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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live, this is abc7 news. >> good afternoon. happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> on this thanksgiving day, it's a chilly thanksgiving. let's look from our camera. >> "abc news" meteorologist sandy patel in her rooftop lair all bundled up. >> hi, happy thanksgiving. i am bundled up. i advice you to do the same. looks can be deceiving. it is chilly. we do have clear conditions across the bay area. freeze warning is going up tonight. it covers all the interior vall valleys, some of the mountains, 11:00 p.m. tonight until 9:00
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a.m. tomorrow. lows mid-20s to low 30s. your sensitive plants need to be brought in and covered. freeze damage possible. frost advisory for the san francisco bayshore line does not include san francisco. same time period, low to mid-30s expected. possible damage to your sensitive plants. a live look. you can see blue skies. very chilly at 8:00. looking at 40s, frosty by midnight and freezing cold, temperatures dropping below freezing in many areas, chilled sunshine at 8:00 a.m., 46 degrees. in case you're going to brave the cold, make sure you pack on the layers. i'll be back at a complete look at how long this cold weather will last, coming up. cheryl, larry. >> a lot of people are braving the cold to get a good deal. >> they're out enforce for pre-black friday shopping.
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some already open. this store opens at 5:00. all those die-hards do not want to miss out. >> reporter: the temperature dropped to the 30s this afternoon. that didn't chill the desire to shop for people hoping to score thanksgiving deals. >> i started noticing the drop in temperature around midnight and when i decided to crawl in my tent and get cold. >> reporter: some customers couldn't handle it. their empty chair sat in line for them. >> it was getting real cold last night. >> looks like this was in decline. there were only five tents when in years past it has been much longer. it could be the cold or the fact stores are starting black friday online during the week.
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>> maybe some people are starting more online shopping. i brave the weather to upgrade my tv. >> k-mart opened out 6:00 this morning. those who are here say they're trying to avoid later crowds. >> because i won't come out tomorrow. this was an easy one. i won't go shopping tomorrow. >> even though the deals online are good, there are incentives in place to try and get people into the stores. k-mart will be offering goody bags to its next round of customers at 7:00 tonight. in concord, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> not just the bay area, shoppers from charlotte to san francisco in las vegas all trying to get those deals. stay with us as some stores open and the rush begins, coming up at 5:00 and at 6:00. >> it is a very special thanksgiving day for those affected by the valley fires in napa county.
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>> and thanksgiving, wayne. >> reporter: we have a big tent over my back and over my shoulder they expect 250 people and had more than 300 already. it began at 2:00, going on until 6:00. they started with 44 turkeys. everybody was affected by this fire and everyone feels it on this thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: those are the most spoken words this day anywhere across our land and nowhere more heartfelt than middleton, california. >> everybody here is special. nobody is above help. >> reporter: so says fletcher, a volunteer here despite the fact at 76 years old, he's homeless the first time in his life. in middletown, he has plenty of company. >> i was looking to see if there is some hope somewhere. >> reporter: is it? >> i don't know, i haven't figured it out. >> reporter: christie and her
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son making a walk through ruins and memories and loss. it has become a shared experience. >> we know how fortunate we are. >> reporter: in middletown, fortune is ever changing. dennis does it surrounded by ruins. >> surrounded by disaster. >> reporter: somehow it survived allowing katie to slave away today. it's never been such a pleasure, especially with neighbor's whose homes no longer exist. >> i wish i could invite them to dinner. i can't imagine. >> caller: until you see it and live through it and appreciate thanksgiving again in a whole new light. >> coming back and seeing the wreckage, you can smell charred and so blessed, glad to be home. >> reporter: from middletown,
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wayne friedman, "abc news." >> organizers had to do without supplies because early yesterday morning somebody stole a u-haul that contained 2,000 t-shirts, snacks and all the drinks. runners say it isn't about that. >> reporter: what i love is you chill up in intensity, a lot of kids coming home from college. i was dressed up and a fun way to start the day. also a day of eating and nice to get out and maybe get a little bit of exercise before you watch football and eat food. >> larry wants that hat so badly. >> it fits the track & field program. some students volunteered along the course. and they're off in san jose. hundreds of people braising the chill in silicone valley. it was to raise $5 million for
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charities including santa clara. giant balloons making their way through mid-town manhattan today. helicopters flew through to keep an eye on the crowds. 2500 officers stationed along the parade route, the most ever say signed to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the alert remains two weeks after the terror attack in paris. >> a look at thanksgiving. >> reporter: thanksgiving traditions from turkey pardons in d.c. >> it is hard to believe this is my 7th year of pardoning a turkey. time flies, even if turkeys don't. >> reporter: to the macy's thanksgiving parades and all emphasis on security. >> we have increased the number of officers and i think we have the large ethnumber we have ever had. among 2500. >> reporter: among those coring
