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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. it's 6:00 and so glad you're waking up with us. it is saturday, november 28. it was a chilly night out there. let's get a quick check of weather with lisa. >> good morning. temperatures will continue to drop just a few degrees in the next couple of hours before sunrise. that's why we have the freeze warning and frost advisory with temperatures at 28 degrees, is an san ramon. we'll continue to seat cold numbers through tomorrow. details on the highs today coming up. well, we're tracking developing news out of colorado
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this morning. police identified the gunman who shot and killed three people including a veteran police officer at a planned parenthood yesterday. the gunman is 57-year-old robert lewis dear from north carolina. now let's get straight to -- >> reporter: a heartbreaking scene. police have allowed us about 150 yards away from the planned parenthood facility, it's just beyond where that police car is right there. officers now go combing through the building and looking for clues, trying to find out why a gunman would open fire and try to kill as many people as possible. it was five intense hour, police exchanging gunfire with the man inside this colorado springs planned parenthood facility after the gun man first opened fire in a nearby parking lot. >> he was in front of me and he was aiming at me. and i just hit the gas. >> reporter: witnesses say first responders then became the next targets. one bien wouly en wien one, off
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shot. >> he turned around with a bloody face and went get out of here. >> reporter: the gun battle continued inside the building. more than 100 officers on scene including the fbi. >> gunfire through the walls, whatever, we have to stop this guy. >> reporter: this man's sister was caught in the building. spoke to her by phone. >> there were some guys shooting. >> did she see him? >> yeah. she was hiding. >> reporter: two civilians were killed during the shooting spree along with 44-year-old officer garrett swasey. police say the gunman robert dear finally surrendered after sunset. >> we have our suspect. >> our officers acted with untold valor. >> reporter: nine additional victims were also wounded, including this man, still coming to grips with what happened. >> i felt helpless. that's all.
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>> reporter: so many of the victims reflecting on surviving that shooting spree. officers could be here on the scene for days. they have not yet made a connection between motive and planned parenthood. reporting live here in colorado springs, brandi hitt, abc news. now back to you. planned parenthood clinics are on high alert this morning. here in the bay area, we're not aware of any specific threats being marks but caution is the watch word. police say they have been following the events in colorado and keeping in contact with planned parenthood in the city. >> we have been in touch with representatives and offered our assistance if they have any security concerns. >> san jose police are conducting checks on the city's planned parenthood sites. nor cal told us they never discuss their security strategy. if you want story updates as they happen, download our abc 7 news app and enable push alerts.
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about 40 customers in a la fayette neighborhood are still without water after a pipe burst yesterday afternoon. the east bay utility district shared a photo of the 16-inch cast iron pipe that crews are still digging out this morning. the agency estimates water won't be back until at least noon today. alan long has a look at what was done to cap the leak. >> reporter: the 16 inch water main that broke turned relief station road into a water fall. >> it was just coming down so fast and so much. >> reporter: the pipes broke and roads buckled as thousands of gallons rushed to the surface carrying rocks and mud. >> when i came home, i had to walk through basically a flood on the street. >> reporter: crews quickly built a dam with sand bags to divert the water flow away from the homes.
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>> good we got everything blocked off and down the hill a little bit more. signs are out so people know the road is closed. >> reporter: it seems to have worked, the flood caused only exterior damage to seven homes. the utility district is not sure what caused the break, but the pipe that burst was old. >> it's one of our oldest stretch of pipes. more than 60 years old. it could have been corrosion or age. >> reporter: the water is expected to flow until the pipes bleed out. meanwhile crews will be digging up the old pipe to replace it and hoping the muddy water doesn't freeze while they're working. alan long abc 7 news. small businesses are hoping for big crowds this year. today is small business saturday. here in the bay area, oakland mayor launched plaid friday yesterday, an effort to promote holiday shopping at local retailers.
