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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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at some point, opened fire. five hours later, officers finally captured the suspect, alive. >> planned parenthood clinics are on high alert nationwide, here, they're conducting checks at the ship. we're not aware of threats but caution is a watch word. the situation is tense in colorado as police check that clinic for explosives. >> and we have more breaking news out of lafayette. east bay municipal utility district is trying to figure out what caused a water main break sending water pouring down olympic boulevard right now. >> this is all happening close to home. people are being advised to avoid the area. you can follow us for alerts any time on twitter on abc7 news bay area. thanks for joining us, good
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evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm larry beil. a dangerous situation now in san francisco. if you have a bat, it's now a dangerous weapon. >> police found two dozen bats chained to street poles with nails sticking out of them. we are live now with new information. katie? >> reporter: larry, the most-recent bat discovered in fisherman's wharf area around 9:00 this morning. we've heard several explanations from zombie fighting tools made popular by video games to possibly an art installation. police don't know. whatever the reason, they want help finding out whoever is doing this. modi modified baseball bats are being found across san francisco. >> it's bizarre and weird there are so many around the city.
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>> reporter: police are equally bewildered. >> i've been in law enforcement 20 years and it's also san francisco, but nothing surprises me anymore. >> reporter: jerry burkes discovered this spiked bat near mission street. he snapped a picture around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. >> they were drill holes and knew what they were doing. this was not put together in an hour. >> reporter: police say 11 bats have been located. >> the presence could be dangerous. especially for children, it could seriously injure a person. >> by yesterday evening, police responded to 19th avenue with other seemingly random
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locations. >> if you have one in your possession it's not a bat anymore. it's a weapon. >> reporter: the person responsible for the bats could face nel any charges and police want witnesses to come forward. you can do tips anonymously. in san jose a body found near a creek is being called a suspicious death. investigators have been at the scene since 11:00 this morning near pin hollow circle. police are not saying how long it had been there. they're not sure whether the man was killed there or elsewhere and dumped there. sky 7 hd flew over where it happened. police say at 4:30 a man walked into the bank and left a bag on
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the counter. crews removed it without incident. no details on what was inside of that bag. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire in a long-time chinese restaurant in berkeley. the fire destroyed the building. officials say they left the first time after determining the fire was out and the building was cold. speaking of cold, record cold night and we have not bottomed out yet. >> yes. drew tuma is here with a look at the temperatures. >> coming off of a cool down, tonight another cold night is on the way. live doppler 7 hd showing you clear skies out there. but we do have another freeze warning from 11:00 p.m. until tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. for the east bay and north bay. overnight lows in the mid-20s to lower 30s. around the immediate bay, a
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frost advisory and low to mid-30s so a cool night is on the way. the system that brought us this cold air also brought significant snow. look at this. this is a winter lover's dream now. several inches, some snow depths between 20 and 30 inches and we'll likely see cool temperatures there tonight as well. but taking a look at the sat lie imagery, the sierra barely had snowfall. and another system is coming in the several days. >> thank you. it's great to see with the snow. >> bay area malls packed today. and shoppers say crowds were not as bad as this year. >> sky 7 was over the packed parking lot in the day. shopp shoppers pulled an all nighter.