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the parade route, 1300 officers for a record number of revelers turning out in droves in new york not willing to let the terrorists win. in the people of this city are moving with their feet. we know terrorists try to intimidate. the people in new york city are not intimidated. >> reporter: the president remembered the first thanksgiving and drew a parallel over the debate with receivings today. >> refugees today. >> nearly four centuries, the world is filled with pilgrims, men and women who want nothing but safety for theirselves and their families. >> reporter: from washington to outer space. >> man, they are delicious. >> reporter: wishes for a safe thanksgiving. >> happy happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> according to the top security officials in washington, is there no specific terrorist threat anywhere in the united states, something to be grateful for this thanksgiving.
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"abc news," washington. >> the chp is also wrapping up efforts to make the roads safer this weekend. more officers on the roads to cut down on the number of drunk drivers and driving under the influence of related crashes. the increased patrols will be in effect until sunday night. san francisco police are still looking for the person who shot somebody in a crowded parkipark parking garage south of market street last night. it happened as the victim was waiting to pay for his sparking space in the garage lobby not far from bloomingdale's, the injured man is in the hospital and expected to recover and police believe they know who shot him. a suspected drunken driver hit 12-year-old boys at the intersection of bay and buchanan earlier this month. both suffered severe injuries. the san francisco transit agency
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turned the intersection into an all way stop less than two weeks after it was approved and had delayed it twice before those boys were hit. a bay area legislator is calling for tougher regulations on tour buses after that crash that left eight people injured two weeks ago. state senator jerry hill wants more frequent inspections of tour buses, especially those with a history of problems and hill wants to hike the inspection fee. right now, it's only $15. >> it's not nearly enough to cover the cost of the inspect n inspections. the state taxpayers are picking up the difference. it's not increased since 1986 and because there isn't enough money we're not getting enough inspecti inspections. >> hill wants to raise it to $70 and the bus that crashed had not been inspected by chp. a milk tanker truck overturned on bo day ga avenue west of petaluma. the driver was taken to the
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hospital and we're told his injuries are not serious. still ahead on abc7 news at 4. not much to be thankful for this thanksgiving for one group of fishermen, a delicacy also a problem for bay area diners. how you can save big at the grocery store, an app to save you thousands. >> on demand for the holidays. a live look outside at traffic on this holiday. my goodness, people going to grandma's house will take a long way to get there. >> all jammed
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all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> turkey typically takes center stage on this holiday. a lot of people love their dun g gun -- dungeoness crab. >> we still do crab omelets and crab benedict and crab sandwi sandwiches and crab louie and cocktail and caquesadillas. >> reporter: there are plenty of items still on the menu at joanne's but not local. >> we're very slow. i would say 90% of people who come here on thanksgiving are here just to buy crab. >> reporter: some customers can't stay away. >> a tradition we eat crab and
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turkey. this year, a little problem with the crab and we come to support our favorite restaurant, catch joanne. >> reporter: while locals are craving the delicacy, the crab fishermen are missing out on income. >> they're sitting around with house payments and bills like everybody else. i have the same thing but luckily have my little gig to keep me a little bit afloat. >> reporter: earlier this year, they said they would be delayed because of unsafe levels of a d acids from a toxic algae bloom. it will not begin again until the department of health announces the okay. it means selling the less lucrative rock fish and cod off the back of his boat. hundreds of volunteers we're hard at work this morning preparing thanksgiving meals in san francisco. they serve to more than 5,000 people and host a special church
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service as well. many volunteers come back year after year. >> my supervisor keeps up with the tradition and encourages every year to sign up. we always get enough volunteers to do it. >> so many people don't have the things we have and nice to give back to people and put some smiles on their faces on this time of year. >> as you might expect this morning, there was plenty for volunteers to do, carved the ham, sliced the turkey and diced the vegetables. some food came from the food bank and dozens spent their time packing and sorting donations. so far, the food bank has ingredients for half to the 10 million holiday meals they will distribute year end? they need a lot of help. lots of folks made last minute runs to the grocery store. we were at the safe way store in san francisco's marina district.
