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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> bay area stores are bracing for big crowds for black friday. retillers are expecting three times the number of shoppers today than they get for those thanksgiving day sales yesterday. amy hollyfield is in livermore with that story. >> this outlet mall opened at 6:00 last night. look at the line behind me. it is to get into the store that opened at midnight but this is line. they are only allowing so many people in the store at a time. they all want to get inside. they are offering 40 percent off at the store until 8:00 this morning. we will walk over to the line, we have to talk to somebody about why on earth they would do this. this is david, tell us your story. what time did you get in line? what are you hoping to by. why are you doing this?
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>> doing this to get some gloves for myself and by early christmas gifts. >> how long have you been in the store? >> get my mom a bag. >> that is making him popular with the ladies. they like it. david, good luck. are you cold? >> very cold. >> i am regretting this. >> you are. >> okay. [ inaudible ] >> obviously we last the audio but boast buy and target and other stores opened around 5:00 p.m. over the areas stores have opened earlier and earlier on black friday crossing into has been that. >> some shoppers love the door buster deals others is mixed feelings. >> i liked it on friday better, fun going out ought 5:00 a.m. in the morning or getting there at midnight they ruin it doing it
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on thanksgiving. r.e.i. has closed all 143 stores on black friday and employees were given the day off with pay and encouraged time to spend time with friends and family outside rather than in a mall. if you take a photo or shoot video of your adventure share it with us using # abc7now. we could share it on air. >> furniture packed in a warehouse fueled an out-of-control fire in the east bay erupting at 7:00 p.m. last night in concord. passing drivers on interstate 680 were stopping on the freeway to take a look. >> the two-alarm fire gutted the warehouse of the furniture store in concord on diamondway. the c.e.o. said the family was enjoying thanksgiving day doinger and they get the call. >> we were in the middle of thanksgiving and started getting phone calls from employees.
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>> firefighters spent an hour trying to get the fire under control. tall flames could be soon from the freeway. the long time east bay company founded in 1939, sells commercial office furniture. that is what fueled the flames. >> the area of the building that burned was the warehouse section so that was all piled in racks, in cardboard wrapped in plastic so when the fire get going it probably got going very quickly. >> crews battled the fire from outside. it was too dangerous to go in. the corporate office was safe. the c.e.o. and owner rushed to save computers. >> certainly not what i expected to spend thanksgiving on but no one was hurt. >> the next step is to find a new space. they hope to be back running some time next week.
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>> developing news from san francisco this morning, police are trying to find out who is responsible for chaining more than a dozen baseball bats to street polls through the city, and in some cases they had nails protruding from them. one was found on 19th avenue and it looked like it could have been a pipe bomb. the bomb squad x-rayed and clears the bat. 9 person responsible could face charges. police do not know who is placing them or why. we will have more in an update at 5:00. >> another witness to the brutal beating of a man by two alameda sheriff deputies is talking to abc7. we break the store and showed you the disturbing video with deputies repeatedly hitting 29-year-old stanislav patrov in an alley while he was on the ground. he was seriously injured. another man saw band. >> what i saw a man not resisting arrest, getting beaten up and the only thing that i saw
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him doing was trying not to get hurt. he was covered himself up. >> san francisco police are investigating the incident. their report should be completed next week and forwarded to the direct torn. >> today in france, french president hollande is calling people together to mourn in a national ceremony for the 130 picture killed by terrorists two weekend in paris. a ceremony was held at the monument, the names of the victims were read outloud and after, french president hollande promised he will destroy the "army of fanatics," responsible for the attacks and asked the country to hoist france's blue, white and red national buildings in patriotic solidarity. >> the subway system in belgium is back to full service as the nation eases a terror alert. brussels was under a warning of imminent threat since saturday home to the europe union and nato headquarters.
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a man wanted in connection with the paris attacks is likely getting help. he said it is unlikely that abdeslam salah could evade two week long man hunt open his own. >> part of the fence surrounding the white house is off limits this morning after a security prepare. a man jumped the fence along the not lawn yesterday afternoon sending the economic testify mansion into lockdown. the man was wrapped in the american flag and raised his arms in a victory salute. the secret service requestly put cuff on him and rebound and his family were in the white house at the time. >> a bay area lawmaker is calling for tougher information on tour buses after a crash left eight people injured two weeks ago. the state start hill wants more frequent inspection of tour buses especially for those with a history of problems. hill wants to hike the inspection fee right now. it is only $15. >> it is not enough to cover the cost the inspections and the state taxpayers are picking up the different preparation and it hasn't been increased since 1986
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so because there is not enough money we do not get enough inspections. >> he wants to raise the fee to $70. the bus crash of november 13h was not inspected by c.h.p. >> we will see more c.h.p. officers on patrol if you hit the highways for black friday hop shopping. the highway patrol is in max enforcement mode. the increased patrols are in affect until sunday night. last year, 45 people died on the road over thanksgiving day, four in the bay area. >> a lot of people are foregoing black friday shopping for this, fresh snow greeting skiers and snow boarders at squaw valley and alpine meadow. this is video of squaw valley, with conditions in. 7" of fresh snow fell between wednesday and thanksgiving and they expect more after years of drought, early storms are bringing record snow to the sierra. >> it looks pretty and very cold.