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outside of pleasanton, bargain shoppers were lining up for spaces today. >> an outside best buy, there is also cyber monday. black friday used to mean one day of door buster sales, now, more people are shopping online, meaning in store crowds are shrinking. this is what you might imagine, shoppers in a frenzy. deal seekers camped out for days. but this year, stores are noticing the lines have thinned out. >> a lot less people and less traffic but still, crazy. >> many shoppers are filling up later. >> i'm usually at 3:00 in the morning waiting outside. this year, i didn't and it was
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easy. >> i do not do black friday. pick cyber monday. you get the deals without getting run over. >> reporter: black friday not just one date. sales are spread out. this manager says he calculates sales from thursday through cyber monday to determine if it is a success. >> the traffic is still very, very heavy. so we have to staff or pick up orders. every year, more and more. >> reporter: 183 million people are expected to place orders online. others are still willing to bear long lines today. >> i just want to get it today. and play with it. >> reporter: you can see it's busy out here, people are packing up their items. some people are turned off that businesses opened up on thanksgiving and don't want to
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support this tradition. live in pleasant hills, abc7 news. thank you. in oakland, the mayor is calling it an antidote to black friday madness. it's all about shopping local. laura anthony is live with more on the story. laura? >> reporter: hi, larry. oakland collected very little revenue in sales taxes. the mayor told us she's trying to fix that. >> this is a little tee shirt. >> reporter: theegs owners of a pet store showed off all they have for shoppers who decide to stay local. >> we rif -- live in the neighborhood and encourage people to shop local for the holidays. >> reporter: among shoppers, oakland mayor wearing plaid because that is what they call it in her city, instead of black
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friday. >> the idea was recognized that there is a variety and diversity and makes a pattern like plaid. this is a prime example of a home-grown business. everything is made here by, and for oaklanders. >> just offer oakland experience. you know? oakland has a bad rap until you see it's a great place. >> reporter: when you do holiday shopping are you going to keep it in oakland? >> i would say 50%, 40%. you know? >> reporter: theegs friends decided to make a day of it. >> i found socks that were on my christmas list. >> i work in oakland and i love the restaurants and the stores
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so i want to support them. >> reporter: to get a discount, you can see here the street, if that is not enough to get you to shop, parking is free. every saturday for the rest of the year. live in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. laura, thank you. and still ahead, a thanksgiving miracle for a little girl born without legs. plus... a campaign to get people into state and national parks instead for the day turned out so successful, it created monumental traffic jams. we'll have the story coming up. he didn't think it was necessary or proper. he didn't like it. the cha
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happy ending this thanksgiving for a southern california girl whose customized wheelchair was stolen. someone took it last sunday leaving her without a way to get around. >> reporter: her name milagros means miracle. that is what her family says happened. just two days after we told you about someone stealing the chair, the chair reappeared.
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>> speaking spanish, her mother says the person is nice, they have feelings. her daughter, born without legs also suffers from other conditions. and she relies on the chair to get to and from school. she found the chair in front of these cans in front of her home, covered with a garbage bag. she says she doesn't know who returned the $1500 chair and no one saw who stole it. >> the chair has been fingerprinted and we've attempted to obtain fingerprint charges. for milagros, getting the chairman means regaining freedom. her story catched on and if people want donations back, she
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says they'll be returned. she says she's happy to have the wheelchair in time for her daughter to return to school on monday. some people made a decision to avoid the black friday clouds and spent the day outdoors, part of a campaign by a group that enticed people by offering free admission to a park. abc7 news followed the nature lovers to the santa cruz mountains. >> this is what the league wanted to say. state and national parks filled with visitors. the league provided several hundred free passes. >> there is days so having a day with family is nice. >> our lot is full now. if you pull up, they'll district you where to go. >> the price of success getting people to enjoy the outdoors.
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>> getting away from shopping, crowds, you're coming into another crowd but in nature and it's beautiful here. >> this volunteer couldn't be happier to have them here. >> this is amazing and almost a miracle this land was protected and so close to >> i like that places closed on friday. that is the way to go. it should motivate people to enjoy the redwoods.
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>> reporter: near boulder creek, david louie, abc7 news. >> having a hard time getting around that tree. >> it was cold. >> yes. >> coldest air is yet to arrive. we'll experience that sunday morning. so we're going to bottom out and then warm up. tonight, all you need is winter gear. it's dry and clear and clear skies is one of the reasons we cool off so quickly. outside embarcadero is busy tonight. and temperatures are tumbling as we speak. mountain view, 50 degrees. 53 in san jose. half moon bay, 48 degrees. a gorgeous shot from our camera showing you the clear skies, the great visibility. temperatures 52 in santa rosa. 46 in novato. 51 in concord and livermore.
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a final look showing you downtown san francisco. and there is a frost advisory and freeze warning tonight into tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine for your weekend, keeping us nice and comfortable, then, a chance of rain our next one coming up on thursday. so here is a set up. along with satellite, big dome of cold air, cold air is dense so settles near the surface and is hard to move. tonight wind wind from 10 to 20 miles per hour throughout midnight hour. and near the coast we may have winds nearing 25 miles per hour early saturday. so overnight, lows, chilly. 30 in concord. 41 san francisco. 38 in oakland. highs for saturday, a lot of
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sunshine but still below normal. 55 san francisco. 57 oakland. 56 san jose. 55 antioch. sunday morning dropping to 28 in fairfield, 26 in santa rosa. 35 in oakland, 32 san jose. drop to 41 in san francisco. then, we'll inch up in temperatures. monday morning not as chilly but by tuesday, you'll feel the difference. we'll drop to 34 in petaluma. 45 san francisco, 41 oakland, and 39 in antioch. here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow after that cold start, it's very chilly in the morning. we have a duplicate forecast sunday, sunday morning is our coldest day and by wednesday and into thursday, our chance of rain comes. that chance of rain on thursday is likely bringing more snow to the sierra. >> that is great. >> i love it. >> 62 never looked so good.