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they have to get in to get staples like pumpkin pie. many grocery stores were opened today but with shortened hours. >> shoppers will spend an average of 1$150 on holiday foo, especially thanksgiving. >> that's a lot of money and the weekly food bill could be a lot more. >> lindsey davis has tips how to cut back and save a little more. >> groceries eat up a huge chunk of their family budget. >> we have oson 15 and one will be 16. they eat a lot. >> reporter: every month grocery bill tops 6$600. >> it would, good to cut down any way we can. >> reporter: we enlisted the help of genevieve brown and h d headed to the local shop and stop, grocery list in hand. >> i've come up to a three pr g pronged approach to savings. no clipping could you pleases.
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>> reporter: this puts the sa savings on your mobile phone. >> plug in a zip code and brings up stores in your area. >> reporter: it directs you to sales. >> 6.$6.99, down from 9.9$9.99. >> yogurt we eat a lot of. >> we're saving 80 cents a conta container. >> reporter: pick products on the top and bottom shelves. >> the most expensive items the grocery store puts at eye-level. >> reporter: after checking out, these supermarket hacks saved big. >> you're saving 1$125 a week o groceries. >> reporter: overall, 6,0$6,000 year. >> another money saving tip, there are several websites that have recipes based on what's on sale in your favorite stores. >> if you're looking for a way to burn off thanksgiving day calor calories, skiers having a great time at the lake tahoe resorts.
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these scenes from north star. all resorts reporting fresh snow. make sure you check road conditions before you head up there and bring along chains just in case. >> keeping an eye on all of that. i'm meteorologist, outside now. hi. i was frozen there for a second. first we feast and then we freeze. that's the way i look at it. here's a live picture. look how clear it is. the air mass is definitely drier. our wind is not really an issue. temperatures will drop even lower than we saw this morning. take a look at live doppler 7 hd right now and we will show you at this hour that is clear across the bay area. i want to show you record low temperatures this morning. oakland, 48 degrees, moffet field tied at 37, a new record for today. upper 20s around novato and
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napa. definitely freezing cold and we will go for it again tomorrow. ocean beach, hazy outside. mountain view in san jose. a live picture from the sfo camera. lim livermore, 51 degrees. it's definitely chilly out there. chilly for black friday shoppers. freezing cold the next three mornings. the freeze warnings and frost advisories i showed you at the top of the show have been reissued for the entire area i showed you, friday, 11:00 p.m. to saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. two days in a row, crisp and sunny. look at satellite radar, the wind flow coming off the land in the north-northeast will keep the nights going this coming weekend. tomorrow, mid to upper 20s.
