broadway, "the color purple," playing shug avery. kelly: i am so excited for this. first of all, i can't believe it's your broadway debut. jennifer: everyone says that. kelly: no, she did -- no, she was in -- it's so funny. and why is that? why do we think you've done broadway before? jennifer: well, because "dreamgirls" the movie came from a musical. [applause] so we kind of connect. but that happens with everything for me. kelly: yeah. michael: so when you're on stage, is there any mest happens? what about the audience? is anybody disruptive? jennifer: yes. that's the thing. with live shows, you never know what's going to happen. the other night, an audience member decided to move the prop because it was in his way. it was between his legs and it's in the show. it's only baskets and chairs. but he gets up and he moves the
2:53 am
basket. [laughter] and one of the actors moved it back. and he got up and moved it again. [laughter] and we're like ok. anything can happen. kelly: that's unbelievable. jennifer: yes. who does that? kelly: you're in previews right now jennifer: yes. kelly: so we have to suss that out before opening night. jennifer: every night is something else. michael: so every night is different? jennifer: yeah. they bring different things. it's different type of energies. to me, it lifts me up. i'm always in the wing of the stage just to feel the energy of the house because it lifts you up so much you give them what they give you back. kelly: we're so lucky. we've got a live audience every day and it's incredible. [applause] jennifer: it is. kelly: i heard one thing. i know oprah's one of the producers of this show. jennifer: yes, she is. kelly: now, i heard that oprah is in your -- like in your cell phone. jennifer: yeah. it's crazy, right? kelly: no. so whoever -- like do you text
2:54 am
oprah? jennifer: yeah, yeah. kelly: so will you text her -- jennifer: i don't have my phone. kelly: we can get it. we can get the phone. i want to send a text to oprah. like we'll take a selfie and like hi, oprah. jennifer: oprah will reply me and send a picture back. kelly: so we're going to do that. we have to go to commercial break and everybody's freaking out. we'll get the phone and we'll do that just so she knows we're thinking about her. michael: oprah will think we're stalking her. the play is "the color purple" here in manhattan. make sure you go check it out. you know it's a great show. jennifer hudson, everybody. [applause] kelly: coming up next, nascar sprint cup champion kyle busch. >> tomorrow on "live," from "supergirl," melissa benoist.
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>> "live" and extra gum have partnered for people who go a little extra. nominate a friend or loved one small acts of kindness today. they could win $10,000 and a donation made to their favorite charity. [applause] sprint sunday's nascar cup series race was one of the most exciting ever. please welcome back to nascar
2:56 am
sprint cup champion kyle busch. [applause] ♪ kyle: hello. hi. hello. how are you? kelly: i'm so happy to see you. michael: good to see you, man. kelly: boy, congratulations, first of all, kyle. kyle: thank you very much. i appreciate it. kelly: well-deserved. really great race. kyle: well, it was a great race from my vantage point. and we had just an exciting day. and such an awesome finish right there at the end. michael: the year itself has been really crazy for you. you had an accident. you fractured your right leg. kyle: yes. michael: you shattered your left foot. we have some footage of it right there. kyle: yeah. michael: and when that happens, they basically put you -- you went home on a hospital bed. you had to sit -- how long did your recovery take? kyle: it was about 14 days post-accident before they even came to me and was doing physical therapy of just getting me vertical. and the first time we did it,
2:57 am
about three seconds, i started to see stars and had to sit back down. we did it about three or four times that day. two days later, they got me doing it again. and then it was the pain that i wanted to sit back down. and past that, it was rehabilitation from february 21 till may 16 is actually when i made my return. so through that whole process and still today, i'm doing some rehab stuff. kelly: it must be very frustrating when you're so used to being in this level of competition, this arena and knowing that you have this injury. were there times where you just, you know, broke down and said i'm just done? i'm not going to do it anymore. i'm just done. kyle: i never said i wasn't going to do it again. i always wondered? i was ever going to have the opportunity to do it again with. the injury sustained and everything that happened in the crash, i wonder was i ever going to be as good as i once was and to be able to get back in the race car and to get out there
2:58 am
and to win again, i think my fifth race back, i was able to go to victory lane. and it's like let's see if we can continue and keep the winning ways progressing. michael: well, you answered all those questions to come back and do it before and you've done it. jeff gordon is one of your idols. kyle: he is. he's your favorite, right? kelly: i have a warm spot in my heart because we worked together. so i adore him. kyle: ok. it's a business thing. got it. [laughter] [applause] kelly: today, you are my favorite. kyle: thank you, thank you. good times. all right. [applause] kelly: listen, kyle, when you co-host with me, then, you, too, be my favorite. kyle: i'm waiting for the invite. michael: hey, man, i'll go on vacation for you. but jeff finished sixth in his retirement race and he came up to you afterwards. what did he say to you after you won? kyle: it was a pretty cool moment. i told jeff gordon how awesome it was to have the chance to compete against him in his final race, in his final season for a
2:59 am
championship and then he basically told me right after that that it was a special moment for me that i should enjoy and cherish it but if any of the other three drivers that could have won it, he was happy that it was me. michael: awesome. kelly: that's cool. [applause] jeff, he tells me that during a race, he'll lose 10 pounds of just like -- you know, it's physically grueling. you don't think of it as a -- kyle: he doesn't lose 10. i lose 10. i've got more to lose. kelly: how much do you lose? kyle: to me, it's seven or eight pounds. it's mostly water weight. a hot day is a hot day. it gets warm in those race cars. michael: your son, brexton, he was born in may. does that change your perspective? kyle: well, it does, of course. through the whole injury process too in february, my wife was six months pregnant. so she was helping me around the house and doing things.