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and now the forecast. >> it is 21 at lake tahoe valley airport and with late snow each reporting station. we are thankful for the snow. unfortunatelies mother nature is not helping out in that department in the short-term. long-range outlook we could see another couple of systems headed other way, 38 in san jose, the cool spots are in the south bay and the interior valleys, and in the north bay we are look at wind and mild temperatures, 48 in san francisco, 41 in half moon bay, and with the winds, in fact, it is gusty by santa rosa and the winds are calm and in our inland east bay where we have 30s. it is cool for parts of you around the bay and it will take some time to warm up. 30s and 40s, 47 at noontime so low 50s in and around the bay and afternoon highs not budging from the upper 50s. we will look for modest variation the next few days with a lack of wind keeping us cool through the next several days. but sunny days and cool
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afternoon and freezing nights. sue? >> yes, here we go to the bay bridge toll plaza where it is black friday. dark. and it is light. in delays if you are coming into san francisco. we do, unfortunately, have a fatal accident in the alamo area southbound 680 on the 506 ramp so it is not affecting the freeway. c.h.p. has issued a sig-alert. they are waiting on a snow truck to get it out of had so it should be clearing quickly. northbound 101 we had a car into a power pole off the freeway but it is not affecting the drive. there is an accident there and, perhaps, a tow truck and emergency crews could need to block a lane when they pull the car out. now it is looking protect to i good. katie and eric? >> 16 down and number 17 in their sights the opponents vowing to end the warriors'
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campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone. coming up on 4:43. we know you are up and watching because you are heading out the door for black friday if you are not already in line. a look from the exploritorium camera, the ski line -- of san francisco. upper 40s right now and get only into the mid-50s. >> we can see you, that is how we know you are up. the macy thanksgiving day parade forced a blimp to make an emergency landing. the pilot was flying over people stuck in traffic headed to the parade so he could give them something to look at and he went to refuel the wind direction changed and blue him off course. if the blimp continued off course the pilot would have brought out -- run out of school so he planned at an elementary school. the pilot and two others were on the blimp. no one was sure. >> stores along chicago's magnificent mile are braced for
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protests over the killing of a black teen by a white police officer. a new dashcam video is giving us a look of what happened before 17-year-old laquan mcdonald was shot. the video from the squad car of the officer showed laquan mcdonald carrying what appears to be a nice but does not show the shooting seconds later. van dyke shot laquan mcdonald 16 times and faces murder charge. there have been profits in the city since police released video of the shooting on tuesday. today's profit is targeting one of the city's busiest shopping districts. >> a farm in tracy is recalling a ridge table mix believed the source of e. coli in costco chicken salad that sickened 19 people in seven states, a mix of cellly and onion used in the chicken salad. it is pulling a variety of foods with cellly from safe ray and wal-mart and target. go to abc7 news fm for a full list of the recalled products.
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>> the warriors are looking to extend the record-setting streak. >> tuesday they were the first team in history to start the season off at 16 game winning streak and will face phoenix tonight with tip-off at 6:30. tomorrow night, they will come back home to face the kings and oracle arena before starting a seven-game 13 day road trip on monday. 16 straight wins. no team has done it. thing of all the teams that have done it. >> i can built on think of the warriors. >> good answer. >> now, a check on the weather. >> carry on. >> good morning, everyone, we have very cold temperatures in the south bay account east bay valley with the north bay. winds are up. temperatures are moderate compared to what they could. live doppler hd is showing no problems. we are clear. from sutro tower you can see the
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pair of 5s from the upper 40s in san francisco and santa rosa and san jose has light winds at 38 degrees. 34 in morgan hill. the closer inland the lack of winds that is where you are chilly and even the coast is 41 degrees. a look outside from the exploritorium camera, another list of numbers with livermore down to 35, so, temperatures have dropped to sunrise and you could lose a few more more 36 in novato this because of the gusty wind. with that, from the north, at 31 miles per hour. east winds and north winds will continue to keep us chilly through the afternoon. again, there is no change for the afternoon. we stuck in the cold pattern. 24-hour temperature change looks like we are balmy in the north bay. with that 10-degree increment of warmth, we are not doing too bad. it is cold this morning elsewhere. it will be cold and the breeze
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warning should be you weapon the winds slack off for the entire bay. even the bay shoreline could see frost. crisp and sunny days through the weekend. we have lows to bottom out on the weekend with saturday and sunday in the 20. finally, as the wind shifts we will get into a immediate 59 eastern. best chance of rain for san francisco will be on monday. in and around the bay the chances increase by next week. that is what we worried about. hopefully we will get into more snow and rain. for the short-term, shopping, the weekend we are dry and chilly. 55 in fremont. 56 in san jose. the extended outlook shows the sunny days continuing through the weekend with a chance of showers on monday, tuesday. more clouds. back into the secretary. the frosty nights are over. more chants of rain next wednesday and thursday. good morning, sue. >> good morning, how about a look at the san rafael area facing northbound direction? lucas valley road.