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31 in k concord and 31 in livermore, 30 in san jose, fremont, 42, san francisco, even places like half moon bay, down to 35 degrees. 35 in san raffaele. the trend will be cold. saturday morning, upper 20s. still freezing and sub-freezing sunday morning for the wind sheltered valleys. by monday morning we will thaw a bit as temperatures come up a few degrees. cool tomorrow afternoon if you do have outdoor plans, 78 in santa rosa, 76 in san rafael, 57, santa cruz. accuweather 7-day forecast, chilly for shoppers. black friday is a day you have to buy winter gear if you don't have it. frosty saturday morning. highs remain below normal in many areas, and at normal in the coast. slight chance of rain.
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tuesday looks like a better likelihood wednesday going to thursday. i'll keep you posted on it. rain chances have been pushed we need in the bay area but good for those traveling. next, turkey's on the loose. the escape from thanksgiving, run! family values on foods, new
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the 49ers got into the thanksgiving spirit today, serving up meals to the homeless. wide receiver torrey smith posed with his daughter wearing the turkey hat, very cute. backup quarterback joined and anquan boldin was at the ricardo reception center to give back on this thanksgiving day.
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good job, guys. >> there's this. in the community here, tough looking gangs roamed the streets this morning and thank goodness they didn't end up in somebody's roa roaster. take a look. they're strutting their stuff, right? an animal expert on this should explain what they're doing now. a bunch of turkeys and they're checking out the scene, proudly spreading out their tail feat r feathers. >> do they not know what today is? they look very relaxed. >> beautiful. talking turkey here. sorry. couldn't resist. >> they look very comfortable. members have been sharing photos how they're celebrating
4:26 pm
thanksgiving, fresh snow in the sierra and others getting ready to snatch door buster deals when the stores open up and you can share with a hashtag abc7now. coming up next, protesters hitting the streets again in chicago with plans for black friday. and plus france and russia team up in the fight against terrorism. investigation under way after a man with a stolen boa boarding passport gets
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taking a look at the headlines as we approach 4:30, this is a live look at the best by store in san francisco where a few diehard shoppers are waiting for the 5:00 p.m. thanksgiving day opening. they say they've been skipping thanksgiving for the door buster deals a half hour away. a line of people braved chilly temperatures at the best buy in emoryville hoping to score sa savings there and most found refuge from the weather intense and left their chair there. the biggest opportunity is a flat screen tv for 150 bucks. >> david is at the pro bass shop
4:30 pm
for bargains there and says shoppers are going bananas there. if you're going out. sandy patella tells us freeze warnings are in effect all across the bay area with low pressure temperatures in the 30s. a new development in the san francisco beating of this man by two alameda county sheriff's deputies. a second witness stepped forward. vick broke this story two weeks ago. >> reporter: a second witness corroborates another one we interviewed earlier. they both say the two deputies used excessive force. "abc news" learned stanislav petrov has now been moved from san francisco general hospital to santa clara county jail. >> reporter: "abc news" first showed you this disturbing video two weeks ago, 37-year-old
4:31 pm
stanislav petrov was repeatedly struck by these deputies while the 29-year-old was on the ground. he was tackled in this alley after leading deputies on a 30 mile chase after they rammed his vehicle and he attempted to slow down when one of the deputies yelled stop. he has been taken to the hospital where he was treated for wounds to his arms and hands. his mother, olga, said he had surgery for life altering injuries. >> they inserted medical plates with needles and some his fingers won't be able to move. >> reporter: two days ago he was moved to santa clara jail where his mother said he was put for mental issues.