3:00 am
one of the toughest things that i had to do is determine whether i wanted to go get up in the morning and use the restroom or stay in bed and use the bottle or something. through that whole process, she's pregnant and she's trying to do this and that and i'm telling to -- trying to tell or the take it easy. it was a wonderful time but it was so amazing during my rehabilitation. i want to be there and to stand and to walk and be able to stand next to her and help her through all of that and just just be, you know, on the side of the room and just sitting in the wheelchair. that wasn't my intention. so i was pretty pumped to get back and get standing and walking and ready for all of that and he's a dream child, man. he's my good luck charm, he is awesome. kelly: he's so cute. kyle: yeah, it's pretty cool. he's a good boy. and his birthday's 5-18. and the two sprint cup series cars i've ever raced in nascar was number five and number 18 and i won the championship in the year 15. kelly: that's great. michael: congratulations, man.
3:01 am
kyle: thank you. michael: amazing comeback story. [applause] congratulations to kyle busch, nascar champion, everybody. we'll be right back with the inbox. stay right there. >> if you'd like to know more about anything you see on "live," log on to our website,
3:02 am
[applause] michael: all right. entries are pouring in for our "live" a.o.k. contest where people nominate someone for their random acts of kindness. kelly: we've partnered with extra gum to give one winner a week $500 and a year's supply of gum. what? [applause] plus the person nominates them gets a year's supply of gum too. the winner will get a grand prize of $10,000 for themselves and $10,000 for their favorite charity. michael: what? [applause] all right. here are some of the entries
3:03 am
that we've received. kelly: ok. hawn mcmillan nominated her 22 -year-old granddaughter for filling old purses or suitcases for things that homeless women needs. she adds money and pet food when she can. she is an angel. i agree. [applause] michael: and mary nominates her daughter, julie. even though she was feeling very down, she showed her kindness by paying a co-pay for an elderly gentleman at the doctor's office who said he couldn't afford it. there she is right there. [applause] paying it forward. kelly: todd cameron nominates his sister, saysy because she create caring with cookies in order to distribute to the less fortunate. eight years and counting and here she is. [applause] lovely. michael: and sharon nominate hers awesome husband and best
3:04 am
friend barry lambert for being the most generous person she knows. he snow blows elderly neighbor's driveway in the middle of the night to make sure they can get out in case of emergencies. there he is right there. [applause] that's a lot of snow. kelly: timothy brown was nominated by his wife sabrina for helping a blind lady cross a very busy bay intersection. he opt out of his work truck so she got across and there's the picture she snapped. [applause] michael: that's sweet. tune in friday when we announce our next weekly winner. i got one quick "inbox" thing. linda said kelly says she will be running naked when her son turns 13. we said whaaat! get ready for it. isis sent a cell from syria to
3:05 am
the u.s. like it did in paris. we're getting some new details this morning about a second terror plot that was supposed to bring even more death and destruction to paris. the french authorities believe it was supposed to be carried out just days after the first string of attacks by the same ringleader. and they also say another sleeper cell is still on the loose. we get more from abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: that paris attack ringleader, abdelhamid abaaoud, not only participated in the attacks, shooting up this restaurant, but also french prosecutors saying he and an accomplice planned a suicide attack on la defense, paris' wall street. that attack planned for november 18th or 19th, the day after s.w.a.t. teams cornered him north of paris. 5,000 bullets fired in this siege, finally killing him. [ explosion ] that explosion a still unidentified suicide bomber. the complicated web of attackers spinning wider. belgian authorities setting off an international manhunt for this man, mohamed abrini, who they say was seen at this gas station two nights before the attacks, driving one of the getaway cars.