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>> yes. join abc7 this weekend as we take you behind the scenes of the world's largest touring production. we'll go behind the scenes of the show that brings together 65 horses and 45 artists. that is this saturday night at 10:30 here on abc7. we lost the picture, sorry about that. >> great show, by the way if you've been there in person. look for the tents by a tnd t park. how a goat that was supposed to be dinner ended up bei
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first lady michelle obama welcomed the official christmas tree to the white house today. it was grown in pennsylvania and stands 18 feet tall. history for you here, first lady mrs. hoover started the tradition in 1929. >> there are 518,838 lights that have stayed on. >> wow, someone counted those? a new world record for the most
6:24 pm
lights on an artificial tree. nearly a five foot tall star on the top. >> that is pretty amazing. >> so is this. a bromance developed between a goat and a lion. they now live in the same cage at the russian safari park. officials say the goat fought back when the tiger attacked. that earned him respect and they play together. >> if i'm a goat, i'm still sleeping with one eye open. i don't know about this deal. just saying. >> that is an amazing picture. >> black friday is a lucky day for black cats in burlingame. spca are waiving adoption fees
6:25 pm
for black and mostly black cats and kittens. there are 25 cats, all different ages, all up for adoption. >> people coming in and getting to meet them and realize they're cool. they're not scary. it just really helps. >> and better news, the fees will be waived through december 3rd. >> their eyes look so intense. >> coming up, we have new developments on our breaking news out of a shootout in colorado. >> we have new video of the suspect tonight and word that another victim did not survive. also, a retired city worker gets forced out of her peninsula apartment after more than two decades. why she can't just move into another place.
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an update now on breaking news out of colorado springs. three people are confirmed dead from a shootout at a planned parenthood clinic. we have video of the suspect wearing a white tee shirt and being taken to a police car. we don't know who he is or why he was in that clinic today and started shooting. one witness says she saw a car roll by with one victim inside. >> came to a stop, rolled backward and stopped, and a guy got out and fell on the ground. you can see the gunshots. and oh, my god. it terrified me. >> authorities are still checking the building for explosives. planned parenthood clinics are on high alert across the country. we're not aware of threats here but both san jose and san francisco police say they're staying in touch with planned parenthood clinics in the bay area just to be safe. hundreds of protestors
6:30 pm
blocked entrances to stores in chicago's high end shopping district on black friday. they're trying to draw attention to the police shooting of a black teenager, demanding resignation of the lead prosecutor along with the mayor and police chief. a peaceful group led by the reverend jesse jackson pause forward a moment of silence to remember the 17-year-old who was shot 16 times by a chicago police officer last year. that officer was just charged with murder two days ago. the future for a senior citizen and her son who takes care of her may be either in shelter or on the streets, soon. it's a hard reality for many who live on the peninsula where rents have skyrocketed. abc7 news reporter vic lee visited them today. here is the story. >> we evicted from here, we go to a shelter, i guess that is the only thing we can do. >> reporter: this 80-year-old and her care taker son live in
6:31 pm
this small motel room. it's a salvation from homelessness. >> we're fearful we're going to be on the street. absolutely. >> reporter: she's crippled with severe arthritis. he has disabilities. the two were evicted from an apartment after a dispute with a landlord. lowe used to work for the city of san francisco. they live on her modest pension and social security. not enough to find an apartment on the peninsula. >> i think it's because of the booming economy. you have to have three times the rent just to get into a commercial housing. >> reporter: now, they're two weeks behind in motel rent. they've reached out from help from social service agencies. their church theshg say is their saviour. >> every time we go to bible study wednesday, someone puts something in my hand and says buy food. >> that is how they can eat. their food is mostly donated.