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the city is offering free parking in shopping areas every saturday through december 26th. and today san francisco kicks off the shop and dine in the 49. it's an effort to get more people to support small local businesses. many of us take black friday shopping very seriously. an estimated 100 million people joined the frenzy hoping to take advantage of good deals. malls were packed and it was really hard finding a spot at livermore's premium outlets. sky 7 hd showed some shoppers just had to sit and wait even to reach the parking lot. there was also a rush thursday night when stores opened early on thanksgiving, but with all that chaos, isn't it nice to stay home and shop online instead? that's what you did. online sales topped $1.7 billion on thursday and that is up 25% from last year. do use caution, though, if you shop online using your mobile device. that convenience could leave you vulnerable. we show you the possible drawback. >> reporter: the shopping rush
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is on and a few people told us they will be doing most or all of their shopping online. >> all my shopping will be online. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: but online shopping comes with a few risks. cyber security experts say hackers are pulling out all the stops to try to trick consumers and steal their information. one security firm says they discovered a fake app embedded in an e-mail link advertising exclusive sales to android users on >> effectively you're installing a trojan horse. >> reporter: he says only shop on secure apps. one savvy shopper has another piece of advice. she sticks to familiar websites. >> only go to sites that i know are true and that i've probably purchased things from before. >> reporter: unfortunately, most online shoppers don't have a secure buying strategy -- yet. >> i probably should be more concerned. i know it's an issue, but i
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haven't done anything to protect myself. >> reporter: this year the national cyber security alliance put together a tip sheet encouraging people to be cyber smart shoppers. be wary of free wi-fi hot spots, that can leave you vulnerable to hackers. and free wi-fi offered in stores can sometimes be used by the stores to track your browsing. abc 7 news. parents may want to think twice about buying the new hello barbie doll, it could allow hackers to spy on your children. the latest model of the popular doll is wi-fi enabled making it possible for barbie to have a two way conversation with her owner. those conversations are recorded and stored on servers maintained by toy talk, the company responsible. hackers could get access to the audio files and have barbie say what they want.
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so good to know. barbie is not the way it used to be clearly. very chilly temperatures. everyone is wondering how long it will stick away. >> it will stick around for the weekend and more 20s more than. a tweet from a friend in morgan hill, 29 degrees there. below 30 or just about 30 in livermore. so those 40s in san francisco look pretty good. we'll talk about when it will feel a little warmer, but really we want to know when it will rain. i'll have that answer for you. also next, a well-known and i thighist named a grand marshal of the biggest christmas parade in california. and the popular bay area events announcer: if you'd give thanks for a bette[barks]'s sleep... sleep train has just the ticket. [train horn blares]
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whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums new this morning, pope francis traveled to uganda's holiest shrine to pay tribute to the christian martyrs. as many as 2 million went to the pop difference during his second leg of his first african tour. he will hold a rally and visit a church-run home for the poor. tomorrow the pope will leave for the central african republic, potentially the most dangerous stop on his trip because of religious conflict that has split in two.
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the recall of several products containing onions recalled because they may contain e. coli. the called products include tuna kit salads, potato salad, macaroni salad as well as the brand vegetable trays. the products have a used buy date ranging from november 20 to december 6. we have a link of all the recalled products on our website, visit and the state is running out of those decals that allow plug-in hybrids with a solo driver to use car pool lanes. fewer than 4,000 of the 85,000 decals are now available. the state says the stickers will probably last over a few more weeks unless the state passes a law to increase the total. lawmakers already have increased the total of stickers three imes. according to a tally, the dmv issued about 2500 stickers between early june and november.
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and san francisco police need your help to find out who chained two dozen baseball bats around the city. very bizarre story. we first broke this on thursday night on abc 7 news at 11:00. some of those bats have nails sticking out of them. the most recent discovery was at fisherman's wharf yesterday morning. police say 27 bats in all have been found. since they could be used as a weapon, the person responsible could face felony charges. penn and tiller have been named the grand marshal of tomorrow's christmas parade and because he's a well-known atheist, people are asking if he's the right choice. rob hayes from our sister station in los angeles has the story. >> reporter: ho-ho-ho. can it be? is christmas under attack? maybe not physically, but metaphorically. you may get the feeling that starbucks hates christmas because the company's holiday cups were just red.