3:06 am
and with him, prosecutors say salah abdeslam, likely the driver of the attackers, who blew themselves up during this soccer match. [ explosion ] are you satisfied right now with the amount of information and intelligence that is shared? >> no. it's -- it was a failure. >> reporter: belgium's foreign minister didier renders telling abc news there was another cell of about ten terrorists still on the loose. >> it's possible to receive a real terrorist attack with the capacity to do the same, to have suicide bombings in the streets of brussels. >> reporter: with that high alert in effect through monday, this is still a city on partial lockdown. and while schools are scheduled to reopen, the foreign minister telling us those terrorists are likely targeting commercial centers and malls. matt gutman, abc news, brussels. keeping our focus overseas now, russia's president is warning that there will be significant consequences after turkey shot down a russian
3:07 am
warplane. officials say one of the pilots was killed by ground fire as he parachuted from the plane. turkey said the russian plane disregarded repeated warnings and violated turkish air space before it was fired upon. the head of the u.n. is calling for both sides to deescalate tensions. the president of france meets with german leader angela merkel today on international efforts to fight isis. yesterday francois hollande and president obama vowed to step up air strikes against the islamic terror group. they also agreed to bolster efforts to share intelligence on isis. the new government in canada has announced plans to resettle 25,000 syrian refugees by february. the government says robust health and security screening will be completed overseas. their settlement of syrian refugees here in the u.s. has become a political issue with dozens of governors rejecting resettlement efforts. hillary clinton is appeasing immigration activists by cleaning up her language a little bit. during a facebook chat with telemundo yesterday clinton said that her use of the term
3:08 am
"illegal immigrants" earlier this month at a town hall in new hampshire was a poor choice of words in describing immigrants who are breaking the law by entering the u.s. she later went on to describe them as undocumented immigrants. and clinton's primary opponent is making some immigration promises of his own. bernie sanders vowing to create what he describes as a humane immigration system, saying if elected he would allow all immigrants who've been in the country legally for at least five years to remain mere without fear of being deported. republican presidential candidate mike huckabee has special plans for the thanksgiving holiday. knee surgery. outpatient procedure is today. huckabee says it won't interrupt his campaign schedule. the former arkansas governor hurt his knee about two weeks ago, and he's been using a cane. huckabee has also been struggling in the polls. well, there are now 17 more recipients of the nation's highest civilian award, the
3:09 am
medal of freedom. president obama called this year's honorees an extraordinary group, and they include baseball legend willie mays and yogi berra, posthumously of course. musicians yitzhak perlman, barbra streisand, james taylor and gloria and emilio estefan. stephen sondheim and filmmaker steven spielberg. >> his stories have shaped america's story and his values have shaped our world. >> there were also several politicians, academics, and humanitarians among the 17. the president said this year's group is even better than usual. "a class act that represents what's best in us," he says. >> it was really fun to watch. >> was it? >> great group of people. and there will also be a couple of other guests of honor at the white house today. some fine feathered friends. >> yeah, they are two turkeys who go by the names of honest and abe. >> whoa. look at them wearing those feathers well. >> wow, they're huge. they will be right there with the president today as he delivers the annual official presidential turkey pardon.
3:10 am
>> honest and abe were raised in california's central valley. they flew in for the pardon yesterday. not clear if it was first class or economy. and they are spending the night in a suite. yes, they're going to be in a suite in the swanky washington hotel. we'll see them later at the white house. has our white house unit ever launched an investigation into whether pardoned turkeys later make it into the frozen section of the grocery store? >> somehow? butterball. not quite yet. but that hotel is so beautiful. it's right next to the white house. it is where mlk spent his night before -- >> the willard? >> yeah. the "i have a dream" speech. and that's where these guys are hanging out for the night. >> wow. now you know why you couldn't get a room there. >> party on. could you imagine? it's great. so coming up in "the mix," a black friday shopper waiting in line in complete comfort. it's an elaborate scene that you have to see. >> also ahead, the frequent flyer kicked off a flight because of his weight. what the airline has to say after a conflict in the skies.
3:11 am
and later, the challenging final round on "dancing with the stars." the three talented contestants and who's taking home the mirrorball trophy. and remember, you can find us on facebook anytime of day, and on twitter @abcwnn. we always use the hashtag wnnfans too. tell us what you think. you're watching "world news now." olay regenerist renews from within,
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moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. that would be a rocket made
3:15 am
that would be a rocket made by a company called blue origin lifting off in texas on monday. the company, headed by amazon ceo jeff bezos, once the rocket got to 62 miles high, its capsule and its booster separated. the capsule parachuted back to earth. so the cool part about this was when the booster came back down, it fired its rocket yet again and touched down standing. >> wow. >> having a reusable rocket is considered a big step toward making space flight less expensive. >> okay. i get that. maybe there are some things in life you don't want to reuse. >> a rocket is not -- >> you think so? really? >> yeah. we did the shuttle for decades. >> i know. >> it worked out all right. >> all right. i just wish some things didn't have to change. >> great. thanks. >> i still like my corded telephone too. a frequent flyer, though, is staying considerably closer to earth, has now a major bone to pick with american airlines this morning. >> after he boarded his flight.