6:32 pm
one family learned about the plight and brought dinner to them. >> we're very fortunate. we're blessed to be together and i decided i wanted to try to do something for this family. >> i worked hard all of my life. i like to maybe have my own little apartment. that is all i want. >> a wish that is hard to fill full when the average rent here is $2500 a month. stocks ended a shortened trading day mixed. dow jones lost 14 points and sales track for adobe estimates $1 billion was spent online on thanksgiving day. up 22% from last year. adobe says a quarter of the sales came from mobile devices. and check out this rock,
6:33 pm
cheryl. it's the biggest diamond unearthed in a century. >> pretty. >> discovered in botswana. >> is that too big? >> it's too gaudy. >> the company is unable to put a value on this diamond because it's too big for computer analysis. some estimate the 1100 plus carat is worth $66 million. >> a little piece of it would be nice. >> nice present. >> for a lot of people. >> yes. i appreciate that. yes. >> well, americans are going to see the classic charlie brown christmas for the 50th time with a bonus about the making of the film. >> the man who produced the original and special lives here in the bay area, you certainly know his work, perhaps not his name. here is abc7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: it's not much
6:34 pm
different from many homes, you're likely to find some peanuts memorabilia. there is a lot of charlie brown stuff. >> we'd expect nothing less from lee mendelson. he worked with charles shuts to produce the tv specials and movies he said one time there will always be a market for innocence in this country. >> he first was introduced him when he called cold with a proposition. >> we had done mays why not do the worst player, charlie brown? >> reporter: a charlie brown christmas first aired in 1965 and has become a classic seasonal icon. those are the voices of real kids, including his son and some neighbors. the twist is that when shultz and mendelson was finished there
6:35 pm
was talk they might need to add a laugh track. >> he said absolutely not. i don't want a laugh track. he just didn't like it. >> that original showing had half of the country watching and earned an emmy award. when visiting the peanuts museum, i asked jenny shultz what it is about the work that resonates so much? she told us it's that the characters never waiver. >> people have said they teach you how to be human. >> reporter: which is why this year, lee mendelson will sit down to watch the special again. >> watch every year. >> reporter: you watch? >> yes. i have to see if there are any mistakes. >> reporter: lee mendelson would catch them. >> you can relive the peanuts past monday night at 8:00 we're
6:36 pm
showing "it's your 50th christmas charlie brown" and at 9:00, the classic "charlie brown christmas". and do you have trouble getting your kids to go to bed? >> how researchers are using a
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6:38 pm
6:39 pm
. recent studies suggest a growing number of kids are sleep deprived. now, researchers are developing a technology that could help kids with the worst problem sleeping. abc7 news anchor ama daetz has the story. >> reporter: rita studies in a library under her bed. but between home work and watching you tube sometimes she won't makeup the trip up the ladder until midnight. >> i go to bed about 1:00 or 2:00. latest is 6:00 in the morning. >> now there is an electronic designed to help her sleep. >> they're going throwing through your eye lids and get into your brain. >> this sleep researcher developed these flashing lights. they're now used in a clinical trial with tired teenagers. >> the light doesn't wake them up. it fools the brain into thinking there is an earlier sun rise
6:40 pm
than there is. >> we showed you this when it was being tested in the form of a mask. that device allowed patients to shift cycles forward or back by three hours, just enough to head off the jet lag on a trip. the new bedroom version acts like an alarm clock for a sleep cycle. >> at 1:00 in the morning in the brain, it's only 10:00 at night. >> reporter: the problem of teenagers staying up late isn't new, it's something experts believe is getting more serious because of the way technology is changing their lives. dr. polio counsels students and parents at stanford sleep clinic and says increased screen time is reshaping routines. >> we need to have new rules, is it okay to text after 10:00 p.m.? we never got phone calls after
6:41 pm
10:00. but it would ring and wake up members of the house. >> the team suggests teens shift screen time to the morning as an incentive to go to sleep and get up. raina is hoping this combination of the light with adjustments to her evening routines will help her step up the ladder to a better night's sleep. >> i have bad sleeping habits but i'm a very deep sleeper. >> the cdc released recommendation for pushing back starts times at schools to no earlier than 8:30 to give kids a chance to sleep longer. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 it's opening day at china peak mountain resort. the difference interest in one year. >> how ohio's governor is targeting jim harbaugh
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6:45 pm
33,000 lights and 11 shining ornaments. santa was there and greeting holiday shoppers. >> great kickoff to the season. snow season started today with opening of the china peak in the sierra. >> reporter karen haggard showed us how this changed in appearance since our winters. slopes are smooth and i want to have too much fun. >> hiding behind this face mask, the a lot of few years have been bumpy. >> we have more snow as el nino is coming up.