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>> they better get in the christmas spirit. >> it's just a cup. >> they need to put glitter, some bling. something something on it. >> still get a great coffee? >> yeah. >> reporter: then how this for a cup of trouble. the christmas parade has picked for its grand marshals penn and tiller. >> really? >> reporter: sure the duo is known around the world for their comedic magic act. but the tall part of the team is a well-known atheist. and the author of this book, every day is an atheist holiday. >> oh, no. he got to go. >> reporter: he's tweeted about the irony of the selection. yeah, xmas, you got a problem with that? and in another tweet, he explains christmas is just a secular holiday.
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penn and tiller were unavailable for an interview and we couldn't get anyone from the parade to talk to us, but parades are all about the street. so we talked to people on that street. >> i don't like an atheist being in a christmas parade. >> just let it go. no big deal. >> celebrate and have fun. >> reporter: rob hayes, abc 7 news. boy scouts of america holiday tree lot opened for its 49th year. in the past, governor brown and his wife have bought a tree from the lot. the money earned funds various boy scout and youth activities throughout the year in the east bay. the lot will have a variety of trees, ornaments and wreathes available until december 27 when and the lot opens at 9:00 this morning. three, two, one -- >> isn't that gorgeous? abc 7 was in san jose last night where hundreds gathered for the community christmas tree lighting.
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the park has turned into a winter wonderland known as christmas in the park through the holiday. the 26 annual macy's tree lighting ceremony took place last night in union square. it's a san francisco tradition to celebrate the start of the holiday season, there it is, sky 7 hd was overhead for the lighting. more than 33,000 l.e.d. lights and 1100 ornaments decorate that 83-foot tree. jordin sparks was there to perform. and there was also a new share package program, gifts will be given to children staying at hospitals during the holidays. you can see a lot of the people bundled up, ears, mittens, hats. people really had to dig out their gear. >> we are nuts here in california. we have some cold temperatures, in the 20s with not only frost, but we have a hard freeze.
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and in fact it's of course been with us for days. it continues really right on through monday. so live doppler 7 hd showing you the freeze warning for all of our inland areas until 9:00 and the frost advisory for the bay shore line. the exception is san francisco where temperatures are still in the 40s. so very still conditions. yesterday we had the wind to keep the temperatures up in the north bay. and right now of course san francisco leading the pack at 47 degrees. oakland, good among to you, 44. it's 38 in mountain view. numbers will probably drop another 2 degrees or so, not really come up until after the 8:00 hour. we're below freezing in san jose. morgan hill 34, half moon bay, not as cold as it was yesterday, but it's all relative. exploratorium camera with 28 in santa rosa, a tougher wind there. so feels like it's about 22, 23.
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napa down the road, a little more wind settling if to the valley there. it's 44 degrees. 34 know at that time tnovato. so microclimates in full swing. some of you really, really cold. but other,s wind can help you out a bit. but we're well below average. average high this time of year pretty much in the low 60s. so we've been shy of that for days. it will continue really until about tuesday as we look outside from mt. tam. gorgeous out there. 7:02 the official sunrise. freezingny days throughout the weekend. chance of rain for everyone on thursday. so between now and then, we are still stuck in this weather pattern with the upper low to the north of us. minus 2 in truckee. hopefully you have the plants
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inside and we did get a little bit of snow here and there in the see sarah throughout the past week. this is a picture from a year ago. and now you can see all the snow. hopefully more to come from mother nature into next week. 55 in frefremont. 54 in richmond. so certainly a chilly afternoon and this be we'll do it all again overnight tonight, livermore waking up to just 31 tomorrow, 33 on monday. tuesday it's a little better. but really it won't be until wednesday with the extra cloud cover, accuweather 7 day forecast shows we could see rain thursday into friday. and looking forward to that. because usually with the el nino years, we don't start it until january. so this is atypical, but we want it and need it. >> thank you so much. up next, decree in ohio banning khakis. what is behind the governor's move to keep the generic pants out of the state.
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and you can feel the holiday spirit here in the bay area. tomorrow abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian and your favorite disney characters will bring you the magic of the season with a special look at pier 39's tree lighting. the celebration featuring our frechds from disneyland resort airs tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. right here on abc 7.