3:16 am
in dallas he was asked to deplane. apparently because another passenger complained about his size. kabc's greg lee has the story. >> reporter: chris shelley travels a lot for work. the huntington beach resident says he flies more than 80 times every year. most of those flights with american airlines. earning him elite status. >> executive platinum is over 100,000 miles per year. >> reporter: on his last flight from dallas to orange county's john wayne airport he took his assigned middle seat. he says an elderly woman took the aisle seat and began fidgeting. she got up and a gate agent came back. >> leaning over the seat and says to me, sir, you need to get your stuff right now and deplane with me. >> reporter: shocked, shelley followed the agent and asked for an explanation. the agent told him the elderly woman complained he was too big. >> it was humiliating to be embarrassed by that, to be called fat or big. >> reporter: the former active duty marine says a manager made it worse by offering him a seat belt extender. the crew allowed him back on the plane after he said he would
3:17 am
switch seats with the woman. he filed the complaint with the airline and is not happy with the e-mail response he received. >> more or less telling me our flight people are going to do what they want to do, it's really too bad. >> reporter: in a statement american apologizes to shelley and says, "we always aim to give all of our customers the best possible travel experience, and we fell short of that with mr. shelley while trying to accommodate another passenger." the airline also says it's investigating what happened. shelley says that might not be enough. >> i have flights booked with american airlines. i am seriously considering canceling those flights and using another airline. >> reporter: shelley says his main goal is just to keep this from happening to someone else. reporting in santa ana, greg lee, abc 7, eyewitness news. >> just seems incredible someone would do that. >> he doesn't seem like that big of a guy. so kind of shocking that would happen. i'm jealous of his status, though. executive platinum. that's what i've been trying to get for years. coming up, in our next half hour, hit hard. the nfl player whose crushing blow to the head apparently going unnoticed.
3:18 am
the investigation into why this quarterback was allowed back in for the very next play. but first, the stars all out for the season finale of "dancing with the stars." the big winner revealed in a triumphant moment last night. we'll take you straight to the ballroom. that's next on "world news now." llroom. that's next on "world news now."
3:19 am
♪ ♪ this was really incredible. all the stars back with their dancing shoes for last night's season finale of "dancing with the stars." >> an event so big they had to take it outside the ballroom into the grove, the mall there in l.a. >> and as with every finale, the question is which star won it all? >> well, you know, the bettors knew that this would be the case. so for the highlights we go to brandi hitt who was there for it all.
3:20 am
good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. the celebrating continues here on the "dancing with the stars" floor. you've got victor espinoza to my right. but the big story of course is bindi irwin. she was a fan favorite from the beginning. and to right now she is a "dancing with the stars" champion. >> ho, ho, ho, and welcome to the season finale. >> reporter: a star-studded holiday-themed finale for season 21's "dancing with the stars." enough for two stages. >> my gift to all of you. ♪ this was really incredible. all the stars back with their dancing shoes for last night's seas finale of "dancing with the stars." >> an event so big they had to take it outside the ballroom into the grove, the mall there in l.a. >> and as with every finale, the question is which star won it all? >> well, you know, the bettors knew that this would be the case. so for the highlights we go to brandi hitt who was there for it all. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. the celebrating continues here on the "dancing with the stars" floor. you've got victor espinoza to my right. but the big story of course is bindi irwin. she was a fan favorite from the beginning. and to right now she is a "dancing with the stars" champion. >> ho, ho, ho, and welcome to the season finale. >> reporter: a star-studded holiday-themed finale for season 21's "dancing with the stars." enough for two stages. >> my gift to all of you. >> reporter: with 12 celebrities back out on the dance floor. ♪ there'll be music everywhere and several live performances including this one by chaka khan. ♪ i'm every woman but it all came down to the three finalists and their last
3:21 am
fusion dance. first up, backstreet boy nick carter. with just 24 hours to rehearse. >> 10! >> reporter: then it was alek skarlatos' turn. the american hero kicking up his heels one final time for the judges. >> 27 out of 30. >> reporter: and finally, team wildlife conservationist bindi irwin. a crowd favorite since the beginning. >> season 21 has been my favorite so far and it's because of you, bindi irwin. >> reporter: the hosts first revealed this season's third place celebrity. >> alek and lindsay. >> i've just had so much fun. >> reporter: then the big moment. the "dancing with the stars" champion. >> bindi and derek! >> bindi deserved it. bindi deserved it. >> thank you so much for everything. i can't believe that i'm here. thank you for changing my life. >> reporter: what a moment for bindi irwin. she and the rest of the finalists are now on a flight heading your way to new york city so they can appear on "good morning america" this morning. reena and kendis. >> oh, it was incredible. brandi, thank you so much. >> it was a lot of fun. >> i'm really looking forward to seeing what bindi has --
3:22 am
>> oh. hello. >> maybe she'll be coaching us. maybe that's what she will announce when she appears on "good morning america" today. >> bend it like bindi. >> bend it like bindi.