6:46 pm
>> there is a dusting of snow, clouds, snow borders and temperatures in the 20s. this say they you need slopes and conveyance. but it's the best snow we have seen. >> a series of storms delivered enough snow to let the reor the open earlier, enticing a crowd of people starving for sports. we had season passes that we didn't get to use vuch. >> if they can, they'll get another chance.
6:47 pm
el nino winters peak through december and continue in february, but the light of the end of the tunnel seems to be coming into focus. >> we're looking awesome. and compared to three years, super awesome. >> a great start with no signs of slowing down. well, maybe one. they're on the way. >> drew tuma is back with an update on the forecast. >> thauk talking about the snow depth in the sierra someplaces 20-40 inches. temperature wise, we have a frost advisory and freeze warning at 11:00 tonight. tomorrow, across california, 66 in l.a., 66 monterey and 64 for palm springs. cold start with lots of sunshine. 55 san francisco.
6:48 pm
57 oakland. 56 san jose. 57 in santa rosa. accu-weather forecast shows you bright, brisk tomorrow, sunday, frosty in the morning and monday, we step up temperatures and by thursday, our next chance of rain. >> thank you. >> sure. >> in ohio, enemy when it comes to college football is the university of michigan. offender number one wears blue and pleated khakis. we're talking about jim harbaugh in his $8 walmart khakis. his wife complained about the khakis when jim was coaching the niners calling them dad pants. today, ohio's governor issued his res shugs before the game, crossing ut every m in it. and encouraging people to skip the trousers of choice for michigan. he encourages all ohioins to
6:49 pm
avoid using the letter "m" and to avoid pleated khakis. in fact, avoid them all days. >> what is he trying to say? >> the game is tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. here on abc7. and coming up,
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on to college football, very simple for san jess yeah state. win, and you're in. at least you're bowl eligible. they're playing boise state. let's start the dance party. nice. san jose state down 6-3. kenny potter got his man. 35 yards, one more look at it. brett rippin, remember his uncle, mark? this is thrown to jeremy mcnichols. this is mcnichols going 88
6:53 pm
yards. and san jose state, not deterred. potter through for 314, 3 touchdowns. down ten after this two-point conversion. mcnichols would ice it again and again. spartans finishing 5 and 7 and will not be bowl eligible for a third year. >> just playing for everyone to get them another game. and that we can do that. >> hawk eyes today on the road against nebraska. corn huskers quarterback threw four picks. parker heskier was a 14th pick. 140 rushing yards from jordan
6:54 pm
penteri. iowa awaits their opponent in the big 10 game. navy quarterback keenan reynolds 9 and jumping off the wrong foot, able to haul it in. 62 yards for the score and a 38-17 lead and houston wins big. about oregon hosting team. vernon adams junior, six passes last week. three touchdowns and addisson
6:55 pm
and apple cup huskies launched, hosting number 20. crew without their injured quarterback and it made a big difference. freshman peyton bender returning for touchdowns. the cougs turned it over seven times. azeem victor, 27 yards to the house. huskies bowl eligible now. well, it was the sort of win to define a season. stanford down to arkansas and rallied for an improbable victory. roscoe allen starts to eat up. oh, rejection. 11 seconds to go, the clock, marcus allen goes the length of
6:56 pm
the cord and that is setting. stanford with a lead, arkansas one last chance. and dusty hahn onalmost made that. character-building for the cardinals 69-66. stanford women, victorious over missouri state playing in the gulf coast showcase florida. after losing last night, bear territory in richmond, jaylen brown, we call that with authority, cheryl. >> yes. >> jamai bird getting up to throw down. three defenders on the play. right now, cal up 81-77 late in the second half. the cal women suffer their first loss of the season, abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the
6:57 pm
west. >> wow. >> join is at 9:00 on coffee cable 20. a well known atheist being named the grand marshal of the biggest christmas parade in california. that is at 9:00. and a lot of americans shopping this black friday but with convenience comes danger. how to protect yourself this holiday season. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. >> i'm cheryl jennings in for ( ♪ ) uniqlo's revolutionary thin fabric converts body moisture into heat
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and retains it. ( ♪ ) heattech. super thin, super warm. ( ♪ )
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a software engineer from silver spring, maryland... a trademark attorney from louisville, colorado... and our returning champion -- a tutoring and testing director from johnson city, tennessee... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. hi, folks. welcome to our show.
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