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paula faris joins us now from new york to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." >> coming up on gma, we're leading offer this morning with the terrifying situation that unfolded at that planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. authorities now confirm that one police officer and into civiltw simplie iacivilians were killed. what was his motive? we'll have all the latest details coming up. plus heavy rain continues to pound parts of the country causing major flooding in parts of the south. meantime an ice storm causing power outages and dangerous driving conditions. we'll have more are on that ahead. and finally we're used to seeing scenes like this in the days following thanksgiving. all the chaos. but more and more people are apparently ditching the crowds and hitting the internet
6:25 am
instead. so could this be the beginning of an end to the black friday shopping frenzy? all coming up on gma this saturday. we'll see you soon. well, this weekend many families are getting ready for christmas and putting up hair tr their trees. crowds flocked to the farm in half moon bay. 487 acres of trees. you pick it out, you cut it and you take it home. >> looked perfect. it was symmetrical all the way around. >> merry christmas. >> and it was the right size. we have kind of a peak ceiling. it was fresh. just looked perfect. >> national christmas tree association has some fitchs. make sure that the tree branches bend easily and that the needles don't come off in your hand. it's also important to plunge the tree stump into some water so it doesn't dry out. in ohio, the enemy when it comes to college football is the university of michigan.
6:26 am
offender one wears khakis of course that's jim harbaugh who walks the sidelines in the $8 walmart khakis. his wife even complained about them calling them dad pants. yesterday ohio's governor issued his traditional resolution before this morning's game. you see, he's crossed out every m in it. he also encouraged people not to wear harbaugh's trousers of choice. you can watch the buckeyes and wolverines at 9:00 a.m. federal agents want to make sure you're not fooled. still ahead, finding the fakes. the local spot where agents confiscated more than half a million dollars of high end counterfeit items. also 'tis the season for fright
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6:29 on this saturday. and we're starting this half hour with a quick check of our chilly temperatures. lisa. >> good morning. it certainly is cold out there
6:30 am
with temperatures below freezing in livermore and san jose. 28 this santa rosa, 34 in florida vnovato, but notice the 40s by the bay. freeze warning and frost advisory. the exception is san francisco with those 40s. so a little bit of wind out there, too, in the upper elevations helping to elevate some temperatures. but overall we will be chilling for the next several hours and we're in the midst of this cold snap. it really won't change until monday. so bundle up. new details about a homeless shelter at the national guard armory in walnut creek this winter. its doors have unexpectedly closed. other operations at the venue will prevent the homeless from staying there for as many as 90 days. according to our media partner, shelter's operator is trying to get permission to move to saint
6:31 am
paul's episcopal church. they will hold a community meeting next thursday to discuss options. despite all the rain expected this winter, one of the largest reservoirs won't fill up. according to our media partner the mercury news, officials have found trace falls in the anderson reservoir in morgan hill. a few years ago, state regulators ruled it cannot be filled more than 68%. they say during a major earthquake, the dam can flood releasing water that would create distraction all the way to san jose. now, those trace faults have further stalled the project to strengthen it. construction for the project will begin in early 2018. the work will not be finished until at least 2021. a major warning for shoppers. federal agents confiscated a lot of high end counterfeit items in the south bay. earlier this month at the flea market in cupertino, they seized more than a half million in fake merchandise. >> reporter: purses, jewelry,
6:32 am
sports jerseys, hats and shoes just a sampling of the more than 900 counterfeit items seized. based on retail prices, the loot is worth $530,000. >> we value our brand integrity and so we want to make sure that when folks come to our flea market on our campus, that they're getting the products that they're paying for. >> reporter: on top of a consumer getting an inferior product, it also takes away american jobs and can have health and safety repercussions. >> it's not regulated by other products. perfumes can have toxic ingredients, the apparel doesn't have the same anti-flammable procedures on them. >> reporter: so how can you avoid the fakes? poor quality is most obvious way to tell if something is
6:33 am
counterfeit. when you look at this fake bag at the stitching, you can see the imperfections there. and if all else fails, there is always the smell test. if it's supposed to be leather, it should smell like leather. it's best to buy from reputable retailers and websites. >> flea markets and places are not a good place to by luxury items. >> reporter: officials expect a surge in counterfeit team gear and tickets. katie marzullo, abc 7. black friday was a lucky day for some black cats. the humane society are waving adoption fees for black cats and kittens. abc 7 was at the center for compassion where 25 of those cats all different ages and hair lengths are up for adoption. >> having people come in and just getting to meet them and realize that black cats are cool, they're not scary.