3:23 am
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go long™. ♪ and now it's time for "the mix." we've got you black friday tips from the number one man in line. >> he's always number one. >> here you go. take a look at this. he is jarvis johnson from arizona. and he is first in line for black friday shopping. check out his setup. he's got camping set up. there's a bed. there's electricity. there's even a television. take a listen. >> for any shoppers on black friday what are some of your expert tips? >> to get here early. not this early. but i say get here early because the early bird gets the worm. so the earlier you get here the better chance you can guarantee you can get something you really, really want. >> there you go. he's hoping for a 49-inch tv. $149. he's also a freestyle rapper.
3:26 am
you see him freestyling there. he says i hope you like the price because they very, very nice. >> and she's got a little bit of rhythm too. did you ever think he's not really the first guy in line but just homeless? >> no. everything says -- >> just trying to hang out there all the time? >> high roller black friday shopper. >> well, good for him. good luck. he can get that tv and all that good stuff. well, google is getting all in on the "star wars" bandwagon. of course you know the movie comes out in just about three weeks. and they did this whole like choose your side campaign. and as part of it if you type that in, "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away," this is what happens. boom. mind burst. it turns your entire computer into that screen. like the scrolling text at the start of the movie of course. but it's all part of a campaign to choose your own skin for -- "star wars" themed skin for google apps as well as google
3:27 am
calendar, chrome, gmail. it's kind of cool. >> that's an interesting thing to do if you've got free time. >> or nothing else to do. >> university of massachusetts want to show you forward dontavious smith. boom. he shatters the headboard. >> did he score? >> yeah, i'm not -- >> the glass just shattered. >> the glass shattered. the ball popped out. >> did you call it the headboard? >> it's a headboard. >> it's a backboard. >> headboard, backboard is the same thing. >> it's a broken board. okay. so patti labelle is finally talking about the viral sensation that has erupted with her sweet potato pie. well, you know, you saw this video and she says, this is so cool, she's so happy with all that james wright has done for her that she's inviting him to philadelphia and she's going to cook for him on thanksgiving. >> no. >> yeah. she says you give love to people who give you love. and he did that to her.
3:28 am
just imagine
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," racial tension in chicago. demonstrators blocking highways, making demands after police released that video of a white officer shooting a black teen. a city on edge overnight. terror warnings on one of the busiest travel days of the year. police on the lookout on trains and planes. taking no chances. and new this half hour, extreme weather just in time for thanksgiving. >> the powerful storm bringing heavy snow and powerful winds from the west to the big cities in the middle of the country. accuweather tracking it right now. and who were you rooting for on "dancing with the stars"? bindi and the backstreet boy and their impressive moves during the final night. we're going backstage in "the skinny" on this wednesday, november 25th.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." well, good morning on this wednesday. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we're still having that "dancing with the stars" hangover. it was a great night. of course we're going to get into all of that excitement shortly. but we do have to get to the breaking news of the day, and it's coming out of chicago where protesters rallying into the night after the release of dash cam video showing the fatal police shooting of a black teen. the demonstrators blocked traffic and chanted "16 shots," the number of times 17-year-old laquan mcdonald was struck as a white police officer opened fire. abc's alex perez is in chicago where that officer has been charged with first-degree murder. >> reporter: this newly released dash cam video shows the chilling moments chicago police officer jason van dyke unloads his gun on 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. we will freeze the video here. mcdonald died on his way to the hospital.
3:32 am
>> it is graphic. it is violent. it is chilling. >> reporter: van dyke from cop to inmate, turning himself in, charged with first-degree murder. protesters are taking to the streets, coming head to head with officers. the incident unfolding october 20th, 2014, 9:47 p.m. police get a call about a suspect armed with a knife who had been breaking into cars. just ten minutes later, 9:57, police zero in on that suspect, mcdonald, walking down the street. moments after arriving on the scene officer van dyke opens fire. the suspect falls to the ground, and prosecutors say he keeps firing, emptying his 9-millimeter on mcdonald. 16 rounds in 15 seconds. >> this is not a murder case. despite what you heard in the courtroom. >> reporter: the cook county state's attorney under fire for not pressing charges sooner, saying the thorough review was necessary for the case to hold in court. >> so many young people of color do not trust law enforcement. they see how long this took to be investigated for charges to come forward.