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the cars are headed southbound. from novato. everyone is light. moving at limit. at the north gate mall it will be jammed withship ares this black friday. now, a look outside we have a sig-alert still in affect good morning good morning with a fail accident on the off-ramp, southbound 680. waiting on tow truck there, i an not seeing any delay on 680. just the off-ramp is closed. they may want to use stone valley road. northbound 101, a car is in a power pole off the road. a fellow spinout here in san jose, northbound 85, at the expressway leaving a bumper in the middle lanes. use caution there until it is cleared out of 9 road. katie and eric? >> gadgets are a hot item on black friday but where can we find the boast deals? >> here are the tech bytes. >> great black friday deals on smartphones. target is slashing prices by $50 on iphones. if you sign up for a two year
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plan with verizon or sprint. and galaxy x and lgg4s are offered for a penny with a two year agreement. google is offering a few tips to help shoppers looking to avoid massive black friday crowds. shop in the morning or evening to avoid store foot traffic and steer clear of electronics and cell phone stores. check to see if it is in stock before heading out. could you put this on your list, a computer for $5. >> smaller than a credit car, it is pretty pacific but users can still play games and do bake processing. it is now available here in the united states. owners the tech bytes. >> another sign the holidays are upon us a spectacular holiday tradition coming to light today. >> turkey, pie, and "star wars" with a holiday vice for fans of
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this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. the abc news app on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> good morning. thanks for being with us. a view from the sutro tower camera looking on the sparkling lights of san francisco, the streets sure to be filled with
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shoppers and people enjoying a long weekend when the sun comes up. >> three. two. one. >> looks more like fourth of july than thanksgiving day in texas, the 30th annual tree lighting event in houston, more than 200,000 people showed up for the lating tradition with fireworks and music. 500,000 lights lit up the streets. the electric bill for the next month will cost $8,000. >> worth it. >> in the bay area the 26th annual macy's tree lighting ceremony takes place tonight. it is a san francisco tradition to celebrate the start of the holiday season with more than 3,000 l.e.d. lights and 1,100 ornaments decorate the 83' tall tree. american idol winner jordan sparks will people. there will be a new share package program with gifts given to children staying in hospitals during the holidays. the festivities started at 6:00 tonight.
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>> the booming economy means christmas tree sellers expect to see plenty of green this year. we were in the christmas tree lot in oakland as workers unloaded all types of trees. they expect to sell 4,000 trees this season. the drought should not affect prices. you may want to ask, where did the tree come from? those grown in the wild could be starved for water. >> the silver tips, because they are natural, in the sierras do not grow on the farms, they do need mother nature to provide a majority of their nutrients this water and it has been difficult for them for the last three or four years. >> the ice is to keep plenty of water in the stand to keep the tree from drying out too quickly. >> "star wars" fans, time to >> "star wars" fans, time to embrace the dark side.
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>> disney has another review of "the force awakens" focusing on the ran chinese's newestville listen who is played by adam driver. it has made $50 million in advance ticket sales in the united states and hits theaters december 18. december 18. both owned livermore is 35 has the north wind gusting to 31 miles per hour. novato and san rafael and napa, as warm as san francisco in the upper 40's. however, the warmer morning does not translate into worm this afternoon, 54 in richmond and mid-50s in san mateo. across state we have snow showers in the sierra nevada for the next couple of days and we
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will be chilly with lows in the sierra in the teens, upper 20, then, throughout the afternoon and we will warm up here with rain, perhaps, by next monday. sue? >> we will look at the golden gate bridge very light and in fact, no one is. coming across at this hour so if you want on get out and get the black friday deals, traffic-wise we are looking good. we have a fatal accident on the off-ramp southbound 680 not affecting the freeway but it is blocking the off-ramp, so, right here, at stone valley road is the best place to go wait on the tow trucks. we have the accident northbound 101 out of the lanes and emergency crews are trying to get the car out there so this could be a tow truck blocking one of the lanes. >> thanks, sue, it is 4:56 stop signs have been installed on bay street near san francisco's marina middle school action suspected drunk driver struck 2-year-old old boys at the
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intersection of bay and buchanan both went to the hospital with severe injuries. the intersection was turned interest an all way stop a week after the change was approved. it delayed the safety improvements to the intersection ties before the boys were hit. >> complementary passes to the california state parks for today have been so popular they are gone. the nonprofit group save the redwoods bought $50,000 worth of free passes to the 49 state parks that charge admission inspired by r.e.i. move to pay the employees to take black friday off and go outside rather than working. gifts can still show up but you have to pay the entrance fee. >> next at 5:00 a.m., a registered sex offender poses as someone else to try to board a bay area-bound flight and we hear from police about what went wrong. >> this politic friday is a big day for san francisco giants
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fans. fans. >> stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> pack a.m. on day after thanksgiving which is black friday. thanks for taking time out from shopping to join us. >> shopping already. >> i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. it is friday november 27. happy friday. >> we get to a quick check on weather and traffic. lisa is here for mike. >> good morning, to you. it is certainly a chilly start in the south bay. we have 35 in livermore. we have 38 in san


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