6:34 am
really helps and just the more social they get, i think also really helps. >> adoption fees for these particular felines will be waived through december 3rd. it's time to untangle all the lights for holiday decorations. and there is much to do before flipping the switch. nick watt shows us how residents are getting ready to outshine their whole neighborhood. >> crazy christmas light season is getting crazier every year. candy cane lane here, it will take them three days to get everything into position. but not everybody is quite so into it. authorities in plantation, florida right now trying to shut down mark's subtle seasonal display. >> it's safety hazard. >> too many people don't know their neighbors. >> reporter: in sacramento, a coast guard pilot reported a laser strike.
6:35 am
turns out it was a star shower laser light decoration. up in northridge, ohio, apparently the lights are on curbside city property. but thousands of people have signed a pro bob's bright bulbs petition in the city. this tradition began back in the 1700s when rich germans started sticking candles on their trees and edison took it electric in 1880. and now it's come to this. everybody a show here on abc called the great christmas light fight. cash prize for the greatest and gaudiest. just don't trip on the light fantastic. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. happening today, a children's christmas theme park in san francisco opens for a one day party. it will be transformed in to a winter wonder land even with snow.
6:36 am
and elsa from frozen will join santa for photos. there will be warm cider and other food to enjoy along with the lighting. you can spread the cheer by donating a toy to the san francisco firefighters toy program. it starts at noon until 6:00. and it wouldn't be the holidays in san francisco without astro turf. that's right. abc 7 news was in san francisco where the astro turf is now in place and the winter walk on stockton street opened yesterday. it transforms a central subway construction site into a holiday pedestrian plaza. the winter walk feature as 3d light show every night, also live entertainment on thursdays and saturdays. still to come on abc 7 saturday news -- that's right, charlie brown christmas is about to celebrate 50 years. we spoke with one of the men behind the iconic holiday cartoon. and here is a live look right now. gorgeous sun rise building. but it's chilly.
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great dickens fair and holiday party return this is
6:40 am
week. the fair offer as variety of dishes including roast beef, yorkshire pudding and roasted chestnuts. fun for the whole game out there. the fair runs every weekend through december 20. and something happens when you wake up really early in the morning like i am ready for dinner right now. i'm ready for a thanksgiving feast. >> maybe we can find some pie upstairs. between morning, everyone. we are a really cold again this morning with a freeze warning for the inland valleys. this is san francisco where it is 47 degrees. so that is almost a 20 degree temperature spread some of the inland valleys where we're dropping into the upper 20s. so we'll talk about that cold and when it's all going to turn around and bring rain and moderate the complains ftempera us. and also next, raining threes. the warriors add to one record while setting another
6:41 am
6:42 am
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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. gorgeous live look at lake tahoe. we'll get a check of the weather coming up soon because, yeah, it is chilly out there and chilly here at home. stanford and cal close out their regular season today. number 6 notre dame battles the cardinal down on the farm. kickoff at 4:30. and tonight arizona state faces the golden bears. kickoff at 7:00 p.m. and also tonight, warriors will
6:44 am
try to extend their nba record start and improve to 18-0. they will take on the sacramento kings at 7:30 p.m. last night, they beat the suns in phoenix, but lost a key starter to an injury. here is larry beil with the highlights. >> reporter: good morning. some people wondered whether the warriors would suffer a post thanksgiving letdown, a trip to fan haze as they got set to face the suns. no worries. they set an nba record hitting 15 threes in the first half. dove nation in phoenix. first quarter steph curry makes him miss twice and then drains a three in his face. not good to be ron any price. warriors set 15 threes in the first half, making it rain at nine threes for the game. finished with 41 points. warriors up 18 at the half. barnes rolls his ankle. he has a left ankle sprain. he could be out a while. warriors up double digits all
6:45 am
game long. they set a franchise record with 22 three, one shy of the nba record. barbosa had five threes. warriors rolling 135-116. 17-0, will host sacramento tonight. college hoops, stanford and arkansas, cardinal came back from a 17 point deficit down one, final seconds, coast to coast and gets a goal tending call. the ball hit the glass. they add a couple of free throws. arkansas one final shot from deep. almost got it. the cardinals dig down deep for a 69-66 win. cal facing richmond in the las vegas invitational. that is with authority. he had 27 points. second game in a row cal collapses late, terry allen with 34 points. bears lead cut to two. and spiders maybe 31 free
6:46 am
throws, cal drops their second straight 94-90. the san jose state football team will be home for the holidays. and that's the problem. the spartans had a chance to become bowl eligible with a win over boise state, couldn't get it done. late second half, san jose state down 6-3, going for it on fourth and six, and he's gone. spartans led 10-9 at the half. but poor tackling really cost them. nichols off to the races here. 88 yards. finished with 102 another ground and three touchdowns. spartans finish 5-7, they lose 40-23. and they will not be bowl eligible for a third straight year. >> it's disappointing for everyone, especially the seniors. we wanted to -- that was our goal, to get them another game. it's a shame that we couldn't do that. >> look at the weather, cold and rain the story. baylor and tcu, the poor cheerleaders in a monsoon.