3:33 am
what do you say to that? >> clearly this officer went overboard. you know, and he abused his authority. and i don't believe the force was necessary. >> reporter: van dyke becomes the first ever on-duty chicago police officer to be charged with murder. >> jason van dyke will be judged in the court of law. that's exactly how it should be. >> reporter: and the mcdonald family has already reached a $5 million settlement with the city. they are calling for peace. van dyke is being held without bond. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> and just north of there things turned tense in minneapolis during a tenth night of protests against a police shooting. a man jumped a barrier and was quickly detained. earlier in the day hundreds of demonstrators marched on behalf of jamar clark, who was killed by a police officer. his funeral is later today, and the family has asked for peace. three people have been arrested for shooting into a crowd of protesters monday night. on one of the busiest travel days of the year the nation is on high alert over worries of a possible paris-style copycat terror attack right here at
3:34 am
home. travelers will see a heavy police presence at so-called soft targets from airports and train stations to malls. air travelers are being asked to arrive at the airport two hours early. abc's pierre thomas has the latest. >> reporter: at washington's union station an unmistakable show of force. repeating scenes from lower manhattan this week. fbi and homeland security officials sharing their most urgent concerns in that new bulletin to police across the country, that homegrown radicals inspired or directed by syria-based operatives could seek to replicate of the effects of the paris attacks using similar weapons and tactics, although on a smaller scale. many of the 18,000 law enforcement agencies now stepping up security, even though no specific plot has been identified. amtrak's police chief showed us how the national rail system is protecting thousands of thanksgiving holiday passengers. so chief, there's no specific
3:35 am
threat but you've taken some very specific actions. >> we have. and what you're going to see is patrol officers, some deployed with long guns. over here we have one of our explosive detection k-9 and up there are special agents who have additional tactical skills. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell abc news they've uncovered no intelligence that isis sent a cell from syria to the u.s. like it did in paris. but the fbi is focused on a pool of isis followers here. dozens of potential copycat attackers. each suspect under 24-hour blanket surveillance involving dozens of agents and analysts. there's no specific threat, but law enforcement officials say it's all hands on deck. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. we're learning more about a terror plot that could have claimed more innocent lives in paris. authorities say the ringleader of the first set of attacks was planning to target the city's busy financial district just days later. but abdelhamid abaaoud and an accomplice were killed in a raid before they could carry out the second plot.
3:36 am
french police are still trying to track down a sleeper cell of about ten believed to be still on the loose. the head of the u.n. is calling for a de-escalation of tensions between russia and turkey. after the shootdown of that russian jet. turkey said the plane disregarded repeated warnings and violated turkish air space before it was fired upon. president obama said that turkey had the right to defend itself but russian president vladimir putin warned that there could be significant consequences following the shootdown. back here at home we're turning to the weather now. a dangerous snow storm hits northern california. as much as a foot has fallen in the mountains and the snowfall could continue until midday. it's a nightmare for holiday travelers, snarling traffic on interstate 80 with spinouts and fender-benders. but a delight you might say for those planning a trip to the ski slopes. resorts are able to open earlier this year than in recent years. and tens of thousands of washington state residents are without power overnight after strong winds broke tree limbs and downed power lines. driving was also treacherous.
3:37 am
the driver of this minivan that you see there had a close call. and the powerful winds are also kicking up the surf. accuweather's justin povick tells us the storm is taking aim at the middle of the country. good morning, justin. >> reena and kendis, thanks. and good morning to you as well. it's the busiest travel day of the year. and we've got our hands full throughout the central plains. i want to mention the west coast here quickly. i think there will be some rain, some snow showers and some chilly temperatures but it does appear the bulk of the moisture now taking aim at the upper midwest. lots of flight delays from minneapolis to kansas city. some soaking showers. and this front's arriving on thursday back behind it some major cold for our holiday. 20s and 30s with some whipping winds. but out ahead of the front still feels like september with temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. cause for concern in between the air masses, soaking rains, flash flooding, and huge flight delays. reena and kendis, back over to you. >> thanks so much, justin. the cdc is warning about an e. coli outbreak linked to
3:38 am
rotisserie chicken salad at costco. at least 19 people in seven different states including montana, utah, and colorado have gotten sick. no one has died, but two people have developed kidney failure. consumers are being warned to throw out chicken salad bought at any u.s. costco or before -- on or before friday. there's more information at a ups driver in oklahoma made a life-saving delivery to a customer. jason henley donated his kidney to greg hall. they were casual acquaintances, but that changed after henley learned that hall was suffering from kidney failure. the duo formed a special bond during several months of testing. doctors say their operations went well and both are on the mend this morning. okay. so thanksgiving weekend is coming up, and it's, well, known for turkey, family visits and football. and during all the football you won't see a better performance than this from a referee.