4:32 pm
he ae's angry he's moved so quickly. >> he's entitled to physical therapy to retain partial movement on his arms. >> they kept telling him get on the ground and beating him. >> this second witness, who also lives in the alley, has come forward to abc7 news. >> what i saw was a man not resisting arrest. i saw a man getting beat up. the only thing i saw him doing was trying not to get hurt, covering himself up. >> san francisco police are investigating the incident. their report will then be forwarded to the district attorney. "abc news." now to the fight against terrorist. several raids taken place in belgium while france's president is meeting with the belgian
4:33 pm
president. >> reporter: france and russia say they are united in the fight against terrorism. russian president, vladimir putin pledged greater cooperation in meeting with president hollande. terrorism is our enemy, hollande s says, it has a name, isis. and they secured the s 400 air defense system. despite this cooperation, there is no agreement on the role of syrian leader. less than one week since radical islamic terrorists formed a rally the international community is organizing in a global fight against terror. in london, david cameron worked don vince the british parliament to join the fight. >> the diplomatic and security advice all says, yes, the risks of inaction are greater. >> reporter: in brussels after
4:34 pm
several raids today, the threat of an attack is no longer considered imminent as residents are starting to return to routine. >> it's starting to go back to normal and children going back to school. >> it's hard not to be skittish when there are so many people around although i am very grateful. >> in germany today, two people were arrested with possible ties to terror and at the same time, the nation pledged they would send more jets to help assist the french in their campaign against terrorism. "abc news," washington. a man wrapped in an american flag jumped the fence at the white house causing a brief lock down. the man wasfied as joseph caputo and vaulted over the north fence and raised his arms in a victory salute once on the lawn. this is video of him being escorted to a police car. the white house was on lock down
4:35 pm
for two hours. a man with a stolen boarding pass managed to get on to a flight bound for salt lake city. it happened november 5th and the incident just came to light. he snatched the boarding pass from a southwest kiosk praint up and accidentally left by another passenger. sol lad da is a registered sex offender. a closer look at what happened before a chicago police officer ild killed 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. it shows him carrying what appears to be a knife. and shot by a police officer. they're calling for resignation of anita alvarez in that it took her more than a year to charge murder. >> i am requesting that anita alvarez be fired.
4:36 pm
>> van dyke's lawyer says he fired his weapon because he feared for his life. >> france pope said it would be catastrophic if a global climate does not work to curve emissions. making the request to the global climate headquarters in paris and addressed those who deny science behind kilometer change including several presidential republican candidates. the pope is in the middle of a six-day trip to africa. >> it's already beginning to look a lot like christmas. what you can expect to see over the next few days. i'm "abc news" meteorologist, sandy patel. the windchill is with us. as temperatures go down, the temperature will plunge. freezing conditions by wednesday morning. >> another live look at the holiday traffic. guess what.
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there is none. you never see this. i expected to see a whole bunch of people lining up to get to grandmother's house. they're already there. smooth sailing in all directi
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latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. a lot of people enjoy the holiday in san francisco's union square today taking pictures in front of giant christmas trees,
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always inspector there. it is tomorrow night, 6:40 p.m. to be precise and santa is expected to make an appearance greeting holiday shoppers as they snag black friday deals. >> you can look at this. your favorite disney characters will bring you the magic of the season with a look at the pier 79 tree landing. sunday at 6:30 p.m. right here on abc7. >> right now, let's get back to icicles patel. with a look at the chilly -- that's her new nickname. >> not my personality, right, larry? want to clarify. >> i would never go there. >> i was just going to say, not cold as ice. >> i'll stop him. >> thank you, cheryl. live doppler 7 hd, term scraping ice off your wind chill tomorrow
4:41 pm
morning. maybe see icy lawns as well, clear conditions, highs for friday traveling, 28 in tahoe, 43, looking at rain showers there, rain showers down south in san diego and 63 in monterrey. tomorrow morning, freeze warnings, frost advisories, freezing and sub-freezing conditions, your morning lows, all of you guys heading out for black friday shopping, bundle up. cool, sunny, low toss-upper 50s. take a look at our rain chances, it remains dry through the weekend tuesday, wednesday, chance increases especially thursday. where do we stand in terms of season to date. 106% of normal in san jose. 124 in moffitt field. even if we're above average for the current season, we need several years of good rain