6:47 am
this game 14-14 after regulation. second overtime, baylor has to answer. denied. tcu with the upset. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. >> larry with authority. and our weather authority, lisa. >> we have a wide range of temperatures. i just checked, 30 in menlo park and in alameda, it is 47. so you have to love those microclimates. you're in a protected valley, shut off from the wind and temperatures are just freezing. or below freezing, get a little wind elevation and that helps to add a few degrees. but this morning everyone is very cold. that's why we have a freeze warning in effect for all the inland areas until 9:00. and then that frost advisory for
6:48 am
the bay shore line and the exception is san francisco where numbers are this the 40s by the bay. we'll do it all again tonight possibly into monday. then things will change and we'll get rain in here to talk about. it is below freezing in san jose. good morning at 31. mild on the coast around the became. yesterday you tied a record at 39 around the museum in oakland and we'll continue to see perhaps a few records broken. morgan hill, that was 34, but i got a tweet from someone that it was in the 20s in their neighborhood. so it is cold no matter where you go with with that 28 in santa rosa, but nap that, yeah, some wind even in the fallly, numbers can climb. freezing in novato, 42 by the delta. concord 42. and 31 in the livermore valleys. so 24 hour temperature change, changes come in the north bay where the wind has been shut off and numbers are very, very cold
6:49 am
here. elsewhere, about the same, san jose really cold for you this morning. here is a look at mt. tam. pretty colors, though. freezing cold mornings probably through monday. sunny days. numbers well below average. we should see low 60s this time of year. next which i think of rain looking pretty decent for every on thursday. we're in a blocked pattern with upper level low to the east of us, high pressure to the north and west of us and that allows for us to be stuck with this cold temperature profile for the afternoons and then freezing nighttime temperatures. so with that minus 2 in truckee, 28 won't feel so bad later on. but today should be the coldest day in the northern sierra. it's kind of mild in los angeles at 66. and in fact you can see some increasing clouds in the south land with the numbers in the low 50s from livermore valley,
6:50 am
mid-50s san francisco, breezy along the coast. san rafael, 55. this morning richmond is in the 40s. so really if you are around the bay, you're not doing too bad. but overnight lows, yeah, very cold with temperatures in livermore in the 30s. but this afternoon, late afternoon, 53 degrees. down on the farm where notre dame is in town, yeah, livermore, well, another couple nights for you where the temperatures will just be in and around freezing. and then when we get the extra cloud cover in here, accuweather 7 day forecast shows rain for thursday into friday. >> going to want to bundle up for that game. thank you so much. americans will see the classic a charlie brown christmas for the 50th time monday night on abc 7 with an extra bonus thrown this about the making of that legendary cartoon. the man who produced both the original and the special lives right here in the bay area. you certainly know his, would,
6:51 am
but probably not his name. here is wayne freedman. >> reporter: it's not much different from many homes. you're likely to find peanuts memorabilia. the difference here, you needn't look hard at all. there is a lot of charlie brown stuff around this house. we would expect nothing less of lee mendelson, because there is also a lot of him in peanuts. this is the man who worked with charles schultz to produce the tv specials and movies. >> charles schultz said one time there will always be a market for innocence in this country. >> reporter: mendelson first met schultz after producing a documentary about willie mays. he called him with a proposition. >> i was thinking we had done the world's greatest ballplayer, why not do the world's worst player, charlie brown ♪ christmastime is here >> reporter: a charlie brown christmas first aired in 1965 and has become a classic american seasonal icon. those are the voices of real kids you hear, including mendelson's son and some
6:52 am