3:39 am
>> yeah. check this guy out. racing down the field. keeping up with a speedy high school player in california. later in the game when the same player breaks another long run the ref is once again galloping down the field in a full sprint. >> clearly that guy is the usain bolt of high school football referees. >> yes. >> right? >> holy cow. they should put him on the team. >> they should call him bolt and have a challenge. >> put him on the jets. >> put him on the jets. >> put him on the jets! >> they just wouldn't be able to get the ball to him because that's the jets. >> oh, but look at that. he's in the lead. he's in the lead. and he makes a touchdown himself. >> he's a speed demon. good for him. coming up in "the skinny," the pop star who is challenging the beatles in shattering recording industry records. wait until you hear who it is. also, if you're up at this hour preparing thanksgiving dinner, we have some worthwhile shortcuts to help save you some time. but first the warnings going out to nfl teams after a questionable play. how the league is investigating serious injuries.
3:40 am
this after our forecast map that is 62 degrees in los angeles this morning. >> no montana? >> later. >> later. >> montana love later. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by febreze. friends coming over? yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use... ...febreze fabric refresher whoa hey mrs. webber inhales hey, it smells nice in here and try pluggable febreze... continuously eliminate odors for... ...up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ...two more ways to breathe happy moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel.
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wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's the theme from "all my children." as we learn of the death unfortunately of one of its long-time stars. david canary played adam and stewart on "children" and he also played steve on "another world." he was nominated 16 times for daytime emmy awards.
3:44 am
he won five times. his tv daughter kelly ripa tweeted their photo saying she was sad to learn of his passing and calling him an incredibly talented actor and a wonderful man. ripa says she was lucky to know him. david canary died last week of natural causes. hard to believe but he was 77 years old. >> he was so young. >> what a legend. i remember watching him on "all my children." >> me too. so good. stewart was my favorite. the coach of the st. louis rams is hopeful his starting quarterback will be back on the practice field today. case keenum didn't work out with the team yesterday. >> and that's because he's going through the nfl's concussion protocol following a head injury on sunday. abc's gio benitez has more. >> reporter: an nfl investigation over this hit. watch closely. that's st. louis rams quarterback case keenum taking a hit to the head during sunday's game against baltimore. he grabs on to his head. a teammate pulls him up. but he struggles.
3:45 am
he's then seen speaking with head trainer reggie scott. but moments later keenum is right back in the game playing with a concussion. the nfl now telling abc news it is reviewing why he was not removed from the game for the necessary evaluation as required by concussion protocols. the coach revealing he didn't even see the hit. >> had i seen that, then i would have sent reggie out on the field to say hey, get him off the field. we didn't see it. >> reporter: the hit is eerily similar to the one described right on the nfl's own website. in 2011 quarterback colt mccoy sustained a concussion, and trainers didn't see it happen. that's why the nfl hired a second set of eyes, so-called spotters who are supposed to catch hits like this. the good news is the coach says keenum is okay and he'll be ready to practice and play this week. gio benitez, abc news, new york. backstage at the finale of "dancing with the stars." >> oh, boy. what a night. "the skinny" is up next. can't wait. n't wait.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny "the skinny" lead this morning, of course "dancing with the stars." and the big season finale.
3:48 am
>> it was really an incredible night last night. all 13 stars returned for the big two-hour show. it came down to the final three. alek skarlatos, nick carter, and bindi irwin. >> okay. alek got the boot first, taking it down to the final two. carter, the former backstreet boy, once a backstreet boy always a backstreet boy, whose last dance pulled in a perfect score. and then bindi the wildlife enthusiast also getting a perfect score. so who would it be? you know it had to be bindi. >> the fans voted. put her over the top. and she could hardly contain her excitement. the 17-year-old, who lost her father in 2006, overcome with joy. and we caught up with her and partner derek hough backstage. >> i actually think i'm going to explode into a thousand pieces of glitter right now. i'm so excited. never in my wildest dreams did i think that this was a possibility. and thanks to derek and just the support of my family. and you know, everyone who was on this season was so dedicated and so determined. and together we have inspired others but it's just such a blessing to be here. >> that never gets old.