4:42 pm
before we can erase that drought. we will welcome more rain in mountains and scattered snow showers tomorrow. a complete look coming up at 5:00. i know larry and cheryl will join icicle patel. >> i think we're going to push this on twitter and see if we can get that hashtag going. >> thank you. >> a whole new way to think about food and your lifestyle. a new effort to change how you eat and your community. >> plus, thanksgiving is the big kick-off to the holiday moving season. just ahead, the
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and that's why we put syrup on our pancakes! denny's new rudolph pancakes. part of the new tastes of the holidays menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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this is abc7 news. >> president obama took time this morning to remember those who were keeping us safe while we celebrate this holiday season. he got on the phone to talk with members of the armed services. although we don't know exactly what he told the troops, he said in his thanksgiving address he wants to see the best of americans everyday including troops and veterans. they stuffed themselves on
4:46 pm
thanksgiving dinner including roast turkey, ham, primed rib with horseradish, oyster stu stuffing and marks n cheese, a few side dishes and choice of six different pies including banana cream and cherry. getting hungry. my goodness. all that food can add up. a thanksgiving meal can up to 2,000 calories not including hors d'oeuvres or alcohol. >> food included. it defines not only how we eat but how we live. >> and adding farms to neighborhoods to give communities old-fashioned roots to grow. >> reporter: when you pull into the can errey in davis, the big barn tips you off this isn't your usual housing development. >> we wanted it to feel like the farm has been here longer than
4:47 pm
the home. >> reporter: once an industrial can errey, this is now a new community, maibced that incorporate farmers into subdivisi subdivisions. nearly 540 homes are within walking distance of a half acre farm. >> it's affordable apartments to an estate home. >> most every week i get a call from a different part of the country about a new development. >> reporter: ed mcmahon is a senior fellow at the non-profit urban land institute, research group in washington, d.c. he aid agrihoods are hot. >> people are finding an amenity that can create value in a community, unlike golf course developments all the rage for many many years. >> reporter: living in one of those communities may have added health benefits, too. outside of atlanta, it was built
4:48 pm
in 2004. >> anonymously, people are talking about improved health benefits, whether they have children, whether retiring seni seniors, the health benefits are incredible. >> reporter: developers say a i agrihoods reflect a ship for local demands. >> the manned fdemand for food exploded. >> reporter: they have taiken off. in phoenix, they take pride g w growing on their own plots. >> it's fantastic. we had a whole bunch of peas over there. >> reporter: people that do the davis development won't work the farm. that will be done by the nonprofit center for land-based learning. >> reporter: those crops will be sold back to the local community and the center will offer workshops to help locals understand where their food comes from. >> we also plan to have, during the course of the year, different kinds of events that bring people out to the farm and gives us and them the
4:49 pm
opportunity to share in what we're doing. >> reporter: the can errey opened for sale at the end of august, 5,000 people came through on the first day. >> we had 90 people through last week. >> reporter: buyers range from millenni millennials, retirees and empty ne nesters. >> reporter: they bought a home here and hope to move in this spring. >> we wanted an energy efficient home and down-size a little bit and the concept of being in the farm. it really fits us to a t. >> i personally do not have a green thumb. i'm kind of looking forward to partaking into the agricultural classes. >> reporter: developers would love to build agrihoods in the bay area and say the seed e esthave been planted for bui building more of them. "abc news." >> they said the only hurdle its finding enough land because there aren't that many to build on such a big scale. >> interesting concept. >> it is. tired of talking about food
4:50 pm
and shopping -- >> no. >> you're not? >> not at all but eventually you might. and want to catch up. >> this weekend has big hits. several generating a lot of big buzz. >> a look at early contender s for the oscars race. >> this is one of the biggest blockbusters and 69-year-old sly stallone is the headliner. >> you have to work hard. if you're not going to do it, i'm out. >> reporter: this is the seventh reboot, called "creed." apparently his wife talked him into it. >> she said, don't be such a coward. even when i was doing a sequel, come on, the third one, stop already. the fourth one, put a fork in it. >> reporter: this time rocky is training apollo creed's son, adonis for a fight and critics are claiming it's the best "rocky" since the original. we're also talking spotlight.