neighbors. the twist, that when schultz and mendelson finished, there was talk that they might need to add a laugh track. schultz disagreed. >> he said absolutely not. i do not want a laugh track. and that settled that. there was no laugh track. >> why didn't he want a laugh track? >> he didn't think it was necessary or proper. he just didn't like it. >> reporter: he must have been right because that original showing had half the country watching and earned a national emmy award. when we visited the peanuts museum later on, i asked jeanie schultz what it is about her husband's work that resonates so much. she told us, it's that the characters never waiver. >> people have said and i believe it's true they teach you how to be human. >> reporter: indeed. which is why this year as every year, lee mendelson will sit down with his family to much watt christmas special again. it's a tradition for the man who knows every line, every note. >> watch every year. >> you watch. >> right. i got to see if there's any mistakes. >> reporter: lee mendelson would catch them. from hillsborough, wayne freedman, abc 7 news.
6:53 am
>> love that. we're showing it's your 50th christmas charlie brown monday at 8:00 and then at 9:00, catch the classic a charlie brown christmas right here on abc 7. coming up next, one of the sweetest holiday ♪ cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat. [ gasps ] oh no... samsung ultra hdtv on sale at
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cyber mondat with 15% savings sitewide. expect a 100% chance of me doing no work on monday. shouldn't have said that on air. get 15% off, cyber monday only. here are the winning numbers from last night. 16, 20, 39, 56, 59.
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mega number is 12. no one picked all six numbers and that means tuesday's jackpot grows to $39 million. this morning a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at the holiday tradition returns to knob hill. abc 7 was in the lobby of the hotel yesterday as chefs put the finishing touches on the massive gingerbread house. it is 22 feet high, 23 feet deep and it's inspired by this victorian painted lady. chefs spent 400 hours creating the parts and engineers took more than 500 hours to put it all together. >> it's a labor of love. we start talking about designs and what we'll be doing each year usually around by the start of july. this year the house comes to life with animated skaters santa down the chimney. grand opening is at 11:00 a.m. donations benefit the do it for the love foundation. a final check of weather.
6:57 am
>> we have about 30 in menlo park, 47 right now, close to the bay in the 40s. oakland and san francisco. but look at santa rosa, 28. 33 san jose with 35 in mountain view. so we're looking at our freeze warning continuing for the next couple of hours. bay shore line a frost advisory and the exception is san francisco. so looking at highs once again low to mid-50s well below average, tons of sun, breezy on the coast. offshore winds keeping a chill in the air and accuweather 7 day forecast probably another freeze warning and frost advisory tonight. and then by monday afternoon, could see a few clouds, that could bring our overnight lows up a bit into tuesday morning and then increasing clouds rain looking likely and pretty decent rainfall hopefully by next thursday. so that begins december. so bring it on. >> bring it. we're so glad you're up here and spent some of your saturday morning with us.
6:58 am
the news continues now online, twitter, facebook. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids
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good morning, america. breaking news, the shootout at planned parenthood. >> holy cow. oh, my god. >> more than five hours of terror. a gunman on a rampage. >> he was looking directly in my face, and he was aiming for my head. >> the suspect shooting people down inside that clinic, officers wounded trying to protect the public. >> we're taking fire. got two hits. >> the hero who gave his life, two others also killed. some managing to escape the chaos. the tense standoff sending nearby stores into lockdown on busy black friday. >> there was some guy shooting. >> did you see him? >> yeah. >> new this morning, a woman trapped inside that clinic recounting her ordeal to "gma." >> he didn't have any feelings.


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