3:49 am
>> she is such a sweet girl. you know, there are big things ahead for her, no question about it. >> who were you rooting for? >> i don't like to give it away, but i have to say this ending finale you see here was so remarkable to see how excited she was and every week i looked for her brother and her mother. i loved for her brother and her mother. >> bindi. >> they were fun to watch. >> we'll likely hear what's next for bindi. she'll be on "good morning america" later on with all the other finalists live in times square. you're not saying. >> i'm not going to say. no, i don't like to say. my sporting teams and my "dancing with the stars." up next in "the skinny," just when you thought adele's album couldn't be more of a success, she breaks yet another record. >> yeah, the ballad queen's album "25" sold more than 2.4 million albums since its release last friday. that, by the way, is the biggest sales week in nielsen's history, beating out 'n sync for their 2000 album "no strings attached." >> guess what. she's not done yet. adele projected to reach the 3 million mark before the week is up. but still no streaming. >> and another record-breaking record.
3:50 am
justin bieber blowing up the charts with his new album "purpose." breaking a 51-year-old record for having the most songs on the billboard hot 100 at the same time. get this. 17. >> he beat out the beatles, who had 14 songs on the charts back in 1964. >> bieber, beatles. beatles, bieber. next up, big news for marvel fans. >> thanks to chris evans and robert downey jr., you now have your first look at captain america civil war. the two avengers superstars brought the first trailer for the film to jimmy kimmel last night. one scene in particular, heartbreaking to see. ♪ >> sorry, tommy. you know i wouldn't do this if i had any other choice. but he's my friend. >> so was i.
3:51 am
>> wow. captain america and iron man going at it. >> how could this happen? really? we should mention that marvel is a division of disney, abc's parent company. i don't know how somebody allowed this to happen. >> that said, we encourage you to go see the movie many, many times. and you won't be able to see the full movie until may of next year. >> also not happening until may the queen's birthday celebration. >> but already tickets are sold out. her majesty's 90th birthday bash sold out in five hours yesterday. 25,000 spots up for grabs. >> didn't we just celebrate her 90th birthday? >> her 89th. >> oh. excuse me. the four-day celebration -- >> it happens every year. >> 900 horses and 1500 participants including musicians, dancers, and choirs as well as famous actors and artists. members of the royal family will also be in attendance for all events. but the queen's only guaranteed to be at the final show. they celebrate this every year so grandly? >> it's so random. you know?
3:52 am
every year a certain day of the year. >> do you think she gets tea at the ritz? that's what i would do if i were 90. >> coming up, turkey tips. g up, turkey tips.
3:53 am
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while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym®. ♪ turkey lurkey ♪ i eat that turkey and i take a nap ♪ ♪ thanksgiving that's adam sandler. >> not adam lambert, as we thought. >> we're less than 24 hours away from one of the most american of holidays. one holiday that is frankly all about food. >> and speaking of which, for those of you preparing tomorrow's dinner, apparently today is a good day to get a head start on the feast. ab's sara haines has some turkey day tips. >> reporter: inside good housekeeping's test kitchen, sherry rujakarn, associate test editor, has a help or two to rock my thanksgiving dinner. first, if you're like me, you just might be missing a few turkey day essentials. why do you need a rack?
3:56 am
>> it really secures the turkey so you don't have this 14 to 16-pound behemoth sliding around. >> reporter: no rack? no problem. carrots and celery sticks are your friends. place them in the pan and set your turkey on top of them. done and done. >> not only does it become your de facto rack, but it'll flavor the drippings. >> reporter: that's so cool. >> super easy. >> reporter: next, don't spend the entire day in the kitchen. prepare your sides ahead of time. >> you can do half the work, most of the work really, ahead of time. >> reporter: peel potatoes for mashed potatoes hours ahead of time and leave them in a mixture of lemmon and water in a salad spinner. you can even do it with apples for apple pie. and speaking of pie, make baking a piece of cake with this nifty trick. no food processor to make pie dough? >> just grate the butter on the box grater. really easy. >> reporter: finally, my favorite. forgot to chill the wine? put a handful of salt in a
3:57 am
bucket of water and ice. you'll be chilling with your wine in a fraction of the time. >> the salt actually allows the water and ice to be colder than just ice and water alone. >> reporter: sara haines, abc news, new york. >> wow. those are great tips. i never go anywhere without my rack. >> you've got a good rack? >> you've got -- oh! you've got to have a rack, though, when you're making a turkey. [ siren ] >> yes, i agree. >> the police will show up at your door. >> i agree. i'm sorry. >> the importance of a rack. but if you don't have one, you can improvise. >> i love a good rack. i'm sorry. you're just going to set that up? >> don't miss our updates on facebook. for those with or without racks. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, protesters taking to the streets after video is released showing a teenager shot by a police officer. the officer charged with murder and what we know about the victim. terror threats. millions of americans hitting the road for the holiday as security tightens around the world. new details about the paris attackers and what else they had planned. wild weather, snow, damaging winds setting the stage for a holiday mess for millions of americans. we're tracking it all. and caught on camera, during a demolition, a smokestack crashing down on a piece of equipment with a worker inside. good wednesday


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