4:51 pm
the tale of the catholic church sex abuse scandal. there's the oh so worthy oscar love story, rooney mara and cate blanchett. for the families, pixar is the current dinosaur from walt disney. >> to be able to go down in p k pixar history. >> reporter: it clips the frozen tally from two years ago. >> "creed" made more money than any thanksgiving preview in history. >> i'll show you something. >> reporter: after a lackluster year, hollywood is hoping you will buy a ticket. los angeles.
4:52 pm
>> okay. that's how we're spending the weekend. >> you want to go see "creed?" >> i'm going to go see "creed." it looks intense. >> a really good movie. up next, the modern way to enjoy thanksgiving. have it delivered. coming up. then on abc7 news, giving thanks, a homeless woman who turned her life around is sti sticking to her promise to help the less fortunate in the east bay, how it is much more than a free meal. >> how you can get the best deal in
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tonight, abc7 news, the muppets followed by fresh off the boat and goldbergs and dr. ken followed by abc7 news at
4:56 pm
11:00. >> there is a good chance you are watching us now, maybe exhausted to barely able to eat another meal. >> showing us the growing popularity of an on demand thanksgiving. >> bruce ponte can't find the pickles. besides that, the holiday is off to a good start. >> it's like the one ingredient they forgot. >> reporter: he tells them the one grocery item they need. they need it for thanksgiving and now. they are doing double the amount they did last year and they expected to be booked solid all day. >> they already asked me to work later. >> reporter: they cover dinner. what about what you run out? softy offers thanksgiving on
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demand drinking. if wine isn't your thing, another holiday tradition is now in your hands. if you missed on demand thanksgiving, how about on demand black friday. they are letting you deliver scarves like these and deliver it to you in a matter of minutes. drivers will stock some items like this marine layer scarf and get it in less than a half hour and no delivery charge. who is on the other side of dinner delivery, newborn dad and his baby girl made it harder. >> hit the button on the phone and now we have a turkey. >> reporter: that is thanksgiving in a tap and swipe. abc7 news. >> a whole new world, between bruce getting the turkey and saucy bringing the chol -- >> sit back and enjoy it. >> first, you have to do a little bit of work.
4:58 pm
>> thanks for joining us. >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> i've been out her since about noon. yesterday. now on abc7 news at 5:00, the bay to go for the black friday shopping rush has begun. stores open their doors. how you can get the best deal online and deals that can save you hundreds. >> freeze warnings and frost advisories, looking at those temperatures coming up. >> can't take the fun out of this run, what thieves stole from this run in san francisco. this is abc7 news! >> shoppers braving near freez freezing conditions all for a deal. >> tumbling temperatures prom prompting more weather warnings across the bay area and could
4:59 pm
see snow coming up. good evening and happy thanksgiving, thanks for joining us, i'm larry deal in for dan ashley. >> we begin with people in the bay area all bundled up in san francisco, just 52 degrees. >> that is 8 degrees below normal and temps will plunge tonight, especially inland. we will get the news from our meteorologist. snugly warm with her gloves on. >> reporter: you got it. you should do the same. get your scarves on and heavy coats. it is chilly out here. it is clear. one of the reasons why it is so cold, the air mass is dry. freeze warnings for the interior mountains beginning at 11:00 p.m. tonight until 11:00 a.m. friday. freeze damage is possible to
5:00 pm
sensitive plants. frost advisories for the san francisco bayshore line between 11:00 p.m. tonight and friday morning. this runs again, friday 11:00 p.m. to saturday. possible damage to sensitive plants. san francisco is not clouincludn here. a live picture from our camera, black friday shoppers brave the chill. getting frosty by midnight. it's going to be down to the low 30s for the coldest spots. freezine ining cold and chilled sunshine. time to pack on layers. i'll be back with a look at how long the freezing cold nights last. >> thank you. in just about a minute more d r doors will be open already hungry for deals for this day. some camped out and many best buy shoppers braved very cold


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